Trader Talk and Teasing

Characters Erina, Lucrezia
Synopsis Lucrezia meets Erina at the lake and trader talk - with a bit of friendly teasing - commences!
Out-of-Character Date October 13, 2014

Igen Weyr - Lake Shore
It is sometimes hard to tell where the bowl ends and the lake shore begins. Fine grains of gold, tan and orange hued sand layer much as the bowl walls in the distance beyond. The sand only gives way to thin patches of grass where the tall fence of the feeding grounds intersects the lake to the south and the smooth curve of the bowl wall rises on the opposite shore. At that intersection one can make out a small building and colorful fabrics where the Weyr's residents go to relax. The shallow lake waters shimmer invitingly, day and night, lapping at the fine grain sands. Engineered pipes are hidden beneath the bowl landscape and feed the lake as well as the grasses of the feeding grounds to keep the water levels from dropping past a certain point which is marked by a waist high obelisk.

Evening looms on the horizon, though Rukbat's rays still glimmer gold and bright for the time being. Night has a funny way of coming hard and coming quick at the desert Weyr - but Lucrezia pays it no mind. The trader is out at the lake, picking her way along the edge of it on bare feet. Sandals hang in one hand; her skirts are saved from the water by the other. Footprints on the sand mark how far she's come - but there is no sign of where she started. All the while, the young woman is singing - her voice pitched low and melodic, a sonorous hum of a thing from a distance. One drawing closer might be able to pick out the particulars, but the accent is strange, speaking of distant lands, and the words are skewed so far as to be unintelligible.

Erina is clearly not accustomed to the powerful desert heat of Igen. After arriving at the weyr, she pretty much made a straight beeline for the lake and dove right in. She's been lounging in the water ever since, desperately relying on the cool liquid to keep her at least somewhat comfortable. As the distant sound of singing reaches her, she exits her blissful floating reverie, stirred by curiosity. She swims towards the shore where Lucrezia is, drifting close enough to listen. "You have such a pretty singing voice." She calls out during a pause in the song.

To each their own reverie; even as the other young woman is drawn from hers, Lucrezia's lost in her own. It's only at the call from the water during that tonal lull that she seems to snap out of it, her bright gaze cutting keenly in the direction of the other voice. The song ends on a light, quavering note - only to yield a speaking voice that's cheerful and lilting, if just a bit breathy. "Oh! Oh, thank you!" And if her voice is merry, her smile is thrice that; utterly brilliant, all the way through. She sketches out a quick curtsey for the lady in the water and chances a few steps into the shallowest water licking at the shore. "How are you? Are you new here? You don't -look- familiar!" The questions come in a breathless rush, earnest in their curiosity.

"Oh, I'm as new as it gets." Erina confirms as she swims a little closer, getting at least near enough to be able to stand in the water. Her shoulders are bare, suggesting either a tiny swimsuit or that she's been out here skinny dipping. She greets Lucrezia with a friendly grin, matching curiosity with her own. "I just got here a couple hours ago. My name's Erina, I'm a trader. It's nice to meet you. I hope you're good? What do you do here?"

Rezia's approach is arrested only by the slightly increasing depth of the water. The skirts, they must remain dry! Her expression brightens all the more at those revelations and she bounces on the balls of her feet in lieu of being able to clap her hands. Bracelets chime and jingle all the same for the sudden movement, and the young woman positively chirps, "Oh! Another trader? That's wonderful! I'm a trader, too. From the Lucao family, yeah? I'm Lucrezia. It's a pleasure to meet you!" Another quick bounce on the balls of her feet bring the water perilously close to lapping at her skirts. "I'm doing -perfectly-. I hope you're enjoying yourself here," and she laughs, bell-bright, "though I suppose that's silly of me to hope, since you're clearly already doing that! What brings you here? The sand? The heat? The dreadful winds?"

Erina laughs, her bright merriment matching the other girl's. She doesn't seem inclined to wade out into shallower water just yet. Modesty, maybe? "Good guesses, but none of those, I'm afraid. Business! I'm being paid to make a big delivery from the smiths, and I have some other inventory I think will sell well… it's always nice to meet another trader! Maybe we can do a little business lately?" She grins ear to ear. "This water is quite lovely in this heat, though. Want to come in and join me?"

