First Flights for T'ven and Aloath

Characters N'sir, R'sner, T'ven, Aloath, Elianneth, Toith
Synopsis T'ven and Aloath take to the skies. Aloath and Elianneth have a very *informative* conversation about socks. (Hint: they're not really talking about socks)
Out-of-Character Date July 8, 2018

Igen Weyr - South Bowl
The orange hued sandstone layers comprising the bowl walls curve gently, but ever presently in your view. Fine sand shifts underfoot, a slightly paler version of what is found upon the walls. It gives way along the eastern edge to a section of contrasting green grass where a series of cleverly engineered pipes provide water to the fenced off area of the feeding grounds, and keeps the shimmer of the shallow lake beyond from disappearing during the driest periods of the turn. A distinctly squared entrance farther south is the tunnel leading out to the lands beyond. Traders and tithes arrive here at regular intervals and it is not uncommon for part of the bowl to be set up with a series of tents and wagons as wares are displayed and sold. To the west, the bowl wall has been eroded by the desert winds into strange shapes. At their base are found the weyrling barracks and training fields.

It is a bright, clear winter morning in Igen Weyr. The chill of the night has not entirely faded, though no doubt the sun beating down on the sand will make for a hot afternoon to come. Toith has dug a wallow but, rather than lay in it, she's perched herself atop the little mound of relocated sand. She waits with an air of expectancy, head twisting this way and that as she eyes the coming and going of weyrlings and weyrfolk alike. And Res? He's at the table, nomming on some breakfast while he has the chance.

T'ven and Aloath come striding out of the barracks, the green has grown now that when they walk T'ven has to jog slightly to keep up. Both look excited as well as ready for whatever the day is bringing. T'ven with some hand-me-over flying leathers that hang abit to loose on him for now, and Aloath in her newest set of straps. He snaps a sharp salute to R'sner while Aloath croons happily at Toith « Isn't the morning just Dandy? »

Toith's here and Eli? WAY TO EXCITED about that. That much is clear when the not so little green comes galumphing out of the barracks and all but hurls herself into the wallow dug for her. « HELLO! » Course, she immediately shimmies over to press up against Toith and make room for Aloath in the wallow. « Cuddles are Dandier » A few moments later, N'sir emerges from the barracks, his own salute, more of a finger waggling wave that just /happens/ to be near his temple. "Morning," is called as he heads immediately for the basket of food and starts rummaging.

« Dandy, » agrees Toith, who would be snickering amusement if she had the ability to do so. Really, that word just tickles her, and she cannot seem to say it without meaning it somewhat sarcastically. Not to be mean! She's just… way too amused about it. « Eli! Allie! » all the iiiiii's! « Mwahahaha! » But despite the enthusiastic greeting, Toith remains where she is, twisting only to bump her nose affectionately against Elianneth's shoulder once she's settled into her wallow. And Res? A glance and a dip of his head in acknowledgement for the salute (and a bit of a side-eye for that finger-wiggle there). A final bite of food and he's eyeing T'ven and those hand-me-down leathers with skepticism, perhaps concerned those pants might not make it. No wardrobe malfunctions today, please! "Are you ready to fly?" This is for T'ven. For N'sir, there is an arm slung around his shoulders and a quick kiss pressed to his temple before Res is turning back to the tattooist expectantly.

T'ven nods and grins "Yes sir we are!" comes the very excited response from the tattooist-turned weyrling, followed by the rumbling of the green next to him as Aloath sounds like a small rocketship about to blast off in anticipation. "All preflight checks are done, cleared with the Dragon healers, and even got a physical from one of the healers my self." He blushes at that last part, ears turning pink but he keeps his grin and stands awaiting the weyrlingmasters order.

N'sir grins at the arm around his shoulder and the kiss to his temple, his weight shifting into a bump-nudging cuddle that totally resembles Elianneth's greeting to Toith. Remaining in the comfort of that arm around his shoulders, he tugs an eggy pie from the basket and immediately takes a bite, dark lashes sweeping down in a look of bliss. "S'hungry," he mumbles under his breath. Noting T'ven's blush, N'sir grins, his brows twitching mildly as he takes another bite of the eggy pie.

R'sner's eyebrows shoot upward at the declaration that T'ven has gone as far as to get a physical from the healers. He's silent for a long moment, staring at the weyrling with an unreadable expression before he simply states, "Alright," and motions toward Aloath. "Straps on?" And, presuming they are, Res will haul himself to his feet to do a final check for himself. "Eat your fill," he murmurs, offering a final squeeze of his arm around those shoulders. And then he's shoving himself upward, fingers trailing along the back of N'sir's neck as the weyrlingmaster abandons the table and moves toward Aloath. A critical eye is turned toward the straps that encircle her, and he issues a curt, "May I touch her?" to T'ven.

