Candidate Chats

Characters Zevuki, Kassala, Jaelynn and Triven
Synopsis A few candidates along with a trader, chatting in the living caverns.
Out-of-Character Date August 19, 2017

Igen Weyr - Living Caverns
Second only to the Hatching Sands in size -- although its walls are not so nearly circular -- the living cavern is filled with numerous rectangular tables, almost too many to count. The Weyrleaders have the table farthest from the kitchen and hearths at one end of the cavern. The hearths are kept as low-burning as possible during the day when folk come inside to escape the heat outside. They burn brighter at night to keep away the deserts chill. No matter hte level of flame, there is always a stew pot that hangs for nibblers at a good temperature. Favored drinks, particularly iced klah and juice, are kept on ice and interspersed at various food tables scattered about, along with baskets of rolls and fruit. There are, of course, scheduled mealtimes, and at certain points of the day the available fare slides into the menu for the nearest meal, be it breakfast, lunch, dinner, or late-night snackings, but the staff has long since acknowledged that people will sit to talk and nibble here at all hours. In the cooler parts of the evening in particular, the cavern hosts games of chess, checkers, dragonpoker, and others. Several degrees are knocked off thanks to the Technician Craft's cooling system.

Jaelynn blinks and glances up not even taking in that someone sat down until the oice caught her attention. A smile is seen and she nods. "No worries, free table so it's all good." She offers with a friendly tone. The Xanadu knot on the other is caught and she tilts her head a bit while keeping her smile. "Your from Xanadu? Normally I'm there, but well I got searched and so forth so I'm here for right now." A slight pause is heard and she ahs a bit. "I'm Jaelynn, sorry, one of Xanadu's Dragonhealers and the like." The two are sitting at a table talking and it happens to be around lunch time.

Triven nods his head smiling at the the dragonhealer saying "Just joined the Weyr, I am Triven it is pleasure to meet you." He will drink more from the glass, before adding "congratulations on being Searched then that is quite and honor I have been told." He pulls out a handkerchief and dabs the sweat from his brow asking "Is it always so warm here? Or is there a heat wave or something?" he is clearly not climatized yet.

Thankfully, Zevuki's not on kitchen duty today — because he plans to eat! Despite the fact that he looks, well, a little bit dirty and dusty — his white knot the exception — he walks with a straight back and stiffness that is reminiscent of the guard. He's straight into the food line, collecting a plate stock full of meats and vegetables, and a mug of something cool, before he casts about for a free seat. His eyes pass over the table Jaelynn and Triven are at, then come back, lingering for a moment before he moves in their direction. "May I?" he inquires politely, gesturing to a spare seat.

Jaelynn ahs softly and nods with a smile still seen. "Got you, I thought I hadn't seen you around the Weyr before. I grew up at Xanadu you see." So she knows a few people to say the least. She chuckles andis grinning. "Been hot like that since I've been here. So I figure it is about normal and the like. I've never really stayed here long in the past so this is a new experience." She glances to another and smiles. "Nope, go n and join us if you like."

Triven nods saying "Kera got me to talk to the head woman after she found me sleeping on the beach for the third night in a row." he grins over at the man who walks like a guard and talks like a guard but is a candidate… "Help your self, sir. Are you a transplant from somewhere else as well?" yup lets grill the new guy.

Zevuki waits, plate and mug in hand, until both Jaelynn and Triven accept, before he gives a grateful nod and settles into a seat, setting his food down. "Thank you," he replies, before his head tilts, catching talk of the weather. "Oh, this is about normal, for Igen. It cools down at night time, though, if you're after the relief." A pause, before he offers, "I'm up from the hold — Igen Hold — but I've been at the Weyr about four months, myself. Zevuki," he offers his name, along with a handshake to each of them, if they wish.

