A Baby is Born!

Characters Alexa, F'inn, K'zre
Synopsis In the middle of the night, F'inn is summoned to Igen for the birth of his second child.
Out-of-Character Date March 13, 2020

Igen Weyr - Infirmary
The Infirmary is a huge cavern that can hold several large dragons on one side. There are hoists to lift the cumbersome splints used on a dragon's wounded wing. There are also cubicles set off to the other side of the room where one can examine injured or sick humans. These are all well equipped and contain everything a healer might need to diagnose and treat wounds, injury, or sickness. There are also a couple doors leading into back rooms in the middle of the cavern. These are the offices of the healers posted here, and allow for a private room to talk to patients in.

Autumn - Month 10 of Turn 2724

The call comes in the dead of night. The moons are high and the stars are shining, and Raaneth is in a state. There's no panic in the queen — because she knows better than that. But there's definitely a sense of urgency in the press of her mind; in the rasp of her voice. « Come. Now. » She does not expect to be refused but, maybe because Alexa has prompted her, she adds, « The little one is coming, and Alexa says your F'inn would want to know. » And then she is gone, vanishing as quickly as she came, a crow of victory echoing in her wake.

By the time F'inn finds himself in Igen, Raaneth will be found in the bowl, puffed up and proud near the infirmary entrance, her head all but obscuring the door as one whirling eye peers in where her lifemate lays. « It is a baby. » As if that wasn't obvious. But the awe and wonder in her voice is as potent as that which Alexa feels, the delivery done and the baby born.

Niether Nymionth, nor F'inn, take any offense to Raaneth's decree. To their credit they are both used to dealing with her and Alexa and are not surprised by the curtness of the news. Still, word is passed promptly to K'zre via Yasminath with the assurance that F'inn will pack a change of clothes /for/ him and meet him in the bowl. There is no way that F'inn is going to Igen alone, that is just not happening. Moments after K'zre is alerted, both Inri and Th'ero are informed and, true to his word, F'inn meets K'zre in the bowl with the dragons. That they get there after the birth? Probably a blessing, but Raaneth's news inspires a broad smile from F'inn as he slips past her head to step inside. To his credit, Nymionth waits until both F'inn, and K'zre, have entered the infirmary before wedging his head up alongside Raaneths. Also to his credit is the fact that while he bugles in truimph, he is also quick to move aside so that Yasminath can slip in and peek, as well.

K'zre is not sure how he feels about being awoken in the night to announcements of baby births. Particularly when he's not the one meant to deliver them. But if nothing else, the late hour and sudden summons means he doesn't have time to overthink things, still groggy and stifling a yawn by the time he meets F'inn in the bowl. If there were protests to be had, he keeps them to himself, trusting his weyrmate and his dragon to get them to Igen safely. But the cold of Between is a shock, and the sight of Raaneth and the familiar desert Weyr brings him right back to himself, so that by the time he's landed he's looking for any excuse to delay following his weyrmate into the infirmary. But alas, he has none, and Yasminath is all but shoving him toward the door in her own haste to see the going's on. With a sigh, K'zre follows F'inn, shooting a look over his shoulder to watch as three very large dragons attempt to see through the inadequate doorway.

Truly, there are too may dragons for doorways, and a rumbling warning comes as both bronze and green crowd in. "Stop it," comes from Alexa, the words quiet and fond as she shoots a look toward the door. While the sound might not carry, it doesn't matter; Raaneth hears it all the same and, with a bit of a huff, she scoots enough to allow bronze and green a chance to peek in. Thankfully with it being late, the infirmary is mostly empty save for the Healer in attendance, a few apprentices, and the weyrwoman holding her baby. She looks about as exhausted and sweaty as one might expect for a woman who just pushed out a living child. But there's a bit of a grin for F'inn as he approaches, before she glances back to the bundle in her arms. "She came very quickly," she says, perhaps by way of explaining how he managed to miss the birth. "And she only just now stopped screaming her head off." There's definitely a look for the bronzerider, because Alexa is totally going to blame that on him.

