Quiet Moments

Characters N'sir, R'sner
Synopsis R'sner and N'sir spend a quiet moment alone. (this scene immediately precedes the 'Blinded - weyrling lesson' scene)
Out-of-Character Date June 16, 2018

Igen Weyr - South Bowl
The orange hued sandstone layers comprising the bowl walls curve gently, but ever presently in your view. Fine sand shifts underfoot, a slightly paler version of what is found upon the walls. It gives way along the eastern edge to a section of contrasting green grass where a series of cleverly engineered pipes provide water to the fenced off area of the feeding grounds, and keeps the shimmer of the shallow lake beyond from dissapearing during the dryest periods of the turn. A distinctly squared entrance farther south is the tunnel leading out to the lands beyond. Traders and tithes arrive here at regular intervals and it is not uncommon for part of the bowl to be set up with a series of tents and wagons as wares are displayed and sold. To the west, the bowl wall has been eroded by the desert winds into strange shapes. At their base are found the weyrling barracks and training fields.

True to his word, R'sner had ensured that N'sir's 'sack of rocks' mattress had been replaced by something much more luxurious before lunch had even rolled around. That it was accompanied by a few extra pillows (both for the human of the pair as well as the pretty little Elianneth) could be seen as an added bonus. /Also/ true to his word, the greenrider's return that afternoon came with an Igen knot firmly attached to his shoulder, denoting him as an Assistant Weyrlingmaster. Vacation had officially ended for R'sner and Toith, though neither seemed terribly upset by this.

The weyrlings are still young, and this particular time is spent bonding rather than in lectures or lessons, drills or training. So it's been relatively relaxed, and Res has made it a habit of taking his meals in the training field to enjoy whatever time he /can/ before things start getting a bit more serious. And of COURSE he brings enough for a small army, and today is no exception. Toith precedes him by a few minutes, settling herself to the side of the barracks where the morning light is just reaching while Res just marches right on past and into the stone. "Breakfast," he announces before ducking out and finding somewhere comfortable to settle.

"Yes, Elianneth," N'sir repeats for what, from the sound of it, has to be the hundredth time. "The bow is lovely. No," is sighed as he emerges from the barracks with the little green (clad in a bedazzled fuschia bow) right on his tail. "I have not missed any spots. I promise, darling," is added as he twists around and cups her snout between his hands. "You are the fairest in the land. Yes, all land. Yes…. Oi." Sighing, kisses Elianneth on the nose before giving up and turning to trudge toward R'sner and FOOD. "Morning, Sir," is called. And as he gets close enough to crumple to the ground in a boneless sprawl, one hand flicks up to offer a light hearted salute. "I'm starving. I'm always starving," is muttered as he rolls onto his stomach and fishes blindly in the basket. For her part, Elianneth bugles at spying Toith, her sexy sashay taking on a dramatic aire as she heads for the larger green to proudly show off her bow. « Looooook what N'sir made for me! It sparkles. » Course, from her trajectory it's clear she happily headed for cuddle space.

Toith, obligingly, cranes her head down to take a peek at the bedazzled bow. Her opinion on it? « Huh. Very flashy, » she decides. « Could def'ntly blind someone, if ya hit the light jus' right. » Fashion accessory as a weapon? Approved. Just as obligingly, she'll stretch a little this way and that way to make room for Elianneth against her, puffed up a bit if just because she's (for now at least) so much bigger than her charge. From R'sner there is just a snort, though it's probably for that 'sir' and the salute, rather than Eli and her bow. "You don't have to do that unless it's a formal setting." And breakfast is not a formal setting. "You're going to get sand in your hair," is his second observation.

Elianneth preens at what she totally percieves as HIGH PRAISE, a delighted croon exhaled as she slips over and snugglesquirmnestles in. That she is slowly wiggling her way under Toith's wing? Really, that has to be expected. « N'sir says I'll have trunks and trunks and trunks of shiny jewelry to wear, » she informs Toith. « It's very important, you can't wear the same thing twice in a row. » N'sir laughs as he stretches out on his stomach, taking a large bite of a roll stuffed with cheese while bracing his chin on the opposite hand. "S'ok," He murmurs at the thought of sand in his hair. "It'll come out." Really, it's hard to focus on his own appearance when he has to worry constantly about Elianneth's ever growing wardrobe. "I'll brush it out later." For now? For now it can just stay twisted up in a loose knot atop his head, stray tendrils dripping down around his face. It is in the wake of another bite, that turns dark eyes— just a shade to warm— up to R'sner's face. "Morning, you."

