Knot a Candidate Tree

Characters S'las, Shetaia
Synopsis Shetaia collects her notes in the Conservatory and S'las collects another Candidate. And a pair of trees!
Out-of-Character Date May 17, 2018

Igen Weyr - Conservatory
Thick doors control access to this large arcing chamber within the bowl wall. There is no direct access to the bowl itself and it is hard to tell just how deep or shallow one is within the interior. A series of ducts in the ceiling and reflective mirrors bring in, and distribute the nartual daylight to fill the cavern as if one is standing out doors. At night dimmer lights inset into the ceiling cast a full moon level of illuminescence. The cavern is carved in a series of five stepped terraces which are interlinked by a switchback sandstone pathway. Soil for the trees planted within here has been clearly imported, and the fruit trees are tended with extreme care. The room is always fairly wam and rather humid which suits the growing things just fine. Vtols and trundlebugs can be found amid the trunks and canopies, buzzing wth activity in lifespans likely spent entirely within this one cavern.

Often an overlooked part of Igen Weyr, after all who would think to look for a terraced grove of fruit trees at Igen, the Conservatory is a beautiful place full of green growing things. Even at night there is light enough to see by, making it a calm quiet place. And in such a place, surrounded by the buzzing of insects is Taia. Settled just off the switchback path, she's seated on a cloth, textbooks of all sorts scattered around her as she hums to herself, flipping through this one or that.

S'las wouldn't normally find himself here at all, this place has greenery and it's likely and pretty and smells good. It's happy, and being the general grump that he is, it's everything he is not. Unfortunately, his lifemate is everything the Conservatory is so with a defeated groan, he finds his way into the nature filled space. The man shoves his hands into his pocket, blissfully easier without being burdened by flight leathers, and he casually saunters through. « Let me know when you find one! » "I will, I'll let you know when I find one." Mrrs.

Shetaia apparently likes to find random places to study or collate data, she's a bit of an oddball that way. Tapping her pencil against the paper she makes a face and scribbles something out. The sound of footsteps and then a voice has her glancing up and around for a moment, in an effort to locate the source. "Find one what?" is called out with a curiosity she can't contain. There's a need to 'know' just about anything she can wrap her mind around.

S'las pauses at the source of the voice, turning his head to the sound and he peers down at Shetaia, then down at the collection of things she brought with her. "Oh, we're here to pick up a tree. Our weyr is somewhat lacking and Chessylith likes to garden so we're bring a tree back with us." All said with a big wide toothy grin. The man glances around with green eyes and he grumbles, running fingers through his peppered hair to get it out of his face. Here is where he was told to wait for his order so he's just going to mill about. The Conservatory doesn't normally give anything out to the public, but a deal was made in favor for labor and he's making good on that offer.

Shetaia offers a smile, if a somewhat quizzical one while she thinks that through. A processor is our Taia. "I'll have to put that in my notes. I like to keep favorites and dislikes about the dragons around the Weyr." she stirs around the pile of things and pulls out what looks like a well used notebook and jots down some weird shorthand. "I'm still learning new things after being gone to Irene for a few turns. And now there's the clutch to keep records of, I just have to convince their mama not to mind me."

"Oh, then you're going to need more than that if you should run into Chessylith. He is a wealth of curiosity." To put it nicely! « I AM a wealth of curiosity, aren't I, S'las? I just like looking at all the different things and the plants, and the flowers, and the different smells. And the bugs! They like my toes. Is there bugs there, S'las? I think we shoul- » "An absolute JOY to be around." Maybe he's biased. Or it could be the bug that flutters onto his shoulder. Narrowed green eyes scowl at the thing and he softly brushes it off of him. Last thing he needs is bug guts all over him. "Oh, I'm sure if the conditions are right, she might let you get a little closer to see them. Gold dragons are very strict and particular about who they allow near their eggs."

Shetaia says, "I'll keep that in mind. I do enjoy my interactions with the draconic members of the community. Even ones that are not so warm and friendly have personality components that make them interesting." as she pushes to her feet and dusts herself off a bit. There's probably bugs, she's ignoring them if there are. "I'm Shetaia, dragonhealer, rank 3 and if you're Chessylith's rider that makes you… " she pauses a moment to think, tapping her finger along side her chin. "S….las I believe?" is asked with a bright gaze to see if she's tested her memory right. "I've been going over records in the archives to get up to date on all the pairs here. It helps."

« She knows who we are, S'las! That's good! I like us, too. » The bluerider is going to peer at her with an expressionless face and then his shoulders sag. "Yup, that is correct. I'm S'las, Chessy is mine. There's no escaping your sharp observation." Smirk. Hopefully Shetaia only has the good, not the bad or the ugly in her notes! Though, there's probably no saving S'las. "I suppose as a Dragonhealer, it's mildly important. Just a tiny, little, ittybitty bit." Footsteps behind the elder rider get him to turn around quickly, scanning the room with green eyes opened wide but nope, not the person he needs. He sighs heavily, then turns back around to Shetaia. "And soon you're have even more on your hands."

Shetaia doesn't seem perturbed in the least at the smirk, but she does look mildly triumphant at getting it right. And if there's bad in her notes or just names at present, well she's got a good poker face so who knows. "Only slightly, I believe Healers call it bedside manner. I believe I might go with wingside manner as my contribution to the vocabulary." she tucks her pencil behind an ear, her spikey black hair getting an absent hand through it. Perhaps she did remember the possible insects. "Oh yes, I'm quiet excited about the clutch. It's my first since coming back from Irene and there's just something special about ones home and the things that go on in it. A chance to track their growth after they hatch without having to travel to and from another Weyr. It will be glorious."

