Igen Hatching 2018

Characters Aria, N'sir, R'que, R'sner, Shetaia, T'ven
Synopsis Zeraeth and Teimyrth's Clutch Hatches
Out-of-Character Date June 13, 2018

Igen Weyr - Hatching Sands
As if temperatures in the rest of the Weyr weren't uncomfortable enough, the sands are positively blistering. The air shimmers from the onslaught of heat, leaving the area with a hallucinatory feel. Black sands stand currently empty but for the occasional egg-shard or 'print not swept clear. A raised platform of smooth stone provides a lounging-spot for queens or their mates, or a retreat for the lifemates that accompany them from whence they can cool their feet somewhat.

The lone wanderer egg moves, for real this time. Its glittering surface catches even faint light from the grounds, glittering a dangerous invitation to the surrounding candidates. Dare you come closer now?

Nerves are clearly high as the candidates emerge on the sands, more then a few of them casting nervous glances about the area. Still, they know what they are supposed to do and, despite the nerves, they bow as a group to dam and sire, before offering the same show of oddly solemn respect to the Weyrwoman.

Called Into The Ether Egg stirs ever so slightly. The tiny ripples upon its matte black shell are suddenly broken by bright white lines. It seems impossible, but something struggles to escape this eggs grasp.

When Stars Collide Egg flares to life suddenly, the sudden movement causing the bright splash of color on the shell to shift towards the sands as the egg rolls on its side - and then, as sudden as a shooting star, it is gone.

R'sner has been pressed into service, it seems. Guilt-trip or bribery, either way he's on the Sands rather than in the galleries. Surprise surprise? And oh, look! Eggs are wiggling, and candidates are walking! Let the games begin…

Roque is amongst the candidates that make their way onto the sands, totally neat and composed - from his combed blonde hair to his smoothed robe. A graceful bow to Zeraeth and Teimyrth, and he is moving to find a spot in the loose ring of white robed candidates that gathers around the eggs - no hesitation to his step, and no backwards glance.

Called Into The Ether Egg seems to growl, low and hungry and unstable all at once. The lines grow brighter against the matte darkness. It surely can't be long now before the one inside will with this war.

Triven comes walking on to the hot sands with the others, thankful he is short for probably the first time in his life. He stands next to Nissar holding the taller mans hand, because this is exciting and terrifying all at the same time and he may or may not admit needing a friend to hang on to..

It's hard to discern the cracks which are forming upon the surface of the Lone Wanderer Egg. The shell is already so bright in many spots, but where the cracks cross a dirtied line the evidence mounts. Doom, doom here comes your destruction. Well, maybe, or your salvation, but in a doomy kind of way. What is life but the path you walk? Never a guarantee that it will be an easy one.

Shetaia straightens from her bow, eyes moving from one egg to the next. Knowing the dragonhealer candidate she's likely gauging when they might crack, who will do so first etc. Her fellow sand goers receive a nod of encouragement before she moves to form part of the loose circle that often eggs on the sand. Her robe, it's not the best but she doesn't seem to mind the strangeness as she allows her attention to be drawn to the lone wanderer egg and its' movements.

The Life Giving Destroyer Egg flares to life in a sudden massive shudder. It twitches near constantly after as the creature within rages to be free sending the egg rolling from its sandy nest. Spasms grip it in an almost rhythmic beat that you can't entirely put your finger on.

Nassir is not entirely comfortable, despite looking outstanding, and it shows on his face as he glances toward the eggs. It's daunting seeing them moving and for a moment, he is riveted. Shaking himself, he glances toward the gallery, dark eyes searching for a moment before he looks back at the eggs. It's only belatedly that he squeezes Triven's hand and a gives a reassuring nod of his head. All good.. Everything is good here. Wait is that R'sner? Blink. Fortunately, there's not much time for staring, although he does relax marginally.

Ariadne brings up the rear of the procession of candidates, by a slight distance. The youngest of those standing, the young harper seems nervi=us, and a bit lonely, for some reason. She bows nervously at the queen as she arriuves, and takes up a position aroudn the outside, looking around, still by herself…

The shell of the Lone Wanderer Egg finally gives, separating unevenly into three or four large pieces. It's a bit difficult to tell for the darker hatchling that emerges, dirty alabaster talons finishing the job in a sturdy push which slices apart a piece of shell that had been resisting her escape. Really, you should know better she snorts in disdain, nothing will stop a queen.

