Sky Bound

Characters N'sir, R'sner, T'ven, Aloath, Elianneth, Toith
Synopsis Aloath takes to the skies for the first time! At it's end, Toith takes to the skies for an altogether different reason.
Out-of-Character Date June 29, 2018

Igen Weyr - South Bowl
The orange hued sandstone layers comprising the bowl walls curve gently, but ever presently in your view. Fine sand shifts underfoot, a slightly paler version of what is found upon the walls. It gives way along the eastern edge to a section of contrasting green grass where a series of cleverly engineered pipes provide water to the fenced off area of the feeding grounds, and keeps the shimmer of the shallow lake beyond from disappearing during the driest periods of the turn. A distinctly squared entrance farther south is the tunnel leading out to the lands beyond. Traders and tithes arrive here at regular intervals and it is not uncommon for part of the bowl to be set up with a series of tents and wagons as wares are displayed and sold. To the west, the bowl wall has been eroded by the desert winds into strange shapes. At their base are found the weyrling barracks and training fields.

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Aloath bugles back to her clutch sister « T'ven said I can play but only a little, we are to have first flights finally when Toith and the one with the nice rump shows up. » She gives a quick flap of her wings against the ground, it is strong but still seems she isn't really focused on it. T'ven for his part does in fact join them stepping up from lake thoroughly drenched with clothes sticking to him. There are muscles! Gone seems to be the skeletal skinny young man, only to be replaced with a now toned body that while he isn't bulky still displays all that hard work he has been doing has paid off.

Elianneth is good with that, although, N'sir arches a brow at the choice of words. Yes, Elianneth shared, she shares almost everything with N'sir. "Nice rump, eh? Well," he allows. "I can't argue that." Glancing toward T'ven, N'sir raises a hand in greeting, his lips twitching in a broader smile. "Look at you, you need to be wet more often, T'ven." Setting the cleaning tools aside, he tosses his braid over his shoulder, a quick nod of his head sending Elianneth bounding off only to skid to a halt in a fashion that sends up a poofing cloud of sand. « Flying is the best, » She agrees.

T'ven waves back but tilts his head "Wha??" comes the confused call before looking down at himself. The tips of his ears turn a bright pink color as he tries to pull the shirt away from his body to be a bit more modest. Aloath on the other hand is all about the personal space invader as she moves closes to rub her cheek gently on Eli « I KNOW, I still don't understand why I wasn't allowed to. It was ONLY a bed I jumped on.. »

N'sir exhales a husky laugh at the blush, his head giving a wry shake. "You'll probably want to change," he points out. Hey, T'ven went from skinny stick boy to muscles, it's a noticable change. Fortunately, while N'sir has more muscle then he started with, it's not quite as noticable. Turning on his heel, he pads over to the everpresent picnic basket, pulling out a handful of grapes and a redfruit. Meat? That's still a massive NO for N'sir. Elianneth, however, croons at Aloath, chuffing at her playfully before flopping down to sprawl in one of the wallows left behind by Toith. « I don't know. But you shouldn't jump on beds if it keeps you from flying, » she suggests.

Speaking of Toith, it is not long at all before the (very, very /obviously/) glowing green is descending from her ledge and gliding over to the corner of the bowl reserved for weyrlings. And for once, R'sner is /with/ her rather than preceding or following. Apparently, he awoke late. Or, perhaps didn't sleep at all. Toith lands in her typical fashion, backwinging to settle on the sand far enough from the weyrlings that she does not kick up a cloud of dust. A chuff of a greeting for Aloath, and a longer rumbly-sound that might have been a croon in another life (except Toith does not croon) for Elianneth. Res is quick to dismount, scrub a hand over his face, and head for the… well. Where the picnic table /used/ to be before someone (Toith) 'collected' it.

T'ven nods and just takes the towel to try to dry his shirt off more "I am sure the heat here will get to that.." And he isn't wrong as his hair is already starting to dry out as he moves over to the little area near the food basket. At the landing of the glowing green he salutes R'sner, while Aloath just stretches her wings out again letting any kind of breeze flow over them. She croons happily at Toith but still keeps her exercise focus.

