Oh Baby.

Characters N'sir, R'sner, Valeska, Elianneth, Toith, Mecahisth
Synopsis Valeska visits to deliver some startling news… (disclaimer: Language)
Out-of-Character Date July 13, 2018

Igen Weyr - Toith's Weyr
Cut cleanly from the sandy desert stone, the wide flat ledge tapers gradually into a narrow opening suitably sized for a grown man to pass through comfortably. Large clay pots and several carefully chosen, desert-appropriate plants provide a touch of color in an otherwise golden-hued environment.

Just inside the weyr's entrance, a series of stone steps leads to a shallow landing before turning sharply to the right. The stone staircase hugs the weyr wall on one side, while an iron railing on the other allows a view of the space below while preventing falls. Each step has been carefully cut, the stairs level and precisely spaced to ensure ease of travel.

While the stone stairs continue downward, the first landing spreads out into the main room of the weyr. The walls have been left rough and raw, untouched except for an occasional nook or shelf cut into the stone for the collection of clutter. The floor has been smoothed and cut to resemble tiles, the pattern both decorative as well as practical; texture added to prevent slipping on otherwise smooth stone. To the right, the stone has been cut away to fit in an old cast iron stove, a welcome heat source for the cold desert nights. Along the left, a wooden platform rises three feet off the ground and serves as a space for seating, a large cushion and several pillows added for comfort and to encourage relaxation. Overall, the room is cozy and inviting.

Toward the back of the room and separated from the main area by a dark-stained wooden panel, lies the bedroom. A large bed dominates the space, dressed in cream-colored linens. A similarly hued textured throw provides warmth and is complimented by several pillows. Dark-stained wooden nightstands sit to either side, offering only enough space for a few candles and a spare knick-knack or two. To the left of the bed and up a small step, a large nook offers a space for a wooden wardrobe, as well as a small writing desk and chair. Concealed behind a curtain, a larger closet looks to have been recently cut into the stone.

In the main room, directly beneath the stairs of the entrance, a natural split in the rock has been painstakingly carved into a stone archway that leads into a large bathroom. A rich, darkly stained wooden shelving unit sits directly inside and provides a place for towels, jars of bath salts, scented oils and luxurious soaps. A large stone tub rests at an angle to the wall, fed by free-standing pipes. A small nook holds the sink and, cleverly hidden around the bend, a toilet.

Continuing down the initial stairway, the passage grows noticeably darker and more confined. The walls close around the stone stairs before spilling into a low ceilinged room. Gravel has been utilized as the flooring of choice, complementing the rough, uncut stone of the walls. Very little has been done to modernize the space, and what light there is comes from candles littered about the room. Along the back wall are a series of pillows for use as seating; large cream-colored cushions on the floor while an assortment of smaller pillows are arranged as a backrest. The space is dark, quiet, and distinctly intimate.

Was it really ONLY YESTERDAY EVENING that R'sner had to lecture weyrlings on mating flights? And now there's a proddy green sharing the ledge with Toith (one can hope that Elianneth is still there) and a barely-dressed N'sir that is getting ALL of R'sner's side eyes as the weyrlingmaster debates when, exactly, he's going to enlighten his lover to the state of things. If he wasn't already aware. The fact that Toith is still hanging around on the stone, looking irritated A.F. is not helping things, either. But at least she's providing a ready excuse for why they shouldn't leave the premise. Cause there is NO WAY R'sner is letting N'sir leave wearing… "What are you /wearing/?!" because R'sner is pretty sure that it does not, in any way, qualify as clothing.

N'sir pauses in brushes out his hair, one brow arching as he regards R'sner for the umpteenth time that morning. "It's a sarong," he provides in patient tones. Setting the brush aside, he rolls to his feet and steps over to drape himself artfully over R'sner's lap. "It's hot," he points out as he ducks his head to trail his lips along the length of Res' throat. Nipping at the shell of his ear, he exhales a husky little purr before adding. "We should be naked anyway." Drawing back almost immediately, he pouts for a moment, one hand smoothing over the silk that has completely left one leg bare. "You don't like it? I thought you'd like it…" And no, no one has bothered to tell N'sir that Eli took the lecture LITERALLY. He has no idea. "It's to hot for clothes," he laments.