Alien Vista Dusty Gold Hatchling
Dry winds stir up dusty golden grains, splashing them against the edge of a canyonland on some far distant plain. Beyond, a sandy expanse stretches out, broken only by random spines of rough weathered rock, while attempts at vegetation blur in the cracks, weathered and browned gnarled branches, wispy tufts of what might have tried to be grasses - everything clearly failing to take hold. Glittering eyes open, the lids tucking back neatly around the smaller than average eyes. They are the only real spot of color, contrasting against the alien world etched upon her hide. Jawline is rough but sturdy, defined by crumbling weathered stone. It curves back unevenly as the top of her head comes down to meet in a roughened flatter muzzle tip. Expressions are found in the very subtle movements upon her face, this one's mood will not be so easily read upon the outside. Head swivels with fine control upon a muscled neck that flows into a broad deep muscled chest. One can even trace the veins which stand out upon muscled arms and legs. The hue of her hide deepens slightly, as though a shadow slips over part of the land that etches upon her main body and flanks. Talons are large, yellowed, dirty alabaster, curved and extremely sharp, a fact that she preens over now and then, perhaps her greatest outward emotional expression. Tail snakes out behind, offering her balance despite being somewhat shorter than average - thick and muscled along its entire length. Her wings reach skywards into this alien world, these deserts beyond even Igen's sandy shores, reflecting a sky full of particulate debris, veins pulsing around a frothy sandy storm which promises something more only at the trailing edges. Flashes of metallic gold lightning streak above a darker dirty gold dust which has gathered upon the expanses of her wing sails, that might even be an indication of actual precipitation, or perhaps simply your doom.

Yup. R'sner is on the sands, not the galleries. But he is in 'work' mode and, other than a quick glance for Nassir and the barest hint of a smile (really, so subtle it might not even count), he remains focused on the task at hand. Waiting.

Roque finally seems to react to something as the first of the eggs hatches - a soft sigh escaping the young man at the hatchling as it escapes from the confines of its shell. "Well, would you look at that.." He murmurs softly, to no one in particular, as a hand absently smoothes the front of his robe.

Triven was looking to the stands too, still not seeing that someone as the first egg opens and it is a golden Queen. He blinks and says to Nassir "Ok that is nothing like I thought it was going to be. Good thing I didn't bet any marks this time around." SQueeze!!

The flames which lick and devour the Life Giving Destroyer Egg grow white hot as cracks follow the flame lines. It rocks furiously in place, no longer content to stay still, not it is a fury fed by the brilliance of its shell and it takes on that very mantle. Indeed, it must destroy to live.

Nassir blinks twice, his grip on Triven's hand tightening for a moment before he turns his head to stare at the newly emerged dragon. "Me either," he whispers in hushed tones. Really, it feels like everything is moving very fast and it is very hard to know where to look, at all. Naturally, he's trying to look everywhere at once.

Ariadne gasps as the first egg hatches, revealing…a Gokd! Is that an even better omen than a Bronze first? The harper girl clutches her shabby, ancient robe with one hand, subconsiously moving around the side, towards Shetaia, although still giving the older woman a bit of clearance. Her eyes drift from the gold to one egg, then another, waiting to see what they conceal, hoping that, perhaps, one is for her…

In a rare breaking of the rule of physicals the Called Into The Ether Egg cracks open and a small blue mangaes to wriggle free. The gap closes back so that the egg looks nearly unhatched but for the cracks which still reflect upon its surface.

Reckless Charisma Blue Hatchling
A rather study average sized blue dragon. What, did you expect everyone in the clutch to have 20-30 line descriptions!?! He is certainly above all that, it's that he's a dragon that counts. See blue dragon, an amazing dragon. No frilly descriptions needed!

Shetaia just so happened to have her eyes on the lone wanderer egg when the dragonet within cracked the shell. Eyes widen, a hand dragging through her hair as she tries to calm her jitters. It's an unusual occurrence for her, this nervousness and it appears as those she is quite uncomfortable with it. The queen keeps her attention though her gaze tracking the size, shape as if memorizing them in measurements for later. Ariadne gets a glance but she doesn't do more than that.

Alien Vista Dusty Gold Hatchling takes in a deep breath and tucks stormy wings against her sides. She moves low to the ground, stalking from this very moment of birth as if it were breathing to her. She isn't entirely sure just yet what she is looking for, but when she finds it… a feral dragonic grin splits across her face. She silently slips behind an unhatched egg dissapearing from sight, and she isn't one you really should lose sight of.

R'sner's gaze goes first to the queen, then to the blue. It's a calm, cool sort of gaze that says he's practiced enough not to get overtly /excited/ about the Hatching. Even if he looks a bit tense and MIGHT be prone to a little pacing. All the better for snagging new-Impressed weyrlings, right? Right.

When Stars Collide Egg is moving again, this time shifting around on the sands as tiny cracks begin to run across the shell, spreading from star to star, dark against the already dark blue backdrop.

Nassir loses sight of the newly hatched gold, a flicker of confusion tracing over his features as he tries to determine where she has gone. At the sight of the blue, his lips twitch in a smile, dark eyes sliding back toward Triven. "Take a breath," he whispers in hushed tones.