F'inn makes a beeline for the bed, K'zre fully in tow as he perches on the edge and grins at Alexa. "Of course she did," he laughs. "You started without daddy." Still grinning— there is nothing like a new baby to make F'inn ridiculously happy— he leans over the little bundle, cooing softly as one chubby hand wraps tightly around his finger. "Hello there, princess," he sing-songs. "Just wait til your grandpas find out they have a baby girl to spoil. So many dresses in your future." So very many dresses, more dresses then any one child should ever have. It is as his finger is slathered in spit that he turns his gaze up to Alexa, his smile remaining broad. "She is perfect." Course that? Also all him, thank you very much. In the wake of the words, he does his level best to tug K'zre in against his side, flashing that same smile up to the greenrider.

Oh, K'zre is there. And he's trying not to look as dour as he might usually. Because this is meant to be a happy occasion, and no one needs a scowling greenrider to come along and ruin it. But he just can't fake a smile. Given he's also somewhat sleep deprived and disheveled, and it's a fair bet he looks somewhat less than friendly. But he's tucked in to F'inn's side all the same, a nod of his head offered to Alexa when he can't figure out what he should say. Seriously. 'Hi' just sounds completely inadequate given the occasion, and 'congratulations' feels awkward. So, silence. Even as F'inn coos at the baby girl and lets his finger get all slobbery.

"She is." Even if she'd definitely contest him on who's responsible for that. And oh, is Alexa trying not to feel awkward with K'zre standing there being all grumpy-faced on her. She does know R'sner, so perhaps it's not that much of a surprise, but still. Awkward. "I haven't told them yet," she adds, for N'sir and R'sner. "Figured they should sleep if they can, what with weyrlinghood and all." If they're even asleep at all, given the barracks full of girls. A smile comes for the baby, and she leans in to nuzzle her forehead gently before pressing a kiss there instead. "You want to hold her?" She's pretty damn sure she already knows the answer that, already offering up the baby. "She's healthy," she adds. "Nice and solid." And given her own birth, Alexa is grateful for that. "And I was thinking… Well. I had a name in mind."

F'inn gets it. It doesn't stop him from leaning up to steal a kiss before turning his smile back on Alexa. "Smart. The moment that N'sir hears about this one there will be a flurry of lace and silk and knitting." He almost feels sorry for R'sner. ALMOST. >.> It is the offer to hold her that has him immediately nodding, his arms reaching out to take his daughter with a practiced ease. That he is absolutely in love is clear with a glimpse at his face. "Of course she's healthy," he snorts. "She's perfect. Aren't you? Yes, yes you are. And daddy is going to whup any boy who comes within speaking distance of you so /hard/." Yes, yes he is. Drawing her up close to his chest, he immediately inhales the new baby smell, his expression softening as he draws a kiss across her brow. It is the mention of a name though that has him glancing at Alexa, his smile easy. "Whatever you like will be perfect," he assures.

At least K'zre looks relieved to hear she's healthy. Even if he wasn't that concerned. He's pretty sure the whole Weyr would know about it, if something had gone wrong. Raaneth is still smooshed against Nymionth and Yasminath, peering in as though something might change if she looks away. He slips back a bit, stepping out of the way so that F'inn can pick up the baby from Alexa's arms, dark eyes following his weyrmate while he smiles unconsciously after him. It's a fleeting, thing; tender and sweet and subtle. But definitely there.

Alexa hands her over with only a moment of hesitation. She shimmies on the bed, getting into a more comfortable position the moment F'inn has the baby. But she's definitely going to be watching him like a hawk, too. "Pretty sure N'sir has already made at least a dozen outfits." And that was before he knew it was a girl. A little snort and a roll of green eyes, but Alexa won't contest the violence F'inn threatens to rain down on those who might dare to speak with their daughter. Hands folded over her stomach out of habit, she tips her head to the side to watch the pair before offering up the name. There's a second of hesitation, a dark of her eyes toward K'zre, before she says, "Felicity. I mean… I know it doesn't sound anything like F'inn or Alexa. But… I like it."

