Frustrating A Guard

Characters Zevuki and Riohra
Synopsis Zevuki wants answers but Riohra can't find the right words.
Out-of-Character Date August 18, 2017

Igen Weyr - Living Caverns
Second only to the Hatching Sands in size -- although its walls are not so nearly circular -- the living cavern is filled with numerous rectangular tables, almost too many to count. The Weyrleaders have the table farthest from the kitchen and hearths at one end of the cavern. The hearths are kept as low-burning as possible during the day when folk come inside to escape the heat outside. They burn brighter at night to keep away the deserts chill. No matter hte level of flame, there is always a stew pot that hangs for nibblers at a good temperature. Favored drinks, particularly iced klah and juice, are kept on ice and interspersed at various food tables scattered about, along with baskets of rolls and fruit. There are, of course, scheduled mealtimes, and at certain points of the day the available fare slides into the menu for the nearest meal, be it breakfast, lunch, dinner, or late-night snackings, but the staff has long since acknowledged that people will sit to talk and nibble here at all hours. In the cooler parts of the evening in particular, the cavern hosts games of chess, checkers, dragonpoker, and others. Several degrees are knocked off thanks to the Technician Craft's cooling system.

It's late evening at Igen — though earlier in Fort — the dinner hour having winded down. Those on a later shift are straggling in for food, settling for the simple stew bubbling on the hearth. Zevuki is just emerging from the kitchens, looking tired — though his back remains ramrod straight as is his habit. He pours himself some klah, gulping fully half of it before he refills it, waiting for his turn at the stew. He has the white candidate's knot pinned to his shoulder, now.

Riohra is hunched over on a table reading a book, he absently drinks form the hot liquid in his mug. He will glance up as he turns a page and look over to see the weary faced guard. And of course in true Rio fashion can't help himself, as he will lower his voice to that of a deep bass and say "Hey guard dropped your pocket." Then will quickly put his nose back in his book but watch out of the corner of his eye.

Habit, or maybe curiosity, makes Zevuki glance over at the voice's owner — at least where the voice came from. The words make him furrow his brow, probably in confusion, doubly so when no one's glancing his way. With a shift of shoulders, he takes a step forward in the line for the stew. After a moment, though, something naggingly familiar about the figure reading a book draws his idle gaze that way.

Riohra is sitting there looking innocent, that is to say as guilty as anyone could be and still smile as he reads from the page. The little brown on his shoulder will look over at the man staring and croon a greeting but will go back to sleep on the tall hunter. Rio is trying his best not to laugh but as he holds it it he will start to shake a little.

Finally, it's Zevuki's turn at the head of the line, and he's quick to claim a bowl full of the hot stew. With that and his mug in hand, it's probably no surprise that he makes for the not-so-innocent man — though he does so in a round-about way, coming in from behind. Clearing his throat, he says in his best haughty-dragonrider voice, "Sure you're cleared to be at Igen, son?"

Riohra will jump a little bit and look behind him, his face of mock terror says "How did you know I snuck out?" The tall hunter will then devolve into a fit of laughter and motion to the candidate to join him at the table saying "It is good to see you still have a sense of humor my friend." The little brown on his shoulder not happy with all the moving going on will take to the sky and blink between.

There's a flickered amusement in the guard's eyes as Zevuki steps up and settles at the table, pulling his bowl close to him. "You mean, that candidacy hasn't dimmed it yet? It's not all bad — not much of anything I haven't done before, except perhaps the cooking. Ma tried with me, but I never had a knack for it. Surprised the kitchen staff didn't kick me out." He exhales, and takes a mouthful of the food.

Riohra grins and nods "I was the same but with the latrine cleaning. But they sure fixed that good" He sips his Klah and will slide a plate over to the candidate that has all manner of pastires and rolls some sweet others just plan. "Help your self, I usually save them for Kassala but it looks like they got her doing her regular working with the dragon healer today. Which means she won't be seen for at least before the tenth hour."

"Done plenty of that as a guard, when I was training. It's a good deterrent to bucking authority," Zevuki explains, with a brief, low chuckle, in between mouthfuls of the stew. He gives a nod in thanks for the plate, though seems content to wait until he's finished his stew, at least. "I haven't seen much of her," he adds, presumably of Kassala, "But I imagine she's doing well enough. After all, she's done this before." After a pause to swallow more stew, he asks, "Any tips from one candidate to another?"