Trunks and trunks. Thank Faranth Toith is not a jealous dragon, or she just might have demanded her own treasure trove. « Seems like lots o' work, » she observes. « Rath'r not wear 'nythin' at all. » Except mud. Wiggling is observed with a tilt of her head, faint amusement whirling in her eyes before Toith simply extends that wing out as a living awning. Shield from the sun? Shield from prying eyes? Both, perhaps. It's R'sner that looks somewhat baffled by the whole thing, watching his dragon consent to a whole lot more physical contact than typically permitted. Even if it has become a habit of late. A bit of a huff and he's turning his attention to N'sir. A hint of a smile graces his face, faint amusement and obvious fondness as his gaze drifts unapologetically along his sprawled-out form. A lean forward, hand pressed to the sand to take his weight, and Res plants a quick kiss to N'sir's forehead. "Good morning," comes in reply as he sits back once more, reaching into the basket to find something suitable to eat. "There's Klah in here, as well," he observes, withdrawing the thermos.

The moment that wing goes up, Elianneth exhales a delighted croon, squirming in to curl up in a warm nestle against Toith. « Oh, naked is wonderful, » Elia agrees in husky tones. « I quite approve of naked. Naked with jewelry is good too… Naked with ropes has a lot of potential, as well. » Nibbling on his cheesey roll, N'sir exhales a husky laugh as he watches R'sner watching the pair, dark eyes crinkling at the corners. "She's persistant," he purrs. "Can't imagine where she got that from." Yeah, he doesn't look even a little bit innocent at that one. At the kiss on his brow, his smile broadens, dark eyes raptly watching R'sner as he settles back on the sand. He does, however, finish off the roll only to eagerly reach for the thermos of klah. "I usually hate this stuff," he admits. "But not so much any more." Elianneth's discourse on the benefits of nudity stir him to snickering quietly, his head giving a slow shake.

Toith is not a naïve dragon, but she's got more sense than to touch on the subject of nudity with with R'sner right there. Tempting. Oh so tempting, but all she has to say on it is « Res has rope, » in a tone that doesn't even try to be innocent. « coiled up an' stashed away. No jewelry, tho'. » For his part, R'sner is either unaware of the conversation between Toith and Elianneth, or he is doing a darn good job of /pretending/ to be unaware of it. "Hm," and there's a rather pointed look at N'sir that say the greenrider knows /exactly/ where she gets it from. But it is amusement that dances in those blue eyes of his, despite the forced expression of solemnity as he digs around in the basket to acquire a sweetroll. "I'll bring tea next time," he assures, pulling the pastry apart with his fingers rather than tearing into it straight away. "The exhaustion will fade. Once she is on a normal schedule and you grow accustomed to it," he assures, popping a small bite into his mouth. It's the flick of his gaze toward the dragons at the quiet snickering, that betrays the weyrlingmaster's knowledge of the discussion, a resigned exhale preceding another bite of his roll.

« It's lavender! » Apparently, N'sir has told Elianneth about the rope, to. « N'sir ordered a very large bed for it, » she happily informs Toith. « He said it's going to be very heavy to move, cause the beams need to be very strong. » Eli? She has no reservations regarding who might be listening. "Ot's weird," N'sir admits. "I'm eating a lot more meat now, to." Opening the thermos, he fills a mug with the steaming klah and twists around to sit up in order to drink it. For a few moments, he is silent, relishing the klah with an obvious look of pleasure. When R'sner looks back at the pair, N'sir laughs, the twinkle of delight in his eyes clear as he reaches into the basket and plucks out a sweetroll. Another thing he rarely eats, but the sugar is something his whole body craves. "The exhaustion is good, though," he admits as he takes a bite and sucks frosting off his thumb. "Keeps me to tired to focus on things like lavender rope."

