Proddy Chats

Characters Ashwi, N'sir, R'sner, T'ven
Synopsis R'sner and N'sir catch up with T'ven and Ashwi in the Living Caverns. Poor N'sir is feeling the effects of proddy for the first time.
Out-of-Character Date July 14, 2018

Igen Weyr - Living Caverns
Second only to the Hatching Sands in size -- although its walls are not so nearly circular -- the living cavern is filled with numerous rectangular tables, almost too many to count. The Weyrleaders have the table farthest from the kitchen and hearths at one end of the cavern. The hearths are kept as low-burning as possible during the day when folk come inside to escape the heat outside. They burn brighter at night to keep away the deserts chill. No matter hte level of flame, there is always a stew pot that hangs for nibblers at a good temperature. Favored drinks, particularly iced klah and juice, are kept on ice and interspersed at various food tables scattered about, along with baskets of rolls and fruit. There are, of course, scheduled mealtimes, and at certain points of the day the available fare slides into the menu for the nearest meal, be it breakfast, lunch, dinner, or late-night snackings, but the staff has long since acknowledged that people will sit to talk and nibble here at all hours. In the cooler parts of the evening in particular, the cavern hosts games of chess, checkers, dragonpoker, and others. Several degrees are knocked off thanks to the Technician Craft's cooling system.

T'ven nods and does give her a little pity before he jokes "At least you can do things on your day off, with this burn here I have to stay in doors and close to the infirmary." Which is why he is sitting at this table with his shirt off with a freshly coat of ointment on the now very burned weyrling. Ashwi is sitting across from him as they are looking over T'vens sketch pad "And to your question about the weyr no I haven't I honestly have no idea what to put in there…" He is a tattooist not a decorator that is more N'sir's speed.

"Ah, don't feel bad. I'm lucky the weyr I picked out already had a bed and a small couch in it. Otherwise I'd be sleeping with Jovianth." a pause. "Not that /he'd/ mind!" another snatch of fruit. Someone missed breakfast today. She winces in sympathy at the burn. "It hurt?"

It is only after great debate that R'sner has acquiesced to leave the weyr with N'sir. Great debate, that likely had something to do with clothing, and how it was mandatory, and that a scrap of green fabric did not count. A deal was struck, and as any trader will tell you, the surest sign of a deal gone right is both parties leaving somewhat frustrated. So when the older greenrider comes stomping into the living caverns, he looks less than thrilled. A scowl firmly in place, R'sner pauses upon the threshold of the living caverns, gaze scouring the area for unknown assailants. Over protective? Why yes. YES HE IS. And why not? Elianneth is obviously glowing, and N'sir is… well. Definitely feeling it. Which means R'sner is definitely feeling it, too. Woe be to the Weyr.

N'sir is miserable, or at least, he's looking more then a little inconsolable. "I'm still hot," he complains as he plucks at the pair of billowing linen pants riding entirely to low on his hips. "And uncomfortable." And, apparently, inclined toward complaining as much as possible despite the fact that he's tucked under R'sner's arm. "I don't understand why you don't like my skirt. Everything is covered. Sure, it's a little sheer…." It was a LOT sheer, indecently so. "But still…"

T'ven shrugs slightly "It does when I was laying down but the healers gave me somthing to help with the sting." He looks like he is going to say more when Mr. scowly walks in the door. He motions with his head towards the Weyrlingmaster and Mate saying softly "Ok something is up.." He maybe a green rider now but this is the first time he has had close encounters of the strange kind.

Ashwi nods and looks sympathetic. "Hopefully it fades in a couple days…" her words trail off as she hears familiar voices. Well one voice. And while she can't hear R'sner's scowl she does turn in time to see it. She must of sensed it. She gulps then remembers she's not a weyrling any more. "Good afternoon R'sner!" she looks curiously at the complaining N'sir tucked under R'sner's arm. "Heya N'sir…." she trails off though in her cheerful greeting.

R'sner's snort says it all, really. It's a very, 'we're not talking about this anymore' sort of sound, coupled with a slant of his gaze that takes in N'sir at his side, and then slides down to those low-slung pants. "Mm." Yup. Not going to discuss it. Another sweep of his gaze finds T'ven and Ashwi, a flicker of a frown coming for the very lobster-like quality of the other green weyrling. A lift of his hand acknowledges the greeting, and Res must consider them to be safe, because it is to their table that he attempts to bring N'sir. The arm around his shoulders tightens marginally, a squeeze that is probably meant to be reassuring and not restraining (He's not THAT much of a control freak!) before it's slipping away. "Go sit," he encourages, jutting his chin toward the table in question, "And I'll get you something cold to eat." And drink, too, no doubt.

