The Birds and the Bees and the Bronzeriders

Characters Alexa, Oddisa
Synopsis Alexa and Oddisa talk about mating flights. (Disclaimer: frank discussion about mating flights/Adult topics)
Out-of-Character Date April 9, 2020

Igen Weyr - Hydroponic Gardens
Vibrant sights and smells greet visitors to a lush desert oasis that oughtn't exist here in the crater of Igen Weyr. Everywhere one looks, lush greenery waves lazily, hiding growing lights and the fixtures which give off the subtle lighting. The cavern, a natural bubble in the rock, is mostly round - there is no closure to the outside, and there's a tapering off at the back before exploding into another bubble further back. One can just see that the next "room" leads to yet another room even further back.

There is no set aisle through the plants. Walkways meander here and there, sand heaped along the floor and kept warm by whatever device gives the Hatching Grounds their warmth. The heat is not as intense here, but the mist generated by clever automatic sprayers lends humidity to the air. Tubs of various depths and sizes are scattered higgeldy piggeldy, and the plants in them seem to have no rhyme or reason. Aromatic scents give the hint that kitchen herbs and useful vegetables have been scattered among the decorative flowers and trees.

The chain of rooms are obviously a newer addition, perhaps onyl a few decades old. Insects buzz about everywhere, and there is a quiet twitter of avains and firelizards, who seem quite at home here among the vegetation. Near the door, a wooden rack holds a few pairs of shoes, encouraging visitors to go barefoot.

DISCLAIMER - Frank discussion about mating flights/adult topics

Winter - Month 13, Turn 2724

The wonders of Winter in Igen, freezing cold at night bringing forth the need for thick blankets and coats yet during the day it's paradise. Warm enough for thin clothing and even beach bathing on the best of days. Today as Rukbat reaches her zenith, Oddisa is headed into the gardens. Assigned to meet with Alexa here, she's about 10 minutes early to the arranged meeting and has taken it upon herself to poke and prod at the local foilage with curious interest. Never one to be still, she's curiously bopping about, one hand stuffed in a pocket while the other touches anything and everything in reach. It's abundantly clear she's not sure what to do with herself. Oriapeth has found herself a ledge to 'borrow' outside and is stretched out, getting maximum sun.

"Careful," comes in amused admonishment for the poking of plants. "There are some who would take offense to that." Alexa is right on time, a blanket and small basket over one arm. She's left her jacket on but open, making use of whatever breeze might be available as she steps over to a grassy patch. The basket is dropped, the blanket fluffed out, and soon enough she's settling herself down and unlacing her boots. "Brought snacks, just in case." N'sir's habit has definitely rubbed off on her. Raaneth, once more, has established herself on the star stones, happy to soak up the sun and bask in the warmth of Igen, even if the frigid, frozen Fort does not bother her.

The voice is recognized, and Oddisa swirls around, cocking a blonde eyebrow before shrugging at the thought. "Wasn' no one else her bu' me." Loping over to the spot, Alexa has picked, allowing her legs to collapse down in a criss-cross position on the corner of the blanket. "Afternoon, weyrwoman." Giving the appropriate salute, and finishing with a quick "Igen's greetings to Fort and her Queens." Never sure when to use that one, but she's covering her bases in case this is some kind of TRAP or a test. Watching the boots get unlaced, Odi follows suit, attempting politeness. "Is funny to say tha' who bit when yur queen clutched mine a turn or so ago." Staring at the food basket with interest, managing to remove her boots to spare the blanket.

Alexa lofts a pale eyebrow at Oddisa. "I hardly think this is the time for formality, do you?" Instead of returning any sort of greeting, she simply wiggles out of her boots, sets them aside on the grass, and tucks her feet beneath her. Getting comfortable. "Then don't," says Alexa simply, shrugging. "I usually reserve those sorts of greetings for diplomatic settings, or when I'm visiting other Weyrs; not when I'm the one being visited. Most 'riders are pretty laid back. It would be different if this was a… formal setting. But it's not. It's just a chat," she declares, half-smirk offered in faint amusement. "Help yourself. There's fruits and cheeses and rolls." Finding herself a handful of grapes, she pops one into her mouth and cocks her head at Oddisa. "Suppose it's best to ask what you already know about flights?"