Triven is watching the gold as she moves around, now he might understand why all his friends love to look at dragons up close. That blue though he grins "Hey he seems to have just as much says as you do Nassir." He keeps his head on a swivel but really all that hair is starting to get hot and heavy.

Ariadne quickly loses track of the gold, when she's distracted by, first, Shetaia's quick glance, then the appearance of the not so plain as he might appear at first look blue. She steps back, taking a breath, sweat beading up on her brow, the heat of the sands starting to get to her already, but she straightens up, dropping the bit of robe she holds, making up her mind to stand fast, even if, deep inside, she is scared to death…

Reckless Charisma Blue Hatchling stretches his wings out in casual confidence. He take a moment once he's gotten to his feet to look around and upon seeing movement goes there first. Oh, hello When Stars Collide Egg! The hatchling rubs himself along the length of the rocking shell nudging it slightly candidate-ward. His poise is optomistic as if to say you'll soon be out here too. Then matters press and he paces over to Triven and Nassir, eyeing between the pair as claws knead the sands. Mymy, what interesting candidates we have here.

Roque remains steady on his feet, the poet and artist not yet falling prey to the sand-shuffling dance that will likely plague those candidates who remain on the sands for any length of time. Instead, there is a soft murmuring commentary that seems to distract him as his eyes follow the progress. "What -are- the right words for this?" is one of the more intelligible statements that can be heard from him, as he absently chews his lower lip.

Shetaia doesn't sway, she doesn't pace. Grey eyes note where the gold disappeared and they remain in the vicinity calculating perhaps just where that sneaky one might pop up. Momentarily she allows herself a glance to the blue hatchling and then one at Nassir one hand raised in encouragement to the other candidate.

When Stars Collide Egg can take no more - the shell falls upon on the sands, and that small universe draws to an end. However, it has left its occupant on the sands - a small, pale-colored brown.

Bright Star Brown Alioth and A'or
The palest hues of brown cling precariously to this small hatchling's hide, as if it has been hidden in darkness and never seen the warming rays of Rukbat - his form lean as he struggles to stand upon delicate limbs. Wings are cautiously tested, slowly opening and closing, before he begins to move on unsteady feet towards the waiting ring of candidates. A bit of a stumble here, and he carefully rights himself, the sand sticking to his pale muzzle even as he continues ponderously on his way. Until.. what was that? A pause and suddenly he seems to have found his feet for he is shooting straight towards a young man from Igen's lower caverns. "Of course, Alioth, we'll get you some food right now.." Avoir - now A'or - turns to escort his new lifemate off the sands.

R'sner might not have taken note of where that gold has gone, but he's definitely paying attention to that blue! Glower. Squint.

To The Edge Of Yesterturn Egg sits broodily upon the sands. It is a speckled dot almost lost within the darkness of the surrounding sands. If it hadn't been placed atop a smaller mound of sand for this particular event it might just seem to huddle down and disappear altogether. However, there it sits, highlighted for all to see, or not.

Nassir slides back a half a step at the approach, his head tilting to follow the gaze of the blue hatchling back toward the eggs. Noticing, only belatedly, that it's gotten closer, he wriggles his hand free of Triven's just in case. It is Taia's wave that inspires a smile to tracing over his lips, his fingers giving a reassuring waggle in Taia's direction. Again, keeping up proves to be a problem when suddenly realizes there is another dragon out there and promptly being ushered out with his new lifemate.

Triven takes his eyes off the blue and gold when the first impression is made to Avoir…er A'or now, he sends a whistle towards the pair before turning back the dragons at hand. Because lets face it folks they are cute, but about as safe as a tropical storm..

Ariadne can't help smiling as the brown chooses, and Alioth and A'or leave the sands. She says nothing, idly starting to shuffle her feat due to the heat, then turns back to watch the blue. She starts t shift again, then stumbles, able, barely, to keep her footing. Again, she seems nervous, and, once again, grasps at her robe.

Reckless Charisma Blue Hatchling can't his head for a long moment but in teh end there's a light snort as he sashays along down the line of candidates. His tail swings towards the bottom of Triven's robe, as if he might manage to bap it as he moves along. A need is driving him so much more urgently, a hunger a void that must be filled and then there! There he is, really the perfect match and the blue plants himself before his chosen. Lookign up wiht all the loyal admiration int he cutest you can't resist me puppy look you've ever seen.

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Reckless Charisma Blue Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

The rusty scarred surface of the Exhausted Explorer Egg stirs and shifts ever so slightly. It sends a small drizzle of sand down the side of its nest indicating some life is left within this vessel after all.