« It /is/ lavender, » confirms Toith, whose tone of voice displays aptly how she feels about /lavender/ (hint: It's only a little less hated than pink). « S'plenty o' room f' it, » decides Toith, who might not have seen the space herself, but has no qualms about plucking the image from R'sner's head to share. Little more than a cavern at the moment, though the small step-up in the back has a small writing table and wardrobe set up, a dark maw in the stone evidence of a room beyond. « He's sleepin' downstairs at th' moment, » she explains without concern. « On pillows. » Which, clearly, she disapproves of. The comment gets her a sharp look from Res, though Toith ignores it. "It is probably," he offers, throat cleared lightly, "Her tastes bleeding through to you. It is something we'll work on," and that's the collective 'weyrling' we in use there, "pretty soon. How to separate yourself from her." A bite of his sweetroll, though for a brief moment his attention (and his gaze) is trained on N'sir's own. A twitch of a frown, and his eyes lift to meet the weyrling's gaze. "I could assign extra work, if focus is such a challenge," he threatens.

N'sir exhales a husky laugh at the threat, the humor still shining in dark eyes. "You could, but why deny me the one solace I have in the wee early hours of the morning?" Winking, he takes another bite of the sweetroll, his tongue flicking out to lick the frosting away from the corner of his lips. "And I already have a ton of extra work making jewelry for Elianneth." Which, he loves, but does cut into his sleep. Glancing toward the dragons, his lips twitch in a warmer smile, his expression melting into something ooey-gooey-dopey at the mention of pillows. "Pillow nests are the best," he murmurs in wistful tones. Elianneth glances toward N'sir and croons her agreement before nestling back in against Toith. « That's so romantic, » she sighs to Toith. « Naked? » Rather then let R'sner focus on THAT, N'sir perks, taking another swallow of klah before noting. "Eli /loves/ the pillows you brought for her. She cuddles them like they're Toith." It's adorable, that much is clear from the look on his face.

"Mm. Don't let it become a distraction," though really? Res isn't as concerned as he might otherwise be, given Elianneth's apparent disregard for such things. Still, there's a moment of feigned disapproval for the wink, even if his response is to reach over and poke N'sir in the side. "That," he declares, of the jewelry, "is outside of your assigned tasks. But don't," he continues with a hint of concern, "over extend yourself. Being a weyrling is challenging enough without side projects. There will be plenty of time to indulge in such things once you're graduated." And while the threat is there — that if push comes to shove, he'll put his foot down and disallow such hobbies — he won't actually voice it. « Mostly naked, » clarifies Toith. « Nights are cold. For humans. » She's not terribly concerned either way, and is more or less sharing for the sake of teasing R'sner. Who most likely has something to say for all of that over-sharing of his sleeping habits. He doesn't voice it. Not aloud, at least, though there's a tightening of his jaw as he turns away from the greens and focuses on N'sir's comments instead. "Good. I had assumed she would enjoy a bit of extra comfort…" but cuddling like they are Toith? A squint toward the pair, where Toith sprawls and Elianneth cuddles, and a bemused expression once again as he nibbles sugar from the pad of his thumb.

"I won't," N'sir assures as he takes another swallow of klah. "It's something to do while I watch her sleep." Which he does a lot of, admittedly. "I mean, it's not that taxing, really. I just stretch out on my bed and do beadwork." And it keeps Elianneth happy. Which is really all that matters. "Okay, so she's a little spoiled." He admits. "But that's not really a bad thing." From her snug little spot, Elianneth chortles, her tail giving a happy little flick. « See? Warm bodies are important. Humans are so silly and sensitive about these things. » Swing her head around, she croons toward R'sner before retucking herself back in against Toith. "She loves them," N'sir assures regarding the pillows. "Gonna take a lot of fabric to keep her in pillows once she's full grown. But /that/ is a problem for another day."

« They are, » agrees Toith for the importance of warm bodies, though a whisper of a thought, a stray memory from R'sner, has her briefly sobering. « He's tough, » she decides, brushing away the solemnity for a bit of teasing instead. While it is meant to be playful, there's pride in her tone. That is /HER/ Res. And he's the toughest one around. Why else would she have picked him? « Ain't jus' humans that're silly 'bout it, » she huffs, though she won't be naming names any time soon. It is a long, silent look that finds N'sir but whatever R'sner might be thinking is kept to himself. In the end, it is the reach for the thermos that breaks his stillness, and the pouring of Klah into a mug he's fished from the basket, that breaks his silence. "Make really large pillows," is his advice, though his thoughts are decidedly elsewhere. A faint smile for Elianneth's croon, though it's Toith's hide that his hand will find; a simple touch of fingers to tailtip before he's withdrawing and sipping at his Klah.

