Igen Hatching 2017

Characters Neyuni, Zevuki, Kassala, Baylee, Krenn, Tanit, Riohra, Sephany, Quinn, M'eo, E'vyl, S'dny, Risali, R'hyn K'vir, Triven, Citayla, S'las, Jaelynnn, Karmella, Z'ki
Synopsis Zuhth and Eranzath's eggs hatch at Igen.
Out-of-Character Date September 2, 2017

Igen Weyr - Galleries
From this vantage point, you can look over the balcony to the Sands below. The seating here stretches out around the perimeter of the Sands, the rows of seating rising high above. The benches are wooden, simple bleachers, and the stone steps have been worn down along their center from turns of foot-traffic. Above the bleachers, the ledge of the galleries is pocked and marked from dragonclaws where dragons have perched to watch the hatchings as well.

<Sands> Neyuni strides onto the sands from the bowl entrance as the humming picks up in intensity. Zuhth is a bit to the side of the clutch and it takes a bit of soothing from neyuni to get her to settle her wings so that those in the galleries can see unimpeded. She waits for Al'dru to make his usual entgrance and looks back towards where the candiadtes will be coming in.

<Sands> Definitions of Royalty Egg shivers a little. Yes, so much for siesta Igen, it's time to rock and roll!

<Sands> Zevuki is somewhere in the middle of the group of candidates that step out, close in step with Kassala, whom he's glancing behind to keep track of as they move out onto the sands. Almost immediately, his gaze strays — first to the eggs, and the dam and sire beyond them — and then towards the galleries and the crowd gathered there. If there's any tension in the stiff-backed guard-candidate's posture it's not noticeable under the fluttering of his white robe as he follows the others into place closer to the eggs.

<Sands> The purity of white may be broke, may be cracking, or it may just be wobbling. It's rather hard to tell exactly what is going on with the ghost in the shell egg except that something has begun to stir.

<Sands> Kassala follows other Candidates out onto the sands, keeping a few steps just behind Zevuki, offering the guard a smile when he looks back in her direction. Always good to have a friend to help keep the jitters to a medium boil! With nods given to dam and sire, she finds a position as the others in white robes fan out on the edges, her attention turning to the eggs that are already starting to move upon the sands. Oh my.

<Sands> In a sudden burst of activity the shell snaps audibly and falls into several large pieces on the sands. It reveals a very large and vibrantly colored blue hatchling who struggles to get to his feet.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< Nothing but Royal Blue Yianth finds Cass >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Finding his feet this very large blue dragon stretches out his wings and bugles for attention. He seems to think he should be the center of attention and given he is the first of the hatchlings to break shell he is certain to get it. Bold, intense royal blue cloaks his well-muscled body. He is a bit more heavyset than the average blue and feet are definitely overlarge for even his large hatchling frame. This is a boy who'll grow into the mightiest of dragons and with head high he struts directly towards the line of candidates. Stepping past another rocking egg, he spares it not a backwards glance and instead makes a near straight line to the candidates coming up to Zevuki. Nose reaches out to sniff at the nearest bit of robe before he jerks away and moves on to an older girl, in fact perhaps the oldest amongst the class. Never, ever give up hope! The joyous cry of Cass as their eyes meet and impression is made is followed by sobs as she apologizes over and over. "Oh Yianth, I'm sorry. I'm sorry, I won't ever doubt again!"

Baylee makes her way into the galleries to find a seat. It seems that the eggs have already begun to hatch. She saves a seat beside her for Krenn, who will likely be arriving shortly.

<Sands> The sweetest citron egg sends a few dribbles of sand down the side of its shallow wallow. Slowly maturing upon the heated grounds it looks as if this one is nearing that moment. That peak of perfection in which is shall be harvested and peeled back for the contents to be revealed to all. Soon, so very, very soon now.

Krenn is indeed arriving shortly. Just after Baylee, in fact! He's dressed up a little more than usual. They must have been somewhere nice when this happened. He sits beside Baylee and puts an arm around her, looking out at the sands.

Tanit is clearly late to this affair, but it's a hatching. Seen one you've seen them all. She'll just make her way over to where the faces she actually knows are sitting because what could go wrong sitting near R'hyn and Risa? "What did I actually miss. T'san was busy." Read flirting. Sea green eyes shift to the sands to watch the little candidates do the thing.

<Sands> Zevuki's gaze very quickly flickers back to the eggs as the movement attracts his attention. The guard's expression is serious, only a flickered smile offered towards Kassala when she smiles, fading soon after as he spots the first dragon to hatch. His gaze is almost glued to the blue, only darting sidelong to check for other movement. When the dragon noses him, he takes an inadvertent step backwards, a sharp inhale given before the blue looks away. The Igenite looks almost white under his naturally tanned color, going still as the girl calls out the blue's name.

Riohra is sitting somewhere in the front, the tall hunter has been here at the Weyr for the last few days taking time off when they said the hatching was near. He is currently on the edge of his seat as excited for the Red headed Fortain as humanly possible.

<Sands> Kassala looks back to the eggs after a brief glance to Zevuki, watching as eggs rock and wobble. As one cracks open, the blue that spills out is studied, watched as he makes his way from amongst the other eggs. When he approaches the guard at her side, she smiles a little, and even though the dragonet leaves Zevuki for another, she steps over a little to reach out to grab his hand, offering a quick squeeze as if to remind her fellow candidate to breeeaaathe.

