Baby Steps and Baby Stretches

Characters Kate, Oddisa, R'sner
Synopsis The weyrlings get some wing-stretches in.
Out-of-Character Date March 5, 2020

Igen Weyr - South Bowl
The orange hued sandstone layers comprising the bowl walls curve gently, but ever presently in your view. Fine sand shifts underfoot, a slightly paler version of what is found upon the walls. It gives way along the eastern edge to a section of contrasting green grass where a series of cleverly engineered pipes provide water to the fenced off area of the feeding grounds, and keeps the shimmer of the shallow lake beyond from disappearing during the driest periods of the turn. A distinctly squared entrance farther south is the tunnel leading out to the lands beyond. Traders and tithes arrive here at regular intervals and it is not uncommon for part of the bowl to be set up with a series of tents and wagons as wares are displayed and sold. To the west, the bowl wall has been eroded by the desert winds into strange shapes. At their base are found the weyrling barracks and training fields.

Autumn - Month 9 of Turn 2724

Autumn in Igen is little better than Summer in Igen, particularly with the season only just beginning. As such, early morning and late evening are the times of most activity. While the weyrlings are still within their bonding time, structure has been slowly introduced over the course of a few sevendays, and part of that involves early-morning exercises. Weyrlings and dragons both are required to be up and in the 'field' (there is no grass, but R'sner can pretend it's a field) to stretch out and limber up. Toith is already here, ready to act as a model and guide for the little winged ones, bright-eyed and amused as the weyrlings waddle out to join her.

Oddisa loves waking up early, or did before sleep disruption became her normal. Now it's hit or miss, Oriapeth was up at around 2am for her 'morning' snack and oiling, Odi finished the task up at around 3:30 and got dressed for the next day in hopes of getting that extra 5 minutes. Even with that, she rolled out of bed last and wanders out, hair sticking up and out of her braids as they loosened in the night and have not been redone. Bounding towards Toith, there's no slowing the gold among greens down, refreshed by the autumn morning chill and that endless chaotic energy of babyhood. Each step taken is graceful, though her wings tend to trail down towards the ground, the muscle it takes to control the quickly growing appendages not fully present yet. With a bright sparkle of stars, the ever-present looming of multi-colored ringed planets, and a bright white star, there's mass clutter in her happy mind «Have we started? What is the hold-up? I've been ready for ages.» Straight to business. Oddisa salutes
R'sner sleepily, yawning and tucking hands in pockets.

Kate is one who's always been an early riser and that hasn't changed even with the odd hours of being awake in the middle of the night caring for Xinieth. It doesn't mean she's not still tired when she's awake, only that she is in fact awake. Retieing the ribbon that holds the end of her own braid as she's making her way out to the field just a bit behind her green before sending a salute towards Weyrlingmaster and whatever assistant(s) might be present. Xinieth, their arrival coming just enough before the gold pair, turn her head towards Oriapeth « You just got here. » What's the hold up? You dear sister. She might not speak it, but its implied.

Toith offers a hoarse little warbling sound in greeting, while R'sner returns the salutes with a tip of his head. "Good morning Weyrlings," comes with a hint of a smile. Like maybe he knows this is a bit early for some. There's definitely a few sleepy-looking weyrlings stifling yawns, and at least one that looks about as grumpy as grumpy can be at the early hour. Oriapeth's impatience is noted with an arch of his brow, but he won't outright comment on it. "As your training continues, this will become the routine. First light will be exercise — running, swimming, sparring, depending on the day — followed by breakfast and lessons indoors during the hotter part of the day." It's nothing new. They've probably heard it before. But with sleep-deprived brains and little dragons to steal their attention, Res has been sure to repeat the expectations to limit confusion or forgetting. "This morning, your dragons will be joining you in the stretches. Toith is going to demonstrate the wing stretches that will need to be done on a routine basis, to help strengthen their muscles for flight." A little glance and he wonders, "Any questions?"

Oddisa closes her eyes for a long moment, allowing her head to drift all the way back, chin pointing skyward and hair dangling to her toosh. R'sner is several words in before she snaps to, eyes forced open wide and shoulders stiffening in recognition of her own exhaustion. Kate is given a wave, Oddisa waiting until R'sner is done before sidestepping towards the other blonde, keeping enough room to exercise. "Does this mean we get more sleep as the season gets longer?" The hope can't be hidden in her voice, the idea that the seasons might give them a helping hand is grabbed onto. Oriapeth cocks her head at Xinieth, the tiniest of laugh erupts between the spaces, «I'm glad you noticed my entrance, pretty. You are also here.» Sassy this morning, there's an implication the Xinieth's statement is redundant. «Do keep up.» Moving to the side to allow herself room, the fast-growing gold twitches her tail on the ground in boredom, every fiber of her still except for eyes that whirl entirely too fast, overly energetic, nearly vibrating waiting for action.

