Living Cavern Cuteness

Characters Iwa Kallum
Synopsis A brief meeting.
Out-of-Character Date October 6, 2021

Living Cavern

It's later evening, dinner service is long past and the winters chill has settled in the bowl outside. It's still dry yet, but more notably cold as the desert without the sun should be. Iwa has retreated indoors and is settled next to one of the hearth's. She twitches a stick which has a tuft of yarn on the top, playing with a furry blur that leaps, missed and drops near silently back to the floor at her feet.

Isn't Igen supposed to be hot? No one told Kallum that he would nearly freeze to death when the sun went down! Granted, he should have had plenty of time to get used to the climate considering the gradual trek across the planet with various caravans. Still, without Rukbat, a proper fire, or at least something better than the thin, grey tunic and light brown trousers, he hadn't expected to come running briskly walking back to the living caverns trying to hide the trembling shiver threatening to rack his sturdy frame and spoil his forced, dignified posture. Having secured a decent sized mug of steaming klah, the trader takes a large swig of the drink, wincing as it burns down his throat before relaxing at the reward of internal warmth. Taking a moment to glance around the cavern, his gaze falls on the flurry of motion of twitching yarn and fur. What is he seeing? Curious to a fault, Kallum can't just enjoy his klah and leave well enough alone. Instead, he casually approaches the unknown woman, trying figure out what in the world was happening next to this particular hearth.

Iwa twitches the stick again and the ball of fur gives a low grrr, crouching on the ground and wiggling her butt in preparation but the dunecats pounce is held, waiting until just the right moment. "Silly girl Keena, so gullible." especially at a young age, another twitch and its irresistible, she'll get it this time. Scythe claws come out as she leaps but Iwa jerks the stick upwards, the tuft slips just out of reach and gravity takes hold drawing the cat back down, tail twitching. An ear bends back as she hears another’s sound she isn't used to and Iwa looks up, tuned in to the cats behavior. "Ah, hello there."

Ah, ha! So that's what Kallum was seeing. An amused smile breaks across his face at the feline's antics. Realizing his presence has become known, he remarks with a deep bow, "A thousand pardons, dear lady. I did not mean to intrude." Contrary to what some might think, Kallum can be rather civilized when he wants to be. Straightening, he continues, "My name is Kallum." Yes, no one asked him, but it never hurt anything to try to get to know an attractive lady. Well… Most of the time. "And you are…?" (Hopefully she won't say leaving!)

Iwa brushes a lock of hair back with two fingers and leans back in her seat. She's settled and comfortable and doesn't look to be moving along anytime soon. "A pleasure to meet you Kallum. My names Iwa, but I also respond to Toruth's rider." the stick droops a bit and the cat takes advantage of the riders distraction to leap and nab the tuft this time. There's a successful mewing as she flops onto her side and clutches her prey tight in her claws "Oh dear. This one is Keena. Be careful, she's faster than you might think." Iwa is quite aware of her weyrfolk and eyes look you discretely up and down and she starts needling for bits of information to help discern your presence "New to Igen?"

"Well met, m'lady," Kallum says with a dip of the head. The feline's playful display earns another bright smile from the trader. "She's cute!" Apparently he is talking about the cat? After taking a draft from his steaming mug, Kallum nods and answers flippantly, "I came in with some traders." He could definitely be surprised if anyone recognized him at Igen Weyr. Wait… Did she say Toruth's rider? As in the recently promoted weyrwoman? Shards, Kallum. Talk about out of his league! Oh, well. Dream big right?

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