Clutching for Winter 2021

Characters Iwa X'yr
Synopsis Eggs arrive for Toruth and Haijiventh
Out-of-Character Date October 3, 2021

Hatching Sands
As if temperatures in the rest of the Weyr weren't uncomfortable enough, the sands are positively blistering. The air shimmers from the onslaught of heat, leaving the area with a hallucinatory feel. Black sands stand currently empty but for the occasional egg-shard or 'print not swept clear. A raised platform of smooth stone provides a lounging-spot for queens or their mates, or a retreat for the lifemates that accompany them from whence they can cool their feet somewhat.

Toruth sighs gustily looking over the obsidian sands. She has been prowling these grounds for several days now and although the weyrfolk have recently sifted through them for old shell shards she sniffs an area, moves a bit, sniffs again and then begins pawing at the sand to create a few small crators to consider. Her rider follows onto the heated grounds, casting a glance to the galleries before finding a not quite as hot spot towards the back edge of the sands and watching her partner try to find percissely the most perfect spot for the first egg.

Obviously in Charge Egg
This mid-sized egg takes on a pleasant shade of green along the top half of the shell. Bright chartreuse blends flawlessly with waves of veridian that shimmy down all four sides as if the egg itself were a hill made of numerous smaller hills. Petite speck-like clouds of fluffy white dapple on one side, breaking up the landscape curiously. Further down, the green washes out as if a fog has rolled in. Bountiful verdigris disappears into mottled grays and whites. Inside the mist, it almost looks as if theres something else, a lurking figure thats hidden from view, a set of round eyes peering out at the world. Each side is much the same, including the lingering possibility that something is prowling in that mist. No matter where ones stands, theres a watcher that peers out at the world with rabid curiosity. Then, as quickly as its seen, the watcher dissipates into the smooth brilliance further down the shell, white becomes rocky crags broken up sharply before everything settling into murky seafoam blue at the base.

Haijiventh has obviously scoped the Sands ever since the flight. JUST TO CHECK IT OUT. They meet his approval, thankfully, so after that he's been lurking around the weyr and generally meeting random dragons. Cause he's the BOSS now right?! Well co-boss lets say. « You are sure you're ready? It is not too early is it? » he asks to ensure that his babies are going to be okay. Meanwhile X'yr strides in on the heels of his dragon's entrance. Also with a quick glance towards the galleries briefly he strides to stand beside Iwa casting a boyish smile to the Weyrwoman. "She's all ready eh?" he unknowingly echoes his dragon's question.

Iwa runs a hand throgh her hair and then fidgets a bit wiht her wrist bangles. "Yes, finally!" she says with obvious relief. "She's been broody enough already with no eggs she might as well get on with it." and on with it she does get to it seems as one of the craters must have met her approval and with rippling sides the first glistening shell appears, color bright and contrasting easily the dark sands. The queen lifts her head and bugles both in joy and relief before head swings over to eye the bronze. There's a moment when she might be a bit curt bit sides ripple again and she'll be getting to business «Yes, its finally time. A queen knows what to do.» she moves to the right a bit digging several more places before squatting over as two more arrive in fairly short order. "At least Haijiventh has taken an interest. Her other mates didn't stick around honestly." and not because they had to or anythign but to her it looks liek he wants to be there.

X'yr smirks faintly as his attention shifts to watching Toruth selecting a spot for the first egg. "That's a nice sized egg." a hand gestures towards the Obviously in Charge egg. Haiji humms in approval as he curls in at the back of the sands to watch and offer support to the Queen. « And you are doing it well. » see? SUPPORTIVE.

Desert Grace Egg
The first glaringly noticeable thing about this egg is its shape. It is somewhat oblong and far taller than it is wide. Built as if under a great deal of pressure, the sandy tan shell is more upright in a way that would lend to it appearing spindly. Plain at first glance, dusty brown and beige seem to predominate. Only when examined closer can one see a rich landscape of ripples, tawny stripes lead to wind dug gorges twisting in an ever-changing pattern of rivulets. Theres no logical configuration to be found, the winds of fancy cutting across the surface and doing whatever it pleases with the endless dunes. Theres nothing that initially differentiates the top from the bottom or each side. Every aspect differs like a fingerprint, a zig here, and a zag there that curves and whirls poetically with wisps of red or cream, always returning to an endless monotony thats beautiful in its minute shifts and flickers. Overall its an ever-changing undulation of the same three or four muted hues, sameness bowing to originality and blending the two into a flawless dance across and upon the sands.

