Blinded - Weyrling Lesson

Characters Aria, N'sir, R'sner, Shetaia, T'ven
Synopsis The weyrlings play a game of tag. The catch? They must use their dragons eyes to see!
Out-of-Character Date June 16, 2018

Igen Weyr - South Bowl
The orange hued sandstone layers comprising the bowl walls curve gently, but ever presently in your view. Fine sand shifts underfoot, a slightly paler version of what is found upon the walls. It gives way along the eastern edge to a section of contrasting green grass where a series of cleverly engineered pipes provide water to the fenced off area of the feeding grounds, and keeps the shimmer of the shallow lake beyond from dissapearing during the dryest periods of the turn. A distinctly squared entrance farther south is the tunnel leading out to the lands beyond. Traders and tithes arrive here at regular intervals and it is not uncommon for part of the bowl to be set up with a series of tents and wagons as wares are displayed and sold. To the west, the bowl wall has been eroded by the desert winds into strange shapes. At their base are found the weyrling barracks and training fields.

Aloath comes walking out of the barracks, while she doesn't have that swaying walk of Elianneth, the young green defiantly has a swagger about her as she moves. Not to fast but not to slow she is just on a stroll for the morning. T'ven as well is walking out new hair and all, as he says to his dragon "I am sure it would look nice like that, but I don't know if I will have to time for grooming it that way dearest heart." He smiles fondly at the green who turns her head back at him, loud enough for the other dragons to hear but her voice is just very mellow « It would be Dandy, Just think on it ok..»

"Sure they are," N'sir allows. "But they are out there." Ever optimistic, he looks up and winks before shoving half the cheese-filled roll in his mouth. With his cheeks pouched out like a chipmunks, he snorts quietly, doing his level best to chew and swallow without making a mess. "I'm gonna eat all this food before anyone else even wakes up," he laughs. Picking up the mug of klah, he takes a long swallow, straightening as he raises the mug in greeting to T'ven and Aloath. "There's breakfast," he calls before promptly fishing in the basket for another cheesey roll. Beneath Toith's wing, Elianneth wakes, her eyes whirling green as she bugles a greeting toward the approaching Weyrlings. «Think on what? Do you like his makeover? I did that!» Totally, she did it all by herself.

Aria is coming from the north bowl. "Come on, Zemeth. I have to take w bth every time I finish in the stables. You don't want me being covered in Manure all the ime, like Bi'f and Tanneth" She shakes her head. "What a couple of bullies…"

The arrival of T'ven and Aloath brings a change to R'sner; a straightening of his posture where he sits in the sand near Toith, N'sir at his side. A squeeze of the fingers twined with his own comes as an apology for the soon-to-follow release of that hand and a slide away from the weyrling. His own roll is torn in half, with the not-bitten section tossed back into the basket. Toith cracks an eyelid, peering lazily toward the growing number of young dragons entering the vicinity. A lift of her head, a great yawn and the careful stretching of limbs as she seeks not to disturb Elianneth. "T'ven," comes as an acknowledgement and greeting, though his gaze flicks toward the arriving Aria from the north bowl, a frown darkening his expression. "Why are you still working in the stables? Your attention is required here, now. With Zemeth. And a dragon has no business being among the runners."

Aloath turns her mellow mind towards the other green « Oh it is love, baby. I was just telling him if he wants to grow it again he should style it out from the front of his head» image of T'ven with a pompadour sent out. More of that swagger as she heads over to investigate the other green dragon there. T'ven is still standing a ways off but waves to R'sner and N'sir walking over towards the basket. HE salutes R'sner because he at least remembered that much from the new weyrling stuff they have been learning between feedings. "good morning Sir." Even in his less than stellar clothing he tries to act at least a little bit the part of new rider.

«He should wear a dapper suit, to,» Elianneth decides. She does not, however, move from her cuddled position alongside the considerably larger Toith. «This is Toith! Toith, this Aloath and Zemeth.» With R'sner moving to a more suitable distance, N'sir smiles, making it clear that he gets it. He also gets the opportunity to fish in the basket to produce another meatroll. "S'down," he mumbles around a mouthful of breakfast to T'ven. "And she's right, a pompador would look amazing on you. I can help you style it til it gets used to sitting correctly." Glancing between R'sner and Aria, he shoves the meatroll into his mouth, doing his level best to masticate the bulging mouthful.

