Looking for Something...

Characters Al'dru, Eranzath, Lucrezia
Synopsis Lucrezia meets Al'dru and Eranzath at Igen and much is learned - of dragons, fathers, and quests.
Out-of-Character Date August 12, 2014

Igen Weyr - North Bowl
The relatively flat bowl is covered in a thin layer of pale sand and dust that shifts with the seasons. Contrastingly, the orange hued desert sandstone which comprises the bowl walls stretches skywards. Northwards is the smaller niche administrative complex, where the queen's and weyrleader traditionally make their home. The singular staircase running along the wind curved bowl wall can be traced connecting the ledges of the Weyr's leadership. To the northeast is the greater opening into the hatching grounds, with a smaller shadowed entrance for the dragons a few lengths above it. Most of the foot traffic however goes into smaller ground level entrances which lead into the heart of the living and dining areas. Set apart from the other areas a series of smaller entrances of varying size which lead into the infirmary and various crafter areas.

Al'dru is taking a siesta time, leaning back against Eranzath and merely watching the bowl traffic as it moves through. There's a desultory wave now and again for those folks that he knows, but mostly he's taking it easy and relaxing.

Enter a stranger to the Weyr - and obviously so, given the lack of a proper knot and all. Okay, so entering isn't entirely accurate; Rezia departs the living caverns, her features screwed up intense frustration at something or another. Her bracelets clink and jingle as she goes, her course unconsciously carrying her in the vague direction of that big ol' bronze and rider over there.

Al'dru glances up, blinking in the hot sun, at the jangling noise, a faint furrow to his brow. He brings a hand up to shade his eyes trying to glance over and see who might be traveling through. A shrug of his shoulders though as the traveler isn't recognized and Al leans back again, allowing 'Zanth to provide more shade again, under a spread wing.

That's enough to pull Rezia over with haste. She might have just passed through but for the pool of wing-cast shade that seems to be offered by the dragon. The young woman's clearly not of Igenite anything; she's too pale - and sun-pinked, presently - to be a native. Her words are breathless, her accent a lilting thing without a definite origin. "I'm sorry, I don't want to bother you, but is it okay if I stand here for a moment? It's just so -hot-." Those words seem to be split between both rider and bronze, as if she's unsure which half to speak to.

Al'dru provides another shoulder shrug and laughs. "Oh, go ahead. Erry won't mind. He's providing shade for me right now, so he might as well provide a bit more. And that's what Igen is all about. Being hot and sunny. I'm beginning to think that that is all that there is to this place." He nods. "You must have just arrived here. If you've realized that this is normal here. If you're staying, you'll want to get more dressed for the region."

Relief is a smile that blooms brilliantly on Lucrezia's face. "Oh! Oh, how wonderful. Thank you," is directed squarely at the dragon this time. She dips into a partial bow toward Al'dru, too, and adds, "Thank you, too. I really- I don't know that I'm going to stay yet. I knew it was hot but not- oh, not like this at all. Shorter dresses next time," and the last bit is mostly for herself. She plucks at her dress and blows out a breath before tilting her gaze with unconscious coquettishness to him. "How long have you been here? Have you always been here?"

Al'dru inclines his head on Erry's behalf. "He says you're more than welcome. He doesn't mind, since he has to make shade for me, since I want to be out in the bowl." Al glances around the bowl. "Oh, I've been here a turn or so. Arrived from High Reaches, so it took some getting use to, well not from our summer weather. But the winter mind you. It's quite a bit warmer here in the winter than in the 'Reaches. I'm just glad I'm one of those folks that doesn't get burnt or sun darkened."

"Oh, sweet Faranth." Rezia's eyes snap wide at that. "I thought the 'Reaches were always -frozen-! To go from that to this- oh, oh, oh." She fans herself incredulously, gaze dancing from rider to bronze and back again - this time, perhaps, to make sure the bronze doesn't feel left out of the conversation. Or something. "You -must- be lucky. I pink up at the first bit of sun. Much more of this and I don't know what'll happen. Your Erry is a -lifesaver-." And if she's permitted, she'll even scoot closer to the dragon in an attempt to lay a cool, smooth palm against him. Then her head tilts. "Why do you want to be in the bowl?"

"Oh, the bowl is where you see things." He pauses. "Like who is sneaking into places, or who the new folks are." He grins impishly. "So Erry, indulges me on occasion, because he doesn't mind toasting himself here in the sun. Says it warms the bones." Al pauses and looks around. "When you're still just fitting in. Have to figure out who the new folks are and what the groupings are, so that you can get into the right spot to be what the weyr needs. Plus, didn't help I came as a convelescent patient." He nods to the bronze. "Erry won't mind, he likes having right at at his wing joints scratched gently, and he adores attention."

Ah, now that earns him another of those dazzling smiles. Lucrezia even giggles a little, with her other hand joining the first. Then she rolls up on the balls of her feet, trying to get her hands on some part of the bronze's wing to indulge him. "You're a smart fellow," she decides. "Not many people seem to think to keep an eye out like that, it seems. I'm sure they do, you know, but- well. Usually I can sneak past anyone - but I don't think I could ever make it past you." Not that she was trying, but all the same. Then, something catches her and she pauses, concern writ on her features. "Oh. Oh, what happened to you? Or was something wrong with him?" A tip of the head to Erry clarifies that question.

Al'dru shakes off the concern. "Oh, I'm good now. Just had a bad time one winter with a cough and the cold in the 'Reaches and the healers figure that I shouldn't stay there anymore." He moves to indulge Erry's love of scratches. "Nah, nothing's wrong with Erry, I'd never let him catch anything. He was the one making me go in for a visit. But we're both right as rain now, not that it rains here, ever." He frowns slightly. "So what brings you to the desert, surely not the ever present sunshine?"

