Let's Talk About Straps!

Characters A'eyr, Alexa, N'sir
Synopsis N'sir talks leather and straps with the weyrlings.
Out-of-Character Date April 30, 2019

Igen Weyr - South Bowl
The orange hued sandstone layers comprising the bowl walls curve gently, but ever presently in your view. Fine sand shifts underfoot, a slightly paler version of what is found upon the walls. It gives way along the eastern edge to a section of contrasting green grass where a series of cleverly engineered pipes provide water to the fenced off area of the feeding grounds, and keeps the shimmer of the shallow lake beyond from dissapearing during the dryest periods of the turn. A distinctly squared entrance farther south is the tunnel leading out to the lands beyond. Traders and tithes arrive here at regular intervals and it is not uncommon for part of the bowl to be set up with a series of tents and wagons as wares are displayed and sold. To the west, the bowl wall has been eroded by the desert winds into strange shapes. At their base are found the weyrling barracks and training fields.

It was a dark and stormy night… except it wasn't. Not even close. It isn't night. And it definitely isn't storming. This is Igen, and even in the winter, it waffles between OMG-HOT and OMG-EVEN-HOTTER, with a lovely sprinkling of HOW IS IT THIS COLD AT NIGHT thrown in. For funsies. But right now, here, today, it is morning. And cool but definitely getting warmer. And there is food. And there are dragons. And there are weyrlings, sitting around eating that food, or oiling those dragons, or doing other weyrling-like things. And Alexa? She's doing both. Food in one hand (some sort of pastry-thing with lots of flakey bits) and an oil-rag in the other, trying to soothe Raaneth's itches while filling her own belly. Weyrlinghood man. It's rough.

N'sir had had barrels filled with rolled leather, oil for the leather, tools, and buckles dragged down to the barracks. It was not a pleasant task, but eventually, it is done, all of it covered with tarps to protect it from the sand. Cause, yes, this is Igen and sand is life. Course, when he finally appears it is with a basket of goodies over his arm (No doubt more those flakey cheese and veggie filled pastries) and some meat options for the heathens in the group. >.> Course, there's an ample supply of fruit, as well, and cheese and… okay, yes.. It's all healthy options, cause that is just who he is. As he comes into view, his steps slow, dark eyes crinkling at the corners of the sight of the weyrlings, his lips turning up in a proud smile he has absolutely /no chance/ of ever concealing. N'sir? Never going to be anything other then the 'mother figure', but that's okay, he's content being the soft touch. "Nice to see you all working so hard," he calls as gets close enough to do so.

Indaryth was already well and truly oiled, passed out in a patch of sun and sand that even looking at it, make Alek's stomach tight. "How are you not melted?" he asks the bronze, who is asleep and cannot answer. All of the ugh, the healer-weyrling has restricted himself to a patch of shade, busily scrubbing at his hands in a basin so that he too can get something to eat. Before he dies. Wasting away here. He's just about finished with that, about to rise and head over to probably steal a bite of whatever Alexa was nomming, when N'sir arrives with that basket of deliciousness. "Uuuughhh…" he groans aloud, green eyes lifted and bestowed upon the man with all of the 'you are a beautiful, beautiful man' and that's all it takes it lure him that direction, grabbing a bottle of water along the way.

"Raaneth says the sun feels wonderful," offers Alexa, the words only a little muffled from her full mouth (totally talking and eating at the same time because… she as probably raised in a barn), "And the sand gets all the itchy places." A swallow, and she adds, "They don't sweat like we do, either. Lucky." Because she's definitely sweating. Another swipe of the rag, and the young queen is dropping into her own pile of sprawling limbs with a huff, looking half-asleep already. Another bite and her green eyes slide the way of the advancing weyrlingmaster, curiosity clear as she stands on tip-toes as though that might help her see into the basket. No dice — way too far away. "Kinda hafta," she decides, for working hard. "I feel her when she itches." It is not pleasant.