N'sir smiles as he watches that touch, dark eyes softening. It's an odd feeling, though, knowing that there is so much more there then he had any idea about. Odd, but good. Sipping his own klah, he takes a moment before fishing in the basket for more food. Coming up with a meatroll, he takes a bite, but not with a pointed grimace. "I've eaten more since the hatching then I have in my entire life," he grumps. It does not, however, stop him from taking another, nor from pushing the remainder into his mouth to wash down with klah. Elianneth, while curious, is polite enough not to press Toith for names. Instead, she settles into a comfortable half snooze, her tail twitching lightly. "I wish," N'sir laughs. "I could just nap anywhere I pleased like that." Refilling the mug of klah, he stretches out on his side, his weight settling on one elbow. "But yeah, really big pillows are the way I plan on going. /After/ graduation," he assures with wink.

With a deep, audible exhale, Toith stretches her head out and looks prepared to take a nap herself, though she'll keep half an eye on Elianneth cause that's her job now. "You could," muses R'sner as he brushes crumbs from his hands. "I would advise against it, without at least bringing a pillow along with you," he teases. "The ground is hard." But in all seriousness, he observes, "Tanit set up a hammock in the training field, so that she could sleep there when Chauth did. I used to sleep with Toith on the ground, when she was that age," he recalls. "And I will make sure there are pillows for her on the ledge, for when you are ready to move out of the barracks," he assures. It is the voracious eating that has him grinning just a bit, though there's a touch of empathy as well. "Dragons are hard work. But I'll make sure you burn off the calories."

N'sir exhales a husky laugh in response to the last, dark eyes twinkling merrily. "I'm going to hold you to that. Or hold me to you. There will be holding," he assures as he takes a large swallow of klah. "Hrm. I could set up a hammock. I'd be worried about being asleep when she needs me, though." Really, he doesn't mind the lack of sleep that much. Stretching in the sand, he sets the mug down, twisting it until it's secure in it's own little nest. "I /need/ to get back to running," he decides. "I thought about going in the early morning before her bath, but…" Again, he was worried about Elia waking up and his not being there. "We do a lot of dancing, though, so that's been good." Pausing a beat, he glances back toward Elia and smiles wryly. "Have you noticed her walk? She /slinks/. Is that something I need to be concerned about?"

"Running will become part of your routine soon enough," assures R'sner. "Physical fitness is important for weyrlings, as well as the dragons. Right now, you're getting a break because she is too young and you should stay close. But if it is physical exercise that you require," he adds with a barely contained flicker of amusement, "There is always sit ups. Push-ups. Things you can do that do not require you to stray from her side." But soon enough, morning workouts will be a thing. And Res? Probably working out right alongside them. "Sleep when you can," he encourages. "And if she needs you, I am sure she will wake you up." The mention of dancing has his eyebrows lifted, though he's careful to side-step that topic for the moment. "She does," he agree, turning his gaze toward Elianneth. "But unless it is uncomfortable for her, I wouldn't be concerned. She's not in pain when she walks," and there's a glance, seeking clarity. "Myrakath hops. Zychaelth scuttles. Elianneth slinks," and sashays. "It is just… how she walks. It will be interesting," he notes, "To see how she flies."

N'sir tilts his head, obviously taking the words seriously. "I'm going to do that," he decides. "I hate sit ups, but…" He hates being idle, more. His attention, however, goes to Elianneth along with R'sner's, relief clearly written on his features. "I can't even imagine what she will be in the air," he admits. "But she can move, that's for sure. I never would have imagined it was possible for a dragon to belly dance." But Elia? "She's good at it. But there's no pain. I couldn't take that, her being in pain." Pushing up to sitting, he gathers up the mug of klah and drains it before reaching for the thermos to refill it. "I'm trying really hard not to get antsy about getting right into training," he admits. "It's hard though."

"Hard enough?" repeats R'sner, the words becoming a question as his gaze slides back to N'sir. "If you are ready for something to do, I can find something for you to do," he promises. "This time is meant for you to bond with Elianneth, to enjoy a bit of a break before the real work begins. But if it is… stressful," he continues, choosing the word carefully, "to be idle…" but he lets the words trail off, going quiet and contemplative, with his gaze lingering on N'sir. "I don't think I've told you yet, how proud I am of you. How pleased I am that she found you," despite how he may have reacted.