Sephany is here. Of course she is here. She is even dressed in much more traditional Igen garb, loose fabrics and a scarf over her head to protect from the sun. She's even brought a little fan, which is not being utilized as designed but rather as an excuse to occupy her hands. Grey eyes are fixed on the Sands and the candidates there, and an unreadable expression flits across her face before it is very stubbornly set to neutral sternness.

<Sands> The aged copper green of the life and liberty egg begins to stretch and tear. Like meatal giving way ever grudgingly you can hear the snap and crackle of the hardened shell even as by looks the cracks simply start in one spot and slowly grow across the shell. When they begin to meet the shell can no longer hold and large pieces push away allowing a sturdy looking green to pull free of her former prison.

~~~~~~~~~~~~< Springs Shadowed Foliage Green Reveth finds Tiansa >~~~~~~~~~~~~
Once she is free of her coppery green shell the contrast of this sturdy looking female is most clearly revealed. Everything old about her shell is exactly opposite upon her body. Of hue she is the first leaves of spring. They dapple across her form in a fresh living vibrancy like a forest shaking off winter and reaching up to the sun. As if struck by the light the topside of her wings are bright while the underside is shaded. Flanks and legs are hued in the self same green dappled with drifting shadows through the canopy above. She moves quickly enough, a smooth fluid grace that seems in a hurry. A hurry she must sound the alarm for she has hatched and her siblings are coming. First she may not be but neither last and she bounds up to the line of candidates coming near Jaelynn. Then continuing on without so much as a warble back down the line of candidates until she plows to an abrupt stop before an older teen from the smiths. Tiansa! One can almost her the mental cry, the urgency and need is so great and the lass cries as she throws her arms around "Don't worry Reveth. You found me, message delivered."

Quinn is somewhere in the crowd here. Probably noticeable as the only person standing at attention like some kind of unspoken bodyguard.

<Sands> Zevuki's gaze follows his fellow candidate Cass — but now bluerider — as she apologizes to the blue. Kassala's reach for his hand earns a look, and then he starts to breath again. Good reminder. "That's… I'm glad for her. She was almost too old to stand again, I hear," he mutters to Kassala, as much to keep himself distracted from the goings on more than any need to share gossip. He cranes his neck to follow the path of the green, brow furrowed.

<Sands> The ghost in the shell egg continues its movements. It is clear enough to see that something is going on, but with such a purity of hue any would be cracks blend seamlessly in. The struggles of its occupant are clear however as it spasms and twitches with ever increasing urgency.

M'eo grabbed a seat near the back. He doesn't know any of the candidates here, but hatchings are always entertaining spectacles if nothing else.

E'vyl makes quick steps into the gallery, the sands below already a getting chaotic. Chewing on a strip of jerky, the visting brownrider nods and greets a few people before turning his attention to the sands as a blue hatchling is already claiming his rider.

S'dny is also in a seat somewhere. Most likely in a place near Quinn. He always tries to attend all the hatchings.

<Sands> With rather a cackle than a crackle the shell splinters into a million dangerous shards. Lucky those that kept far enough away and pity those that did not from this ovoid. A yelp or two may yet be heard as the dangerous looking green steps all to daintily away from the disaster of her eggs temptation.

<Sands> Kassala grins a little more as the reminder is heeded, though with another egg cracking and the cries of the second dragonet to fill the air, she too, turns to look about, eyes finally finding the lovely little green. Aside, she does nod her head, "She would have been.." Does she let go his hand? Not yet, likely forgetting as the green moves along the line.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< The Darkest Green Vilqueth finds Th'mew >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Hissing this one does not seem to appreciate the audience. She wants what she wants and slinks off to find it. What one can see of her is the darkest of green, nearly cloaked in night shadow as the light strikes her the green burnishes through the darkness is a stunning reveal that she surprisingly does not seem to relish. Her form and features are surprisingly delicate, thin and streamlined. She may well be described as a beauty but the way she stalks and slithers across the sands belies something ever so much more dangerous. A nervous wave runs through the candidates as she disappears behind one of the unhatched and lost from sight she as suddenly reappears behind the group reaching one curing wingtalon towards Kassala before becoming distracted. She slips to the side just as easily as smoke in air and claims her true victim. With a high pitched squeak, the youngest of the group Bartholomew goes does under her talons. However, as eyes meet a match is made in, well a match is made. In the softest of exhaled breaths he seems to barely dare to breath her name "Vilqueth?"

<Sands> Another twitch and the sweetest citron egg rolls onto its other side and to the edge of its wallow. A few spidercracks can now be seen upon its surface, marring the perfect image it has reflected for so many sevendays.

And then there is Risali, who somehow managed to convince R'hyn and K'vir that she needed to be brought into the stands balanced on one-shoulder each. Shameless, the tiny woman is, and she's sporting a banner that says, 'GO ZEVUKI!' while her bronzerider chariot moves about, burdened with an overly-enthusiastic goldrider on their persons. And does she have little — she totally has little flags. This is actually the definition of ridiculous. Take heed, ya'll. This is how you don't keep friends. "Tanit! Seph!" FINGERWAGGLES and she is extending flags. Because why not?

<Sands> Zevuki doesn't at all seem to mind that Kassala's hand is still clutching his, even if his stiff-backed posture suggests he wouldn't admit it was for his own comfort. The hatchings and impressions are happening far faster than even the usually observant guard can keep up with, glance flickering back and forth, trying to focus on any that come their way.