"Tis hard to tell anymore. Always safer to assume formality an' seem stuffy." Oddisa drawls that out in the manner of a child made to write it on a blackboard a million times, drilled into her mind if not taken into heart. Boots pressed off to the side, and with the permission that this is a simple chat. Stretching legs out in front of her, body tucking to the side and planting hands next to hips. A comfortable stretch is assumed, while maintaining eye contact with Alexa. Mulling over the question, a slice of cheese is procured. "I've been aroun' dragons my whole life, I know the greens go up 'lot and the golds go up less. There's blood, sometimes with the greens an' always with the golds. Mmm, proddy riders may act a touch strange an' yur not to leave the Weyr proddy. 'Specially on a gold." Knowing the necessary details, though obviously having no first-hand experience with the business of mating flights.

"Sure. You could do that," agrees Alexa with a shrug. "Whatever suits you, I suppose." She's not here to discuss formality; that's a conversation for the weyrlingmasters. With Oddisa settled on the blanket, Alexa's content enough to sit back and listen, slowly working her way through the handful of grapes. "Hm. I mean… sure, that's kind of the basic idea, but what does that mean to you? Like. Do you understand what happens during a flight?" But have no fear, Alexa's not about to leave that question unanswered, happy to supply that, "The dragons mate, and so do the riders. Have you had sex before?"

The question gets a pause from Oddisa, looking down at her body, which obviously hasn't grown even a HAIR since Alexa first met her a turn ago. Not even a sliver of growth, no signs that she's going to get a chest of curves. Nothing. "I understand that yu have sex with the winner, whether you wish to or not." Explaining her knowledge with a shrug, "It's nature righ'? The way of things." Lips flatten a bit, avoiding the questions with a huff. "I haven't done all of it if that's what yu mean. Let a few boys play aroun', nothin' more." She's not embarrassed in the slightest, weyrbred to the hilt. "I'm not sure how I feel 'bout bronzeriders, but I'm guessin' tha' won't matter. Oriapeth will choose an' I'll deal with it." Grabbing another piece of cheese and scarfing it up quickly. "They don' hurt yu do they?" Narrowing her eyes and squaring up shoulders with newfound tension.

"Well… not exactly." The last grape is popped into her mouth before Alexa leans back on her hands, chewing thoughtfully. "So yeah, like, ninety-nine percent of the time, you're going to sleep with whoever rides the bronze that catches her," she agrees. "But… not always. Or well… you don't necessarily have too. But it's kinda hard to work around." So helpful. "It's best to assume you will, but if the idea is… particularly unpleasant, there are things you can do to change it. Like, if there's someone you would prefer to be with instead. You can try and make arrangements for them to be there, so you're with them instead. I've never tried, though," she admits. "And no. I mean, flights *can* be rough," she adds, "But at least in my experience, it's been mutually… passionate." A nose-scrunch follows the words because maybe it's not exactly how Alexa would describe it; just as close as she can get. "And it really doesn't matter, honestly. When she's rising, you won't be thinking about anything else. You'll be in her head; you'll basically *be* Oriapeth. Whether you like bronzeriders or not, won't matter — you won't much care in the moment." Is that helpful? Alexa's not sure, but she doesn't look particularly worried either way.

Scooting her legs around, to get a stretch on her other side and occupy her mind with the feeling while digesting this idea. Oddisa huffs and raises an eyebrow, sighing, and ughing with the weight of the whole conversation. "I've been assumin' I'd deal with tha' if I ever found someone worth keepin' around." Obviously, she's not had a ton of free time to look, drawing a circle with one finger on the blanket. "The lack of control, sorta… How did yu handle it? Not bein' you? I'm worried I'll get scared, I love Ori, but we're not all that similar. I know you're supposed to control them, but letting her take over sounds hard." It's not true, anyone whose met Oriapeth might find the many similarities they share and the driven, hard-headed forward spirit they both encompass. "What 'bout after? I can leave as soon as I'm up righ'? No need to hang aroun' for the reunion?"

"It's not really something you're aware of in the moment." Them taking over. Humming thoughtfully, Alexa tips her head to the side, gaze distant as she considers how best to explain. "Oh, you do have to control them in the beginning! Like, when she wakes up and goes to eat, you have to make sure she doesn't. You have to make sure she only bloods her kill, otherwise… ugh I don't even want to think about it. She could crash. They could both crash, if she doesn't get high enough." But while Alexa clearly takes this Very Seriously, she's not about to panic over it. "But that part's not that hard, really. I mean, it is but? no more than putting your foot down about other things. You just have to be firm." As for the flight itself? Another nose wrinkle comes with a hint of amusement. "When she actually rises, you won't have any time to worry about whose head you're in. It's like… It's kind of like when you dream? You don't realize you're dreaming until you wake up. Same thing, in my experience. As soon as she takes off into the air, I just kinda become Raaneth. Don't really notice until it's all over and I'm back in my own head. It's not scary. It's kinda… nice in a way. Means I don't have to think about anything else." As for leaving? That gets a laugh, though it's not malicious in nature. "No, you don't have to hang around. Though it's polite to at least say good-bye. I think… well. You gotta remember that it's kind of the same for them? They're not really choosing this either. So, try to be polite."

