The Art of Rescue? (AKA A Sticky Situation)

Characters N'sir, R'sner, T'ven, Aloath, Elianneth, Toith
Synopsis R'sner rescues N'sir from a dastardly prank. (Disclaimer: language & suggestive content)
Out-of-Character Date July 9, 2018

Igen Weyr - Weyrling Barracks
Nearly equal in size to the Hatching Cavern, the barracks are immense, easily one of the largest of the caverns that sprawl through the cliffside at Igen Weyr. Accessible though a wide entrance meant to admit wind-trailing dragonets, and lighted by small windows cut into the rock, as well as the newly added electric lights, the weyrling barracks provide a place for growing dragonets that haven't reached their full size yet. A path leads though the cavern, on either side standing stone hollows that form the weyrling couches, with a cot and clothespress for the rider beside them. A small alcove in the back houses several large bins are placed along the short ends of the walls nearest the entrance tunnels, containing supplies of oil, food, and water for the young dragons and their riders: a vat of oil and paddles for spreading it onto itchy hides, and various containers kept filled daily with fresh meat. There are also materials available for making riding straps later on in the training sessions. A training chart is posted near the doorway, informing the weyrlings of the lessons they will need to follow.

It has been a long day of cleaning after the most recent storm, so the weyrlings have been cleaning there areas. Now that they can between and such there shouldn't be any lingering waste about. Well not all the weyrlings, it seems that the very tall weaver refused to get out of bed and clean. Siting he didn't have to do right now as he was just tired! Ever helpful the green Elianneth came up with a way for others to cleen and keep her handsome man from loosing any sleep. So a plan was concocted and executed again at the urging of young dragons and probably fueled by months of pent up frustrations, N'sir was moved to a new location. Safely taped on the wall above his bed so that he is present while the weyrlings are currently still cleaning as N'sir gets to rest.

N'sir was exhausted! He's been playing elevator all morning and needed sleep. And sleep he would have. That being the case, the plot had gotten underway with little to no resistance. Elianneth? She thinks it's grand fun and has determined that a N'sir shaped adornment is something that must be had forever and ever. N'sir? It's very unlikely that he is going to agree to being a wall ornament, but Eli can dream. Then again, Eli is a spoiled little beast and could potentially get her way. Eli is also not very good at keeping secrets and is excitedly calling Toith to come and see!! « COME SEE! N'sir can fly! » With tape. And asleep. « And we need a painting! »

Toith is… somewhere. But wherever she is, she can certainly hear Elianneth's declaration that N'sir can fly. And that? That has her all sorts of curious. Not concerned (because surely Eli would be in distress if N'sir were actually in danger), but definitely curious. « Whadya mean, fly? » Cause last she checked, « He ain't got wings! » But she'll come. She's on her way. Just… give her a minute or two, cause she was kinda WAY OVER THERE on the other side of the weyrbowl.

T'ven is doing his best to work on the barracks, seeing as he has been playing delivery boy today and trying to break in new boots SUCKS! So he is in his cut offs and bare foot as he mops the far end of the barracks works his way back towards the opening. Aloath is sleeping right now, or at least that is what she is pretending to be doing because it is great fun to watch others get in trouble and not her after all.

« Float? FLY! » Eli's gonna call it flying cause it makes her happy to do so. There is only so much excitement from Eli that N'sir can sleep through. That being the case, he gives a little snort— you know, the sleepy sound one makes when one really does NOT want to be awake. "Eli, stop it…" It's mumbled as he makes an attempt to roll over. Rolling over, it should be noted, is not possible while taped to a wall. The moment that registers, he tries to jerk his hand up to push his hair out of his face. That is also not possible and that? That wakes him up with a start. Still, it takes a moment for his brain to register what exactly is wrong. A moment that comes complete with a jerk of his head and impossibly wide eyes. "T'VEN!" Who else would be responsible, after all. "Shard it all," he cusses as he takes to squirming in place. "NOT. Not funny. Not even a little bit funny." Maaaaaybe a little bit funny. >.>