[DTU/Project] Mecahisth projects to Toith « Your temper is rather alluring on this fine afternoon. ;) »

[DTU/Project] Mecahisth senses that Toith is all venom and fangs, even if they're just mental ones. « I'll rip your fucking eyes out. » >:||||||

[DTU/Project] Mecahisth projects to Toith « A woman after my own heart. How I missed you! Fear not, my eyes are here in Igen for your… tearing. <3 »

Oh, it is hot. Very hot, so hot that Valeska might be a little bit irritated when she makes the jump into Igen and her layers are working against her rather than with her. Mecahisth rumbles towards his rider, circling lazily in the North Bowl sky. He wouldn't let her fall, he'll be good and save the acrobatics for later. "I can't take the coat off til we've landed, Mecah." « As you wish, though we might… be a while. Not til our dearest Toith gives me leave to land. » "Can you have her just tell her rider that we want to speak with them, it is of utmost importance and might be considered a case of life and death?" Maybe she's being a little emotional and moody at the moment. It's hot, gdi.

"Of course it's hot. It's /Igen/." And it doesn't matter how many times he's told, R'sner is going to maintain that, "That is not clothing," even if he definitely does /like/ it. It's rather obvious how much he likes it. He just doesn't like the idea of anyone else seeing him in it. So of course there is a wrap of his arms, a drawing-in of that body draped across his lap. A low, grumbly, "Hm," comes for the last, because Res really has no argument for that, and why would he even WANT to argue when there's pouting, and a bare leg and— Mecahisth in the sky? Cause yeah, Toith's definitely letting him know there are /visitors/. And she's about as thrilled about it as he is. "Life and /death/?!" is all but blurted out, a flash of irritation (and maybe concern. Res is frustrated, not heartless!). "We've got company." And Toith? Snarl-snarl-snap, scraaaaaaape (that would be claws on stone, ala Ryath). « BUG OFF. » only that's not what Res said to say so… *SIGH* « Fine. Land. » But Mecah will have to squeeze in between the dragons and the goat cause TOITH AIN'T MOVING. Grump.

There is a BOY in /their/ airspace (Besides Decameth who is still out there lurking on a nearbye ledge) and he's blue and Eli? Eli is mincing about on the ledge excitedly. « Toith! Marvin! Come see! » It should be noted, at this point, that Marvin is a goat, and in a pen, and not really able to come see anything. Which is promptly followed by her croooooooning a husky « HellllooOOooooo » toward Mecahisth. At Toith's greeting, she huffs and exhales a gleeful warble before correcting. « She means come visit us! YES! WAHOOOOOO! » In the wake of the gleeful cry, Eli bounds back to Toith, nestling up next her and nose bumping her excitedly. « Our first guest! »

Course, N'sir is perfectly happy with grumpy R'sner, particularly when he's being held possessively. "It /is/ clothing," he assures. "Just the kind that comes off very easily." Which really? Given how long it has been? He's all about /that/. It's the last that has N'sir rolling to his feet, a faint frown tracing over his lips as he glances toward the ledge. Eli? Being totally unhelpful. "What's going on? What happened?" Given what was said? He's concerned. "Did someone get hurt?" What he doesn't do? Put more on. Instead, he grabs up a fan and wafts it under his chin. "So hot," he groans.

Fortunately for the goat, Mecha does have respect for Toith's things so it's not given any mind. He deposits his rider, then quickly turns and glides from the bowl proper. He'll just check out the lake for a bit. Or something. Elianneth? Definitely given a once over, SHAMELESSLY. Sorry, Toith. He'll need his eyes for the ride home at the very least. Valeska walks up to the weyr, pausing in the doorway where she kneels. It's hard to remove riding leathers while you're trying to hold something against your chest at the same time. Once the outer layer is peeled, the woman opens her eyes wide and sighs heavily in an over exaggerated display of relief. "Maybe it was a little bit of overkill on my part with the layers," she mutters outloud to no one in particular. "And that fan isn't big enough," she says, motioning towards N'sir. She's not really paying attention to what he's wearing. This is Igen, people dress so they don't bake out here.

