Manuals and Memories

Characters T'ven, Shetaia
Synopsis T'ven gives a gift. Waring adult themes
Out-of-Character Date July 15, 2018

Igen Weyr- Infirmary
The Infirmary is a huge cavern that can hold several large dragons on one side. There are hoists to lift the cumbersome splints used on a dragon's wounded wing. There are also cubicles set off to the other side of the room where one can examine injured or sick humans. These are all well equipped and contain everything a healer might need to diagnose and treat wounds, injury, or sickness. There are also a couple doors leading into back rooms in the middle of the cavern. These are the offices of the healers posted here, and allow for a private room to talk to patients in.

It is the late afternoon, and after a jump to Fort to bring snow to N'sir and Elianneth, T'ven is in the infirmary sitting on a bed waiting to be seen by the healer on duty for his very impressive sunburn he got a few days ago that while not blistering has taken a lot long than normal to heal. (ahh the curse of fair skinned people) He has his shirt off and while his usually pale skin is still bright red his body art at least hasn't been damaged to badly.

Shetaia makes her way into the infirmary, pulling some charts down to check on various patients before she sets them aside and actually takes a look into the room. "Well hello there fellow Weyrling." she offers with a chuckle, moving closer to take in the sunburn and all it's glory. "Haven't you learned better in all your turns than to go out too long with nothing on?"

T'ven tilts his head at Shetaia laughing "Well to befair there was booze, and an ocean and very very pretty people to look at.. And of course Aloath looking at EVERYTHING." He looks about before asking "What brings the dragonhealer in today, someone get hurt?" he glances about to make sure none of his friends are in here in worse shape.

Shetaia shakes her head. "I am often in and out. I do rounds nearly every day." she answers the last question first, after all no one wants anyone to have a serious injury. "Alcohol and pretty people, that's apparently a prescription for a really spectacular sunburn." she clucks her tongue, shaking her head. "I'm sure the healers will get you fixed up quite well, or you just in for a dose of numbweed or two?"

T'ven chuckles "Apparently it is rather deep, as it has been a few days since I got it." If she takes the time to really look it over she can see that he hasn't really been getting his back well just where his fingers might be able to go. "How are you doing? Kinda weird not waking up by myself again.." Yeah he misses the barracks life seeing his friends all the time.

Shetaia peers a bit more around at his back, still shaking her head. "T'ven you know better, how long have you been at Igen now?" she pauses, raises her eyes the the ceiling and chuckles dryly. "Or was it even at Igen? It's so strange that we've the ability to come and go on our own with our lifemates." she glances out towards the bowl, a flash of dusty looking gold passing by the entrance. "She's on the prowl, someone snatched her favorite talon sharpening stone." is noted with amusement that's vaguely dark.

T'ven chuckles and shakes his head "well I guess I will be on the look out for a sharpening stone." When she askes where he says "No it was Half Moon, Aloath wanted to see fish and the ocean. And frankly I needed to get a way for a while." He blushes alittle before he says "You know after that whole talk about flights and all…" yes he is still a little shy with it!

Shetaia says, "That would be much appreciated, I swear she has a stone of some sort in just about every part of the Weyr she frequents. But it keeps her mostly content so that's good." as she shifts on her feet a bit of a hmph at the mention of Half Moon. "Aren't they the ones having trouble with their ships now? That's some bad business." a pause before she ahs at the mention of the flight talk. "I've already started a few lists. Who knew deciding on such things would become a facet of who I am. I'm currently hunting a proper manual on the act, I know the mechanics of course. But I believe there is a need of conversation occasionally.""

T'ven just stares blankly at Shetaia, he has to blink a few times before asking "What kind of manual are you looking for?" Yeah he is getting a little more flushed now. "And what are you making lists for??" Ok he has been out of the dating game a while but LISTS!?!?

Shetaia waves a hand at the mention of the lists and the manual. "You can't do anything right if you don't have lists and data to back it up. Frankly the whole thing seems messy and ill advised unless you're in the want of a child. So lists to make sure I chose a proper partner who will make it worth my while and at least be good at it. There's also the fact that a first time during a mating flight would likely lead to injury and pain, more so than normal. I'm making sure I don't become a statistic." she arches a brow "You've also got business to take care of as well, correct?"

T'ven is just thrown for a loop " yes. But I would rather it be with someone I trusted. Though there is apparently a second option open to me.." Why is he having this talk? When she talks about lists for baby daddies he stares at Shetaia and just has to chuckle because it sounds crazy! "Well yes it is a bit messy the first time. Though it doesn't always lead to a child if you remember to take the herbs as well as do between things." (How did he end up adding to the speech?!?!) "Though I guess if you were wanting a child and not be with your partner than a list is good way to do it. That way you aren't really attached to the person but still get the child you hope you would like."

Shetaia bahs with a wave of her hand. "I'm not interested in a child, but those that are more likely to pass on their genes in a proper way tend to be those that know what they're doing with the whole mechanics of it all." a hand is washed through her spikey hair and she grins. "One day maybe a child, but not in the next few turns or more. The whole intimate thing isn't for me, it's too messy and there's no way to handle all the variables in a manageable way. So, I'll take my notes, make my lists and find someone who one day might be worth being a father. It's better to handle it that way than the heat of the moment."

