Celestial Things and What Knot

Characters S'las, Triven
Synopsis Triven works on a commission and S'las just works on his sarcasm. Oh, fine. There's a knot offered, too.
Out-of-Character Date May 16, 2018

Igen Weyr - Star Stones
A flat notch on the eastern rim of the bowl, this area is only large enough for two dragons to comfortably rest. Its primary purpose is long past, although the ancient star stones remain. Cut from the native sandstone and inset with metal so many ages ago to frame the pulsing red star above on the eve of a pass. The stone is ever so slowly eroding from the elements, but is nowhere near collapse. Never again shall the finger and eye rocks to align with that dreaded celestial body. Now this area serves mainly as the lonely watchdragons perch. The view from is spectacular. The bowl spreads out below to one side, and beyond that are seen the low weathered mountains and the shimmering yellow deserts. A small shed topped with a solar panel located against the rising rim of the bowl provides an air conditioned area for a rider to rest out of the heat of the day. A door in the stone wall near the shed leads to a winding spiral staircase that links many lengths below to the series of inner caverns. The view may be epic, but transport by rider is much more convenient than those winding endless stairs.

The evening has finally started to cool off and for most people it is time to drink or find friends to hang out with. But for Triven, the visiting tattooist, it is a time to relax and draw. So up here at the star stones the young man is currently sitting among the stones that once where the silent sentinels of Pern. he has his drawing pad out and is currently adding colors to his picture of the bowl.

What is it with people coming out in the strangest places to draw. Is there a rhyme and reason to it? There's no telling, at least, S'las hasn't divined that mystery yet. This time, he stumbles across another aspiring artist and the bluerider is the one with the food and drinks. "Is there some sort of natural magnetism that brings people out here to draw or something? Am I gonna find someone in a forgotten privy next?" S'las waits for Chessylith to make himself into a comfortable dragonloaf before settling down and leaning back against his lifemate. It's nice and cool out here. He settles his own bag down, pulling out a small covered basket of meat rolls and a couple of bottles. One is placed close to Triven if he wants it, the other is opened and placed aside in favor of a roll.

Triven shrugs not really focusing on the fact there is a person there, seems he gets a little distracted when he is working "I came up here because it is a great view, and someone paid me to make a picture for them." He would go for the offered treat but his hands are covered with colored ink not very tasty. "You are the first person I have seen in a while today up here, so are you just hiding out? or do you have more stories to scare unprepared harpers.."

S'las flips the lid on the meat rolls and gets himself another while he hums in thought. "No, no stories this time. Not yet, at least. There's always an opportunity." Clearly, he's just hanging out. There's no real reason to be here other than it's quiet, it's getting dark out, he's winding down and there isn't a lot of people. The older he gets, the less people he wants to be surrounded by. Chessylith opens his mouth wide, letting out a long yawn away from the men before settling back down again, fluttering his wings a tiny bit. "Oh, don't let me hold you up from your work. The sky changes by the second, you know."

Triven half grins and as he keeps going "Oh I can do both, I am told half my mind shuts off while I work. So if I am rude I apologize ahead of time." He is trying to keep the colors as they were before the shifting of the seting sun. "You know that she really thought the Weyrharper was dead.."

Being quiet is rude? NEVER! If the man wants to be quiet, S'las isn't going to bother him one bit. Being quiet is a VIRTUE, especially while the bluerider is eating. It means he won't be interrupted! « What is he drawing? Is it a picture? I like pictures! We need more pictures, S'las. My weyr could use another one. » //Yes, Chessy. Let the man work. « Is he making us a picture? Maybe he can draw me! Do you have a picture of me in your weyr, S'las? Then I can be with you ALL THE TIME! » "You're with me all the time, already, Chessy." Did he say that out loud? "She did? That's unfortunate. There's usually an official announcement made to the whole weyr proper should such a thing legitimately happen. This is why it's important to spend more time listening, than speaking."

Triven nods as he finishes his drawing and sets it down to dry, which also gives clear view for the pair to see the Weyrs bowl captured just before the light fades. He has a wet cloth that he uses to wipe the colors from his hands as he says "Very true, though she did provide me with bussiness so there is that.."