Jaelynn chuckles softly and nods with a smile seen. "Sounds like something Kera would do. Well glad to meet someone else from Xanadu all the way over here and the like. What brings you out here?" She questions curious like. Her gaze turns back to Zevuki and she nods a bit while chuckling. "Well I was wondering about that, seems about right from what I've gathered so far at least. Nice to meet you, I'm Jaelynn from Xanadu." She'll take the offered handshake and offers one back.

Triven will wait till Jaelynn is done introducing her self, and then will shake the man's hand "Triven, from Xanadu now I guess." He goes back to his water because skinny people don't do well with out hydration, "Oh I am a Tattoo-ist, not conventional I know but people seem to like it. I was here on a job and had to take a pause as the heat was drying out the ink." He looks over at Zevuki and then back to Jaelynn "so you are both candidates? does that mean that you two have to do the same chores?" he like most pernese is curious about what goes into being asked to stand.

"Pleased to meet you both," Zevuki says after the handshakes are done with, although he adds a second later, "I've seen you in the barracks," to Jaelynn. Of course he's noticed, he's a guard — nothing creepy at all. Finally, all the pleasantries taken care of, he can take a bite of food from his plate, starting with the meat. Despite his eating, it's clear he's listening attentively, since he adds, "A tattooist? Does that get much work?" he inquires, politely. "We're rostered onto chores. Sometimes you're working with other candidates, sometimes not. I was cleaning out some of the tunnels today — a welcome respite from being out in the heat."

Jaelynn ohs softly while looking to Triven at what his trade be. "Never met a Tattoo-ist before." She offers softly with a smile. "Do you enjoy that? I mean… I assume one would if it is there job after all." This said with an amused tone. A slight nod is seen to the bit on chores. "Oh yes we are filled with chores, keeping us busy after all. I stay busy with Dragonhealer things mostly, filled with some lessons now and then that well I didn't keep up on fully at times." Which is a funny thing for her to say given how much time she stays busy with books after all. "I spent the other day in the stables, rather like dealing with dragon then runners honestly."

Triven nods saying in answer to his trade "I can make a decent living, truth be told. And yes I really do enjoy it, I find satisfactory in it as much as anyone does when they do something they love." He is passionate about his work, as he continues adding "I find that finishing a piece and helping someone get the right art they wanted is very fulfilling. So much in fact I have forgotten to charge then." He his pail skin will gain a tint of pink as he blushes realizing he has rambled on about his work. He will duck his head and eat before asking "So why do they have you all do those kinds of chores? is it like a free labor thing?"

In between mouthfuls of food, Zevuki pauses to glance towards Jaelynn with interest. "You're a dragonhealer, too? I imagine you get to work with Kassala frequently, then." He exhales for a moment. "I've never had a runner bespeak me," he says, with a flickered smile, then: "Who were you searched by?" to Jaelynn. Triven's obvious interest in his craft holds the guard-candidate's attention for a moment or two. "Have you done any of your work on yourself?" he's clearly interested in seeing. "I'm told it's to prepare us for weyrlinghood. Truth be told, the chores and exhaustive schedule isn't so different from being a guard."

Jaelynn chews on a bite of food as she listens to Triven. "Really?… Must be interesting work. Do you come up with the artwork and such then?" She hums and chuckles. "It teaches us to be responsible and that if we are to impress we have to care for something other then ourselves hard work and the like is expected when dealing with a baby dragon after all." A glance is sent to Zevuki. "I… Will fully admit i'm not good with names a times, was a brown rider that's all I recall. Lovely dragon I must say."Of course she recalls more about the dragon then the actual rider! "I've worked with her once, just met her the other day. We're kept rather busybusy."

Triven nods to Zevuki "I do actually I finished my chest piece a while ago." He will smile when asked he comes up with the art himself "Sometimes, other times it is me just helping coax out what the client has in mind." He reaches down and pulls out a journal and will put it on the table saying "Those are some of my sample works, as it isn't always prudent for me to display my own work." He hasn't met Kassala so he will just listen and go about eating his meal.