T'ven tilts his head, and then smiles warmly at her saying "Well as long as it is what you want. What kind of manuals are you looking at because some of those are out dated and while they look interesting just hurt both parties when doing it." He shrugs about the kid thing "I don't know heat of the moment always seems good for making a baby, or at least it was when I was still actively trying for one."

Shetaia picks at her nails, a habit she's probably picked up from Ryath and her talons. "It is, I like things in a neat and tidy manner. This will facilitate that. As for the manuals, I have sent out to the various Healer Halls for manuals they might have. I have no interest in the mostly fictitious tripe that can be found in the normal libraries." and now that we know all about her she offers a predatory grin to T'ven. "So, someone you trust or the other option? You'll have to deal with this before I do. I would suggest figuring it out quite soon." she's so helpful, doesn't T'ven just love it.

T'ven chuckles more saying "Or I could find someone I trust to help with the other option." He turns his head to look at her returning his own crooked grin saying "And as far as dealing with it before me, if another Gold rises before you, there will defiantly be a feeling that you will now need to handle." He glances around before saying softly "How far have you really gotten in your practical tests?"

Shetaia says, "There were a few trials, as I say it's a messy business." with a wrinkle of her nose. There's a low voiced rumbling growl from outside the infirmary and she tosses a glance towards where Ryath is lurking. "Ryath believes I should just have brawls until I find a worthy opponent, she says it works best and makes sure there are good genes." the mention of other golds has her nodding. "I know, I also have a go bag for whenever one of them hits the feeding grounds. We are nothing if not prepared." and Faranth help whatever Weyr they decide to grace with their presence for awhile. "I've been through them before, all of my life I've lived in a Weyr of some form or another. I do realize that Ryath makes it different, but we shall see how that plays out. I'm nothing if not stubborn.""

T'ven nods and gives the gold rider a smile "Well if you want to talk about your results of those trials to someone I am here. I have been through a few messy ones myself, but also a few good ones too." He reaches down into his bag and pulls out a leather bound sketch book saying "Here are those dragon pictures you asked me to do for your Dragonhealing classes, I would have gotten them sooner but well weyrling and all." Setting it down on the table before he pulls out a thinner book with a golden dyed leather cover saying "And this is from me and Aloath.."

Shetaia says, "It will all work out, I'm not exactly looking forward to it, but never will I be one to shirk a duty." with a sage nod. To her it's a duty, something to be checked off of a list and gotten over with. Ah but then there are sketch books, the dragon pictures and she smiles a genuine one. Plucking it up from the table she flips through it, whistling in appreciation. "These are quite well done, I knew they would be but thank you very much. They will make explanations so much easier." the other book is glanced at before she offers a curious look in T'ven's direction. "It's very lovely. A book for my notes?"

T'ven grins and shakes his head as he opens the second one with the golden cover the title being "The Book of Ryath" And in side are drawings of the golden queen in every stage of her life to the present , from the moment she hatched, to her first messy feeding. It is filled with adventures of the dragon and her rider, even images of things that Shetaia might not have seen such as Ryath cutting through A'or's bed frame as well sharpening her claws. "I figured you had enough notes, but wanted to make sure you had some good memories as well.." He looks down at the work saying "Sorry if it is to personal, I don't really know how to do anything else but draw from memory.."

Shetaia just stares as the book is opened. Slowly she looks through each of the drawings, taking a moment to drag a finger over the page gently here or there. "T'ven, this is amazing. I knew you were an exceptional artist but this is Ryath. Ryath at her very beginnings and we'll have turns upon turns that those memories will dull. And yet, here they are!" the last is said with quite exclamation and she reaches forward to give T'ven's hand a squeeze in thanks, if he allows it. "I've never had such a lovely gift before. Even she won't eat this book." we all know who she is, let's face it.

Shetaia just stares as the book is opened. Slowly she looks through each of the drawings, taking a moment to drag a finger over the page gently here or there. "T'ven, this is amazing. I knew you were an exceptional artist but this is Ryath. Ryath at her very beginnings and we'll have turns upon turns that those memories will dull. And yet, here they are!" the last is said with quite exclamation and she reaches forward to give T'ven's hand a squeeze in thanks, if he allows it. "I've never had such a lovely gift before. Even she won't eat this book." we all know who she is, let's face it. (Repose in case you missed it)

T'ven smiles and squeezes her hand back saying "Really? I am glad you like it." Although he does laugh about the book eating comment "Even if she does I can still drawn them again. At least until I end up sun baking my brains." He grins at her again a says "You sure it is ok? It just doesn't seem special enough.."

Shetaia goes back to the notebook, flipping through it again. "It is the best, I'm going to make a special place for it on my bookshelves." yes plural, her new weyr is already becoming a library with randomly placed sharp objects. She raises her voice towards the outside "THERE WILL BE NO EATING OF THIS NOTEBOOK!" apparently the duo like to vocalize their conversations occasionally. This also causes her to realize what time it is. "It would seem I need to get going, I've a meeting with the Weyrwoman soon and thankfully no one needed anything in the infirmary since I just sat around chatting."

T'ven nods and laughs "Be safe Taia. I will catch you at dinner if you want to.." Because he still isn't used to eating alone. "Oh and if you want me to i could probably help you out with your other request for manuals as well." He would elaborate on that but the senior journeyman healer is here to finally look over the man. Just as Shetaia is taking her things and heading out.

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