Straps and Snacks

Characters Kate, N'sir, Oddisa, R'sner
Synopsis The Weyrlings get their first chance to work with leather straps.
Out-of-Character Date March 11, 2020

Igen Weyr - South Bowl
The orange hued sandstone layers comprising the bowl walls curve gently, but ever presently in your view. Fine sand shifts underfoot, a slightly paler version of what is found upon the walls. It gives way along the eastern edge to a section of contrasting green grass where a series of cleverly engineered pipes provide water to the fenced off area of the feeding grounds, and keeps the shimmer of the shallow lake beyond from disappearing during the driest periods of the turn. A distinctly squared entrance farther south is the tunnel leading out to the lands beyond. Traders and tithes arrive here at regular intervals and it is not uncommon for part of the bowl to be set up with a series of tents and wagons as wares are displayed and sold. To the west, the bowl wall has been eroded by the desert winds into strange shapes. At their base are found the weyrling barracks and training fields.

Autumn - Month 10 of Turn 2724

The Igen evening offers a bite of respite from the heat of the day and offers a perfect opportunity to teach weyrlings things. Because why have free time when you can have lessons? This seems to be R'sner's take on it, as he's made no mystery of the fact that the weyrlings are expected to be back out in the bowl after their dragons have been fed their dinners. A few tables have been hauled out to provide a place to sit, a pile of scrap-leather heaped between. Several tooling kits have been provided, one for each weyrling in fact, and while they might not be the newest things, they're all in good working order. R'sner is already here, inspecting the pile of scrap leather with his usual stoicism (at least he's not glaring at it) while N'sir handles the snacks. Because of course they brought snacks! You can't work on straps without something to snack on. It's probably a rule or something. As the weyrlings saunter forth (hopefully looking at least a little awake and alert) there's a curt, "Find a seat," offered along with a nod of his head toward the tables.

N'sir has brought snacks! Many, many snacks in the form of sliced veggies, bites of cheese, fresh fruit and the soft flat bread that is typical to the region. He has, however, also made a point to provide both water and juice— having weyrlings dehydrate is never a good thing. And, while it is evening and cooler? It is still Igen. Course, he looks up at the sound of R'sner's voice, dark eyes crinkling at the corners as he pushes his braid over one shoulder and shifts to lean his hips against the table to wait.

Sauntering is old, jogging everywhere is in! Oddisa's sleep schedule has finally normalized, Oriapeth agreeing to sleep for 4 to 6 hours an evening and even give her rider windows of peaceful alone time. Not that it's really alone time, given the gold's pension for greeting EVERY dragon that enters Igen airspace. Having settled her lifemate for the evening, the pint-sized teen races out the tables, running for the sake of running because if you're going somewhere, you might as well get there fast. Arriving the leather is looked over, hands clasped behind her back as she rolls from heel to toe with an anticipatory grin. "Are we gonna make a full set today? Or jus' start one?" While speaking, there's a side step, giving a quick salute to both N'sir and R'sner as she snaps up a piece of flatbread and tears off a chunk, chewing with voracious speed. Still not a lady, and not yet ready to sit down as she seems to be searching for the best person to settle with. As Libby sits, there's the faintest roll of the eyes. NOPE. Not her.

Xinieth fed, settled in and asleep Kate finally make her appearance at the table set out for today's task. Usually quite punctual today she's among the last to arrive. There's a salute given to R'sner and N'sir before she settles into a seat near one end.

Leah, the ex-Smith, wastes no time claiming a spot at the table, ignoring whatever factions might exist between weyrlings. She ain't got time for that. She runs a hand through close-cropped hair before offering a 'Thanks' for the water and quickly claiming a glass. Oddisa might not like Libby, but the feeling is apparently mutual. A little sniff and a look of 'polite disdain' comes for rushing blond, whom she will subsequently ignore in favor of snacks and strap lessons. Amee and Sage? Well, the former is staring toward the sky with dreamy eyes, watching the colors change as the sun sets, while the latter is already at a table, one leg jiggling impatiently for things to begin.

And R'sner? R'sner is just… there. Resigned to his fate and waiting until all are present before he continues. "Neither," comes in answer to Oddisa's question, a look slanted toward the speedy blonde. "We're going to practice the mechanics that will be necessary to make straps. Once you've mastered those, then you will be able to make a set." As Kate joins them at last, there's a nod of his head as he moves toward the pile. "On the table you'll find a leatherworking kit. Each of you should take your kit." Inside are all manner of leatherworking tools, from an awl and hammer to a skiving knife and punch. "Be very careful, as some of those items are sharp." A tip of his head toward N'sir seeks to draw his attention. "Does anyone have prior experience with leatherworking?" he asks, even as he hands N'sir a few scraps of leather and directs him toward a table to hand it out.