A boy in their airspace. « I noticed, » grumps Toith, who does /not/ want to go see anything. She wants to sulk. Actually, what she really wants to do is bodily shove Mecahisth right back off /her/ ledge.

And R'sner might just want to do the same, because hot damn N'sir is hot, and it's been a frustratingly LONG weyrlinghood, and why the hell is Valeska here in the first place?! GR. All the growling. All the grumpy. All the lack of answers even though N'sir is asking some pretty valid questions. "I don't know. I don't think so," for being hurt. As his lap is freed, R'sner issues a longsuffering sigh and hauls himself to his feet. "Valeska is here for something…" It should be noted that, despite said Igen heat (and N'sir's insistence that they should be naked) R'sner is, in fact, wearing pants. That might be ALL he's wearing, but he is at least wearing them. The proper sort, too. As if he might have entertained the idea of going out into public before proddy dragons threw everything into chaos. And technically, that goat belongs to Elianneth, but meh. Toith would probably be pissed if Marvin got ate. There's definitely a not-at-all-veiled threat that chases Mecah toward the lake, « right out o' y'r head, » she reminds, an audible snarl in her throat. /That/ definitely gets a look from R'sner, who is moving to intercept Valeska. "What's going on?" because now that he can see that she is very much not about to die his irritation just went through the roof. Hi? Hello? How are you? Would you like a drink? No. None of that from Res, just a scowl and a demand.

Eli preens under Mecahisth's regard, another husky croon exhaled into the air. « He's pretty » she decides. Still, she's a good girl and stays nestled against Toith. Course, her neck is stretching out and craning to watch the blue descending toward the lake. On a nearby ledge, Decameth bristles, calling out, « That's right, get lost. » Those are his greens to tease, thank you very much. See, Toith, he's got your back.

Not big enough? N'sir glances at his fan, then at R'sner, then back to his fan. "I need a bigger fan," he decides with a sigh. He does, however, lean over to whisper to R'sner. "You know I'm not wearing anything under the silk?" Cause, yes, clearly R'sner NEEDED to know THAT, /right now/. Course, he's stepping in to press against R'sner's back, one hand moving to whisper over his hip as he peers around his shoulder at Valeska. When R'sner advances, N'sir moves with him, a very pointed sashay in his step. "He's grouchy today," he purrs to Valeska. "I think I kept him up to late. Would you like a drink? We have cold water and juice? I think there is still hot klah?" He's not sure, but he's happy to check. "If you are hungry, I can run down to the living cavern and get food, to." Yeah, like /that/ is going to be allowed to happen.

Valeska returns R'sner's query with a scowl and there might be a little snarl coming from the woman. She slowly rises, standing tall as she continues to work free the layers from her person. "Well, I didn't want to say anything sooner until I knew for sure it was going to be a definite thing," she begins, pausing to give R'sner a knowing glance. Glowing greens. N'sir's dress… Yeah… she better make this quick and vacate before history repeats itself. Nothing like a menacing laugh from her lifemate to expedite things. "R'sner, she's yours." She? The bluerider finally pulls her tunic off over her head revealing the tiny shock of dark hair from a tiny bundle nestled against her. Straps and sleeves are moved around, and Valeska carefully handles the baby in her arms, closing in the steps to the greenrider. "Toith's mating flight." No DNA test required, look at those angry little baby eyes staring off into the cosmos. Totally R'sner's. "I'm good on food, though. Thank you for offering."

« He is /NOT/ pretty! » insists Toith, who can't come up with a better insult than, « cannibal! » even if she might not know what it means. GR. GR. And Decameth? « I'll rip your throat out! » cause yeah. That's really all she's got by way of threats.

R'sner probably already knew that. But yes, clearly it was vital for N'sir to inform him of such a thing. A flash of his gaze and flare of his nostrils comes with a legit growl. The irritated sort. Even if he's looking at N'sir like he might just devour him here and now. If he didn't know better, he would swear that Toith is also proddy given the general level of agitation experienced between them. "I am not." He totally is. Grouchy. At least, he is now. The offer of beverages? Huff. But the offer to go down to the living caverns? "No. It's fine. I'm sure she's not staying long." Possessive much? Why yes. YES HE IS. So there just might be a snag of his arm around N'sir's waist as if to prevent any such attempt at going into public (He'll relax eventually. Probably. It's been a long day!). "Sooner?" because yes, Valeska definitely has his attention now with all of that unwrapping. "/She/?" And just like that, his anger has gone *poof*, and he's left thoroughly bewildered and then entirely shell-shocked. But at least his arms work on automatic, abandoning N'sir to take that baby without cognizant thought. "I… she… what…?" He /might/ be broken.

