How Many Eggs?

Characters Iwa Oddisa
Synopsis Iwa and Oddisa oversee the hatching sands being cleaned out and then some.
Out-of-Character Date October 1, 2021

Hatching Sands
As if temperatures in the rest of the Weyr weren't uncomfortable enough, the sands are positively blistering. The air shimmers from the onslaught of heat, leaving the area with a hallucinatory feel. Black sands stand currently empty but for the occasional egg-shard or 'print not swept clear. A raised platform of smooth stone provides a lounging-spot for queens or their mates, or a retreat for the lifemates that accompany them from whence they can cool their feet somewhat.

Iwa plays with the bangles on one wrist as she watches a group of cavern's folk picking over a not quite as hot spot on the black sands. The headwoman comes by offering her a drink before the others to which Iwa takes gratefully if with a bit of a sigh for being placed first before others. There's smaller groups, some of the younger weyrbrats taking liberty to invent games for collecting the shards or jsut plain /playing/ out on the grounds.

Arriving through the entrance, Oddisa sides eyes all the people on the sands, spotting the headwoman Odi waves to her and makes small finger gestures to get the woman to lean down, quietly confiding something before leaning down to look at the children on the sands. "You should get some water." Leaning back up, she spots Iwa and begins to slink down the rail with a casual air. Oriapeth nudges a starry greeting to Toruth because only one of them can be rude at a time, and it's not her turn.

Iwa turns first as Toruth rumbles to the other queen amiably, rolling slightly to her other side to try to find a more comfortable position wiht a belly full of eggs. Tail thumps causign those nearest to pause and ensure they aren't angering either queen before resuming activities. Iwa chuckles "Don't scare the weyrfolk now, you'll have these sands to yourself long enough." and her as well alas. Nose wrinkles a moment before more movement cathes her attention and this time its Oddisa. "Hey!" she waves, bangles clicking "to her fellow rider. One of the few who can truly understanding the dullness of getting stuck solo on these grounds for sevendays on end.

Oriapeth remains outside the sands area, neck craned to oversee the proceedings without getting in the way any more than a full-size gold might naturally. A moment before managing to slip away, there's a hey, and Oddisa stares up at the ceiling before the slight Beastcrafter turns and cocks her head at Iwa. STriding forward, both hands are stuffed in her jodhpur pockets, "We jus' came to deliver a message, looks like yu got enough help." The people running about sifting through sand, "Not sure I'd start hangin' 'round this early. Does Toruth always hang about before she clutches?" There's a squint at the older queen and an approving tiny nod for the egg lumps. Reproduction is her thing, even if dragons aren't her species.

Iwa lets out a gusty sigh. "Alas yes, she claims the warmth of the sands makes her more comfortable and of course she's been alternately bragging and complaining about how many eggs she thinks she has. Hopefully she won't be so brooooody this time and I can mostly be away after the first sevenday." there's a distant snort of 'not likely'. She looks you over a little closer "hey, did I hear rightly that you've your own announcement?"

Iwa looks to Toruth and the queen seems to ponder. Count her eggs before they're laid? There's a moments pause and then she rolls a bit more to expose her belly. Seems she's game and Iwa shrugs with a small chuckle "She seems to think sixty or so." another eyeroll, queens, but there is a belated congrautlations to be had now that she's gotten confirmation. "I did hear right! You've been away to much and that's such a big step. Really, so well deserved and even more reason to celebrate! Really congratualtions." oh yes, she'll make her center stage if even for a night watch out! "That must be such a big step. I hope that means you get a bit of a break before they go off and assign you more herds or bloodlines to manage." a subtle needle for information, and as to the latters question "I think there might be six or seven. Her last was only four and that was five turns back, but that was quite a dooozy of a flight, so …"

