First Flights

Characters N'sir, R'sner, Elianneth, Toith
Synopsis Elianneth tries out those wings of hers.
Out-of-Character Date June 25, 2018

Igen Weyr - South Bowl
The orange hued sandstone layers comprising the bowl walls curve gently, but ever presently in your view. Fine sand shifts underfoot, a slightly paler version of what is found upon the walls. It gives way along the eastern edge to a section of contrasting green grass where a series of cleverly engineered pipes provide water to the fenced off area of the feeding grounds, and keeps the shimmer of the shallow lake beyond from disappearing during the driest periods of the turn. A distinctly squared entrance farther south is the tunnel leading out to the lands beyond. Traders and tithes arrive here at regular intervals and it is not uncommon for part of the bowl to be set up with a series of tents and wagons as wares are displayed and sold. To the west, the bowl wall has been eroded by the desert winds into strange shapes. At their base are found the weyrling barracks and training fields.

The lack of a picnic table near the weyrling barracks irritates R'sner each and every time he is reminded of it. Probably because he knows exactly where it is: sitting on his stone ledge. He has to walk past it /every day/, knowing that Toith refuses to help him put it back. Trying to talk another dragonrider pair into moving it would be useless. Toith would just take it back. Instead, Res grits his teeth and deals with it. And so it is a bench that he's claimed, the basket of food at his feet and a half-finished plate in his lap. It's still early, the sun rising over the rim, but R'sner's been up for hours. He's putting forth a decent effort to look 'fine' but just as the glow of Toith's hide is obvious to those who know her, so is the tell-tale signs that Res is not taking it well. Toith is hunched down in the sand, looking uncharacteristically fidgity. Her tail twitches, her wings rustle, her eyes whirl. And she keeps tossing looks toward the barracks and huffing in irritation. With a sigh, Res scowls her direction and decides, "Fine. Call them out…" to which Toith bugles in triumph and immediately reaches for whatever weyrling might be awake to come /out/ because they have Things To Do.

As per usual, Elianneth is the first out of the gate, her wings spreading in their dramatic flair the second it is safe to do so. «I have umbrellas for you!» She announces to Toith with a gleeful bugle. Crossing the distance with a bound, she dances in the sand, her excitement abundantly clear. «And a… thing with one wheel and handles and rakes!» A wheelbarrow, although she doesn't know the word. Following Elianneth at a more sedate pace, N'sir yawns as he steps outside and tosses his braid over his shoulder. There is no point in telling Elianneth to calm down, that's just not going to happen and he's resigned to that simple fact. Noting the changes in Toith, he slants a glance at R'sner, a flicker of worry in his eyes before he steps over and drops into a seat on the bench. "Hi."

The news is met with a triumphant cry that immediately has R'sner looking all sorts of suspicious. But Toith is quick to pretend that it is simply the little green's presence that has her all excited. « Tha's great! Lemme know where th' are an' I'll nab 'em later, » when R'sner's not looking. Because right now? Right now he is definitely looking. Right now though? He's in no mood to investigate further and more than willing to turn his attention away from his dragon and toward N'sir. "I'm eating," he points out needlessly. There's a plate in his lap and it is not just for show. But it's meant to be reassurance, rather than chastisement; proof that he's making an effort so that N'sir need /not/ worry. "The basket is here, if you're hungry." A flick of a glance toward Elianneth and Toith before he's considering N'sir again. "How are you? How is she?"

Toith's response has Elia even more excited, her wings giving another dramatic flair as she trumpets happily. «I dragged them behind the tent place on the beach!» By which, she means, the Moonshine Gardens. She's a smart little (Not so little anymore) thing and glances over toward the bench at the sound of her name. Exhaling a croon at R'sner, she promptly returns her attention to Toith, or rather circling Toith, cause she has entirely to much energy. "Oh?" Glancing at the plate, N'sir flashes an immediate smile, his chin dipping as he leans over and snags a handful of grapes out of the basket. "I'm always hungry," he grumps as he pops a few in his mouth. It is the last that has his gaze sweeping toward Elianneth, his lips twitching in a smirk. "She's hyper." She's always hyper. "Happy, but hyper." Popping another grape in his mouth, dark eyes crinkle at the corners as he looks at R'sner, his braid spilling over his shoulder as he leans in to brush a kiss over his lips. "Tired, but happy," he assures in warm tones.