"Is that.." A baby? Almost immediately, N'sir melts, his face softening as he steps close enough to get a look at the tiny little… "She's beautiful," he whispers in hushed tones. Course, he's utterly melting when R'sner reaches for the baby, gliding close enough to coo down at her. "Hello, sweetheart." He whispers as he rests one hand on R'sner's forearm. Glancing up at R'sner's face, his smile softens, dark eyes crinkling at the corners as he sweeps his gaze back to Valeska. "You can come in, Valeska.. Sit down? Relax for a bit?" Under the circumstances, he's more than happy to play host.

"I can't stay for very long, honestly. As soon as I can get Mecahisth back up here, I need to download her things from his pouches. She has a small crib and some diapers and clothing. Not too much since she's a tiny thing." Valeska is also all sorts of overheating and would like to do some clothes shedding of her own. Just… for different activities entirely. "And yes, that's a baby. Namely, R'sner's daughter. I can't, R'sner. I can't, I tried to weigh it but it's just not an option for me. I don't want to be a mother, and you're a good man. I know you'll do right by her, one way or another." Excuse her while she sheds some of her layers. Sweating and betweening are a bad combination in any case.

R'sner might have lost his ability to think, let alone /speak/. At the moment, he's holding a baby and just… staring at her with this totally distant look. Like maybe he's never seen a baby before (he has) or he can't quite comprehend that this is real (he can't). So while N'sir is cooing, and then inviting Valeska in like a proper host, R'sner is just… standing there. Holding the baby. It's not until Valeska mentions /her things/ that he seems to snap back to reality. "Things?" words, though? Still somewhat difficult for him. "Crib?" Yeah. Don't expect much in the way of coherence. And now he's blinking at Valeska with this vacant look like he doesn't understand what it is she's saying (cause he doesn't. He's still stuck back there on 'she's yours'). There is probably a world, somewhere outside those two words, but he hasn't really found it yet.

N'sir glances up, offering Valeska an understanding nod. "No, it's fine," he assures quietly. At R'sner's lapsing into one word at a time, N'sir nods. "That's fine, Valeska. I'll help you and we'll get settled in the den." He's not actually been in there, but he's seen it. "See that, Reva," he coos to the baby. "You already have your own room." Glancing up at R'sner's face, his expression softens again. "They'll be fine," he assures Valeska, despite the fact that he's pretty sure she knows that.

Valeska puts her hands on her hips and leans in to peer at the older man's face, with a little twitch of a smile at the edge of hers. Completely dumbfounded. She straightens, glancing around the room for a chair (there's chairs, right?) and she pulls it up behind R'sner. Just letting it touch the back of his legs so he doesn't fall, but enough for him to know that it's there. "Reva is a beautiful name. I like that," she says to N'sir since R'sner's soul left his body or something. And that baby? Oh, she's staring at the blur that is R'sner and shes rubbing her tiny face with her tiny baby hands, cooing and all the cute little baby cutestuff. "Faranth, Mecah needs to get up here now. I forgot, she has bottles in there and milk to last her for a bit." The blue? Snoozing, though he's stirring and swinging that massive head of his in the direction of Toith's ledge. « Mind if I visit once more, darling? »

Own room? /That/ has R'sner snapping back to reality right quick. "We can't keep a baby. I can't keep a baby!" Hysterical? Not quite, but definitely getting there. "We're not raising a baby." Cause Res can barely take care of himself! A baby? "There's a nursery. She can stay there. A foster… we're not keeping a baby." This seems to be vitally important for him to get across, this idea that the baby is not staying with them. Chair at his legs? Attempting to sit? Yeah no. "I can't… we can't… no." And then he's just kinda… gone. Baby? Cooing and touching and just… Nope. Done. DONE. She's definitely being handed off to someone /else/ (probably N'sir), and he's booking it away. At least he's heading INTO the weyr and not trying to fly off on Toith (who is, by the way, just as shell-shocked as her lifemate at the moment. Eli might need to step up). Res just goes on auto pilot, down the first set of stairs and then right on down the second set until he's disappearing into the dark and solitude and very real /den/ of a cave down there. He'll be fiiiiine (maybe >.>)