<Sands> With a final CRACK the ghost in the shell egg crumbles into countless pieces. They fall to the sands in a soft brief patter leaving a still damp hatchling in its stead. The poor creature looks momentarily confused, sniffing at the shards as if trying to figure out how he's going to piece all that back together. Oops, did he do that?

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< City of Light and Shadow Bronze Hatchling >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Gleaming burnished bronze cloaks first the form before you which is neither bulky nor lean, but resides somewhere in between. Majestic in poise and presence his proportions are not quite as elegant. His face is rather blocky, shortened muzzle blunted and wide. Eyeridges are well defined with distinctly polished headknobs pointing skywards. Neck is short and thick with large, well defined muscles that bleed smoothly into deep chest and wide back. The bronze upon these upper regions gleams as if eternally caught in the sunlight. Structures to represent the glory of his being reside there in finely etched lines, while lower upon his belly, and on his lower arms and legs the bronze becomes ever more shadowed. Dropping into the depths of less favored slums and questionable cantinas of dubious nature. Talons seem almost to burn with glints of flame amongst the darker shadowed bronze. Wings spread wide from his broad back, muscles rippling to support the sturdy and broad expanse. The sails from above continue the bright burnished bronze with the strange lines cross crossing the surface in a way that seems not exactly natural. The undersides are as opposite much as his body. Shadowed bronze is dark and brooding, whorls of smoke are edged with soot and fires that burn like lights in the night from so very, very far away in a landscape both eerie and oddly inviting.

They find seats? They do! Loudly enough to attract Tanits, whom R'hyn eyes with ample mirth and a wince for the goldrider butt digging into his shoulder as he tries to make this a little less… nah. There's no hope of it not being weird. "Hey. I dunno, I've seen as much as you have." Ponder. Ponder ponder. And then he tilts sharply sideways to dump Risali off him into K'vir's person with no sheepishness whatsoever so he can stand and peer. "A blue. And a green — no, two. They look good and healthy." Because he's an expert now!

<Sands> Kassala blinks, trying to figure out where that green went. She's almost startled when the green appears briefly behind her, barely getting a glimpse of her before the thing ghosts away further down the line. Eyes widen a little as she sees Bart, now Th'mew, get pounced, her breath held before being released when the green's name is announced. Whew. That could have been messy.

Triven has slipped in and is sitting somewhere in the middle of the group now watching the sands and listening to the chaos that is about him.

Following the chaos is Citayla, grinning and waving a Pernese-Princess-wave at anybody who looks askance. Yes. Hello. "Don't drop her." She calls after the trio, huffing loudly, but she pauses — Riohra's there, at the front, and Cita has elbows enough to burrow in nearby. "How's she doing, Rio?" The rider calls, wiggling fingers excitedly in greeting.

What does he get himself into? K'vir's not really complaining though as he goes along with this latest twist. Perfectly fine with it until R'hyn decides to dump Risali literally ON HIM! Wincing as he hits those seats hard, he'll spare a quick glare for the other bronzerider, while similarly making sure they don't send the goldrider plummeting down a few rows. "Spot him yet?" he mutters distractedly, with his gaze already fixed on the sands below.

Sephany is rather occupied with staring at the Sands as though they might explode, but even she can't miss the arrival of Risali and her… entourage? Finger-wiggles get a little lift of the weaver's hand, a hesitant wave in response, though she's clearly confused by the banner and… "Flags?" Really? Hm. And although she goes back to watching the candidates and eggs, there are definitely side-eye glances being given to Risa and her troupe.

<Sands> Who needs a migraine egg finally takes its turn on the stage. Light, camera and aaaaaction! You can hardly tell the shell has broken. It seems to simply morph into a living, breathing moving dragon of the self-same electric blue hue. Did it really hatch at all?

Yulise finds a seat somewhere near Triven. She's found a bag of some crunchy popcorn-esque snack to munch on. "What'd I miss?" She asks.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< Energetic Electric Blue Phikeyth finds Mera >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
bright and full of the energy that seems to ripple across this smaller blues brilliant hide he barely pauses once breaking free from the shell. Muscles stronger than they might look upon the thinner form propel him with purpose if not much direction. He's here, he's there, he's on a sugar high as he romps about and it's some minutes before he finally, suddenly comes to a STOP. Oh my! What IS that?!?! Candidate, whee he is off again, charging the line of white clad thing with a cheerful warble that belies the very sharp claws and teeth he ports as well. Blind to his own predatory nature he simply crashes without much direction into the line, flopping ungracefully into a pile with Candimerah who was unfortunately just that tad bit to slow in getting out of the way. The ending is a happy new beginning for the baker however in the struggle to separate the two the interlock of eyes find them forever inseparable and she breaks out into a fit of giggles giving up to play with the membrane of one still damp wing. "Hello Phikeyth."

<Sands> Zevuki's shaking his head now, his free hand brushing over his forehead to wipe away gathering sweat. Even being a native Igenite doesn't spare him the heat of the sands. "I hadn't imagined they'd move so quickly," he observes in an undertone to Kassala, glancing back as he spots the bronze hatching. It's not heading in their direction yet, though, so his gaze keeps moving.