Aria looks up, flshing. "Um, no one ever bothered to take me off punishment sections for the prank?" she says, not noticing, until almost too late when she turns. "No Zemeth. Not another trundlebug!" "A look of horror crosses her face, but fortunately, this time, Zemeth doesn't aaccidentally squish the malodorous thing…

"Well, I am telling you now. Your duty and obligation is to Zemeth alone, and you are not to leave the bounds of the weyrling area again until I or S'las say otherwise. Clear?" R'sner is on his feet now, and looking sorely irritated by the entire thing. "There is breakfast in the basket if you're hungry," comes with a nudge of his foot to the object in question. The salute from T'ven is acknowledged with a dip of his chin; a curt nod. "I will return shortly," he offers, voice clipped and tone flat. A quick survey of those present, and then a turn on his heels that sends him in the direction of the lower caverns at a swift pace. Toith? Unconcerned, still lounging in her spot by the stone wall with Elianneth nestled in against her. Is she cuddling? Noooooo, she's her /body guard/. Duh.

T'ven just just rolls his eyes at N'sir about the hair but says "we will talk later after it grows abit more.." he reaches in for a meat roll and a piece of fruit to start munching on. Aloath on the other hand just moves right on up to get near Toith's face so she can see this new dragon up close. « hey there, are you going to be part of our new crew? » comes the mellow mind if the little green, she is looking over the other people here but still focusing on Toith at this moment.

Aria looks at the food, turning a fair bit green. "Um… I'm not hungry at the moment…

Ryath precedes Shetaia by a good bit, though not all might notice the slinking gold with the way her dusty hide blends in with Igen's sands themselves. It's not that she's' graceful there's just a competent way that she moves her ever growing bulk that lends itself to silence and being unnoticed. Minutes later Shetaia makes her way out, ignoring or letting Ryath believe she is ignoring her by walking past wherever the dragonet has settled herself to watch those gathered, or nap, napping could occur. Taia offers a wave to those gathered and that basket, she so recognizes R'sner's work in keeping them fed thus she heads straight for it.

«She's our teacher,» Elianneth provides in husky tones to Aloath. Swinging her head around, she glances toward the others, bugling a greeting before settling back down with Aloath and Toith. Totes her bodyguard! "Tch," N'sir finally chokes out. "If you don't start training it now, it'll only get harder." When R'sner stands up and moves off, N'sir watches for a moment, his lips twitching in a smile as he takes another swallow of klah. "You're lucky," he asides to Aria. "I'm hungry all the time, now." Glancing over at Ryath, his lips twitch in a smile, his free hand raising in a finger waggling wave aimed at Taia. "Food," he calls in merry tones as she heads over.

Aria swallows. "Oh, believe me. Spend a morning in the stables, you won't be. Especially with B'if hassling yu. I'm just glad he fell into the cart I was using to shovel stuff into." However, something suddenly gets through. R'sner, for all of his off-putting mannerisms, has just taken her off the extra chore sections she's been on since before the hatching. And he /IS/ an assistant weyrlingmaster…

T'ven is working on a second helping of food from the basket himself while he watches his own green just curls up in front of Toith close to Elianneth. The young green watching the other candidates now intently. Something quiet is shared with T'ven which causes the man to cough-choke on his food slightly and blush hottly completely not looking at ANYONE present now but instead focusing on the food at hand…

Shetaia plucks out a piece of fruit and some roll something, meat, cheese it doesn't appear to matter. Finding a place to park herself she takes up a vantage point of the whole group, close enough to talk but she can also see a pretty decent amount of the surrounding area. Ryath, well she's lurking somewhere still, a presence that is felt but not always seen. Shetaia "Training what? We've got straps up next few lessons right? I'm almost positive I can handle stitching leather, I'm quite excited to be able to craft them myself for Ryath."

Elianneth chuffs as Aloath settles down, her tail sweeping out to tap tap lightly against Aloath's side. She's happy as a little green clam and it shows. For his part, N'sir is making short work of the meatroll, washing it down with klah as he glances back at Aria. "I've been cleaning up after Elianneth all this time and my appetite hasn't suffered for it," he points out with a wry smile. Glancing at Taia, he shrugs, falling back to settle his weight on his elbows. "I'll be happy to learn anything," he admits. "But yeah, getting to the straps will be awesome." Course, at the moment, Elianneth is wearing a massive bedazzled fushia bow. So clearly the tailor turned weyrling has been busy.