Roque stops - just stops - his attention suddenly centered on that spot in front of him - that blue spot in front of him. That not really a spot at all, but a blue dragon hatchling in front of him. After a moment, mouth opening and closing, he finds himself speechless, before lifting a hand to brush over the dragon's muzzle. "Of course, we'll get you some food right away, Kelsith…" And the new bluerider turns to find the weyrlingmasters and a first meal.

R'sner would probably agree with that 'dangerous' assessment, even if he's not in the path of claws and teeth. He is, however, quick to step in and escort Roque and his new blue to the side. "Food this way…"

Nassir flashes a broad smile as the blue goes to Rogue, a pleased laugh spilling past his lips. "That's perfect," he whispers under his breath to Triven.

Triven flinches as the dragon gets him good, right on the lower calf. No blood, no Foul though and he clings closer to Nassir for balance bringing his newly redding leg up to rub it against his other leg. He has all sorts of words he wants to say but keeps his mouth shut incase the dragon wants to come back for seconds.

In a final dramatic burst the life giving destroyer egg explodes in fiery shards. The fireworks are a massive entrance for the one who now takes the stage., tossing her head back and letting out a mighty roar!

I Can't Give You Anything But Love Green Hatchling
Glittering emerald sparkles drape down across her muzzle in the richest of gaudy decadence, a single sapphire anchored beneath the wide flare of her pale green nostrils, while a thin twist of copper connects beneath her jaw from cheek to cheek. Her form continues in bejeweled decoration - her slender neck of malachite covered in dots of green sapphire and a fine lace of gold which along her neckridges - which themselves are rather large and pointed emeralds and come to rest across her upper back, sweeping to the edge of glory. The malachite fades into a rare pool of chrome chalcedony for the rest of her body, however it is but the base. For upon this, slender forelimbs are wrapped in tiny glittering peridot, tipped with talons of topaz with bright red ruby streaks upon the top. The talons tap in a beat, impatient or echoing silent thoughts, it's hard to tell. They look both wickedly cool and terribly dangerous as she stands there simply chillin. Her sides are stroked with a single brush of blue sapphire and along her belly a plate of bronze like a prize, a lovers revenge she holds tight the prize and never lets go. Haunches are muscled but not exceptionally so, just enough to make her sensually feminine and yet also do they work they need to. They'll provide a steady gait upon land, or propel her into the sky at her whim in a jeweled rain. Thick large talons upon each toe are a darker ebon but with the same ruby streak atop as her fingers. Hips are highlighted with jade along the top, a gentle caress of silky cold rich and elegant as they sway from side to side just so, an invitation almost to just dance. The hue pulls back tightly across her hip curves and extends beyond in a dramatic trail to form the elongated length of her tail. Tiny emerald ridges return there with quicksilver laced amongst them before the metallic hue pools at the very base of her tail. If you thought your brain might explode at the bold vibrant of this glittering gal, well you haven't even seen her wings yet. They stretch, slender and long and webbed, in delicate panes of emerald, peridot and green tourmaline. While the thin membranes look impossibly heavy in their glass-like panes, the sails ripple and drift as though the weight of a feather. They crown her glory in an aura that glows under light, transforming her as a butterfly, as a fairy, or even perhaps a goddess if you knew such the term. There are a million reasons to worship her visage, as the rest of the world pales in comparison to her perfect illusion leaving one speechless. She waits for her applause, after all she can't help it, she was simply born this way.

Shetaia hasn't as yet caught site of the gold just yet, but she has not forgotten. Her attention isn't quite as focused as it was before though, as Roque and Kelsith find each other. Sure her gaze might be slightly wistful but it doesn't last long, her gaze once more tracking the sands for movement whether it be egg or hatchling.

Ariadne smiles at Roque in silent congratulations. She doesn't know the other can…no, now Bluerider very well, as he always tended to stick to himself. With that, she turns back to the rest of the eggs, and looks again for the one hatchling left for the moment, but is still unale to spot the dusty gold.

The Exhausted Explorer Egg shifts with almost a groan that moans low across the sands. More like metal than shell slowly giving it protests the effort of transformation that it has undertaken. Much like the ovoid it is however, those luck candidates close enough can see the bright white crack break the metal scarred surface in ever increasing numbers

There is always one. And this time? R'sner is pretty sure that 'one' is the green that has just graced the sands. And there's a longsuffering sigh just itching to be exhaled. Trouble. That's what she is. TROUBLE.

Nassir is completely startled by the exploding egg, his eyes darting directly toward the newly hatched green dragon. "Oh… Well… That's an entrance." Bravo, goes unspoken by implied by the light clapping of his hand. It's the colors, though, that have his smile broadening and the oh-so-bold posture.