E'vyl glances around, then does a double take as he sees Ravysa's newset minion floating in over the crowd. After a moment he laughs and edges closer to Risali and her twolegged runnerbeasts. "G'day Weyrwoman. Might I ask that you never let Ravy see you doing this? Otherwise, she'll be trying to copy you."

Quinn rocks slightly on the balls of her feet, eyes mostly fixated on the sands as lifepartners are made and escorted away. For a moment she recalls her own time down on the Sands at Monaco, but those thoughts are quickly put to rest by the arrival of Fortian festivities. Her gaze lingers on the bronzers and goldrider before giving the crowd a standard once-over. All looks in order (mostly). Good.

Triven says to Yulise "two blues and two greens impressed, there is a Bronze still out there searching"

<Sands> Kassala is finding it hard to keep an eye on them, the bronze spied before the blue goes zooming around the sands. Shifting a little closer to Zevuki, she laughs a little, "They normally aren't. Or they won't quite so quick the last time!" Candidates go hopping out of the blue's way, until the poor baker candy-maker goes down, "Oh.. Candi!" But then worry turns to congratulations. Attention shifts as weyrlingmasters come out to help them off to the side, attention turning to the eggs again. There was another dragonet out there, where did the bronze go?

<Sands> City of Light and Shadow Bronze Hatchling sniffs a few more times at the pile of shards around him and then stands. Oh well, such is life. If that's the only thing destroyed today, well such a shame. Gaze turns to taking in his environment widening as he takes in the sight of the much larger dragon pair nearby, the height of the ceiling and coming back down to the foolish cluster of humans just standing there. Well now, that has potential and feet take him steadily in that direction.

Tanit says, "Not enough glitter, or confetti." Tanit will call out to Risali while Seph and Cita both get a broad smile and a wave of greeting. "There's a bronze and aw Faranth, I can't keep up there's too damned many of them. Are we cheering for the guard or hoping he doesn't impress?" The last directed at Sephany."

Syd does his best to keep his attention focused on the sand below. Ignoring the other Risa inspired chaos going on around him. This is a dignified and class filled sort of gathering.

<Sands> The cracks grow in inevitable progress over the orange hued shell until a triangular piece breaks and falls off. There is a pause, then a snout pushes through splintering the shell further until it fully gives way and the hatchling within wriggles free of its former enclosure.

<Sands> Zevuki rubs his free hand against the material of his white robe, fingers clenching there briefly, maybe unseen in all the confusion and noise. "They aren't?" there's a brief edge to the guard's voice at Kassala's words. "Maybe it's an Igen thing. Too hot to linger out here?" he tries for a brief smile, but it doesn't last all that long, brow furrowed in worry at the crash of the blue, exhaling a moment later in relief.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< The First Touch of Sun Gold Hatchling >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
A fine smooth arc begins the sweep of her eyeridges, framing the slow whirl of her knowing eyes whose depths languidly consider the world. Jaw is more curving than angular, echoing the windswept rocks within a winding canyon, the bones comes together to form a soft point in a finely wrought snout. Large nostrils flare as your gaze sweeps back up the topline of her slender head back past the sweeping arc of ridges to the elongated neck upon which her head swivels. The ripple of muscle defines the easy grace with which she'll slowly turn and neckridges seem too time or weather worn more rounded than pointed as others. Neck transitions smoothly into a soft muscled back and deep set chest which swells with each breath. Arms and legs are sturdy, neither particularly lean nor muscled they do the job they are intended to. Lengthy tail disappears behind her frame while wings, if she is obliging, spread to blot out her competitor -the sun- from its daytime glory. Indeed her hide is frosted with the first breath of those rays captured over the desert's scape in the earliest morning just before the golden globe peeks over the horizon line. She is a glorious golden dawn captured in those moments of brilliant transition. The gold is not of a solid hue, for what sunrise is ever the same or so simple. She is a unique moment, burnished in rose-gold along her lower portions and solidified in the sharp grasp of talon. While mid-body transitions imperceptibly to a soft tangerine and higher along her wingsails even lighter yet as color washes out to a pale lemony gold. The hues which color her are dispersed in a way only caught in the mornings after a subsiding sandstorm where just enough particulates still drift in the air to catch and spread the glorious hues in a more subtle and uniform manner than any cloud could ever manage.

Sephany's attention is such that it takes her a moment to realize Tanit is speaking to her and not someone else. "Oh, um…" and a frown. "I'm not sure," she says honestly. "He would prefer to return to being a Guard, I think…" but she can't quite make herself cheer for a candidate to not Impress, and is far too distracted to articulate her thoughts. "Just…" Shrug.

There's definitely a shriek of indignation as R'hyn unceremoniously dumps Risali on her weyrmate. And yes, R'hyn does get a booted foot aimed at his side with a, "I will kill you," and a, "Listen to Cita," but then Risali's all smiles at Sephany as she leans over from K'vir's lap to push a flag into her hand. "He'll be okay, Seph." There's a smooch for K'vir's cheek, as Risa breathes, "Not yet," and then she's fingerwaggling at E'vyl with a crinkled nose. "I'm exactly who you want Ravy to be like." Another giggle as she leans back and makes a face at Tanit. "The glitter was not me."

<Sands> Kassala gives another tight squeeze of her hand to Zevuki's, and whether that's because there's a bronze finally spied heading to the candidates, or because one of her favorite eggs just hatched out the gold that has her sort of staring in surprise, it's hard to say. This time, it's her turn to remember to breathe!

Catching fragments of Sephany's words, Quinn allows a rare smile to grace her features. Didn't she want to stay a guard too, once upon a time? Oh, how that changed!

