Shetaia meets Nassir

Characters Nassir, Shetaia
Synopsis Short chance meeting between Nassir and Shetaia. Networking folks, networking.
Out-of-Character Date April 24, 2018

Igen Weyr - Living Caverns
Second only to the Hatching Sands in size -- although its walls are not so nearly circular -- the living cavern is filled with numerous rectangular tables, almost too many to count. The Weyrleaders have the table farthest from the kitchen and hearths at one end of the cavern. The hearths are kept as low-burning as possible during the day when folk come inside to escape the heat outside. They burn brighter at night to keep away the deserts chill. No matter hte level of flame, there is always a stew pot that hangs for nibblers at a good temperature. Favored drinks, particularly iced klah and juice, are kept on ice and interspersed at various food tables scattered about, along with baskets of rolls and fruit. There are, of course, scheduled mealtimes, and at certain points of the day the available fare slides into the menu for the nearest meal, be it breakfast, lunch, dinner, or late-night snackings, but the staff has long since acknowledged that people will sit to talk and nibble here at all hours. In the cooler parts of the evening in particular, the cavern hosts games of chess, checkers, dragonpoker, and others. Several degrees are knocked off thanks to the Technician Craft's cooling system.

Seated a table against the wall, baskets of sewing piled up to his left, Nassir looks more then a little frazzled. It is the kind of frazzled that ends with him finally tossing his embroidery aside, the small hoop jumping a few times before coming to rest precariously perched on the edge of the table. Ignoring it in favor of reaching for the pot of klah, he refills his mug and brings it to his lips for a long swallow. "Oi." The sound is exhaled as the cup is lowered, a wry laugh immediately chasing it past his lips.

Shetaia is tucked into her own table, not too far from Nassir's it would seem. A tray full of fruits and cheeses sits in front of her and occasionally she picks one up and nibbles on it. In her other hand she holds a book that she seems to be intently studying. That is until she catches the sight of the hoop jumping at the table down the way, it draws her attention and she considers the apparatus with interest. "Is that one of those sewing things? Like to practice maybe?" is asked, though clearly it's leading somewhere else. There's a gleam in her eye, a gleam.

"Hm?" Blinking once, Nassir glances up from his klah, one brow twitching mildly as he glances from the embroidery hoop to the woman's face and back to the hoop. "No. Well," he ammends. "Yes. I mean, it is used for practicing as well. Embroidery hoop," he provides with a wry smile. "Although, at the moment, it is work and not practice. Or rather, an annoyance," he adds with a huff. Still, he sets the klah down and leans across the table to snag the hoop up and toss it atop his basket. "Sorry," he adds with a chuckle. "Didn't mean to interupt your reading."

Shetaia is a determined sort of person, once she gets an idea into her head she rarely lets go of it. "Work then, it might do for my work as well. Do you ever use leathers stretched over it? I'd like to practice a new stitch I saw while I was at Ierne and I'd prefer to have it down before I try it on an injury." she taps a finger against her cheek thoughtfully even as she waves a hand at the mention of an interruption. "Just a little reading, I like to keep up on new things that are coming out of other Weyrs. I'm Taia, Dragonhealer…" she tilts her head to eye him thoughtfully. "I'm not sure if you were here before I left for Ierne or not."

It's a lot of words being thrown at him all at once and for a moment, just a moment, Nassir feels rather how he assumes R'sner must feel when he is on full throttle. The thought immediately stirs a chuckle to spilling past his lips, his wrist twisting to allow long fingers to gesture to his table in invitation. "Nassir," he provides. "Journeyman tailor. Well met Taia." At the last, he considers a moment, affording a mild shake of his head. "I've been here about a turn or so?" It's possible, but given he doesn't recognize her? Hard to say. "And I wouldn't recommend using it for leather," he admits. "The wood would warp and your stitching would be fouled. I have a larger metal hoop I use for embroidering leather. Ahh.. Dragonhealer. Hrm. I do have a spare metal hoop you could use," he offers. "I'll have to dig it out.." But clearly that is not a problem.

Shetaia isn't one to refuse an invitation, plate of nibbles and her book are plucked up before she resettles herself at Nassir's table. "Good to meet you. I've been gone about three turns now so you arrived while I was away. A tailor though, I'm sure you're quite popular around here." leaning back in her chair she seems to be envisions the warp of the wooden hoop and replacing it with metal. "That would be wonderful, there are so many things that Ierne has that we don't but Igen is home and so here I am back again." she takes a moment, see a bit of silence to nibble a piece of cheese. "I also care for firelizards as well, if you ever hear of any needing assistance or just general questions."

"Welcome home," Nassir provides with an easy raise of his mug in salute. "And good to know. Granted, I'm hoping that Rashad never has need of a healer, but.." At the sound of it's name, the little bronze firelizard pokes it's head out from the thick fall of curls spilling over the tailor's shoulder. "You should," Nassir suggests as he smooths a finger over the tiny head. "See about visiting Half Moon Weyr, they just had a hatching." Naturally, he presumes the dragonhealer there is probably very busy with checking out the newly hatched dragons. "Good bunch, growing fast as you please." Taking another sip of klah, he rolls his shoulders, settling into a comfortable slouch on the bench. "Popular? Enough I suppose," he notes with a wry nod toward the overflowing basket of sewing waiting to be done. "I spend a lot of time away from the Weyr, though."