T'ven nods saying "Of course, she doesn't mind people touching her." Aloath croons happily to R'sner before she asks Eli « Why does your cuddle with Toith's so much? Is yours cold? » because for all her dragonly knowledge she is still rather innocent about a lot of things.

N'sir flashes a smile at R'sner as he gets up, one eye closing a wink. "I will. Have fun, T'ven, Aloath!" In the wake of the words, he's back to fishing in the basket, drawing out a roll and a chunk of cheese. At the trail of fingers over his neck, his smile broadens, dark eyes warming considerably. He's watching, though, there is no doubt about that. In her wallow next to Toith, Elianneth raises her head, her eyes whirling a content hue as she swings her head around to regard R'sner and the N'sir. « Sometimes because they are cold, » She decides. < <Mostly because they are a pair. » And she's perfectly happy with that. « Like socks! »

Like socks. The comparison has Toith chuffing in amusement, though she gleefully does not enlighten R'sner as to what has her so humored. It's fine, cause he's ignoring her too. Granted permission, he steps the final foot forward to put himself in contact with Aloath, hands sliding gently along her neck before he's tugging and testing the leather straps. Finding no fault, he turns to bob his head at T'ven. "Alright. Mount up," he declares, stepping back to put more space between them. A glance for N'sir at the table, then the cuddling pair of greens before he's back to watching Aloath and T'ven.

T'ven knows what is going on with the dragon gossip, but he is sooo not going to even acknowledge it. No he is focused on the task at hand, namely getting Aloath to bend down so his short self can climb up the side. Once he is in place he buckles himself in and then does another check over of the straps. Aloath on the other hand croons happily at her sister « Socks are great, T'ven wears two pair because his boots don't always fit right. » then a little more curiously « but if they are like socks who wears them or do they try to fit into each other for warmth? Or do they loose one everytime they wash? » So many questions!

N'sir winks at R'sner when he glances back, the roll and cheese raised in salute. He's perfectly content to watch, and eat. Course, Eli's sharing everything with him and he's forced to duck his head at being called socks. Elianneth? She's perfectly fine answering Aloath's questions, settling back down in her cuddling with Toith. « Right now, R'sner says they can't wear each other on account of rules. » BOO RULES. « But N'sir dreams, » She goes on. « And I think R'sner wears him, mostly. » Mostly. Of course, THAT brings N'sir's head up and his gaze to looking horrified. "ELI! Oversharing." Coughing, he slants a mortified glance at R'sner before dissolving into laughter.

Oh man. If Toith could laugh, she'd be howling right now. As it is, there's entirely too much amusement whirling in those faceted eyes of hers. Enough that R'sner is now slanting side-eyed glances her direction with increasing displeasure. No, he is not privy to the conversation, if just because Toith thinks it's way more fun to leave him out of the loop. It's definitely not so that he can save face, oh no (she might mention that thing about the boots, though…). And then N'sir is remarking on Eli's oversharing, and Res decides he doesn't want to know anyway and turns back to Aloath and T'ven. "When you are ready, go ahead. But keep the flight short, and no acrobatics. Aloath might be accustomed to flying but adding the weight of a rider is new and different."

T'ven laughs, just out right laughs, all that nervous energy just flows out of him as he suffers from a laughing fit atop his green dragon. He can't breath he is laughing and crying so hard at this moment. Aloath rumbles again and stretches out her wings gently, not fully letting them out but enough to allow for balance as she makes ready to take off. Only when T'ven is back to normally breathing does she finally stretch them out she is very deliberate in her movements as she moves to take flight. Usually she would just take off from the ground but, she does a slow bounding leap before snapping her wings out and down creating a good up draft. Sand is thrown about as she may not be as large as other dragons but she does have power for a little green.

N'sir agrees with R'sner. He does /not/ want to know. That much is clear when N'sir shoves a piece of cheese in his mouth and just chews aggressively. Eli? She's having fun now and croons happily at Toith. Course, T'ven is laughing and that just makes N'sir laugh harder. Which, of course, results in a moment of coughing before he manages to swallow. Once he's calmed back down, he turns his attention to watching the pair fly.

