Kassala is Searched

Characters Kassala, Neyuni, Zevuki, Riohra, and Sephany
Synopsis Fortians visiting Igen to get a glimpse of the eggs on the sands ends with the weyrwoman asking Kassala to Stand for the clutch.
Out-of-Character Date August 12,2017

Igen Weyr - Galleries
From this vantage point, you can look over the balcony to the Sands below. The seating here stretches out around the perimeter of the Sands, the rows of seating rising high above. The benches are wooden, simple bleachers, and the stone steps have been worn down along their center from turns of foot-traffic. Above the bleachers, the ledge of the galleries is pocked and marked from dragonclaws where dragons have perched to watch the hatchings as well.

Once more, the pair from Fort Weyr climb the stairs to the galleries, Kassala in the lead. Glancing back to Riohra, she murmurs quietly, "I just want to see them again before we leave.." Moving along the galleries, the red headed dragonhealer circles around till she's as close as she might get to the eggs on the sands before taking a seat. "I think I will be glad to get back to Fort.. it is certainly warmer here, even more than Ierne." The messenger bag is pulled off her shoulder to be set on the bench next to her, a jacket folded over it. Cheeks flushed, she glances to him, "May I have the canteen?" Her gaze slowly drawn back to the sands, and the eggs there.

Neyuni is settled already in the galleries. They are a bit cooler than the sands below and the brooding queen seems to be taking a nap below. The rider yawns and then looks away reaching for a mug of something she's already got with her before leaning back to idly scroll through a datapad. It doesn't seem of particular interest however, the arrival of others catches her attention and she looks over neutrally to see who might be taking a peek.

Riohra smiles and hands her the canteen saying "I am going to remember you said that next time you complain of it being so cold". While the tall hunter teases he too looks out at the eggs saying softly "But you take your time dear, I will just be other there.." he points to a seat that is in clear view but under an air vent. He gives the red head a peck on the cheek before his long legs will carry him to sprawl out trying to get cool.

Kassala rolls her eyes at Riohra, sticking her tongue out at the hunter, "Yeah, yeah.. " But she takes the canteen gratefully, a sip taking once the lid is unscrewed. Setting it aside, she'll dig into her messenger bag to pull out a lovely journal and a pencil, opening it up to jot down a few ideas or thoughts as she looks at the eggs.

Careful, measured steps probably mark the approaching figure as a guard, if just for the militaristic pace that Zevuki sets. They're hardly an anomaly here in the galleries — frequent visits by the guards to make sure any visitors aren't overly disturbing the queen or her clutch — though Zevuki hasn't been one of them before. Perhaps that's why, half-way up the galleries, he pauses, exhales a breath, and just kind of stares.

Neyuni watches the interactions for a few moments of stranger faces though the two obviously know each other well. or at elast that would be her guess. She sets the pad aside, seeing as she doesn't recognize either Kassala or Riohra right off and stands. Taking a moment to stretch she saunders a bit closer to where she can offer necessary graces "Igen's welcome. Hope you enjoy the view." Eyes catch the young igen guard arriving but seeing that look she doesn't interrupt and focuses for the moment on the newer pair.

Riohra tilts his head back and will spy the other red head in the room and lift a hand saying "Fort's Duties, Miss hope we aren't intruding" He doesn't get up but he is still somewhat polite. He gives the woman a friendly grin that may or may not look comical as his head is up side down so he can see her. He hears the steps coming up but won't take his gaze away from the other woman until he finds if there presence requires apologies or not.

With the offer of words given by someone, Kassala pulls her attention away from the sketch of the eggs she's doing, a smile upon her lips as she speaks up, mirroring Riohra's words, "Fort's Duties to Igen…" Polite and well mannered is she, easy-going and relaxed. "I'm Kassala.. that is Riohra." Her hand moves from herself, over to the sprawled hunter nearby. "Came to get a look at the eggs after checking in with the weyr's dragonhealer.." She's rambling, so it seems.