N'sir is a beautiful man! It's true. So much so that his parents never felt the need to try for daughters. Why bother when you have a N'sir? Course, A'eyr's reaction, alone, is enough to inspire a husky laugh to spill past his lips, dark brows twitching as he pushes his shoufa off his hair. "Ahhh… I remember those days," he sighs. "I'm shocked you are not both sound asleep the moment they go down for a snooze. Raaneth," he adds with a wink toward Alexa. "Is a very wise young lady." Meeting them halfway, he sets the basket down in some shade and braces his hands on his hips as he glances between gold and bronze. "I really should have put marks on the two of you," he muses. "You have no idea how very proud I am of both of you." Turning in his attention to the twins, he draws close enough to study their faces, obviously looking for signs of strain. "How are you holding up? We're about to start the real work here very, very soon." It's Alexa observation, however, that inspires another quietly husky laugh. "That passes eventually." Or you just get used to it and stop noticing, hard to say.

His gaze sliding towards his sister, A'eyr nods, "Indaryth says the same thing, but I can't wrap my head around it." Not when HE was sweltering and seriously considering wearing little more than a swimsuit. Bad for the skin though, and knowing the agony of even a light sunburn is likely the only reason why he's still covered modestly. Another groan, and he agrees. Lucky indeed. All of his clothing was sticking to him today and were it not for the plummet of temperature at night, he might have wondered why they didn't keep to the indoors during the day. However, soon the teen is very focused on that basket, like a starving man lead to banquet. "Too hungry to sleep…" he drawls, descending upon the snacks the moment the basket is set down, and grabbing as much as he can as quickly as he can without seeming like some ravenous beast thing. It turns out to be a little bit of everything, cradling it all in one arm, and plunking himself down closeby. "Why's that?" he asks N'sir, peering up at him with only some minor looking dark circles beneath his eyes. Certainly not completely worn out, but a regular sleep pattern nonetheless disrupted. "I'm good," comes, not speaking for his sibling, promptly shoving a handful of grapes into his mouth.

Alexa is definitely a carnivore, but she'll leave the meat-eating for later. With one pastry polished off (chomp-chomp!) it's an apple that she'll pluck from that basket. For later. "I usually do," she admits, thankfully *after* she's swallowed her food. "But I'm trying to get on a normal schedule." HA. Normal. Right. When Alek goes down, Alexa is quick to follow, dropping herself into a sandy heap and then straightening up as Raaneth belly-crawls her way over for some careful cuddling (Cause she's already a giant). But she'll second that question with a mystified, "Us?" for the idea of placing bets on either herself or her brother. But the question becomes rhetorical when she takes a bite out of her apple and suddenly finds Raaneth's headknobs way too interesting at the mention of being proud of them. A croon from the dragon. A silly smile from the girl (for said dragon). "I'm alright," she decides after a moment of thought. "But that might change." Depending on all that 'real work' coming their way.

N'sir frowns as he glances between the pair, his head giving a slow shake. "You really need to consider traditional Igen gear," he advises. "I know it looks hot, wearing all the robes and head coverings, but I assure you, it is the exact opposite. Eat all you like," he notes to A'eyr with a wry smile. "I'll have more brought down from the living caverns later." He well remembers loathing the thought of leaving Elianneth even long enough to grab food. It's the question that has his chin tilting toward the pair of dragons, his expression softening. "How could I not be proud? They chose very wisely." It's the assurance he's doing well that has N'sir's gaze sweeping back toward A'eyr, another slow nod offered. Course, he's watching Raaneth's low crawl out of the corner of his eye, another husky laugh humming in his throat. "And yes, you," is added for Alexa. "You'll be fine," he promises in quiet tones. "It'll take some getting used to, working together with Raaneth and Indaryth, but I am certain you'll take to it." He has no doubts, actually, although he won't go so far as to say that. Instead, he smooths a hand over the billowing robe he is wearing, folding himself down to sit on the sand, as well. "Today, though, you are going to start working on riding straps for your lifemates. I've had an ample supply of leather and tools brought down for you, along with a few sets of straps in various stages of construction."