Oriapeth senses Oddisa unrest, awakening on her 'borrowed' ledge and stretching up. Warbling a quiet hello to Raaneth, Oriapeth's mind of infinite space and stretching expanse presses forward, whirling and clicking mechanically with a flush of golden dust that wraps through the void. «Hello darling, long time.» As if she can remember the last time she saw Raaneth, which she honestly can't but Odi has an idea when that was. «Am I to be involved in this? Don't I get a say?» It's politeness being used as a vale for sass; obviously, the whole talk is about /her/. Oddisa's eyes become vacant for a moment before returning to the conversation. "I'll take yur word on the enjoyment portion, we've been workin' on the control aspects for a bit an' I think I finally have it down. " Unable to digest it all and sitting still in her own thoughts for a moment the itty bitty blonde finds another question. "Is it fair for me to ask the winning rider to be aroun'? Not for me, for Ori. Is it alrigh' to request their dragon visit, tha' way she isn' all alone? Ori enjoys company, she dislikes solitude an' I'd hate for her to feel trapped on the sands. She an' I are plenty good for one another but, I'm not another dragon. I can do this while sayin' goodbye." Frowning at the idea of her dragon being lonely.

« A say in what, exactly? » drawls Raaneth. « Whether you rise or not? No. I expect you don't. Who catches you? Well, » she decides, a flicker of friendly challenge in her words, « That depends on how quick and clever you are in the sky. » Alexa's perfectly content to take her time, fussing about in the basket of snacks to see if anything catches her fancy while Oddisa sits with her thoughts. "Mm. You want the rider to stick around?" she questions, arching an eyebrow at the weyrling. "Or the dragon?" They may be one and the same in terms of staying in Igen, but the questions are vastly different. "The short answer is yes. You are perfectly within your rights — or I should say, Oriapeth is perfectly within her rights — to demand the dragon that catches her be involved. Some queens want the attention; some don't. Raaneth… she's a mix of both. She doesn't demand attention from the bronze for herself, but she expects him to be attentive to the clutch once it is laid." A little snort of amusement follows it. "It's pretty standard that the bronze is around for the clutch. If she wants him around before then… probably best to sort it out in the beginning. You *can* do that while saying good bye, but I find it's better to get his name, get out, go home, take a bath, rest, eat — basically, take care of yourself first. And maybe meet up with him a little bit later. Once you're both dressed."

«Oh darling, you've no idea how clever I can be.» Oriapeth is a brush of confidence, «Mine seems to think I move like, you.» It's as close as Raaneth will get to a compliment right now, Oriapeth opening broad cloaking wings and cocking her head towards the garden, focusing on this conversation. Oddisa picks up a piece of red fruit, taking a bite and tossing it up into the air before deftly catching it with a cocky smile. SHe's got skils useless skills. "I want Ori to have a day or two a seven off the sands, even for a few hours. Eat, take a bath, stretch herself out. The rider I could care less bout, but I'd have any uncomfortable conversation I need to for ma girl." Affectionately beaming up at the ceiling, breathing in deeply and turning to total mush for a moment. The love can't be missed, she's head over heels as it's supposed to be. "Tha's good advice, clearing ma head should help." Because she's not a wordsmith. "Anythin' else? When should I expect all this to occur?"

Raaneth does not need compliments. The comparison is met with the equivalent of a mental shrug; subtle and somewhat dismissive. As if to say 'yeah, and?' without being so rude about it. She stretches her own wings out, relishing the warmth of the sun on broad sails, and settles comfortably in her perch. "Golds don't have to stay on the sands. Some do. Some come and go as they please. Expecting the bronze to take part in watching the clutch is pretty… standard," admits Alexa, offering a shrug of her own. "Any bronzerider that balks at such a thing either has never caught a gold, or is an unreasonable asshole." A pale eyebrow arches again as Alexa regards Oddisa. "See, that's kind of the wrong attitude. You might not want to hang out with the other rider, but to care nothing for him is kind of… I dunno. Rude and kind of snobby, don't you think? How would you feel if you heard a bronzerider say 'the goldrider, I couldn't care less about' when talking about you? You don't have to like the guy, but he's still a human. And he's as stuck in this situation as you are. So, try to treat him with some dignity? You're going to be doing this your whole life," she points out. "You really do not want to earn the reputation of being a bitch, or bronzeriders will start intentionally keeping their dragons home when Oriapeth is due to rise." Deciding she's done snacking, Alexa leans back to settle on her hands. "Kind of a toss-up," she admits, for when it will happen. "Won't happen till she's at least two, but may not happen until she's three. Kinda hard to say. Just keep an eye out for changes in temperament."