N'sir immediately smiles at Ashwi's greeting. Yes, one should fear, the moods are changing that fast. "Hey, Ashwi!" Pausing a beat, he arches a brow at T'ven, frowning faintly. "What happened to you?" And clearly he has to go change, he's not the only shirtless man in the living cavern. UN. ACCEPTABLE. Still, he's being steered toward the table and steps away from R'sner reluctantly. "You're not going far, right?" Because really? His inclination is to stay glued to the weyrlingmaster's hip until this is all safely over. "Cold," he stresses as he slips into a seat. Clearly, R'sner needs more reminding of the fact that N'sir is overheated. "No meat," is added as an after thought.

T'ven raises an eyebrow at the exchange because for all the growling and scowling R'sner seems completely off his usual game. "I went to Half Moon and showed Aloath the ocean. Then went to Fort to pick up some stuff." He watches N'sir and uses his foot to slowly push out two chars for him and R'sner to sit in no sudden movements now.. "You ok? You looking a bit flushed yourself.." he glances at Ashwi to see if maybe she knows what is going on as she has known him the longest.

Ashwi watches, amused, as R'sner leads the green rider towards their table. She grins as cold is stressed by N'sir. "Feeling warm? I thought you liked it better warm than cold." she glances at T'ven as they exchange looks and can only offer a shrug. She doesn't know any more than he does.

"Not far at all," assures R'sner, pressing a quick kiss to N'sir's temple before he's moving toward the serving tables. A firm, "no meat," gets tossed back as well. He knows this already, though. He's quick about getting a tray, but a bit slower as he moves along the table to pick out just about everything and anything (except meat) that IS or CAN BE chilled. A moment of consideration, and he's catching one of the kitchen staff and issuing a low request (he totally said please) before sending him off once again. In the end, what he comes back to the table with is an assortment of finger foods, some pasta-salad like mix, a bowl of ice, a pitcher of chilled fruit juice and a pair of glasses. It is a feast, to be sure.

N'sir makes a face as he folds his arms atop the table, long curls spilling over his shoulders. "It's just to hot," he mutters in sullen tones. Without missing a beat, he twists at the waist, dark eyes looking slightly panicked before he spots R'sner nearby. Almost as soon as he spots him, he exhales a breath, the tip of his tongue brushing over his lips. "Elianneth's glowing," he informs T'ven and Ashwi in mournful tones. "She doesn't even like boys." And N'sir? Devastated at the thought of ANY male touching his precious princess. "I like warm," he huffs at Ashwi. "Not hot. And R'sner insists I wear clothing. I'll have you know I look stunning naked." In case there was any question of that. It's the tray of cold foods that has N'sir melting, big brown eyes sweeping up to R'sner's face. "I love you." And yes, he does look like he's about to burst into tears. Fortunately, he's distracted by grabbing a handful of ice. Rather then eat it, though, he presses it against the nape of his neck. "This is horrible."

T'ven is truly fascinated and probably in the back of his head a little afraid, as he watches the interaction "I see… Is that why Aloath is kinda avoiding her?" Because the large green is infact hiding out from her favorite clutchsibling. He glances at Ashwi now because he is pretty sure she rides a boy dragon but he won't say anything about that. Instead lets be helpful "You know I got a buddy at Fort, they have this cabin wayyy at the top of that mountain that is surrounded by snow year round.. maybe a good get away for you two?"

Ashwi's eyes widen slightly. Oh my. The thought isn't said but it practically is written on her forehead. "Not like boys? Well at some point all girls like boys." she says with a smirk. She'll wisely leave the naked remark alone. He could. Look good naked. She's not one to judge. Or ask for proof. Instead she looks to R'sner with some concern in her eyes as she watches N'sir pressing the ice to his neck. "He'll be okay?" she's not too experienced in proddy riders. And really all seem different in their actions. At T'ven's suggestion she eyes him briefly. "Might not be good to leave the weyr too far now, would it?"

Mean ol' R'sner, insisting that N'sir be properly covered (even if he looks good naked) when in public. Thankfully, he did not hear that complaint (or that comment). Sliding into the chair beside him, R'sner reaches out to drift his fingers along N'sir's arm; an attempt at reassurance. "He'll be fine," he assures, reaching to pour the juice, a couple cubes of ice following it. "It will pass." And Res certainly doesn't look concerned, at least not overly. If he's shooting dagger-eyes at anyone who might be paying a bit more attention to the weyrling at his side, well… see previous protective comment. Ashwi and T'ven are exempt from said death-threats, however. The mention of Fort and the cabin in the woods? That draws a sharp look and an immediate tightness to his form. A moment later, and he unclenches his jaw to issue a shallow, "No, thank you," before seizing on Ashwi's comment as the reason. "Not a good idea to take a green from the Weyr while she's glowing…" Even to an abandoned cabin in the woods.

