Egg Gazing

Characters Ch'y Lunasidhe
Synopsis Lunasidhe helps Ch'y out for a good egg gazing session which gets interrupted by playful blue dragons.
Out-of-Character Date October 4, 2021

Igen Galleries
From this vantage point, you can look over the balcony to the Sands below. The seating here stretches out around the perimeter of the Sands, the rows of seating rising high above. The benches are wooden, simple bleachers, and the stone steps have been worn down along their center from turns of foot-traffic. Above the bleachers, the ledge of the galleries is pocked and marked from dragonclaws where dragons have perched to watch the hatchings as well.

There's a soft rustle of wings with a bit of a heavier landing near the entrance to the sands and not that long after Ch'y makes his way slowly but steadily up into the galleries. He mumbles something about stairs and knees as he pauses on his way, pretending to look out at the eggs as they first come in to view rather than admit any physical fault.

The sound of footsteps interrupts the thoughts of a young dragonhealer in the stands, her knot marking her as someone foreign but only too interested in the eggs below. Blue-green eyes fix on Ch'y, body jolting the guilty jolt of someone caught at something they aren't sure they're allowed to be doing. Quick, think of a cover! "Nice eggs, right?" Smooth. Real smooth. Hopefully Ch'y won't notice and will roll with the young woman's awkward grin as she attempts to straighten clothing rumpled by the notes and swift sketches drawn into the margins of pages.

Ch'y has seen many things, heard many things and that line… well the younger might want to work on that a bit. Still his smile is kind "Indeed." a simple response as he makes a few more steps up where he can get a real view and not just a sideways peek. He settles down onto the galleries seating. "My these benches get harder every turn." and if you thought his mind was slowing down any you'll be dissapointed as he continues "Folks usually come up here to relax nad enjoy the view but looks to me there like you're doing more serious study."

Luna, disappointed? Never, especially not when Ch'y rolls with her less-than-stellar greeting. She's still wincing at her own ridiculousness, tension gathered around the edges of her eyes, but she leans forwards in her seat to join him in looking down on the eggs. "I think they do it to keep people moving along after the hatching," she says, voice pitching it as a joke, though perhaps it's her own brand of kindness. "Make 'em too nice, and nobody will ever leave." Her grin dims somewhat as the bluerider brings her mind back to her work, nail-bitten fingers shuffling the pages all over again before she nods and says, "I work at the Dragonhealer Annex at Xanadu. We study eggs everywhere, of course, but since these ones are brand new…" Well, here she is, a gesture of her hands says. "But I think just having notes is boring, so I'm adding to it." She lifts one page enough that maybe he can see it, and maybe it bears a fair enough resemblance to an egg out there, if only because it's bright blue. "What about you? Here to do that relaxing?" Translation: should she shush and let him be?

Ch'y chuffs "Well it certainly works, you won't find many folks hanging out here and we're not like the Northern weyrs you might hang out to warm up there. Plenty of nice heat here already." of which he doesn't sound dissapointed at all. "Ah, that's a nice thing for you to come and have a look. I heard Toruth was getting a once over by someone before she clutched. Wonder how that matched up with them results." chin lifts slightly indicating the eggs below and eyes squint alittle. "Mm, a fair enough representation I supose." neither praise nor critisicm he'll draw a neutral line but it does seem truly like he is a bit more than uncomfortable on the seat. "Would you mind going down. I actually brough a nice blanket but I left it with my dragon." really, foolish rider, perhaps he is a bit addled afterall. "he's just outside, nice blue, bit more 'a gray now than we like to admin. If it wouldn't be to much of a bother."