Zevuki lowers his fork, mostly done with his food, glancing thoughtfully to Jaelynn. "That doesn't much narrow it down, I'm afraid. If you gave me a physical description, I could narrow the prospects, help you avoid awkwardness if they approach you again." Typical guard — wanting to find the suspect! A flickered smile to the other candidate's comment of being busy: "I'm told it stops us thinking too much." His tone might cast doubt on that, though. Moving aside his bowl, he leans over to flick open Triven's journal and study some of the works. "Those look quite complicated. You must be very good."

Jaelynn can't help but peer over at Triven's work when the journal is opened. "So does it hurt… I mean I figure itwould hurt to some degree?" She questions curiously as she closes her book and tucks her plate to the sidenow that she is done eating. She glances over to Zevuki curiously. "Well… Does it matter who searched me? I didn't think it did. Never be asked that before actually." She doesn't seem to care either way.

Triven shrugs saying "I usually use numbweed to cut back on the pain but there is always some. Depends on the location and how much work needs to be done." He finishes his plate and sips his water now. He will grin at Zevuki saying "I am sure there are others who do this that are better but I thank you for the complement." Looking back to the dragonhealer says "I usually recommend people getting a temporary one to see if they can live with being permanently marked or not."

As he flips over more pages of the journal, Zevuki stops, lingering on one design. His brows go upwards in mute surprise. "This is familiar. You've done work on the Fortian hunter, Riohra?" he asks Triven, gaze settling on the Xanadu resident. Jaelynn's question earns a brief smile. "It doesn't matter for the purposes of whether you Impress or not, certainly. But I've heard many a rider talk with pride about the candidates they've brought in; it seems to matter to them." Closing the journal and pushing it back Triven's way, the guard-candidate says, "I don't think I'd get one, personally, but I can appreciate the artwork all the same."

Jaelynn nods slightly to Triven. "I can see why that might makes sense. You can do a temporary one?" Well she never knew that before! "How does that work, a temporary one that is?" A glance is sent to Zevuki and she smiles. "I suppose that makes sense, never thought of it liked that before actually. I've only been asked to stand twice so never gave it much htought perhaps."

Triven smiles at the page and nods "Oh yes, that one.. Only person I know in the last ten turns to want it done the old fashioned way instead of the with the new machine." He looks over at Jaelynn and says "it is a few things mixed in with an ink, I apply it to your skin, and it sets there for about eight hours or so then you wash it off. It will stain your skin in the shape of the design and be there for about three or four sevendays." Yup no muss no fuss, "If you decide you can't live with it then just wait for it to wash away. I would rather see people not regret what they get attached to there skin."

Zevuki's brows go upwards, briefly, as Jaelynn inquires about the temporary tattoos. He's silent on the subject, though, glancing between the pair with interest to see what comes of it. "You've stood before?" he asks Jaelynn. "So — I can ask you for tips?" with a brief, flickered smile. Triven's confirmation that he knows of the Fortian earns a genuine smile. "Good man, that one," is all he says as he takes a long sip from his mug.

"I didn't know one could do that. I might be more interested in trying one if I can see it fist before it being all forever like." Jaelynn offers as she ponders before glancing back to Zevuki an dnods. "Sure, not to hard really. Just do what they tell you, don't do anything to make the dam and sire upset and everything will work out fine." She pauses and ohs. "Or did you have specific tips maybe?"

Triven nods a but will listen to the two talk about being candidates, it is a new subject to him so he listens intently. He glances at the guard turned candidate when he askes for tips, but will listen yet as he doesn't understand what it means to be a candidate so maybe there are hidden rules people dont talk about.

"That's usually good for general life advice as well," Zevuki replies to Jaelynn with a low chuckle. "Yes, well. Anything specific you wish you-the-first-time had known is more than welcome." He reaches for Triven's journal, sliding it closer to Jaelynn after a look at the tattooist. "Perhaps you'll find something in there."

