Igen Hatching 2019

Characters Alekzandyr, Alexa, Elayne, Maisy, N'sir, X'ander
Synopsis Zeraeth and Sindrieth's clutch Hatches
Out-of-Character Date April 23, 2019

Igen Weyr - Hatching Sands
As if temperatures in the rest of the Weyr weren't uncomfortable enough, the sands are positively blistering. The air shimmers from the onslaught of heat, leaving the area with a hallucinatory feel. Black sands stand currently empty but for the occasional egg-shard or 'print not swept clear. A raised platform of smooth stone provides a lounging-spot for queens or their mates, or a retreat for the lifemates that accompany them from whence they can cool their feet somewhat.

Zeraeth lifts her head, a deep hum building within. She pushes herself upwards and retracts from the gathered clutch of hardened shells as her rider, Maisy, enters the grounds "Time already?" there's a soft chuff which is both agreement nad irritation. One can almost imagine the mental reply of «About Time!» slipping out from the queen ready to be finished with this duty. As they turn the first eggs begin to shift and candidates arrive…

Still. Silent. Walk me Down the Lane Egg slumbers on, as though oblivious to the excitement around it. But wait! Was that a wiggle? If it was, it doesn't happen again. As though turning over in it's sleep, the egg goes quiet once more.

In matching white robes, the candidates make their way out onto the hatching sands. Some might be wide-eyed and anxious, while others might be calm, cool and collected. Whatever the case may be, manners are remembered, and respect is shown: The candidates bow to sire and dam before taking their places around the clutch.

The Road to Riches is paved with scandalous surprises and it is no different for the egg of the same name. Without warning the scarlet and gold ovoid shimmies, nay, it shudders, the antics within stirring a skip and hop that has it tumbling from the hollow it had rested to only land rocking precariously on it's side. Back and forth, up and down, round and round the egg whirls in as dizzying a dance as any dervish might proudly claim as their own.

Alekzandyr is among those candidates, his hand firmly clutched to his sisters, a glance towards her as they make their way among the eggs for a spot to claim for their own. Then, his sights are set on the eggs and those that were already moving, brows more expressive in that moment then he probably would have liked were he aware of it. "Your heart beating as fast as mine is?" he asks her in a hushed murmur, furrow in place.

Elayne is - seemingly - composed as she makes her way out onto the Sands, her focus on what's ahead of her and any urge to look down at her feet to watch her steps resisted, her head held a little too high for her posture to be entirely natural. Manners adhered to, she drifts a small distance from the main group and settles her feet into an evident dip in the sand. Only then does she take in her more immediate surroundings, looking to catch Xander's gaze before she takes a deep breath and clasps her hands behind her back.

Xander follows the Candidate group, his jaw set and clenched in a manner that can only make him appear ill at ease, but his steps are steady and confident as he glances to see where Elayne has chosen to stand and ambles the short way to take up a spot nearby.

The Doodle Dilemma Egg gives a tentative wobble from the corner of the eye. It is the barest of movements which could be as easily dismissed as to be excited about in the stirring of life. A bit of sand does seem displaced and given the environment one's bets may lend towards movement, than not.

This time, there is no denying that Walk me Down the Lane egg moved. As though stretching, waking from a long slumber, the shell buckles and bulges. A sharp CRACK comes as the creature inside stretches just a little too far, setting the egg to rocking and rolling, wobbling in place for a moment or two before it rests once again.

Alexa's chin is high, her jaw set, her free hand balled at her side. The other clings tightly to her brother's. It is the twitching of the eggs that draws her gaze, narrowed eyes on the eggs. "That one is terrible," she decides, for Road to Riches. "But I liked the other one." The nice one. Walk me Down the Lane.

Again there is that hint of movement from the Doodle Dilemma Egg. Not very much, not repeating for as you look it simply SITS there. Daring. Teasing. Will it hatch, surely yes but… when?

Wiggling wildly, Walk me Down the Lane Egg is asleep no longer! Awake and struggling to be rid of the bed — erm, SHELL — that confines it, the egg thrashes about on the sands. The explosion of pastel colors across the surface becomes a literal explosion of pastel pieces when the baby inside bursts forth, spilling a little green onto the sands. Nap time is definitely over.