« Is he in the water? » Cause really, that's the only scenario in which Toith can imagine N'sir doing anything resembling floating or flying. And that thought? Well. « Res says he better not be inna waaaaater, » or he'll be in trouble! Stern-face. Side-eye. ALL THE DISAPPROVAL! But again, Eli is not worried so… Toith is not worried. Just confused. And not nearly as concerned as R'sner might be. « We're coming. » Because of course, now he's coming too. « Where're ya at? »

T'ven is good boy, see mop mop mop, all day long, mop mop mop while he sings his song. Aloath on the other hand can't help but well, helping « WE are in the barracks where we are supposed to be. although it is quite a dandy sight to see him floating like that. Great idea Eli!! » R'sner better bring his BIG disapproval face because this might set a new record.

« Uh oh. » Never a good hearing that. « Barracks. Not in the water! » Eli KNOWS N'sir is not allowed to swim alone and she does not want the HORRIBLE Side-Eye of DOOM aimed at her. « Onna wall. » is the potentially incoherent mumble. Course, the fact that Toith /and/ R'sner are coming? Ooooooooh, you all in trooooooouble now! Jerking against the wall, N'sir growls (Which, admittedly sounds way more like a kitten spitting then an actual growl) "T'VEN. I know you can hear me! Eli…do something!" And Eli does! She bugles excitedly, her head raising to whufflesnort all over N'sir's face. "Not /that/," N'sir laughs.

« Onna /what/?! » SO CONFUSED! « We're landin' now. » And sure enough, outside the barracks there might be heard the sound of kicked up sand and a heavily-landing dragon. Toith is down and kneeling, R'sner sliding from her shoulder even before she's completely tucked her wings. He's heading straight for the barracks, but there is no way Toith is going to be left behind and, HAHA FOR HIM, she's faster! Her great green self (which, admittedly, is smaller than both her students now, woe) shoves into the barracks ahead of the weyrlingmaster, wedged-head swinging around to take stock of the situation. T'ven, mop-mop-mopping. Aloath lounging, Eli whufflesnorting at N'sir who is… hanging out. On the wall. « What the fu— » Snort. And if she could laugh? She'd definitely be laughing. « Ah man. Not sure this is… yeah… » And she's laughing. Oh, she's definitely laughing internally. N'sir's not /dead/ or hurt so… Toith can totally find this amusing, right? Right. R'sner? Not so much. "What the hell?!" because even before he's managed to catch up with Toith and get IN the barracks, that lovely lifemate of his is happily sharing the situation.

T'ven looks up and says "Mind the floor it is slippery!" But he is talking loud, so loud like his ears are plugged. Because well they are! He has large cotton balls in his ears as he has been working. He looks up to see N'sir and grins "Morning Sunshine! Your dragon has some great ideas!" From the other green riders vantage point he can see there is a full color drawing on the Tattooists bed of the whole situation.

« T'ven said we could have a painting of N'sir for the wall, » Eli explains eagerly. « And painting takes a very loooooong time. And now we have N'sir on the wall! » And no paint! It's much neater, right? Right? Course the moment that Toith enters, Eli is swinging her head around to croon happily at her and just as quickly whuffling at R'sner with a sound that is suspiciously glee-like. "Get. Me. Down." Really, N'sir is struggling between being really pissed off and laughing. Fortunately, it's almost impossible for him to be upset with Eli, cause it's Eli. That being the case, amusement is winning out. "Eli you cannot use me as art!" « MUAHHAHAHAHAHA. » Cause she totally CAN, she has! It's about that time that T'ven pipes up and N'sir turns a baleful glare on him, spotting the drawing along the way. "OOohh. You.. You.." Rather then continue, he takes to squirming and jerking against the tape.

