Hatching Fall 2016

Characters Al'dru, Derek, Doktah, Lucas, Maisy, Neyuni
Synopsis Zuhth and Eranzath's eggs hatch!
Out-of-Character Date October 15, 2016

IGW Hatching Grounds
As if temperatures in the rest of the Weyr weren't uncomfortable enough, the sands are positively blistering. The air shimmers from the onslaught of heat, leaving the area with a hallucinatory feel. Black sands stand currently empty but for the occasional egg-shard or 'print not swept clear. A raised platform of smooth stone provides a lounging-spot for queens or their mates, or a retreat for the lifemates that accompany them from whence they can cool their feet somewhat.

Maisy steps onto the sands.

Doktah steps onto the sands.

Lucas steps onto the sands.

Wobble, rock, wobble, rock as the Thus Spake Zarathustra Egg betrays its inevitable hatching by starting to move. The movements continue for a long while, before they slow and totally still.

Derek steps onto the sands.

Ls'a and D'ru lead the candidates onto the sands with Kitty chatting to the Weyrlingmasters right up to the last moment. Once at that point of no return the farmcraft rider turns off to find a seat and cheer all the candidates one. Meanwhile the 'masters set right to work directing candidates into a neat semicircle across the sands.

Barely it moves, the Breath of Life Egg, just enough to say that maybe, perhaps it did move. Or perhaps it did not and the heat of the sands are playing tricks on the mind.
Lucas makes his way out onto the sands. Big man, dark skin, shaved head, white robe, boots—he certainly looks distinctive enough, if not what anybody would call fashionable. He pays his respects to the queen and her consort, if perfunctorily, and then shifts to finding his place in the semicircle. If he had pockets, he could put his hands in his pockets. Instead, once he's standing there, he rubs at his face, as though still trying to wake up.

Maisy is definitely not the first one onto the sands. She has no problem letting other people move around her to get their faster, but once she's there with the heat under her feet, the redhead offers the sire and dam of the clutch a respectful, if nervous, bow of her head.

Slowly moving cracks appear on the Thus Spake Zarathustra Egg, starting out small and faint before growing larger and starting to follow the path of the tree on the egg.
Doktah scrambles out onto the sands alongside her fellow candidates. She looks more nervous than usual, eyes wide as she observes the wobbling egg. "… Yep. That looks about ready to hatch." She mumbles the obvious, hurriedly bowing to the gold on the sands after lining up.

Al'dru is standing next to Neyuni, watching over the eggs and then taking a slight step back from them as the candidates move out and spread around. A nod to Eranzath and the bronze is also pulling back, giving the folks more room around the eggs.

With just a little bit of movement, the Orphic Egg starts to wobble, wiggling in the small hollow where it was laid. It trembles and twitches, before eventually going still once more.

Derek steps out onto the sands, while he takes his time to show respect with a flourished bow. He then moves to the semi-circle position, and then stands tall. There is fire in his gaze as he takes a small breath and exhales it, there with Maisy, Lucas, and Doktah, as well as those that led them in. His boots press to sand while his robes flow about his well-honed form.

Zuhth is sitting up straight and proud. Her welcoming thrum easy to make out. She does eye the candidates as they arrive, a decently respectful group it seems. Now it is up to the eggs. Her rider is relaxed, ok not really, as she stands with Al'dru. Hard to be relaxed at a hatching. "Time already… so which first you think?"

It might be able to hide movement, but cracks are something else again as the Breath of Life Egg starts to show the next step in its demise.

D'ru whispers to a Frenial, a weyrbred girl to scoot down more, while Ls'a is helping to finalize the last few buckets of arriving meat in preparation for the first hatchling. Finally, all is ready and the two move to stand behind and to the side watching their charges and the eggs with equal measure.

Al'dru glances over at the wobbling eggs and pauses. "Somehow, I suspect it's going to be one of the ones now moving." He grins and stares back a bit more. "Other than that, I really have no idea to be honest."

Out of the darkness and into the light, the shell shatters with no warning into a million splinters and litters the sands like a landmine. From them a dark shadow of earth emerges, stretching, yawning and slowly untangling limbs with deliberate purpose, no movement wasted as he rights himself to his feet and shakes out darkly damp baby wings.

Lucas finally seems to realize he lacks anything to do with his hands, and settles for crossing his arms as he stands there, surveying the eggs. He might be looming a bit, but certainly not intentionally. "They could be readier. We could get this done with." Not a raised voice, though, nothing intended to carry so far as the galleries. Despite the fact that keeping an eye on the eggs would be wiser, his eyes wander to the galleries. "That's a lot of people."