Alien Vista Dusty Gold Hatchling ahs, there yes the distractions he needed. Fools so many looking to the distracting glitter but she is focused on the survival essentials. She cranes her head about the unahtched egg in a a quick survey. Well, perhaps not all fools. That bears exploring and the darkness of igen's sand betray here presence to those keener eyed on the lookout. Still she moves silently, not that it would be hard to hide noise within the sands chaos but she is still she and eyes narrow as she comes up before Ariadne. Rearing up in a flash of claws she takes measure of the candiate in her reaction.

Triven still rubbing his leg says to Nassir "I think she just upstaged the gold.." Because well the green did, finally putting his foot back in the sands now he can stand again.

Trouble perhaps, but a stunning package of trouble at that. Ariadne's gaze is immediately attracted to the striking green who has just taken the spotlight, drawing the harper girl's attention from trying to find the Gold. "Oh! Look at her!" she exclaims, the first words she's spoken since the hatching has begun, and she almost takes a step forward, barely stopping herself.

"Oh," Nassir breaths in response to Triven. "She certainly did." Unfortunately, he's riveted and misses the reappearance of the sneaky little gold rearing up in front of Ariadne.

R'sner sees you, sneaky gold hatchling, and he's prepared to jump in if it comes to blows. It's enough to take his attention from the green who is, at least for the moment, not threatening to maul anyone.

With a finality befitting the end of one journey and the beginning of another the shell of the exhausted explorer snaps with a sharp CRACK. FLOP, a piece here, SNAP, a piece there and then it simply disintegrates and from those ashes rises the next iteration, wings stretching to boldly go out into the world.

Once More Enter the Starship Bronze Entrepeth and Wi'ker
Springing from his shell, this large bronze might actually have managed a few seconds of flight before thudding heavily onto the sands. Large paws plow deep furrows into the hot sand, but he hardly seems to notice. Heavy muscles are covered by a thick dark bronze hide which is burnished only in a few places to sear his rank in the metallic ranks. He holds his head high, the heavy jaw dropping slightly open as whirling red eyes take in the scene. So many little ensigns, err candidates! all spread out before him. The question as he stretches deep broad sails to dry the last of that egg damp from the glittering spans if any are actually worthy of him. The membranes sparkle with flecks of gold, green and blue like stars against the dark background and then as quickly as they are fanned tuck neatly against his back as he moves. Distinct, direct he passes with a haughty swagger those nearest on to an older guard lad that hold himself stiffly. The bronze turns his eyes upwards towards this youth Williker, towards this one who has achieved some measure of something in the climb of life's ladder and abruptly headbutts him. Look down, this impression thing needs eye contact now! Wi'ker oofs as his gaze meets the hatchlings "Alright Entrepeth, foods over there?" but the bronze has already stepped away leaving his new rider to pace quickly and nudge him slightly to be on course.

The flamboyantly colored Give Me Some Space, Baby Egg definitely moved. Although with the shell's patterning which itself is near a blur in motion in places one might doubt but the second twitch is /totally/ noticeable. Yeah, here we go, baby!

Shetaia would admit it, the dazzling entrance by that green totally distracted her for long moments. Her form had to be admired, her pizzazz it was required. Thankfully the gold danger didn't pop up in front of her, her reaction time might have been slightly late. With it being close, Ariadne being closer than some candidates she can merely startle and not dodge. There's also a moment where it looks as if she might step into the gold's space if she intends on mauling. "Easy, easy there." is murmured as if that will help.

Ariadne eeps, her attention taken from the Green when she looks down, and suddenly finds the dusty gold near her, a look of surprise on her face. She stumbles gain, and this time, she manages to fall back, landing on her backside. "Oh my," she says, half wondering if the young queen is choosing her, even as she struggles to her feet, rubbing burnt bum idly. She doesn't even notice as Wi'ker impresses.

Triven didn't miss the sneaky gold, well at least with the claws because he almost climbs Nassir before getting a hold of himself. It really isn't this boys day at all!

The unfocused surface of the Quiet Kiss Of Oblivion Egg seems to move. It's awfully hard to tell however given the delineation of the surface is so unfocused. To look at this egg for too long might just end up with one going cross-eyed.

Nassir acks as Triven moves to climb him like a tree, a breath spilling past his lips when the other candidate gets a hold of himself. "Scared me," he murmurs before raising a congratulatory hand toward the newly impressed pair. "What happened.. Oh," he murmurs as he glances toward Ariadne and the gold. His regard lasts only a moment, though, dark eyes darting on toward the eggs before trailing back toward the glorious green. "So fast," is murmured under his breath.

I Can't Give You Anything But Love Green Hatchling creels melodically, no don't look away I am awesome. I am everything you ever need, but only for one. She prances daintily towards the candidates, swishing side to side and occasaionlly flaring or dipping a wing to a choreography only she knows.

R'sner does not approve of attempted candidate-climbing, that's for sure. There's definitely a hard scowl and a squinty side-eye directed over at Triven and Nassir. No roughhousing on the sands!