« /Part/ o' th' crew? I'm th' /captain/. » Or the teacher. Whatever. Toith's eyes whirl with amusement, and she peers at Aloath critically. « Hm. Y'll do. » Whatever that means. The slinking Ryath earns her attention, approval whispering across her mind. Slinking. Stalking. Subtly lurking around the area? Definitely approved of, in Toith's mind. R'sner? Maybe not so much, as he's casting a rather suspicious side-eye toward the young queen. Returned from his quest, there's a handful of cloth clutched in his right hand. "Shetaia," comes in a quick greeting to the new addition as he moves within the group once more. Or at least, close enough to speak and he heard. "Finish your breakfasts, ensure your dragons are cared for, and then we are going to have a bit of a lesson." The announcement is for the group at large, of course.

T'ven sees the bow, no he isn't going to ask about it because he is afraid he might wake up with one. Aloath just reaches out casually to Toith « It's all good » there is warm happy thoughts as she moves closer to snuggle up against Elianneth. Even if that bow might suffer a little at the dragon cuddling, but it is still cute. T'ven turns and looks over to Shetaia "Wait we got to make our own? Like how?" Because he ain't no stitcher. But then R'sner comes to save the day with schooling so he pulls up a patch of sand and scrounges more food out, better eat Fast N'sir T'ven eats like a starving dragon..

Shetaia makes short work of the roll thing and her fruit. The mention of a lesson by R'sner has her gray eyes focusing on him with interest as well as offering him an exacting salute. "Wonderful. I know there is so very much to learn, I haven't been able to keep many notes though." Ryath is graced with some side eye, and the gold's response is to idly sharpen her talons on the side of a bolder, preening with her own approval. Another piece of fruit is nabbed and she offers a dry chuckle to T'ven "Yes, we make our own."

N'sir sits up straighter, fishing another meatroll from the basket and downing it in two bites. In the wake of swallowing, he bounds to his feet, brushing his hands off on his pants. "With your hands, T'ven," N'sir snorts. "Time to learn to sew, M'friend." Glancing over his shoulder, his lips twitch in a warm smile, dark eyes crinkling at the corners at the sight of Elianneth happily cuddled between Toith and Aloath. "All is right in the princess' world," he assures R'sner. He in the wake of the words, he glances toward the basket, clearly considering more food. He refrains, however, at least for now.

Aria finally seems to be a little bit settled about the stomach, and enough non-intimidated that she goes to the basket, and gets a couple of redfruit, a meatroll, and several slices of cheese. Ok, this one definitely was an apprentice at Harper Hall. Old habits die hard

"More to straps than sewing, but that's a lesson for another time," decides R'sner. "And you will learn," he determines, gaze on T'ven. It is not an unkind gaze; if anything it is confident in the ability of the artist-turned-weyrling's ability to do just that. To /learn/. Of princess Elianneth's world, he says simply, "You're going to need her for this. Or at least, she will need to be alert and awake, and able to see the field." Coming to a stop near Toith, R'sner considers the bits of fabric in his hand before deciding, "We're going to play a game of tag, but there's a catch. You," and there's a look to the weyrlings, a glance landing on each in turn, "Will be blind folded. You will rely on your dragons eyesight instead of your own. We'll go slow," he assures, "So that we avoid accidents. Questions?"

Aria listens as she munches, eyes going wide. Blindfolded? Having to rely on the sight of the hatchlings, especialoy the oh so curious Zemeth? Oh, this could be….interesting.

Shetaia's glance takes in Ryath and her already surveying the domain kind of position, you know from the shadows but still she can see you! There's a moment of communication between the two perhaps and then Taia nods to herself. "It will certainly be a learning experience." and there's no telling if there will be bleeding or pain because Ryath tends to appreciate the possibility of both.

A game? Elianneth immediately perks at that, her head raising to exhale a happy bugle. Course, she is also doing her damnedest to snuffle at the fabric in R'sner's hand. Pushing his hair over his shoulders, N'sir's smile broadens, his head giving a slow shake. "No questions here." Course, he's rolling his shoulders and bouncing on his heels as he shakes his arms out. "We so got this," he adds with a wink to Elianneth. That the little green agrees? Clear in her very excited bugling. Course, Elianneth is not looking forward to blood or pain, but groping? She's down.