Eli perks up considerably, there are babies, which she thinks is AWESOME, and blues and.. « Oh please, » She croons at Toith. She's over excited, that much is clear from the near constant flicking of her tail. « Come up, » she calls to Mecahisth excitedly. « We have a BABY! »

Looking up at R'sner, N'sir just smiles gently, all to happy to take the baby when she's passed over. "It's fine," he coos to Reva. "Your daddy gets a little hysterical over surprises." Bouncing her gently, he takes a few steps away, one hand lightly patting her bottom. "He'll get over it," he promises in those same soothing tones. "He did with me and you are way prettier than I am. Yes, you are.." Looking up in time to see R'sner vanishing into the weyr, he shakes his head, a hint of amusement in dark eyes. "We'll be fine," he assures Valeska. "/You/ have to know how he is." Surely she knows. "Let him stew and glower for a bit, it will all be fine." And if he were not thoroughly invested in making adoring faces at Reva, he'd totally point out Marvin, his pen and plaque and everything else in the weyr. "You're daddy is leetle bit historonic," he coos to Reva.

Mecahisth takes his chances and the blue raises up on powerful haunches before launching himself up into the air and directly to the ledge. The blue lands at the edge of the ledge and he keeps wings and limbs in tightly with the laden storage bags on the inside so her rider doesn't have to straddle the edge to the heights. "I'll start loosening up his bags so I can bring her things in," she says, shrugging at R'sner. When she got the news herself about her own pregnancy, she noped out of the healers until the symptoms were undeniable. Val steps onto the ledge, and she carefully works the straps free until the top flap is open. She pulls out a smaller pack and drapes the strap over her shoulder before moving to another one just beside it. Pieces! One at a time. The pack is brought back inside and Valeska hangs the straps on the back of the chair. "Here's her clothes, blankets, diapers and a couple things the aunties threw in. I'll grab the rest of the crib. It's less a crib and more just a rocking basket."

Let's be frank. R'sner is kinda freaking out right now. And when he freaks out, he hides. And when he hides, it's somewhere dark, and empty, and devoid of creature comforts (except he does have some pillows down there, so… there is that). Like the basement. And that is exactly what he is doing right now. Hiding. Freaking out, and hiding, and trying to crawl his way into Toith's head despite the green being just as 'OMGWHUT' as he is. It's a whole lotta crazy happening down there.

N'sir glances toward the den, carefully bouncing the baby in his arms as dark eyes flick back to Valeska. "Alright," he murmurs as he drifts back a few steps with Reva nestled in the crook of his arm. Really? He doesn't know what to do at this point. He does, however, know that he has absolutely no control over what happens next. Instead of worrying about it, he turns his attention down to the baby, full lips turning up in a winsome smile. "It's all going to be fine," he promises. "It doesn't last long when he gets like this. Just needs some time have his panic attack. We'll give him some space once everything is unpacked yeah? You wanna see the living cavern? We can visit Cookie, she's gonna loooove you." On the ledge, Eli glances between Toith, Mecahisth and the weyr entrance. She's a BABY, she has no idea what to do. But Toith is freaking out and her lifemate is a little @_@ and she has no idea where R'sner is. Still, she remains pressed against Toith's side, trying to be a comforting presence. « It's alright » she sooths. And fortunately, she's so distracted with EVERYTHING HAPPENING AT ONCE that she barely spares a glance for Mecahisth. « Hello. Welcome. Um. » Flick, flick, flick goes the tail.