Really, if he weren't so pissed off, R'sner might have had some rather… interesting suggestions in regards to using N'sir as art. Certainly there would be that little twist to the corner of his mouth, the gleam in those blue eyes, the altogether wicked look indicative of illicit and dangerous thoughts. But context. CONTEXT. Taped to the wall is probably not the sort of art… yeah. So instead, he's just scowling. That deep, furious, someone-better-run sort of scowl. And taking deep breaths to try and temper that scowling, the last of which comes out in a rush as Eli is whuffling at him (because who can be mad at ELI?! No one. Not even Res). "Hello, Elianneth," and yes, she definitely gets a little chin-scritch before he's abandoning the green for the weyrling on the wall. And lest T'ven think it's getting ignored? There's definitely some serious side-eye happening toward the mop-mop-mopping as the man ignores the whole tapped-to-the-wall thing. Definitely guilty. There will definitely be WORDS later. And not very nice ones! But right now, Res has a weyrling to rescue. Without breaking stride, he's hopping up onto the cot. Does he take his boots off? Nope. But he does reach down and yank out the knife he keeps in the right one. "Hold still," comes through clenched teeth.

T'ven keeps mopping, but when R'sner comes he is hiding a smile behind his hand as he reaches out to take the cotton out of his ears. "He could get out any time, all he has to do is pull the string in his left hand. We did want anyone cutting him down and risk making him less pretty." R'sner can be mad all he wants, because honestly they needed the laugh, and N'sir needed the nap and of course the saving by the big strong man of his dreams. Seems everyone got what they wanted, so yelling is to be expected Aloath raises her head and rests it ontop of T'ven's head « he does make a Dandy wall art though. »

Chin scritches are the /best/ if one were to ask Eli, or to take her happy croon as indication. Still, she's right on R'sner's heels as he moves toward the bed, excitement evident as she turns her head to whuffle at N'sir again. N'sir? Never been so happy to see that baleful stare, ever. Course, the holding still part is a bit harder then he likes, particularly since he's loosened the tape enough that he's sort of swaying at a precarious pitch away from the wall. "Don't get my hair!" Cause, yes, the hair? The MOST important thing in need of protection. Fortunately, he sleeps with it braided and avoiding it won't be difficult. Unfortunately, it does occur to him that R'sner is damned sexy when he's scowling, and that? More then a little clear in the slow rake of his gaze and the quirk of full lips. "He's not mad, Eli," he assures as his dragon nudges in close enough to watch what is happening. Course, he's to distracted to hear the bit about the string, but his mad? Totally disappating in the face of the Romance Novel Rescue. Swoon. « HE DOES! » And while Eli is pleased N'sir is thinking considerably /warmer/ thoughts? She's still a little sad about her artwork.

His /hair/? That gets a very long, very steady, very disapproving look from R'sner and the lift of a single eyebrow. "Would you rather stay on the wall?" Cause he'll leave him. He will. DON'T PUSH HIM RIGHT NOW! "I won't touch your hair," is really more of a growl than legit words, but certainly it's understandable enough right? "Oh, he's mad." Because R'sner? R'sner is definitely mad. But he's also damned determined to get N'sir off the wall (in one piece and unblemished, including that hair), and is soon concentrating on just that. But first he's got to figure out exactly… how he's going to do this. "I'm cutting your arms free first," he decides, "And once they are free, you'll have to hold on," so he doesn't go crashing to the floor? Sure. And with that decided, he gets right to work, putting blade to tape and working with meticulous care to cut N'sir right out of those bonds. But don't you worry T'ven! R'sner has not forgotten about you. And when he is this mad? THIS mad? There is no yelling. Just the sort of low-toned, icy voice that might make Between look warm.

T'ven is would be scared, he probably should be, but really right now it is just to darn funny and he needs the laugh. Also he has excepted his fate so why not go out with a smile.. Remember kids don't try this at home, or the R'sner monster will eat you.. Aloath croons at Eli « You going to try to help? Or should we watch R'sner be all Manly and Dandy? » Because Aloath isn't getting up from her spot she is tired and frankly this wasn't her idea.

Eli slinks back, cause yeah, He's /mad/. Fortunately, she's smart enough to know he's not mad at her. That coupled with the fact that Toith is right there? Well, cue sheltering next to Toith just in case. « He looks pretty, though, » she laments. N'sir does exactly as he's told, and stays very, very still while he's being cut free. "Alright," is murmured in low tones. The moment that his arms are cut free of the tape? his hands are bracing on R'sner's shoulders, clenching just a shade to tightly. Hey, it's a weird sensation, sorta dangling/not dangling from the wall all at the same time. « I'm staying over here, » Eli assures Aloath as she sidles in a bit closer to Toith.