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< The Next World Brown Odootlith and Zhii >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Damp darkened earth moves with a slow purposefulness as this hatchling migrates from the remains of his egg. The recent rains must have seeped through his shell and doused the earthy hide until little muddy rivulets weep down thin trails of his forearms and hindlegs to pool in thick hands and feet with blurred dark talons. He plods along, eyes bright an alert in comparison to the dragging frame until her reaches the candidates. He stops before Doktah, looking the lass up and down before choosing another girl three candidates further on. Zhii looks completely shocked, squealing "Me?!? Really Odootlith?!?!"

Doktah nervously plays with the sleeve of her robe. So much fidgeting today. "They wouldn't be ready then. They'd have already done it. That's past ready." Clearly this is the right moment to be a grammar stickler. Her eyes go wide again at the first dragon to hatch.

Nary a movement betrays the Orphic Egg before cracks begin to form across its surface. Fine, spindly lines that start small, before they widen and lengthen, soon enough spanning the length and breadth of the egg.

Derek takes a deep breath and exhales, while he watches the first dragon hatch, then follows its path. Afterwards, he looks forward once more, and then swallows a small bit. He frowns in thought, then that fire returns to his gaze, standing in his stance, planted there, like he were keeping silent vigil, his gaze seeming fond of the Breath of Life egg however as he watches it, a deep fondness, then he tears it away for a moment to look forward.

Maisy, of course, would like to keep her eyes firmly on the eggs and the beginnings of cracking shells and impressions, but she has a hard time not glancing back toward the galleries every few moments, scanning for people she must not want to find. "Shh," is a somewhat uncharacteristic admonishment to Lucas' complaints.

With how slow it was going, surprisingly the Breath of Life Egg now hatches quickly, whole and entire in one second and in the next it is gone, splinted to bits and framing a damp, hungry hatchling.

Lucas gets his comeuppance for not paying attention, bringing his gaze sharply back around to Zhii. He mouths the name, almost incredulously, then shakes his head. "Well, whoever had a brown for first will be happy tonight. I wonder what that's supposed to be, if greens are bad luck and bronzes good. No luck at all?" He makes a face at Maisy's admonishment.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< Grandfather Turtle Blue Hatchling >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Bluish grey, the dusky hide of this dragon seems marred and brushed with a soft, fogging iridescence that hides the true color. The blue hue deepens as it spreads back and down, the coloring slowly growing more intense until his belly and throat line are touched in shades of deep navy. His head is narrow and sharply pointed, situated on a very short neck while his chest and back are broad and stolidly built before his form ends abruptly with an oddly shortened tail, and the barest hint of a tail spade. Short thick forearms and haunches support him, his talons thick and deep navy over the lighter blue paws. His wings are the same dusky blue, fading nearly into the same color that adorns his back and only the slight hint of wingspars differentiates the wingsails from his body and only on close examination can the soft whorls and spirals be seen in the thin hide.

Grandfather Turtle Blue Hatchling takes his first steps, shaking out his wings before creeling unhappily that it is taking him so long. A quick shake of his head and he finally gathers himself up and starts to move forward, almost tripping and landing on his nose. So he is now back to making adjustments before he attempts that walking thing again.

The unconventional conversations egg shudders as if it does not really want to move but knows it has to. Really here eventually something has to give and with little more fanfair the egg splits into four large pieces and away steps a rather small green. She seems unhurried from her clutchmates, stretching wings to dry and getting her bearings with slow blinking eyes.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< Tree of Life Green Rtylith and Ph'dryn >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
A small green this young lady stretches out a hide that is as warm and inviting as a summer day in some faraway forest meadow. The old growth forest reaches up her limbs in knobby curves that tangle themselves briefly before relaxing into sturdy branches to support her growing form. Green of tree-life covers completely in vine and ivy curled about thick trunk and knobby branches as arms nad legs find purchase in the giving sand. Eyes are clear and bright as she chirps to the world and begins to move unhurriedly across the desert to the candidates waiting. A living tree she moves as quickly as you would imagine one doing so, pausing to eye Derek in complete silence. It drags on, one moment then another but whatever indiscernible quality she seeks she does not find it in the young lad and instead wraps thick leafy sails around a younger lad some paces to the right. Phaedryn blinks with the same slowness, staring several long moments before slurring out "Rtylith?" the pair stand their enwrapped in each other long after the time one would consider appropriate and only by the clearing throat of one of the weyrlingmasters do they break, Ph'dryn and Rtylith, and slide towards the side of the sands.

Derek looks at the egg he had just been watching turn into a dragon. He watches it with a curious gaze, unmasked now, all fire from that gaze of his softened up. He follows the path it takes with his eyes, but stands still and in the semi-circle, while he looks forward once more.