Alekzandyr looks to the eggs, each in turn, as they pointed out by Alexa. There's a firm nod for each in confirmation. "All bets are off now though, I think." Or at least, that's what the Weyrlingmasters had suggested.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< Princess of Dreams Green Auraiath and Ph'lip >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Lovely, grassy hues comprise the diminuative form of this lovely young green. Lithe and willowy, she is a creature of delicate beauty from the tip of her gold touched snout to the ends of her slender forked tail. The colors of spring dance over her hide, pale greens highlighted with sky blue and whispers of pale yellow harken back to the egg from whence she came. The colors darkening to rich and vibrant gold at head knobs and talons only to trace over the end of her snout. Despite being newly hatched, she moves with a grace her clutch siblings do not possess, the soft sway of her tail creating the illusion of floating steps. At least until she trips. Tumbling snout first into the sand, an airy creel escapes her lips, the sound both sweet and sad as it echoes across the sands. To her credit, she rights herself quickly enough, graceful wings flaring for balance as she resumes her waltz toward the gathered candidates. One by one the girls are crooned at, momentarily studies before she is moving on to the next. It is only once she is standing before a golden haired lad, Philip, from Curved Hill Hold that she lingers, her song growing stronger as her graceful snout presses into the broad expanse of his chest. For a moment, the youth is stunned, unable to do more then wrap his arms around her neck and sob. When sense returns, it returns with a gasp, his face alight with pure joy. "Yes, Auraiath, I will be your Ph'lip always." The words are not shouted, but spoken in solemn tones, his devotion made clear as he escorts his princess off the sands to the waiting weyrlingmasters.

Road to Riches Egg comes to a teetering halt in its wild ride upon the sands. And, for a moment, one might think the battle had been won. But nay! Tis not so, with nary a shimmy of warning, the scarlet clad warrior lurches back up onto it's base, an ear splitting crack heralding the opening of gold filigree fissures adorning the shell. Like after images of some great cosmic battle, those fingers of gold crack leaving jagged scars along the surface of the egg.

Elayne's gaze darts from egg to egg, catching on those that move and crack without ever lingering too long on any particular shell. For a few seconds, she allows herself to lift her focus from the eggs and up into the galleries, scanning for what she doesn't have the time to find, especially not when her attention is abruptly recaptured by the first dragon to hatch - and Impress.

No more will it endure this heated torture, the scarring upon its shell and with no real warning the Doodle Dilemma Egg snaps into three large pieces and a lithe dark green shape leaps out.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< Fae Queen of the Forest Green Hatchling >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

With regal bearing this lady stands firm, proud or a bit obstinant you'll have to decipher from the whirl of turquoise eyes that shift around that hue every slightly more blue, then green. Elongated muzzle parts to reveal gleaming white teeth in a dragonic laugh, or perhaps the final grin prey sees before eternal darkness envelops. A lithe assassin in classic form she is a beauty to behold draped in forest green that dapples just enough across her form to catch the eye without being overbearing. It flows along smooth supple hide where nary an angle can be found, for this lady is all curves in all the right places. Toned muscles ripple beneath the verdant hues, distinguished without being bulky as they tense and relax. She carries herself easily, gracefully through the world with this near hidden power. Talons of rich amber are deceptively sharp scythes upon each sturdy finger and toe. It might just be enough to distract from the flash of amethyst that is jealously hoarded upon one precious finger. A toss of her tapered head will draw your attention back away, back to the flowing length of her neck with its blunted ridges evenly spaced and the laces of gold and amber that filigree between them disappearing halfway down into her backside. Her wings spread, long and lean they are built for speed and agility fitting proportionately to her form. The translucent membranes dapple a lighter green in reflection of a forest canopy, light filtering through in subtle beams that glow with a mystical energy from leading to trailing edges. Lengthy tail snaps with a casual flick of fine control bringing one back to reality.

Alexa's "Oh!" might just be lost to the sounds of cracking shells. "Oh, she's pretty!" comes for the beauty that hatches from Walk me Down the Lane. As for all bets being off? "I didn't bet on anything, anyway," she decides, her grin a bit too tight to be anything but nervous. "Just don't let go." Because she might bolt.

Before the World's Awake egg is a dark shadow on dark sands. So is it the sands or the shadow that's moving? Maybe both. Maybe neither.

Alekzandyr blinked and nearly missed those Impressions this way and that. It'd happened so fast! As if being out there with hatching eggs and wandering dragonets wasn't harrowing enough, especially if you wanted to remain relatively unscathed. Amusement is quick to light a fire behind the healer-candidate's green eyes as Alexa reports her lack of marks down on who and what. "Me either." Broke apprentices are as broke apprentices do. Securing his grasp of her hand, Alek nods to his twin, giving her shoulder a bump. "I'm not going anywhere."