« Y're brilliant, » decides Toith, glee clearly evident in the tone of her mindvoice and the whirling blue-green of her gaze. « Does N'sir know? » cause he might tattle on them! Toith's not quite sure where that loyalty line is drawn, and she's absolutely sure Res is gonna stamp a giant 'NO' all over the idea of collecting those stashed items, if he found out. Right now though? Seems like they're in the clear, with R'sner trying to finish his breakfast. "Eat as much as you want," he encourages, nudging the basket toward N'sir with the toe of his boot. There is plenty of food in there, as per usual. And while R'sner is definitely eating, or has eaten as the case may be, it's not at the level required to finish off the feast within. "Hm," and he flashes a subtle smile at Elianneth before dropping his gaze to his plate and offering an innocent, "Well. I've an idea on how to help with /that/." Her being hyper. A t the lean in, he sets the plate into the empty space on the bench and slides his arm around N'sir instead, pulling him close to return that kiss with a soft one of his own. "Good."

«No, he's a tattletale!» Elianneth's response is uttered as she bounds back around Toith, her wings flairing to send up a cloud of sand as she skids to a halt. Course, she takes off in another circuit almost immediately, bugling her delight for all the weyr to hear. N'sir? Does not need to be told twice and is promptly fishing in the basket for more substantial food. "Tell me my appetite will go back to normal," he laments as he shoves a meatroll in his mouth before coming back with two more and a cheesey roll. "I'll be bigger then Elianneth if I keep eating like this." It's the suggestion of an idea that has him arching a brow, the food quickly swallowed down before he murmurs "Oh?" behind one hand. The hand drops as he's drawn in though, dark eyes softening as the food is forgotten in favor of a kiss. "Well, now I'm feeling less hyper," he whispers against R'sner's lips.

« Good, good, » decides Toith, settled some at the knowledge that no one knows about that mini-hoard of stuff that she will soon be adding to her much-larger hoard of stuff on the ledge. « I got a goat, » she boasts, swinging her head this way and that to follow Elianneth's romping. « Res was pissed. » Which tickles her, really. He can't do anything about it. "Your appetite will go back to normal." R'sner even makes it sound confident for maximum reassurance, even if he's not entirely positive. "Probably when she stops growing." Now he's just speculating, but he'll stick with it. If he's proven wrong later? Oh well. His own plate sits forgotten now, though he really did eat most of what he'd put on it, and his gaze follows N'sir in his rummaging and subsequent consumption of meatrolls. "Mm," and for a moment Res just savors that contact, enjoying the whisper of warm breath and the softness of lips against his own. But he won't keep him in suspense for long before he murmurs an offhand, "I thought Elianneth might like to test her wings."

«I want a goat,» Elianneth decides as her bounding brings back in front of Toith. At the mention of R'sner, her head swings around, whirling blue green eyes watching him for a moment before she releases a draconic laugh. «He's grumpy.» but she likes it. Probably cause N'sir likes it. "It better," N'sir snorts. "Or you'll be rolling me around the Weyr." Finishing off the meatrolls and roll, he pops a few more grapes in his mouth before fishing out the thermos of juice and pouring himself a glass. It's midway through opening that the words register and his head jerks up. "What?" Blinking once, his lips twitch in a broad smile, dark eyes flicking from R'sner to Elianneth and back. "Seriously?" Elianneth latches on to what is being said immediately, an excited trumpet rising up in the air. Like it? «Yes! Yesyesyes!»

« Pro'ly can't have one inna barracks. » That's definitely against the rules. « Maybe after? » She snorts at the mention of R'sner, snout pointed right at him when she declares, « Yah, he is. » But right now he's not. Right now, R'sner's rather pleased with himself and the response his idea has brought about. Barely containing a grin, there's a slow dip of his head and a firm, "Yes. Seriously." He wouldn't joke about something like this. He settles back onto the bench, draping an arm behind N'sir as he turns his gaze toward Elianneth. "Alright then. Toith will demonstrate, and then she can follow. The first flight will be short," he warns. "Wing stretches only do so much; she'll have to keep her first few flights real short while she's building muscle and developing stamina. The last thing either of you want," he states firmly, "Is to pull or strain a muscle and get yourselves grounded for /months/." Yes. Months.

