She likes big butts (Adult topics)

Characters Nassir, T'ven
Synopsis T'ven and N'sir discuss all things Weyrling
Out-of-Character Date July 11, 2018

Igen Weyr - Lake Shore
It is sometimes hard to tell where the bowl ends and the lake shore begins. Fine grains of gold, tan and orange hued sand layer much as the bowl walls in the distance beyond. The sand only gives way to thin patches of grass where the tall fence of the feeding grounds intersects the lake to the south and the smooth curve of the bowl wall rises on the opposite shore. At that intersection one can make out a small building and colorful fabrics where the Weyr's residents go to relax. The shallow lake waters shimmer invitingly, day and night, lapping at the fine grain sands. Engineered pipes are hidden beneath the bowl landscape and feed the lake as well as the grasses of the feeding grounds to keep the water levels from dropping past a certain point which is marked by a waist high obelisk.

It's early morning in Igen and N'sir and Elianneth have a day off from elevator duty. That being the case, Eli is happily playing in the water. Playing in the water consisting of soaring VERY VERY high into the air and then cannonballing into the lake with an equally loud «MUHAHAHAHHAHAHA!» *SPLASH* It is a cycle N'sir is used to and utterly unconcerned about. For his part, N'sir is sitting on the beach, well out of splash range, and working on a stack of embroidery that has piled up on him.

The sounds of running feet can be heard from the bowl heading to the water, as T'ven comes loping along. He is still running off that prank but the work out doesn't seem to bother him right now as he heads straight for the water and dives in swimming rather rapidly to the middle of the lake and then turning around to make it to shore. Seems he has improved on his work out punishment because it is FREAKING hot here so might as well cool off and still get exercise.

N'sir glances up at the sound of someone running past, a hand raised in greeting when T'ven is on his way back to the shore. Fortunately, Eli is paying attention and doesn't cannonball on top of the weyrling. She does, however, divebomb the water, raining drops of water down before soaring back into the sky. "Careful," N'sir murmurs to his princess before smoothing the embroidery over his knees. For a few long moments he just stares at the piece, dark brows furrowing before he gathers up the needle and resumes working.

T'ven comes running back up to the beach, having to bend over to catch his breath before he waves back at N'sir "Morning!" comes the breathless voice of the green rider. He looks back and realizes he could of been dragon squashed and grimaces at the thought of that. "How you doing today?" he gives N'sir a grin.

"Morning," N'sir laughs as he glances up from his sewing. "Don't worry, she knows she has to look before cannonballing." At the last, he grimaces mildly, his nose wrinkling as he returns to embroidering the shirt in his lap. "I'm alright. Trying to catch up on commissions I let slide. You? He's not running you to hard?"

T'ven chuckles "If I say yes, he will would probably run me harder for whining. and if I say 'no' then he will run me harder for being a smart ass." He stands up and catches his breath before looking over at the taller man "We are ok right? Your not sore at me?" because pranks are only fun if the other guy gets the joke.

N'sir glances up again, dark eyes crinkling at the corners. "I'm not sore at you," he assures quietly. "And I don't think R'sner really is, either. He's just worried, you know? A'or and I have a few runs in." Shrugging, he tilts his chin to the sand in invitation, dark eyes sweeping down to his sewing. "Course, he's not real fond of the thought of people touching me, either. So, there is that." He cannot help but flash a smile at that, though. Truth be told, he relishes how protective R'sner is of him.

T'ven shakes his head "I still think it is creepy that he doesn't like others touching you. But hey as long as you two still like being in the sock drawer together" he grins and shrugs clearly teasing the man somemore "And that is good because, I would hate to loose you as a friend." He moves over and drops down in the sand still breathing hard but grinning "True be told, I like the exercise, keeps my mind off the next few lessons."

"I like it," N'sir assures with an easy smile. At the mention of socks, he exhales a quiet laugh, his brows twitching lightly. "You're not going to lose me as a friend, T'ven. Just try to understand that that is our relationship? I mean, I think it's impossibly sexy." Course, N'sir is about as about as submissive as it is possible to get, so it works. And R'sner.. Well, he's both exceedinly dominant and has a very tragic history. That, however, is something that N'sir is not about to share. It's not his story. "Just understand that as strange as it might look to you? There are reasons and I'm perfectly happy. You are," he notes. "Getting really good at running."

T'ven chuckles and nods holding up his hands "fine fine, no touchy got it. Guess that means no more hair washing sessions" What he is used it by now! Looking out at the lake with the playing dragon "You are only saying that because you like watching me run.."