Jaelynn grins and nods. "Well yes, you do have a point there with the life advice I suppose." She chuckles a bit before taking the journal to look through while thinking a bit it seems. "The sands are super hot, when you go out thre for the first time it will be scarey. Everyone will be watching everything you do after all." She glances to Zevuki. "Try not to pay any attention to them, it's normal. Just remember to breath and think about the possibility of finding your lifemate."

Triven shakes his head "that is like telling someone not to think about falling when climbing to a high place." he says good naturedly. "I don't think I could handle that kind of pressure, everyone watching me and then having a dragon out there as well.." He gets a thoughtful look and says "Has anyone ever ran from the sands before? either before or durning the hatching?"

"I am used to being watched," Zevuki admits. "The thought does not bother me. And I've grown up in Igen, so hot sands seem like little more than what I'm used to." Her final words, however, seem to cause the guard pause for consideration, earning a nod. "Seems like sound advice." His brows go upwards at Triven's words, gaze going back to Jaelynn for the answer.

Kassala steps into the living caverns, from the inner caverns.
Kassala has arrived.

Jaelynn holds back a slight laugh and nods as she hears Triven. "Well true, but sometimes if you think about it before hand it seems to help. Or well it does with me at elast." A slight wave of her hand is seen before she looks back to Triven's journal of artwork. "I think you could. I've always wondered what it would be like to have another around and in my head all the time. I imagine it is a lot different then how the lessons say it goes after all." She glances over to Zevuki whom gets a smile. "I suppose so, do you like being a guard?" At the question about running from the sands she ponders that. "I suppose in the past perhaps? Now well everyone is asked if they want to stand after all, no one is made to do it. So I've never heard of it happening in a long-long time to say the least. Which if someone did run off the sands and a hatchling could not find them that would be rather sad."

Triven nods saying "I suppose it would be sad. Still I admire you two for being able to do this." He will drink his water and grow quiet his mind full of thoughts of eggs and sands.

Escaping finally from her work, Kassala enters the living caverns to fetch herself something to eat. The redhead has one green flit with her riding on her shoulder, the others off somewhere's or another. Humming to herself, she heads for the food to fix herself something to eat and grab a drink before looking for a place to eat. Spying some of the white knots, she heads in the candidate's direction.

"No one seems to be willing to attempt to describe it," Zevuki agrees with Jaelynn. "Just that it's indescribable. Surely, at least, a harper-trained rider could manage to put it into words." The other candidate's question to her earns a genuine smile, now. "I enjoy what I do. My family's been guards for Igen Hold for generations." He sounds proud of that fact. "There isn't much we've done yet. Just chores," he adds to Triven, with a brief smile.

"Well when I say it will be sad for the hatchlings, i they don't impress they die basicly. They have to find the right one." Jaelynn says with a slight shake of her head at the thought. "Think so?" Is questioned to Triven with a faint smile seen. "I've always be curious of the feelng of havng someone else rolling around in one's mind. Well a dragon at least… Not someone like off the street." Because that makes sense! A smile and nods is seen as she hears Zevuki. "That's very interesting… My family has mostly been dragonhealers, never thoght of doing something else."

Triven nod to the candidates saying "I do admire you, while everyone wants to stand it takes dedication to put up with all the work involved." When hears them talk about the families and traditions and laughs "Mine were beastcrafters and healers. I guess I am what is called a dark runner of my family. Took them turns to talk to me again when I quit the harper hall to be come a Tattoo artist." He looks over at Zevuki "Your whole family is guards? depending on the size of your family that could be quite scary."

Kassala approaches the table, nodding to the others, "Afternoon." Glancing at the table, overhearing a little of their conversation, she ask, "Mind another?" She looks to the candidates first, then to the unknown, and giving a smile to Triven.

