First Egg Touching - Zevuki

Characters Neyuni, Zevuki, and other NPC Candidates
Synopsis First egg touching for Zevuki and other NPC Candidates
Out-of-Character Date August 20, 2017

Igen Weyr - Hatching Sands
As if temperatures in the rest of the Weyr weren't uncomfortable enough, the sands are positively blistering. The air shimmers from the onslaught of heat, leaving the area with a hallucinatory feel. Black sands stand currently empty but for the occasional egg-shard or 'print not swept clear. A raised platform of smooth stone provides a lounging-spot for queens or their mates, or a retreat for the lifemates that accompany them from whence they can cool their feet somewhat

Neyuni waits a few minutes for candidates to gather and thwn shoos them onto the sands. "Don't be shy just don't try to break or hatch them early."

Fresh from a bath after a morning spent in dusty tunnels — less dusty when he's done with it — Zevuki's tension might not be easily noticeable, given his stiff posture is about normal for the guard. He follows in the wake of several of the other candidates, slowing as they step onto the sands, and finding the heat relatively bearable for a native Igenite, lengthens his stride. He gives a respectful nod to Neyuni. "Ma'am," and a second one to the queen, though without the words. After a moment's consideration, he heads almost directly for the Definitions of Royalty Egg, warily hovering and regarding it for a moment before he leans down to brush hand against the surface, exhaling slowly.

« Regalitude frizzles as your hand strokes that boundary which seems so far away and yet close. A snapping sensation that alights upon your skin as mind, somewhere between goosebumps and static shock. It does not seem to much take notice, haughty and aloof you catch a hint of a 'hmph!' as the touch fades. »

There's already sweat dripping down Zevuki's forehead, but he's used to that — barely seems to notice it, as he snatches his hand away from the egg, breathing hard. He wipes sweat-soaked palms on his pants and straightens, glancing sharply at his nearby candidates to see if they're reacting as strongly. He makes an effort to straighten his shirt, collecting himself before he moves away, slowing approaching All or Nothing Egg. There's something about it that seems to intrigue the guard.

Zuhth dips her head just so in acknowledgement to Zevuki before swinging it toward the group of candidates near the citron egg.

« Inescapable Abyss ROARS to life all around, about and inside you the moment your fingers brush the surface of its shell. It is LOUD in a cacophony of everything that simply overwhelms your senses. It surrounds you, overwhelming and inescapable threatening to encompass the very core of your being and pull you over a horizon from which there is no return. »

Neyuni looks a bit nostalgic as she moves between the eggs to check on the candidates.

Carefully, Zevuki's hand lies against the blackness of the egg's shell. Even bracing himself, the shock of that first contact is enough to make him lift his hand and exhale a sharp breath. It takes him a moment of blinking for his senses to steady, but this time he returns his touch to the egg again, not bothering to check how the other candidates are doing, focused.

« Inescapable Abyss greedily pulls at the very essence of your being. Although the presence is very strong, persistent and unambiguous in seeking to ensconce your entire being by it's own self, drowning you out until nothing remains. It does not do so from a sense of darkness, from any sort of evil. It is what it simply is as it steadily pulses, pushes, pulls drawing you towards the inevitability of it all. »

Now, Zevuki can't pull his hand away. His eyes are closed, one knee braced against the sand — probably burning hot — but he seems not to notice. He opens his mouth as if to speak, but all that comes out is a faint exhale, a barely audible, "Hello there," as he focuses.

The oldest of the candidates so far hovers by the royalty egg quite awhile. "I bet you,re a queen." she whispers but loud enough for most to hear.

« Inescapable Abyss pulls you ever closer to its mental horizon. What lies beyond there is only knowable one way, and at the same time a path you know you could never return from. A path that may have many avenues once the horizon is crossed but not a single one that will return you to your present state. Before you can really decide what you would decide a warm loving presence interrupts, soothing the willful dragonet back to a restless slumber. Looking beyond the shell you might notice Zuhth looking back your way with slowly whirling eyes. »

There's a long, low breath from Zevuki before his hand drops from the egg's shell. Only then does he seem to become aware of his own discomforts, hastily standing and wincing as he dusts stand off his knee, glancing towards Zuhth, stock still for a moment. Since the queen doesn't seem alarmed, he moves on, this time towards the Ghost in the Shell Egg. Just before he touches it, he glances towards the older candidate, before saying, "I bet it's a blue. The riders say most of the ones people say are a gold turn out to be a blue." Well, one said it, anyway. Soon enough, his hand touches the next egg.

« Seeking an Identity reaches out in response to your touch, a soft presence that is only beginning to define itself. It is… something, someone, somewhere. In the moment, it exists in a world of dreams, a world of darkness and warmth, a safe place in which it is unburdened. Yet a place in which is has a need to define itself from its surroundings, a place from which it struggles, yearns, needs to know. Who am I? »

Who am I? A life-defining question, indeed. Wetting his lips, Zevuki murmurs, "You're going to be something amazing." There's a little awkward embarrassment to the gesture, like talking to an egg is strange, although given he's not the only one, maybe he's just going with the flow.