Blood? Pain? Groping? No. No. No. Unfortunately (Fortunately?) R'sner is not privy to the private musings of either dragon, though his own has certainly perked up at the game. Elianneth is more than welcome to check out what he's got in his hand, Res turning his palm up for the little green to investigate the long lengths of cloth that have been brought out to act as blinds for the weyrlings. Not terribly fashionable, but at least they're different colors? "One at a time, please come and take a blind, tie it on. Be sure you can't see — and I will be checking," he warns, wandering amongst the group to dish out scraps of fabric and trusting them to be honest about tying it themselves. "Once you're blind, take a few moments to adjust to seeing through your dragon's eyes. It may take a little practice, and they will need to be intentional with sharing what they see…"

T'ven nods understanding the basics at least but still not to sure about Aloath and her commitment to this game. He steps up and takes a blindfold tieing it back behind his head nice and snug. Yup no peeking here. Aloath on the other hand is thoroughly enjoying this « This is Dandy baby! Now you got to go get the one with the nice rear package.. » She keeps turning her head though making it hard for the artist to figure out which one she is talking about as he blushes "Please focus dear…"

Ryath moves upward, slipping from one shadowed corner to a small boulder for a better height advantage. There's a bit of scrambling but the dusty gold handles the accent well. Shetia moves towards R'sner, taking one of those scraps of fabric, turning it this way and that before she moves off towards Ryath, offering the scrap up for inspection. "Ryath, let us keep injuries to a minimum. I believe that is part of the game, not if they can avoid being tripped or punched while blindfolded."

Elianneth definately takes the opportunity to investigate the blindfolds, nudging each one with her snout before chuffing up at R'sner's face. She's excited, that much is clear from the flairing of translucent butterfly colored wings and the swish-snap-swish of her tail. Taking one of the blindfolds, N'sir's gaze goes distant, the instructions explained very carefully to Elianneth. Once he is certain she understands, he exhales a breath, flashes her a reassuring smile and secures the blindfold over his eyes. Almost immediately, his arms stretch outward, seeking balance as his point of reference changes abruptly. "Woah, this is… This is new."

Aria tentatively goes up to R'sner…did I mention that she was completely intimidated by him…and takes a blindfold. In order to make sure she can't see, she makes sure that part of it dangles down over her nose, blocking any view that direction. Settling down to get used to seeing through Zemeth's eyes, she smiles…until the curious brown decides to stick his nose into a nearby bush. Oh boy, this is going to be fun…

"This is not," chastises R'sner, "An exercise in violence or brutality." That would be for Shetaia and Ryath, the golden queen getting a narrow-eyed assessment from the assistant weyrlingmaster. "You will /walk/, and any intentional crashing, tripping, or other violent acts will be dealt with harshly. This is about bonding and working as a team." The stretch of N'sir's arms is met with R'sner's hand, a quick assistance to ensure he stays on his feet before, with a gentle squeeze, he's moving off to check on the other weyrlings. A smirk for Zemeth's nose in a bush and a lift of eyebrows for the declaration of finding a nice /rear/ (because Toith is definitely going to be relaying that one to him) before he's standing back to observe. "When you are ready, or when you believe you are ready," he amends with far too much amusement, "Raise your hand."

T'ven had it, nope lost it again as he tilts starboard. He takes another moment or two but raises his hand once Aloath finds a good vantage point to see the field but probably still staying close to Toith because hey a girl needs friends right? T'ven takes a few steps before he feels able enough not to fall on his face at least..

N'sir grins at the grip on his hand, a husky laugh spilling past his lips at watching it from Elianneth's eyes. «This could be a lot more fun naked,» Elianneth points out happily. N'sir just laughs in response, the sound low and husky as he lightly squeezes R'sner's fingers. When he steps away, N'sir is good, although, his arms do stay slightly out from his body. At the last, he raises a hand. "Ready."

Shetaia receives a chastising poke to her shoulder from the perched gold. "Ryath, you are not yet as subtle as you think you are. We shall work on that, but R'sner would have known." apparently the dragonet was under the impression that it was only Shetaia's words that clued the man in. "It will be a triumph if we manage to not be tagged I believe, I have not played this game in turns." Blindfold is put on and she stands silently still for long moments, orienting herself with Ryath.
Shetaia totally also raised her hand.

Aria waits until bush has been de-snouted, and she can see something other than said bush before raising her hand. "Please, Zemeth. Concentrate. For me?" She takes a breath. "Um, ready," she says, hand going up

« Eh… » Toith isn't so sure that naked would make this more interesting. Her thinking is much more in line with Ryath over there, though she won't say as much (even if there's a flicker of approval headed the young queen's direction). R'sner waits, a critical gaze drifting between each of the weyrlings as blindfolds are settled and hands start to raise. "Alright! Remember, /walking/ to start. No grabbing, no tripping, tag with your hand only. N'sir is it," because the fates decided with the rolling of a D-20 off camera. "Ready? Go." And Res? He'll just sit back and watch the chaos unfold.