Without warning, Road to Riches Egg explodes in shower of scarlet and gold shells, shards and the black sands of Igen's hatching grounds erupting in a cloud of debris that makes it, for a moment, impossible to see. From within that cloud of 'smoke' and schrapnel a bellow sounds, the cry far more triumphant then one might, at first, think suitable for the moment. It is with that cry still ringing in the air that shadowy form of a dragonet emerges. She is proud, in bearing, a warrior queen stepping forth in the wake of intergalactic victory.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< Forces of Destiny Gold Hatchling >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Here, a spirit of restraint and diplomacy has been expressed in artful touches that somehow serve to create the illusion that this golden beauty's hide is velvety to the touch. Pale creamy golden hues comprise the base of her delicately long muzzle, deepening to dusky topaz along the eye ridges, her nares, and dusting the shadows beneath cheekbones. Darkest kohl lines compound eyes in graceful sweeps fading into a smokey line as it stretches back toward the downward tilt of her eyeridge. Those smokey hues make a reappearance in a whisper fanning down from nares to trace in a delicate line bisecting her maw. Gracefully long head knobs boast the same buttery tones as the rest of this regal beauty's face, the rounded ends adorned with kohl-hue speckling that transform into shadowy, sun-lit dapples along the sinuous length of her neck and the expanse of her shoulders. Here, those creamy golden hues darken into dusky topaz, the color stretching out to comprise the the spars of elegant wings, hug her breast bone and trail down the length of powerful fore-legs. Midway down her fore-legs Kohl resurfaces, hugging long limbs in its shadowy embrace and topped with shining onyx claws flecked with gold. At midback, dusky topaz fades back into buttery hues of her face, darkening to coppery hues over the expanse of her belly. Hints of smokey kohl mottle her spine only to darken as it sweeps down the length of her tail. Here, upon that sinuously serpentine length, the ridges are dusted with topaz, the kohl giving way to muted gold along the length of her tail-fork. Again, cream colored hind legs are wrapped in shadowy kohl, the tridactyl toes touched with claws of deepest onyx. It is her wings, though, that draw the most attention, pale translucent gold billowing out from topaz hued spars to drape along her frame with the elegance of a silken cloak. Power and grace define her, from the long lean lines of musculature to the dusky golden hues that adorn her. There is no doubt, in a glimpse, that this is a lady to be reckoned with.

Fae Queen of the Forest Green Hatchling pauses as she adjusts to the freedom that comes with a little bit of egg goo. A quick flutter of her tiny wet wings and the green croons softly, taking a tentative step forward. What are all these white things? There's only one way to find out, and another hesitant step is taken. Then another.

Forces of Destiny Gold Hatchling looks more then a little startled to find herself in the big wide world. Didn't she have ample cover only moments ago? And, for a moment, one might think there was an attack coming from on high with the way she flings her head about while pressing up against the nearest egg. It is after a few breathless moments that the little gold peeks her head around that, making sure the coast is clear before taking her first cautious steps toward the line of white clad figures.

A wandering child upon the sands the Clandestine Wayfinder Egg rolls out of its shallow nest and actively around another of the eggs. Sheer coincidence perhaps in its course that wriggle and wobbles quite energetically and yet manages to avoid bumping into the other shell. Wigglewigglewiggle it looks about ready to start a'rollin again but in which direction?

Elayne watches the Doodle Dilemma Egg fracture and its occupant leap free, the motion one that has her resettling her feet, as though she might have considered stepping back but cannot permit herself to do so. She looks back over her shoulder at Xander, hands lifting in instinctive defence as the Road to Riches Egg explodes, yet still she refuses to budge.

Careful. Calculated. The shadows of Before the World's Awake Egg become stretched and strained with the movements of the hatchling within. The sides of the egg swell, but still it doesn't break. Not completely. Not yet. Biding its time, it waits for the perfect moment to strike.

Xander takes a half-step forward, only to reconsider as far as stepping any closer goes, his weight settling into that step to claim that ground whether it's a good idea or not, small distance or otherwise.

As if it didn't get the memo that now was the time and here was the place, Whispered Rumors Egg is motionless, siting in its sandy crater. Or… is it? A little ripple seems to run down the shell. But maybe that was a mirage? Hmm…

Alexa is not a mind-reader. But if she *was*, she would definitely agree: It really is happening way too fast! Fast enough that words are stolen, and the otherwise verbose candidate goes mute, clinging to her brother and darting glances around the Sands to take in eggs and dragons… "Oh Shells," comes with a half-step back because, "They're so big!." Well yeah. They're dragons.

Curious and wild the Clandestine Wayfinder Egg gets up a enough momentum in its wobbles to overcome the intertia of the wave of sand it has come to rest up against, and it rolls along again. This time towards the line of candidates. Is the egg trying to impress? Or maybe its just bowling for candidates and getting into trouble early as it crashes through the line of white clad ones and comes to a rest behind them quite a few paces. So who has eyes in the back of their head for now you must be wary both in front and behind you!

Fae Queen of the Forest Green Hatchling is more confident now, moving at a smoother stride with her head held high while she inspects the white things before her. Are you the one she's looking for? A girl is given a close inspection before she's dismissed by a shrill hiss, talons kneading on the sands before the green abruptly turns and stalks off to the others.

Alekzandyr looks between the two, green and gold, and their starting first steps in this big wide world outside their shells, already making appraisals and dismissals. Lips press into a thin line, a side-eye towards Alexa and then over the sands to the other candidates. Elayne and Xander among them. Whatever his thoughts, he keeps them reserved, gaze flickered over the eggs still intact but wobbling or shaking, and in so doing follows suit when Alexa steps back to keep himself even with her. See, totally paying attention to all the things. "They're only going to get bigger, you know." Yes, Alek. Very helpful. Someone hit him.

