Cures for Hangups and Hangovers

Characters Nassir, S'las
Synopsis Nassir nurses a hangover while S'las offers some words of comfort.
Out-of-Character Date April 17, 2018

Igen Weyr - Inner Caverns
Igen's inner cavern is smaller than the main living cavern, but isn't small by any stretch of the imagination. Tables and comfortable chairs are placed about the room, clustered together, and often-occupied spinning wheels and a large loom sit in one corner. A small corner-table holds klah and various crudites and appetizers, refreshed constantly by the kitchen's staff. The walls and much of the floor are covered with a mosaic of colorful rugs, many handcrafted by Igen residents, dampening noises and giving the cavern a more intimate feel than its size immediately would suggest.

Nassir doesn't normally drink, but last night? He'd started drinking almost the second his feet had landed on Igen soil. Fortunately, the rider who had brought him home was smart enough to leave him alone. That, or he simply didn't care. Either way, it had been the best choice at the time. At the moment, the tailor is sitting at one of the tables close to the wall, avoiding the press of people coming and going while nursing a hangover and the mug of klah accompanying it. To his left, sheltered— or hoarded— within the crook of his arm, a still full kettle of the steaming bitter waits to suffer the same fate as that in the mug the tailor gulps down. Nassir, himself, is an uncharacteristic disarray. While he is still impeccably dressed, dark curls are loose and tangled, the long strands spilling over his shoulders to conceal the majority of his face from view. On his shoulder, a little bronze firelizard chirrups despondantly, the sound enough to bring one hand up to scritch lightly over his flank. "Shhh… that's way to loud."

In cases like this, there would be jokes about people needing to develop a better tolerance to their drinks, especially Igen's fair. Fortunately for Nassir, S'las isn't one of those people. Instead, he'll wander in with his tray from the main traffic lines to settle into the more quiet corners the Lower Caverns has to offer. Nassir isn't spared a glance at first, the bluerider placing his tray onto a nearby table and the separate plate of meat for the firelizards so they can leave his TRAY ALONE. Only once comfortable does the bluerider spare poor Nassir a glance, and he receives a stare that could only be described as deadpan. After a shake of the head, he begins cutting into his food, careful not to let the scratching of utensils be too loud. Those antics are reserved for candidates and weyrlings.

Spying the plate of meat, Rashid immediately hops down onto the table and waddles his way over to pick at the fare. Oddly enough, despite still being a bit on the roly-poly newborn side, he eats delicately. It is the firelizard's movement that brings Nassir's head up, dark eyes tracking the wee beastie through the tangle of his curls. "Nnng," is the initial response to S'las' observation. After a moment, his hands move to grip the sides of the mug, the kettle jostled lightly as he brings the mug to his lips and takes another long swallow. "There is not enough klah in all the weyrs to make that thought a worry." Setting the mug back down, he refills it from the aformentioned kettle, his arm sweeping up to push his curls back off his face. "What time is it," he asks curiously.

Solstice hops down from her human's shoulder, quietly making her way over to the plate. She begins poking around with her snout until she finds suitable pieces for a tiny Rashid and the gold begins to place them one by one before him. Making sure he's well fed. Tonic is just going to be a tiny blue ball of sleep on the opposite shoulder. "It's the eighteenth hour, dark outside. You shouldn't have too much competition for the klah. Use the table if you need, I'm sure the firelizards won't mind." S'las takes a leaf of greenrider, carefully spooning his meat and veggies on it before rolling it up and taking a bite of the roll. He gets his napkin and holds it over his mouth while slate blue eyes watch passersby.

"Thanks," Nassir murmurs as he takes a few more rapid swallows of klah. With the mug empty, he promptly refills it, his hand bracing against his forhead as he leans heavily against the table. "Nngh," he groans in response to a spasm running the length of his spine. "Falling asleep in the lake pavillion is a pointedly bad idea." Even as the observation is uttered, Rashad exhales a delighted warble at the bits of meat, eagerly going to work on getting them down as quickly as he can. It's the mention of the firelizards that brings Nassir's gaze sweeping that way, a relieved breath exhaled upon spotting Rashad happily nibbling at meat. It is only once he's certain the bronze is alright that he glances over at S'las and shifts into a more comfortable position against the table.

All growing babies need their meat! Once Solstice is certain that Rashid has a suitable pile of meat to start for himself, she picks out the bigger pieces for herself and eats daintily on her side of the plate. BECAUSE SHE'S A LADY. S'las pauses from taking another bite of his food, peering over to Nassir and he takes in a deep breath, sighing. "I would say so. There could be worse things, you could fall asleep in the bazaar and wake up covered in who knows what or sold in a wheelbarrow without being none the wiser." Maybe even covered in avians or other animals looking for an unsuspecting human to curl up on.