"Clutches on the sands genuinely do make an excellent source of excitement, I'll give you that. It never gets old." « The eggs aren't old, they're new! There's lots of them, S'las, and I can't wait to meet them all! Am I going to meet them all? Do I have time for a bath first? Are they going to need to take bath's first, too? Who is going to bathe them? Are you bathing them, S'las? OH, maybe the new rid- » "Their new riders are going to be busy, though I'm sure you'll have the privilege to get up close and personal with them throughout their growth." He presses his mouth into a fine line as he listens to his lifemates litany and he manages to let the edges to curl up into some strange facimile of a smile to Shetaia. The blue is a talkative one! Though, only during times of the turn. Otherwise, it's all MISCHIEF. Adorable innocent mischief. Mischief is mischief.

Shetaia nods her head in agreement, her spikey hair giving a bit of a wobble at the motion. "I couldn't agree more. And a clutch of eight, a great number indeed." she shifts, shuffling some of her texts into the semblance of a pile with her foot. "I won't, of course, bother the new riders without the express permission of the Weyrlingmaster. I do believe I'm on the Half Moon Bay Weyrlingmasters list, he gives some fierce frowns and I'm still not quite sure what happened. I asked for permission but one never knows I suppose." She drifts off almost as if she's lost in thought, which she probably is. "Oh, I'm not keeping you from your tree am I? I tend to go off on a tangent when it comes to talk of dragons."

Half Moon Bay… Weyrlingmaster? Oh, at that, S'las just offers the sweetest of smiles. He heard of the little bundle of sunshine that watches over Half Moon's charges. Just as grumpy as the bluerider is, only more proficient in dissenting noises and disapproving looks. "Oh, no. You're fine, I'm used to tangents and tree is supposed to be coming to me in any case." « Zeraeth will let her look at all the eggs and the little baby dragons when they hatch, S'las! » "I'm sure she will, Chessy, when hatching day gets here." « And she can go onto the sands to look at them! » "Well, I don't know if Zerae-" « She can go out with the other Candidates and she knows so much about dragons, S'las! She is so smart and she can see if the eggs are going to be good an- » "Slow down, Chessylith!" The bluerider just shoves his hands into his pocket, chewing on his lower lip in thought. "So she can go out with the other Candidates, huh?" « I think that would be a wonderful idea, S'las! She knows about dragons so she would be a good Candidate. »

Shetaia says, "Oh good, good. What kind of tree is it?" before his talk of hatching day has her smiling "It will be a good day, I've been watching the eggs from the Stands as much as I can to look them over." she chews her lip in thought hmming at the mention of going out with the Candidates. "No, no I couldn't intrude on their times, that's important I believe for building bonds even before they're hatched."

"Just a sapling of something that's supposed to clean the air and has tiny flowers. It's going in a pot in Chessylith's weyr, by the entrance. I'll put it on a rock outcropping during the day, then move it in at sundown. Not supposed to get too big." S'las shrugs, he won't pass up a moment to spoil his lifemate in the slightest. Chessylith rarely asks for much as it is and his enthusiasm is rather contagious around these times. The bluerider pulls his hand out of the pocket, glancing into it with green eyes. He offers a very serious look as he holds his hands out to Shetaia, with a white knot dangling at the top of his fingertips. "You wouldn't be intruding, Shetaia, if you were one of them."

Shetaia says, "Hopefully it's one of those with the pleasant smelling flowers. Some of them can get rather odorous. You've got a solid plan for the tree at least, if I had access sun from my room I'd get a plant or two. They help cheer a place up when it needs it sometimes." another tap to her chin as she considers different types of plants, not really noticing what S'las is doing with his hand. But then the next time she looks up at him there's a whit knot dangling in front of her. The perplexed look of startlement on her face is comical really. "A Candidate? Are you sure, I mean I've the lineage partially of course but… " she trails off, stares at S'las again and takes the knot as if he might change his mind. She's not an overly emotional type but the knot is gripped securely in her grasp. "I'd be honored, if nothing else the experience regardless of outcome will do wonders for my work."

"That's the spirit and see? You even have a rain or shine outlook, I admire that." Just as the words are freed from his mouth, an older portly man comes striding through in a huff, face red and slicked with sweat. He shoves a pair of small saplings nestled in cups into the blueriders now vacant hands. "New shipment, need to get there first! Can't have bad stock," he mutters as he waddles his way to the other end of the Conservatory and out of sight. S'las is just going to blink in the man's direction for a bit, his facial expressions schooled of his opinion, then he turns back to Shetaia. "Inform your superiors of your change in status, pack only essentials and report to the Weyrlingmasters. If you have firelizards, have them seek out Solstice if you need any assistance and uh…" The bluerider peers at his extra tree and hands it out to Shetaia in offering. "You can see what the effects are on the candidates to have a tree in the barracks or something."

Shetaia's smile is a bit brighter than her usual distracted one. She can't help it. But then there is the man and the tiny baby trees and all the things. White knot in hand she accepts the sapling and just stares at S'las as if she's still processing it completely. "I will inform them, I've no firelizards so I'll just hunt someone down if I need anything. I'm efficient enough to manage I believe. Thank you for the opportunity." she gestures with the 'tree'. "I'll be sure to get it potted right away."

"Be sure to name it, too. I hear it's good luck!" That is true, at the very least. He did hear that. S'las offers Shetaia a little salute and he turns to leave the Conservatory. "I better get this one in a pot, too. Chessylith won't let me forget but the sooner I get it in there, the sooner he can watch over it and I can have an evening of peace." « Yay, we both got trees! I have to think of a name for my tree, S'las! I should name it Greeny or Leafy or Branchy or Flowery o- » "Alright, off with me and welcome to the next strenuous stretch of your life, Candidate Shetaia. I think you'll do just fine." If not, well, he can name the tree after her.

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