Characters Oddisa, Erestel
Synopsis Oddisa Visits Fort and meets her replacement.
Out-of-Character Date April 29th, 2020

Stone Barn-Fort Weyr
Fashioned from the same volcanic material that houses the caverns, these square-cut stones have been laid by a Mastercrafter stonemason turns ago to house the implements necessary in caring for Fort Weyr's stock. Large enough to stable several runners, there are also stalls for ailing herdbeast, with straw-covered stone floors within the stalls, the aisle outside swept clean. Overhead is a loft full of hay, grain bins, and other supplies. Large double doors open wide on either end and smaller windows higher up along the walls allow for light and the free flow of fresh air.
At either end of the structure are two work stations, one for leatherwork and another for healing: the waist-high counter of stainless steel with shelving above contains gadgets and tools, jars, bottles and boxes of salve, potion and powders - some of it fairly scary-looking like saws, clippers, clamps and needles. Mingled with the scent of animals and hay is a pungent medicinal smell that marks this as the healer area. The other has a wooden workbench with a rack of snippers, blades, mallets, awls and an anvil beside which are pegs with strips of leather, half-finished harnesses, whips, aprons and wide-brimmed hats. Overhead, shelves with jars of finish - dyes and oils, boxes of coiled rawhide thread for stitching and hand tools indicates this is the leatherwork station.

Spring in Fort comes with many new things, the Weyr emerges from the blanket of ice and snow that plagues it, and suddenly green grass can be seen. Dragons begin to rise, the longer and warmer days triggering dragons to mate, and the shiny hides glimmering along ledges are not only due to the onslaught of sunny weather. Everything is breeding, an exciting time for beastcrafters who seem to be rejuvenated by this fun time. Today Oddisa has made her way to Fort, the blonde dressed for work and shhing loudly at a large female herdbeast. The animal is being moved in from outside, down a barn aisle and into a stall "SHhh, hey, hey, HEY." Arms waving over head, the procession is slow as the animal is in no hurry. "Get on, get, yaa." How she got this job, being a guest, is anyone's guess. She's doing it though, albeit mostly because the animal is being gracious. The little goldrider is the farthest thing from intimidating, high soprano voice adding the hilarity of this assignment.

The high pitched voice can be heard across the field, where a very perplexed Erestel has just ridden up to the gate. He pauses a moment, adjusting his cap and pushing the over grown brown hair up under it and out of the way of his eyes. After a moment, he nudges the young bay gelding he's on closer to the fence line. The young runner's wooly coat is curling from a good work on a warm day, and he seems only partly interested in the young woman shouting at the herdbeast. Erestel swings down and unwinds the lead from his saddle. He drops it to the ground with a "Whoa" and leans on the fence. Now closer, he can see her knot, and pauses. What is an Igen Goldrider doing chasing a herdbeast into a Fort Stable? There's a fair amount about Weyr matters he doesn't understand though. "You need a hand?" He calls, though she IS doing it, if slowly. "Uh… ma'am." He adds, trying to remember his manners.

Focused on her task there's a cursory glance at the gelding, an approving nod given towards the animal before she's back to shhing and waving. "Yaww, GET." Leaning down, she picks up a fist-sized rock and raises it above her head, threatening to throw it. Responding to the potential of being hit, the herdbeast rushes into the first open stall with a loud moaning yell of dissent. Slamming the door shut, clicking the latch and securing the bar even if it's not necessary with such an animal, a habit. Swiveling around, the young man gets a once over, arms crossing over chest as she leans against the nearest fence. "Nah, I got it. Never ask if there's somethin' to be done in a barn." A small smile finds her lips before disappearing, "An' ma'am? Faranath no. Oddisa, Odi if'n you want. Ma'am. Ma'am." She mouths the word several times, head dipping and both eyebrows nearly meeting hairline. "Does he have a name?" Pointing at the gelding because asking the runner's name first is polite, order is important.