Nassir is unaware of the aforementioned scowls cause there is so much going on! And he's totally watching Lil' Miss I can't give you anything but love sashaying on the sand. "Work it," is whispered under his breath.

Alien Vista Dusty Gold Hatchling returns to all fours almost dissapointed. Well at least she was smart enough to fall away but apprently not quite the partner this queen needs. She turns smotthly, arcign away and paces two girls down but the quick head snap send the other candidate fainting. The gold looks on silently, expression rather unreadable. Dissapointment? Disgust? Certainly not a choosing although the touch of her thoughts are goign to turn soemone's world upside down. She comes to rest at last before another. Although she too was distracted by the glitzy green there must be some promise here as she reaches out quite steadily with talons to grasp at the white robe, knee level.

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Alien Vista Dusty Gold Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

Movement is near impossible to detect on the to the edge of yesterturn egg. The dark surface almost glistens. Is that activity shifting the light across the speckled dark surface? Time will tell, time indeed.

Ariadne is still recovering her composure as the Gold turns away, honestly not surprised. She didn't deserve that beauty, and she knows it. Still, she can't help beeing a little disappoionted. Ah well. She turns to scan the sands, again, and this time, her eyes light on the flamboyant Green, now dancing her way in front of Nassir and Triven. Then her attention is attracted by Edge of Yesterturn egg…

A little shaky to the left, a little wiggle to the right and the Give Me Some Space, Baby Egg increases in motion. It's activities bring it ever closer to the candidates. If it is trying to be sneaky however it is failing, miserably. Wait, what, you totally don't see me getting closer right?

Shetaia has never attempted to climb Nassir. Truth. While she might might notice the goings on with other eggs and hatchlings out of the corner of her eye, she has made a point not to let that gold out of sight again. Indeed and it was a good idea as she notes the approach. Then, her eyes very nearly roll back in her head body swaying yet staying upright. Finally though, her hand drops to her knee touching the gold's talons as her gray eyes regain focus. She shakes her head, as if settling her mind or clearing it. "Ryath!" is called out, a ringing sound as if it must be shared before she looks down and lets her lips quirk a smile. "Food is a requirement that must be met. Come, you shall eat."

No blood means no need for R'sner to interfere. At least until that gold makes her decision and he's called to attend them for a wholly different reason! He's soon enough at Shetaia's side, a murmured, "Congratulations," delivered before he's ushering them to the side with a quick, "Let's get her… fed." And away from the rest of the candidates.

"Taia!" Nassir's call is triumphant and coupled with an ehtusiastically raised fist. THAT is a perfect match if ever there was one.

Triven is fine, really, put your scowl away R'sner. Oh look the gold made her choice and it is Shetaia?!?!? There is much clapping and whistling for his friend with the nibbling plant. "Grats!"

I Can't Give You Anything But Love Green Hatchling finds her little dance has brought her before Triven and Nassir. Hello, hello. Don't look away now either of you two and wings stretch half open so that you can admire that she's actually quite a big girl now, so up close. There's is a moment of indecision, but then she settles, creeling for his attention before locking gazes with her chosen. It's just you and I now.

With a triumphant cry it seems that the I Can't Give You Anything But Love Green Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

"What?" Blinking once, Nassir's attention is wholly and entirely on the green dragon. "Oh darling," he breaths. "Never gonna happen. Elianneth.." the name is breathed as he reaches out to smooth long fingers over her snout in a touch that is completely and utterly worshipful. "Everything you want, always." Hand in hand with the words a dangerously wicked smile traces over Nassir's lips, his brows twitching in a gesture that is as far from wholesome as it gets. "Food first, fun second…" And oh what fun.

Don't you know that scowling is R'sner's default mode? Because even as he's returning, that look of annoyed disapproval remains, and is definitely flashed toward the sashaying green. And when she sashays her way right to Nassir? Well. That scowl vanishes and he just kinda goes… blank. Just blank. Like, someone needs to reboot R'sner cause he's short circuited. Thankfully, he manages to come to his senses long enough to at least go do the Assistant Weyrlingmaster thing and make sure they're escorted off the sands. If he can't quite speak? Well… forgive him, please.

Great Scott! The To The Edge Of Yesterturn Egg abruptly isn't more than a shattering of large shell pieces. The fun is that the inside is somehow as black as the outside. Good luck cleaning up that mess later! Whatever experiment took a sideways turn to cause such an explosion, the rather large frazzled brown hatchling that staggers away is some proof indeed. There WAS an egg here.