Aloath is on this now « Can't let him stick ya man, just move baby move » Probably not helping with the way she moves her head but T'ven keeps moving at a steady pace first towards N'sir. « Not that way, Baby! » comes the course correction having the weyrling shift and start veering away maybe closer to Shetaia. "This… dosn't feel normal.." is all T'ven has to say.

N'sir is it! «Yes, yes he is,» Elianneth agrees with a happy croon. «That means we're already winning!» It doesn't, but N'sir is not about to tell her that. Instead, he exhales another husky laugh murmuring, "Yes, Darling, now focus." Once Elianneth is back to paying attention, N'sir tenatively steps forward. Course, he had thought he was moving toward Aria, but with the altered perception he ends up stepping away from her. "Okay, okay.. I got this." In the wake of which he turns around, his hands remaining stretched out before him as he tries to accustom himself to this new mode of moving. Slowly, step by step, he's making his way toward Aria, though. Course, he hears T'ven and abruptly swings around, a few quick steps carrying him that way. «Git him,» Elianneth bugles.

Ryath sits up tall, haunches supporting most of her weight, wings half lifted to balance her on the rock. She is surveying as she apparently gives nudges to Shetaia's mind in this direction or that. She's not big on words, this one, not big on them at all. Taia herself is hesitant with her first steps, clearly heading away from N'sir but other than that her direction seems to have no set course. Weave this way, then that. Like a drunken fellow on a bicycle.

Zemeth tries. Really he does. Aria manages to get a few steps (unsteadily) away from N'sir, carefully making her way. Then, as is usual, distraction happens. A patch of flowers is blundered into by the harper girl, setting off a flight of vtols, which distracts the brown. To her credit, Aria manages to stop stock still before falling flat on her fce.

Dealing with distracted babies /might/ be part of the lesson, too! R'sner just waits, taking up a spot on Toith's leg and following the wandering of the weyrlings with a careful watch and faint amusement. Zemeth's head in the flowers gets a bit of a snort, as does T'ven's assertion that this doesn't 'feel' right. "You'll adjust," he assures him, though he can't help the dry humor from leaking into his tone.

Using Elianneth's eyes, N'sir continues moving toward T'ven, his trajectory alters as Elianneth moves her head, the hand that had been aiming to slap T'ven's arm landing squarely on his hindend with a solid /WHACK/. "Oops." Before the word is even past his lips, N'sir is dancing back, Elianneth's husky crooning laugh following his progress. "No tag backs!"

Shetaia seems to be trying to avoid being easy to track, or something of the sort. She can't talk, it'll out her but clearly she's in communication with Ryath an argument she doesn't seem to be winning from the downward tilt of her lips. She's not steady on her feet but she's not entirely hesitant now either, but it appears that she's headed for shadows. Go figure.

T'ven yelps a little if only because he wasn't expecting it to come from the rear.. (don't choke N'sir) Also because at that moment Aloath was to busy inspecting R'sner's boots and how shiny they are. « Right sorry. Ok now lets go get'm» Comes her apologetic tone before the target is set sending the thin man awkwardly walking towards the others that seem to be fleeing form him. Yes he has his tongue out like a toddler trying to focus on drawing for the first time..

Aria waits for her mini-scientist to finally get back on track before she starts moving again, this time trying to get as far from T'ven as she can as fast as she can, though it's hardly fast at all. She sidesteps carefully, mincing along almost, concentration as visible on her face as can be seen beneath the blindfold.

A rather pointed and deep throat-clearing is R'sner's response to /that/ particular tagging. But that is all. A little wiggle of his booted foot for Aloath, before the green has her attention back on the game. "Stay within the field, please," is called for Shetaia. Or, rather, for Ryath who seems intent upon squirrling her weyrling away into the shadows. Toith? LOVING it! « Haha! Get'im! »

Elianneth, on the other hand, gets distracted by the fact that both Zemeth and Aloath are distracted. For a moment, her head whips around, trying to look at what has Zemeth's attention, then what has Aloath's. The motion immediately inspires vertigo in N'sir, his arms pinwheeling in the air before Elianneth reacts to his distress and gets herself back on track. «Sorry!» Regaining his balance, exhales a shallow breath, being careful to try to stay away from the others.

