Seek and Ye Shall Not Find (Yet!)

Characters Lucrezia, Surka
Synopsis Lucrezia makes a new acquaintance in Surka and lots of things are talked about.
Out-of-Character Date August 16, 2014

Igen Weyr - North Bowl
The relatively flat bowl is covered in a thin layer of pale sand and dust that shifts with the seasons. Contrastingly, the orange hued desert sandstone which comprises the bowl walls stretches skywards. Northwards is the smaller niche administrative complex, where the queen's and weyrleader traditionally make their home. The singular staircase running along the wind curved bowl wall can be traced connecting the ledges of the Weyr's leadership. To the northeast is the greater opening into the hatching grounds, with a smaller shadowed entrance for the dragons a few lengths above it. Most of the foot traffic however goes into smaller ground level entrances which lead into the heart of the living and dining areas. Set apart from the other areas a series of smaller entrances of varying size which lead into the infirmary and various crafter areas.

It's a hot, bright afternoon, and Surka is running towards something. In other words, it's business as usual. The sun beats down on the sand and the grass, and the teenaged girl scampers down the path, sleeves pushed up past her elbows, thick leather boots kicking up dust and dirt as she runs. Her destination is the field across from the lake, the one populated with dragons and their riders. Because really, what else would a thirteen year old be there to gawp at? The girl's pace slows as she nears her preferred spot— a nice little patch of grass near the path— and she withdraws a hunk of bread from her pocket. You have to have snacks for this sort of thing, after all.

Enter the dragon. Or a dragon. Whatever. A sleek, smoky Igenite brown blips into the air above and circles lazily before descending to the bowl - precisely in that field, in fact. The passenger disembarks first, shedding the borrowed jacket and quickly handing it up the rider. Said passenger proves to be a petite blonde - and the young woman is quick to shade her eyes once she's on the ground and some distance away from the beast. The rider likewise dismounts and, after some low words shared with the girl, heads off toward the living caverns to leave Lucrezia alone with a dragon that's still mostly a stranger to her. She skips away a few more feet and catches sight of the other girl across the way - the one with the bread, that is - and offers up a friendly wave as if to say 'hey, fellow person without an obvious dragon!' or maybe just 'hi'.

Surka perks up. Is she being waved at? She's being waved at! She smiles broadly at the other girl, returning the gesture of greeting, though her eyes keep flicking to the brown. Wow, so cool! Swallowing her mouthful of bread, Surka scrambles to her feet. "'lo!" She chirps to the newcomer. "Are you visiting the Weyr?"

That smile is quickly mirrored with one of Rezia's own. The waving is a bit more vigorous, just a bit more, and she trots a few steps closer toward the other girl. "Hi! I'm- um. Well, I guess I am. At least for a little while!" Her words are light and lilting, oddly accented. "I'm just looking for something, so…" She glances over her shoulder at the stoic - if borrowed - brown that's staring at both of them and then her attention returns to Surka. "How about you? Just visiting or…?"

Surka shakes her head, dark hair whipping back and forth. "No, I live here." And she seems so terribly proud of this. "I'm Surka. I haven't been here long, but— well, let me know if I can help you find anything! I think I've figured out where most stuff is by now…"

"Oh!" Rezia looks momentarily gob-smacked and then she laughs. "Oh, -you're- Surka! I met your, um- father? Yes, that's right! I met him and his dragon just a few days ago." She claps, delighted, and continues, "I'm Lucrezia, of the Lucao trading family. It's a pleasure to meet you, Surka! I'm sure I'll need a lot of help. This place is just- it's so -huge-." She's breathless about it, that's how big the Weyr is to her. "Do you like it here? Or is it all just… heat and sand and… more sand?"

Surka ohs, her smile only broadening. Her dad mentioned her? Her dad mentioned her! Yay! "It's nice to meet you too! And yes, it's pretty big. Wait until you see the inside! It's amazing!" She throws her hands outwards, attempting to indicate the size of the weyr. "It's all carved out of rock! Even the place where the dragons sleep! It must have taken FOREVER! And, well," She lets her arms drop, and shrugs. "There's a lot of heat, and sand, but yeah, I like it here! People are nice enough, and I get to be around DRAGONS! I've never been up close to one before now. It's great!"