Not Exactly Illegal Eccentric Brown Hatchling
While somewhere, certainly, there is a picture perfect workshop - smooth, glossy wooden counters and neatly fitting cabinets - that somewhere is not here. Instead, this dragon's frame and coloration mimics far less organized - and far closer to the reality that usually befalls such workspaces. Like mis-matched cabinets, patches of brown-stained hide sit side by side - red mahogany claiming his narrow chest, while a patch of oak settles over his shoulder, and pine upon his haunches, each patch somewhat haphazardly hung, as if it has begun to fall from its mounting. Knobby, slender limbs, like tool handles sticking out from drawers and closets, jut awkwardly out from his body, smooth and glossy, well-worn in hues of pecan, bearing sharp plutonium talons at the end - his tools of the trade, while his tail is a measure of old rope - its beige length oft coiled. Turns of dust and sawdust gather upon his nose and face, giving his narrow muzzle a speckled appearance, and causing his eyeridges and headknobs to take on an almost rounded appearance. Upon his wide wings, dark brown shadows, dusty and dim stretch between supporting spars, where hints of amber cling - old lights forgotten and faded, failing to fight the darkness.

Triven and now there is a green dragon in his face, she is pretty and his urge to draw is starting to creep in. But then she is impressing Nassir and he is clapping for his friend and maybe giving R'sner a little 'you are sooo screwed' grin. Ok it is a big one because take that MR ScowlymcScowler.

Surely it did move, it seems to be much more to the right of where it was before even if you can't quite pin exactly when the Quiet Kiss Of Oblivion Egg actually moved. Really, surely it did, didn't it?

When scrutiny becomes too obvious the Give Me Some Space, Baby Egg comes to a pause. Its activity has brought it to the edge of the candidates near a cluster of three girls from Igen's kitchens. They giggle but watch attentively the cracks upon the shells surface which seem to pulse slightly in, then out. Abruptly, it peels open and the hatchling within emerges. It seems like it tries to make a dramatic entrance, but fails. Instead flopping across the sagging shell about half way out before wriggling, yea, err, just a minute. You didn't see that as she gets to her feet and spreads her wings in a *pose*. I have arrived!

Just Dandy, Baby Green Hatchling
Warm lively greens splash over her graceful form, forming a base upon which the rest of her is carefully built. Head lifts, the slender jaws coming to a delicate point, which parts to reveal alabaster teeth in a draconic laugh. Mirth carries into the contented swirl of her eyes set beneath smoothed ridges, while headknobs protrude notably behind, stained with a darker evergreen hue that dips down across the top of her neck and tickles the back of each cheek. Neck ridges are small and rather blunted, which perpetuates illusion of her oversized headknobs. Arcing neck is lightly muscled with skin pulled tight as it dips down along the deep curves of her chest and tucks up to her belly. Forelimbs and legs are proportionally fit to her generally lengthy and slender body, ending in talons of silver. There is a circlet of gold-green about her left wrist, and another in the shape of a five pointed star on her back between her shoulder blades. The deeper evergreen streaks from wrist to shoulder on each side of both limbs, coming together at the base of her neck and flowing out across her back along the sail joint to her body somewhat framing the marking on her back. It splashes upon the delicate yet sturdy membranes for a few handspans before gravity wins and the brighter, lively greens dominate the spread of her sails in playful whorls. Tail swishes in the same cheerful green, fun and happy it stretches out behind her body, long and slender and tipped by smaller blunted ridges to the very tip.

Ariadne honestly looks a bit more downcast when the green chooses as well from the pair of young men, impressing Nassir, then turns her attention back to the still moving eggs on the sands. Oh, this isn't over yet, and for the harper, who once thought she'd never even be searched, this is farther than she ever expected, Still, she does steel herself. Then there is a Brown, and one that looks a lot more regular, more patterned at first than he does when you examine him closer. Yeah, this is heavy, and the girl does her best to wrap her head around the hatchling…

Triven grins and turns back as both a brown and green hatch, there is a pair of trouble there as well. Time to start moving to the back of the pack as his human shield..er.. friend is gone the way of the dragon rider now. "Well this is a fine mess you have gotten your self into.." he mumbles to himself.

R'sner is here. In body, if not in spirit? I mean, he's still looking a little shell shocked, but he's doing the thing. Breathing, at least. Green? Brown? Oh right. Still have Hatchlings to watch and weyrlings to collect…

The heat of the sands must be getting to the Quiet Kiss Of Oblivion Egg as it suddenly vents pieces of shell to the sands. Bits the shell are giving way and plinging off to plop onto the sands one tiny particle at a time. In short order there is a hiss and a crack and what is left disintegrates releasing an icy blue to float out into this sandy system.