No doubt, N'sir looks pretty. But as a long-term piece of art? Not terribly practical. « I wouldn't help if I w' you, » chimes in Toith, slanging a glance at Aloath and then Eli. Not least of all because it might get distracting. But Toith's got this, and even if it's rather level ground, and therefore Eli is bigger than her, she'll still sling a wing over the younger green's back. « Good plan, » is offered with cheerful amusement. Because Res might be mad, but Toith is ignoring it. « Where'd he get all th' tape? » she wonders of Aloath, curiously. SPEAKING OF ALL THAT TAPE… R'sner is doing his best to go as fast as safely possible but, well, that's a lot of tape! The fingers in his shoulder might get a grunt, but he's not going to dispute or discourage it. Especially since he's currently occupied with discerning where exactly N'sir is beneath all that tape. His right hand wields the knife, while his left is getting real personal with the weyrling on the wall as he susses out exactly where he ought to be cutting to avoid bodily injury. And the lower he goes? Yeah, there's definitely a bit of a /look/ to him, even if he's still rather pissed off.

T'ven just finishes his chore, because no point in having something unfinished to come back to later. Once he is done he moves to put his new boots on getting changed into his work out gear because there is probably going to be some kind of punishment. Aloath answers the question « Entrepeth's rider had it, so he… » T'ven snaps his head up and suppresses his green mentally saying to the dragons » I did it, I got the tape and I put him up there.. «

N'sir exhales a breath as R'sner works his way downward. Is the tape getting tighter? In some places? It is. >.> He's doing his level best to ignore that though. Particularly cause if he thinks about it, he's going to squirm and squirming? Not the best idea at the moment. The fact that he /knows/ -that- look? Not helping. Not even a little bit. He is not about to draw attention to that fact, though. Not when he enjoys seeing it. Course, the fact that he's completely lost his mad is clear when his fingers ease up on their grip opting to unconciously knead at R'sner's shoulders, instead. « Nuh uh! » Eli's not even a little bit interested in pretending it was all T'ven's fault. « A'or helped. But it was my idea. Cause he's safe and looks pretty. »

« Wi'ker and A'or were in on it? » and yeah, Toith is definitely wanting all the details, alllll the facts! GIMME! « How'd ya get 'im up wi'out wakin' him? » Cause Res? He'd never sleep through /that/. "Sit. Down." That? That is definitely for T'ven, as is the slant of his gaze and the rather dangerously-dark look directed at the tattooist-turned-weyrling. He'll deal with dishing out the punishments later, but right now he's working on… well. He MIGHT be feeling up N'sir? IN THE NAME OF RESCUE, CLEARLY! A clench of his jaw. A flare of his nostrils, and for a moment, there is a rather dangerous look directed up at the weyrling he's attempting to free. Oh yes. N'sir would definitely know /that/ look, even if Res is rather quickly back to the task at hand. Or hip, as that is where he's currently working. Left-right-left-right, doing his best to make sure he's freeing him as evenly as possible. And then down one thigh, up the other, and a twitch of a brow and a curl at the corner of his mouth comes before he's ripping at the swath of tape to remove it down to his knees. "That's as far as I can reach," without kneeling, and therefore leaving N'sir to hang there by his legs. "I'm just going to… yank you out of it…" cause that's the only option his currently addled-brain can come up with.

T'ven is sitting, yup good boy that he is. Aloath would answer but T'ven is getting that one spot behind her head knobs that just turns her brain to puddlings. He watches the event unfold still hiding a chuckle behind the dragon because come one he knows how hot these two are for each other. What can he say he is a giver, because no matter how much N'sir hates this getting felt up by the one you love is always a good time!

« He was asleep, » Eli provides readily. When N'sir sleeps? He /sleeps/. « I think he was dreaming about a bed. » Which explains so much and so little. At the wall, N'sir doesn't even bother trying to hush Eli, she's gonna do what she's gonna do and he knows it. Instead, he does everything he can to keep from grinning at R'sner at that -look-. Hey, he was having a -very- good dream and it's kind of coming to pass. At the words, he lightly clears his throat and nods, his braid flopping over his shoulder. "Alright, I'm ready." Ready for what? Ready to make dang sure he lands over R'sner's shoulder, that's what.