Zevuki gives a nod of welcome to Kassala as he spots her heading in their direction. He shifts his plate nearer to himself to make sufficient room on the table, gesturing to a spot in invitation. "Afternoon, Kassala. Nor have I," the guard gives Jaelynn a brief smile in solidarity. He scratches at his jaw, admits, "The dragon who searched me spoke to me. It was… passing odd. I imagine it's different when they're bonded, though." Triven's question earns a reassuring smile, if brief. "I've three older brothers all guards. An uncle, as well, though he only has one son in the guard — his daughter is apprenticing to the Bakers. I had two more uncles, though they never had children before they passed away."

Jaelynn closes the journal and offers it back to Triven and offers him a smile. "Maybe… Well maybe we culd talk sometime about one of them temporary ones? I've wondered about a real one before, seen themplenty to be to curious perhaps for my own good. Dedication perhaps but… It is't easy so I don't blame anyone for not wanting to give it a go. I didn't think 'd be asked again so figured I should at least try." A wave is sent to Kassala. "Sure, come on and have a seat." A nod is seen as she hears Zevuki. "I've had plenty of dragon's speak to me, when I'm working with them. Though I figure it is on a fully different levl when your together. I've wondered how it is with firelizard too though. I've yet to find a egg, though back at Xanadu I seem to have a few that won't leave me be. Though there not mie in the least."

Triven moves his journal out of the way making room for the other dragonhealer, he looks at her as he knows her but will shrug it off smiling "Please we were just talking about your upcoming commitments and what we do when not melting here in Igen." He sips his water and will wait to see if she does sit or not, but still can't seem to shake the fact he knows her.

Zevuki listens while Jaelynn mentions her wish to Triven, expression largely neutral — curious but not particularly interested, himself. After finishing off his drink, he says, "I've a green, but she's far more interested in dragons than in me, I feel." He gives a wry smile. "If she ever has any viable eggs, I could let you know?" he tells Jaelynn, "But she's very young still."

"Thanks." Kassala takes a seat then, setting her plate on the table along with her cup. The green on her shoulder remains curled there, wings tucked against her back, her tail half coiled about Kass' neck. "Yarrow here isn't yet a turn, but whenever she does have some, I'd certainly be up to giving them to anyone who might want one.." Picking up a bit of roasted fowl, it's offered up to the tiny flit on her shoulder who takes it daintily from her fingers.

Jaelynn smiles to Zevuki and Kassala and nods. "Well, sure that ould be great.I mean if possible. I sorta figured I'd find one at some point. The ones back home just flock to me becaue I give them extra treats I figure." Or who knows, they don't talk to her after all. She goes about picking up her book, then comes the plate and mug. "I best be getting back, sill have a few things to finish actually. I'll see you al later I'm sure, very nice meeting you two." She ofers to Triven and Zevuki while she is standing up. "You all have a good afternoon."

Triven waves to jaelynn as she leaves "You as well." he looks back to the red headed woman and says "I am Triven by the way. But have we met? you seem oddly familiar miss."

"So Xanadu is full of well-fed firelizards?" Zevuki might've made a joke! It can happen, if rarely. He gives a nod to Jaelynn, "And you. Good afternoon." He shifts his weight, like he considers moving too, but stays in place. "Riohra was by a few days back," he says to Kassala. "I think he wanted you and I to arrange a joint rest day, so that I could play chaperone to you both," it's said with a sober seriousness. Maybe just a hint of a smile. "My apologies. Kassala, recently of Fort — Triven, of Xanadu," he adds introductions smoothly.

Kassala nods to Jaelynn before the other dragonhealer rushes off to return to duties, leaving her to dig into her food. No doubt the two's comment catch her with a mouth full of food, her gaze turning to the guard to look at him curiously. A swallow of juice is taken, and then she asks, "Wait.. chaperone? " Cue the blush to rival the rich red of her hair! To Triven, she nods, "Originally from Ierne Weyrhold before Fort.."