Mecahisth isn't going to move from his spot, he's just going to merely tuck his tail around him and curl up his awkward limbs until he's resembling more a blue nugget than anything else. « Hello… » Curiouser and curiouser but the blue makes no move to crane his head towards the young green. He's only being polite, you see. He's only sharing. Sharing what he is and what he sees. His midvoice? The crack of lightning and boom of thunder, dancing over storm tossed seas. The howl, a scream of wind sailing into the night. « It seems this weyrs own weather could use a finer breeze. » Valeska brings the rest of the baby's belongings inside and out of the heat. The woodcarved cradle is placed off to the side. Bundled inside? Blankets and a mat to make the bed a little comfier without being too plush. "That's all of it," she says, running her fingers through her long red hair, eyes glancing where R'sner scattered off to. She raises a brow, but from the sound of things, N'sir has a better handle on the situation than any. "Cookie?" She did catch that much.

Eli is proddy. Ergo, she is no longer a baby. But she is still the baby of the /group/. And Toith? Yeah. She's kinda freakin' out a little if just because R'sner is freakin' out a LOT and it's kinda overflowing into her and just… there's a sound almost like a whine from the green, and she tucks her head beneath a wing to hide. Apparently, coping mechanisms are seriously lacking in both rider AND dragon.

N'sir has got this. Despite being proddy, he's got a plan already forming. That that plan just happens to bring him to the Living Cavern barely dressed? Well, there are some things that just can't be helped. "We got this," he whispers to Reva. "You'll love Cookie, she's the best and you'll get to see us allllll the time." Grinning as a chubby little hand grabs a handful of curls, his expression softens. "And we'll still have a room here for you," he promises. "And you got two perfect green dragons to take you aaaaaaall over Pern." Glancing up, N'sir nods to Valeska, his lips twitching in a warm smile. "She's kind of my own foster mother," although he was a little to old for that, really. "She's the Weyr cook, she'll look after Reva for us when we're busy. Everything," he promises Valeska. "Will be fine, she's amazing."

Out on the ledge, Eli is looking between Toith and Mecahisth, more then a little concerned. Still, she exhales an unconcious little croon at his address. It's Toith's whine that has her coiling around Toith, one of her own wings stretching out to cover the older green dragon. Toith has left the building, nothing to see here! « Cannonball in the lake if you are hot, it's wonderful! » She's all about distracting the blue, shimmying out from her hiding spot to provide a better barrier for Toith's situation.

What kind of man would he be (if he were human) if he were to let there be a damsel in distress in his midst. « This one is simply so young, supple… and darling, Toith! How lucky for you to have her in your midst! I'm almost JEALOUS. » Which wee one is he talking about, R'sner? Valeska ahs and nods at the explanation of Cookie, shoving her hands into her pockets. The Weyrlingstaff knot is gone, she can be a sloppy person again. "I don't really have anyone like that and I don't particulary want to see my family again. So I'm glad that works out. I guess?" She peers down into the bowels of Hell (aka R'sner's whereabouts), a tiny bit worried. And the glowing green? Not entirely lost on her, but if N'sir is of mind this well, then maybe that trip can happen before Elianneth decides to take to the skies… And N'sir's lack of dress? That, too. Noticed. "Um, Nassir? N'sir? Uh… I can see all of your dangly bits through the scarf thingie when the light shines on it."

"So? It's hot." N'sir doesn't even glance up at the observation, he does, however, frown. Alot. Almost R'sner like. "Way to hot for this time of year," he mutters. Shaking it off, he glances up and flashes a smile that makes it clear that he's pleased to know she's looking, at least. "Nice view, though, you gotta admit." He'll be mortified /later/. Right now? Not so much. "Rearview is even better," he assures with an easy wink. "I don't speak to my own family, either. Cookie, she took care of me when I got here, so." He's absolutely confident that it is a perfect solution.

On the ledge, Elianneth preens, fanning out translucent butterfly wings in an artful display before carefully tucking back in. « I'm the princess, » she informs Mecahisth proudly. Noting the direction of Valeska's gaze, N'sir gives a slow shake of his head. "We won't see him for a while," he assures. "He's fine. Really. Well, he'll be fine."