Zevuki's training, perhaps — or the familiar voices nearby — allows the guard to recover and start moving, although that doesn't stop cautious, darted glances being shot towards the sands, all the same. He stops a few steps from the group, settling hands behind his back. "Ma'am," he gives a respectful nod towards Neyuni. "Rio — good to see you still here," he adds to Riohra with a flickered smile, and another nod is given Kassala, likewise, before he falls silent.

Neyuni is rather casual at the moment. "Ah Fort! Well I hope you can enjoy of bit fo Igen's warmth. The spring is taking away the last of the frost we've had, lookign to be a delightful summer comign up." if anyone but a native might consider the burnign heat rising off the desert distant delightful. "Wasn't sure if you might be new candidates, as you can see we've finally got a new batch of eggs." she can't help but look a little proud, gaze flickering out to the quiet set of orbs before returning. "I'm Neyuni." she offers and then adds a nod to Zavuki. "Greetings Guard. So thoughtful for you to patrol in here. Not that Zuhth would much allow anything to happen."

Riohra nods and smiles to Neyuni "it is a rather interesting change of climate." When she talks about eggs he shakes his head saying "Nope just out and about to look" When the stern faced guard finally walks in he will grin and add on introductions saying "Kassala, this is Zevuki, the Igen guard who came to the dance I told you about." He will still lounge where he is because well it is hot and moving takes work right now.

The name spoken of by the other redhead, has Kassala looking to her again, "Oh, Ma'am." She's connected who it is they are talking with. Still, she offers Neyuni a smile, "It's a beautiful clutch of eggs. I have a few favorites, but in all honesty, they're all beautiful." With the guard's approach, she dips her head, once Riohra speaks up, "A pleasure to meet you, Zevuki. Glad you were able to make it out to Fort."

"I don't imagine she would, ma'am. But it can't hurt to be cautious. The eggs are" Zevuki's pause is inadvertent, "something else." Apparently he isn't as eloquent as the Fortians are. While he might know the Weyrwoman, it doesn't seem he expects that she'll know who he is, in turn. "Zevuki," he says, with another nod, before another of those flickered smiles appears at Riohra's introduction, gaze shifting to the Fortians. "Kassala, good to finally meet you. Rio talks about you all the time."

<Sands> Zuhth shifts a little and with a deep breath begins a low dragonic snore upon each exhale, completely untroubled.

Neyuni dips her head in appreciation to Zevuki falling back in the conversation a bit as the others catch up. As names slip back and forth she looks more thoguhtful, eventually settlgin to look more directly to Kassala as if that may be somehwo familiar. "Small world it seems" she half mutters more to herself than anything.

Maybe Sephany just has unnaturally good luck when it comes to running into certain people? She is once more dressed in her "native" Igen garb, and fairly flitting up the gallery stairs with light steps and purposeful movements. There is no hesitation in her movements, though there is a fair amount of respect in the way she turns toward the queen on the sands, an acknowledgement given despite the dragon's apparent snoozing. To find Riohra, Kassala, and Zevuki already here has her pausing, startled, and then laughing as she approaches the trio. "Well! We meet again," is her greeting for them. A much more formal, "Fort's duties to you and your queen, Weyrwoman," is said to Neyuni, along with a bit of a move that may be considered a curtsey if one were to squint and look sideways.
Riohra smiles and looks down at the queen on the sands saying "she has the right of it in this heat, taking a nap sounds like a grand idea" But how do you sleep in the heat? His blue eyes will shift back over to Zevuki saying "That they are, but touching them is a real treat. There are few things in the world I have experienced that left me at a lost for words." He will smile and wave at Sephany but the heat seems to drive him to a thoughtful respite as he falls silent.

Kassala blinks as they're joined by Sephany, another from Fort Weyr. The apprentice is given a wave as she closes her journal, slipping it back into her messenger bag along with the pencil. Too much going on to jot down thoughts and sketch! Hearing something from Neyuni, she turns back, "Ma'am? You said something?" A brow raised curiously. As Riohra half dozes, she shakes her head, though the smile says plainly, she's not surprised he does so.