Luna laughs for that comment, head bobbing in an agreeable nod. "Too true. I was born in 'Reaches. I've only been south of the mountains a few turns and I can already tell you, I like it much better." Not a snow bunny, this girl. An eager light hits her eyes for mention of Toruth's pre-clutching appointment, messy curls bobbing along with a nod. "The 'Healer I work under was part of the group that came out. I think," she rustles through notes, the steep pitch of her brow implying she isn't finding what she's looking for. "I think they were right on the mark for number, or pretty close if not." Seemingly unbothered by his assessment of her work - perhaps she's used to it - her face instead softens for uncomfortable shifting and the words that go with, already setting aside her belongings and getting to her feet. "Of course, I don't mind at all. I'll be right back." And away she goes, embracing the equal foolishness of youth by taking steps two and three at a time with the assistance of seats and rails. Quick blue-green eyes flick around the second she's at the exit, seeking the blue in question.
Etoth is resting, loosely curled near the entrance the hatching grounds. It looks liek he has cut it as close as he can to minimize the distance his rider had to walk. Not that he can't walk anymore but just another example of subtle ways these partners look out for eachother. There are a couple dragons around but the slightly grayign tinge to muzzle does set this blue apart, that and the eye which cracks open as if he knows you're coming because, well, spoilers, he does! You can blame his rider later, though he stays still he waits to see if you will find him and what you might decide to do about that blanket which is actually strapped up on his neckridge still.

Let's see. A dragon there. Another there. And another right up next to the — oh! Luna jerks to a stop, swaying slightly with her body's momentum as she has to take a step back in order to course correct towards the blue that must be Etoth, clearly not having taken the promise of his nearness quite so literally. The lifemate consideration is one she's surely familiar with, in her line of work, but it never really occurs to her until she sees it in action. Her smile is small, appreciative, before it takes an impish turn, hands going to her hips as she says, "Well. He said you were a nice blue, but not a handsome one. Look at you." His muzzle might be greying, but it doesn't keep the dragonhealer from admiring Etoth's starry hide as she draws closer. "Fool me for not assuming that from the start, eh?" She nods to answer her own question, not expecting an actual response, as is the way with most. "I guess you'll know what I'm after, though…" Ah. Rats. Of course. "Figures it's up there, huh?" Sigh. "Don't suppose you'll mind me fetching that for your rider? I don't want to make you uncomfortable." Indeed, she's keeping a respectful distance despite having drawn close. She almost comes across professional, if you don't mind shifty feet.

[DTU/Bespeak] Lunasidhe senses that Etoth reaches across the invisible distance, a voice of authority brushed with metallic tones that bely the hue of his hide «Why thank you young one, you do know your manners.» and complimenting a dragon will usually get you just about anywhere «We have spent many a starry night together too, although he forgets little things sometimes» tone is forgiving «You will have to climb up I am afraid. Ch'y would not like me to bite and break my straps… again.» interesting story there if you can get it sometime and he remains settled, with only tailtip twitching now and then, albeit mischieviously.

To say Lunasidhe is surprised would be an understatement. Both her brows shoot up for the draconic voice in her mind, a wide smile breaking out on her face as her eyes lift to seek Etoth's. "No, thank you. It's a privelege." Not nearly often enough does she get to bespeak a dragon directly; clearly, she enjoys it. "Don't we all," is just as forgiving of forgotten things, her gaze finally breaking away with a wave of her hand, as though to say it's nothing. "Just last seven, I left my readings back in my room. Luckily a friend had his and let me borrow it, but my teacher was not pleased. He's very proper about such things," said in a way that implies she hopes she can be much the same some day, but isn't too sure if she'll ever make it. All of this as she squares her shoulders and nods, using straps and no small amount of practice to draw herself up towards the blanket. "Again?" He might think she missed that, but she didn't, not if her own mischievousness weren't plain as she makes her way back down the blue's side, a little more awkwardly trying to juggle everything. Hopefully Etoth won't mind the odd slip or two. "Now that sounds like a story I'd like to hear. Maybe after I drop this off?" She did, after all, leave the blue's poor lifemate up there on an uncomfy seat.

Etoth holds mostly still, tryign not to contribute to the slip or so on her way down. As she passes head lifts and he snags a corner of the blanket with his muzzletip to pause you. «Leather is very chewiy» a leading statement as if in explanation or a tease of the backstory to be held albeit a dragons perspective may be significantly different than his riders. Warmth washes towards you as he lets out a gusty sigh, followed by a deep breath which might tug at any loose hair before he lets go as fast as he had nabbed the blanket it is as if he had never moved.

