Dreams Delayed

Characters A'eyr, Alexa
Synopsis Alek and Alexa spend some time chatting in the early morning while their baby dragons catnap on the shore.
Out-of-Character Date April 28, 2019

Igen Weyr - Lake Shore
It is sometimes hard to tell where the bowl ends and the lake shore begins. Fine grains of gold, tan and orange hued sand layer much as the bowl walls in the distance beyond. The sand only gives way to thin patches of grass where the tall fence of the feeding grounds intersects the lake to the south and the smooth curve of the bowl wall rises on the opposite shore. At that intersection one can make out a small building and colorful fabrics where the Weyr's residents go to relax. The shallow lake waters shimmer invitingly, day and night, lapping at the fine grain sands. Engineered pipes are hidden beneath the bowl landscape and feed the lake as well as the grasses of the feeding grounds to keep the water levels from dropping past a certain point which is marked by a waist high obelisk.

Another day, another round of feeding, washing, oiling. The sun has barely risen, but already Raaneth is already snoozing. The golden hide glistening from her recent oiling, the young dragon dozes while Alexa lingers nearby, a small assortment of goodies spread out on a blanket around her. At least she planned ahead, bring breakfast with her so that she doesn't have to make the choice of going back for food, or waiting for Raaneth to wake before she gets her own breakfast. She even brought some tea! "You know," she murmurs to Alek, refilling her mug from the thermos, "Igen's not as bad as I thought it was."

Indaryth was also there looking well oiled and as much passed out as his clutchsister, sprawled out somewhere a distance as to give her space and claim some of his own. A'eyr sits with his own sibling, nibbling on some of the food that she had brought, which happened to be a soft buttery roll. It was no longer warm, but it still tasted really good. "Hmm?" he asks, looking up and over at her, brows raised. Soon enough a soft smile spreads, one with hints of amusement clinging to it, "I'm sure Raaneth has nothing to do with that at all…" comes in a gentle tease, shoving the last bite into his mouth with a chuckle. That was certainly not disagreement though, because if anything had greatly improved it was Alek's mood since the hatching and for a very obvious reason. Said reason draws in a sharp breath and then sighs, before curling up into a tight little ball and falling deeper into his rest.

A snort, and Alexa huffs, "Of course she does," with a roll of her eyes. "But she's not the only reason." Just the most important one. "I still miss the trees. I miss the cold. And snow, and honest to Faranth seasons," of which Igen has exactly zero. "But… it's pretty here, too. Like right now," before the sun has baked everything to fiery death, "It's nice. It's quiet, and cool, and just… nice." A shrug, and she sips at her tea before reaching for a handful of grapes. "Good thing, since I doubt Raaneth will want to leave." And they can't anyway. Not for at least two Turns.

A'eyr laughs softly, reaching for the thermos as soon as Alexa has finished with it so that he can freshen his own cup of tea. Did he really expect any other answer? Nope, not even a little bit. Even the eye roll was anticipated, but he takes none of it to heart. At mention of trees though, the boy sighs wistfully, nodding in gentle agreement as he recaps the thermos and returns it to where he'd gotten it from. Nothing funny about that. Trees, grass, seasons. All of these things were certainly missed, as was the scent that that each of them brought. There was just something artificial about the way the hydroponics smelled, finding it to be far too controlled of an environment to give any real sense of relief in this regard. "Never much liked being cold, but…" Igen? It was way too hot, even if Indaryth loved every moment of it and would be hard pressed to be convinced to move. Much like with Raaneth and Alexa's situation, this wouldn't be much of an issue or up for debate for a while to come. "…yeah…" Alek goes on to say, green eyes lifted to take an unhurried look around, "…it's nice." For now. Soon it would be far too warm to be outside at all without proper preparation and attire, and even then rather unpleasant. Looking back to his sister, the boy nods and his grin returns, "We should make this a thing, something we do every morning." That meant getting up and motivated super early, which if they're honest, isn't much left up to them.

"We can try," agrees Alexa, glancing around at the lakeshore before her gaze slides to the baby dragons. "But I think we'll be doing morning runs pretty soon." Physical training. Something they'll definitely be doing a lot of once the babies can be trusted not to freak out when they leave. Popping a grape into her mouth, she hms thoughtfully as she chews. "We can try," she repeats. "I don't even mind the early mornings." That, however, is definitely due to the high of Impression and less with Alexa suddenly becoming a morning person.

With a twitch, Alek groans softly, all that amused happiness bleeding out of him a little. "Don't remind me," he says with sigh, his dislike with running merely for the sake of it not exactly a secret. While the goal might be to get them physically fit and thus better suited for the sorts of exertions dragonriders have to contend with on a daily basis, the bronzeling would much more prefer to be sitting and surrounded by the plants he still very much adored. Studying. Experimenting. Learning. Taking a long and slow sip of his tea, A'eyr leans back a bit as he appraises his sister, smiling behind his cup. Oh yeah, that was totally the Impression talking, but as he was in much the same boat he wasn't about to point that out. He was still in a place where even the most annoying of his lifemate's tendencies didn't bother him in the least. That's not to say of course, that everyone else in the weyrling barracks shared that sentiment. Far from it in fact. "I like it being just the four of us, if only for a little while."

