Scrubba Dub Dub

Characters A'eyr, Alexa
Synopsis Raaneth and Indaryth get a bath.
Out-of-Character Date April 26, 2019

Igen Weyr - Lake Shore
It is sometimes hard to tell where the bowl ends and the lake shore begins. Fine grains of gold, tan and orange hued sand layer much as the bowl walls in the distance beyond. The sand only gives way to thin patches of grass where the tall fence of the feeding grounds intersects the lake to the south and the smooth curve of the bowl wall rises on the opposite shore. At that intersection one can make out a small building and colorful fabrics where the Weyr's residents go to relax. The shallow lake waters shimmer invitingly, day and night, lapping at the fine grain sands. Engineered pipes are hidden beneath the bowl landscape and feed the lake as well as the grasses of the feeding grounds to keep the water levels from dropping past a certain point which is marked by a waist high obelisk.

Morning and like clockwork, there is poop to shovel and dragonets to feed, and general busy chaos. Indaryth starts off haughty, turning his nose up to anything but the very best cuts of meat and like a fool A'eyr indulges him, mostly because he finds it hilarious. Was there any real difference between the morsels? Probably not, but the bronze seemed to think so, and thus breakfast comes and goes. « Listen A'eyr, » comes in wafts of dust and the scent of old books and wood smoke, « I itch, everywhere. You need to fix it before I have to do something drastic. » Like? Well, it's not clear, but there's enough emphasis to suggest that taking care of the complaint would be better than finding out. "Heading out to the lake in case you wanna join us," Alek says in passing to Alexa and Raaneth, hopping on one foot as he struggles to pull on his boot.

« So wasteful. » Raaneth has no problem eating whatever bites of meat are offered. And even though she can't quite give her brother any side-eye, she certainly tries. But that is all the gold will say on the matter, ignoring Indaryth for the rest of breakfast if just because she's far too absorbed in the growling of her stomach and, much like the bronze, the itching of her skin. "Yeah, we'll come," decides Alexa, wiping bloody fingers on her tunic (it's already a mess, and it's not even noon yet) before hauling herself to her feet. Raaneth offers an affectionate nudge that turns into a cat-like rubbing against Alexa's leg as she attempts to surreptitiously scratch herself. A silly little smile spilling across her face, the harper-weyrling reaches out to attack the flaky places with her fingers, prompting a deep thrum from the dragon.

As it turns out, dragons can snort and make it sound just as dismissive as people can, with an equal amount of ignoring to be had. Alek is chuckling though, looking between the clutchmates before looking to his sister and shrugging his shoulders with a grin. Ah, well. Then there is the necessity of bathing to be had and with a broad grin for the best of company, insists the ladies head out ahead of them first. Indaryth rumbles something that rips something akin to a cackle from the boy, but doesn't let the bronze push him or them around, putting one one leg to keep him behind until the way was clear again. That out of the way, off they go, down the path to the lake where a whole lot of sand and considerably less water await. It's only when they reach their destination that Alek touches Indaryth any, bending low at the water's edge and taking up two handfuls of sand with which he starts to rub into his hide, proving that no matter how superior the bronze thought he was to everyone else. He could make those pleased sounds too. "Guess we should get used to this," Alek says to Alexa, certainly not bitching about it. Up at the crack of dawn, feeding babies. Washing and oiling them. Scooping poop. Lessons. PT. Dragging their sorry sore carcasses back to the barracks to fall into bed. Just to start all over again. What wasn't enjoyable about all that?

The tasks might not be enjoyable, but the reason for them certainly is. There is nothing that Alexa would not do for Raaneth — scooping her poop, hacking up dead animals, oiling her twenty times a day. Those are just par for the course. The PT? Eh. She could skip out on that one. Too bad it's not an option. "I'm already used to it," she admits. With Raaneth in the shallows, Alexa starts a routine that has already become second nature; scoop up sand, gently scrub at her hide… Working from from to back, left to right. It's habit by now, peppered with a tender trace of her fingers over sooty dapples, and silly smiles as the gold lids her eyes and thrums in delight. "I like it, though. The water is nice — the one good thing about Igen. Sorry," she adds as Raaneth offers a snort. "The second good thing about Igen." With the gold being the first, of course.

"My lower back still aches," A'eyr complains good-naturedly, working hands and sand gently over the line of his lifemate's body, paying extra attention to the creases. He's made the mistake once or twice of missing them and Indaryth hadn't let him forgot it. « Don't forget… » he begins, with the boy rolling his eyes upwards with a short laugh, "I won't, just concentrate on being still. Can't concentrate with you wriggling around like that." Yet, the minute wriggling continues, all in the hopes of guiding those hands to the places that itched the most. "Might have to hit the hot springs, again." Good natured or not, Alek wasn't kidding about his back, still working on finding the right way to do what he's been doing daily since Indaryth came into his life. The right stance, the right way to move and bend his body to get all those all too soon hard to reach areas. "Have to agree though, this water's nice too." That said, he lets the ladies croon and fawn, working the tips of his fingers around each and every ridge along Indaryth's back, soon lulling the beast to flatten his belly to the ground. "That, is not helpful." And with that, the bronze snorts again. Yeah, he doesn't care.