Chic Chateau Egg
Small and round, this is not the largest egg, but it could be the brightest. It is here to see and be seen. Black latticework tracing surrounds eccentric circles that fit neatly inside the lines as if painted by a Master. The dark strokes take on no specific shape, nature's version of lace. Inside the boundaries, at the top, it's classic and pretty, elegance and minimalism that maintains a sophisticated two-tone vibe by being pearlescent white. A lesson in balance takes a turn for the playful in the middle as an occasional splotch rebels into amber and honey hues, stark and contrasting. Further down, it's clear that the artist has lost control as this baby dragon house has erupted into vivid crimson dapples, each still held within the leaf-shaped bounds of charcoal eyeliner. At the bottom, it begins to all muddle together, the spots squished in a swirl of red, yellow and black that's nothing short of exciting.

Iwa hmmms, "Indeed, it'll be interestiong when I can get a little closer. Her belly's been full of so many lumps she keeps thinking she has fifty or sixty of them." Toruth fusses awhile over the two recent ones and then moves off to the left a half dragonlength. She huffs and paws as if unsure, shifts slightly fussing over finding another exactly perfect spot until her rider shouts "Just get ON with it dear." biology seems to agree with sides rippling again she queen groans dramatically and squats over as if this next is taking the /greatest/ effort of all.

Mountain Guardian Egg
For a rather small shell this egg is surprisingly detailed. On the narrower end which seems to most frequently rise above the sands, are snow capped stone peaks. The marbled mix of grays rise into thinning atmosphere to be capped by snowy whites which glisten in pristine condition, clearly undisturbed by any but the pure elements. The stone gives way a third of the way down to the scattered dapple of hardy umber brown trunks with sparse dark forest green foliage. The forests gradually thicken the lower in elevation you go until the base of the shell reflects a serene scene in a lonesome forest. Even here life seems sparse, and only those with studious eye will catch the hint of fowl or small game lurking amongst the trunks and branches. The most discernable of living creatures is a smaller blotch in red, black and sesame that sits by one of the larger trunks. It seems to be one protecting the area, or perhaps waiting for an opportune moment to hunt. That will be up to the eye of the beholder to decide.

X'yr's gaze follows Toruth's movements. "We'd never hear the end of smugness from Haiji if there were /that/ many of them." points out the bronzerider with a hint of amusement to his tone. "That one's small for all that it took to emerge." notes X'yr as he studies the latest egg to emerge.

Hijiventh whuffs encouragement towards Toruth. « We will make lots of babies for the weyr. » he says with pride. « Perhaps an even 13. » which isn't an even number but don't tell him.

Ruler of the Roost Egg
An energetic crowd of small critters ripples across this smaller egg. Each is distinct and yet blurred enough that exactly what the creatures are is eminently debatable. Fuzzy blobs might be furry or simply wiggling to fast to defined, there is certainly a yappy energy to the mix of white, black, and brown bodies. Some are solid in hue, others clearly patched in a mix of colors with a very few more red-brown hues writhing in. One quirk that although the wriggling energetic masses do their best to blend together dozens of sets of perky triangular ears stick out. It at least orients to what end of the beast on may be looking at if the barest clue as to what type it may yet be remains blurred in mystery. Of all the throng there is towards the apex of the egg a slightly larger of the small bodies that stands out, as if its found the way to the top of this proverbial dog pile and the flash of pink tongue teases he casual observer.

Iwa laughs softly "Well he should be proud, no matter how many there end up being. It was quite the long flight indeed." she smiles to the bronzerider "Goodness can you think of trying to find enough candidates for fifty eggs though? Thankfully the check of her is thinking more along the lines of six or ten lumps, though she'd going quite well." Iwa quints at her large bondmate who's belly is still notably lumpy, although one less emerges onto the sands not long after the mountain guardian egg. At least there wasn't so much dramatic groaning this time.

"Enough candidates for…" X'yr muses over that thought a moment before deciding that wouldn't be good. "He's never been all that good searching out the right candidates. I think 6 or so eggs sounds like a much better number." concludes X'yr. "It was a good flight indeed." he adds in agreement to her previous comment. Crossing his arms over his chest he simply watches and waits for her next move.

Toruth lifts her head and rumbles at Haijiventh, don't they look just perfect? There's a small break as she nuzzles sand around the newest arrival and then circles to check on her first clutched. She paces after that a bit, belly not nearly as protruding but still a lump or two might be made out and eventually settles with some strain on the sixth. This larger egg clearly earns the strain this time although she doesn't vocalize as much, whether that is due to tiring or just not getting the effect she was hoping for earlier is subject to debate.