"Oh, oh that's good," Lucrezia breathes with genuine relief. "Good on them for figuring it out - and good on you for listening to them and this big guy here." She goes right back up on the balls of her feet to get back to rubbing and scritching wherever her fingers can reach on the dragon; still, her eyes remain on the rider all the while, her focus easily split between. "Mm. I'm sure it has to rain at some point. … doesn't it?" It's not a question she dwells on and, as he tosses one out, she answers brightly enough with, "Oh, no. I'm looking for my father, that's all. The sunshine is a bonus, I guess," and never mind the wrinkling of her nose at it.

Al'dru is instantly wary once she mentions looking for relatives, glancing at the living caverns and then back at the young lady. "Err, you're not related to Surka are you?" He doesn't mention why, just goes back to petting Erry, but he's tense now and on edge. "And err, what made you decide to start looking for him?"

"Surka?" Rezia sucks on her lower lip for a moment, a long moment, and slowly shakes her head. "I don't- I mean, I'm not really sure. I don't -think- so. Unless she or he or whoever is related to my father. But I don't -really- know." Her uncertainty is earnest and she briefly looks away, toward the caverns, before looking askance to him again. "I guess it would help if I knew his name, but- it's, it's all such a pretty mess, see?" Her dragon-rubbing lapses to allow her to drop down and adjust the hang of her bracelets and the like. "I just- I never knew him. That's all. I guess I'm just curious to see what- um." But she doesn't take it further, shrugging helplessly to the last.

Al'dru just looks vaguely helpless for a moment. "Well, I have no idea if you're related to Surka or not, but she's related to me. Or so she tells me. That was a surprise to find out, let me tell you." He glances up toward the skies in the universal appeal for patience, before he sighs softly. "It's not a much of a help for your situation I shouldn't think. She went first to High Reaches looking for me, then they sent a message to me for me to come and get her." He rubs at the bridge of his nose, then glances over. "Well, something brought you to Igen, so you must have some idea that brought you here, no?"

"Is it that bad? Meeting family you didn't know before?" Rezia wonders. Sympathy finds her reaching out, if briefly, to try to touch the rider's shoulder. "If it helps, my name's Lucrezia. Or just Rezia, if you like." There she goes, smiling again, though the smile is tempered with something else. "No, it's not much help, I guess. Lots of little clues all over, like breadcrumbs - but nothing solid, you know? For all I know, he could be at Ista or Ierne by now. Or he could be somehwere else entirely - or dead." The tip of her tongue pokes out with frustration. "He's a rider. I know that much. But the people I talked to- not good with names or colors. Like I said, it's a pretty, -pretty- mess all around."

"Well, I've not been at Igen all that long. You'll probably want to talk to one of the riders that was born here. I know C'vryn was, Janja that transfered with me, she's in somewhat of a relationship with him." He starts to laugh. "No, no. I'm just not sure what to do with the teenager I've inherited? I mean, never expected one, barely remember her mother and she expects some sort of love story I think. I hope you're not looking for like, long lost dad been searching for you all over the planet?"

"Oh," but, of course, she should have known anyway. Rezia nods slowly, no doubt committing those names to memory. "I'll see if there's anything in the records, too, I guess- but the Healers are so weird about that stuff." Her head tilts at his explanation, then the light dawns on her and she 'ohs'. "Is she a terrible handful? Or is it just, well- weird?" Nosy git, this one! But, as fair's fair in the game of questions and answers, she considers his question for a moment or two. "I'm not that stupid, really. I just… want to see what kind of person he was. I already know what my mother was." And that word is so bitterly twisted, it's a wonder it makes it past her lips. "I doubt he remembers he even had a daughter."

Al'dru reaches out to Erry, for reassurance. "No, really. She's been very good. But she's been here all of what, two seven days so far? I just don't know her." He chews on his lower lip. "She seems a nice girl, but she's hold bred and I didn't even know she existed until I got the message. So it's hard to explain to her that while her mother I'm sure was lovely, I barely remember her?" He sighs deeply, which may be the case with whoever is your father. He may have never known. Of course, he could have also known and not cared. Some men are like that."

Her smile tilts slightly with empathy and she nods again. "I see," Rezia says, "Some girls are just kind of… silly like that, I guess." Like herself. Her shoulders rise and fall in a shallow shrug and she tries on another smile, one that fits better this time. "It sounds like you're doing pretty good by her, though. That's, um. That's really good." Her words falter a little and she glances away, "Probably. I mean. Both of those kind of come to the same for me. Whether he knows or didn't know or knows and doesn't care…" she trails off, looking off toward the Weyr proper again. "And some men take in strange girls and raise them as their daughters," she concludes, tacking that thought onto his last comment.

Al'dru looks all frustrated and uncomfortable again. "Hey, no. No being sad or crying. I'm not good with that. Made Surka promise not to cry. Told her she'd have to stay in her room if she was going to cry." He nods decisively. "Never know what to do with tears. But I'm sure that you can stay here for a bit. It's not like we're out of space or anything with and if it was an Igen rider, well. Talk to Neyuni. She'll make things right."

"Oh- oh, I- no, it's…" not at all okay, going by the tone of her voice. But, Lucrezia puts on her smile and blinks away whatever tears were threatening. Her eyes are still a little too bright, but if she keeps her head tilted, just so, they're pretty well hidden by the fall of her hair. "I'll talk to her, thank you. You're so sweet, you know? You and Erry, both. But you most of all." The latter gets a solid pat from her. As for the rider? "Don't worry. You'll never see me cry." She moves a few steps away, just enough to get out of the offered patch of shadow. "And, anyway, I need some water. See you 'round, eh?" She raises a hand and wiggles her fingers at him - and then she's soon off, marching back in the direction she'd originally come from.

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