F'inn is aware of the dragons peering through the portal, but it's adorable and he's completely disinclined to do anything about it. Not when he has his daughter in his arms and is peppering her face with kisses between coos and threats of dire harm to any boys foolish enough to come close. And while K'zre's smile is fleeting? He still manages to glance up in time to catch it, the sight of it enough to make his own grow and a pleased laugh to spilling past his lips. "You've already charmed K'zre," he whispers to the baby in conspiratorial tones. "That is very hard to do, you take it from me." It is the name, though, that steals his attention, blue eyes sweeping to Alexa before trailing down to their daughter. For a long moment, he studies the baby before leaning in to whisper. "What do you think of Felicity?" That her answer comes in the form of one chubby fist glmping onto his nose inspires an immediate smile and a warm laugh. "She likes it. Done." Really, the child is going to be spoiled beyond reason.

"It's not—" K'zre shuts up almost as quickly as he spoke. Something about saying he's not charmed by the baby sounding far too rude even in his own head. So he just snorts and looks away, arms crossed over his chest for a lack of anything else to do with them. He'll stare at the dragon instead. Not that that is helpful, given the comical squish of heads. Really, he can't win. But the name has his attention, gaze sliding first to Alexa (with a furrow of a frown because he has no idea why she'd look at him like that) and then F'inn. "I don't think…" But again, whatever he was going to say is halted before he's finished, another eyeroll coming but at least this time it's followed with another fleeting smile. Nose grabs equal name acceptance. K'zre is just gonna have to accept it.

Alexa wasn't really worried, but there's still a breath of relief when the name is approved. "Good. Because I really didn't have a backup." And babies need names! Stifling a yawn, she tips her head back against the pillow, more than willing to let F'inn play the doting father while she catches a few seconds of rest. "They're supposed to be coming back with a bassinet," she adds, most likely speaking of the resident Healers.

Shifting Felicity so that she's nestled against his chest and shoulder, F'inn reaches out with the freed hand to draw K'zre back in against his side. "Get some rest," he murmurs to Alexa. "We'll watch her until the basinet gets here and put her down right next to you." While he has NO IDEA about the trails of childbirth, he knows enough to know that Alexa being tired is perfectly normal. In the wake of the words, he turns to nuzzle at Felicity's temple, cooing nonsense words to the baby before slanting another impossibly pleased smile up to K'zre's face. "Fig is going to have his hands full protecting this one from the boys." Because THAT is totally Fig's job as a big brother.

There's no protest or resistance from K'zre. He's pulled in against F'inn's side and his only hesitation is in making sure he doesn't disturb Felicity. A glance at Alexa, and then he's peeking down at the little baby in his weyrmate's arms, a softer expression coming. Because who can possible scowl at babies?! Not K'zre, that's for sure. "She's beautiful," he adds, his voice hushed as though it were some secret meant only for F'inn.

There's definitely gratitude in Alexa's gaze, even if it comes on the heels of a fleeing moment of uncertainty. That's her baby in the bronzerider's arms and, while she trusts him on some level (She let F'inn hold her baby so she must trust him at least a little) there's still a natural desire to keep tabs on things. But really, sleep will eventually win out, even if she's going to fight it for a little longer. "She has another brother, too," she mentions, when Fig is brought up. "My first born. Jaxyn. He's about a turn older." And just as important as Fig.