Zevuki's straight-backed position remains unchanged, though his gaze does stray towards the hot sands when Zuhth begins snoring, earning a brief, if surprised flicker of brows from the guard. The Weyrwoman's mutter earns a curious regard for a moment, but he's too polite to look for long. Instead, he welcomes Sephany's arrival with a nod and another of those flickered smiles. "Good afternoon. Back so soon?"

Neyuni waves a hand a bit dismissively as she is so formally recognized. Darn! "Igen's welcome in return. Hope you enjoy a respite from the cold, althoguh we've a tad of the chill left in spring yet. Although I obviously haven't had a chance to visit of recent I spent enough turns there to recall a different set of seasonal extremes." she smiles clearly not an unpleasant memory, simply another place, another time. "Do rest and enjoy the view and company. The cooks've been adding a few extras on. We're expecting visitors to be more common for the next few sevendays and well, the Weyr does enjoy the fresh gossip, I mean conversations." she ahems and clears her throat not to subtly. "Ah, Kassala. It took me a moment. You stood at Half Moon's last, yes? I don't suppose these eggs much compare?"

"Apparently, I am more tied to Igen than I had realized," is Sephany's round-about response for Zevuki, though the guard gets a genuine smile from the visiting weaver. The dismissive wave earns a grin from the blond, and she drops readily enough into an available seat. "It is beginning to warm a bit at Fort, though the rain is getting a bit tiring. I missed the worst of the winter, this past Turn. I shall get the full effect this coming Turn, I am certain." As for food? Sephany is quick to decide, "I shall certainly grab something to eat before I leave! I have missed the food…" A flash of a smile for Kassala and Rio, a curious little glance towards the dragonhealer's sketchbook, but she does not comment.

Listening to the conversation of Igen's temp and seasons, and she chuckles softly, soon to glance to Sephany as the weaver takes a seat, "It's all new to me as well. I'm from Ierne Weyrhold, and while not as warm as Igen, certainly warmer than Fort." A wry smile touches her lips before she turns back to the werywoman, listening as Neyuni speaks up. Her head bobs in a nod, "I stood, yes." But then one will have to excuse the way she just stares at her for a moment, "Not compare?" Disbelief appears upon her face as she looks to the eggs upon the sands, "These are quite beautiful, ma'am. As I said before, there's a couple I like, but I think I'd be hard pressed to actually choose a favorite from any of them. Each one is unique in it's splendor."

"It was quite frigid at Fort just recently. My first time experiencing snow," Zevuki admits, the native Igenite grimacing a little. Neyuni's question of Kassala has him regarding the Fortian, clearly curious about the response as well. "I didn't think they'd be so… unique," he adds, to Kassala's observation. Sephany's comment about Igen earns a low chuckle from the guard, something quickly passing across his features — pleased, amused? — before expression smooths back into casually attentive. "It is difficult to forget her pull once reminded," he says, of Igen, with a brief fondness audible in his tone.

Neyuni relaxes into a seat and considers "Well Igen drew me back for sure, but we each find home where we will. The food is certainly unique, we've a fresh set of spices traded in recently too." toward Sephany, "it's good to experience much of pern. Easier to do so as a rider, but not so hard even if if not." somewhat to both Zevuki adn Kassala, and more to the latter she continue "Well I've certainly had the chance to see many an egg now. I suppose they are also a bit different clsoer up. You could see them closer up too, at least if you don't mind sticking around for awhile."

"I've seen plenty of clutches," offers Sephany conversationally, "I think it is like babies. I have never heard of a Healer say that one baby looks like another…" perhaps an odd comparision, and her smile kind of falters for it before she just shrugs it off. Grey eyes go towards that of which the group speaks, lingering on the small clutch found on the sands. "I have been unnaturally lucky when it comes to travel," she admits. "As it is now, I am posted at Fort with my journeyman, and I intend to enjoy my time there. Including that frigid cold," and here her gaze moves to Zevuki, and a mischievous grin is sent his direction. It softens a bit for the pull of Igen, and there is a small nod of her head in agreement, gaze going to the cavern as a whole; the familiar walls, sands, stone steps… "It is…"

"I haven't tried the food… I'll have to do that." Kassala says offhandedly before the conversation turns towards the eggs upon the sands below. They fascinate her, as they seem to do most people. Turning back, she blinks a few times, glancing aside towards Zevuki, then to Neyuni, "Me? Stick around?" Her hand touches her chest, and she soon continues, "As a candidate?" She might as well make doubly sure she's hearing what she thinks she's hearing from the Weyrwoman. Unconsciously, she looks to Riohra who seems to have dozed off, then back to Neyuni once again. Sorry Sephany and Zevuki - she's sort of gotten distracted from that conversation!