Erestel just leans against the rails, watching. When she turns around to answer after the deed is done, he gives an approving nod, a half a smirk playing on his lips. "Clearly…" He follows her gaze to the bay. "Yeah, Rigger. Well, Git It Rigged, registered name. He's Git It Dun bred." Because, well, lineage and all that. "One of Fort's potential work stock. Under saddle only a couple months now, but he's got a good brain." The gelding still is very interested in the goldrider, but has not forgotten his training. Ears are pricked, but he's standing politely where he was placed. Erestel gives his crest a rub and a fond smile before turning back to the girl. "I'm Erestel… Senior Appren-well, heh, guess now Candidate, here at Fort. But yeah, Beastcraft." He nods to her knot. "Sorry for the ma'am… Don't really know rightly, how goldriders are supposed to be addressed."

Walking over towards the gelding, she climbs the fence and settles on the top railing, feet hooked on the bar below to maintain balance. "Nice breedin', spect he's pretty quick on his feet? Any good with herdbeasts? Does he have the feel of it yet, or have yu let him try?" Clearly interested, she wrinkles her nose up at the young bay and exhales happily. "I came to try and bargain one of the stock off Garphet, see if he'd let'er go. Too Intense, more draft bred then anythin' else. Call 'er Cleo." The runner she's indicating is a large bay mare, white star between her eyes and exceedingly well mannered. "Nice to meet yu Rigger, an' Erestel. I'm Oddisa, once a Senior Apprentice beastcrafter, then a candidate, now a goldrider who 'as come back to the craft." Scooting her butt ever closer to the gelding, she asks. "Grats on the candidacy, it's worth it." Flashing her teeth knowingly, warm, and glazed over for a scant moment. "Yu Weyrbred?" She's pretty much staring at a person in the exact place she was 2 turns back.

Erestel shifts to lean up against the post so he can face the rider. "Yeah," His gaze goes to the gelding who raises his head and reaches his nose curiously towards Oddisa. He's polite, merely asking if he can say 'hi' rather than shoving his face at her. "He's got pretty good sense of it. Needs some help now and then, but it's mostly a confidence thing. Doesn't like it if they stand him off. He'll get there though." Another crest rub for the gelding who looks back at him a moment then returns to puffing softly at the girl on the fence. "Oh yeah…" Recognition of the runner in question. "She's a good mare. Solid." He pulls his cap of his head and runs a hand through his haphazard hair. He gives a pleased smile at mentioning she's back to the craft. "Good to know you can go back to it when you impress. I mean, I've met a couple folks who did. Rider who Searched me, even, though he was a healer. I wasn't too sure how much that happened though." There's a headshake to follow, which makes any attempt to neaten his hair futile. "Nah, I'm from Keroon originally. Was picked up by one of the Journeyman here, Rhodon? Only been here almost a turn now. You?" Though he can probably guess by manner and speech alone.

Scooting ever closer, she's attempting casual interest in the animal with the loudest body language possible. Not looking at him but every few minutes, but smiling each time broadly before reengaging in the conversation. "Young uns often do, but yu can' train good breedin'." At least in her opinion, finally within reach and offering a hand for sniffing before gently scritching fingernails into furry goat hair beneath his jaw. "Hi there, yah, yeah, hi. Hey boy, yeah, good to see you. Uh-huh." She's goo, totally sweet and kind in every way and a different person when speaking to the animal. "I know, righ'? yu ahhh." Kissing at the gelding, while speaking normally to Erestel. "Yu can, I was told tha' upon search but, once I impressed Oriapeth, I was sure it'd be a differen' deal. So far, they'd prefer I get nowhere near the business end of the Weyr." The lack of trust doesn't seem to vex her, "I'm in Keroon a good bit, break colts for a race barn out there erry spring. I'm from Xanadu Weyr originally bu' spent a good chunk at the hall, here, an' now with Igen. Rhodon is good people, useless in hatchin' wherries bu' you didn' hear it from me." Leaning forward to continue her attention, she finally offers a hand for shaking. "It's a pleasure to meet yu."