Before the World's Awake Egg has chosen now as the time to move. A moment of stillness ends in a rush of movement, the (relative) silence broken by the shattering of shell. As the proverbial dust settles, a dragon is left where the shell once stood, head tossed back and muzzle pointed to the sky as though howling at the moon.

~~~~~~~~~~~~< A Wolf in Wolf's Clothing Brown Loupinth and H'ter >~~~~~~~~~~~~

Shades of brown ranging from deepest mahogany to rich loam comprise the hide of this massive brown. Striated, the hues adorning his hide lend him a shimmering affect creating the illusion of shaggy fur in the right light. His features are sharp, comprised of stark angles and harsh lines that lend a hint of wolfish appeal to his visage. The earthen tones are broken up by the deep redwood of cloak-like wings, the broad expanse wafting over his back like a cape. His steps are slow, almost stoking in tone, as he moves through the sands, sharp eyes tinged with a hint of yellow sweeping over the candidates with predatorial ferocity. It is before Hunter, a young beastcrafter apprentice just barely old enough to stand and with hair as red as fire that the massive brown stops. And for a long, breathless moments, stares. Pinned by that weighty gaze, Hunter holds his ground despite going pale and statue still. Moments tick past, stretching endlessly as they match the beat of the youth's heart. It is without warning that the dragonet pushes forward, all but coiling himself around the youth. "Yes," comes from within that circle of brown. "Of course you are hungry, Loupinth! H'ter? H'ter! We'll get you food straight away." In the wake of the words, H'ter emerges, barely large enough to drape an arm around Loupinth's neck as the pair are met by the weyrlingmasters and escorted off the sands.

Now we're shaking! Or, rather, Whispered Rumors Egg is shaking. And rattling. And rolling. And definitely cracking. Fissures crisscross the shell's exterior, visible signs that the life within is ready to come out.

Alexa will hit him! On autopilot, that other hand comes up, balls, and slugs Alek in the shoulder. It's not a hard hit, but still. "Gee. Thanks." At least she's now too busy rolling her eyes at her brother to worry about the dragons? "Did that one just hiss?" she gapes, eyeing the dark green warily. But whatever else she might have added, it's stolen by the appearance of that wolfish brown, eyes on him even after he's Impressed. The gold? Biggest one so far, so definitely getting some side-eye from Alexa. "Yeah, remind me why we did this again?" Freedom. Sweet, sweet freedom.

Elayne cannot help but look back to the green as she hisses, as though that might be the one familiar sound she's heard since she's stepped onto the Sands, and so her focus stays with her as seconds tick by, only to be diverted again when she makes herself look lift her chin and look straight ahead, squaring her shoulders in the face of all that's before her.

All of the movement has weakend the shell of the Clandestine Wayfinder Egg and it shatters abruptly sending shards in all directions from behind the line of candiadtes. A rather thin darkly hued blue is left in its wake and he creels piteously. Hungry, Hunger, he MUST find something, someone…? to eat. Oh look, white fluffy things, that looks tasty!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< Faithful Hunger Walking Blue Lesnath and Grel >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

A flash of ebon talons marks the launch of the thinnest blue one has seen hatched in many a turn. Spindly wings seem more than enough to support a frame so thin he might just crumple into a two dimensional creature for every muscle is wasted and darkly hued skin drawn taunt to show the outline of every bone. The yolk of his egg must have been consumed far to early and it reflects in the deserpate red whirl of his eyes. No longer the playful egg, this one is a desperate child in need of sustinence. Lucky for the candidates he is also so weak and that initial launch has him sail weakly into the line of candidates nearest without too much damage. He manages to snag and tear the bottom half of someone's robe and while they have a new peek a boo slice in their fabric he spilts out the cloth as wholly unsatisfying. Head lifts, surprisingly delicate in its wasted form the dark navy glimmers with highlights of depthy sapphire as he turns away. He is less indecisive then simply desperate as he strikes out in a half-leap, half-lope of a stride towards a trio of candiates unsure of what he seeks but flashing talon and teeth equally along the way. Ptooo… no sandals are also in the 'not so tasty' category and his crys turn desperate as he searches amongst this forest of candidates until one brave girl reaches out as he passes and grabs the delicate snout. That moments distruption is enough and he looks up as if to suddenly realize a whole new dimension and that which he has been seeking in the deep brown eyes of young Grel. "Lesnath?" she seems incredulous as if she didn't mean to impress only to help keep the hatchling from hurting himself or any other. Stomach growls in sudden synpathy with the starving hatchling and it is amazing how fast the pair are making their way towards food. FOOOD!!!!!

Fae Queen of the Forest Green Hatchling weaves in and out of the crowds with a sense of purpose, her snout offering no more than a quick sniff of the available warm bodies out on the sands before moving on. No, no, her person isn't here. No time wasted! The green stops, lifting her head up high, and she turns, slowly moving towards a young woman. The hatchling flicks her wings again, lowering her head as she moves cautiously ahead, and gingerly she presses her snout against the side of her chosen.