Zevuki regards the eggs for a moment, though as is his habit his gaze doesn't stay for overlong, flickering instead over the rest of the caverns, and then the galleries, finally settling on the occupants he stands with. Sephany's observation of the eggs being like babies makes his brows rise. "I suppose that's not an unfair comparison," he allows. "I imagine the dragons that are hatched are just as unique." It's clear from unchanged expression he doesn't understand what Neyuni's implying with her words to Kassala, though the Fortian's request for clarification does get his attention, if mutely, observing.

Neyuni hmmms "Well did you really think you became any less of a candidate just because you didn't impress that one time? Still it's entirely up to you as to whether this might be the next chance you want to take, or not. You'll have to endure the next few sevendays here until such time as the dragons decide as they will, as they do every time." she pauses looking intently to Kassala now. There is a bit of business here which she does need to be at least reasonably serious "never any gurantee of course, but it'll always be no if one doesn't stand out there."

Sephany will simply pretend she did not make such a comparison, if allowed. Though she will give a little nod of her head in agreement. "It does appear that they are as unique as people. In personality. Of course dragons are different, and I can't really say…" but her words trail off as the conversation between Weyrwoman and dragonhealer turns distinctly serious. "Oh…" and there's a glance toward Riohra, and then Kassala again, a little furrow forming between pale eyebrows.

Kassala takes a deep breath, then lets it out slowly as she listens to Neyuni, her head nodding once more. "I would be honored to Stand, Weyrwoman. Quite honored." The smile quickly warms, "Thank you." Excitement buzzes about her, and she turns to Riohra, to see what he thinks, only to see that he's still dozing. Whooops. Turning back to Neyuni, she says quietly, "I would need to return to Fort, to let the dragonhealer there know, as I am studying under her right now, and then gather my things, of course.." There will likely be a bit more to do as well, if that glance back to Riohra has anything to say about it. And yet, the young woman is practicing ready to rush off and do just that, though she's doing well to control it. Barely.

Zevuki remains silent, observing the exchange with obvious interest. Even so, his gaze still habitually roams the galleries before coming back, waiting for Kassala's answer with, too, a glance towards the dozing Riohra. He gives a nod, at her eventual answer, though whether that's approval or polite support is hard to tell. "Congratulations."

Neyuni looks pleased and relaxes a bit in her seat. hard enough part over she back to relaxed mode, welcome to igen. "No worries. I'm sure there'll be plenty of time. The afternoons time for resting, no matter your position. Enjoy the eggs and report to the candidate barracks. The Weyrlingmaster'll have you on the roster tomorrow I'm sure. An if anything needs doing just let her know and she'll help with any arrangements." there's a more demands squak as a firelizard swoops in and hovers in front of the rider, chittering and hissing. "Oh bother, Al.. If you'll excuse me." seems her afternoon won't be entirely so relaxed afterall.

Serious grey eyes watch Kassala intently; her voice, her expression, the way she moves and the eagerness with which she seems to accept the knot. There is no comment from the weaver, and no real display of her thoughts on the matter, other than that she is watching. A soft "mm" and an honest, "Congratulations," comes on the heels of the guard's own sentiments for the redheaded dragonhealer. The Weyrwoman's departure is met with her full attention, a polite incline of her head to acknowledge her as she descends the gallery stairs. "Well." And this time her gaze goes towards Zevuki first, before flashing to Riohra and then Kassala. "Suppose you ought to let him sleep, before you break the news…"

"Thank you again, ma'am." Kassala offers to Neyuni as the weyrwoman heads off, watching her for a moment before turning to the sound of Zevuki and Sephany offering their words of congratulations, "Thanks. Both of you." It's a lot to take in, and certainly not what she was expecting when she came here on assignment. It is Seph's words that draw her attention back to the dozing hunter, and she sighs, "Yeah. I'll let him doze a little before we head back to Fort to get my stuff." Still, she knows what the hunter will say, and she cannot help but smile a little. "What brought you back to Igen?" She ask of Sephany then.

