Evening After Raaneth's Flight

Characters Alexa, F'inn
Synopsis The "morning" after Raaneth's flight sees a bit of awkwardness and a budding friendship.
Out-of-Character Date July 21, 2019

Igen Weyr - Alexa's Old Room
It's a room. It's a girl's room, to judge by the massive amounts of pillows (including frilly, decorative ones) and general pastel tones. But otherwise, it's just a room. It has a bed. It has a chair. A desk, a wardrobe. All the usual stuff. That's about it.

A low groan heralds F'inn's waking, the sound followed by a full body stretch before he twists and curls himself around what he instinctively thinks is his weyrmate. It is only when he makes a low sound in his throat and turns his face into hair that is definitely not K'zre's that his eyes snap open and his body stiffens. In the wake of going absolutely still, pale blue eyes sweep the room. It takes him a moment to actually move, though, and when he does it is with great care not to hurt the seemingly very young girl next to him. Sitting up carefully, he drapes the sheet over his hips, carefully drawing it up to afford Alexa a bit of modesty, as well. Words though, are beyond him for a moment, and when he does find his voice, it is low and hoarse. "… Are you okay? Faranth, tell me I didn't hurt you, please?" It is at that point that he realizes he was supposed to be in his Father-in-law's weyr comforting his weyrmate and calming K'zre's dads. Immediately, his gaze goes distant, a quick check with Nymionth alerting him to the fact that it has been hours since the flight began. And while he wants to race out of the room and make sure he hasn't lost the one person that means anything to him, he's still to much of a gentleman to do something like that. Instead, he glances around, noting their clothing all over the room and scrubs a hand over his face. "F'inn," he finally murmurs. "Rider of bronze Nymionth. I'd.. offer Fort's greetings, but that seems somehow trite." And given the fact that his time with a female was a flight, he's pretty sure that he probably owers an apology, or ten.

Alexa awakens at the words, torn from a light sleep into full consciousness by a very unfamiliar voice. Grateful as she is for the covering of the sheet, she clutches it against her chest as though it might evaporate if she doesn't hold it there herself. It is the concern that has her frowning, and a moment is spent assessing the situation so that she can at least give an honest answer. "No," she decides at last. "I mean… not in any way that wasn't expected," she adds, the sudden flush of her cheeks hopefully hidden in the dim light of the room. While he checks in with his dragon, Alexa racks her brain for the proper protocol for this sort of thing, comes up blank, and sinks a little further into the protective embrace of… a single cotton sheet. Sigh. "Alexa," she murmurs from the depths of her cocoon. "Raaneth's… you know. I think that part is kinda obvious," she decides. "And I'd say 'well met' but that also sounds… trite," she decides, stealing his word. "So. I guess… Hi." Which, really, is that any better?

F'inn lightly clears his throat, averting his gaze despite the presence of the sheet. "I could run and get a healer for you, if you…" Trailing off, he brushes a hand over the back of his neck, not at all clear on what the protocol is, either. It is the mention of her name, though that brings his gaze sweeping back to her face, a lopesided smile tracing over his lips. "Alexa? Oh! Right. N'sir mentioned you and your brother… Um.. Alek.. No, A'eyr, when we were here picking up sweaters. Congratulations on your impression." As belated as they may be. It is only after a lengthy pause that he clears his throat again and murmurs apologetically. "I have no idea what I am supposed to do now," he admits. And he's pretty sure that that awkwardness is more then apparent. The surety, however, inspires another lopesided smile to tracing over his lips, the sheet held firmly in place as he leans over the edge of the bed and snags her shirt. It is in the wake of handing it to her that he grabs his pants and does his level best to get into them without dropping the sheet. That, however, feels impossibly silly. Silly enough that he actually blushes mildly before managing to get them on. "So.. Um.. I could grab you food? I know what curry is now…" Not helpful, at all, but he's trying.

"Uh… Thanks?" Because of all things, Alexa sure as heck was not expecting to be congratulated on her Impression by the person who won her flight. That definitely wasn't part of the flight's lecture! "And yes… Alek…" which is also just a little weird — talking about her brother while she wonders how best to get dressed without trotting about naked. Thankfully, F'inn's got her back by at least offering her shirt, a murmured, "Thanks," given in return as she sort of… scoot-scoots to the edge of the bed, and turns so that it is her bare back that is presented when she drops the sheet and pulls on her clothes. "Probably just… get dressed?" she hypothesizes, for those next steps. "I don't think there are rules," she admits, tucking the sheet around her waist. "They didn't exactly cover 'the morning after' in weyrlinghood. It was more about everything… else." She will at least politely avert her gaze while he tries to get his pants on, cheeks pink but eyes firmly planted on the wall away from him. But as awkward as it is, it's the offer to get her curry that has her finally laughing, nervous giggles offered as she shakes her head and presses a hand to her mouth. "No. Thanks. But no. I'm good… I think." A moment to compose herself and she decides, "I'm going to guess that you've never actually done this before?" This whole 'morning after' business.