T'ven is moving now though sadly he doesn't really know who he is going to tag as Aloath is not fully focusing on /all/ the person just a certain part of the anatomy. But he is still a gentleman so it is a wild tag that the green rider sends out firmly if not gently touching Aria in the small of her back. Hey at least it wasn't lower he is trying after all! « Yeah ! Now hard to port! » comes the happy bugle from Aloath before T'ven says "Your it!" and is trying to drift away walking like a drunken sailor.

Shetaia pauses, stops and then turns around, if there's a bit of lurker to her steps we'll have to blame Ryath for that. Occasionally there is a miss step, or a stumble of sorts as if there was perhaps an argument going on about where they would be going or if there is a strategy in place. Ryath is not be distracted, or at least until the rest of them are and then she slowly moves down from her perch. Still with a good vantage point but she might be slinking in the direction of one of her clutchmates.

Aria oofs, not even sure quite what happened. She whrils on one foot, and promplty almost loses her balance along with her bearings. After a moment, she adjusts. As Zemeth starts to sniff at a patch of crass, she clears her throat. The little brown shnaps up, almost guiltily, and she smiles. Oh, she's stsrting to get the hang of this. No tgbacks, presumably, so T'ven is ignored for the moment.

"Nicely done," comes the compliment from R'sner, voice pitched to carry across the group. A drop from Toith's leg, and he moves with confidence through the group of weyrlings where they mill about. "Shetaia, you and Ryath should be commended for avoiding all three of the other weyrlings. Please stop moving," which is a command for all of the group. "And listen up. You've all done well," and they have, given the amount of distraction that comes with little baby dragons short attention spans. "If you are tired, or need a break, consider yourself excused. But," and here he almost turns /playful/, a bit of a spark in those blue eyes that likely goes unseen given all the blindfolds, "If you'd like a challenge, I /dare/ each of you to try and catch me." He'll even be fair about it, and blindfold himself, pulling the cloth from a pocket though he'll wait for confirmation before tying it on. "You're welcome to work as a team."

Shetaia's steps are more hesitant now, her 'eyes' are on the move and it helps her not at all. Her steps slow, they don't stop but the hesitancy is back and she finally pauses and concentrates on her lifemate. Hands fist at her sides and Ryath's stalking slows to a stop, her small eyes flashing strangely in the light from the sun before she sits up once more to give a good vantage for her lifemate. No apologies seem to pass but there is an air of oops. And then there is R'sner commending her in actuality and she pulls off her blindfold to stare at him just to make sure there isn't an imposter involved. "Thank you. We only had a minor mishap there at the end." she will admit that at least. The dismissal is met with a nod and she and Ryath move off, perhaps they need a break from being in the company of others for a bit.

Using Elianneth's eyes, N'sir avoids the other weyrlings, his steps carrying him around the game area to where R'sner has stationed himself. Course, Elianneth is /full/ of ideas, and while N'sir makes an attempt to resist them, then R'sner is moving and N'sir? He lands a hand on the weyrlingmaster's rump with a wry smile. Course, he does stop moving in the wake of swat. "I'm guessing that doesn't count," he laughs in wry tones. "Totally gonna hog pile the weyrlingmaster." To which, Elianneth croons her agreement.

Aria stands stock still, considering, ten nods. "I'm up for it. What says anyone else?" She waits patiently, not making any motion towards aking off her blindfold

T'ven actually debates going after the SCARY R'sner, but his dragon seems all for it. So he is currently moving to get a good shot at the taller man before N'sir cheats, well not really cheating if he was already going for the grab knowing N'sir.

A tip of his head, though R'sner's gaze tightens some as he watches Shetaia and Ryath depart. But that is a lesson for another day, and whatever he would have said slips from his mind as a /hand/ finds his behind. A gruff sound of disapproval for that, and a clipped, "No, it definitely does not count," though it's belied by the shine in his eyes. "I didn't say go yet," he notes, eyeing T'ven in his forward motion. Twisting to avoid both him and N'sir, Res walks backwards as he ties the scrap of cloth around his eyes. There's only a mild stutter to his step before he's confidently moving once again. Toith? Well. She can totally /own/ this game, and is focused on the scene at hand. Very still, her gaze locked on the field to provide Res an overview. "Alright! Have at it." And may the odds be ever in your favor!