Alexa does not enjoy running either. And she'll love it even less when they're getting up before dawn to do it. But right now, at least, it's all about those sleeping babies. "I like it, too," she agrees, opting to forget about PT for the moment. Another grape, and she glances at Raaneth once more, the tenderness in her gaze undeniable. "Once they can fly — once they can go Between," she adds, green eyes alight with adventure, "We'll be free to travel wherever we want to go! I can't wait," she admits. "I want to see Fort again. And Telgar. And maybe go down to the South and check out Xanadu, and Ierne, and Honshu…" All those places she's read about but never gone.

Ugh. Before dawn? A'eyr usually keeps any complaints between himself and Alexa, but there might be more than a little public bellyaching when that becomes the case. For now though, there's none of that nonsense, and he can sit outside with his sister and their dragons, just enjoying everything that this entails. A perfect start to the day in his opinion, and he smiles much more soft and affectionate towards her as he lets some of that pretentious smirking fade back a bit. Although, it's quick to return when she starts talking about what the future holds for them. Not because he thought it silly or outlandish, but because it genuinely filled him with delight to see his sibling beaming so with joy and excitement. A single nod and he asks, "Where do you think you'd like to go first?" For him, the list was pretty short. Somewhere very green with lots of varied plantlife and, "I wouldn't mind seeing the Yokohama, myself." The fact that dragons could go to space? Who wouldn't be geeking out over that prospect? As dragonriders they could, in theory, go anywhere they wanted to. With not even the sky as a limit.

Alexa. That's who. The idea of the Yokohama gets a grimace, nose wrinkled up briefly as she says, "there are no plants in space." And no books, either. At least, none that she'd want to read. "I dunno," she admits, tucking her legs to the side as she leans back on one hand. "If it's summer… maybe to Fort. If it's winter up north, maybe somewhere down south? Ierne has a lot of history. Honshu, too. Or maybe Landing!" The possibilities were nearly endless. "Maybe I'll put the names in a hat, and see what's drawn first," she laughs, only half teasing. "Or maybe Raaneth will have ideas. She might want to see something," she admits. "I don't care where. I just want to go." Freedom. Sweet, sweet freedom.

"There is a hydroponics," A'eyr corrects gently, and he wouldn't be a scientist of sorts if he didn't consider the possible effects that growing plants in space might have. "You're right though, no books, but they have a database. The AIVAS." That was common enough knowledge, espeically if the one you'd had your eye on for a while sported a computer crafter knot. Not that he had any idea if either of them would be welcomed up there simply because they wanted to poke around, it had only been a thought. It wasn't a particularly passionate thought either, merely curious. "We don't have to," comes with a shoulder shrug, easily enough setting the idea of space aside. However, as Alexa goes on to list all the places ever on the whole of the planet, Alek's brows lift and he chuckles. "And go we will, sister mine. I promise." Before anything happened to tie them down to any one place, seeing the world and all it held was definitely on his bucket list.

A disgruntled sound in the back of her throat, Alexa rolls her eyes at the correction as she chews another grape. "Whatever," she decides, hand flapping dismissively. "It's not the same. And they're the same plants found on Pern so, does it really count?" Probably. But Alexa's passion is books (and now Raaneth), not green (and not so green) growing things. "Yeah," is agreed for all that knowledge. And while it might not be contained on pages between two hard covers, Alexa was still into it. "But I think it's all… science-stuff up there," comes with another wag of her hand, this time in the direction of the sky. Space. Another grape consumed and Alexa rolls back to sprawl on the blanket, staring up at the still-dark-but-getting-lighter sky. "We will," agrees the sister, head lolling to the side so that she can grin at her brother. "Everywhere. Anywhere. Whenever we want." Maybe not, but Alexa can dream. "Have you thought about what you want to do? After… this." This being weyrlinghood, presumably.

A'eyr tries to school his expression, not to smirk toothily or laugh outright and he's marginally successful, shoulders bouncing only a little bit as Alexa makes that sound and waves her hands around. Internally he could think to himself how adorable he found his sister when she was all growly like that, but was wise enough to keep it to himself. After all, he was fond of living. "Maybe, but can't know that for sure unless you check it out…" This comes with a shrug and he puts the topic to bed, with a quick and unavoidable glance upwards as she gestures towards the sky. "Hmmm," he rumbles, non-committal, soon selecting some grapes for himself and sitting back to enjoy them as he appraises the sky a while longer. Green eyes dropped to Alexa, the boy grins back, wild and free as their possible adventures promised to be. He certainly didn't mind letting her sweep him away with her dreamy plans that may or may not come to fruition, although his expression smooths out to the softness of an easy smile. "Craft wing, I can't see myself doing anything else. No plans beyond that." His mouth opens and then it closes again, as if he were about to ask Alexa the very same question, his gaze sliding to Raaneth instead and answering it. Weyrwoman. Obviously. A rough exhale and A'eyr's smile brightens, "You're going to be great you know."