"Of course," N'sir assures quickly. "We'll be sure to keep it very short." He has no desire to even consider the chance of Elianneth hurting herself. Glancing over at Elianneth, he repeats the caution, /stressing/ the fact that that is a non-negotiable part of her 'contract'. «Yes, after,» Elianneth agrees. Course, with the promise of flying in her immediate future, she'd agree to anything. Hopping back from Toith, she immediately bounds back to exhale a little croon of delight and nuzzle at her HERO. In the wake of the affection, she's dancing back in the sand, her hindend pushing up as she flairs her wings and hunkers down excitedly. "Eli," N'sir calls in firm tones. "Pay attention and /calm/ /down/." Paying attention? Check. Calming down? Not a ghost of a chance that that is going to happen.

Despite his best efforts, R'sner can't help but to laugh at the enthusiasm in Elianneth. It draws a smile across his face, and a bit more life into him despite the obvious exhaustion. "Alright. Toith is going to give a running start, then leap into the air. Three flaps, a glide down. That's it for the first try. Got it?" It's more an explanation of how things will go, than instructions in how to do them, Res glancing first to Toith and then to N'sir. For her part, Toith is tossing aside thoughts of goats and umbrellas and wheelbarrows and getting herself set for the business of /teaching/. Or at least demonstrating. « Ya got this, » she decides, bumping her nose on Elianneth's shoulder as she moves further away. « Stay back, stay /put/, » she tells her, twisting her head around to peer at the younger green briefly before she's looking straight again. Satisfied that Eli isn't about to bound in and get herself runover, Toith launches herself forward. A few bounding strides — not unlike the weyrling-green's own — and on the final one she's unfurling her wings, launching into the air and giving a powerful downward stroke. The movements are exaggerated for emphasis, and three flaps later, she's coasting back to the ground to a running landing. « Got it? » And if so, then, « Y'r turn, then. »

Elianneth is paying attention. So much so that every single of inch her is literally vibrating with the effort required to stay still. «I got this!» Course, she's listening to everything, to R'sner's words, to N'sir's repetition of them, to Toith's instruction. "She's going to explode," N'sir murmurs with a quiet laugh. Still, the food has been forgotten, his weight shifting until he's perched on the very edge of the bench in anticipation. When Toith finally takes to the air, Elianneth tosses her head, exhaling a mighty (don't tell her it's girlie) bugle of delighted agreement. "You got this, princess," N'sir whispers under his breath. For her part, Eli hunkers down a bit closer to the sand, her hindend shimmying as she works herself up before leaping into a bounding run. Unfurling those (now pretty shockingly massive) butterfly wings, she gives a mighty down sweep, launching into the air with a delighted croon. To her credit, she flaps three— and only three— times before gliding gracefully down to a running landing toward Toith. Course, she finishes with a /skid/ that sends up a massive *POOF* of sand and trumpets her victory. The moment that she is in the air, N'sir is on his feet, one fist driving upward before he catches himself and whoops loudly. "YES!" Which is promptly followed by a clearing of his throat *ahem* as he drops back down to perch on the edge of the bench. When she is on the ground, he claps loudly.

Toith bugles her praise and delight. « Tha' was awesome! » she declares, as loud in her mind as she is in her voice, the brassy sound echoing off the stone walls of the bowl until she's even got the watchdragon joining in. And on the bench? R'sner isn't even pretending to be stoic anymore, grinning just as much for N'sir's response as Elianneth's success. "It's alright," he assures, amusement clear in his expression and his tone. "You're welcome to celebrate however you'd like." And once Eli is back on the ground, kicking up her poof of sand and getting another ground of draconic symphony for her success, Res murmurs an encouraging, "She can go again," with a nod towards the dragons before slanting a glance at N'sir. "If she wants too." And that last bit? Oh, that's definitely teasing.

N'sir exhales a pleased laugh, dark eyes warm as he glances at R'sner. "She wants to know if you liked her dramatic finish." Cause it's all about the end, baby. As for the rest, Elianneth is joining right in with the draconic symphony, not at all shy about singing her own praises. The chance to go again, however, is met with the same measure of excitement as the first, her form bounding over to get in line with Toith. «Again, again!» And, she's immediately hunkering down, ass up, wings out, tail lashing the sand with a excited slash. "Yeaaaaaah," N'sir laughs. "She definately wants to go, again." And, try as he might, there is no way to miss the fact that he is assuredly sharing her excitement.