"I don't intend to be rude, I… feel sorta imposed upon by the whole thin'. I don't enjoy being, tied down, and I don't want some stranger all over me or.. owning me. " The idea makes Oddisa shudder and sigh, "I'm nice." She's not, at least not all the time, and she might begin working on that. "I wanna be treated.. with respect, not like a notch on a belt. " She's not voiced this idea before and is thinking hard on what Alexa is saying, tossing the fruit from hand to hand in contemplation. "I'm hopin' for more of a business arrangement for the good of ma girl, and less of him doin' me a grand favor." SHe's always been a free spirit, and the ways of the Weyr have scuffed up against her freedoms a bit. "That gives me time, then." Shaking her head, it's a lot to absorb. "He can hang out with me, I guess. Take him riding." Because that's how you show love in Odi land.

For a moment, Alexa just stares at Odi as if she might have grown a second head. "You know there is a happy medium between outright ignoring someone and being beholden to them, right? Like… you can be polite. You can be acquaintances. You can even be friend. Doesn't mean anyone owns you — doesn't mean you own them, either. And honestly… maybe you should talk to a bronzerider or two? Because I think you'll find they feel the same. Cause as I said, they don't have a choice in this, either. They're stuck with you as much as you're stuck with them. And shards, you only have to do this once a turn! I know some bronzes that chase every month, some of them chase every week!" Alexa, at least, can be sympathetic to the plight of a bronzerider. Maybe because her brother is one? "Trust me, they don't like it any more than you do. And I haven't met one yet who considers a goldflight to be a 'notch on a belt'." Alexa is just gonna stop here, with a headshake and a sigh. Some battles simply can't be won. "Yeah, you have time," she agrees.

Alexa champion for bronzeriders everywhere, Oddisa frowns and then sighs. "I'll find me a few and see what they think." Oddisa agrees, "Least I can do, I guess." The idea of being in a mating flight once a week makes her groan, staring up at the ceiling in hopes she might magically levitate away and never have to talk about any of this again. "Alright, so, basically? Control her when she bloods, possibly pick a person if I have one in mind, and I want them to be my partner, sex, be polite afterward, maybe eat breakfast or have a chat. Make friends. Be.. empathetic." For a girl as empathetic to animals as she is, she's not mastered this people part yet. She's also newly 16, and thus self-involvement is on par with her age, if not her position in life. "I liked F'inn, I guess. He's nice, K'zre's better, but I'd never tell him." Laughing at her own little quip, even if she suddenly has random fort riders on the brain. "Thanks for this. I'm sure we'll be alright." Confident, always. "She can really fly, boys got somethin' to work at when she's up for it." Cocky for her dragon too, even if Oriapeth manages that well on her own.

"Pretty much, yup," agrees Alexa. "You'll probably learn a lot from the first experience," she decides. "But just don't take things too seriously. It's all a learning experience." As for F'inn? Well. There might be a bit of a smirk for that one. Him, and K'zre alike. "Really? You like him? Huh. Well, maybe that's not so surprising. I think it's just me he hates." But if her grin is anything to go by, she's not terribly upset about it. "And yeah, you'll be fine. Just don't panic. That's the biggest thing. And she'll be fine too. Gold's have been doing this for ages." Shrug. No big deal.

Standing up, assuming the chat might be over and she can go /consider/ getting drunk if not actually doing it. "Thank yu, Alexa. An' yeah, K'zre saved my life two winters back. He'd go ridin' with meh, helpful, easy to be 'round." Shrugging with a sigh, "F'inn promised to take me repelling off dragons into an ice lake a long time ago, I'll be remindin' him if we cross paths. I've got my own dragon for the trip now." Eyes pointing up to indicate Oriapeth, fully smiling with the potential excitement of the adventure. "I doubt K'zre could /hate/ anyone, he's a good guy." Not really willing to believe otherwise, she's loyal in that way to people she enjoys. "Am I excused?" Bouncing on her feet, the thought of adventure giving her the itch for a long trail ride up a steep sand dune.

"Sure. I mean, this wasn't an official lecture or anything. If you don't have any more questions, you're totally excused." Alexa might just snort a bit at that, too, for reasons kept to herself. "Have a good time," she adds, reaching to close up the basket and gather her boots. She might take her time leaving Igen — it's freaking COLD in Fort right now — but eventually she'll head out, Raaneth leaving the weyr with a solemn farewell to any who might listen.

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