Queens Consort Egg
There is something regal in the bearing of this egg as it sits nestled in the deep obsidian sands. The shell's smooth surface arcs in a slightly elongated ovoid carrying a blending of complimentary hues. The bottom is a soft cream which lusciously spreads in a pleasant pool. The edges are irregular, as if weaving about stubby limbs before ultimately blending into the next, and most predominant hue of golden fawn. The gleam is unmistakable, burnished to an eye pleasing luster without any gaudy sparkle. Warm and welcoming, the hue is pleasing to the eye and not particularly subtle. Eventually the golden hue fades into a smaller pool of reddened bronze. Neither to dark, nor to light it hovers irregularly, seemingly protectively of the hue below with the softest of caresses. There is not much detail to speak of beyond the colors itself, although towards the larger end of the shell there seems to be a line of slightly rougher shell that distinguishes itself from the otherwise unblemished surface.

Haijiventh continues to offer encouraging sounds and words towards the laboring queen. « You are doing so very good! I will hunt for you after if you want. And watch after our babies while you rest. » he promises, rearing back on his haunches to watch for her to lay more.

X'yr casts sideways glances to the Weyrwoman beside him but mostly his attention is on the clutching queen.

Sleepless Sentry Egg
At first look, this egg could be simply the bulky shadow of one of its clutch mates. Darkness settles on the surface like a fine cloth, the depth of hue sucking in the light like a vacuum, and what is left could be merely reflections. When examined up close, the charcoal waxes and wanes, figures appear as the eyes adjust to the grayscaled nature of this ovoid. Wrapped up each side are barren thick, branched trees, the shape merely silhouettes at best with the limbs a fingers width from touching at the top. The towering figures bookend the egg as if they alone contain the twilight and prevent it from spreading. Between the dreary withered forms, theres a whole lot of nothing. Smokey tones swirl together, ensuring whatever is being protected remains a mystery.

Painted Spotted and Playful Egg
It's hard to explain why this smaller egg seems so…energetic but just looking at the brown and black spotted egg once gets that sense of pure playfulness. Logically one understands that this egg can't be moving however the illusion of movement is often there, usually seen juuuuust out of the corner of your eye. It leans heavily against its fellow eggs as if unable to be alone. Ever. Painted pure white the brown and black splotches are placed at seemingly random intervals as if a painter simply flicked a paintbrush at the smaller canvas and called it a day.

Iwa leans in to bump X'yr on the side "So much for six, hope you like eight instead" as two more eggs join the growing clutch. Toruth sags a bit as her enegy clearly lags. She croons softer in reply to her bronze mate. Food might have soudned good at some point but now a nice nap will seem to be in order. As to whether he'll be allowed to solo guard, that will remain to be seen. For the moment she stretches out on the grounds next to her clutch and surveys while her rider translates "She hasn't said she's done but she's not got quite the urges anymore. Maybe one, or maybe that's it?" or maybe she's just giving the gallery better pool just enough time to get excited over either winning or losing their bets before, spoilers.

Haiji bugles in triumph. MOAR Eggs. His tail swishes side to side. 'You can doooo this' and 'You got this' is the energy he exudes. Moremoremormoremore. He cares nothing about the search for people and numbers needed for that. More eggs means he's more manly. OR something like that. « One more? » he'll ask hopefully as he cranes his neck out to nuzzle her affectionatly.

X'yr grins at Iwa with a light shoulder bump in return. "8 is great?" he jokes lightly. "Buuut…one more is always good." again unknowingly echoing his mates thoughts.

Pure Cerulean Blue Egg
A very plain, large blue egg sits nestled somewhere within the middle of the clutch. There is, at first glance,very little to draw your eyes to it. Unless of course you really love the color blue. Then this may be just the egg for you. Multiple shades of blue dance along the top of the egg, blending and descending slowly into shades of dark and light blues intermingled as they whirlpool downwards towards the bottom where a frosty blue covers the entire bottom. Approaching the egg however shows the barest hint of brown speckles hidden within some of the blue swirls.

Iwa hmms and looks as she feels her mate gathering. Whether it was inevitable or she's buoyed by the bronzes encouragement she heaves and grunts one more time and onto the sands emerges a plain but beautiful blue egg. It contrasts the black sands nicely and she almost purrs in satisfaction as if she's somehow managed this entirely on purpose. However, ONE more is all there seems to be as she collapses after that and Iwa doesn't even need to say much although she does formally, for those still watching will know that's all folks! "Seems we've a class of nine in our future." that shouted towards the galleries before dropping her voice to compliment X'yr "A fine job by you two as well."

X'yr offers a crooked grin. "Eight may be great but nine is fine." he'll continue just one more rhyme. Since he had the time. See what we did there?! "She did all the hard work." he'll defer all credit away from himself. "Now the fun does begin." he remarks. "It'll be different for Haiji and me. Just tell us what you and Toruth need."

Iwa's expression settles briefly seriously. "Well, time will tell. She never likes to leave the sands so food when she needs is good, and perhaps some company for me." she's definitely been recruiting to not be left alone the entire duration of this. "Though hopefully after the first sevenday she won't need me so close every moment."

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