Food motivated, at least when this hungry, A'eyr does not place himself far from the offering basket. No. He's staying real close all right. The assumption that his current state is somehow related to Indaryth is entirely true, while the reason is slightly less attachment then it is untrusting of what the bronze would get up to (or into) in his absence. The sneaky bastard. It was already well established that he would do what he wanted when he wanted, the boy was working on that as best he could, but the second his back was turned all sense of propriety went right out the proverbial window. Alexa is eyed with some amusement when she says that she's trying to get back on a schedule, because it was so cute. Adorable, really. But then, Raaneth was so much not like Indaryth, she might actually be able to accomplish that goal. Someday. Speaking of trouble, Indaryth pops open one eye with all the talking going on, and gets up. Stretching. Soon enough he's slinking his way (there's no other way to describe it, because it's damned accurate) to relocate himself to a seat beside A'eyr. The food he had is eyed and ultimately dismissed with a soft snort, lowering himself down to the ground once more. "No, it isn't disgusting, actually. It tastes amazing….well…I'm sorry you disapprove." is muttered between them, Alek's feathers left unruffled. N'sir's praise is quick to bring a quirky smirk to his lips though, as he certainly can't disagree. Again, he can't speak for Alexa even if it was obvious to anyone looking at the gold pair, but they were indeed well matched. "Thank you….sir." The word felt weird on his mouth and he can't say it without chuckling, however there it was. As for straps? The boy's brows shoot upwards unifiedly, "Already?" Sure, their dragons were much larger than they had been three months ago, but they weren't even close to being full grown yet.

Raaneth's totally got an eye on Indaryth. Not that doing so will inspire any sort of good-behavior on the part of the bronze. But still. She's totally watching you! Alexa? Not so much. The fingers of her free hand travel over now-familiar hide, tracing the kohl-black lines and dappling as though it might distract her from the topic at hand. Straps, though? That brings her gaze back, green eyes darting to the mentioned barrels before back on N'sir. And then A'eyr, for his contribution. A snort and a smirk, affectionate but still a bit sassy, and she decides, "I'm ready to be flying already." 'Already? Pft. Not soon enough for this one! "What do I have to do?" she wonders, craning her head to try and steal a peek into the supplies. "And how long does it take to finish them?"

N'sir snorts at the 'sir', his nose wrinkling mildly as he reaches in the basket and pulls out grapes. "Already," he notes with a wry smile. "You'll be doing mounted ground exercises before long and you are going to need those straps ready to go." Glancing at the bronze as he joins them, N'sir's lips twitch in a smile, his chin dipping in a nod to both Indaryth and Raaneth. "Depends on how quickly you pick up leather working," N'sir notes to Alexa. "They're not hard to make and by the time you have graduated it will be second nature." They'll be making and adjusting straps alot as the dragons grow. "Flying is a ways off, though. Lets start with straps and ground work, get both your and thier muscles built up. Believe me, you might not think so now, but you will be sore for a while once we get going." Popping a grape into his mouth, he chews and swallows, gesturing toward the tarp covered barrels. "You can start tonight. There are patterns with the leather and all the tools you'll need."

Cut to A'eyr eyeballing N'sir's lift of grapes out of the basket, his mouth already stuffed full with whatever he'd put there last, just as greedy right now as Indaryth was sneaky. Fortunately he's a lot more distractible than his lifemate, and his gaze lifts as the man starts to talk bringing a single nod of his head. He gets it, just was taken aback is all. Indaryth on the other hand, turns his head towards Raaneth and levels his facets upon her. There they will remain, if only to boldly display that he knew she was watching. Of course she was. How could she not? This paired with whatever the bronze was thinking, nearly has A'eyr choking on the bite of fingerroot he'd just snapped off. A long stare of the bronze and the boy shakes his head, clearly amused, a condition that extends to his sister. "One step at a time, shall we?" he teases her, turning his attention back to N'sir. "How easy is easy? I ask, because you seemed pretty confident about our robe making and mine came out awful."

Raaneth, being a dragon and therefore lacking eyebrows, cannot arch one at her brother. So, Alexa will do it for her, pale brow lifted as she slants a very suspicious side-eye at the bronze. Intimidated? Nope. Deeply suspicious of whatever shenanigans he might be cooking up? Definitely. A snort (from both dragon and human), and Alexa's attention at least reverts to N'sir while Raaneth remains solidly on her devious bronze sibling. 'Unimpressed' says that look. "When can we start?" says Alexa, who is already shoving herself to her feet and heading for the supplies even as she's asking. A huff at A'eyr, but she settles for taking a bite out of her apple rather than comment. Fruit held fast between her teeth, she gathers up leather and the proper tools (or at least, what she hopes are the proper tools) and brings the entire ensemble back to her sandy spot on the floor. "It didn't fall off, so it couldn't have been that bad," points out Alexa, once the apple has been removed. "I've bound books in leather. This is just a bigger version of that." Right? If books were dragons, and covers were straps, then sure! Same thing >.> "I'm already sore," she notes, rolling her shoulders as though the mere mention of it brings an ache. "Raaneth isn't exactly tiny." Wax on, wax off…