N'sir huffs audibly, a light toss of his head accompanied by an indignant sniff. With the stakes what they are, Elianneth gets serious, or as serious as she is likely to get and does her level best to keep her eyes on the field. The moment the game is on, N'sir's arms sweep out for balance, his lips pursing as he takes a moment to regain his bearings and determine where the weyrlingmaster is in relation to the rest of them. "If we work together we can box him in."

Aria nods, as she carefully (she'ss till not entirely confident) moves to one side, working towards flanking R'sner, although when Zemeth gets distracted again, she can't help stumbling. Zemeth, love… pay attention," she chides gently, shaking her head.

T'ven waited, and Aloath was on board with N'sir's plan, moving to box him in the pair stopped focusing on the feild and more on the target. This leads to mistakes, and mistakes lead to gravity coming up and getting you. T'ven makes a miss step and tumbles, though it seems he is used to such things as he comes up in a kneeling fighting stance with a back in his face. THinking he has the Weyrlingmaster he reaches out and grabs sadly depth was wrong and the man grabs on to not R'sner but instead as a handfull of N'sir's dairy air. Realizing it and letting go and with Aloath laughing and then giving a yawn, The green curls up right there and just enjoys the sun dozing off. He takes his blind fold off and moves to the out side to watch blushing hotly and mumbling to himself.

Toith's got this. And so does R'sner. It hasn't been /that/ long since they've played this game and they're a pair of pros, right? Right. So there is definitely a confidence in his movements, a surety in his stride that comes from being /comfortable/ orienting himself based upon Toith's eyes and not his own. But that little tumble of T'ven's? Or, maybe it's where that hand ends up landing, has him stuttering for a moment and looking somewhat cross. Annoyed, to say the least, but there's nothing to be done about it given that the weyrling has already excused himself from the game and Res still has two others that are intent upon snaring him. A tip of his head, as though he's listening rather than looking, and he waits. And when the inevitable trap is sprung? A dart forward to avoid the initial grab, a slide to the side away from Aria.

"WOAH!" Erupts from N'sir's lips as his backside is grabbed. Jumping, he pinwheels his arms, stumbling a few steps before falling to his knees and dissolving into laughter. Elianneth thinks that is hysterical and her own husky, chuffing laughter rises up to join her lifemate's. But then? His target is RIGHT THERE and he can only hope Aria is aware of that, too. That being the case, N'sir launches himself in a tackle at R'sner, his arms going around the man's waist in an attempt to bear him to the ground. Elianneth bugles excitedly, her tail lashing the sand as she stretches out her neck and chuffs adoringly at R'sner's face. He's caught!

And Aria did know. For once, Zemeth stayed on the track and she carefully, gingerly picked her way around to block in R'sner, so that N'sir, as was ony fitting, could make the final tag. And as that tag is made, she grins, and pulls off her blindfold. "ooh! We got him!" She's completely happy, and, still half seeing through Zemeth's eyes, completely disoriented. She ends up on her bum again, but at least it's just the desert sand, not the hatching sands…

R'sner is going to blame distraction. Or maybe he secretly (not so secretly?) wanted to get caught. Either way, he's going down. Out of Aria's grasp, and right into N'sir's. There's a startled sound as, rather than a tag, it's a tackle that comes at him. N'sir launches at him, and down he goes, hitting the sandy ground with an audible WHUMP and a bit of a gasp. « You got him! » And maybe Toith is secretly delighted, even if she's feigning annoyance that they 'lost'. A disgruntled noise from R'sner as he lifts a hand to rip off the blindfold and glare at the weyrling who's caught him. "That," he chastises, "Was not a /tag/."

N'sir exhales a pleased laugh his brows rising and falling in playful lilt as he twists around to sprawl on his back in the sand. "Tag," he offers wryly as he reaches up and pulls off the blindfold. Course, the glare just makes his smile broaden, dark eyes twinkling with delight. "Could risk you getting away, now could I?" Stretching in the sand, he twists one arm up to pillow his head, completely unflustered with the visual ire being cast his way. "That was a great game, we should do that all the time." Elianneth, apparently agrees, or so her delighted bugling might suggest.

Aria nods, as she stands up. Zemeth bugles in agreement with his showy sister, then, suddenly, finds himself distracted by not just one trundlebug, but a whole line of them. This gets the harper girl's dismayed attention. "No Zemeth. Remember your cot? A whole bunxch of them woulds smell even worse.