Nassir exhales a snorting laugh in response to S'las, the sound immediately inspiring a wince which only serves to inspire another laugh. That particular cycle of laughter and pain goes on a few moments before the tailor scrubs his hands over his face and sighs. "Ow. Ugh. Never again," he murmurs as one hand reaches for the klah like a life line. Still, the more he drinks the more the headache fades to a duller throb just behind the eyes. "Oof, you'd think I'd be smarter then that." Well, maybe not. It's hard to say, really. "I seem to be on a streak of acting a fool lately." In the wake of the words, he reaches over and runs one long finger down the length of Rashid's back, lightly tracing the length of his tail with the pad. "And you poor baby, you had to witness it all."

Solstice sends a knowing glance over to the tiny bronze and she croons softly. Don't worry, baby, you'll see your human do all sorts of things they claim to regret… and we can share it with everyone! S'las reaches for his own mug and takes a sip from it. "What was the occasion, if you don't mind me asking?" People drink for any reason under Rukbat but figured it was a kinder way of asking 'What in hell would you do that for?' "Make sure you eat something, too. There's a stew the kitchens can make that'll help with the hangover. They normally keep some going every day, but you have to ask for it. Just… don't ask what's in it, and don't think about the taste." Just let the spiciness and bitters do their job.

Looking up at the croon from Solstice, Rashid warbles a laugh, picking up a hunk of meat before waddling his way around the plate to plunk down next to her. Once there, he goes back to chewing contentedly. For Nassir's part, his expression turns rueful, a grimace tracing over his features as he lightly clears his throat. "Ah where to begin," he murmurs in tones that are hushed only to ease the throbbing in his head. "Breaks down to having one of those moments when you realize you are acting like a besotted fool." Almost immediately he frowns more, his hand dragging over his face to tangle his fingers in his hair. "I feel like 'that' girl, you know? The one following a boy around convinced if she just pushes hard enough he'll have no choice but to sweep her off her feet. Yeah," he murmurs as he gives his hair a sharp tug. "That girl." Shard it all. It's the mention of the stew that has him considering for a moment before he turns just a touch green. "Not yet…"

"It's not every day that a person will come along to make you feel this way." A knowing glance before another roll is assembled and taken a bite out of. S'las covers his mouth with his napkin while he chews until his mouth is free to speak again. "They didn't outright tell you to never see them again, did they? Or given signs indicating as such?" The bluerider leans back in his chair with his mug for a moment, not in any particular rush to finish his own plate. His duties aren't scheduled to begin for hours so he's taking advantage of this rare occasion to taste his food. "The worst thing you can, I believe. Is to do nothing. It's better to take things one day at a time, get to know this person, let them know you and let things develop naturally. When you think about it too much, it shows. Too much pressure on you both and you could risk spoiling a good thing. I speak from experience."

"What? No," Nassir states in response to the first. Almost immediately, however, he covers his face with his hand, an oddly embarassed flush staining his features. "He wouldn't do that," he groans. "He's too… nice. Polite, you know? Thoughtful. I don't think R'… ahhh. I don't think he'd want to hurt my feelings like that." Trailing off, he finds himself listening intently to S'las's words, his hand sliding down to rest on the table. The words make sense. A lot of sense. Enough sense that he licks his lips and drags his fingers through his hair to comb it back off his face. "Have you ever met someone who just seemed to be able to cut through all the typical nonsense without even trying? I mean, someone who just… knows? Ugh. Oof." Leaning back in his chair, he stretches his legs out under the table, taking keen interest in watching his mug scrape across the table as he twists it between long fingers. "How do you know when you're being a pest?"

"You can tell. They avoid you, deliberately. They're short in words, and try to end the conversation immediately. It's cold, you'll know. Just be careful not to confuse a private personality with avoidance. This is why you have to take things one day at a time and just focus on getting to know them. It's easier to know if they're not happy when you can read them a little better. Don't want to burn your bridges before they take you anyway." S'las feels for the guy, he really does. Maybe later the baths can feel for the guy, too, and help with the hangover. "There was someone, a long time ago. A very long time ago. And I miss them every day, but I know they're happier now." Or so he keeps telling himself. The bluerider looks mournfully into their own mug and takes another sip before placing it back onto the table. Solstice has had her fill and is now preening her pretty self now that her meal is done. She'll stop, and preen a bit of Rashid before going back to her own wings. Even baby firelizards get a messy face.

Rashid croons at the preening, turning his little face up into it readily. When it's done, he sidles closer to help her preen her own wings. Apparently, some of his human has rubbed off on him. Nassir, however, is entirely focused on S'las's words, his arms folding atop the table as he leans forward intently. "But what if they are reserved by nature? Quiet you know? The kind of person who is not prone toward outbursts of emotion?" R'sner couldn't possibly be more opposite of Nassir in that regard then he is. The thought immediately inspires an unconciously warm smile, the tailor's eyes crinkling at the corners. "You know, a grunter?" Grunter is really the best word he can find to describe the Weyrlingmaster. "Adorably." He adds and immediately mimics a stoic grunt while trying to look aloof. It is S'las's last, however, that has him tilting his head, his expression immediately sympathetic. "But what if they aren't happier? What if they miss you, too?"