N'sir exhales a quiet laugh, his brows rising and falling in a playful twitch. "I'm mated, /not/ blind," He points out. Tieing off his stitch, he breaks the thread and tucks the needle in the fabric before drawing out a different colored strand. "I really hope it hasn't been to unpleasant for you all," he admits. "Our relationship, I mean." In the wake of the words, he glances up just in time to see Eli come cannonballing into the lake.

T'ven shakes his head "I wouldn't call it unpleasent. Hilarious maybe but it doesn't bother me, though I am sure all the older riders talk about how /unprofessional/ it is." He shrugs and lightly punches N'sir in the shoulder "It is fine man, just make sure R'sner knows that just because we are bro's I am not trying to get in your pants."

N'sir slants a wry smile at T'ven, dark eyes crinkling at the corners. "He knows," N'sir assures as he threads his needle. As for the rest? He shakes his head, his shoulders rolling in a fluid shrug. "There isn't really anything we can do about what other people think, you know? I mean, the truth of the matter is that he is harder on me then he would be otherwise." Pausing a beat, he looks up and grimaces mildly. "I /wish/ I could have gotten him to break the rules. But, no way."

T'ven nods and looks out with a straight face says "But at least, you got a little hands on assistance the other day." Because he knows he liked it, hell anyone who saw N'sir come off that wall KNOWS he was enjoying it.

N'sir turns /bright/ red at that, a quiet laugh spilling past his lips. "Oh, that was.. I enjoyed it way to much." He snorts. "But, hey, in my defense? He always smells /so/ good." "Fortunately, only my pants got torn off," he adds with a cheeky smile.

T'ven shrugs and gives a wink "hey I am not a mircale worker here ok. you where whining about him not touching you I give you touches." He laughs happily and leans back on the sand, "And I am pretty sure he liked it just as much as you did. He even saved you like those old earth knight stories."

N'sir jerks his head up and stares at T'ven before exhaling a pleased laugh. "You're horrible," he notes before shaking his head. "It was kind of romantic," he admits with a winsome smile. "And he has the /best/ mad face of all time." Clearing his throat, N'sir's brows twitch lightly, his braid slithering over his shoulder as he looks back at his sewing. "You calmer about the whole mating flights thing?"

T'ven shakes his head "Not in the least, but at least I know if it is bad experiance I can come to you and R'sner about how to make it better next time." Because really he is worried about it still, but has to trust that the Weyrlingmaster staff will help him figure it out.

N'sir has faith that niether S'las, nor R'sner, will leave any of the weyrlings out in the cold with something like that. He does, however, set aside his sewing in favor of looping his arms around his updrawn knee. "Do you like men, at all?" he asks curiously. "I mean, you know, not like like, like… but /like/."

T'ven shrugs and grins "I mean there was a time when I thought I did. But then I found Jaelynn and she just became my whole world." yeah he is still all moony eye for his little lady who is now a dragon rider in her own right.

"Well, you /can/ like both, you know," N'sir points out with an easy smile. "At least you aren't repulsed by the thought of being with a man. That will help, a lot." Settling his chin atop his knee, his gaze trails out toward the water, his lips twitching in a smile at the sight of Elianneth playing submarine. "I'm really interested to see what they are going to tell us at that lecture." Course, he's way more keen on the fact that /after/ the lecture, they're free.

T'ven shakes his head "I am not, I may not be repulsed by men but I don't want to be sharing the intamte details with other people" He is blushing or at least is sunburn enough to pass off as a blush.

N'sir inclines his head. "Fair enough." He is more then happy to let it go to avoid T'ven feeling awkward. "Are you excited about getting out of the barracks? I can't wait," he admits. Which, obviously, he can't wait.

T'ven shrugs "I have no idea bout that, I have gotten so used to being around people now I don't want to be alone." it is the truth as even his voice sounds a little sad.

"Ugh, really?" N'sir looks mortified at the thought, his shoulders giving a pointed shudder. "I can't wait to be in my own space," he admits. "For one, I /hate/ sleeping in clothes." That, in his opinion, is the worst. "And some of the people we share space with could really stand a lesson on personal hygiene. Course, the /best/ part will be decorating your space."

T'ven shakes his head and laughs "AS someone who was homeless until a few turns ago, I rather enjoy all the people around." He looks out over the water "Not that I can disagree with you on the hygine thing. I am totally getting a bath tub installed in my weyr." because hey no point in having to walk to the baths right!

"Absolutely," N'sir agrees readily. "The thought of being able to just soak in steaming water for hours?" Bliss. Pure Bliss. "As for people? I mean, you'll be in the Weyr, T'ven. When you need to be around people, just come down to the living cavern, or the lounge. The point is, you'll be able to have your space.. Imagine that for your /art/," he urges. "And with your talent? You could so much to make you weyr a showpiece."