"Morning," Kate replies to that greeting, being one of those stifling a yawn. The wave from Oddisa may or may not have been noticed, but she does send a glance towards the younger girl when she slides closer. "I doubt it," she returns in answer to that question. "Maybe less," she adds. Quashing hope? Maybe, but at least there's a touch of teasing in those words. The blonde nods however for R'sner's reminders while Xinieth settles in to listen though the idea of swimming catches her attention the most.

"Perhaps," considers R'sner, for sleeping more. "But a the days get shorter — and cooler — it means we will be doing more during the day." So she might get more sleep at night, but it will come at the cost of reduced nap-time during the afternoon. But he won't go into more detail, because winter-schedules aren't on the docket for discussion right now. Wing stretches and morning exercise is. Oriapeth is given another glance, the weyrlingmaster's thoughts hidden behind a mask of patient indifference. "Toith?" It's unnecessary to say her name, but perhaps it serves to draw attention toward the green. She steps forward, putting herself into view, and unfurls her wings. « Ya wanna stretch 'em, » she explains, stretching her wings straight out to either side as far as they will go. « A lil' bit o' burn is good, but dun' hurt y'rself. An' then raise 'em up an' down, like so. » In slow, exaggerated motions, Toith lifts and drops her wings the same way she would if she were flying. « Slow like, » she adds. « This ain't 'bout speed S'bout buildin' muscle. An' don' whack y'r siblin's. Pay 'tention to where y'r flapping. »

"I'd kill for six full hours, all together nice an' in a row." Not going to happen, especially with the nutritional needs of babies growing at such speeds, but everyone has a dream and today this one is Oddisa's. Weighing what R'sner says with knit brows and a concerned purse of her lips, she turns to her partner and shakes her head. "Ori, be nice." Reprimanding the young dragon with another fast shake, to push her point. Without being asked the teen is bending over, touching her toes and slowly standing all the way up to reach for the sky, spreading her feet and crossing one arm over her chest while watching Toith. Oriapeth watches Toith, as soon as the exercises begin she's mimicking. Overlarge sails make the stretching out bit hard, extra effort being put in as her wings are MUCH larger than her body and there's no proportion to her yet, all wings with no girth to support them. The first flap is slowly done, the second one a bit faster but she gains speed further Oddisa shaking her head. "SLower, yu ain't getting off the ground today." She hopes, she's pretty sure, sorta. "Oriapeth, I said no." The third stroke sends sand flying, the gold enjoying the action greatly and puffing out a pout as she's reprimanded. «You're duithering again Oddisa, dither dither.»

"Wouldn't we all," Kate comments, tossing a glance towards Oddisa. Xinieth opens her wings slowly, checking her space to either side to make sure she's not running into any of the others. See, she can follow directions unlike some dragons Oriapeth. Once spread she test them, up and down as instructed. Kate rolls her shoulders back as she keeps an eye on the green, giving her a little encouragement now and then as she does her own stretching.

R'sner offers a wry smirk, just the barest twitch to the corner of his mouth, but no commentary on that six hours of desired sleep. It will come eventually. But for now, best not to dwell on things they can't yet have. « Tha's good, » comes in compliment to Xinieth and Oriapeth both, even if the speedy little gold is getting a bit of a look from the older green. « Jus' keep goin' while you can but dun push too hard, » she adds. « S'not 'bout hurtin'. If it hurts, stop. » But while the little weyrlings are doing their stretches, so will Toith, happy to do them right along with her 'students'. "No," comes in firm confirmation that they won't be taking off any time soon. "All feet must remain on the ground." What will happen if they don't is left unspoken, mostly because R'sner does not believe any of them — even Ori with her massive wings — are capable of flight just yet. « Dun f'get to roll y'r shoulders, too, » adds Toith, exaggerating the rotation of her wing-joints that would come with flight. « Should feel good. »

As Ori settles into flapping, sweeping the stone area around her clear of sand, bunching up her back legs as if she is considering jumping. Pressing her toes into the stone, it's clear she's seriously considering jumping. A breath before she does Oddisa steps forward once more, rolling her eyes. "No. DOWN." Pouting, neck arched with indignation as she's again being BOSSED around. Distracted by the shoulder rolls, she takes to them with gusto, «Xinieth we're halfway to flying.» They're 1/16th the way to flying, at best. Finally, able to go back to her stretches, Oddisa lifts her leg up and hugs the knee to her chin. "Kate, yu wanna do a b-a-t-h, after this? Ori'll need one." The spelling gets a slight snicker because she's not sure if it'll work, but she's trying. Eyes wander to R'sner, as the other knee is brought up and hugged in. "Do yu think she's gonna grow into her wings, or will they be long? I've seen dragons that never grew into them." Not worried, conversational.