R'hyn, shameless. The bronzer winks for K'vir's glare, all sideways smiles and shrugs at are, okay, admittedly, a LITTLE sheepish. She's tiny? HE CAN DEAL. "These things did always happen so fast," and then his grin goes sideways, wolfish in a way that's learned from a certain bronzerider we know and love as he adds, "But whoever said we forgot the glitter." Because the glitter was HIM. The hand on her far side pulls out of a jacket pocket, palm flattened before he POOFS a whole bunch of it into the air over her (and anyone else near enough, sorryyy, splash zone). Beatific smile. "There. Now you look even prettier." Twinkle. "And the day I listen to Cita is the day the skies go dark," he argues with Risa, but he does wiggle fingers in a wave for the Half Moon goldrider before refocusing on the sands. "Oooh, she's pretty."

"Good clutch! Seen a bronze and… now a gold! Igen is fortunate." And it's making him a touch nostalgic, as K'vir stood here so many Turns ago and walked away with his bronze. Oh, how times have changed! From Fort, to Igen, to Xanadu… his current home. Of which he shares of piece of it with the shrieking banshee that is otherwise known as… "Risa, calm down." Don't mind him barely not laughing. He grins at least for the kiss.

<Sands> The First Touch of Sun Gold Hatchling shakes her head, dislodging the last bit of shell from her snout. Much better. She comes fully to her feet, stretching wings before taking tiem to fold them neatly back and consider her path forward. She looks wisely thoughtful and then begins deliberate steps which take her past the last egg remaining, All or Nothing. Her tail brushees it lightly as she passes, as if encouraging her last sibling to emerge even as she treads the path she must towards the candidates beyond.

Riohra watches in wrapped attention now, there is a bronze and a gold, so many candidates down there but he is having a hard time splitting his attention between Kassala and Zevuki. He will glance around at people he knows and give waves too but never really taking his eyes of the sands for too long. He isn't sleeping thought this event…

Baylee offers a wave to Riohra, "Riohra looks worried." she says to Krenn. He has every right to be. This could be a lifechanging moment for him and Kass. One that Krenn and Baylee know all too well.

An older male greenrider holding a tiny rat of a canine peers over to R'hyn, then down at the glitter, then at other people, back at R'hyn, back at the glitter, to the sands, back at the glitter, then overdramatically turns his nose at the bronzerider. "Hrmph! This isn't how you glitter. You don't glitter spectacularly in public." Preen.

<Sands> Zevuki blinks quickly to try and dislodge sweat that's now rolling into his eyes, shifting his weight from foot to foot to try and spread the intensity of the heat around. Kassala's squeeze of his hand has him looking at her, first, then looking where she's looking, brows going upwards in surprise. Not at the bronze, but at the gold. "Oh," he exhales, glancing back to Kassala. "Breathe," he echoes her advice back at her, before he squints to watch the bronze and gold alternately.

E'vyl gives an amused eyeroll for Risali's words, but doesn't argue the point. Simply returning her fingerwave and peering back towards the crackling commotion on the sands. "The eggs don't seem to be wasting any time." He's not talking to anyone specific, as a young queen figures out how to use those things on the end of her legs.

<Sands> City of Light and Shadow Bronze Hatchling arrives at not quite the end of the line. He looks at a terrified girl and opens his jaws in a hisss. Her squeal gets but a snort from him and her turns aside, heading deeper along the line of candidate. Geez, can't take a joke? She's obviously not for him! Although there was something else off about her but the mysteries of the human sexes is set aside for a later deliberation aas he seems to catch sight of something else promising.

Krenn takes a look at Riohra, smiling sympathetically. "Can't blame him." He replies to Baylee, giving her a little squeeze. "But I have a feeling it'll work out for them no matter what."

<Sands> Kassala breathes. Promise! After Zevuki takes his turn in reminding her. Gold. Bronze. And one egg left. Sweat leaves her robe clinging to her, feet automatically shifting from one to the other on the hot sands. With the two larger dragonets making their way, her attention shifts from one to the other, and then to the last egg as well.

Citayla wiggles fingers back at Tanit, scrunching her nose up amusedly, then glances back at the sands — eyes follow the electric blue curiously, then the wandering bronze. It's the first hatching she's attended, likely, since the one Ilyscaeth came in on. Speaking of; the gold that breaks shell gets a raised-eyebrow kind of look, a little half-smile. "She's pretty!" The rider hums, scootching further along until she can sprawl fully next to Rio. Avoiding the glitter party? You bet your behind. But Baylee's right — their classmate looks worried, and Cita'll sit here happily, cooing happily at that little blue. "Don't be mean." Cita laughs.

Tanit whistles at the appearance of a gold. "Isn't it sort of odd to see so many larger dragons in recent clutches? Or is that normal?" Tani will ask of R'hyn since he seems the more knowledgable. Glancing at K'vir with a tip of her chin. Sea-green eyes shift to the greenrider, and the sparkle that is now everywhere and Tanit just busts out into throaty laughter. Nope no class or dignity here, Sorry S'dny. New life should be celebrated joyously, or so is this dolphinrider's opinion as she reaches over to search for more of the glittery stuff, possibly rifling through R'hyn's pockets in the process. "That she is." Tanit will agree with Cita.

<Sands> All or Nothing Egg twitches. Dramatically see!

S'las slowly makes his way across the galleries, opting to lean against the wall as he watches the events down on the sands. He peers down at the familiar candidates, mainly peering down at Zevuki and he smirks a bit, slowly nodding his head. "He'll be fine," the bluerider murmurs to himself, arms crossed over his chest.