"I suppose." Can't be mad at the man maintaining his commitment to his business. S'las takes another meatroll and begins to nibble on it while he crosses his ankles to be a little bit more comfortable. « Maybe we need to give him some business so we can have some of those pretty pictures, too, S'las! » "Maybe another time, Chessy. He's looking pretty busy at the moment." The blue croons his understanding as he continues to watch Triven eagerly.

"Move? No, you're fine. Chessy is talkative tonight." More like he's talkative at every hour on the hour, whenever he's awake. S'las takes his bottle and takes a drink from it, closing his eyes as the cold is just right. « Maybe he can draw the eggs! Everyone wants a picture of the eggs, why wouldn't they? It would be such a wonderful pictures with all the colors! » Can dragons even see color? S'las sighs, twisting at the waist as he gives a tired look up to his dragons own whirling blue eyes. "I'm sure they would, Chessy. Let's not over work the man now. That sounds like a serious undertaking. Wouldn't be fair to have him crank out so much and not have time for other things." Wait… what is this strange noise the bluerider is making? "The last time they had someone doing that, their fingers just vanished. No one knows how it happened, it just did. You can only color so much without fingers!"

Triven chuckles at the vanishing fingers, "What is a serious under taking?" He then looks down at his fingers that he is still cleaning off then back at the blue rider. There is a look of is he crazy but then the Tattooist has seen a lot of strange things lately.

"Drawing a picture of the eggs on the sands for every person that could possibly want a copy of their own. Not a print, but a hand drawn image. Most folks can't settle for mass made reproductions, they want one 'made just for them'." S'las pulls out a roasted tuber and begins to nibble on that instead. See? There's some variety in his dinner! « I was made just for S'las! » "Yes you were, Chessy." There may or may not be a tiny curve of a smile at the edge of the elder man's mouth. He will neither confirm nor deny such allegations.

Triven tilts his head and chuckles "yeah that would go about killing a fellows hands, even if they can draw from memory like I can. Though I would also have to get a good look at them my self and no offense gentle dragon, but I doubt a Queen would let me on the sands." He leans against one of the ancient stones and sighs happily looking out at the Weyr and enjoying the evening air.

« Zeraeth would! Wouldn't she, S'las? » "Well, she would if he is willing, Chessy. It's not something to take lightly. It will keep him busy for quite some time and the end might be a little dangerous for the weak at heart." It's true, you never know what happens come hatching day. There's only one way to find out, after all! S'las begins to clean up his impromtu dinner and slips the empty containers back into a storage pouch on the blue's straps. Everything but that napkin. Fingers are still a bit spicy. "Are you willing?" After a vigorous cleaning of his fingers with a napkin, he reaches into his pocket and pulls out a crisp white knot. It's held out by a loop on his fingertips.

Triven is completely not paying attention as his eyes are closed and he is relaxing says "Oh Sure. you get the Queens permission and I will draw all those eggs for ya.." It isn't until he opens his eyes that his grin fades as the man holds the white knot at him. "Wait…. WUT!!!" Triven looks back to the dragon, then the man, then the knot, "Is this another one of your pranks? like I take the knot and wake up floating on the lake in the morning?"

"Floating in the morning is ill advised. After morning drills, the dragons like to rinse off and get cleaned up before they have to wear their straps for the longer part of the day. I suggest floating late afternoon or early evening when the Weyrlingmaster's release the rest of the Candidates for the day." S'las isn't lowering his hand, the knot is still held out. Chessylith croons towards Triven, watching eagerly. He just might get one drawing of eggs! Or himself.

Triven blinks and then laughs nodding "Good point well I guess I will have to see what this experience will help me draw.." He reaches up and takes the pure white knot before adding "When do I need to report? Have to send out a few letters and such to get things straightened out back at home."

"Soon. Report to whomever you need to, get your basic needs, then meet me in the bowl. Have your firelizard seek out my gold 'Solstice' if you have one. She normally hangs out by the lake, basking. She'll let me know when you're on your way and we'll get you settled in. Once you're in the barracks, that is your place of duty and you'll be under the command of the Weyrlingmaster's. They'll answer any additional questions you may have." S'las dusts his hands off as soon as they're knot-free and he pushes himself to his feet. As soon as he's upright, Chessylith rises and gets into position for both men to mount up. Yay, another one!

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