What is Mecahisth doing? Totally raising a wing and moving his tail in offering to Elianneth. It might be a little cooler in his shade, you know. Big blues are good for such things! « A Princess? Oh, please. Tell me more, my princess. I'm dying to hear about it. » Valeska frowns, glancing over to Mecahisth, but if she isn't gonna go up soon, then Val's got nothing to worry about. Hopefully. Maybe. R'sner will die. Yup. "Alright, I admit. You're totally right. I am enjoying the view." I mean, it's forbidden dangly things, right? Or something. She's just rolling with it and she's not a prude. "Then maybe seeing this Cookie person soon *eyes R'sner* would probably be a good thing. That way R'sner can uncurl from the fetal position."

Elianneth tilts her head at the offer, clearly considering it— which she would normally /never/ do. Fortunately, she's not so far gone that she is willing to desert Toith in her time of need. Sometimes, the bodyguardee has to be the bodyguard. She does, however, exhale a husky croon, her eyes whirling a pleased shade of vibrant green. « You talk good, » she decides with a slow lash of her tail. « Way better than Decameth. » And while she's staying with Toith, she does sidle a little closer, just cause. « The moons rise just to say to Goodnight to me. » She informs Mecasith. « Every night! Ask Toith! » Toith knows.

Course, N'sir? Preening just as much as Elianneth. He even steps into an easy twirl with the baby in his arms. Probably, really shouldn't be twirling around in that outfit. "I think you are right," he sighs. "Can I use your harness?" Cause he does not want to fly without the baby being secure. "Eli! What are you doing?" The words are frustrated as he slants a /look/ at his preening green. "She's been acting so weird today."

Harness? Valeska raises a brow in question, then she lets her shoulders sag, removing the harness from her person. "Right, it's yours to keep. I forgot I was even wearing the thing." She gets to work on that and glances over to the green pair on the ledge. "Weird? What do you mean weird? She's glowing, there's no further explanation to that." Mecahisth opens his wing a little wider, not backing down just yet. « Then you both should come over and tell me all about it. There's room for more than one, you know. I would never leave out my dearest Toith. » "Probably going to rise soon. It'll be better once it's all done and over with. Didn't you guys have your Mating Flights lecture yet?" They should if N'sir is lounging in a weyr and not in the barracks. Oh well, not her circus, not her monkeys.

N'sir narrows his eyes, immediately scowling at Valeska. "Don't be ridiculous, Eli doesn't like boys." Still, he's turning a little white around the gills, his lips pursing as he glances back toward where R'sner disappeared. "Yesterday," he admits. "Or I couldn't be up here." Cause Rules. Shaking his head, he gives a firm, "No." Just No. She's not proddy cause he's not willing to deal with that, yet. He does, however, step over to take the harness, pulling it on as well as he can before turning to Valeska. "Can you fasten it? Eli!" The shout is uttered just as Eli starts moving closer to Mecahisth. "We gotta go." And yes, he shoots Mecahisth a glare. "You stay away from her."

At the shout, Eli jumps, creeling softly before pulling herself together. « Later, » She assures Mecahisth. « We swim at night, you should come play. » That being said, she is moving toward her approaching lifemate.

It's a sure sign of the metal state of Toith (and therefore, R'sner) that she doesn't even respond to either the invitation from Mecahisth, or Elianneth's near acceptance of it. Nope. Toith is just going to huddle here and pretend to be a giant green boulder. NOTHING TO SEE HERE! Carry on.

Valeska stares at him. STARES. "Uh, alright kiddo. She's your lifemate, it's true that you would know her better than anyone so I'll give you that." The bluerider is just gonna laugh and shake her head at N'sir, even laughing a little and she goes through fixing the thing and making sure it's on correctly. "Here's a tip. Once we get the harness fitted to you, this one strap *points* is the only one you have to disconnect. Everything is adjusted for your size." She's not gonna tell him to get some pants on, that's R'sner's problem. « At night, huh? » "She's gonna be hungry soon, so in that heavy bag there? Is a bottle ready to go. Just make sure you burp her after and check her diaper within the hour." « I'll be sure to bring Toith a present for her troubles. »

N'sir is irritated now, but does his best to contain it. "Right," he mutters as he double checks on Reva before scooping up the bag. "We'll be fine." Still frowning, he casts a baleful look at that blue while stepping over to Eli and swinging himself up into the straps. Yup, Valeska gets a show- Envy R'sner. ENVY HIM. "Check on him for me," he suggests before Eli is leaping off the ledge with N'sir and Reva aboard.

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