"Weyrwoman," Zevuki gives Neyuni a nod as she leaves the galleries. Whether his sentiments echo Sephany's on the matter of breaking the news is hard to say, his brow furrowed briefly. "I'd imagine — if I know Rio at all — that he'll come to Igen along with you." He shifts his weight, but his hands don't unclasp as Kassala queries Sephany, gaze shifting out towards the sands.

"Well. I understand how much you…" and here Sephany pauses briefly, as if to find the appropriate word, though she settles on, "Love the dragons. Riohra mentioned as much. And it's clear in your expression." Which is a very subtle way of saying that maybe, the weaver supports her decision to Stand despite the relationship complications that will result. As for her reason to be here? A little shake of her head and a dismissive, "It's not important. But while I am here, I thought I would come and pay my respects." Another thoughtful sound of contemplation and a curious, "I wonder if he would…" for the sleeping Hunter.

Kassala blushes a little, teeth catching upon her bottom lip for a moment, before her lips turn upwards in a soft smile, "Unless he wishes to Stand as well, he should stay at Fort. It's where he wants to be." Leaning back, her shoulder brushes the dozing hunter's leg, her gaze turned to weaver and guard, "It will be fine, there are no worries there." She chuckles then, "Last time, he was searched first. I found out about it days afterwards from his cousin."

While the weaver and the new Igen candidate talk, Zevuki keeps his attention elsewhere, giving them the illusion of privacy. But he's still right there, and there's a slight shift in the stiffness of his position, before he corrects, if lightly: "I believe you are wrong, Kassala. I believe he would want to be wherever you are."
While Kassala may believe Riohra would stay at Fort, and Zevuki believes he would come to Igen, Sephany's thoughts remain her own. There's a flicker of a smile, an amused and empathetic sort of look as she glances between the hunter and the dragonhealer. "I suppose a lot of it would depend on what you wanted, Kassala," she offers, curiously. "Though I do agree with Zevuki… I think Riohra would be more than willing to move to Igen… if that is what you want. He loves you very much. He would probably go just about anywhere to be with you."

Kassala blushes all the more at their words, her gaze dropping to where her hand plays with the pendant on her necklace, "I know he would, but I know as well that Fort is truly where he wishes to be. But.. I know he'd be happy here… it is something we will discuss." Once they're back in Fort where she can pack and all. "In the end, it will work out, one way or another, this I have faith in."

Zevuki's own thoughts are otherwise well-guarded, even if there's a flicker of something in his gaze as it passes over the others. "I'd best get moving," he gestures towards the exit. "It was nice to see you, Sephany. And to meet you, Kassala. Give my regards to Riohra, would you?" And then he's turning, parade-like steps carrying swiftly down the stairs.

A little nod of her head; acknowledgement for words spoken by the redhead, but it's the moving Igen guard that catches Sephany's attention. "And you as well, Zevuki. "Enjoy the rest of your day…" words trail off, and grey eyes follow after him as he descends the stairs and leaves, the weaver's expression blank before she turns toward Kassala with renewed attention. "Igen will be a different experience for you. If you wish, you can raid my closet. I've plenty of weather-appropriate items that don't suite me at Fort."

Kassala nods to Zevuki, laughing softly, "I will, once he wakes." A promise given as the guard heads off again. Attention soon drifts back to Sephany, her expression changing, "Oh.. yeah.." A glance down at the pants and tunic she wears, her jacket folded aside her bag, "Something cooler will likely be nice." Otherwise, the girl will die of a heat stroke or something!