N'sir dips his chin at R'sner's glance, slipping down the table to lightly tap Amee on the shoulder and draw her attention out of the clouds. He's smiling though, having a fondness for the groups 'dreamer'. "It's fine," he murmurs in reassurance to Libby when she looks more then a little concerned upon the kit. "Just pay attention and follow directions and you'll be fine." And if not? Well, he has a first aide kit tucked under the tables. In the wake of the reassurance, he moves down the table, setting scraps of leather in front of each of the girls with the reminder to wait and listen before touching /anything/.

The last person to get seated, Oddisa finds a space next to Kate and at the end of the table to avoid having to sit next to anyone else. The former beastcrafter is intense today, wide awake and 'on,' wound uptight, and making a game of resisting moving and planting herself in the chair. After a few moments of trying to settle, she bends her knees and scoots her legs up underneath her behind, hands-on thighs as feet actively kick. As R'sner announces, there won't be any ACTUAL straps coming from this day. There's a frown, "I've worked leather for runners, can' be tha' different." Always confident in herself, even when it's stupid to be so. Receiving a set of tools, N'sir gets a huge cocky smile. it takes every ounce of self-control not to mess with them, Odi turning to Kate with a nudge. "Yu ready? We get to do this forever." The thrill in her voice is unmistakable.

Kate sends a glance towards the other girls, an apologetic one sent then towards R'sner for her lateness. She'll listen however to that introduction before reaching out like the rest to collect to her one of those tool kits, but waiting then for further instructions. "No sir," the blonde replies with a slight shake of her head at the question of having worked with leather before. Eyes slide towards Oddisa then with another shake of the head, "No," she replies, but ready or not its time to learn.

Leah and Sage are both quick to raise their hands. Amee shakes her head but smiles gleefully, giggling at N'sir as he passes. Libby looks downright terrified at the thought, and takes the leather kit with gingery fingers. As if it might bite her.

"Nothing wrong with that," R'sner assures Kate, Amee and Libby, offering them an almost-smile. "Just gives me an idea of who might need more assistance." As for Oddisa? There's a moment in which those lips press flat, a longer look leveled at her before he speaks. "If you hadn't noticed, Dragons are not runners. But if feel you already possess the skills to make your own set, then I excuse you from the lesson. There will be scrap leather brought in tomorrow and I'll expect a full set of straps made by the end of the sevenday. However," he adds. "If you decide that perhaps you don't know everything, you're welcome to stay and learn." It's all rather calmly spoken and, frankly, Res is being honest. If Oddisa feels like she doesn't need this lesson, she's welcome to leave. "For those that have not worked with leather before, I'd like you to simply practice using the awl and the hammer," and he picks both up from a kit to demonstrate the tools of which he speaks, "And practice punching some holes into the leather. N'sir will be coming around to assist you for the first few punches. Get used to the feel of it in your hand and how much pressure is needed to punch cleanly through the leather. For those that have already worked with an awl and are familiar with the mechanics, I'll be coming around to discuss your level of skill and where you might need to start working." And, should she still be at the table, his first stop with be Oddisa.

N'sir arches a brow at Oddisa's cocky smile, dark eyes remaining firmly locked on her as if daring her to touch the tools. And while he is a breath away from commenting, R'sner handles it and N'sir moves over to afford a smile for Kate, instead. He does, however, offer a reassuring, "You'll do fine," to Libby before perching on the table nearest Kate. "It's not hard," he promises Kate in quietly calm tones. "Look." Gathering up the hammer and awl, he punches a quartet of precise, neat holes along the length of the bit of scrap. "Just work with intention. Place the awl where you want the hole and give it a good whack with the hammer and you're there."

"That's." A deep sigh, feet suddenly done kicking, and she's far less excited about her task, watching R'sner with a puzzling look, lips inching open as if words REALLY want to escape her lips. She told Kate she wouldn't mouth off, and that pact is essential enough to force broody, grouchy, teenage silence upon the girl. Permission is granted to move forward, the leather is gathered, and hands are run over the scraps. Having leather in her hands again smooths out the lines in her face, placing the scrap flat down on the table, she efficiently puts three equidistant holes in with a satisfied nod of the head. "Smells good, tack requires holes often.. specially stirrups." Is commented, the piece she's working placed up to her nose with eyes closing as she gives a deep sniff. Situating her work down for R'sner, Oddisa glances towards the barracks and back at the table before tearing off another piece of bread.