See now, Toith might be curious AF, but she's also a sneaky double-agent and is totally not acting innocently with those questions. The lack of an answer? That gets a suspicious « Hm. » and a sharp look directed right at T'ven and his head-knob scratching. « Ya can either tell me, or the whole barracks can run laps for it, » and be told that it was T'ven and Aloath's lack of cooperation that is the reason for it. And as hot as R'sner might be for N'sir, there's kinda these things, called rules, that he is trying SO VERY HARD to observe. But NEVERMIND THAT because right now he's got to deal with getting N'sir out of the tape and off the wall. He'll deal with cold-showers and overactive imaginations later. There is at least a growled, "Not helping," issued for all of that grinning being directed at him. Because it's not. It's really NOT helping. Deep breaths and, rather than try to get that knife back in his boots, he's just going to toss it at the bed. The kind of toss that ends with the knife hilt-deep in the mattress. It's OK. He bought that bed, he can totally replace it. "Ready?" which, N'sir already said he /was/ so… "Alright." And then over R'sner's shoulder is exactly where N'sir goes as the weyrlingmaster ducks and yanks, ripping him right out of the tape and, possibly, right out of his pants. Worth it? (Definitely worth it).

T'ven looks up and at the dragon who is asking answers » I said it was me, Even if the dragon came up with it. It was still a contious effort on my part and mine alone. I will take all the weight and responsibility that comes with it. « She can make them all run but as the FACTS state they have the guilty party. He is totally not watching the nudes on beds over there, sorry N'sir he has seen enough of ya for a while now.

Those pants? Shredded. Utterly. And clearly whatever dream N'sir had been having? Damned good dream. Course, R'sner's mad face went a long way to making that situation harder (get it?) to deal with. Fortunately, there is only a glimpse before the tailor-turned-weyrling is over R'sner's shoulder. For the curious, yes, he's long and lean everywhere, thank you very much. But, hold the applause, please, cause the Jaylo booty deserves it's ovation. "Oof. Ugh." Cause yes, while he is not at all opposed to being over R'sner's shoulder? It's not particularly comfortable at the moment.

Toith does not peek into other people's heads. And since R'sner has not yet developed the ability to read minds aside from his dragons, those thoughts are liable to remain T'ven's own unless he'd like to speak them aloud. When Aloath breaches that void and translates? Toith issues a snort on behalf of R'sner (who is kinda-sorta occupied at the moment). « Not good enough, » she decides. Which means the green (and the man mentally attached to her) are just going to assume the worst and issue punishment as they see fit. To everyone. MAYBE not N'sir. At least, he won't be running laps. Especially considering he's currently slung over R'sner's shoulder like a (very attractive) sack of tubers. Arms employed to secure him, Res is doing his best to ignore that bare ass (nevermind the other bits he's very much aware of right now) to navigate them both off the bed. Because putting N'sir down? Yeah no. No way. Not YET anyways. "Are you alright?" That's definitely meant for N'sir.

T'ven isn't the one who really cares about who gets punished but he will stand by his own accounts of what happened. He just waits for the eventual hammer to drop, Aloath still happily getting attention from her rider because the big green is just one for loves after all.

N'sir hooks his fingers in R'sner's belt loop, equally as determined to remain right where he is for the moment. "I'm fine," he assures. He's scarlet, actually, but otherwise. "What a way to wake up." He does, however, raise his head, noting both Eli's pointed quiet and T'ven's look. "I'm fine. It was a prank, that's all." Cause really? As embarassed as he is at the moment? He really doesn't want anyone to get in trouble. That being the case, he lowers his voice, murmuring against R'sner's side. "Really, no harm was done." Well, his bed /was/ stabbed, but still.