"How do you feel about dresses?" wonders the weaver, smiling a bit at Kassala's assessment of her current ensemble. "If you are comfortable in them, I high recommend going with a skirt or dress. And despite what you might think… you actually do want to tend towards long sleeves and long skirts, to protect your skin," and she demonstrates by holding out her own arm, the fabric of her current dress loose and flowing, despite covering her from head to toe. "Light fabrics, like this… and… you'll want a scarf," as her eyes go toward Kassala's head, "To protect your face and eyes… it also helps at night, to keep you warm…" a little bit of laughter and she settles back. "I apologize… I sort of forgot… where we were." Slipping into 'weaver' mode. "I have several tunics that may fit you, but my skirts will be too short… but I have several head scarfs that should do the trick."

As Sephany gives her a run down on the fashion that will serve her best around Igen, Kassala winces a little, "Sun, and red heads, don't go together very well.. " This she knows from experience back at Ierne. "Skirts, shirts, long sleeves. Layers, I take it?" She's noticed that in exploring Igen earlier. "It's okay. Truly, I don't mind.." Discussing fashion, though she glances at her plain tunic and pants, "I've been at school for so long, this is usually what I wear." Things that won't be a bother during lessons or duties in the infirmary.

"Layers, to some extent," agrees Sephany, "though you want to keep them light and breezy. Nothing that clings. Nothing too form-fitting…" and here she grins. "Despite the heat, Igen is not the place to show off skin or figure. And yes," for her red hair, "I would imagine you go straight from red to peeling, without a bit of tanning, hm? I had a friend with red hair… she always freckled and never tanned. I don't tan, either," she notes idly, "So I became quite adept at covering up." A soft little sigh as she looks back to the eggs. "I can tell you are excited about this but… aren't you going to miss Riohra terribly?"

"Got it. Any help, I'll certainly accept." Kassala answers with another nod, only to laugh softly, "Forget peeling…. that comes after the blisters. And yes, freckles afterwards." She learned very quickly to cover up, and use some of that lotion the healers give out to help block the sun to some degree. When asked, she nods, "I will, if he decides he doesn't want to stand as well, and remains at Fort, but.. absence makes the heart grow fonder." Words said before she takes a look back to the dozing hunter, then back to the weaver, "We've got plenty of time yet.."

"I don't know if I could do it," admits the weaver, attention turning away from clothes and toward the topic of separation. "With as close as you two appear…" but she just shakes her head and admits, "though I have never been in that situation, so I truly cannot say what I would do. Either situation, actually; I have never been Searched and I have never been in a long-term relationship."

Kassala leans in closer to Riohra's leg, sitting on the bench under the one he's sprawled across, "It's been a turn, but.. I know without a doubt, that no matter what, we'll still be together turns from now. Forever and always. We've got plenty of time yet." She chuckles, "I still have a turn to go before I make Rank 3 at any rate." She is quick to chuckle, "Stay around a weyr long enough, and no doubt, the dragons will take note of you, if they will. Sooner than later."

A very level look is directed at the dragonhealer, grey eyes serious and voice flat and neutral, "I was born in Igen, and I grew up here and Ista. I have lived my entire life in a Weyr, and not a single dragon has taken interest in myself, nor any of my sisters. I believe if any dragon had interest, it would have been displayed by now." She is not sorry. She has accepted this as an inevitable; she is not meant for the Sands.

Kassala starts to say something cheerful and optimistic, but in the end, sighs, and murmurs, "Maybe. But… you never know." That's her way of looking at things. "I was left on the sands last time… may be left again. Just because I was searched, doesn't mean that I will find a lifemate either. " Her gaze travels to the eggs, "But, neither would I turn down the Weyrwoman's request." She'd never be so rude.

"You have the potential," says Sephany matter-of-factly. "Or you would not have been Searched. But I don't think that I do. No dragon has shown interest in me, or any of my sisters as a matter of fact. They all Stood," she explains, "Using the excuse of being Weyrborn, but none of them managed to Impress a dragon." A shrug of slender shoulders, gaze following the redhead toward the clutch on the sands. "I could ask, on the basis of being weyrborn. But I don't see much point, with such a small clutch. If a dragon is meant for me, a dragon will Search me and I will be asked." But by her tone, it is clear she does not believe this to be an eventuality. "And so you shouldn't," of turning down the Weyrwoman. "Who could rightly refuse the Weyrwoman of Igen Weyr? And as I said… a dragon found you to have what it takes. Just because you did not Impress at Half Moon does not mean you don't have the potential."