Forces of Destiny Gold Hatchling gets her bearings, shaking off the last bits of the egg goo as she moves toward the candidates. One by one they are examined, crooned at and passed over. Like a general surveying her troops, the not-so-little gold marches the entire length of the 'formation', her head held high as she reserves judgement. For /now/.

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Fae Queen of the Forest Green Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

Dark sands, dark egg. The matte black shell of Influence Eternal Egg might just blend right into the background. Except for those suspicious little shimmies, wiggling it from side to side.

Alekzandyr flinches, seconds before the actual impact of his sister's fist to his person, laughing although the equally automatic need to rub the offended spot goes unanswered. "Uh, ow?" It didn't really hurt, and given that he was all of the amusement now. If nothing else, he'd proved himself to be a decent distraction. As for hissing, he nods, "Yep, sure did…though…she doesn't seem to mind her at all…" comes with a chin jerk towards the green's selection. Almost in tandem, however, does he join Alexa in looking the direction of the gold still marching proudly on the sands. "Conformity? Boredom? Insanity?" he suggests as to why they'd agreed to this in the first place.

Trapped for Centuries Egg teeters, rocking on its base as if moving to the slow, steady beat of an unheard drum. Back and forth it sways marching steadfastedly onward without a care for what the others might doing. Shivers rock it's surface, rolling along the dark brown exterior as the dragon within shifts and moves with relentless intensity.

Elayne unclasps her hands from behind her back and lifts them, steadily, to run along the nose of the green who has pressed her snout so gently against her side. She turns, slowly, to face her properly, still smoothing her hands over hide, mindless of any lingering dampness from her new lifemate's egg. "Teraisheth," she murmurs, dipping her head to rest it against hers. "Of course you are."

N'sir gives the newly impressed pair a moment before stepping forward and lightly clearing his throat to get Elayne's attention. "Congratulations," is offered in husky tones. "This way," he murmurs in gentle tones as he escorts the new lifemates toward the entrance of the Weyrling Barracks. "We need to get you both fed."

The sound of splintering something heralds the end of Whispered Rumors Egg. Flaking bits of shell rain down upon the sand, offering sneaky-peeks to the dragon within. A larger chunk falls as a tail spills out. Then another, and a nose can be seen. A final push, and the once proud egg is reduced to shards and slivers, a sprawling blue dragonet left in its place.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< Mysterious Messages Blue Djenth and S'adin >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Cerulean blue claims the form of this dragon, the color stretching from snout to tail in broad, bold strokes relieved only by the gold of his head knobs and talons and the vivid azure comprising the sails of his wings. Long and lean, his tail is shockingly long, the sinuous length nearly twice that of his peers. The lankiness of his form is matched with sharp features and surprisingly long head knobs, the depths of hide between whirling eyes and eyeridges dusted with smokey hues. It is clear, in a glimpse, that he is a mysterious fellow. Pushing to his feet amidst the ruins of his shell, the newly hatched blue takes the time to shake the goo from his form. That goo is eyed with disdain, chided with a chuff of indignation that it even thought to mar the perfection of his hide. With an equally indignant sniff, the dragonet starts forward, his first few determined steps fouled by him tripping over his tail and tumbling into the sand. With a creel of dismayed displeasure, he shoves to his feet, making up for the indignity by charging forward toward the line of white clad candidates. Unlike his peers, he does not meander, or weave, moving straight as an arrow loosed from a bow toward an equally tall lean fellow standing amongst the human herd. The charge ends with him nearly running the youth, Saladin, down, although he halts himself with talons digging into the sand on either side of his intended's form. "Djenth!" The call is uttered as the blue touches brow with the sprawled candidate, reed-like arms wrapping around the dragon's neck. "I will gladly be your S'adin," the newly impressed rider laughs. "And I will gladly get you food, but you must get off me!" It takes some doing on the parts of both hatchling and rider, but eventually they untangled and escorted to the safety of the barracks.

"I think those were just perks of the position," teases Alexa, a much more honest grin tossed Alek's way. Bantering is easy, even if the dart of her green eyes and the continued clinging gives her away. Nervous. "Pretty sure you—" but whatever else she might have said, it vanishes in the wake of the green's Impression, gaze darting between Elayne and her dragon. "Oh… wow." That about sums it up, right?

The faint fissures upon Influence Eternal Egg might just be missed in the dark. In fact, were it not for the leaking egg goo (ew) catching the light, they'd surely be invisible. Tiny cracks appear upon the matte black shell, glimmering faintly golden in the light. When the first chunk falls it does so in silence, hitting the sand and immediately vanishing. But if there is a dragon amongst all that darkness, it's failing to make an appearance just yet.

Elayne looks up from Teraisheth at the sound of N'sir's voice, but only lifts her head enough that she can just about acknowledge him and try to make sense of what he's telling her. She looks back down at her green, who noses against her again, and somehow remembers where her feet are and that they ought to go one in-front of the other so that the two of them can follow him and do as they've been asked.