"It's not stressful," N'sir muses. "But yes, I think having something to do would be good for both of us?" Pausing a beat, he tilts his head, lowering the mug as he turns his gaze back to R'sner's face. "Really?" In that single word, the expression in his face hints at the insecurity he had been feeling on the topic. So much so that, for a moment, he lowers his gaze. "I was scared you were disappointed," he admits in hushed tones. "I know that that is silly, but..' Looking back up, a smile immediately blossoms on his face, dark eyes softening. "I needed to hear that," he admits. Glancing toward the dragons, he exhales a quiet breath, his chin dipping in a nod. "She's perfect." It is unlikely that he will say that enough.

"Yes." The word comes with movement, R'sner careful in the elimination of space between them but decidedly working towards removing it. It comes with a quick, furtive glance around the immediate area because while it is not necessarily a violation of the rules for him to touch N'sir, there's no need to be blatant about it. Absent curious onlookers, or discomfort from N'sir or Elianneth, and Res is happy enough to put himself well within that personal space bubble. "I am sorry if my actions led you to believe otherwise. She is perfect," he agrees, following that gaze toward the napping green. "And you are perfect for her. And I… am exceedingly proud of how you have taken to being a weyrling. When she wakes," he decides, "We can begin working on some simple tasks. And while she is asleep, you can work on her straps, or begin working toward visualization."

N'sir glances up when R'sner moves, his weight shifting until he is leaning into the warmth of the Weyrlingmaster's body. Sure, Igen is hot, but at the moment, that contact is more needed then he can truly express. He keeps himself from turning it into more, although he cannot prevent the faint shiver of desire that runs up his spine. That the person he loves and respects most in the world is proud of him? It means the world to him and it shows in his gaze. "Thank you," he whispers in hushed tones. And if there was any concern for Elianneth at the moment? Her only reaction is a mild snort and snuggling in closer against Toith's side without waking up. Content with the lack of personal space, N'sir sets the mug down in the sand and immediately asks. "What tasks? We'll do whatever you need us to do." It's the mention of starting in on the straps and visualization that has his gaze spark with excitement. "Can we do both? How do you practice that? Visualization, I mean. I know how to visualiz things, but I mean, how do /you/ determine if it is correct, or not?"

R'sner's arm settles around N'sir as though it is the most natural thing in the world. In some ways, it is. It is an affectionate hold, and while Res will permit himself a second, quick kiss to N'sir's temple, that is as far as he will go. "For her? Physical exercise. Do you remember the wing stretches the weyrlings at Half Moon would do? She can start on that, to build up her muscles for flight. There are also… games. I can set up an obstacle course, if it is something she might enjoy. And yes," he confirms with a hint of amusement, "You can do both," straps and visualization. As for how he will determine accuracy? "When she is awake, you visualize the item, she projects it to Toith and Toith sends it to me. While she is asleep, you can practice by training yourself to pick up details in the objects that you see. It is not necessary," he continues, "to remember everything in exact detail. But you will want to learn how to identify what sets /that/ item apart from others."

N'sir closes his eyes at the brush of lips over his brows, a content sigh spilling past his lips. "I remember watching Ashwi and Jovi do them. She'd love that," he laughs. "Course, she's going to turn it into a dance." But really? He's pretty sure that is alright, as long as she's doing the strengthening and stretching parts. It's the obstacle course that brings a smile to his lips, one hand trailing down R'sner's arm to hold his hand. "That would be fun, to." It's the details on visualization that has him immediately nodding, dark eyes flicking a glance toward Elia's sleeping form. "I'd like to start that as soon as possible," he admits. "I want to make sure we have it down cold so there is no chance of a mistake. What kind of details do you mean?"

"Dancing is fine," confirms R'sner with a hint of a smile. "The purpose is exercise and the building of strength; I frankly do not care if she is doing that by militantly rising and lowering her wings, or play-wrestling with Toith; she'll build muscle either way." His hand taken, there's a pause in the flow of words and thoughts as R'sner's fingers tighten in a firm hold. A deeper breath taken. A flicker of a smile and a softening of his expression, before he's slipping back into explanations and instructions. "You will." Of that, R'sner is positive. "Mm," and he frowns just a touch, contemplative. "What makes the item different from others of its kind. Let's take a rock for example," of which there are likely to be plenty to choose from. "What makes one rock different from another? I am not talking philosophically," he adds. "I mean quite literally. If I set two rocks in front of you, I'd want you to pick up on what makes them different from each other. Size, shape, color. It seems simple, but those are the things that matter. I don't expect you to remember how many ledges are visible from the air on Igen's south-facing bowl wall. I will expect you to be able to picture Igen clearly enough that anyone seeing it would recognize it as /Igen/ and not another desert crater."