Leaning forwards, Kassala actually touches Sephany's hand or arm, if able, "As might you. As I said, you never know. Perhps the right dragon hasn't sniffed you out, is all." Which could be true! This redhead is always an optimist, the weaver will find. "Still, from what little I've heard of your skills in your craft, you'll be known in the future." If not as a ride,r then certainly as a weaver. "What part of your craft do you enjoy the most so far?" Curious is she.

The physical comfort is accepted wordlessly, and Sephany makes no more attempt to argue her opinion on the matter; she must simply agree to disagree on the matter of potential. The question about her chosen career, however, is seized with immediate enthusiasm, a wide smile breaking out over her face. "Oh… I have always wanted to be a designer and tailor. I am very creative… I have so many ideas. Most of them dresses; I am not terribly fond of pants, and you can do so much more with a dress or skirt, design-wise. Being at Fort is wonderful for that… a whole new climate and new fabrics to work with! Until I moved, I mostly spent my time on the lighter, wispy, playful fabrics. This winter, I got to play with velvet, and wool."

Kassala listens, watching the way Sephany's expression changes with her enthusiasm, "Did you submit anything in the craft contest?" She doesn't remember her name, but might have missed it! "I admit, I don't often wear skirts. They're a bit in the way when dealing with dragons in the infirmary." But there's a wish to be girly at times, she would admit. "At Half Moon, there was this candidate fashion show.. I think I surprised people with what I made, but I didn't win.."

"Oh, no," admits the weaver, only a touch apologetic. "I haven't had a chance to actually design anything in reality yet… I just sketch, for now. I've only been in the Craft for about a turn and a half; so I am still learning about fabrics, patterns, types of stiches… I play a bit in my room, but I am not good enough to actual submit anything that may be worn!" It's not false humility, either. Sephany's journeyman is particular with what she does. "But someday, I'm sure." Beat. "You're probably just wearing the wrong kind of skirt," she offers. "but I understand. If you are not accustomed to them, they can feel cumbersome." As for the fashion show? This earns a lift of pale eyebrows and almost demands a follow-up question. "What did you wear?"

"Well then, whenever you finally do get to make something to be worn, I'll have to come to you and get all your ideas." Kassala blushes a little, glancing back to Riohra before turning back, "He bought me a dress for a gather once. IT's rather pretty. Surprised me.. he's got amazingly good taste." Shaking her head, she ohs, then laughs softly, "Well, I found things on the beach there, and decided to make sort of like a beach coverup.. or bikini…." She digs into her bag, and pulls out an older journal, one that has been well worn, and has various things stuffed into it. Flipping through, she comes to a page that has some shells, stones, and fish net stuck to it, along with a sketch. It's not very good, but it should get the general idea across to the weave, no doubt.

OOC - this as a sketch sort of: http://fort.wdfiles.com/local--files/character:kassala/kassworn4.jpg

The description worn for the show:
For the fashion show, Kassala wears an intriguing outfit, completely up-cycled from things she's found on the beach. Over a nearly flesh-toned bikini, she wears a top made of bits of torn fish netting combined with strings of rocks worn smooth by the sea. Sea shells have also been added, tiny holes drilled to allow them to be tied here and there as further decoration. Below is a short skirt made of the same, tied at one hip. She's made matching sandals as well of leather, the ties combining leather decorated with more of the shells and sea pebbles that lace up high along her calves to be tied in bows at her knees.’

"Absolutely," for coming to her for ideas. "And if I am of the appropriate talent by then, I shall happily lend my skills to designing and creating something for you. Who knows? You may be a dragonrider by then, and I can upcharge you a little bit," but it's followed with a playful giggle and a flash of grey eyes, so it is likely Sephany is teasing about the last bit. She sits up a little straighter, adding, "The green dress you wore for the dance was beautiful… is that what he picked out?" She accepts the book that is handed to her readily, and peeks down curiously. "Oh my!" and she laughs again. "I'll bet you had the Hold-born candidates in fits for it, too."