<Sands> Zevuki shifts his weight again, less from foot to foot and more to the back, like he wants to take a step back, but he's held in place by his hand in Kassala's, which is probably a good thing. The hiss of the bronze at one of the girls has him tensing and taking a step forward, like he could intervene, but the bronze keeps moving before he gets more than a step. He hasn't yet noticed almost all the eggs are hatched already — too focused in the moment.

<Sands> Kassala saw that twitch, All or Nothing Egg! She did! But it might be forgotten when the hiss is heard along with the girl's squeal has her turning to look down the line to see what might have happened. Oh boy. Hop. Rock. Hop. The sand's heat soaks through her sandals, leaving her doing the usual candidate dance out there as time passes. There's the bronze… and the gold is…

"What are you gonna do, stupid bronzerider?" Risali drawls in response to K'vir, sticking her tongue out at E'vyl for that eyeroll (SHE SEES YOU VILLAIN), and then perhaps looking murderous because there's now glitter on her tongue and she's maybe smacking R'hyn's side and then grabbing at Tanit when she goes rifling through pockets. Why? Because she wants a seat companion, that's why. Sit on her lap while she sits on K'vir. And puts booted feet on R'hyn's person. "Cita, beat R'hyn when you get home."

<Sands> The First Touch of Sun Gold Hatchling observes as she moves and of the whispered conversations and assurances of those one in particularly seems to catch her attention. Breath? That sounds like good advice. She strolls up to Zevuki and Kassala and croons an inquiry. She's right here. Don't you see?

"Maybe you don't," come wry words from R'hyn, flicking another wink the greenrider's way with a click of his tongue, but it dissolves quickly under the weight of a cheerful smile. It's a hatching day, and he's in a good mood - too good for it to be spoiled in the slightest, return laughter echoing up out of his chest as his pockets are rifled by Tanit. "Now now, you might find something you don't want to know about in there," he chuckles, but doesn't fight her - she's free to find whatever she wants, packet of remaining glitter or otherwise. "I suppose that depends. Dragons used to respond to the oncoming threat of Thread, could be something's coming we don't know about. Or maybe, they just need big dragons to balance out big personalities." Smirk. Throwing shade all over himself and his fellow metallic-riders in earshot as they hit and grapple and make threats on his person? For sure.

<Sands> Zevuki looks entirely awkward about having to do this odd shift of weight dance, seeking to minimize it as much as possible. He's totally fine with the heat, no really, just like any native Igenite should be. He tenses when the gold approaches them and croons. That isn't so bad, but — he drops Kassala's hand and edges back — near enough that he can support her if need be, but it's clear the gold's interest shouldn't be with him.

What is he? A pillow or something? K'vir merely smirks for Risa's "threat" and, if he wasn't worried about getting elbowed or kicked, he might retaliate by tickling her or… something. He'll think of SOME form of revenge! Although now he's sporting some glitter, mostly in his hair, to which he tries to shake free… Yeah, no. A side glance to Tanit and a crooked half smile. What? Don't mind the silent bronzerider… he's just mega distracted~

<Sands> City of Light and Shadow Bronze Hatchling is peacably making his way along and then THAT other one gets right in his way. The bronze seems unsure a moment and then moves decisvely cutting behind the other hatching with a low growl and coming up alongside he gives her a good shove to the side, towards Kassala to clear the path HE intends and looks up to Zevuki. Eh, enough here he can work with. Boy. Mine.

<Sands> With a triumphant cry it seems that the City of Light and Shadow Bronze Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

In accordance with manners and tradition, Quinn applauds as the final few Impressions are being made. She didn't forget, honest.

Glitter has been ignored. Squealing Goldriders and protesting bronzeriders? Also ignored. Riffling pockets by reckless Dolphineers get a sideways glance, but mostly ignored as well. THE POINT IS PEOPLE, Sephany is FOCUSED! So there is no doubt at all that she catches the way that bronze is looking at Zevuki. And she knows enough to know what it means. There's no sound, really, just a quick inhale, held for a moment, and then expelled as a soft sigh. "Well. Now he knows."

M'eo joins in with the rest of the crowd in applauding. Seemed like a good clutch! "Lots of strong hatchlings in that bunch. Good for Igen." He says to no one in particular.

<Sands> Zevuki's usually the observant one — it's his profession after all — but he's too busy watching the gold halting, just a little warily, to notice the approach of another. It's only when the bronze all but shoulders aside the gold that his gaze goes towards the bronze hatchling again — and freezes there. "My name's not Z'ki, it's Zevuki," the normally stiff-backed guard's posture crumples a little, going stock-still for a moment as the words sink in. "J- Jizunoth?" he ventures, carefully, reaching out a hand towards the bronze.

S'las laughs low and dark, grinning when the bronze finds it's chosen and through his bond, he could feel Chessylith preen quite unabashed. He did search the boy after all! The blue has excellent taste! "I'm curious to see the personality on that one."

There is a small eep as Risali forces Tani to sit in her lap. Because Risa is small and Tanit, has a butt that requires some space to occupy. They manage it somehow as the Dolphineer fishes out the remaining glitter packet and a small green citrus fruit that she stares at oddly. "Really R'hyn?" OF thread? "Not a comforting notion, at all." She gives Sephany a look, perhaps of sympathy, as one Igen guard impresses. She may eventually switch to R'hyn's lap because she needs the extra space. Sorry. "Still, it's an impressive clutch, I just hope it doesn't mean impending doom"

Riohra glances over at Cita and says "Hey" oh so eloquent but then his brain is probably in overdrive with the future to be hold. He leans forward when he sees Zevuki, well now Z'ki finds his lifemate in Bronze Jizunoth. He will cheer for his friend the guard if nothing else as an outlet for his own pent up anxiety.

"It is still a small clutch," murmurs Sephany, though whether or not it is loud enough to hear is debatable. "If the golds start dropping eggs in the high twenties to thirties… then I would be worried." But right now? Nope. Just staring at the sands with an expression that is carefully neutral.