And now there is hysterical laughter, and Res just looks torn between utter confusion and supreme disapproval. At least that glare of his is currently being directed at something inanimate, like that rock over there, and not either of the weyrlings. A low, hissing breath is exhaled from between his teeth, but he allows Aloath to carry on if just because T'ven is calming down. He ducks his head, eyes squeezed shut, against the spray of sand. When the pattering of grains against his leather jacket dies down, he twists back around to squint at the young green as she ascends. Confident enough that death is not imminent, he heads back for the picnic table and the laughing-coughing-but-thankfully-calming-/down/ N'sir. "What on Pern is so funny?" Because while he probably DOES NOT WANNA KNOW… he's really, really curious by now.

T'ven is probably glad he is having the time of his life right now flying with Aloath, GOOD LUCK TALKING YOUR WAY OUT N'SIR. While the green is not doing any kind of acrobatics, she does make sure to get into a good thermal so her lifemate can feel the wind as they glide around the bowl. « See Baby, this is what it is all about. Freedom, flying where ever we want to go! » comes the soft mind voice into T'ven's already excited brain, just something they are sharing like this moment. » Yes you were right, flying is as wonderful as you said it is. «

N'sir clears his throat, his lips twitching in a wry smile as he looks up a R'sner. "Well.. See…" Clearing his throat, he exhales a breath. "Aloath asked Eli about out cuddling and Eli said we were a pair, like… Socks." Pausing a beat, he takes a moment to get himself under control and taking another bite of that roll. There's more. Course there is more, but he's not about to get into that unless questioned. He does, however, give a very suspicious shifty eye as he takes another bite of cheese. N'sir? Not slick. Not even a little bit.

Both Toith and R'sner are watching Aloath's progress through the air, but neither are especially concerned. If there is a sign of distress or a clear indication that T'ven or Allie are tired? Then they'll spring into action. « Ain't it great? » issues Toith, cheerful as all get-out. « Flyin's th's best. » With his gaze flicking between Aloath and N'sir, R'sner is definitely listening to the words. But it takes him a moment or two before he's actually /hearing/ them. "Socks?" And that has his head swinging around to eye the weyrling beside him with clear suspicion. Clearly, he wants to ask. It's written all over his face. It's hanging on the tip of his tongue! But maybe it's self-preservation or that shifty-eyed look of N'sir's that stops him from inquiring further. "Alright then…" Socks. Snort.

No signs of distress here, just some good old fashion gliding as Aloath makes her decent back to the ground touching down her larger frame doing a little hoping motion as not to jar T'ven to badly. T'ven for his part is nothing but adrenaline and grins as he still has to sit up on the dragon looking up at the sky, that part of his brain that lets him paint and make great images is fully alive and working over time.

N'sir dips his chin in a nod, smiling softly. Really? Socks is a pretty romantic likeness, go Eli! "Socks. You are definately the left sock," he assures as he takes another bite of the roll and follows it with cheese. Resist, R'sner, resist!

A painting of Igen from the sky? It would probably be epic. T'ven can muse on the artistic possibilities as long as he'd like, though there is a polite « Ya can go again, if ya wanna. If y're not tired, » from Toith to Aloath. Just in case. « But not too much. Gotta rest, too. » And nap! Though Toi isn't ready for any naps just yet. Neither is R'sner, whose sharp gaze is back on the weyrling pair as Aloath lands and T'ven considers the sky. "The left one?" because how could he resist that? Now you're just poking the bear, N'sir! "Why am I a left sock? Why are we socks at all?" He clearly does not get it, and self-preservation only goes so far. Curiosity is a fickle beast!

Aloath croons happily to the others as T'ven is still looking at the sky, « Mine wants to know if N'sir is worried he is going to get all over stretched like good socks do over time. » Sorry R'sner he has no filter like this, then she is taking off again, this time trying to fly up a little hire. Reaching a little farther each time to give him a better look, there is excited whooping from him as she gets a good glide going.

N'sir lightly clears his throat, his brows twitching mildly as he considers the question. Coming to a decision, he pushes to his feet, walks over to R'sner and cups his hand against his ear. "Because," he whispers. "Everyone knows you put the left sock in the right sock." Pausing a beat, he leans back and grins before turning and sauntering back to the table. At the question from Aloath, coming through Eli, N'sir stumbles and chokes before leaning heavily against the table. Eli? Not even a little embarassed. Nope. « He is very resilient, » Eli assures.

This time, Toith has to bugle. Because it's just too funny not to. Not that Res is paying attention to her. She's not sharing, but N'sir is. And while that expression is a rather scowly-perplexed look that does not fade immediately, it only takes him a second or two before he's connecting the dots. Thank Faranth he's not eating or drinking because he'd definitely be choking. And thank Faranth he's not the sort to blush, because he'd probably be bright freakin' red. Instead, there's just a thoroughly uncomfortable look, a lot of throat-clearing and then one really long, resigned sigh as he turns to squint at Aloath. Ugh. Weyrlings.