"This," N'sir assures. "Is a bit more uniform then making clothing. It's like.. A series of really long, sturdy belts attached to a saddle." Pausing a beat, he sniffs delicately before adding. "You won't have to make the saddle part, though. I've already got those being made. Course, not everyone uses them," he admits. "But I prefer not to have callouses on my hindend." Go figure. "You're welcome to try both with and without, however." Popping another grape in his mouth, he chews and swallows before assuring. "As long as you can cut a straight line and hammer a grommet? You'll be dandy. There's a little sewing, but it's alot more like lacing boots then actually sewing. Tonight," he provides for Alexa. "Or this morning. Whichever you prefer. Or now," he chuckles as she pushes to her feet and fetches supplies. "I want you to really pay attention to the quality of the leather, though," he advises. "While that's scraps left over for you to work with? You'll note that it's both strong and soft. You don't want anything to coarse against you or your lifemate."

"I looked awful," A'eyr complains as to the state of his candidate robe, which looked and felt much more like an unfashionable form-fit evening gown than a robe. Where was N'sir during that fashion emergency, hmm? Hmf. Looking to Alexa as she rises to gather her supplies, the boy is much less inclined to follow suit just yet, returning his attention to N'sir to hear the rest of what he had to say on the topic. Not having to make the saddle part? "That's something," he mutters, but the instructions seemed to be straightforward and thus bring some relief. Indaryth, not in the least perturbed by the questioning eyes of the females present, could be found smirking if such an expression were available to dragonkind. Instead, he just gives off that vibe, radiating it much like the sun above it's punishing radiation. "Is there any sort of padding we should be using?" A'eyr asks, continuing to eat rather than getting a jump on the actual making of things, as well as ignoring his lifemate being a complete and total git. It was the only thing that seemed to work in getting him to alter his behavior, as any attention whether good or bad only amplified things. As Alexa brings up size, immediately the boy asks next, "Speaking of not tiny, is it true that we can special order straps from the leahercraft rather than have to make them ourselves once their full grown?" He understood the concept of needing to know how to make them and repair them, as that is how one learns how these things work, but seriously. Their dragons were going to be HUGE. Ain't no one got time to be making huge dragon straps when there were adventures to be had.

« Unbelievable, » scoffs Raaneth, who would just as soon roll her eyes for all of her brother's smuggy mental smirking, if she could. Alas. Dragon. So she'll settle for a new tactic. Which is IGNORING YOU SO MUCH that is probably just as (in)effective. "Do we need a saddle?" wonders Alexa, pausing in the sorting of leather to peer at Raaneth's withers. "She's not bony like a runner would be. And she'll only get bigger — no, I am not calling you fat! Promise," she adds, reaching out to sooth any unintentional insult with scritches to the gold's favorite spots. "Just… well rounded? Not bony," she decides, even if the dragon-half has settled into sleepy croons in the wake of scratching fingers. With Raaneth suitably soothed, Alexa turns back to examining the leather in her lap, running it through her fingers and flexing it to get a better feel for that 'soft but tough' quality. "Oh, that could be nice," she admits, for not having to make her own set. "But that sounds kinda… pricy."

N'sir exhales a snort in response to A'eyr, amusement twinkling in his eyes. "When I was a candidate? My robe got sabotaged. I ended up going out on the sands in one of R'sner's dress shirts and nothing else." Lightly clearing his throat, he gives a wry shake of his head before chuckling. "I count myself lucky, to this day, that I did not end up flashing everyone." There /were/ some close calls, though. >.> So yeah, he knows that pain. "As for padding, I prefer sheep skin," he admits. "It's durable and soft." Slanting a glance at Indaryth and Raaneth, his lips twitch in a wry smile before he drags his attention back to the twins. "Once they are full grown? Yes. But while they are babies? You'll be making all their straps yourselves. Course, when you are ready to order their straps? Talk to me first? Elianneth has more sets then I could possibly count." He's gotten very good at making them. "She likes her options," he notes with a wry smile. "You'll find there are a few really good leatherworkers in the Bazaar who do special orders, as well." Glancing at Alexa, he dips his chin in a nod. "It can very expensive, very quickly," he assures. "Some of them will work on barter, however, so there is that. You do not need a saddle," he notes. "But without one, there will be callouses that develop." And, if one is at all vain? That might be a concern. "R'sner and I do a lot of straight overland flying, so the saddle comes in handy."