"She is, isn't she?" In the wake of the words, F'inn turns his head, brushing a kiss over K'zre's lips before turning back to Felicity. "We're going to have to keep our eyes on her for certain." Glancing back at Alexa, his smile broadens as he nuzzles the baby. "I can't wait to see all three of them running wild," he admits. "We'll have to introduce Fig and Jax, boys need mates to run around and get in trouble with." Of course they do! "Probably going to take both of them to keep this one away from the boys, anyway." Because Felicity? GORGEOUS. And really, the larger the family around Fig and Jax, the better off they will be. That Fig'll have a big brother to look out for him, as well? Aces in F'inn's book. Course, with Alexa drifting off, he rolls carefully to his feet, shifting Felicity into the crook of his arm as he draws K'zre and the baby toward the door to give the dragons a better. "That," he notes to Felicity. "Big gold eye is Raaneth, your momma's dragon. The littler green eyes in the middle are Yasminath, your papa K'zre's dragon and the big bronze eye is Nymionth, daddy's dragon. You'll get to know /all/ of them very, very well." Course, the introduction immediately has Nymionth showering the baby (and her momma) in a wash of rose petals and delight.

"If she's even into boys." It's an offhand sort of remark that comes without much thought, K'zre reaching out to adjust the blanket around Felicity before F'inn rises to stand. A glance for Alexa again, but she seems unconcerned, eyes closed as she drifts into a light doze. Winding an arm around his weyrmate, he sticks close as they head for the dragons, dark eyes watching little Felicity with curiosity. Yasminath offers a soft croon, though being a dragon, the sound definitely carries farther than intended. But she can't help it. There's a baby! And she knows from experience that Babies Are Important! Something to be fussed over, even if she's not sure what 'fussing' is.

Raaneth is just as intent on getting in a greeting, even if it's as soft as she can make it. A rumbling deep in her throat and the whirling of one faceted eye as she peeeeeeeers down at the tiny human-creature. Alexa just laughs, the sound spontaneous and quickly smothered with her hand, for whatever her dragon has offered. It can't be terribly important, as she doesn't bother to share it. But then again, she's also freakin' tired and ready to sleep. Sliding down into the bed, she tosses an arm over her eyes to block out the meager light and sighs. Soon enough there will be midnight feedings and diaper changes, and she's all about getting sleep while she can.

"All the more reason to keep them away from her," F'inn notes with a merry laugh for K'zre. "You, my princess, can fancy whoever you want. And Daddy will be sure they treat you like you deserve. Although, papa K'zre is a much better fighter then daddy. We don't tell him that, though, lest it go to his head." Winking at K'zre, his smile grows broader, pale blue eyes brimming with affection. Intent on letting the dragons get their fill of baby gazing, F'inn remains near the door, his head tilting to rest against K'zre's temple as he gazes down at the bundle of new life in his arms. "I love you," he whispers. The words, though, are for his weyrmate and coupled with him immediately shifting to offer Felicity over. "Do you want to hold her?" With Alexa dozing and the dragons right there? There just couldn't be a better time.

"But I'm standing right here," counters K'zre, confusing drawing a frown across his face. "I can hear you." He clearly does not understand that that's the point. But confusion dies down in the wake of that sentiment, dark eyes drifting to linger on F'inn. "I love you, too," comes in a quiet murmur, meant for his weyrmate alone. Even if it is not such a great secret. But the offer of the baby has him straightening, briefly stiff and uncertain before he decides, "Yes," and moves to take her. He's no stranger to holding babies. Even before Fig came into their life, he'd held his fair share of them. But there is something very different about holding a baby that belongs to him. Or at least, belongs to his weyrmate. That is a part of them. Their family. And it has the normally scowling and stoic healer all but melting as he smiles down into the sleepy face of Felicity.

F'inn couldn't be happier with the response, immediately settling Felicity into K'zre's arms. It is the smile that his mate turns on the baby that has F'inn actually tearing up, one hand raising to wipe his eyes before he slips in and wraps his arms around K'zre's waist from behind. Rather then speak, he just watches the pair of them with adoring eyes, his chin settling on K'zre's shoulder as Felicity claims a handful of the greenrider's shirt as her own.

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