T'ven is having to much fun but alas all good things must end, Aloath makes her final apporoach for day back down. Landing heavily on the ground before she croons happily at the other dragons. T'ven slides down face red from wind burn while the dust and dirt show the tear streaks from the joy of first flights. He grins over at the pair of riders before he takes a few wobbly steps to sit on the bench. Now he is hungry as he starts to eat food, Aloath moves over to cuddle next to her sister even though she is larger she still acts like Eli is bigger.

"You," N'sir points out as he slips back onto the bench and reaches for another roll. "Did ask." Eli? Just Dandy with Aloath cuddling up next to her and she croons her praise of her sibling. At the table, N'sir pushes the basket to T'ven and grins. "Amazing, right? Definately, just dandy."

R'sner did ask. And he's deeply regretting that decision. But it's alright. He's recovering quickly. Can't be the first time weyrling dragons ask awkward questions (it's just the first time that one of those weyrlings happens to have some intimate details with which to share). As T'ven dismounts, R'sner steps forward to meet him halfway, a stoic look once more plastered across his face. "T'ven. A word, please?" and there's a nod toward the side of the barracks. Meaning this is definitely going to be a private conversation. Breakfast can wait.

T'ven almost had that meat roll in his mouth.. So close, but then he is getting pulled away. He moves towards where the weyrling master had indicated raising an eyebrow "Sir?" because really what can you ask a man who is probably going to yell at you for something..

N'sir glances up when T'ven is called aside, finishing off the last of his roll and cheese at the table. Rather then make any attempt to listen in, however, he focuses on his food, his expression warm as he glances toward the dragons. "Could have been worse," he murmurs under his breath as he takes another bite of food.

Point of fact: R'sner is not actually going to yell at T'ven. Shocker, right? But no, he's not. Instead, as the weyrling comes forward, there's a flicker of what MIGHT be a smile; something shallow and fleeting and meant to be comforting or at least non-threatening. A duck of his head, and there are words murmured in a low voice not meant to pass further than the pair of them. At its end, there is a long look and the clear expectation of an answer before Res will dismiss him back to his breakfast.

R'sner whispers "Tomorrow, I want you to go see the tanners about getting a set of riding leathers that fit you properly. And a pair of boots. If you have issues, let me know. As a weyrling of Igen you have every right to the supplies and services that the Weyr provides, and as a graduated dragonrider, the duties you perform to the Weyr will be recompense for the items you use. This is your home, and your family, and we take care of each other. Alright?" to T'ven.

T'ven nods to the words R'sner whispers to him, and grins, though he does glance at N'sir before he salutes R'sner. There is another quiet exchange before he is grinning and heading back over to eat with N'sir.

T'ven whispers "I will sir. And thank you for everything, especially letting Aloath feel welcomed around Toith. She really does love your green."

All that whispering is a little suspicious, but N'sir figures it's all good. Whatever is going on, he's sure R'sner has a handle on that. That being the case, he draws grapes out of the basket, one elbow bracing on the table as he pops in his mouth and chews slowly. T'ven's return is met with an easy smile and a dip of his chin, before another grape finds it's way into his mouth.

It's definitely all good. No one is losing a limb, at least. But whatever it is that T'ven said, R'sner simply answers it with a curt nod of his head and a glance toward the trio of greens. "Go eat," is his final word on the matter and, after a moment's pause, he's following him to the picnic table. Not to sit, unfortunately. Just to come and plant a kiss to the top of N'sir's head and murmur a low, "I have to go. I'll find you for lunch," before he's eyeing Toith again. With a snort, and a final bump of her nose on Eli's shoulder, the older green pulls herself to her feet and goes to intercept R'sner as he heads for her. A duck of her shoulder and he's hauling himself up. A chuff of farewell to Eli, Allie, and the pair of weyrlings attached to them, and she launches herself skyward.

T'ven grins and sits down there is a lull in coversation before he says in a dead pan face "So.. Socks huh?" and then he is breaking out into laughter all over again. Because it is really really funny for some reason.

N'sir grins as he's kissed, one hand raising to lightly touch R'sner's shoulder. "I'll be here," he assures. "I love you." When heads out, N'sir's eyes follow, a content sigh spilling past his lips. Yes, he's a dope and it shows on his face. After a moment, he looks back at T'ven and cants his head. "So what did you think of your first flight?" At the question, he smirks and snorts quietly. "Well, it's apt in it's own way." With Toith leaving, Eli chuffs and crooons a farwell, her head raising to watch Toith go. That? That's her HERO right there.

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