"Then it's even better!" he says, chuckling quietly as he scoots to the edge of his seat to pull his plate closer. "There's nothing wrong with being a quiet one, but you'll be more intrigued. The more comfortable they are around you, the more they'll open up provided you're not pushing too hard or two fast." One day at a time can't be stressed enough. S'las even offers a grin at 'adorably.' Clearly, the man is smitten. The bluerider bites down on their lip for a moment, glancing around the room while they try to gather their thoughts. "I think, if I hadn't seen it with my own two eyes, myself. I would worry about the same thing. Thankfully, they didn't see me there. I don't know how much of their happiness I would've disrupted by suddenly showing up back into the picture. I could tell they were happier than I've ever made them, and I wouldn't be the one to take that light away. I got my closure in the end."

"You're a braver man then I," the tailor admits. "I don't think I could see R'sner and not say anything." It's only belatedly that he blinks, blushes and clears his throat. "Bweh. Well." Clearing his throat, he draws in a slow breath, his head giving a mild shake as he picks up the mug of klah and takes a long swallow. "You're right," he admits. "I let myself get spun into a tizzy for nothing at all." Well, /girls/. Somehow the girls had managed to get right under his skin with all their talk of 'still having time to impress'. The thought stirs a mild frown before sets the mug down and asks S'las directly. "Do you think you could comfortably be with someone who was not a rider, S'las? Wouldn't that make things difficult? Unpleasant for your dragon?" He adores Toith, he'd rather not see her unhappy or discontent.

S'las offers a bemused smile at the blush, but he's kind enough not to say anything. He's in a good mood for a change, not stalking around scaring the general populace. Mainly due to good sleep, Chessy not chasing anything, breakfast at his leisure and decent company. "The person I was with wasn't a dragonrider. Truth be told, being a rider or not doesn't matter in a relationship. The only difference would be convenience with transportation. Other than that? Either way, you're bonding with the spirit of the person. The dragon is just the bonus. Chessylith was sad for a little while but dragons are more resilient than they're often given credit for. I think the dragons benefit from it more, in their own way. Especially if this R'sner doesn't hail from Igen. More abilis for traveling to other weyrs. They find their way to stay busy during your visit. My lifemate likes to play in the ocean or look for wildlife in the forests."

Nassir nods somberly, taking the time to let S'las' words sink in. "He's not from Igen," he admits in quiet tones. "Of course, it wouldn't matter where he was from. I'd find a way to go and spend time with him even in Fort." Although, brr, Fort. The thought of the cold stirs his shoulders to twitch unpleasantly, but the words are no less true. "But you're right, I have to relax and just let things run their own course. He's going to be very busy with Weyrlings the moment the eggs hatch." And Nassir has no intention of being underfoot for that. Duty first, after all. Falling silent for a time, he finally draws in a slow breath before offering a very sincere. "Thank you, S'las, for bringing me back to reason." Although now, he feels more then a little foolish for having gotten himself so drunk the night before.

"It was no problem at all. You don't want to waste a precious moment worrying." And S'las doesn't want to waste another precious moment letting his food get cold. He grabs another steamed green leaf and piles a little more of the mixture, rolling it up. "The things I remembered during my short time as an Assistant Weyrlingmaster, is not always having time to get food or a kettle. If you visit during meal times and notice he is still working, you could always greet him with one or both when you notice him settle for a break. That way he doesn't have to leave if he wishes to stay and he doesn't have to contend with the population during the rush hours. The worst that would happen is he politely decline." He's hazarding a guess on the polite decline, but if he's as quiet as he's made out to be, hopefully that's the case. "Just a suggestion." S'las shrugs and finally takes a bite of his roll, holding it over his plate so the juices can drip there and not on his clothes.

A smile blossoms on Nassir's lips, a relieved breath exhaled as he twists his hair back into a knot above his collar. "I can do that," he assures. "Cookie adores me for some odd reason. Sweets and treats have never a problem." Which is a good thing really, since there is no way he would try to feed R'sner something he cooked, himself. Naturally, he feels a tad foolish for having let himself get worked up. But then, that is simply something that comes with being high-spirited. "I should probably try to get some rest," he decides as he cracks his neck. "I still have to figure out what to wear to Half Moon Bay's hatching." In the wake of the words, he pushes to his feet, holding his palm out to Rashid. "Come on brat, I'm over feeling sorry myself." The little bronze firelizard exhales a crooning warble, giving Solstice's flank a light bump with his snouth before gallumphing up the length of Nassir's arm. Immediately, he is busying himself nesting into long curls. "Thank you, S'las, for helping me see reason." Being emotional and a tad high strung? Part and parcel of a flamboyant personality.

S'las begins to gather is dishes, peering up at Nassir and offering a smile. "No problem at all, Nassir. For Half Moon Bay, I suggest loose and airy. The weather is mild and cool breezes are outside but from the galleries, well. It might as well be here, only you might deal with a little bit of humidty." If you're gonna dress to impress, dress for comfort, too~ The bluerider takes up his own mug, finishing of the last little bit of the drink he's been nursing while Solstice begins her hunt for any scraps that might've vanished. Need to be neat and tidy when it comes to food! Thankfully S'las already made himself neat and tidy, otherwise the gold firelizard would try to groom him, too.

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