Oddisa takes the congratulations with several quick nods of her head, "Thank yu, it's been a long time comin'. Thought it'd happen earlier, but." One hand is unpocketed to gesture at Oriapeth, who has turned her full attention to monitoring the explorers. "She says put anything yu find in piles chronologically by turn, word means age. Don't worry, she made me look it up once." As if weyrbrats and random others can organize refuse and shell remnants chronologically. With the message delivered, she walks toward Toruth, "Sixty could be a slight exaggeration. Huh, darling? Here, if yu lay over I'll see what I can see. Yur bronzin up nicely, always a good thing. I'm sure yur ready for them to stop takin' up so much space, though." The way she speaks to the dragon is far more natural than with fellow people, a cooing possibly charming tone of voice. "Mm, I migh' have a few sevens freed up. They give us a break after walking, typically to pack for an assignment." Obviously, she can't pack up and move to a pasture in Telgar, it saves her some boxes, at least. "Was hopin' to go help my companion with a few breedings for his family, move a few mares. It's icicles off yur nipples cold in Fort, he migh' be around more for the weather." Did she really just say that to the Senior Weyrwoman? Yep. She did.

Toruth huffs a little, exaggeration, her?!? She's big and her eggs will be just as powerful! Humming softly she relaxes as Oddisa checks her over with a friendly touch, there's a couple in the galleries and several on the sands who are quite clearly listening in. So will the odds makers take kindly to the experts eventual conclusion? The dragons turns her head to the other queen as if to check that she isn't going to be in trouble for enjoying the other riders ministrations while Iwa mentally processes "Wish I had a few sevendays free. Might be good timing if you don't mind giving me a bit of company now and then … perhaps to check on the health of the eggs?" at this Toruth can't help btu give her rider an odd look, as if! but for the riders part its perhaps a little more political, or a chance to share a little of the sands loneliness. "I think all I have to look forward to is catching up with some paperwork in a galleries perch. Not asking you to help with that." she clarifies quickly, less the other not even consider the request, but clearly she'd like to get to know the other a little bit more. "Hopefully that sounds better than a chill at Fort. I'm definitely made for this weather, not that kind! Might even be nice to bring him along too for company." as if she's starved for company, more likely curious.

Odi was the last one to use the sands, and she's not new to the attention, though there's a glance up a tiny sigh. This is her thing, sort of. She's not a dragonhealer but raised by one, despite preferring smaller creatures to care for. Oriapeth is far more concerned with her army of tiny humans now holding up shards to age them based on.. well, who knows. There's maybe a system, but they're children, and she's a dragon, so if they put it in a place she pleases, they assume it's been done correctly. Running a hand over each bump, Oddisa outlines them with a finger, moving methodically downward. "Hrm, there's at least six, maybe up to ten though I'm not sure N'sir an' R'sner want to hear tha'." There's a tiny snicker in her voice as if inconveniencing the two Weyrlingmasters might bring her a spike of joy. The only place where rank might have its privileges. Mulling over the question, there's a pregnant pause before Odi says, "I can stop by some, I'm sure bein' head paperwork jockey is… intriguing." The word intriguing comes out the way one might say 'plague' or 'venereal disorder.' "He's been tryin' that line for turns, he's always talkin' about freezing to death, but if he's able to complain about it, he's not dead." A pause to count again, "At least seven. I'd like to see wha' we get for candidates, case Ori gets fidgety here soon." It's been three turns, but the queen's relatively hard to predict.

Iwa takes that as close to a committal as she's likely to get. She'll likely follow up later via the dragons if Ori tries to hide away entirely "Well, he might just change to complain about the heat instead. Only one way to really find out." Toruth perks up at the mention of maybe ten. There hasn't been that may shells on the sands in /decades/.

After another few moments of checking over the queen she's given an affectionate pat and a light scritch before turning to Iwa, "Possibly." It's a cryptic response, the junior weyrwomans love life has remained exceptionally private for such a small Weyr. There's no indication that is changing today as the petite blonde turns, "If you need help shredding paperwork or talkin' to someone stuffy let me know." Because this is definetly who the Weyr should let handle matter of diplomacy. YEP.

Iwa waves absently. "Thaaaanks, and take care."

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