Off to Star Gaze?

Characters Ch'y Shixen
Synopsis Ch'y and Shixen head out to a night of stargazing when a certain dragon gets stubborn. Or I am NOT walking up those stairs!
Out-of-Character Date October 6, 2021

Hatching Galleries / Entrance

There's a soft snore that's been coming from a part of the galleries for awhile, the nice warmth from the hatching grounds keeping the barest of winter's chill away even from Igen. It's not particularly loud or aggravating enough to disturb the queen below but it is enough to be noticed. A few weyrfolk have passed, even a few giggles but as the sun dips the rider begins to stir. His body on a different rhythm than most others. There's a yawn and a stretch and he's sitting up with a rather comfortable fuzzy blanket. Hmm, where did he fall asleep now?
Today was a good day for Shixen. Sure, he may be one of the youngest apprentices, but he managed to get night lessons today. Bonus, there are eggs on the sands to look at before the night's session of looking at the sky starts! With a bounce in his step, the youngster scampers in and plops himself down on one of the lower benches. A pair of meatrolls magically appear from within a cloth and he leans forward to peer out at the sands, the boy wiggling a little as he chomps into the first one. It's less than a minute before he looks further up the galleries, head cocked curiously, at the sound of someone sleeping. Up he pops again, dinner set down on the abandoned bench as he quietly clambers up to poke the wher, so to speak, only to be foiled when the rider sits up, "Aww…" The protest is quiet, but probably still audible.

Ch'y yawns and snorts as he is spotted by Shixen "Is that any way to greet your fellow crafter." a hand swats amiably in your direction, though there isn't any harshness in his tone as he continues "Ah, did I see you got the first shift with me up on the 'stones?"

Shixen snickers, "I was just going to make sure that you were awake for our shift." Blue eyes dance with barely suppressed mischief, "I mean, you wouldn't want to over sleep and miss out on spending hours and hours of my company, would you?" He does usually manage to make things entertaining, at least.

Ch'y can't contain a hearty laugh "Ah, you help me feel so much younger." or give him plenty to gossip about with the uncles about at least. "Etoth's ready to give us a ride up if you'd like the quick route." he offers.

There's an overly dramatic bow and quiet snicker at the notion that the youngling makes the older crafter feel young, "Just doing my duty to the Weyr!" Or something like that, anyway. The mention of getting a ride instead of having to climb the endless stairs up to the stones has Shixen perking up, practically wiggling in excitement, "Really? That would be so awesome!" He coughs, ducking his chin slightly as a hint of pink colors the tips of his ears, "I mean… I would appreciate it very much, sir." Decorum! Don't look too eager, or something like that.

Ch'y snorts, entirely unconvinced but he doesn't say much, perhaps favoring the lad a bit, or at least the ache his knees feel when he goes up the /hard/ old fashioned way. Staaaairs. "Well button up your jacket and we can be off, he's been nap… I meant kindly waiting just outside." because like rider like dragon, or is it the other way around? A wink and Ch'y heaves himself up. he tries not to groan to much making his way down and out assuming you'll follow when you're ready. Although if you dally to long the ride does have a mind of his own.

Move to Igen Weyr - Hatching Complex

Shixen quickly buttons his jacket as he scampers after Ch'y, pausing only long enough to grab his abandoned food and rewrap it. He giggles at the correction from 'nap' to 'waiting', and practically bounces along after the older starcrafter. When he sees the 'waiting' dragon, he offers a small finger waggle of a wave before dipping into a bow, "Thank you for the ride!"

Etoth is settled on his belly not to far from the gallery entrance. Starry wings rustle, stretching slowly toward the darkening sky and head lift. It seems the dragon shares much of the inclination of his rider to look ever upwards and study things so far, far away. First though is the here and now, the cooling grounds as hte bare winters warmth of day leeches quickly away. The rise of the bowl walls and the arc of the hatching grounds entrance above blocks far to much and head turns, impatient for his rider. Of course now there is Shixen and he gets a whuffle before the head swings to his rider, the dragon sharing his rather authoritative mental voice «What am I a packbeast now?». Tch, CH'y returns, swatting the greying blues muzzle with mock irritation. "Well I'm not going to walk all the way up" to which the dragon snorts, or will he, but no the moment passes and rider will tno be made to take the hard path. For the younger however swirling eyes move closer «I think he might want to have his own give him a lift up.»

"I mean, a ride is appreciated." Shixen's eyes slide appreciatively over the handsome blue, practically bouncing on his toes, "I can take the stairs, if you really don't… want…" He trails off as Etoth's words finally sink in, "My own?" Huh? "What?" His voice is, for once, almost timid sounding.

Ch'y lets out a gusty warm sigh and lifts his head so that he sits more sphinx-like and looks regal. He'll leave the details to his rider apparently. Ch'y eyerolls "Eto, you can't leave him with a cliffhanger life that! Of course he'll give you a ride up but he thinks you've got what it takes to find a partner of your own. Of course you gotta decide if that's for you and there's no gurantees of impressing and all, andyou /might/ have to do things during the day for awhile." Igen truly is a small weyr overall and the rider pauses if his rambling might sink in, no jokes this time "So, will you give it a shot and stand for Toruth's clutch? Well, at least /after/ our shift." because he is a bit selfish to losing a fellow crafter and company for the long night.

Shixen is SO CONFUSED! At least for a moment, anyway. He blinks, opening his mouth to speak but no words coming out. He blinks again, mouth closing with an audible click of teeth before he licks his lips and clears his throat, "What?" His voice cracks and turns into a squeak on the question. And then it seems that he finally gets it, "He- really?" The excited grin that suddenly blooms on his face leaves no doubt as to what his answer will be— what weyrbred kid doesn't dream of one day Impresing his own dragon, after all— but he quickly nods so hard it looks like his head might be in danger of falling off, "Yes!" So what if he'll have to wake up at normal, human hours instead of pretending like he's a wher? He clears his throat, ducking his chin again and blushing, "I mean… It would be an honor." He peeks back up, the grin returning in force, "Oh. Yeah. After our shift." He's already awake, after all.

Etoth rumbles deeply, like thunder echoing in the bowl. It's his way of celebrating, «A good choice. You will do well on the sands.» of course whether its this time or another stands to be seen but decision made the blue offers a foreleg to the pair. Seems it's time to get to work. Ch'y looks a bit relieved, not that there was much doubt "Aye, I'll let the weyrleaders know tomorrow. You can ask questions of me anytime too." in case he might get shy of someone less familiar. As to teh weyrleaders, at like at dawn when he's heading for bed sounds about right. For now, to business and it's sure to be an interesting night indeed.

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