Shetaia says, "Thanks, it's great to be back. There's no other place on Pern like Igen, that's for sure." the sight of the bronze has her grinning, a more real grin if anything "Ah he's a fine looking head on him, your Rashad. It's not just for ailments either, I track growth and other things. Breeding patterns as well, I'm hoping to compile a proper record to go along with those of Ierne and Xanadu's." the mention of Half Moon has her hmming in agreement "I've actually already sent Weyrwoman Citayla a request to be able to add them to my current tracking groups. A nice well rounded clutch, such a great asset to the Weyr."

Nassir nods as he listens, his weight shifting to gather up the kettle of klah and refill his mug. "I haven't met her," he admits in response to the Weyrwoman. "I think the hatching was the only time I've seen her and that was at a distance. She seemed to be a happy sort of person, though." Setting the kettle back down, he picks up the mug, holding it loosely in cupped hands. "If you like, I can let the Weyrlingmaster know when I am down there this evening?" Because Nassir has every intention of going to Half Moon as soon as his work is finished.

Shetaia settles her hands into her lap, idly plucking at a bit of thread on her pants. "I've never met her before either, but I'm of a mind that fortune favors the bold, so I sent a message. I've a meeting set up soon." for some reason she's been pondering the hoop again, one never knows with her. The mention of the Weyrlingmaster draws her back. "That would be great. I'm trying my hand at traveling more as well, to get a feel for the other Weyrs and their dragons. Maybe why some golds rise more than others and so on. There's just so much information to be gathered before a proper hypothesis can be made."

Nassir listens politely, his chin dipping in a slow nod, a wry smile tracing over his lips. "I won't even try to pretend that I have any idea about dragonhealing," he admits. "Never had the head for that sort of thing." Or the stomach, but that's another matter, entirely. "I'm sure she'll be ameniable, though." He can't imagine any rider not wanting to encourage anything that would help thier lifemates. "Artist," he adds with a wink and tap of one finger against his chest. "But I'll let R'sner know that your interested?"

Shetaia says, "Ah, I tend to go on and on. I assure you that aside from stitching techniques I would know nothing about your craft." as she drags a hand through her short cropped hair. "R'sner. Hmm let me see if I remember without pulling my lists." she taps her chin with a finger again "Green… Toith if I'm not mistaken." she seems quite satisfied that she's right but one never knows "I'm attempting to learn all the Weyrlingmasters as well as the Weyrleaders and their seconds. It helps."

Again, Nassir gives a startled blink, his lips twitching in a wry smile. "Ah.. Yes, Toith is his lifemate. When you meet them," he provides. "Be sure not call her pretty, she doesn't care for that, at all." In the wake of the advice, a warm smile traces over his lips, his nostrils flairing as he draws in a slow breath. "She admires scars and adores mud." And entrails and anything exceedingly messy. "You memorize the riders and their lifemates," he asks curiously.

Shetaia is just full of strange surprises. "Not all of them for sure, just those in leadership positions, which is hard enough when they can change with the turns fairly quickly." the advice earns him a wide grin of thanks as she pulls a stub of a pencil from behind her ear and starts jotting that down in her reading book. "Toith, doesn't care for pretty as a compliment. Scars, hmm interesting." her pencil is put to the side as she shrugs at the question "Dragons are easier to remember for me than their lifemates to be honest. Their images just stick in my mind once I've met them. Poor Z'ki, I remembered his bronze better than him I'm afraid."

Nassir rests his elbows on the table, another mellow laugh humming in his throat. "I've seen him," he answers at the mention of Z'ki. "But we've not met. Course, that's my own fault for spending all my time with R'sner and Toith." And he's not even a little bit sorry about that, that's clear from a glimpse at his face. "You've spoken to S'las then? Blue Chessylith's rider? I believe he is still the Weyrlingmaster here at Igen? Easy to talk to," provides readily. "And then there is Lani, Weyrling to Green Rosalyth from Xanadu? She's a healer, so would probably very interested in your work. Oh! And Valeska, rider of Blue Mecahisth at Half Moon Bay, she's the assistant Weyrlingmaster."

Shetaia jots down the names and their riders as Nassir throws them out, in a strange kind of shorthand. It's like a doctor only, not. "I've not see S'las since I got back, he is on my list though. Sometimes I think he's as hard to find as a sandworm in a dust storm." the mention of Xanadu has her hmming "I believe I've met her perhaps once, but I spent most of my time at Ierne and not Xanadu while I was gone. There's just so much I want to keep studying and now I'm the one in charge of that." ah her strange hyper focus. But then she notes a youngling glancing about the cavern. "Ah, I do believe it's my turn for rounds. It was great to meet you Nassir, who knows perhaps I'll have to see if you'd be interested in tailoring me some clothes when you've the time."

"My pleasure," Nassir assures as she moves to take her leave. "Take care, Taia. May your research go as you would have it." In the wake of the words, he finishes off his klah, snags the basket to balance on his hip and heads back to his room to get some work done.

Nassir meanders over to the inner caverns.

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