N'sir immediately flinches at the mention of Fort, his head giving a quick negative shake. "No." Absolutely not. And just as quickly, he glances at R'sner, sliding close enough to press in against his side. Really, under normal conditions, N'sir is very confident and utterly willing to be supportive about R'sner's past. At the moment, however, it inspires a very real bout of insecurity and no small amount of worry. And while he hears everything else being said, he's shut down for the moment, just staring at the table while holding the ice to the back of his neck.

T'ven is watching his friend, really not a friend but family. (yes even you mean ol' R'sner). He knows he might go through this but he isn't about to poke fun at him right now "I see, I will remember that." There goes his plan to bail out before Aloath wanted to rise to just take her somewhere else. And Aloath she is speaking up now saying « You need to get back, the babies are running around and breaking things. » He stands up and has to excuse himself before running out the door, he waves to the group.

Ashwi chuckles a little, reaching to grab the rest of T'ven's plate of fruit. Don't worry T'ven. She'll finish it for you! "I bet it's his pets he brought back. Probably wrecking the weyr."

An insecure weyrmate is a rather perfect distraction from what was sure to be a quick descent into the recesses of R'sner's mind. The press of N'sir into his side draws his attention and his gaze, his arm immediately curling around the weyrling's shoulders to hold him close. A brisk rub of his hand, a gentle, "It's alright," because it is, it really is alright. He is alright. "Eat," is encouraged, and Res reaches out with his free hand to pick up a small appetizer to offer over; a small slice of bread with a bit of basil, tomato and mozzarella cheese. Perfectly chilled and totally sans-meat. T'ven's rapid departure gets a glance and a frown, but he probably chalks it up to dragon-summons, a slight nod of his head following the weyrling out. "Pets?" he wonders, frowning at Ashwi. "I didn't know T'ven had pets."

N'sir glances up when T'ven runs out, his head giving a mild shake. "I didn't know he had pets," he murmurs quietly. With the ice leaving a melty path down his back, he leaves it tucked beneath his hair and sighs as he leans in against R'sner. "I know," he murmurs in response to the reassurance. Glancing up, he studies his face for a moment before nodding and reaching for the offered bit of food. "Thank you, this is perfect," he decides as he sets to it with relish. "Believe me," he asides to Ashwi in wry tones. "If I could take Eli away and hide her from the males? I would." He so would.

"New pets from what I've learned today. They went up and Aloath saw snow and they brought back babies. Little furry things." she adds hastily to avoid confusion on what kind of babies. "She won't want to hide from the males," she says locigally to the green rider. Which probably isn't the best thing to use when discussing matters with a proddy green rider. But hey. She doesn't have experience in these things. "Are you in a new weyr?" Perhaps this will be a safe subject of converation.

Really, Res is looking more and more like this journey into the Living Caverns was a terrible idea. He's still looking somewhat tense and flighty from the mention of Fort, despite being solidly pressed up against N'sir with his arm firmly established around his shoulders. And now there is mention of babies and he just locks up all over again. Stiff-backed and tight-jawed, it takes him a moment to exhale a low, "Ahh," when Ashwi clarifies. And no, Elianneth wouldn't want to hide from the males, but, "Toith is still trying to chase them off," which earns a sigh from the weyrlingmaster, and a scrub of his free hand over his face. The mention of a weyr at least draws a bit of a smile; a fleeting and subtle thing, but there all the same. But Res will let N'sir answer that, releasing his shoulders so that he can grab a bit of ice and press it back beneath the weyrling's hair.

N'sir exhales a frustrated breath. He knows he cannot keep Elianneth from rising, but that doesn't mean he has to like it. He doesn't like it. Not even a little bit. "I can't wait for this to be over," he sighs. It's R'sner locking up that has him polishing off the last of the bread and winding an arm around his waist. "We're sharing a weyr," he informs Ashwi in warm tones. In the wake of the words, he leans up and brushes a kiss over R'sner's cheek. It's the ice at the back of his neck, however, that inspires a husky moan to spilling past his lips, his head dropping forward as he arches up into that contact. "Shards, that's the spot," he husks. It is in the wake of a subtle squirm that has him pressing in closer to R'sner's side that he glances at Ashwi from beneath his hair and smiles more. "It's amazing, R'sner built a pen for Marvin and arranged the ledge so Eli and Toith can cuddle."