"Oh! What a -pity-. The sand is especially wonderful this time of year!" Lucrezia giggles, shakes her head a bit, and takes a partial step back from the water. "I've made a fair few marks here with sewing supplies," she confides. "That's mostly what I trade in, but not -all-. I'm sure we can sort something out, yeah?" She's unfailingly optimistic, at the very least. The suggestion, though, that has her pursing her lips thoughtfully for a beat or two. "I -suppose- I could," she considers, drawing the words out with a playful thoughtfulness as she moves closer and closer to shore. The reason is apparent enough; she needs -somewhere- to put her sandals and shed her dress while keeping them dry, if not sand-free. "Do you often come to Igen?" is wondered while she disrobes. "And where do you usually trade? And what? Is it usually smith-stuff?"

Erina beams and raises an arm out of the water to point out a heavy knapsack resting on the shore above the water line. "You can put your stuff in my pack, if you want! Got all my clothes in there, it won't be blowing away." So helpful. She watches the disrobing girl, an almost playful sort of smile on her lips. "Smith stuff sometimes, but I actually mostly carry weaver goods. Plus a few odds and ends from the leathercraft. I've even got a crate of candies from the bakers… as for where, it's usually weyrs. I was in Monaco recently. Ista and Half Moon are on my usual route, too. How about yourself?"

"Oh, no. It should be fine here," Rezia calls back. "But, thank you!" The dress is folded, the sandals flipped upside-down and laid on top, with a few of her bracelets - but not all - being set on top. It's a funny, almost ritualistic thing and, when she straightens, it's with a languid stretch. She picks her way back to the water's edge and steps in slowly, bracing against the contrast of cool water and hot air. "Oof. Well! I stick with the Weaver-y stuff, mostly - so, we'll have to compare goods sometime, yeah? I get a pretty lovely deal on glass beads and silk thread - but I can never get my hands on good lace." It's a terrible state of affairs, or so says the slight, pouty quiver of her lower lip. That ends quickly enough, though, and the rest is noted with a merry nod or three. "Oh! So -weird-. We stick with Holds, mostly. I'm only here because- well. Family stuff, I guess you could say. It's a little crazy." She sticks the tip of her tongue out demonstratively. "What was Monaco like? Oh!" And something strikes the firelizard-flighty brain of hers, making her eyes wide. "Were you there for when things went all kaboom? At, um. Half Moon, I mean."

Erina isn't at all subtle about watching Lucrezia stretch. She even offers an appreciative little sort of whistle. "Wow. You're a pretty one, aren't you?" She blurts out, giggling a little and raising her arm to beckon the other girl into the water. "Monaco was quite lovely. Great weather this time of the turn. Fortunately I left Half Moon before the quakes. Lucky me, it would've been terrible for my stock. Anyways… come by my wagon tomorrow, you can see all the weaver stuff I've got. I'm sure we can work out good deals. I have a lot of stuff that'd sell well in holds. I just usually don't visit them. I find the weyr attitude to be more… freeing. A lot of them don't think too much of…" She grins a little wryly. "… Girls like me."

Nor does Lu seem to mind overly much; she's apparently accustomed enough to that kind of appreciation that she doesn't even bat an eye. All the same, a blush graces her cheeks and the bridge of her nose, much to her chagrin. "Oh! Well, thank you. It's the dancing, you know?" For the muscle tone, that is, though she doesn't venture too deeply down that road. She settles comfortably into the water, moving with a sense of innate grace that sends her gliding past the other girl - just out of arm's reach. "We'll see, we'll see," she sing-songs brightly. "I think I'm supposed to meet up with the rest of the Lucao tomorrow or the next day." Her nose wrinkles. "Business." And that's that. She twists in the water to better face the other young woman and to grace her with a look of mild concern all the same, "At least you got out early. It sounds pretty awful," those are the words coming out, anyway, but the trader undercurrent is there: it also sounds like a fine place to make some good marks now. But, she deftly moves along with, "No? Most Holds seem pretty- mm. Simple. We can take the same dance routines to the same old Holds turn after turn and they're always excited, you know?" Her head tips. "But I don't think that's what you're getting at, yeah-yeah? Wherry-heads, the lot of 'em."