<Sands> Kassala finds her hand dropped, her attention turning to the dragonet that has stopped before her. Before she might do anything more than stare, the gold is shoved aside so the bronze might step up and make his claim of Zevuki, leaving her to frowns, "Hey.." Dare she chastize the bronze for his actions? Maybe just a little.

Syd also sits back clapping for the various impressions as they happen. The clutch does seem strong. Igen will have alot to be proud of.

<Sands> The First Touch of Sun Gold Hatchling is having this perfectly planned moment perfectly ruined as she gets shoved aside. Tail flicks, but she's to nice to actually snap a retort back at the other though she looks like she wants to. Instead she looks up at the woman in apolgy, in adoration. Yes, we are so sharing a moment there, that's exactly what she was thinking!

<Sands> With a triumphant cry it seems that the The First Touch of Sun Gold Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

<Sands> Jaelynn is on the sands with the others and is watching a bit wide eyed at all the movement. She's use to this stuff really, it's just been a while for her to make it to a hatching. One by one all the young dragns are finding a lifemate and she offers a soft cheer for each one.

Citayla's eyes flick upwards — she snorts, amused, pressing lips into a line to avoid a grin. "You can't keep her because she's the same color as you, Ily." She laughs, rolling her eyes. Then, for Tanit: "Don't mind R'hyn, he's just being a brat because he knows he's outnumbered." The rider calls back at the crafter, narrowing her eyes in a distinctly 'ixnay!' kind of way at Ryn. "I'll remember! What's he doing?" She's still grinning as she answers Risa, though, bright and sharp on a glance back down at the sands. "Hiya." She returns for Rio, sharing the grin that way briefly. "It's a good clutch! They all look great." The Half Moonian hums, then blinks, jaw dropping a little. "Hey, is that…" She ventures, laughing delightedly already.

<Sands> From the darkness of the all or nothing egg sounds emerges. The obsidian of the surface doesn't show the cracks which surely must be there and growing. It seems to shiver just a little and an insistent tap-tap-tap grows more urgent. There isn't any further warning before it cracks rather neatly in half and a small dark green tumbles out onto the hot sands.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< Over the Horizon Green Chawzscikath finds K'rl >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Last but not least, this little green shrieks indignantly. How dare that egg deposit it so, how dare these sands be so hot and how DARE the world be SO BIG. Her cries cut off abruptly as she looks up, left and right startled from her earlier complaints. The rumble of hunger in her belly sets her off again. Ow, what is this pain? How will she ever endure and the darkly hued green with brighter neon green highlights finds her way to the candidates. She stops before Jaelynn looking up with a warble, inquiring. There's something which is close but not quite and she presses on down the line, calling, urgency growing until she reaches a Starsmith, Karl. Yes, yes this is RIGHT! No one can miss that impression is made and K'rl kneels down to try to calm the existed green. "It's alright Chawzscikath".

<Sands> Kassala is still frowning at the bronze, but something draws her attention to where it should be: the rather lovely gold that stands right in front of her still. Emerald green eyes meet those whirling ones before her, and another deep breath is suddenly take as dots are connected. A trembling hand lifts, fingers daring to brush against the golden snout before her, "I don't know why…" She begins before shaking her head, soon to smile, "I won't let you go either, Xerosaeth. Never."

<Sands> Zevuki — probably Z'ki now, despite his protests — turns his fascinated gaze from the bronze to Kassala for a moment. "He didn't mean—" his attempt to defend his new lifemate gets derailed by the fact that the gold's staring at the other candidate. Well. He exhales, his attention turning immediately back to Jizunoth, "Uh, food. Right." He straightens, glancing around for help.

Sephany is not so distracted in her own head that she does not notice the gold's decision. There's a fleeting look of elation, and then a darker look of concern as she glances towards Riohra.

Riohra who was just cheering for Zevuki, is now on his feet whistling and whooping like a crazy person. "Go Kassala" Why? Because he has probably lost his marbles in the heat…Watch you step all…. The tall hunter from Fort is a complete tornado of he motions as he is happy, but sad and everything in between but right now he is just PROUD, that his girl took home the GOLD!!!!

Baylee gives a little bounce in her seat as she watches her fellow candidate now weyrling impress! And she impressed a gold on top of it, "Wow." That seem to be a word baylee is saying alot these days. She looks over in Rio's direction and smiles. He's taking it well!

K'vir is a pillow. He is also subject to tiny hands fisting in his tunic as Risali shakes him within an inch of his life and cheers for Zevuki (now Z'ki). It probably dislodges more of that glitter, for what it's worth, and then she's answering Cita with, "Existing!" That's what R'hyn is doing. Just being R'hyn. A punishable offense, if ever there was one (the most punishable). Then Risali is up and out of her seat (K'vir, it's K'vir's lap) as she joins Rio in his crazy. Yep, tiny goldrider bouncing alongside a giant hunter and shrieking for his girl too. And maybe Risali is flickering grey eyes towards Sephany before extending a hand for her to take - if she wants. K'vir's been left with banners and flags.

<Sands> Neyuni watches the last of the eggs hatch, impressions made. Over as quickly as it began she steps over to the candidates still standing. "I'm sorry your partners weren't out on teh sands today. You're welcome to stay as long as you like, or get rides back tomorrow with your things wherever you'd like to go. For now the kitchens have prepared a feast for the venign and I suggest getting a rest and cooling off before then."