Elianneth immediately bugles a greeting to Toith, hunkering down in her wallow with a happy croon. The moment Toith is on the ground, though, Eli is pushing to her feet, bounding over to prance around her Hero with billowing wing sails. Course, she pauses along the way to chuff a greeting at R'sner before continueing her circuit. For his part, N'sir takes a bite of redfruit to cover a tight press of lips, his free hand raising in a wave to Toith and R'sner. Tense? Heck yes, he's tense, but he's doing his best to keep that fact to himself. "Heya," is called to R'sner as he tugs another redfruit from the basket and sends it over in a light toss. Pulling a third free, it's sent up to T'ven with another easy toss before he takes another (entirely to aggressive) bite of his own.

R'sner might look a bit worse for wear, but Toith is bright eyed and bushy tailed, and just as pleased as can be. Elianneth's bounding over earns a flare of the older green's wings, a trumpeted call of her own. "T'ven," comes in murmured greeting, an acknowledgement for the salute. A twitch of a frown and a moment of hesitation before Res decides he's just /not/ going to ask about that whole wet tee-shirt situation, using the tossed redfruit as an excuse to focus on something else. Long strides through the sand, until he's close enough to sling an arm around N'sir's shoulders and press a kiss to his temple. "Thank you," for the redfruit. "How is she feeling?" is asked of T'ven, R'sner's gaze squinting critically toward Aloath at her exercises.

T'ven catches the fruit tossed his way before nodding to R'sner "She is good, focused, which in itself is strange. Usually she is just mellow and playful, but right now she has a driven feeling about her." He bites into the sweet fruit, for once happy the heat is drying out his clothes, while he strictly avoids noticing the awkwardness the other two humans are displaying. "She feels she is ready to try it now, but is surprisingly being patient enough to wait for your say so."

N'sir turns his head into the kiss, his nostrils flairing as he slips an arm around R'sner's waist while leaning in to draw his nose over the line of his jaw. "You're more then welcome," is murmured in quietly husky tones. Settling in to a comfortable lean against R'sner, he takes another bite of the redfruit while slanting a glance toward the dragons. « Can we see Goat today? » Elianneth asks Toith as she settles down in a close cuddle. « And show Aloath how to cannonball? » Cause that's always fun!

"Good." And R'sner means it, still eyeing Aloath with a critical look. "The last thing I want is an injured dragon," because that is what will happen, with rash actions and lack of discipline. But as all seems to be fine there and, really, Res is kinda distracted away from weyrling greens. A rough clearing of his throat and a pointed look toward N'sir, before he's settling in against him and taking another bite of that fruit. A few, deep breaths later, and he's relaxing as much as he is apt to given his dragon is shining like a freakin' star. A sigh for that, though Res is trying to ignore Toith's current state and focus on the lesson at hand. "Let's get her in the air, then." Toith, however, is settling into her spot, digging herself a new wallow in the sun-baked sand. Yawning, she stretches her head out and eyes Aloath and Elianneth both. « Can, » she decides, for goats and cannonballs. « Bu' first Allie's gotta fly, » cause Aloath is not exempt from the nick-name habit, even if her name's already rather short. A long, assessing look at Toith before he murmurs a quiet, "Does Elianneth want to demonstrate how it's done?"

T'ven nods and is walking over to where Aloath is before he puts a hand on her shoulder, he whispers something quietly to the green before he walks around her and looks her over again. Always checking and rechecking things looking for anything that would hinder his greens first flight. But he finds no faults and Aloath is quite ready as she swishes her tail tips « Allie? That is just Dandy! » comes her happy minded voice over to the dragon pair.

« YES! » "Yes." Is uttered at the same time. Course, N'sir immediately laughs as his flashy little green lifemate bounds to her feet. "She's definately up for it," he assures with a wry smile. « Now?? » Course, before the question is even entirely uttered, Eli is bounding over to nuzzle at Aloath. « Watch me, it's easy! » Twisting like a serpentine, she moves far enough away that she has room to hunker down with her hindend high in the air. No, it's not the way she starts, now. But is the way she learned! That being the case, she gives a pointed little wiggle, while noting « Ya gotta prepare for launch, then… » She pushes off into a bounding run across the sand. « Get a running start and snap your wings out to slap the air! » Without missing a beat, her wings snap out, the colorful sails billowing as she flaps down hard enough to launch herself into the air. « Three beats, » she adds as she propells herself higher with three flaps of those massive wings. « Then gliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiide over the sand. » Demonstrating with a joyful croon, she sails in a broad semi-circle before drifting down into a running landing that ends with a skid and a dramatic *POOF* of sand. « Be sure to run when you hit the ground, » she calls back before returning at a loping galumph. Still leaning comfortably against R'sner, N'sir chuckles quietly, dark eyes crinkling at the corners. "She really loves to fly."