Alekzandyr laughs again, grinning down at his sibling, but his attention is quick to return to eggs shaking and Impressions undoubtedly made. He remember Elayne at least, from making robes, and calls over his congratulations for the new pairing. After all, why not. For Alexa there is a belated, "Hmm?" as she marvels over the green and her forever chosen, "You were saying?" Because thoughts needed to be finished, even the wake of shattered shells and dreams coming true.

Surrounded by its peers, Trapped for Centuries shudders violently as cracks form across it's surface. Those cracks are, however, are oddly uniform in shape and size, stretching with militant formality over the root adorned surface. Inch by inch they stretch in ever-widening pie shaped wedges toward the base of the egg.

Forces of Destiny Gold Hatchling continues her rigid march along the line of her 'troops', her tail lashing over the sand behind her as she rounds the formation and comes back to front and center. For a long moment, her gaze takes in each 'soldier' in turn, weighing them with a critical eye. It is in the wake of what can only be called a snort that she takes two crisp steps forward, pushing her snout into the chest of a golden hair girl.

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Forces of Destiny Gold Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

Xander has a small smile for Elayne and something murmured that, in the end, only he might hear. Ultimately, he gives a quiet sigh and looks back towards the cracking eggs and roaming hatchling, his focus on them renewed.

Alexa has forgotten. And she'll say as much with a murmured, "I forgot," that isn't even a hint apologetic. Blame distraction. Her gaze slips away from Elayne and her new lifemate, back to the eggs. "Another blue!" She at least caught that, before Djenth and S'adin wandered off as well.

Delicate blossoms on the Lost in Paradise Egg seems to sway from an invisible breeze. Or perhaps the petals are disturbed by a deeper tremor within the depths of the shell. An awakening that portends something to come. Something perhaps to push away the darkensss into the bright loving light of day, or will what emerges simply swallow the shadows?

Alekzandyr felt rather at home in all the chaos, even if the 'breathable' fabric of his candidate robe was starting to darken and stick in places. Faranth it was hot out there! Fortunately the sweat wasn't stinging his eyes though, and a quick wipe of his brow ensures that this continues to be a trend. "Figures," he teases Alexa, giving her hand a squeeze and refusing to let go of it as he had promised he wouldn't. Another blue? Looking that way, "Yep…and their gone…" For indeed, off the pairing goes.

Alexa jerks, scowl searing as she turns to snap, "I am not short!" a second before the true impact hits. And then there are no words, just a staggering inhale and a sudden glistening of tears. Poor Alek. His hand is abandoned in favor of the dragon before her, sweaty fingers meeting egg-wet hide as though she can't believe this is real. Is there a world outside of them? Alexa has forgotten it. She might have forgotten to breathe, until the demand for it has a sob hitching in her throat. A sharp nod-nod-nod answers a silent question before her head is whipping around. "Food! Raaneth needs food!"

A resounding crack splits the air, echoing across the sands as the pie-shaped wedges of Trapped for Centuries Egg split apart. It is an odd sight, watching those shards open like the petals of a flower blooming. As the wedges settle on the sand they leave a dragonet behind, the small, blue standing with rigid formality as it shakes the goo from its hide.

Again, N'sir gives the newly impressed pair a moment, his chin ducking to hide his grin as he steps forward and lightly clears his throat to get Alexa's attention. "Congratulations," is offered as he gestures toward the entrance of the barracks. "This way, we'll get you both settled."

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< Treasures Abound Blue Hatchling >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

There is something almost militaristic about this modestly proportioned blue. Something that gives one the distinct impression that there is a potentially short, and hotly burning, fuse hidden beneath surface that just might result in a tussel or two. Broad sweeps of dark Federal blue comprise the majority of this dragon's hide, the uniform color stretching along the bredth of his back, down the length of forelegs, along the broad, cloak-like sails of his wings, and down the sinuous length of his tail. The color is punctuated smartly with flashes of brass tracing along the length of flight musculature and trailing out into the pentadactyl spars of broad wings. Deeper tones of Prussian blue lend his face an aristocratic appeal, creating sharp lines and crisp angles made still more formal by the reappearance of brass at head knobs and along the line of his jaw. Down the expanse of lean line of his neck, Prussian Blue fades in an ombre effect into shades of rich brown that eventually transform into candlelit hues over the expanse of his belly. It is as that color kisses over strong hind legs that it darkens back into a blue so deep it is nearly black. A final bit of flash comes in the form of gleaming brass talons lending an aire of danger to this sharply uniformed fellow.

Treasures Abound Blue Hatchling quite literally tumbles out of the ruins of his shell creeling and dripping in egg goo. Worse, a bit of shell has clung to his head like a military cap and inspires a rapid shaking of his head. When the shell goes flying, the blue jumps in surprise, hop-hop-hopping away before taking a few running steps toward the candidates— for safety! before tumbling into the sand.