Oh, hey! Wasn't that the person they came to see? "Isn't that who we came to see?," R'hyn reiterates out loud because sometimes meta is useless, hand patpatpating at Risa's so he can point out towards the sands. OH IT IS, look at her shrieking and shaking Kyzen. Good. He was right. There's applause, of course - there has likely been applause every time - but perhaps this one is a little more excited because he knows people who knows this person! Several of them, apparently, as he nods back at Sephany. Oh hi there! "Yeah, we were just commenting on the prevalence of queens lately." Uno, dos, and now tres as the gold finds someone he does actually know. "Oh, hey, isn't that Kassala?" He'll add a little hoot of celebration for the impression before pointing a nose-wrinkled little grin down at Tanit. "Hey. I was saving that for later. Perhaps you should keep it, though." Browwaggle. He doesn't protest the lap transfer, instead rolling his eyes at Citayla while the dolphineer makes herself at home. "Statistically speaking there's more of us than you, right, K'vir?," he drawls, sotto voce, blue-grey eyes seeking the man out as he is abandoned. SEE. He has BACKUP. "But I am slightly more afraid for the addition of another." Is he though? Is he?

<Sands> Kassala doesn't comment aside to Zevuki. Surely he understands! And it's not until Xerosaeth reminds her gently of a growing hunger, combined with hooting and whistling that comes from the stands from a certain hunter going crazy there, that she should start to head off to the side, her steps a little wobbly as she adjusts to the newness of this shared mind thing going on. Even more intense than touching the eggs! "Food.. they'll have it over here."

With all said and done, and a look of pity given to the remaining candidates left standing, Quinn moves along the galleries to stand beside the Monaco Weyrleader. A glance is given to the older man, then a curt nod. "Ready to leave when you are."

<Sands> Jaelynn smiles as the last hatchling finds someone and will wait until given the ok to escape the hot sands before she'll follow the others off of them after a quick polite bow seen.

<Sands> Z'ki probably doesn't hear much of Neyuni's speech. He's too busy following the other weyrlings and their mates towards food, though he barely takes his eyes off his bronze as he does so.

Karmella carefully steps across the galleries, making her quick escape to her brown rider-transport before heading back to Monaco. In passing, she offers a little wave to S'dny before vanishing into the unknown.

E'vyl watches as the last of the hatchlings claim their riders and claps for the whole lot of them. Now that the excitement on the sands is calming, he'll take a few moments to peer around the gallery. Recognizing a good number of the watchers, he tips his head politely here and there as the Monocaon brownrider starts edging his way through the crowd.

S'dny gets to his feet slowly. The seats here are not the most comfortable especially for those healing. "Alright." he says to Quinn who is in this capacity acting as his guard, "I think we can head back toward home." he will politely greet Karmella as she passes and the others he may pass on the way out the door. Another hatching with no injuries or worse.

And just like that - it's over. Tani just blinks as the last pair leaves the sands. "I still don't think I understand it." The lime? Tanit starts pealing it and pops one of the sections into her mouth with a grin. "Well, that was interesting. Think there will be good food at the feast or should we all just head back to the Tiki Lounge?"

Riohra will flop back in to his seat grinning like the fool boy most think him, he will reach under his seat. He is happy at least till the shock wears off, he chuckles as the older couple on his left reach over and pat his shoulder "Looks like you two are going to have to wait a little longer, but your still our son in law" They smile at him and head out down the stairs to go back to there farm in southern. Riohra on the other hand just reaches into his bag and pulls out a bottle of Spiced Rum, still grinning has his own plans for a party.

Krenn cheers particularly loudly for his former fellow candidate Kass when she impresses. "Always knew she'd manage it." He says chipperly to Baylee, glancing in Riohra's direction sympathetically. "We should say hi before we head back for dinner, shouldn't we?"

Baylee nods her head in agreement both about Kass managing it one day and about greeting them before they return to the Dolphin to finish their dinner, "Yes. We should. It's the most polite thing to do." she says brushing herself off and standing up from her seat, "It was a really great hatching though. So many very pretty dragons."

"Yep. Seems so much different from this vantage now." Krenn says, a little wistfully. "Maybe… nah, nevermind." Over to Riohra and family they go. Krenn gives him a big smile. "Hey, Rio. Offer our congratulations to Kass, will you? We're really happy for her."

Riohra looks up at the two newly Weyrmated peoples and grins "of course, and thanks for coming you two. I know you two are on vacation." He is still happy, happy, happy. Nope no sad or brooding here, because today isn't about him it is about Kassala and she DID the thing..

And then there were none! R'hyn applauds the final pairing, clucking something about not envying the weyrlingmasters that handful, before chuckling at his lapful of Tanit. "How about, 'We'll never understand dragons and there's no damn use in trying,' then?," drawled amusedly before he crooks one brow up high at her. "It's Igen. There's spices here they don't use anywhere else, and they make this green sauce they put on wherry and it's to die for." Translation: they're so staying. "Now save me from Risa's bony ass," and by that he means, he's going to swoop her up and cart her off to join them before the goldie can claim him and K'vir both - AGAIN. "Congrats to you and Kassala, Rio," the bronzerider says in passing, managing an awkward little wave around his armfull of Tanit. "Looks like you're in for a fun night." He sees that rum, and he approves! Baylee and Krenn are nodded to, Cita hipchecked with an affectionate grin, but then he's off, chatting animatedly about what sounds like the many virtues of limes and their effects on bronzerider morale as he joins the throng of folk headed towards the feast.

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