"That doesn't sound that hard," N'sir admits as settles into a comfortable lean. "I mean, just off the top of my head? From Igen's North Bowl, on Toith, you can see all the way to Igen River in the distance, the cave.. You remember the cave, is just barely visible to the west with the road running along the dunes behind it. And, of course, the lake is off center in the opposite direction." Pausing, he glances up at R'sner's face, clearly wanting to know if he is right. "Half Moon is harder, I think, cause I remember it from the edge of the Weyrling field where T'sul mostly dropped me off. Does that matter?"

"It is not difficult, but," cautions R'sner, "That is part of the danger. It is easy to get complacent, but when details fade, that is when accidents happen." But he is not terribly concerned, as evidenced by the lack of tension found within him in this moment. Later, when he is actually /teaching/ Between? Different story. But it is a pleased, "Nicely done," for N'sir's recounting of Igen. A squeeze of his fingers, a brush of his thumb against the back of N'sir's hand, accompanies the words. "And it does, to an extent. Typically, weyrlings will learn to recognize the weyrs in relation to the star stones, but so long as you know where you are going and can picture it clearly, it matters little if you appear over the left or the right. Dragons have an uncanny knack for not appearing within the same space as another dragon." A pause, and he adds, "Always picture your destination from the air. /Always/ from the air above it." And really, he cannot stress that enough.

N'sir smiles at the squeeze of his hand, his head starting to tilt to rest on R'sner's shoulder before he catches himself and halts the motion. Still, his curls are there, pooling on leather. "It seems like from the air is easier," he muses. "You can remember the shape and the surroundings on a broader scale." At the assurance that the dragons know and do not appear on top of one another, he looks impossibly relieved, dark eyes flicking a glance toward Elianneth. "Is that because things change on the ground? Like.. There could be a person, or a wagon, or something in the spot you are picturing?" Deciding that that makes sense, he slants another glance at Elianneth, his lips twitching in a warmer smile. "I told her about how we are going to go exploring once all our training is done. She's very keen to seen snow and secluded beachs."

"You can put your head on my shoulder," murmurs R'sner, a glance cast to the side. "If Elianneth disapproves then stop, but I don't mind." At least, not in this moment when he is not teaching a group of weyrlings. "If this were an official lesson, I would say no." But it's not. It's just breakfast. And a discussion on visualization, though it takes Res a moment to get back to the topic at hand. "Yes, and no. Visualize yourself in the air. If you visualize yourself on the ground… you could Between right into an object. Or into the very wall itself. There's…" and here is where he stutters, where his words catch in his throat and he has to take a moment to push an unwelcome image from his behind before he can continue with, "There is a memorial that all weyrlings visit. It is the remains of a young dragon and his rider entombed in stone." Ultimately, it is the mention of explorations and deserted beaches that has that lost warmth returning, a smile hinted at in his expression. "Is she?" he murmurs. "I'm rather keen on seeing those beaches myself."

N'sir couldn't look more relieved at the words, his head immediately settling on R'sner's shoulder. At the mention of the entombed pair, however, he shudders, sucking in a sharp breath before glancing at Elianneth where she is cuddled up under Toith's wing. "That is a very effective demonstration," he admits. Reaching for the basket of breakfast— more then enough to feed a small army— he drags it closer before tugging out another cheese filled roll. Tearing off a chunk, he pushes it into his mouth, chewing and swallowing before lightly clearing his throat. "I'm definately going to practice that alot, regardless of the fact that it is a good ways off for us." It is the last, however, that has him licking crumbs off his lips, a quiet laugh humming in his throat. "We're /both/ very excited about it," he admits. "Course, Elianneth has a tendency to get very excited about almost everything." Which is utterly adorable in his opinion.

Is there anything about Elianneth that N'sir does /not/ find utterly adorable? There's a look in R'sner's eye that says he highly doubts it. It's a fond look, to be sure; a smile tugging at the corners of his mouth, and a softness to his expression that is not often in evidence unless they are alone. And right now? Might as well be alone. At least, for a few minutes more (Dun dun duuuun). "Snow fields and private beaches are a long way off," he murmurs in mild resignation. The basket of breakfast-items gets a glance and, after a moment of consideration, R'sner opts for a similar cheese-filled pastry. He's much more languid about the consumption; more something to do with his hands than because he is especially hungry.

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