That enthusiasm is infectious - and Lucrezia's definitely prone to that kind of infection. She's all smiles and giggles, with a punctuating clap of hands from time to time. "I don't think I've really gone inside," she admits with a wrinkle of her nose. "I've been too busy. -So- busy! It's terrible. It looks like it would be easy to get lost inside!" She looks at the parts of the Weyr she can see while the girl explains the largeness - and then it's right back to looking at Surka. "The dragons -are- pretty incredible, aren't they? I've met a few- um. Well, as much as dragons can be met, anyway. We didn't really deal much with Weyrs, see? That just wasn't our route." Her head tilts. "Where did you come from, anyway? And how did you find your dad? He seems like he's a pretty great guy."

Surka shakes her head. "Naah, it's not SO bad. I mean, yeah, you might get a little turned around, but it's laid out pretty straightforward, I think." She grins again. "If I can figure it out, I'm sure you can too!" At the mention of her father, Surka shrugs. "He's from the High Reaches Weyr, near Nabol. Where I'm from. My ma wrote letters to him. After she died, I went to the Weyr, and they said he'd come here, so…" She shrugs. "He's alright. Busy with dragon things a lot, but…"

Rezia's lips round into a mute 'oh' of understanding and she nods a few times. Her hands lace behind her and she bounces just a little on the balls of her feet; mostly so she's still moving. Restless one, she is; very restless by nature. "I'm sure it'll make more sense once I've had a chance to look," she agrees and flashes Surka a merry smile. As to father talk, her mood softens and grows somber. "Oh. He was telling me a little of that- going from 'Reaches to here. It seems- gosh. It just -seems- extreme." Her brow furrows a little. "He shouldn't be -that- busy. It's not right. But-" she seems ready to say more, only to let it fall to the wayside with a shake of her head. "You're happy, though, right? And that's what's important. Being happy, I mean." On goes the smile again. "What do you do around here? Are you the official Dragon-Watcher?"

Surka shrugs again. "He says it's 'cause of the air. It's nice and dry here, so it's good for his lungs. Or something. And yeah, I guess I'm happy here! It's alright!" And she does seem rather cheerful. Though that could easily just be her nature. "Oh, I just help out with chores and cleaning and errands. It's the least I can do, after the Headwoman's been so good to me. Letting me stay here, and all. What about you? You said you're from a trading family?"

Cue some vigorous nodding from Rezia, encouraging all the way. "It does seem to be good for that- better than all that cold!" Ew, shiver. She even hugs herself briefly in horror at the very thought. Then it's onward and she's nodding all over again. "Oh, that's good. I'm glad to hear she's nice; I might have to deal with her someday," maybe. The context is left out and she's quick to bounce from topic to topic like a firelizard with an array of trundlebugs to pick from as snacks. "Oh! Yes, but we mostly worked between Holds and cotholds and the like. I was raised by them, see? But, um. I'm kind of like you. Just looking for my father, you know?"

Surka seems totally okay with firelizard-trundlebug-topic-bouncing. She nods in understanding at the older girl's words, offering an encouraging smile. "That sounds really interesting! I mostly just worked on the farm. It was alright, but travelling around sounds much more fun!" Her expression softens when Rezia mentions her father. "Oh, I see. Is he here? I haven't met many of the others at the weyr yet, but…" She shrugs.

"It was fun! I learned how to dance and sing and sell things. Good work, even if it was a lot of packing things up and moving along," Lucrezia laughs. "I kind of miss it already, but this thing- I want to be done with it. That's all." Here's where she pauses, nose-wrinkled, and considers. "I think he is. I've heard he is. But- see, I don't know his name or what dragon he rides or anything. And my- my mother-" is not going to be brought into this conversation. "Anyway. Ph'eles, he's the rider to that brown, um. He's helping me out a little."

Surka offers a small, sympathetic smile. Moms not being brought into the conversation? Okay. This is okay. "I'm sure you'll find him. And that's real nice of him!" Of Ph'eles, that is. "People here are mostly really nice, so I'm sure they'll be willing to help you."

And, speak of the Devil - it's not long after that the rider in question does return, loping into view with a satchel. Lucrezia doesn't immediately notice him, though, and she replies, "I've noticed that. They're all so wonderful and it's just -grand-, you know?" Her smile is dazzling and breaks only when the rider bellows her name. "Oh. Oh! It was nice to meet you Surka. I'm sorry- it looks like it's time to go." AGAIN. "I'll see you around, yeah?" Hopeful? Maybe a little bit.

Surka nods again, back to her usual enthusiasm. "Oh, yes, of course! I'll see you around!" She sounds more than a little hopeful. New friend? New friend! "It was really nice meeting you! And, ah, good luck!"

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