Triven will actually do a double take and then look at Zevuki to see if he is joking, but when the lady confirms it he will laugh and shake his head. "I guess I just lost a bottle of spiced rum" he is laughing merrily now ant takes him a few moments to get over his fit before he wipes his eyes.

"So he said," Zevuki says, noticing the blush in response, but far too polite to draw attention to it. "I think he wanted a tour of the Weyr, or some such," he continues. Triven's words earn a rise of brows, and familiar with a certain Fortian hunter and a particular spiced rum, guesses, "You had a bet with Riohra? About what?"

Between them both, Kassala is blushing all the more, her head ducked slightly as she turns her attention to her plate. Oh look, food! Not that she could eat it safely at the moment. So another piece of meat is handed to the green on her shoulder. Yep, she's going to be quiet for a moment!

Triven will regain his composure and shake his head saying to the now flaming faced woman "My apologies miss, but that young man of yours talks so much about you I had a hard time thinking you were real. Let alone as lovely as he describes. Please I meant no disrespect." He drinks down some water to help wash out the giggles, looking at Zevuki nods saying "I mean you have met the man, he speaks like those old harper songs."

"He does," Zevuki confirms to Triven. He's acutely aware of Kassala's embarrassment, and rather than apologizing, astutely changes the topic: "How long are you visiting for, Triven? If you haven't been by to see the eggs, it is well worth a look. I'm told they're more amazing up close, though I haven't been in any of the groups that have gone out on the sands yet."

"Oh." Is that all that Kassala has to say? Seems so, at least for a few moments. Another sip of her own drink is taken before she finally murmurs, "He talks entirely too much sometimes. I have people who I have never met.." A hand gestures towards Triven, as if he is but one example, "Who seems to know me.." A wry smile finally appears upon her lips as she shakes her head, sighing a little. When the topic is changed, she ohs softly, "You haven't? I.. I've been once." And what an event it was!

Triven moves with the subject changing and says "I have not seen them, though I am told the colors alone are worth the look." He tilts his head and says "wait you touch them? they let you out there with the Gold on the sands?" That will kill any amount of the giggles he had left over and will lean in and ask "can you describe it?"

The other candidate's admission she's gotten out on the sands earns Zevuki's intent attention. "What was it like?" he asks, keenly interested. He gives a nod to Triven. "Apparently it's quite an experience, though others I've talked to before said it's difficult to describe." Probably why he's looking so intently at Kassala.

Triven watches as the red head gets up to go used the bathroom, and with a promise to be right back he will look over at the guard and say "so can anyone go into the caverns and see the eggs?" HE is curious now wanting to know just how close he can get.

"Yes — certainly in the galleries, anyway. From what I've seen, Zuhth doesn't seem disturbed by visitors there. As long as you don't touch the sands themselves, you should be right." Sage advice from the candidate who's gotten no closer than the middle galleries, anyway. His gaze tracks after Kassala, briefly, before returning to Triven. "So, how do you know Riohra?"

Triven shrugs "met the man once, he wanted a tattoo. and even the old way of tapping it in with no numbweed." He shakes his head and adds "I never seen someone want to do that to themselves but he had good marks so." He will shrug again "how about you?"

Zevuki nods, thoughtfully, lips twitching a little at the reference to Riohra. "Ah, well I was taking my cousin to the Fort games. We don't get much ice up this way, so skating was something novel for her."

Triven nods and looks about "I can imagine not, did you take to the frozen water sport as well?" Triven never has so he doesn't understand how easy or hard it could be.

"Not for me, I'm afraid. I much prefer the hot desert weather," Zevuki gestures towards the space outside, looking rueful. With an exhale, he pushes to his feet, collecting his plate and mug. "I should go clean up before afternoon chores. Give my regards to Kassala when she returns, would you?" A pause, before he adds, "It was nice meeting you."

Triven nods and grins saying "it was great meeting you as well. I hope to see you again." He will open his journal and start start to draw on a blank page as the guard-candidate takes his leave. He will settle in and wait for the other candidates return.

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