First Egg Touching - Kassala

Characters Neyuni and Kassala and NPC Candidates
Synopsis The Candidates are brought in for their first egg touching from Kassala's PoV.
Out-of-Character Date August 15, 2017

Igen Weyr - Hatching Sands
As if temperatures in the rest of the Weyr weren't uncomfortable enough, the sands are positively blistering. The air shimmers from the onslaught of heat, leaving the area with a hallucinatory feel. Black sands stand currently empty but for the occasional egg-shard or 'print not swept clear. A raised platform of smooth stone provides a lounging-spot for queens or their mates, or a retreat for the lifemates that accompany them from whence they can cool their feet somewhat.

Zuhth yawns and stretches a wing, relaxedly stretched out to the side fo teh small clutch. The colorful eggs are spread out in a random fashion, each in their own warm sandy wallow. Neyuni his off to the side near the entrance, waiting for the word to spread and it isn't to long before indeed, candidates start to magicaly apprea. "yes, yes" she reassures a younger lad "She's going to let you have a closer look now."

Settled into the barracks, Kassala is one of those that hears the news of the possible egg touching. Finding her way to the hatching complex, she lines up with those candidates already there, soon to file in with a dip of her head towards Neyuni, "Good day, Weyrwoman." The greeting offered as she passes the woman, only to step off to the side to take a deep breath, letting it out slowly as she takes in the eggs from this close up position. While other candidates begin to spread out, her steps lead her towards the nearest egg, one of those that she'd favored upon first sight, the Definitions of Royalty Egg. Lifting a hand that trembles slightly, she presses it against the surface, curiosity to show upon her expression as she waits to see if there's any whisper of a connection from within.

« Regalitude frizzles as your hand strokes that boundary which seems so far away and yet close. A snapping sensation that alights upon your skin as mind, somewhere between goosebumps and static shock. It does not seem to much take notice, haughty and aloof you catch a hint of a 'hmph!' as the touch fades. »

Kassala tilts her head, giving a slight shiver at the first touch that comes as it sizzles through her. Still, she cannot help but smile, even at the haughty mental 'tude that is touched upon, "Sorry for bothering you. Such a beautiful exterior… surely it mirrors the inner mind." Words whispered as a blush steals across her cheeks, the brief look about given as if to see if anyone else might think her weird for talking to the egg. Surely the other candidates are just as surprised and thrilled with their own touchings.

Neyuni eyes the gathered group. Eager faces, worried faces, excited faces and steps to teh side. "Good day to all of you. Please do make your way among the eggs. While it isn't the largest clutch there's plenty of time yet. Pushing and shoving will only get you kicked off so be patient and take turns as needed. There'lll be other opportunities." she watches the candidates spread out and begin to caress the slowly hardening shells.

« Regalitude sashays along to a rhythm you are not entirely invited to hear. Discordant notes drift through in an unchained melody that falls to the tone death. Perhaps if the whole story were revealed you could twirl along with the fanciful distracted thoughts of the one within this shell, but absent such connection you are left with only half of the story. »

She may not be a Harper, but Kassala can at least carry a tune. The song that comes to mind is hummed, as if she might be able to put together the bits unheard, though perhaps not as good as one far more skilled in music might. "You would have enjoyed the dance at Fort.. the Harpers played, and people twirled and swirled about. It was warm in the ballroom, icy snow falling outside.." It was a night she will remember for a while. Her fingers trace a line of gold that twines with silver as she speaks, feeling the smoothness of the shell beneath her fingertips.

Who Needs a Migraine Egg rests deceptively quietly as young Bartholomew reaches out with his thin fingers. It seems they barely touch the surface nad he yelps and jumps back bumping into another candidate. The older lass doesn't seem to mind. "First time?" and the younger nods shyly "Don't worry they can't actually hurt you. It's when they hatch you really have to watch out. She spreads her hands on the shell and eyes widen "Oh my, this one is feisty eh? Here try again."