Settled in her spot, Toith watches Elianneth with half-lidded and slowly whirling eyes. As the jewel-toned green takes to the sky, she offers a bright and cheerful, « Wahoo! That's how it's done! » that is almost immediately followed by another yawn. A little wiggle-wiggle in her sandy spot and, a second later, she is /out/. Snoozing, right there in the middle of the training area. It definitely gets a twitch of R'sner's eyebrow and a clear frown of disapproval before he's turning to watch Elianneth land and Aloath begin. "Perfect," he decides, flashing a subtle smile toward Eli as the sand from her dramatic finish drifts away. "She's a natural," he offers in quiet agreement before turning to nod at T'ven. "If she's ready, and you're ready," he amends, "Then have at it. Three flaps," he stresses. "Only three, for the first run. She'll get more later," or get grounded if she disobeys; at least that's the barely concealed threat behind those words.

Aloath does watch her clutch sister, hunkering down like she was shone « This doesn't really feel right, but as long as it works.. » is her only comment before T'ven is giving her the all clear. She is off like a shot though, even as a young dragon she is quick. Her own little hop allows her to snap out those wings the light almost making the whorls dance like galaxies in the sunlight. Aloath is almost aloft in two flaps but still does the third to stabilize, but she easily banks sharply and glides back where her clutch sister was those big head knobs allowing her to cut through the air smoother as she comes in for the landing. She has to do a stutter hop a few times before she remembers to back wing abit to slow her self but lands successfully « AGAIN!!! » Comes her joyous bugling.

Elianneth crooooons her delight at the praise, making a grand show of preening her wings and posing dramatically. That, however, does not last long before she's galumphing around to watch Aloath. « You can do it! » She's absolutely certain that Aloath will be amazing. How could she not be? She's Eli's sister. Course, the moment that Aloath hits the air, Eli launches herself upward, a bugle of victorious encouragment filling the air. « YAY! MUAHAHAHAHHAHAHA » Elianneth calls as Aloath lands and calls to go again. Course, Eli? She's winging higher and higher, circling the south bowl gleefully before soaring down to land neatly.

R'sner's gaze is fixed to Aloath as she gets going, blue eyes squinted against the glare of the sun as the young green launches herself into the air for her three wingbeats. It is only once she is on the ground again and coming to a stop that he exhales a low sigh and his form loses some of that tension. It's also when he seems to remember that there's food in his hand, and he ought to eat it. A nod of his head toward T'ven, because Toith might be asleep but he doesn't need a translator to understand that Aloath wants a second trip. "Go ahead. Three to five flaps is fine, but keep close tabs on how she's feeling; don't let her over tax herself." In the wake of the instructions, he ducks his head to murmur an apologetic, "I need to sit down," to N'sir. Because frankly, Res is exhausted and standing under the Igen sun is taking a toll.

T'ven nods and looks about as pale as one can, holding his own breath till his dragon lands. When she asks for more and is granted it he too needs to sit down, and so he does right there in the sand. Aloath on the other hand is already taking off again three wing beats to get in the air and another one to give her some altitude she is turning in the air playing in the lower thermal drafts that are there, nothing to crazy… yet. « This feels AMAZING.. » comes her happy call to Eli's mind as she makes another sharp turn and glides down only to shoot back up again.

"Of course," N'sir murmurs in response to R'sner. Without missing a beat, he steps away, moving to grab a blanket and spread it over the sand in the shade near the picnic basket. "Juice?" Even before a response can be uttered, though, he's stooping to grab a mug and fill it. Waiting for R'sner to settle, he sets it close to hand, his teeth worrying his lip as he does his level best not to hover. Not hovering over R'sner, however, is something at which N'sir fails miserably. Always. That being the case, he folds himself down to sit on the blanket, content with the fact that he's orbiting. Settling on the sand, Elianneth bugles happily in response to Aloath, her eyes whirling a merry shade of green. « Wait til you learn how to cannonball, or fly at night! » That's the best!