A smirk is sent towards Oddisa, serves her right for being cocky about it. The tools in question are easy enough to pick out with the explanation and demonstration from the Weyrlingmaster. "Sure it's not," Kate replies to N'sir's assurance. More a matter of what's what and what needs doing, understanding of the steps. A nod as she watches the demonstration N'sir gives for her before reaching to take awl in one hand and hammer in the other. "Like this?" less question than confirmation as she sets the awl to a new space on the leather scrap before giving it a wack.

R'sner settles into a spot across from Oddisa, a few scraps of leather brought along. With N'sir helping Kate, he simply offers a nod of his head toward her but won't interrupt. Instead, it's a glance toward Oddisa's line of holes before he speaks. "You've worked with leather before." It's not a question. She said as much just a moment ago. "But what have you done with it, exactly?" It's honestly asked, as R'sner lays out a few scraps of varying quality side by side. "Have you skived leather down? Have you created anything from scratch or simply made repairs to tack?" He needs a starting point before he can figure out what she needs to be taught.

"Exactly," N'sir notes with a pleased smile for Kate. "You want to tilt the awl just a little," he directs as she moves on to the second. "You're aiming for One O'clock, that way you avoid the leather getting ragged around the holes. Eventually," he adds as he slips off the table. "We'll be fitting gromets for lacing. Keep practicing." Slipping off the table, he moves down toward Libby, Sage, Leah and Amee, a quick flick of one hand sending his braid over his shoulder as he settles in to work with them, as well.

Puckering her lips out, there's a long pause where she considers the question. "I'd never gotten much work with skiving, the tack never needed it as the pieces came precut, I've put bridles together but only after Garphet did the cutting and measuring. A lot of wha' I did for runners might not be safe between, dependin'. Do yu have a full set I coul' look at… I want to try anythin' and everythin', Ori's.. not really gonna get smaller." SHe's not, she's already bigger than her green sisters will ever hope to be, and she's pushing up towards being a large blue. "I've sewn some; I can put pieces together an modify." A shrug of the shoulders for R'sner, eyes locked down on the leather as she runs her hands over it. "I can learn." Honest, determined, still a bit cocky and assured, there's no doubt she believes she can. A personality fit to throw herself up against the task with zealotry.

"Thanks," Kate replies, a hint of a smile for N'sir at his confirmation and correction. Adjustments made to the angle and she tries again a few times, getting used to what's enough to get a decent hole through. A glance towards what the others are doing, sending a bit of encouragement to Libby being they're in a similar state of not having previous experience in leather.

"And you can identify good leather from bad leather." Again, it's not really a question, though R'sner's tone of voice is mild enough that he's open to correction. "There will be a set of straps put on display a little later in the week," he assures. "And we'll go step by step through the process of making a full set. But right now it's better to learn and perfect each step individually. You know how to punch holes and sew. It won't be much different with the riding straps, though the leather will be thicker. Very thick, in some places." He slides a swath of thick leather in front of him and considers the tools before picking out the skiving knife. "With dragon straps, you really only skive o the places where two pieces will overlap." Given the size of dragons, it's doubtful there's a cow-hide out there bit enough to go around them. Thus, multiple pieces must be sewn together. "You skive it down so that the two pieces don't create a bulge where they join." And while he speaks he works, demonstrating in slow motions how it ought to be done. "For now, I think this is what you should practice for the next few days. Skive down and join two pieces together, as if they were parts of her straps. Once you can do that well, the rest will be simple," he assures. As N'sir heads for the other table, R'sner affords Kate's work a glance of his own, another small smile offered in encouragement. "It is good," he agrees, rising from his place. To the class at large he states, "You may continue your practice as long as you'd like tonight. Please eat the snacks and make sure you drink plenty of water. N'sir and I will assist you with next steps as the week progresses." And with that, they're summarily dismissed.

Oddisa isn't a bad student once she's passed all of her wiggling and impulsivity. Watching R'sner with hungry eyes, taking everything he does with head nods and imitating the movements made. The demonstration is observed, and then a piece of thick leather is pulled in front of her. With slow, careful strokes, the skiving is attempted, squinting at her work with extreme focus, not being particularly efficient. "I assume I can take this back to my bunk, an' work on it." At the current rate, it'll take her until Ori is 3 to make a set, but at least she's not cut her fingers off or stabbed herself. Gotta take a win when it's presented. Kate gets another nudge, the younger girl leaning towards Sage and helping her with her awl. It's one of the first times Oddisa's been helpful or shown any genuine interest in being part of the collective.

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