Erestel's half grin shows itself again, watching the gelding who is all for the attention. The young runner leans his head into the scratches, puffing quietly to take in her smell. Erestel's brows raise when she mentions Keroon. "Oh yeah? My family's farm moved into racers a bit before I left. Wasn't really my scene so much. Prefer the working stock. Too much politics and hot blood in racers." As to whether that's about the people or the runners, he leaves that wide open. "You've sure been around." Did that sound bad, he follows it up quickly: "Pern I mean… I thought it was a big deal making the move here." When she mentions wherries and Rhodon his brows shoot up, an amused twinkle to his eyes. "Oh really?" He chuckles, taking her offered hand. "I wondered what his thing with them was… I mean other than they look like nature gone wrong. Good to meet you too, Oddisa." He looks to the stable and then the gelding. "I gotta get him untacked if you want to join us. I'd hate to tear him away." Indeed the gelding is thoroughly enjoying all the attention with lip wiggling when she hits the right itchy spots… Which at the moment is all over with that long coat that's due to come off soon. "Are dragons like that?" A gesture to the lip wiggling. "Like enjoy scratches like firelizards and runners?"

"More marks in breakin' the racers than anythin' else I've found." Commenting idly while attending to the scratching, fingers moving at a constant rate and speed to make sure the job is done right. Shhing with the slightest coo to her tone, Oddisa shrugs a shoulder up, "Racin' people are their own breed, prefer the animals over the owner most of the time. A few smaller barns put out quality." The get around comment gets a loud guffaw from her, snorting in an entirely unladylike fashion. "I'm not sure tha's a compliment, but I'll take it as such." Sliding down off the fence, there's a softening every time she is focused on the gelding. "Wherries aren' bad, dumb as well… nothin' worse bu' they're good eatin an' dragons gotta eat." She knows this all too well, and motions with a flourish of one hand before stuffing them both in pockets. "Lead on Erestel, an' yeah. Oriapeth likes scratchin', she's got spots right behind her shoulder an' up underneath her jaw, there's on beneath her right wing as well. Dragons itch a lot, especially when young. Hide isn' skin, it cracks when growin' and requires oil. Patches can lead to ulcerations, which can lead to disease, infection, maybe death."

Erestel turns a bit pink. "I, no, I mean it is… It is a compliment." He rubs his neck awkwardly. "Like, I must seem real sheltered, is all. You know, to you." Or to anyone not holdbred. He picks up Rigger's lead and heads towards the stables. The gelding gives a resigned sigh but follows politely, walking just at the back of his elbow. It's an ambling walk, so no one, human or runner, has to rush to keep up. He gives a chuckle on wherries. "I guess. They're just, yeah, dumb. And some can be kinda mean too." He shakes his head. "Meaner than the herdbeasts, honestly. Sometimes they don't seem to make much sense what they do. But I guess, yeah… better them to be a dragon's food." As they near the entrance he nods his head slowly to her talk of oil and itching. "I remember something about that in a lecture. And how you have to keep adjusting your tack-er… straps for them, cause of how much they grow. And Golds… well, that's a lot of hide to oil, yeah?" He truly looks impressed, thinking about it. After all, grooming a few muddy hairy runners is a pain, but imagining a big one needing scratches and oil? "What does she, uh, Oriapeth," He tries out the name for himself. "think of the runners?"