F'inn can't help grinning in response to her last, although it is the embarassed sort of smile that makes it pretty clear that she hit the nail on the head. "Never. Any of it," he admits with a light clearing of his throat. Using the act of rolling to his feet to grab his shirt and her pants as a cover, he takes a few calming breaths before turning and handing her her pants. "I'm kinda glad Nym won, though," he admits. "I mean.. Not in a weird sexual kinda way, but because those guys at that table were shudder worthy." Fortunately, Nymionth agreed strongly enough to make sure they didn't get anywhere Raaneth or Alexa. "So. Um. I guess, Nym and I will be back when Raaneth clutches. We're good, yeah? That's not going to make you uncomfortable?" Not that he can do anything about that, but still.

"ANY of it?" questions Alexa, who is very dubious about that. "Like… /any/-any?" Which clarifies exactly what she means, obv. A nose wrinkle and, while there's clearly curiosity, Alexa just decides that maybe that's not a conversation she wants to have. So instead, she'll accept her pants with a murmured thanks, and sort of twist around on the bed to try and get them on without revealing more skin. Which is silly, given what they've just endured. At least that means her back is turned and she can hide her face without LOOKING like she's hiding her face, at the mention of his winning. "Yeah. Uh… actually, yeah," she agrees after a moment of thought. "I guess I am too. I mean… I didn't really know… you know?" Probably not, since she's not even sure what it is she just said. "But you seem alright. Or, like… you're not like… an asshole." Way to win friends, Lex. "That came out wrong. I just meant that… you seem nice. But not like… not like that," she adds hastily. And maybe giving up while she's ahead is a good idea, but Alexa will just keep on going. "I'm just trying to say that it could have been worse." Which is NOT BETTER. "I'm sorry, that's /not/ what I meant." Sigh. "I'm going to stop now," she decides, hunching over on the pretense of finishing dressing and then searching for her shoes. "I don't think so," she decides, pausing once more to consider it. This time, she actually bothers to look at F'inn (once she's sure that he's dressed enough that the important parts are covered). "No. It wouldn't make me uncomfortable. Like I said, you seem nice." And Raaneth will definitely want Nymionth there.

F'inn flashes a wry lopesided smile at her response, a quiet laugh spilling past his lips as he pulls on his shirt. "Any of it," he confirms. "Well, with a woman, at least. Just you and my weyrmate." Drawing his fingers through his hair, he twists spikey locks back into place before stepping over to perch on the bed next to her. "I hope not," he admits. "Nymionth wouldn't tolerate cadish behavior." Fortunately, F'inn is not inclined toward being an ass. "I get it," he assures with a quiet laugh. "Really. I do. It sorta feels like flights force you to do things in reverse at impossibly high speeds. Really, its no easier for me, Alexa. I promise." It's her last though, that has him smiling more, his chin dipping in a firm nod. "We'll be here," he assures. "Nymionth will likely want to stay for a while after the hatching. He's very affectionate in that way." And F'inn cannot imagine that the bronze will be willing to leave his offspring quickly. "Its good," he notes in firmer tones. "Igen and Fort should have a good relationship." Still, it's impossibly strange to be sitting next to a woman he /just/ had sex with. Strange enough that the whole thing has a bemused expression shining in his eyes.

"You have a weyrmate?" Why this should come as a shock is anyone's guess, but Alexa looks downright stunned at the revelation. And then shock makes way for worry when she wonders, "He won't be like… mad at me, will he? I'm assuming it's a man since you said… well, how you said it. But really… he won't be mad, will he? Cause I don't like you or anything. Not like that. You're /nice/ but not like… I'm not going to like… want you or anything." Rambling. "But really… should I be worried?" Because jealousy is a thing, and she knows it, and she does /not/ want to be on the receiving end of it. But while she might be having a small crisis over having inadvertently offended F'inn's weyrmate, the mention of Fort has her distracted and turning to regard him once again. And then his jacket. And his knot. "You're… Oh geez. Please don't tell me I just started some sort of… inter-Weyr… thing." Cause she had so much control over the flight. >.> She twists a lock of hair around her finger, fidgeting idly before she sighs and decides. "Right. It's fine. We're fine. You're fine. I'm fine. It's all fine. Really. Right?"