Toith would probably agree with the cannonball bit, if she were awake to say so. Alas, her only contribution is a very unladylike snort as she shifts in her wallow as she sleeps. Blanket laid, and Res is settling onto it with very little hesitation, though his gaze immediately turns to watch Aloath as she goes again. A faint frown for the catch of that thermal and the sharp turn, and he issues a firm, "No acrobatics. Tell her to stay straight; she's not got the strength to be banking turns like that, and I don't want a wing-strain." Strength will come with time, and they have plenty of it. "Eli can fly again, if she wants too," is murmured to N'sir as the weyrling joins him on the ground. "Thanks," for the juice, though he doesn't reach for it. "She's doing fine, T'ven," other than that sharp turn there, but hey. "Breathe. Relax. Focus on her, and if it's too much, put her back on the ground." Like it's so easy to get a flying dragon to land. HAHAHA, good luck! Another squint at Aloath before he's reaching for N'sir's hand to provide a firm squeeze. "Relax, I'm fine."

Aloath is a happy sort but T'vens mind is clear » Easy love, just smooth flying right now. You can show of to the others later. « And while she isn't fully happy with it she does level off and glides falling in side by side with Eli. « You know what would go good with this? Some of that fluffy animal that makes the 'bah' noise. » The greens eyes are getting that red tint to them but she still is enjoying flying to much.

"I know you are," N'sir assures in quiet tones. "But I am allowed to worry." Particularly since Elianneth is fine and focused on watching Aloath. Twisting his hand in R'sner's, his fingers curl loosely, his thumb moving in a gentle caress over the weyrlingmaster's knuckles. For Eli's part, she's absolutely delighted to be flying with Aloath, although the red tint to her eyes has Eli stating firmly. « Time to land. I'm hungry. » She's not about to risk Aloath getting into trouble, after all.

"There's nothing to worry /about/," is R'sner's point, though he won't argue beyond that. Instead, there is another squeeze of that hand and a softer smile for N'sir before he's focused on Aloath and Elianneth in the air. He's not privy to private conversations, but his eyes are sharp enough to catch that red-tinge, so even if Elianneth is already prompting her to land, R'sner is speaking a firm and decisive, "Time to stop. Put her on the ground, T'ven. She can practice more in a few hours after she's rested." And Toith? Still snoozing away, oblivious.

T'ven nods and has Aloath already banking down to land heavily if not neatly he says "Come on, now that you have flown we can go let you be like the rest and hunt for your self." Which has Aloath all kinds of excited again as the start to walk over towards the feeding pens. "Now remember what we talked about, you eat but you don't share.." Yeah that isn't going to work out for him as it will be reported later that T'ven infact needed a bucket to throw up in as Aloath covered her self in her first kill while explaining the best ways to eat it and look good at the same time..

N'sir smiles sheepishly at the reassurance, dark eyes glancing at R'sner before slanting up to watch Aloath. "I'm alright," he assures as he leans in close enough to brush a kiss over R'sner's cheek. Settling into a lean against R'sner, he drops his head on his shoulder, his expression turning wry as he watches Aloath tromp off with T'ven. "He's in for quite a treat," he notes in dry tones.

A treat, or a horror show. R'sner watches T'ven and Aloath head for the feeding pens and, while he might have said something to halt him, whatever he was about to say is immediately forgotten at the shift and stirring of Toith. Immediately there is a look, a narrow-eyed squint and a tightening of his jaw. She's not awake yet, but she doesn't need to be; Res knows. So much for having nothing to worry about. "I have to go," comes in a low apology as he twists to press a quick kiss to N'sir's forehead before he's hauling them both to their feet. "When Toith wakes…" but there's really no need to explain further, is there? Instead, there's a firm squeeze of the hand still held within his own and an earnest, "Stay with Eli. I love you." And then Res is gone, moving as quickly as he safely can over the sand to try and get a head start on Toith.

N'sir blinks as he's pulled to his feet, his eyes widening as the words sink in. "I love you…" The words are uttered as he takes a step after R'sner's retreating form, one hand raising to scrub over his face. It is Elianneth's concerned creel that his him turning around and moving to rest a hand on her neck. "It's okay," he whispers. "It's all okay, this is the /last/ time that will happen." Or least, he hopes that is the case. Taking a moment to get himself under control, he leans in to brush a kiss over Eli's snout before straightening. "He's going to be hungry when it's over. Probably tired.. We need a picnic basket, blankets, a bedroll…." There is something about making lists and having something to /do/ that serves to calm him down considerably. Reassured, Elianneth resettles in the sand, the tip of her tail flicking quietly as she watches N'sir pull himself together. "I wonder if I can find… Oh!" Snapping his fingers, he nods firmly, winking at Elianneth. "We'll set up a little nest in one of the beach tents," he decides. That decision made, the pair are off, busying themselves with their own post-flight preparations.

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