Raaneth rumbles in delight, eyes whirling green-blue before her second set of lids obscures them from sight. Alexa grins, as thrilled as her lifemate is, even if she's the one doing all the work. « Behind the shoulder, if you please? » comes in not-so-subtle encouragement as the gold stretches her wing out of the way. Scrubbing away, green eyes dart a glance over to Indaryth in his belly-flop, a grin toying at her lips. "He does make a very handsome boulder, though," she teases. « Do not encourage him, » huffs Raaneth, one eye cast in the direction of the bronze pair. « He is vain enough as it is. Any bigger, and he would topple over from the weight of his own ego. »

It seems, in this, that Raaneth and A'eyr are in agreement. "Don't encourage him," he says nearly in tandem with the gold, although his words were heavily laced with his amusement. Back ache or no, the bronze tickled him something silly, even if his current position warrants that he carefully lower himself to the ground in order to continue with his caretaking. « It's not vanity, clutchsister. It's the truth. Well, maybe not the boulder part, but best not to quibble over minor details. » The rich humored sound of Indaryth's mindvoice ripples outwards, like the warm crackle of a hearthfire. Alek snorts this time, brows knotted and ultimately shakes his head. Yep, he still found the whole thing pretty funny, even if he was busily scrubbing his way down the bronze's tail. « Ah, yes. Right. There. » To which the boy laughs right out loud, but keeps his commentary to himself seeing as he in the general location of certain dragon anatomy. It's difficult though, lips press into a very thin white line while humming some local pub tune.

« Tch, » is all that Raaneth will contribute, preferring to ignore the great bronze lump rather than engage with him. Besides, there are more pleasant things to think about — such as Alexa's fingers scritching away at those itchy spots beneath her wing. With faceted eyes once more hidden, the gold thrums happily as her human works away at the flaky skin. Right side now, and on she goes, eyeing Alek for his laughter. "You're in a very good mood," she decides. "Clearly, sleep-deprivation agrees with you." (even if much the same could be said about her).

Indaryth puffs out his chest bit, looking as smug as a dragon can, as if he'd won something with Raaneth's decision to keep further thoughts to herself. Alek's laughter is barely contains, shoulders shaking like mad, and a bit of moisture threatening enough that he wipes it away with a rub of his orbital socket against his shoulder. Hands, those magical human ones with their ability to smooth the itch away with a bit of grit, continue on, this time upwards and towards much the same location Alexa's were on her own lifemate. "I think I'm still riding the high," he chuckles in reply, but then again it probably had more to do with his proximity to his lifemate than anything else. When the self-assured bronze was awake and close, Alek seems unable to help himself, nearly always sporting a face splitting grin with laughter poised on his lips. "Eh, it's not that bad. Didn't sleep much in candidacy, anyway. Probably, as you said, I'm used to it." Yeah, being crammed into a cavern with a whole lot of strangers had seen to the right proper development of matched luggage beneath those green eyes.

"I know you're not laughing at my dragon." And while the words are meant to be playful, teasing, there's a hint of true insult in Alexa's tone. Enough that Raaneth's eyes are open once again, head swinging around to nudge her snout gently against Alexa's stomach. The gesture inspires one of those love-sick smiles on her face, fingers abandoning their post to gently caress along golden eyeridges for a moment or two. And then back to the grind. "I know what you mean," she agrees, for the 'high' of it all. Because when Raaneth is awake (and often when she is not), Alexa cannot help but to smile in varying degrees of sappiness. "I just sleep when she sleeps," she admits, scrubbing at the top of one golden haunch. "And then if she needs me, I'm right there. Easier that way."

Brows lift and Alek blinks a few times, undoubtedly detecting that hint of something mixed in with playful teasing. After all, aside from Raaneth, he knew his sister better than anyone else. Lips part, but any response dies on his lips with a quiet rumble from Indaryth, one that seals away words and sees to the return of a broad smile and amusement. A silent exchange between the bronze pair then, from the looks of it, and a whole lot of touching that had nothing to do with washing up. Then, no feather ruffled, he nods and smiles towards his sister. Less toothy, more gentle. "That's a good idea…" And as if like summoned sleepiness, Indaryth yawns and slinks out from beneath A'eyr's touch, seeking to rinse himself. "Hmm, seems someone's worn himself out." Be it with amusing himself with inner thoughts of his own handsomeness or all that wriggling. "I think we should head back." Before Indaryth poops out mid-rinse or something.

"A good idea," agrees Alexa, stooping to rinse her hands off while Raaneth wades a little deeper to do the same. When she comes out, shiny and wet, Alexa is quick to loop an arm around her neck, something she won't be able to do for much longer. "A bit of oiling, a nap, and then we get to repeat the process." But while it might sound tedious, the harper-weyrling has only a smile for it.

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