Slow and steady wins the race. Bit by bit, the shell of Influence Eternal Egg crumbles. A sprinkling here, a chuck or two there. Whatever is within is working with diligence, deliberately poking and prodding as if intentionally keeping hidden. But eventually the matte black shell of Influence Eternal Egg gives way, spilling a dark, egg-wet bronze onto the shadowy Igen sands.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< Night of the Comet Bronze Hatchling >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Deep mahagony hues, rich with highlights of bronze and gold, give his hide the illusion of perpetual movement. Like aged bourbon, every roll of powerful muscle seems to possess a nuance one failed to noticed before. Coppery tones highlight the strong angles of a chiseled visage, lending a somewhat wicked aire to headknobs that end in a point rather then the more typical blunt affair. His head is long, the powerful muzzle sharply angled and complimented by the equally long, solid arch of his neck as it widens into starkly outlined flight muscles. Like the headknobs, his neckridges are exaggerated, knife-like protuberances that glisten with whorls of copper and bronze. The color darkens over the expanse of powerful legs and stomach, deepening to a worn shadow-kissed bronze so dark it makes the eyes ache for want of light. And, while that light comes in the form of sharply glittering talons of brass, there is no comfort to be found there. Both thick, and long, there is nothing of grace to be found in this form. Every where the eye lands speaks of power and might, of the arrogance put forth in motion even in repose. His wings, like the rest of him, are broad and powerful, the bourbon hued spars adorned with sails the color and texture of old, well-worn leather. Counter-balancing the sheer girth of this dragon stands a thick tail, the girthy length adorned with metallic ridges and ending in a broad, brass-kissed fork. Everything about him speaks of confidence, arrogance bespoken in the tilt of head and the drape of leathery wing across the bold expanse of his back. Power personified, he does not wait to be noticed. He knows you are looking and he revels in it.

Alekzandyr was not expecting, that. Well, at least not just then and as green eyes are turned towards Alexa with the release of his hand, he stares. Gold. His beloved twin sister has Impressed to gold. There are no words, but rest assured he's standing taller and his own eyes are filled with glistening emotion. He'd find her later. He'd tell her then, just how amazingly proud he was in that moment. For now, he steps back, he gives them space and tries to keep himself grounded. Though, for the first time in a while he feels so very far away.

Xander has little focus for the gold - and for Alexa's - Impression. He keeps plucking at his lower lip with his thumb and forefinger as he watches first a blue, then a bronze, hatch. He casts glances in the direction Elayne has gone and back to those dragons hatching upon the Sands.

Night of the Comet Bronze Hatchling lowers his snout to the ground to take in a deep breath, and when the hatchling exhales, it comes out as a low thundering snarl. He raises his head high, opening his wings slowly at first and then fully extending them in a trembling stretch. A kick of eggshell off of hindquarters is all the hatchling does before he stalks across the sands, eyeing the Candidates before him one by one with a predators patience.

The lovely scene upon the Lost in Paradise Egg is broken by a myriad of bright white lines. Cracks that are ever bold and telling for this shell shall last not much longer. It wobbles obviously now, a furious raging battle inside that reflects in bright startburts upon the shell. Pieces begin to fall to the sands and yet only the shadow of darkness can be yet seen within. A struggle between two opposites but only one may emerge.

Treasures Abound Blue Hatchling has only the vaguest idea of what he should be doing and THAT is only because he is watching his clutch siblings doing it first! Hot on the bronze's 'heels' he bounds after him, not nearly as intimidating as he tumbles snout over tail before righting himself and getting close enough to really see the white clad figures.

Alekzandyr looks across the sands to the remaining candidates, but then between the blue and bronze that remain on the sands. Xander is noted, somewhere in all that, but really he was also watching his sister walking off the sands with her lifemate. Now anxiety appears, etching itself mildly into his features. Perhaps it was the uncertainty of it all, but the healer-candidate straightens his shoulders and begins to prepare himself for whatever comes next.

At last this egg explodes. SHards with cherry blossoms flutter to the sands almost to delicately as a small green dragon emerges from the remnants of the Lost in Paradise egg. Her eyes may whirl an hungry angry hued red but by the lift of her chin and spread of her wings one can just tell that this little hatchling is a sweety.