Up and down and adding shoulder rolls too its when Xinieth snorts at Oriapeth that she gets off rhythm. « Feet on the ground, » the green reminds the gold at her consideration of that jump. Those were the lesson directions sissy. « Not flying yet. » Even if she is her own sort of disappointed for that fact it is what it is. « Soon though? » her question is for Toith is hopeful. "Hmm?" Kate questions, a little distracted by sleeplessness and trying to pay attention to both her and Xinieth's stretches, before that spelling sinks in. "OH, yeah," she nods. "If they're not too tired." Because after these exercises its anyone's guess how soon the babies will be ready for a nap too.

Oriapeth's 'very serious consideration' is given a whole lotta attention from both Weyrlingmaster and green. There's a note of warning in the touch of Toith's mindvoice, one that says 'y' prolly dun wanna do that' without expressly telling her to stop. Because if the little gold wants to get herself into trouble, Toith ain't gonna stop her. Wanna be grounded for a month while her green sisters are flying? Won't hurt Toith none. R'sner, too, is just gonna watch and see, an eyebrow arched at both Odi and Ori before the gold seems to settle once again. Hm. « Soon, » agrees Toith. « Once y'r muscles 'r strong an' ya've proven ya can follow d'rections. » That last part might or might not be for Oriapeth. And just in case the message didn't come across, "Flying will come in time, but they have to be strong enough to do so or they will risk straining or tearing their muscle. I shouldn't need to tell you that such an injury would be very bad, and would set you back by months." Cause maybe threat of injury and grounding will be more motivating than threat of punishment. "While they're stretching, I encourage you," the humans, "To pay attention to what you feel through your bond. You should be able to notice when they start to get tired, or it feels difficult. Some dragons like to push themselves. It's your job to make sure they don't." As for Oddisa's question on wings? R'sner gives it a moment of thought as he studies the reddish-gold. "She will probably grow into them some, but I think they will always be large. Her sire," Nymionth, "Has wings far larger than would be proportionate for his frame."

Threat of injury is good enough for Oddisa, eyes going round because she's dealt with plenty of rehab in runners. The absolute HEIGHT of unfun, icing, and limiting spirited creatures is the worst. This prompts Odi to close her eyes, attempting to think through what's going on and shaking her head. "Enough, come on. WOAH." Still set on using runner commands, even if it's not needed. R'sner catches her attention, "Alrigh', seems impossible righ' now but I've seen ugly yearlings. Not tha' she is, she's the best lookin' yearling." Overly fond of her dragon, eyes softening and a big grin filling her face. Everyone thinks their baby is prettiest, this is normal. Oriapeth has NONE of the foresight necessary for deciding essential things, all instinct and wild energy without any focus. Wings of that size are HEAVY, it takes a lot of work to settle them back on her back, and it's done one wing at a time. Reaching far above her head, turning to Kate, there's a nod to confirm she's heard her. Turning towards Xinieth there's a light puff of air sent towards her sister, «Very soon, time is flimsy we're not far away at all.» How she knows this is anyone's guess. "Yu seen yur bronze friend yet? Evi's got one more sevenday and she's promised to bring sweets. If yu want anythin' from Xanadu, let me know." Another yawn, arms moved around in full circle to stretch the shoulders. "

Kate nods slightly, "Yes sir," she replies for those instructions R'sner gives to them. Those remarks on injury sinking in with a glance towards Oddisa and her reaction to it. A few more stretches of her own and she pauses to watch Xinieth. "That's enough," she says to the green who given the direction pulls her wings in to settle them back into a folded state. « Soon's not tomorrow. » A little disappointed by the idea, but willing to accept it. The mention of friends brings a shake of Kate's head, "No," which could be for either or both of Oddisa's remarks. "Don't need anything, but thanks for askin'."

Toith keeps 'flapping' right along with her weyrlings, only folding her wings across her back once they've all settled and gone still again. « Ya did good! » she assures, a measure of pride present in her mindvoice. « An' each day y'll get e'en better! » R'sner will even second that with a quick, "Good job," for both the weyrlings and their dragons. "Take some time to relax, eat breakfast, head to the lake -" he won't say 'bath' just in case anyone (like Toith >.>) is somewhat reactive to the word, "- and try to take a nap before the afternoon lessons." This is the time of bonding and relaxing so he's definitely going to go a bit easier on them than he will in the future. "If you have questions, I'll be here. Otherwise, you're dismissed."

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