R'sner (and Toith) are not idiots. And seeing as he's rather familiar with N'sir and how much he weighs (this ain't the first time he's slung him over a shoulder you know), Res is pretty damn certain that T'ven needed at least one other set of hands to get him up there. And unfortunately for him, Aloath and Elianneth already named two accomplices. "Fine," and this time it's from the human half. What that 'fine' means? At the moment, he doesn't seem keen on clarifying. On solid ground, but still not relinquishing N'sir, there's a pointed look for T'ven and Aloath before he's issuing that side-eye at Toith and Elianneth. And now the debate begins… put him down so he can put on pants? Or haul him away to… to what? Find more pants? Seriously, the options are rather limited. But the internal debate is briefly recessed when N'sir chimes in on the issue of blame. "You're fine," and this time is a deadpan repetition of those words issued to him. "Well, I'm not." Clearly. CLEARLY he is not fine. No harm? That gets a look at the wall, a look at the bed, a look at the VERY NAKED N'sir (or at least as much as he can see) and finally an audible exhale that is about as disgruntled as disgruntled can get. But rather than debate this further? Res will just employ a classic R'sner-avoidance technic and change the subject. "Do you want me to put you down here, or take you somewhere?"

N'sir uncurls one hand from R'sner's belt, his palm smoothing over the small of his back in a soothing gesture. He's okay, but he knows R'sner is pissed, and is going to do his level best to soothe it. "Just turn toward the wall," he suggests. "I can grab pants out of my press." Really? While he's not particularly shy, right now? He has no desire to be naked in front of any but R'sner. « I'm Sooooooorrrrrrry, » Elianneth's creel of dismay is uttered to Toith as she hunkers down under her wing.

No more words. Not from R'sner, at least. But he does as he's told, turning toward the wall and moving as carefully as possible to be of assistance. The hand at his back? It might not grant an outward sign of settling, but he's certainly aware of it. And when it comes time to put N'sir down, it is as carefully as possible. Both to preserve some dignity as well as muscle strain and awkwardness. He is, however, very determinedly looking anywhere besides the weyrling, gaze roaming over the wall to linger on the leftover tape. Probably not the best, considering he's already keyed up and still furious. Toith? She's settled. The job of dishing out punishment is left to Res. She's done her part to get as much info as possible, and now it's time to sooth Elianneth. « S'fine. » it's probably not fine? It's maybe fine. « Y're fine. » That much is true. R'sner's wrath will fall on the humans, not the dragons.

T'ven is just sitting on his cot waiting, you would think he has the decency to look sheepish. But he doesn't, it was a good joke, killed some much high tension, and he got to clean the barracks FINALLY. Whether he does it to fully attract the ire of the Weyrlingmaster or not is to remain seen, because he just sits there happily petting his dragon who had nothing to do with it at all so she is safe and that is really all he cares about right now. He will politely look away while N'sir regains his dignity of sorts getting changed and all.

The moment he is on his feet, N'sir whisks a pair of pants out of his press and steps into them. The good thing about the clothes he favors? They are easy to get in and out of in a hurry. Still, Eli is creeling softly as he straightens and ties the pants in place, his hands raising to check his hair. Cause in all of this? His hair is the worry. "Thank you," is murmured in quiet tones to R'sner. "Really, thank you."

R'sner would argue that it did not kill ANY of his tension. Quite the opposite, in fact. He's stiff as a board and not about to relax any time soon. But he knows himself well enough to know that right now is not a good time to be dishing out punishment. Not when it would result in something ridiculous like indefinite laundry-washing or permanent grounding. So he waits. And seethes. And tries really, really hard not to sneak a glance or three at all of that wonderfully… exposed skin (he kinda fails on that one, though. He's only human!). Once there are pants on, and hair has been checked (which gets a bit of a scowl and a huffed, "I didn't cut your hair,") he steps back to allow N'sir his freedom once again. He doesn't go far, and while T'ven might be sitting and waiting rather patiently for the Wrath of R'sner to fall on him, it is N'sir that Res is looking at. The murmur is met with silence. A rather /long/ silence. And then finally a bit of an exhale. "See to Elianneth. I've got to get back…" to whatever he was doing before he came charging in to rescue him from the wall. "T'ven," and now there's a look at the other weyrling. "I will be speaking with you later." Once he's thought up a suitable punishment. A kiss to N'sir's forehead, a lean over to yank that knife from his bed, and Res is gone. A final whuffle for Elianneth, and a bump of her nose, and Toith rocks herself to her feet to follow him.

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