Erina wrinkles her nose, then pouts with a look of sympathy and mild disappointment. "Awww. You sure you can't make just a little bit of time for me?" She drifts close, batting her eyelashes in a flirtatious manner that probably dispels any lingering doubts about what she might've meant by that remark about 'girls like her'. "Mmmm. Well, hopefully another day soon. Or evening. I can make time for the best person I've met at Igen so far…" Also the only person she's met at Igen, but why focus on that? "So, you dance, hmmm? I like to dance, too. Any good places to dance around here?"

"I hope so, too," but Lucrezia's tone is redolent with doubt. Her nose wrinkles again. "Usually, when we get back to camp, it's time to move on - and I'm not, um. Not yet properly of -here- yet. It's messy-messy." Her mouth pulls a little to one side before she catches herself. That uncertain line is turned into a cheerful smile a moment later. "But! I'll see what I can do, you know? I'm sure my rider-friend can take me over if they start to move on." Easy-peasy! And as for the type of girl Erina is? Well, it's certainly not -bothering- the other trader. Which is precisely why she's able to glide right along to: "Oh, not really. It's not really, mm. Not a place for much dancing, I guess. Mostly, I dance where I can, but the sand. Oh, the -sand-, it's terrible! I'm still exploring a bit, too. Haven't had much time, you know? But! They have the most wonderful gardens here and- oh! You really should see things from the Stones!" Which is paired with a point to the very Star Stones she speaks of.

This prompts more pouting from Erina, but she quickly masks it with another grin. "Well, you /could/ drop by tonight, if you want. I have a nice roomy wagon. You could see my stock, we could just have a nice evening… I even have a few little goodies from the vinters, too." Someone certainly isn't the shy type! She winks and giggles, paddling around Rezia in a little circle. "Well, those are all on my list for places to explore before I leave. But exploring's always more fun with company."

"-Maybe-," but that's all Rezia seems able to offer, with that fleeting, sidelong look angled toward the shore. A blink later and she's looking at Erina - or, at least, following her as far as she can without needing to move. She's settled into a comfortable state of treading water, which just further enables the other woman's ability to swim around her. "We'll see," is repeated again, her tilted smile straightening itself up. "Especially if you have a few nice things from the vintners, you know? It's been a pretty long time since I've had anything -different-. Igen's got some stuff with a good kick, but…" she trails with a wiggling of one hand in a see-sawing motion. "-Anyway-. If you're around and I'm around, I'll be happy to show you the place. Sound good?" And if not- well. Time's always on their side, right?

Erina seems to be comfortable enough in the water that swimming circles poses no particular challenge. Her slightly wicked grin seems to be growing a little. "I'll hold you to that." She says, playfully reaching out and tapping at Rezia's nose. "Good company, good drinks, sexy clothes, and exploring. Now that sounds like just about a perfect plan to me."

The tap to her nose causes Lucrezia to go comically cross-eyed for a few seconds. She sticks her tongue out at the teasing and, when Erina comes 'round again, it's her turn to get a light tweak to the nose. "I wouldn't hold me to -anything-," she points out with a bright giggle and a renewal of her smile. "I'm pretty awful about remembering all the time." Truth? Fiction? Hard to tell with the likes of her. "But! I'm sure you'll remind me, yeah-yeah?" And when a moment presents herself, she angles toward the shore and starts to paddle, her motions languid - but also purposeful. In the near distance, a brown dragon can be spotted, along with a humanoid silhouette that seems to be leading the creature along. "So. Keep an eye out, you know? And- um. If I'm -not- around, you can always ask for Ph'eles. He's good with messages and stuff."

Erina resumes that pouting, disappointed look, a heavy sigh escaping her. "Aw. And here I was looking forward to a wild evening…" Wild? Erina has something of a habit of getting ahead of herself, it seems like. Still, she manages at least a parting smile, following Rezia back towards the shore. "Don't worry. I wouldn't forget the promise of a fun night from someone like you." She says with a wink and a wave. "Have a lovely evening."

Oh, and there's that giggle again. Lucrezia gathers her things up but only bothers to put the bracelets on. The rest is hugged to her chest, once she's dried off enough in the heat - which doesn't take terribly long at all. "Take care of yourself, you know? And I'll see you soon," or later, whichever way it works out. And, saucy tease of a thing that she is, Lu blows a kiss to Erina and is soon skipping off after the brownrider that draws nigh.

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