The blushing seems to goad Oddisa on, smirking a touch but returning to her neutral facade to attempt politeness. "My Ma always wanted tha' for her girls, get us out in the world. I don' think she thought it through since now she has to visit two continents an' a boat to see us." Oddisa positions herself to the front of the runner with enough space for jigging or spooking, which can happen to any animal but is more common in the youngsters. "I figure they're mostly goin' into fight mode instead of flight, same reason any animal attacks yu. Herdbeasts can be nasty business, specially when it comes to calves." Admiring his knowledge, she confirms everything he says with brief, sharp nods, asserting that she's with him even if she's quiet. Runners can have the effect, allowing silences to occur naturally. It's a special kind of peace. "Takes me 'bout half a day to do her bath now, she's got a clutch comin' soon. Otherwise, four hours is average. Impress some firelizards, helpful to have an extra set of… well. Appendages that wanna scrub dragon hide." Hmmphing in a closed lip laugh. Allowing her eyes to glaze over, she walks in a mild zig zag for a few steps, "Ori says they're fascinating, especially given humans inclination to strap things on everything they can. She wonders why we don' ride more herdbeasts, an how many other animals were tried firs'. I doubted I'd ever love somethin' more than runners, part of bondin' with Oriapeth was harder because I wasn' used to all the talkin'. Yu want to argue with an animal, try a stubborn gold dragonet at two in the mornin' after a full day withou' sleep. My advice get used to speakin', out loud, an' get used to the idea you migh' never have real silence again. "

Erestel bobs his head in an agreeable way on herdbeasts with their calves. She's got a point there. "Oh, she's going to clutch? That's cool." While it may have occurred to some back portion of his brain that yes, golds do that, it didn't really occur right off the bat that hers would. After speaking with other non-gold riders and how surprisingly easy it is to talk with Oddisa perhaps he thought talking to gold riders would be more… stuffy? "I actually helped a gal, 'nother candidate now actually… helped her pick out leathers for making harnesses for her firelizards." There's a bit of a chuckle to his voice, "So she does have a point I suppose." Now they're in the barn and he picks up the gelding's halter from his stall to swap him into it. "That's something I was curious about too. The talking… I mean shells, wouldn't it be easier sometimes to just talk to these guys? But then I see the riders talk out loud, sometimes saying weird things lookin' like they're talking to themselves… it's no wonder Holders think- well…." He trails off. "Not that it's okay to think things 'bout people like that. Just, think it's interesting is all. Now…" He moves to the saddle to undo the cinch, then turns to her. "…the eggs. They're different right?" But before she can respond he looks beyond to see someone waving for him. "Yeah? Oh, shells… Sorry Oddisa! I gotta go. Totally spaced on the time. They need me in the kitchens!" He'd been having such a good time talking he forgot his tighter schedule now as a Candidate. He spins about, pulls the saddle, and hurries the runner into his stall. "It was good meeting you. Don't worry about Rigger. Amnel will give him a rub down…" He waves, turning to jog towards the entrance. He pauses and turns back, shouting, "Unless you wanna keep rubbing on him! Sure he wouldn't mind!" A grin, and he's out!

Oddisa is shockingly unstuffy, possibly because goldriding is new and she isn't sure it's anything particularly magical. As he mentions firelizard harnesses she wrinkles up her face, "Shards, my cousin does things like tha'. Her firelizards have outfits." Like really, there's a slight hint of chagrin, and disapproval for the idea. "Not all creatures need clothes, or, extras." Plus it seems like a hassle, and everything so far about the tiny goldie girl reads 'low maintenance'. Stroking down Rigger's neck, there's a momentary cuddle applied, head leaned in to sniff at the sweaty, shaggy hair that exudes the warm earthy smell. "You don' want anything talkin'." She advises with a hard headshake; as he mentions his schedule, she reaches out to take the lead rope. "Go, go, don' get in trouble on my account. K'zre'd prolly tell R'sner, and even if he's not my Weyrlingmaster no more, he'd find a way." Solemnly nodding, and searching around as if the greenrider father-son duo might escape from the woodwork. "Off with yu now." Shooing as if she were much older than this man, even if she's a full turn younger. Goldriding has to come with SOME perks. She will give the runner a full bath, brushing, and make sure he's thoroughly dried before braiding up his hair and returning him to a stall. It's her free time, and she'll do what she wants.

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