"If I am, then I will gladly pay!" Kassala answers the tease, laughing as she does so, only to hush herself and peer over her shoulder to Riohra as he snorts a little, shifts around, then goes right back to sleep again. Turning back, she giggles a little before handing over her journal to show off what she'd come up with. "I had to convince myself to wear it.. I'd never showed so much skin before." With good reason, as fair as she is! "But, after watching a green flight, and seeing this stuff on the beach.." She shrugs, "I thought it would be interesting, but I wasn't quite as interesting as ome of the others. One was a weaver as well…" So, yes, she got out-fashioned! "Should have seen Riohra's expression when I stepped out to take my turn… he hadn't seen it. Kept it a secret from him as well."

"Oh, my!" repeats Sephany, laughter jovial and bright. "I can only imagine! Poor Riohra," and she casts a glance toward the sleeping Hunter. "I know he hunts all sorts of dangerous creatures, but there's something about him that just seems so innocent…" she admits, her smile turning a bit mischievous. "I'll bet it was worth keeping the secret, to see his reaction." Giggling now. "I can't imagine what Sev would do, if he caught me in something like that. Weyrbred or not, the boy can't seem to understand I've grown up." If fifteen can be considered 'grown-up'.

Chuckling, Kassala nods, "There is… he tries to be a friend to everyone, and sometimes.. well.. it gets him in trouble." But she loves the hunter, that much is certain. "He's too good." The flash of her grin appears as well, "I think that's just a brother's job to look out for their sister. I know mine do, and I'm 18…19.. turns now!" She can so sympathize with Sephany. "But at least he's busy enough to not be running after you or anything right now, hmm?"

"He is very friendly," agrees Sephany, sparing one more glance to the snoozing hunter. As for her, and her brother? She heaves a dramatic sounding sigh before breaking out into a smile. "That he is," distracted, she means. "With his new dragon, and his new lover. But, I am grateful that he is not hovering over me. I miss him something fierce but at the same time… I don't think I want to live near him just now. It's nice to be independent. My own person. If that makes sense…"

Kassala blinks a few times. "Wait.. lover?" Oh, the news, she must have it! "Who is it?" Yep, enquiring minds want to know if she might actually know this from her candidate days! Ahem. Yet, she nods as well, "It makes complete sense. After being left on the sands, Riohra asked if I'd want to go to Fort with him. He'd gotten the position as hunter there just before he got searched. After talking to my mentor at the school, I said yeah. Otherwise.. my parents were nearby, and my brother is a dragonrider at Ierne where I was going to school sooo…" Family all around still. Riohra snorts loud enough, he wakes himself, and Kassala glances to Sephany, "We should go. I need to get back…" Pack her things, have a talk with Rio. "See you around? And.. I'll find you or something about the shirts and all?" With Riohra rousing himself and being a little out of it, she'll hurry the hunter out so that talk can be had.

Sephany waves her hand dismissively. "Some dragonrider or something. He wouldn't tell me. I know it's a boy," because that much she was able to glean. "But he writes once a month, maybe, and it's always nonsense." Shrug. "I'll drill him on it eventually." The snore has her giggle-snorting in a very unladylike way, before she nods her head at Kassala. "Probably a good idea. I am going to help myself to some lunch in the Living Caverns before I find a ride back; I really have missed the food…" She stands, pulling her scarf back over her head to shield her face. "I will find you before you leave for Igen permanently… or, well, at least until the Hatching!" As the pair leave, Sephany lingers for a moment longer, eyes on the sands, thoughts kept to herself.

Kassala blinks, "A.. boy. Well, there goes my guess of Catwin.." She's surprised still, but shakes her head, "If you do, let me know.. I'm curious. Though I guess I could just go and find out…well.. I can't go anytime soon.." Darnit! At any rate, she nods, and waves to Sephany, helping Rio off to go back to Fort.

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