Riohra thinks really hard about that last question and will say "Always salute, even if they don't like it. Never get caught making out, I am not saying don't do it just don't get caught. And always check your bed for traps" he says the last one with a rueful expression and will look over at the Guard "But most of all don't stress out and lean on your friends. It might get a bit nerve wracking at times but you will be fine my friend."

Zevuki nods easily to the first, snorts and gives a shake of his head at the second. "Sounds a lot like business as usual, if I'm honest," he admits, as he finishes his stew and pushes away the bowl. His brows go upwards at the word 'traps'. "Somehow I don't think any of the candidates are game enough to try that on me," he says, as he peruses the selection of pastries on Riohra's plate. His gaze goes to the Fortian at that last, giving a flickered smile. "Wise advice. I'm older than many of the candidates, though not all — it's been awkward," he admits.

Riohra shrugs and sips his klah saying "well I was your age when I was asked to stand so I can sympathize where you are at." He will look over at Zev and ask him "How are you holding up? I remember last we talked things were abit uncertain with your view of things."

Giving a nod of agreement, Zevuki selects a pastry and starts eating. He's dusting off crumbs when his gaze settles back on the Fortian. "My view of things?" He pauses for a moment. "I accepted," he adds, as if that's explanation enough on where he stands. "It seems to me if there's a dragon out there," he jerks a thumb towards the direction of the sands, "That thinks that I'm… the one it wants, it'd be… I couldn't say no."

Riohra grins and nods hearing his own words reflected back to him from the guard, he will put his mug down and say "Good for you my friend. Have you gotten to do an egg touching yet?" he inquires of the other man the book on the table forgotten.

"Not yet." Zevuki regards the remaining pastries, but seems to decide on moderation, since his hands settle around his mug. "Why? I've heard others tell it matters, but then there's been plenty of stories of people who were searched at the last moment, and never saw the eggs before hatching day, so…"

Riohra leans back and looks at the man saying "It is something that can't be described only experienced. As far as a requirement no, it isn't one. But it is something you should still do at least once in your life if you can. It helps you sometimes learn more about your self." he skips from his mug and will say "It helped me get though some introspection I had been doing before."

Zevuki seems to give a grunt at that, ill-pleased with the answer. "Something everyone says of impressing a dragon, as well. I'll be able to experience and not-describe it shortly enough, I imagine. The Weyrwoman's started taking groups out." He shakes his head briefly, clearly not believing the 'learning about yourself' part the hunter describes. "The same could be said of any experience which makes you reflect on something. It's not the exclusive privilege of seeing eggs up close."

Riohra nods and grins "true but it is one of those moments. I do not expect you to up and change my friend but if and when you can do it, maybe you have a little better understanding to what we all talk about." He will let the subject drop before asking "so have they scheduled you a day off yet? I was hoping that maybe you and Kassala were on the same schedule so that you two could show me around. Maybe even Sephany should she get time off from her work."

It's clear Zevuki's not really liking the whole 'you won't understand until you do it' line of answers — undoubtedly because he's used to getting real answers in his line of work. Taking a last gulp from his mug, he leans back in his chair. "It changes a lot — the roster — I think they adjust it as new candidates come in. I imagine I could swap with another candidate to try and make it happen. Surely though," with a brief flicker of a smile, "You've been here often enough now not to need showing around."

Riohra looks over to him and grins saying "Then call it chaperoned then, while I have great restrain it is better if my ladies reputation was not dragged down because we were seen walking through the caverns unwatched" He will look over at the lower caverns as he adds "old nannies and busy bodies make find gossips and many a young womans virtue was called into question from such talk. I would rather not have that to Kassala"

Zevuki chuckles briefly. "Very well. But I refuse to pry you two apart if your restraint fails. I've done that often enough as a guard — I'm on a break from that." Even if his gaze still flickers around the caverns like he is one.

Riohra snorts and laughs reaching over and will clap the guard turned candidate on the shoulder saying "Sounds like a deal my friend. Though it is a shame you are a candidate now.." he will give a mock sigh of regret "Now we will never know who is the better fighter".

There's a slight tension in Zevuki's shoulder when Riohra claps his hand there, though there's a flickered smile soon after. "I wasn't aware we were in competition. Besides, beating up one's friends is considered poor form in the guards." Because the guard is certain he would win, presumably. He pushes upright, slowly. "I should get some sleep. I've got early duty tomorrow. It was good to see you."

Riohra grins and nods “and you as well my friend”, he will watch the other man go before returning to his book saying “Another hour or so and I will go make sure she has eaten” He says to the air, and sure enough a little while later he gets up an gets some food together heading to where his red headed lass is probably working away.

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