"Craft Wing? Really?" Only a little incredulous, Alexa turns a look upon her brother. "All of this… all this work and effort — candidacy, and now Weyrlinghood — just to… go back to the thing you were doing before?" There's a certain sense to it. Alek loves his plants, and she knows it. But still, it has the harper-weyrling shaking her head in mild disbelief before turning her eyes to the heavens once more, following wispy clouds across the sky before they dissolve under the heat of the Igen sun. It is the last that has her angling back toward A'eyr, a frown of confusion pinching pale brows together as she asks, "Great at what?"

Laughing softly, A'eyr once again falls back to a shrug. He was a creature of habit, and indeed he loved the niche that he had carved out for himself in life. That Indaryth had come along, merely enriched it. "Don't get me wrong, in the grand scheme of things, Indaryth might have other plans for us." Meaning that he understood what that shiny bronze hide could mean for the future, "But I don't really have much greater aspirations than studying plants, Allie." There was no Thread, no constant threat hanging over their heads that required he train to be something else entirely. He could, in essence, do as he pleased as long as he contributed to the weyr of his residence in some way. However, he'd be lying if he said her apparent disapproval hadn't stung a little bit. The frown that follows, puts a minute damper on the brightness in which his lips upturned, "Being a weyrwoman."

"It just seems like… I dunno." A sigh comes with the admittance, shoulders shrugged as she folds her arms back behind her head. "I liked being a Harper," she agrees. "I don't know how to explain it," she decides at last, nose wrinkled as she briefly scowls at the sky. But it's mention of her future, that word, 'weyrwoman', that has her breath catching. Her eyes dart to the snoozing Raaneth, and while it is not a surprise to find that she is gold (she's always been gold. Alexa wasn't blind to it), perhaps there's a bit of shock for the dawning realization of what that means. It's a few moments of pause before she can speak again, a murmured, "Well. I don't know about that," not sounding nearly as indifferent as she'd intended. Great at it? She's not even sure she wants to 'be' it.

Shaking his head, "…like the whole world's your oyster?" A'eyr breathes out, "There's nothing wrong with expanding your horizons, seeing as Raaneth here has given you the perfect opportunity to do so." And there was nothing wrong with wanting more, just as there was nothing wrong with not wanting it. A soft grin, "Just don't go renegade on me." Figuratively or otherwise. Looking away as realization and gravity pull Alexa back down to the ground, his intention hadn't been to burst that perfect pink bubble she'd been drifting around in since hatching day, but rather to accentuate the fact that he believed in her and that she could do anything. Be it as it may, as a weyrwoman. It hadn't even occurred to him that she hadn't given the situation she found herself in much thought. Still, there's a soft pfft sound, and he nudges at her leg with one foot. "I've never seen you back down from anything in your life, let alone a challenge. You will be great, no matter what you choose." Said of course, through some seriously rose tinted glasses, because he loved her terribly.

Pushing herself back up to sitting, Alexa can't help but to stretch out and reach for Raaneth, fingers whispering over oil-slick hide. Chewing at her lip, she watches her sleeping lifemate, indecision clear on her face. "It's not that," she decides after a long pause, hand retracted before she accidentally wakes her dragon. "I wanted a dragon… I wanted to be free. To just… not be tied down but…" But now she's found herself in the exact opposite situation; tied down to exactly one and only-one position. A moment of lip-chewing and then she sighs, flopping back to the blanket, one arm tossed dramatically over her eyes. "Ugh." Just ugh. "At least weyrwoman have lots of books…" Or so she thinks.

And the light dawns as A'eyr suddenly understands why it was that Alexa had reacted the way she had to his lifeplan post weyrlinghood, or at least, what had inspired it even if she hadn't realized it. He, had options, and he had no intention of doing anything with them like she had. All the humor drains out of the boy, every last drop, and he slides the green of his eyes towards Indaryth. Even now, he didn't want anything more than he had confessed to her moments ago. But he wouldn't apologize for what he wanted anymore than he would convey sympathy for a dream unrealized. They'd both Impressed at the same clutch. They were both dragonriders, or would be soon enough. That there, was nothing to be upset about. Looking back to Alexa then, A'eyr gets a funny look on his face, before casting his attention upwards. "I don't know, it's too early to make assumptions on where we're headed next. We've never been on this side of things before." His voice is unusually even toned, given his propensity to find amusement in anything and everything. Indaryth was awake now as well, stretching himself out and with only a single glance towards his human half, starts trotting towards the weyr. "Someone's hungry," he breaths, perhaps wondering when his life wouldn't be eat, sleep, poop. "We'll talk later, Allie. Just remember, it's going to be okay. Whatever it is." With that he hops up and chases after Indaryth.

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