Luna sucks a breath when Etoth sneaks his muzzle close enough to grip the blanket, clearly not having expected that. She appreciates the humor of it all, though, brief tension leaving her again on a laugh as she aims a light, playful boop towards that grey-dusted snoot. "Tell me you didn't do it just to snack on it," is phrased as though she hopes that is the reason why, amusement bubbling through every one of her words as she adds, "though I'll have to take your word for it. I don't think anyone catching me chewing on leather to find out will do me any favors." She confides this with a wink, hefting the blanket up into her arms, unable to stifle a giggle for the sigh-turned-sniff as flyaway curls lift just to settle again. "I'll take that as dismissal," Luna says, giving his nose a gentler, almost friendly pat-pat, "and I'll be back for the full story." One day if not this day! For now, she's going to hustle her way back inside, a little out of breath by the time she's offering Ch'y is dragon-mouthed blanket. "Sorry for the wait. We were discussing delicacies," is light, teasing, as though half-suspecting the rider to be aware of the conversation that happened below. And if not, well, that will be a fun mystery for him to unravel with Etoth later.

Ch'y hmms "Well he is partial to the wherry brands…" he continues a light tease, somewhat aware of the topic, but moreover he is thankful for the blanket, knees popping a bit as he stands enough to get it settled beneath him. So much better, he is quite grateful "Thank you so much lass." and in consideration with something else he seems to have chatted with his partner about on your errand "You know the best view of the eggs is right up close. I imagine it'd be quite a story to tell your teacher of getting to actually touch one and record all that. Of course you'll need to accept being a candidate first." it's just kinda said without fanfare, left to dangle there as if that's just how it is and the most obvious and easy solution to getting you some up close and personal experience. "So how about it?"

"This was a little more of the bovine persuasion," she jokes right back, keeping close enough to offer assistance if needed. "It was no trouble. Happy to help." She seems satisfied once Ch'y is settled back in, meandering back to her own seat, hands on hips as she looks over her papers, sketches, and all, as though unsure where to start with putting it in sensible order. It's perhaps why it takes a second for the rider's words to really settle into her brain, for the hidden meaning behind seeing the eggs up close and personal to really sink in. "Wait, what?" A beat, two, then: "I mean-" Her eyes drift out towards the eggs in question, throat working in a hard swallow as though, of all the options, this was the least obvious in her mind. "I mean, I'd be honored to, really, if you're sure? Sorry, I've never… I mean, my friends have been candidates before, obviously, but I haven't been, you know-" Breathe, Luna, breathe. She visibly pushes down that inner anxious nature that shows in fidgets and bitten nails, that 'how about it?' earning a series of nods that grows more confident each time she does it. "Yes. I think that would be an amazing opportunity, to get to experience it all first hand."

There's a deep approving rumble which rolls into the galleries from the not too distant entrance and Ch'y smiles again. Hah, there we go, didn't expect that now did you? "Etoth's got a good record of candidates so you stand a good chance lass." well better than average in his opinion of course, and he's seen many a hatching. "Definitely something you can share with your friends now who again do I tell the weyrlingmaster is their newest arrival?" cause he mighta forgot that introduction part, or he mighta just forgot forgot.

Luna can't help it - she smiles, too, hand lifting over her mouth as though that will obscure a choked little laugh. "I guess he's happy with that answer," is maybe stating the obvious, but amusement is better than nervous, and it lingers through Ch'y's explanation of his dragon's search-history. "I suppose we'll have to see, won't we? I'll be happy to gain the perspective, if nothing else." Future bonding opportunities with distressed dragons and their riders never goes to waste. "Oh, I never did say a proper hello. I'm Luna - Lunasidhe," said with room enough for him to add his own introduction if he wants, "and thank you and Etoth both."

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