There is heat in R'sner's gaze, though it might not be the sort that N'sir wants to see. With a glower, he pushes himself up into a seated position, brushing sand from his hair with an absent swipe of his hand. A glance for Aria and Zemeth, and a begrudging, "You did well with the lesson. Both of you," and again, with that /glower/ at N'sir, "did well." Until that whole tackle-business. "The lesson is over. Aria, you are welcome to remain, but not required to do so, N'sir," and for a moment, whatever R'sner was going to say just sort of catches in his throat, the sentence dying rather abruptly. A click of teeth in the clench of his jaw, and he pushes himself to his feet. "Blindfolds, please." That is for both of them, so that Res can collect what he handed out.

N'sir lolls his head to the side, dark eyes still twinkling with amusement. Sorry, he's not sorry and it shows. He does, however, roll over in the sand, knocking out a quick ten push-ups before bounding to his feet with the blindfold in hand. "I'll do laps as penance if it'll help," he offers as he steps over to snag Taia and T'ven's discarded blindfolds. Does he sashay when he walks? Why, yes, yes he does.

Aria hands back over her blindfold. "Thank you for saying I can stay, R'sner, but honestly, I need to rest. Besides." She smiles graceously. "You two need some time alone. I know it's hard enough for you without having an audience…" She smiles, and bows her head politely, before heading back into the barracks, Zemeth following…

"Run laps all you want, that won't teach you anything," argues R'sner, hand lifted to rub absently at his shoulder. Aria's blindfold, as well as her words, are acknowledged and accepted with a quick, curt nod of his head. It is only as she vacates the field and they are afforded some measure of privacy that he turns to face N'sir again. "You can't do that again. Fun and games aside, when I lay down a rule I expect it to be followed." He's displeased, and it shows in the tension of his form and the sort of flat, cold finality of his voice. "Typically I allow a weyrling to give input on what a fitting punishment should be. What do /you/ think should be the price of disobedience?" Now is not the time for smart or sassy words.

N'sir blinks a few times as he glances after Aria, the merriment fading from his gaze. Clearly worried about the reaction to her words, he ducks his head, one hand raising to scrub at the back of his neck. "I.. ah.." Exhaling a breath, he brushes his tongue over his lips, his head giving a mild shake. "I don't know," he admits in quiet tones. "I guess whatever you think is fitting." He doesn't offer any sass, smart enough to know that that look is serious. For her part, Elianneth hunkers down in the sand, doing her best to remain very still and small.

"Hm." The sound hangs in the air a moment, nothing more coming from R'sner as he considers N'sir standing before him. A flick of a glance for Elianneth, and then back to the weyrling. "What was the motivation behind it?" is the second question. For her part, Toith simply sighs and settles more comfortably in the sand. This is the un-fun part of being the weyrlingmaster's dragon.

Oddly enough, N'sir is not comforted by the change in tone. Brushing his tongue over his lips, he exhales a breath, his arm falling to his side as he stands a bit straighter. "I was just playing," he admits. "I knew you could take it. I wouldn't have tried to tackle any of the others." Exhaling a breath, he frowns faintly, his fingers curling and uncurling into a fist at his side. "I got carried away and it was a chance to touch you." He took it.

The look in R'sner's eyes, the tightness of his jaw and the deeper breath taken, says he likely suspected as much. "Tagging me would have been touching me. Tackling me was…" a sigh, and he lifts a hand to press briefly at his forehead. "It was unnecessary. There are rules for a reason, and whether or not I could /take it/," he repeats, though there's a resolute calm to his voice, rather than the sharp bite of anger, "matters very little." His hand drops once more, and after a moment of consideration he decides, "In light of that, I think your punishment ought to be /not/ touching me for two days. As well as running those laps you offered up."

N'sir scowls, dark eyes slanting a glance toward R'sner's face. Rather then argue, he pressses his lips in a thinline, his nostrils flairing as he straightens and offers a crisp salute. "Then I'll go change?" He'd rather not run in leather, but he will if necessary. Still, the fact that he wants to argue is clear from the steady flexing of the hand resting against his thigh. He made a promise, however, and he intends to keep.

R'sner is not oblivious to that anger, and while he's rather calm in the face of it all, it's that weyrlingmaster mask of his that keeps emotions in check and feelings hidden. A tip of his head toward the barracks and a clear enough, "Go." Whatever else he might have said, and certainly there are things he'd like to say in this moment, they are left locked away and unuttered.

N'sir dips his chin in a firm nod and turns on his heel to head for the barracks. After a step or two, he pauses and glances back. "I love you." In case that was a concern. Without waiting for a response, he breaks into a jog, vanishing into the barracks to change clothes.

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