F'inn tilts his head, his lips twitching in a quietly reassuring smile. "K'zre? He won't be mad at you at all, Alexa. And yeah, he's a man. K'zre, rider of Green Yasminath. His fathers were your weyrlingmasters, actually." At the rest, he can't help chuckling again, his smile warming. "You have nothing to worry about, at all," he promises. "If he gets mad at anyone, it will be me, but that's not really likely, either. K'zre is… Impossibly practical." It's the last that has him resting a hand on her shoulder, the touch firm and intended to be reassuring. "Hopefully you started a lasting friendship between Igen and Fort, Alexa. But yeah, I'm Fort's weyrsecond, so. And yes, it's fine. We're fine." There is a great deal of comfort in knowing he is not the only one off balance. Somehow, that fact makes it all that much easier to be calm about everything. "Breathe. Relax. Nymionth is a gentleman, Raaneth chose very wisely." Of course, he's biased, but it is still true.

"He's… Oh man." If it was possible for things to get even more awkward, then they just did. Alexa's face in her hands, she struggles between laughing and mortification. "Okay. Okay. I believe you," she decides, for K'zre's lack of animosity toward her. Still. "Ugh. I hope he's not mad at you. I mean… it's not like… well…" But she's not quite sure where she was going with that argument, and so lets it pass. A few deep breaths later, and she's back on the "You're right, it's fine," train of thought, nodding along with him before bounding to her feet. "You know. Maybe you should like… I dunno," she rambles. "But maybe… I just feel bad," she admits. "That you're here and… I mean, he's gotta be worried, right? Or… or like… wondering, right? It's been… how long has it been?" Because she suddenly realizes she has no idea what time it is. "And yes. She did," she declares, drawing herself up a bit more confidently. "Raaneth would only make a good choice. She'd never settle for less." Even if it was kind of a total accident that Nymionth caught her *cough-cough* Raaneth certainly isn't going to be explaining that one. The fact that the queen is quite pleased with the outcome is apparent, so no harm done.

"He's the most practical person you could ever hope to meet," F'inn assures. "You're fine, Alexa." It's the rest that has him nodding, not about to pretend that K'zre is probably wondering where he is. "I'm here right now. I'm not about to run out of the room like a thoughtless ass. I know it's just a flight and it's supposed to mean nothing, but that's just not me. I'll go," he adds. "If that will make you more comfortable. Otherwise, I'm content to sit and talk for as long as you like." It's the confidence regarding Raaneth that inspires a warmer smile, his chin dipping in a firm nod. "She's remarkable," he assures. "You have every reason to be impossible proud. Its… its kind of exciting," he admits. "Thinking that Nymionth will be a father. He's perfect for it," F'inn notes in tones that are blatantly warm. "You'll never find another bronze with as much nobility of spirit as Nym."

Alexa considers it. She really considers it. And in the end, there's a bit of a sheepish grin and an admittance that, "I really just kinda wanna go home and take a bath. No offense," she adds quickly. "I think you're very nice, F'inn. And I'm relieved that it's you and your bronze that won, especially given… well. Everything," she decides, hand-waving whatever that 'everything' is meant to encompass and looking slightly awkward about it. "We'll probably see more of each other with… you know… the eggs and stuff." And it is only now that she seems to really consider the fact that Raaneth will be laying a clutch, the dawning realization bringing a briefly wide-eyed look before she shakes it off. One revelation at a time. "You've been very nice. Nicer than I thought you'd be, actually. But I'm okay." And she is. Even if she's rather surprised by it herself.

F'inn inclines his head, smiling politely as he rolls to his feet. He's relieved, despite the fact that he would have spent more time talking had she needed it. Offering a polite bow, he ruffles a hand through his hair, nodding again before stepping toward the door. "Nymionth and I will be back before the clutch is laid. If you need us for anything, do not hesitate to have Raaneth call." Flashing another smile, he glances back at her, opens the door and adds. "It was really nice getting to meet you finally, Alexa. N'sir had nothing but wonderful things to say. Take care." In the wake of the words, he slips out of the room, heading down the hall to find the baths before going to grab food, find Nym and head for his weyrmate.

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