« Regalitude sparks as you encounter it again. A soft static burst in blue and yellow that seem to surprise it perhaps as much you. Perhaps for the first time you have an echo of its attention. Something that exists beyond the developing breadth of its own being it seems unsure what to make of you before simply drifting back to its own self indulgences. »

This time, Kassala cannot help but smile at the sense of surprise within, one last brush of her fingers given to the egg. "I look forwards to touching minds with you again, perhaps.." For now, it's time to step back, to allow another a chance to touch the lovely egg before her. Hearing the conversation nearby, she turns then, watching as Bart decides to go for that second touch once urged to do so by the other. Slow steps will take her around, seeking a free egg amongst the clutch. Eventually, she'll find one, this time, the cheerful bright expanse of the Sweetest Citron Egg. "You look sweet and lovely…" Her hand reaches out, placed upon the seemingly dimpled surface.

« Wisdom of Ages reaches out with slow deliberate motions. There is little unplanned about it, unabashedly unhurried as it slowly slips around the edges of your own thoughts. The pace might be to glacial to endure, or it might be just slow enough to seem unthreatening as opposed to others of its siblings. As if it runs out of energy, blue and silver tendrils of its thoughts splash up against yours and then fade without fuss. »

A breath is taken at the slowness of the connection, and yet Kassala stands there, intrigued by the mind hidden within this particular egg. The smile appears about the time the tendrils reach her and as they fade away, she cannot help but laugh softly, her hand sliding against the orange surface. "Hello." She whispers quietly, leaning in a little, as if the better to pick up on things.

Neyuni hovers by the exit where it's a bit cooler slightly longer than might be socially acceptable as if to see if there might be a latecomer candidate. When no more trickle in she eventually steps out and saunder over to the group, slowly wandering between candidates to see if there are any questions or issues. Zuhth appears to half-watch almost boredly, tail occasionally swishing a slow arch of sand into a growing dune distant from the clutch.

« Wisdom of Ages Is already at the edge of your thoughts somehow, and now cerulean and indigo creep a bit farther in. There is a purposeful slowness, as though each step is considered and deliberate to start to tease out some of your own memories. It has little to understand in context but for your own reactions as small [pieces of your own life flash in bright bursts for some moments. Then it pauses, waiting to see if it might be wise, or allowed to continue in order to better understand and yet if your reaction is opposed it is as ready to slip away as easily as it arrived. »

Kassala continues to lean closer, as if she might be tempted to lean her forehead against the citron colored shell. The press of thoughts, slowly within her own mind is felt, accepted, even when they begin to go through her memories. There's no bad reaction, a simple sense of acceptance of the curiosity, the need to understand. Most memories are good - times with her family upon their farm outside of Southern Hold. The excitement felt when she went to Ierne to see her brother Impress and discovering the Dragonhealer's School. Her thrill at being accepted in the school, and the hard work that has gone into it over the turns to learn what it takes to care for Dragons and her dedication to doing that. No doubt, they'll see how focus she becomes that she sometimes overlooks herself, forgetting meals when studying or learning something new or forgoing sleep. Her love for her family and friends, and one young man. The hidden disappointment when left on the sands that she might not realize that she carries deep within. It's all there for the one within the egg to find, Kassala holding nothing back from it's interest.

« Wisdom of Ages is ever gathering information, processing, deliberating it may even be considered extremely /boring/. It is however what it is and deliberate, methodical it is also a sense of fairness in having viewed some of your thoughts previously it now shares a few flickers of its own. Of course, it doesn't have much to go on so it is almost more of a feel and sense than anything so much direct in pictures. A lulling comforting warmth that envelops in the softest of fashion, a reassurance of safety in a low hum that vibrates to the very core of one's being and then, then it dissipates again. »

Kassala is still and quiet, until the moment the mind touch dissipates, leaving her as quietly as it came. It takes a few moments before she opens her eyes, blinking them a few times, "IT was a pleasure to meet you, little one." The light brush of her hand ends in the softest of pats before she pulls away from the egg to realize perhaps, that most have finished their touches. Blushing, she heads for the exit, though she pauses before Zuhth to offer the gold a curtsy of respect, "Thank you, milady." And then the redhead is off, no doubt to talk excitedly with the other candidates in the barracks about what they'd felt and discovered about the eggs.

Neyuni sees that things are going smoothly and ends up next to the gold. "Well nto a bad lookign group?" the queen lowers her head to nudge at her rider and rumbles in a more neutral manner. Hard to read that rumble but many of the candidates take it as the nod towards the end of this touching. When Neyuni pushes the large head aside she sees an orderly exit underway and chuckles a bit. "Alright, alright. If you say so."

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