Indaryth, the jerk, sends off once final radiant thought of pure smugginess and then promptly slips off to sleep as if it weren't no thang. Hmm. A'eyr sends a semi-apologetic look towards Raaneth and his sister, but he's chuckling to himself so how genuine could that really be? "I was sabotaged too," he tells N'sir shortly after, "Unfortunately, by my own ineptitude." Which, could be considered worse. While those green eyes do find the man as he talks about dress shirts and potential flashings that could have been, he merely pops another grape into his mouth and casually slides his gaze off to the collection barrels where the supplies can be found. Deciding that neutral contemplation there was far better than thinking or speaking just then. "Sheep skin…" Plans within plans, unfolding like space, he's soon looking between the snoozing Indaryth and what supplies he can readily see. It's the notation of expense that draws his attention back, first to his sister and then to N'sir, before finally resting back on Indaryth, "Seems she and he might have something in common." Clotheshorses! Is that a word still? If not, it's totally being reinvented here and now. Sure, the bronze wasn't any closer to having his first set of straps then he was moments ago, but it was just a feeling. Then, to Alexa, "Do you really want callouses on your a…rump?" Did he really want to talk about his sister's backside? No. But, he knew who the first person she'd come to if she did get that sort of thing…and that was just a situation he wanted to avoid. Completely. If possible.

Alexa is diligently examining bits of leather while Raaneth debates a nap (and then succumbs to it almost against her will). "Hm," comes in consideration for sheepskin and callouses, nose-wrinkle making it fairly clear which one she'd prefer (callouses on her butt? No thank you!). "Ew. No," comes in audible reply of the same thought, a look tossed to her brother (it's an 'ew gross' look, for the callouses. Not the brother). "I was just thinking, you know… saddles take a lot of work." And she's still Alexa even if she's not 'Alexa the Weyrling'. And work isn't fun. "I didn't say I wouldn't use one, or make one, or whatever." Or maybe just strap down a pile of blankets and see if that works… For here and now, though, she'll settle with, "Saddles are fine," and go about fussing with bits of leather. "And I'll definitely ask you," she adds, for future strap endeavors. Even if Raaneth may be the minimalistic type. But it's a more pensive question that comes when asks, "How much flying does a goldrider get to do, anyway?" Because from where she sits, she'll be doing more office-ing than flying.

"You absolutely do /not/," N'sir chimes in in the wake of A'eyr's question. Some things, in his opinion, should never, ever happen. That, clearly, is one of those things. "The saddles being provided are yours," he assures. "They might not be fancy, but they shouldn't need to be replaced for a while." At Alexa's comment and question, his expression softens considerably. "I will make sure you and your lifemates are suitably appointed when the time comes. As for flying, that depends on the goldrider," he admits. "Risali, the weyrwoman from Xanadu gets around a lot. I mean, really? /All/ of Pern is only a Between away once you have graduated. Even goldriders take time off for themselves," he assures in quiet tones.

A'eyr is not ew and is glad for that clarification, lips curled upwards at one corner as Alexa vehemently denies wanting sore and thickened spots on her behind. There's a measure of relief there as well, if truth be told. "Okay, then." Then, as the boy finishes up with the food he'd gathered, he brushes his hands off and finally rises so that he can head over to the barrels. His selection process is going to be exhausting, taking only what he deems as 'the best', if only to avoid the bellyaching Indaryth would provide to him otherwise. The conversation continues on for a while from there between all involved, with two very sleepy dragons powernapping their way through it, with plenty of questions asked and answered. With any luck, by the time N'sir collects his empty basket and heads off, the twins are either done or well on their way done with their very first set of straps.

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