Eccentric Wanderer Blue Khameth and T'pela
Small wings are widely stretched, the icy blue membranes drying quickly under the heat of the dark hatching ground sands. Small body is a bit rounded and chubby, with thinner limbs that don't entirely seem capable of supporting him at the moment. Still he managers to seem to drift just over the sands, almost like a balloon but moving ever rather slowly. His orbit draws him inevitably in closer to the bright white clad line of candidates. They seem to both spell doom and freedom, as lengthy tail drifts behind, dragging a bit in the sands. It may even have picked up a few flecks of the dark grains permanently against the dark blue which continues to deepen along the sinewy length. Eventually the paths cross and he simply collides with the one in front of him. The one candidate who was foolish enough, or didn't listen well enough to watch out for those clumsy hatchings and their very sharp claws. Seamstress by trade Tasepella was clearly not paying attention. Oh, giggling at that joke of your neighbors, well today will both be your first lesson and your luckiest day even. As crimson lightly stains the pure cloth dragon and candidate come face to face. Two oblivious worlds come into sudden focus and while T'pela crys out in both pain and joy the little blue gives a chirp in echoing surprise and delight. "Ah, oooh, ah! Faranth! No, I mean Khameth. Right not Faranth, Khameth but let's get untangled."

Ariadne blinks her eyes, as N'sir and the lovely green make their way off the sands, at first turning her attention back to the Brown. Only there's not /jut/ a brown anymore. A dainty little green has suddenly made her appearance. She looks around, trying to find somewhere to go, and backs up, only to find herself standing next to Triven, who she is sure hasn't forgiven her for her prank yet. Taking a breath, she does all she can, which is merely to watch the two hatchlings, eyes wide…

Triven right now is all about survival, and he probably has forgiven Ariadne as he takes her hand to re-assure the young woman. Not because he is scared..ok ok he is freaked out too, better watch out Ariadne he might use you as a shield.

Not Exactly Illegal Eccentric Brown Hatchling shakes himself off and bugles, loudly. Well isn't this all interesting. Oh might shards here, the same color as the sands? Fascinating! The brown promptly plows nose first into said said and plops back on his haunches to free himself. Snorting out sand he seems to make a mental note, that was NOT a bright idea. Creeling along chatteringly to himself he ambles toward the thinning line of candidates. This certainly deserves study. He eyes a younger girl from the infirmary but no, something a bit off , and then it is a lad. Is that poor Triven. Human climbing, the hatchling seems to ponder it catching a recent whiff of memory but a certainly scowly on makes him think twice. Perhaps not and on he goes measuring, judging comparing and most of all /learning/ Each step, each breath it is a whole new world and he is all of it. Yes, but it will be better together don't you think?

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Not Exactly Illegal Eccentric Brown Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

Just Dandy, Baby Green Hatchling swaggers, a very much less coordinated imitation of the former green her balance is not nearly too well and wingtips, tail and talons take their turn dragging in the sands. She brushes it off just as easily, like, Hey baby, I meant to do that! All this walking though, tiring. Maybe she could find someone to do this work for her and she looks up. A single lad left alone by others who have stolen his friends. Still, they were only friends. She'll be his BEST friend, EVER.

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Just Dandy, Baby Green Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

Ariadne can't help it, even though she knows better, and when the brown finds hos nose digging into the sands, she tisks, and can't help kneeling down to help him, only to pause. No. That's not how this is done, they drummed that into her. But suddenly, it appears to be a moot poo=int, as her eyes glaze for a moment, and she gasps at the littleone. "Of course, Zementh. We'll find you something to eat. I hope you don't mind sharing a bit with Sonata, though." She gets back p completely sin shock…

T'ven was all by himself, where is that sad music coming from?!?!. Then it came in like a wrecking ball, the tattooist winces and then goes a bit cross eyed but is grinning like a fool as he bends down to hug his new found lifemate. "Aloath is a wonderful name, I more than like it I love it." He is not crying, it is hot in here and he has… ok fine! Yes he is crying tears of joy as he stands up and turns to walk off the sands saying "Sure we can eat…"

R'sner is at least present enough to do the job he is out here to do. Quick enough, he's at Ariadne's side with a murmured, "This way," and he even manages to add a somewhat convincing, "Please," to that. And just as quickly, he's grabbing Triven and his new green with a seconded "Alright, over here, let's get her fed…"

With the final impressions comign quickly the sands fall suddenly quiet. It had actualyl been a rather large group of candidaes and there are a notable dozen plus left eyeing the sands as if a ninenth hidden planet egg might emerge. Zeraeth however vocalizes the end in a triumphant roar and then surges aloft, freed from the grounds for who knows however many turns to come. While unmistakable the end, Maisy steps forward, clearing her throat and offering words of encouragement to those remainign candiadtes who are more than welcoem to stay, or find rides in the coming seveneday to their location of choice on Pern. For now they are welcome to the feast and she turns, repeating that more loudly for those in the galleries. Feast, ne dragons and only a few scratches, Igen celebrates today, tonight, maybe even some tomorrow!

As soon as the last weyrlings are escorted to the barracks and passed over to an Igen local (S'las, perhaps), R'sner is /GONE/. Just. Gone.

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