Ashwi quirks a brow curiously. "Sharing a weyr….oh." not wanting to ask the question on her mind that she's thinking she deflects that line of thought with. "Who is Marvin?"

Distractions are definitely good; both the ice-to-neck variety and the response to said ice-to-neck. A flicker of a grin for N'sir, before R'sner is glancing at Ashwi once again. "Yes," sharing a weyr. And no further information will be forthcoming on that topic just yet. "Marvin is a goat. Elianneth's goat," he amends. And because he's pretty sure he knows the next question, he'll go ahead and add, "Toith stole him the last time she was proddy, and Eli wanted to keep him," and since Eli is the princess… "So now we have a goat." He's thrilled. You can tell by the glower and the way his eyes skate to the side to glare daggers at innocuous things.

"R'sner let Elianneth keep him," N'sir adds with a warm smile. "And built him a pen and made a plaque with his name on it. Eli was very excited about it." And Eli? She's the princess and completely and utterly spoiled. Course, at the moment, N'sir is the princess and the princess is arching up into the ice like a cat seeking scritches. "She's worried Marvin needs a friend," he informs. Fortunately, at the moment, she's way more distracted with boys and N'sir, way more interested in ice.

"A goat hmm?" as he answers the next logical question it doesn't really leave much more to ask about that particular subject. "Ah well if Toith stole it." amusement is in Ashwi's tone. She doesn't bother to hide it. "Makes perfect sense really." her gaze flitters around the caverns idly. There's something on her mind and not knowing how to ask it she merely stays quiet. And eats the last of the fruit. "When is graduation? I'd like to attend."

Marvin needs a friend? "No. No, absolutely not." Which, roughly translated, means 'damn it, we're probably getting another goat'. But R'sner will hold on to this vain hope that his foot is metaphorically down and the argument is over. A scowl, for sure, even if he's still doing the thing, with the ice. A shift, and he's using his free hand to gather up N'sir's hair to get it out of the way so that he can press his palm and wrap his fingers, nicely chilled from clutching at melting ice, around the base of his neck. "It does," for Toith stealing a goat. "She steals anything not nailed down when she's proddy. To be frank," and why wouldn't he be, "I'm shocked it didn't die of fright. And even more shocked she didn't eat it." Probably because Eli would have been heart broken. A pause, the working of fingers and thumb (nicely chilled thanks to that ice cube!) at N'sir's neck, and Res studies Ashwi in her hesitation. An eyebrow lifts, but he answers her question all the same. "It's in another month or so."

They're definately getting another goat. "Alright," N'sir sighs. When he looks up at R'sner, however? Heartbroken eyes. Fear them. Fear. "Eli will be so sad, but…" Trailing off, he lowers his head, exhaling a sigh as he reaches for a handful of grapes. It's the raising of his hair and the press of cool hands, however, that inspires another low, pointedly husky moan to spilling his lips (and the grapes to spilling from his hand). "Oh.. yes." The murmur is coupled with him twisting on the bench to drag himself into R'sner's lap and tuck his face in his throat. "More ice, please."

"Then I hope to be free to attend." Ashwi says as she stands. Watching the couple before her she smiles faintly. "I should get my package." that one there. The one forgotten on the edge of the table. "And deliver it and return back home for my next assignment. Good night you two."

Yup. Definitely getting another goat. But R'sner is going to pretend otherwise, exhaling a sigh and trying so very, very hard to ignore those eyes. It helps, when N'sir is soon tucking his head into his throat (no more guilt-trip eyes!) and demanding more ice. He's pretty quick to acquiesce to that request, reaching out to gather another handful of ice and begin the methodical process of applying it to the weyrling's neck and back. Perfectly normal behavior, nothing to see here! "Please do," encourages the weyrlingmaster for Ashwi's attendance at the impending graduation. "I can't promise a bonfire on the beach, but there will be food and drink and plenty of celebration." Ice in one hand, he relinquishes hair to gather up those grapes and pop one in his mouth. "Hm," and a nod in understanding for the delivering of packages. "Good to see you, Ashwi. Enjoy your evening."

"I'd like that," N'sir assures Ashwi. "We don't see you enough as it is." Course, he's not raising his head and he's still arching into the ice, so there is that. "Have a good night, Ashwi." Which is promptly followed by another mournful. "I'm so hot…"

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