"Dramatic," repeats R'sner, eyebrows lifted. But he's still smiling, and there is only a second of hesitation before he decides, "It was perfect." Settling back on the bench, his gaze remains on N'sir even as Toith is quick to lope back to the 'starting point' for another go. She wastes no time about it, turning on her tail and racing forward to launch herself in the air. She's not even on the ground yet before she's calling an encouraging, « Go! » to Elianneth. « An' ya can go a little farther, » she explains. « Jus' don' run inna th' wall. » And while R'sner watches N'sir, Toith will watch Elianneth, landing and loping around once more so that she can keep her sights on the younger green.

Elianneth springs forward the /second/ Toith calls 'go', a few bounding strides followed by the dramatic flair and snap of her wings and she's in the air. Crooning, those colorful wings sweep downward, flapping a few more times before she's gliding smoothly over the sandy bowl. Despite her excitement, she's ready and running when she hits the ground, another shower of sand sent up as she poses in the center of her own little mini sandstorm. «Did you see? Did you see!?» Without missing a beat, she's loping toward Toith, her eyes whirling a brilliant shade of blue/green. Course, through it all, N'sir, perched on the bench, has scooted further and further forward until he's barely on the edge. Again, his excitement goes uncontained, a whoop of delight exhaled as Elianneth hits the air. Course, his excitement has him spilling off the bench to land hard on his ass in the sand. "Oi," he calls on a barking laugh. "I need to work on my own landing, apparently."

« I saw! » Toith definitely saw. And she definitely approves of the dramatic finish, if just because it kicks up a whole lotta sand, which means it's messy! « Yer a natural, » she declares, happy to dole out the praise. « Jus' don' overdo it an' hurt y'self, 'kay? » she cautions, stretching out her wings before folding them back against her spine. « Res says ya can go one more time but'cha gotta rest after, 'right? » But Toith? This time she's gonna sit it out, already scratching herself a sandy wallow in a prime spectating spot. The teasing, "Hm," is definitely an agreement from R'sner. "I'll be happy to attend to any wounds you've sustained," he decides, doing his best to look appropriately serious. A reach of his hand as he offers, "Come here," with the intention of drawing him up. "Sit where I can put my arms around you, and I'll make sure you don't fall again." Purely for safety sake, of course.

«Alright.» In the wake of the acknowledgement, Elianneth swings her head toward R'sner, exhaling a croon of thanks before immediately hunkering down in the sand. The opening, after all, is as important as the finish and breaking choreography is unforgivable. While Elianneth does her whole butt wiggle beginning, N'sir pushes up with the aide of R'sner's hands, his lips twitching in a broad smile as he steps over and settles comfortably in the weyrlingmaster's lap. "She's perfect," he cooes as he winds his arms around R'sner's shoulders and sweeps his gaze back toward Elianneth. Breaking into a bounding run, the not so little dragon snaps her wings out, the colorful sails billowing as she pushes down and launches herself into the air. A momentary glide is coupled with three sweeps of her wings to gain a bit more altitude before she's arching around in a slow gliding half circle back toward where she'd come from. This? Delights her to no end, her croon gleefully as she hits the sand running only to send up another poof of sand. For a moment, she minces in place, before deciding she is actually tired and sashaying over to flop down next to Toith. «I can practice when you are here? How many times can I practice? Can I only do it three times before napping? How many times a day…» And the questions go on and on and on as N'sir exhales a laugh and leans in to press a kiss to R'sner's lips. "I love you," he purrs. "This was /perfect/."

Automatically, Toith's wing is lifted in silent invitation. Nevermind that Elianneth is rapidly outgrowing Toith's ability to shelter her in any form or fashion. Amusement sings through her mind and whirls brilliantly in the facets of her eyes. « Ya can pra'tice when I'm here, » agrees Toith. « An' ya can go a little longer each time. But, » and she is very firm on this point, doing her best Serious Tone (which is definitely an imitation of R'sner's voice at his most grumpy), « if ya feel any pain at all, ya gotta stop. Even if it's jus' a little twinge. Got it? » She'd even do the squinty side-eye if she could manage it. « But now, ya gotta rest. » And back on the bench, there's a faint smile for Elianneth's gratitude. Apparently the Ruiner of Fun is also at times the Bestower of it. "She did very well," he agrees, genuine pride in his voice as he pulls N'sir close. Once Elianneth is back on the ground, his gaze is leaving the green and settling on the weyrling in his lap. A tip of his chin for the kiss, and an affectionate smile for the words. "I love you, too. I knew you'd enjoy it." And yes, he is just a little smug about it.

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