Cass, the eldest candidate startles a moment before laying her hand back down "blues are really cool to. are you a blue? i know several nice ones" but of course the egg doesn,t much reply.

« Seeking an Identity swirls around the edges of your thoughts in a growing cascade. Of points of light that blur reality and imagination. It needs further input to understand and your presence is in that sense irresistible. It isn't trying to intrude, a natural curiosity drives it to flood your sense and seep into your mind in an uncoordinated fashion that works towards understanding the sense of your self in the hopes of understanding its own self. »

Zevuki gives the briefest of glances at Cass, a grin of agreement, before he tenses, unintentionally. That invasion of his thoughts is difficult to bear, for one normally so guarded by habit and occupation alike. Still, he understands curiosity — it's not unlike what drives him, too — and so he weathers it, giving in to the presence he feels, letting it explore his thoughts as his fingers brush the shell.

« Seeking an Identity swirls in confusion. It creates an endless intricate set of vortices in its passing wake as it puzzles over life, the universe and things. Nothing out of the ordinary for an unborn dragonet, surely? »

Shaking his head, Zevuki waits for moments more, before he finally withdraws his hand from the egg, straightening. He rubs a hand across his forehead, exhaling. "A nice blue was the one that Searched me," he says, stepping over to where Cass is inspecting the egg he shied from earlier. His weight shifts, gaze searching out the other eggs, but his expression seems strained, reserved.

Neyuni has settled back by the queen and watches quietly. there is a flicker of sadness as her gaze pauses on Cass. well perhaps this will be the right clutch even with so few eggs.

« Regalitude sashays along to a rhythm you are not entirely invited to hear. Discordant notes drift through in an unchained melody that falls to the tone death. Perhaps if the whole story were revealed you could twirl along with the fanciful distracted thoughts of the one within this shell, but absent such connection you are left with only half of the story. »

Habitual as it is for Zevuki's gaze to keep roving, he catches the look from the Weyrwoman to Cass, with a furrow of brow. Clearly he doesn't understand the reason, though he does drop into a crouch alongside the older candidate, reaching out briefly to brush the egg again. "He seems feisty, don't you think?" he murmurs to Cass. Of course, now he's just assuming it's a blue.

Cass edges away as Zevuki comes over. "Well I was searched by a green! Hey that eggs green maybe she'd like me." and the lass wanders off toward the liberty egg waving a hand if the other would like to follow, or not as he pleases.

« Regalitude sparks as you encounter it again. A soft static burst in blue and yellow that seem to surprise it perhaps as much you. Perhaps for the first time you have an echo of its attention. Something that exists beyond the developing breadth of its own being it seems unsure what to make of you before simply drifting back to its own self indulgences. »

With flat sort of smile, Zevuki shakes his head at the offer from Cass, but waves her on, presumably in encouragement. Instead, after he rises and dusts off his clothes, he regards the egg for moments longer, a brief tension visible in his posture. Instead of heading towards the next egg, he moves near to Zuhth, executing a bow to her. "Thank you," he murmurs, before he steps back near to where Neyuni is. He's sweating, but the heat doesn't seem to overly bother him as an Igenite, waiting for the others to finish, hands clasped behind his back.

Neyuni looks over as the guard approaches "Something on your mind Zevuki? There's still eggs if you like no matter how some might like to try to lay claim to them."

"I… think I might have had my fill for the day, ma'am. Some of those are… very intense," Zevuki admits, with the barest trace of a grimace, though that disappears quite quickly as he nods his head respectfully towards the Weyrwoman. "I don't think I was quite prepared for it. I would like to return another day, if I might."

Neyuni ahs, "Well watch out for the migraine one then. At least from the expression I see of those who have ventured near. I expect Zuhth'll be relaxed for another sevenday or so. should be plenty more opportunity. It's a little odd when the shells get really hard she doesn't like to let folks out anymore. at least you aren't complaining about the heat " she shakes her head a bit.

"One of the benefits of being a native Igenite, I bet. Hot sand is every day life for me." It doesn't mean Zevuki isn't sweating profusely, he's just not complaining about it. He takes in the Weyrwoman's warning with a glance at the egg in question, and a dutiful nod, as if to say noted. "This is my first time," he admits, as if it might not be obvious. "I… wasn't really sure what to expect."

Neyuni smiles in understanding "I used to give a big lecture on touching but after turns I realized it didn't seem to actually help. I think it might be better to go in without expectation and a more open mind." or maybe she just got lazy or forgetful.

Zevuki shifts his weight, seeming to take that in for a moment as he regards the other candidates. "Into the deep end, ma'am? Sounds like every sergeant I've ever worked under," there's a definite hint of humor to the guard-candidate's tone.

Neyuni snorts and is echoed by zuhth who also stretches her wings and in a passive hinting way looks like is gently shooing folks out.

Zevuki, quick to take the hint — and the lead — strides off the sand, undoubtedly followed hastily by the other candidates wishing to escape the heat.

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