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< Generous Giving Green Hanasath and Ji'san >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Veins of emerald cut through darcher malachite on this dramatic little green. Beauty in laces of gold that vein amidst the green stones highlight all the right places upon eye and neck ridges, dapple playfully around her spine and dust here and there in the delicate membranes of her wings. She seems a bit on the smaller side, but is otherwise well built. She won't be so dainty as some of her hue for she bears a stronger build more towrads the typical blue. Hungry eyes survey the audience closest, these odd white clad humans which instincts drive her towards. Staggering with the awkwardness of one just born her path isn't as direct as it might otherwise be but in time she reaches the line of candidates a third of the way from the middle. The first she reaches isn't the right one and she turns. Her tail awkwardly sways and thwaps against the poor candidates shins as she moves on down the line until she comes to a pair of boys. These two clearly know each other, and one can tell they have a sort of rivalry. The shorter one eyes the little green with a different kind of hunger while the taller brushes his robe to look more presentable. It is the latter to whom she chooses, a wingtalon poking into the foot the jelous rival as she turns to look up to his neighbor with all the love and adortaion of one giving heart meeting another. The howls of indignation and mock-pain by the sorest of losers is oblivious to the new pair as Ji'san reaches out to stroke just above the most beautiful of eyes. "Dearest Hanasath, you are the greatest treasure." and they move on to the side of the sands where their new family welcomes them with open arms never more having to deal with the darkness of his rival.

Night of the Comet Bronze Hatchling begins to circle the Candidates on the sands, tilting his head to look down on this lot with a casual flick of his tail tip. The hatchling rumbles, shoving his form between a group of girls for no reason other than HE CAN. They stumble over on the sands an quickly crawl away as the dragon continues on his hunt.

"Hey now!" Xander shouts as he moves forward to help the girls up from their tumbles. He glares after the bronze. "Behave yourself, little mite! Your parents would be embarrassed by your behavior." He dusts one girl off and looks at all those who fell. "You all okay?"

Treasures Abound Blue Hatchling finds what he is looking for! A fact made clear by the excited warbles floating in the air as he makes his clumsy, awkward way toward the one who has caught his attention. Stopping a few paces away, he spins in an excited circle, his tail kicking up a considerable amount of sand before he comes to a halt to stare adoringly into the eyes a boldly brash young man being ever so helpful to ladies in distress.

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Treasures Abound Blue Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

"Wait—, what?" Xander - now X'nder, is completely caught offguard as the blue Nevith makes his way between himself and the girls he was helping. He finds himself lost in the depths of his blue's gaze, mind held, body unmoving, as he takes in the whole of the being before him. "Always," he murmurs, as he wraps his arms around a blue neck and kisses a blue cheek. When the hunger comes, he wraps his arm about his middle and groans. "Food, now." He looks up, seeking help, before he is able to shake himself enough from Nevith's mind to register what he should do. "Let's eat then, my friend," he cajoles the blue towards those waiting to help them off the Sands.

N'sir is quick to move toward X'nder and Nevith, a calm and reassuring smile offered to the pair as he escorts them off the sands. "Well done, X'nder, you've a real gentleman on your hands."

Night of the Comet Bronze Hatchling is done having fun, there's a more pressing matter to attend to and that's to find his chosen who is… The bronze rumbles, quickly turning and makes a direct path to what's his and take him he is! The hatchling stops before his Candidate, offering a snarl before gently shoving the young man. Not enough to make him lose his balance, but enough to get the point across.

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Night of the Comet Bronze Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

Alekzandyr has lost the jovial nature in which he was handling the goings on, attention brought to the bronze who'd just forced his way through those girls and Xander who's gone to help them. It doesn't appear as if he knows what to say or do in that moment, but he doesn't move with any speed at all to lend aide himself. Another green, another Impression, and what remains is shells on the sands, candidates and one very pushy hatchling. "Shard it, Alexa…" he mutters under his breath, catching Xander's Impression out of the corner of his eye and so turns to get the full widescreen view of it. Congratulations come, though whether they are heard or not is unknown, because the sound dies at some point on his lips with the sudden approach of that very same pushy bronze. All the world becomes focused in on the sound that comes in the form a roar before nothing else exists other than them. Green eyes widen, hands lift and touch palms to the side of his neck, a breath sucked in as he's lost. It might only be a moment, but for Alek its much longer than that before he roughly exhales, "Indaryth," The very next words shuddered out and shallow, "I'm…A'eyr." A slow nod, stunned and taken aback even as brows lift in unison. "Possessive, aren't we?" This breaks the spell and the boy laughs, teaching himself to breathe again. "Kept me waiting long enough!"

N'sir exhales a pleased laugh as the second of 'his' twins impresses. "Well done, A'eyr," he murmurs as he approaches the pair with that ever present easy smile. "Lets get you fed and settled, eh?" In the wake of the words, he tosses his head, his braid snapping out behind him as he moves to escort them off the sands.

Maisy steps forward as the last of the dragons emerg and find their partners upon the dark igen sands. As many as have impressed, there is a number left standing and she speaks with them for a few moments before waving towards the galleries and something about joining in the feast and celebration. It's on the Weyr, no worries! Zeraeth bugles loudly and launches skywards, slipping past her partner bronze for her first good hunt in sevendays. Then weyrling pairs and candidates are led off in their respective directions and the grounds fall silent once more.

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