T'ven chuckles "I did that already with my shop in Irene, though I see your point, I could do work out of my weyr which would be nice change." He looks up at the hot sky "and who knows maybe I can even get Mr. Grump to come and let me give him a tattoo"

"You could," N'sir provides. "Arrange a space in your weyr for your work that is seperate from your personal space. Paint /all/ the walls with bright murals, it would be gorgeous." Grinning, N'sir nods quickly. "I think that is a definate possibility. I know he likes them."

T'ven raises an eyebrow "Wait, you are saying Mr. Dispproval actally likes what I do for a living?" he teases lightly before he adds softly 'you know I could paint some of your walls too?"

N'sir slants a warm smile at T'ven, his chin dipping in a nod. "I mentioned tattoos to him and he admitted he likes them," he assures. "He's just.. Didn't care for the location of Lani's." Which N'sir understands, that's totally a R'sner thing. It's the last that inspires a smile, his head tilting to oneside as he considers. "I'd love to have the walls of Elianneth's ledge painted with the moons." Pausing a beat, he looks around to make sure she's not close. "She firmly believes the moons rise just to say to goodnight to her."

T'ven looks over at N'sir blankly for a moment before saying "But that is where she wanted it…" shrug can blame people for taste. He then just bursts out laughing and the thought of the moon rising for the little green "Some how I am not surprised, and I would love to do the painting for it. As long as your weyrmate doesn't get mad we are invading his space."

"He won't," N'sir assures with a wry smile. "But let me break it to him, first. Fortunately," he adds with a sideeye toward the still swimming Eli. "He adores her, so I know he'll agree. Heck, we have a goat cause she fell in with him. And he built the goat a pen in the weyr and made a plaque with it's name." Eli? Eli gets what Eli wants, cause Eli is the princess!

T'ven just shakes his head and laughs more "You spoil her shamelessly you know that. I am glad Aloath doesn't take after that, she already has this idea that people need to wear less clothes and that she needs racing strips." He rolls his eyes and looks to the sky "Like who is she racing?"

N'sir exhales another quiet laugh, his head giving a slow shake. "I know I do. I can't help it, though. She's so sweet." In the wake of the words, N'sir glances toward the water, his expression utterly lovestruck. "Fortunately, R'sner is just as bad as I am about spoiling her. He took us up to the Yokohama at the end of Between lessons just so she could be near the moons. She /loved/ it."

T'ven ahhs and nods shaking his head "must be nice, last time I was there I got to dance with a lovely lady from Monaco." He looks out over the bowl to see his own green resting at the star stones "She wants to go back up there, and well every where that a dragon can go."

"Of course she does," N'sir notes with a glance toward Aloath. "She's going to keep you very, very busy, you know that, right?" Exhaling a breath, he lolls his head, lightly cracking his neck as his gaze sweeps back to Eli. "Can you even remember what it was like before them? I keep trying and I just can't seem to grasp it."

T'ven chuckles "I can, but every time I do, she just noses her way in and makes the bad go away." He sits up on the sand saying "I know she is, she flies amazingly for a green her size. But I wish she would get over this rear end fetish she has.."

N'sir chokes and laugh at the last. "Man, /never/ ever let R'sner know she's looking at his ass. He'd be mortified." N'sir? He thinks it is hysterical, personally. And hey, R'sner does have a /fine/ back end. "She's amazing in the air," N'sir notes with a glance back to Aloath. "Eli is more about the loopty loops then speed."

T'ven nods and laughs "oh you can tell him, because frankly I don't see the attraction." He shakes his head with a grin adding "Res isn't the only one she has something to say about…"

"Oh really?" Glancing back at Aloath, his lips twitch in a wry smile. "Fickle girl. Tch." Stretching his legs out, he leans back, his hands bracing on the warm sand.

T'ven nods "she says you and R'que got good tone, though it could be a bit bigger. Shetaia has it, what ever it is, going on in all the right ways. Aria she is still unsure of as that girl is always sitting down." He sighs and just looks at N'sir pleading "what the heck am I going to do?"

"Do?" Lolling his head to the side, N'sir smiles and rolls his shoulders in an easy shrug. "Enjoy it, T'ven. I mean, at the very least, you have the inside scoop on the best butts in Igen." Winking, he lets his head drop back, turning his face up to the sun. "Aloath is exactly perfect," he decides. "Besides, she could have worse fascinations."

T'ven grins and gets up brushing himself off "She does, I just don't share those.." Because there is alot his green starship has to say about people. He stretches and gives a wave "I better get back to my work out. Before my next round of legs by R'sner starts.."

N'sir exhales a quiet laugh, pushing back up to sitting as he draws his sewing back into his lap. "You'll have legs for days," he assures with an easy smile. "Have at it, T'ven." That being said, he goes about the business of threading his needle and getting back to work.

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