Doktah glances to Lucas and shrugs one shoulder. "I never did get around to making any bets." She says, as if she ever planned on it. She blinks when the brown comes by, looking at her for a worryingly long time. Then she exhales with mingled relief and disappointment. When another impression happens she has recovered enough to applaud.

Ls'a steps forward to take the first pair of Zhii and Odootlith off towards the waiting buckets. "Ok, remember how we taught you. Slowing, one small chunk at a time. Make him swallon in between. Don't let him gorge or you'll be missing any post hatching party." D'ru grins at this as he moves to assist Rtylith and Ph'dryn as well. Soon the same instructions are repeated. Ls'a returns in time to warn a few nervous candidates to keep their eyes on the blue.

A sudden force, the kicking of the hatchling within hatches the Orphic Egg, causing it to split wide and dump out its occupant on the sands, wet and creeling.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< Made for the Goddess Bronze Hatchling >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
He is masculine perfection sculpted in newly cast bronze, the bright metal polished and buffed to a mirror shine. He is not especially long, but rather solid and compact as a top class athlete, shining brilliantly in the light. Hints of gold kiss a refined head, freckling the broad forehead and tracing the crest above wide, bold eyes. The wedge dishes slightly as it drops to a narrow muzzle with full, flaring nostrils and sharp chin bones. Small headknobs rise above the powerful muscles that keep a high arch, exposing the clean lines of his throatlatch and the silkily serpentine movements of the heavy neck. Like molten metal, tall ridges roll down the neck to the straight line of his broad back and short, cropped haunches. Brassy bronze glimmers in the high points of the big, barreled chest and muscular torso. The sloping shoulders and hind quarters are as hard as the metal they resemble but drop to clean, flashy limbs supported by lean, strong paws with blackened bronze talons. The heavy tail is held high and tight, his balance perfected and always just on the edge of explosive power. The snap of his wings spreading is the ringing of a struck bell. Those translucent sails are pure reddish bronze supported by the delicate webbing of darker bronze 'spars and wing bones, kissed once more by golden motes.

The more dragons that are hatching, the easier it is for Maisy to keep her focus entirely on the sands before her. However uncomfortable she might seem, she stays where she is, so that should probably count as bravery or something, right? "Who would bet on this?" Maisy, poor sheltered thing. Betting is for racing, obviously.
Shake, shake goes the Devouring Mother Egg, rocking back and forth in its spot on the sands with the frantic energy of the hatchling inside. It wobbles violently before, exhausted it goes still.

Derek looks to the egg that just shook, and actually shivers a bit. Fear enters his gaze for a moment. Then he shakes his head and turns all his attention on the other eggs, and the small dragons milling about.

Grandfather Turtle Blue Hatchling finally begins to move again, now having dried off quite a bit more and as he has, he gets to his feet again and heads toward a cluster of white robed candidates. Taking his time, his head bobs as he moves, watching each one closely before always, always moving on to look up into another face. Finally he stops to look up into the face of a black haired lad, his attention arrested before he shoves his head forward into the candidate's chest.

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Grandfather Turtle Blue Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

"He would." Doktah answers Maisy, pointing in Lucas' direction. Her eyes aren't straying from the hatchlings, though. They looked so much bigger than she thought they would!

Lucas finally is keeping his eyes on the young dragons, as there are more of them—but surely fewer than there are observers in the galleries, so it's easier to keep track down here. "I mean, I did, obviously," he acknowledges the accusation made by Doktah. "Why wouldn't I? No matter what happens today, I win. Seems like reason enough to do it."

Made for the Goddess Bronze Hatchling continues his maddened creel as he surges to his feet. Like any new thing, this is not the wisest choice and so he goes nose down into the sands, then again onto his rump before finally making it upright on four legs. Once errect the small head turns bright, alert eyes towards the candidates and the creeling just abruptly stops. Right! With the same abandon as before he attempts to rush towards the line. He retains his feet but his pathway is as much sidewards as forwards.

Derek blinks a few times, then all of the sudden, he looks down to the Turtle Blue, while he blinks a bit, and looks from side to side. For a moment his entire face is flushed, before he swallows, then coughs, "Iikith?" he asks, as he seems unsure if he should move or not, but does just enough, so that he can look at him, "Of course I love you Iikith."

All good things come to an end, and so it is with the Thus Spake Zarathustra Egg, as it neatly hatches on the sands. Very quickly it opens and exposes an egg wet, hungry hatchling that tries without much success to shake itself off.

Maisy can't help but give the much larger Lucas a disapproving look. She probably doesn't even realize she's doing it, though, given that she doesn't go saying anything else about it now that she knows.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< Scorched Earth Green Zoroath and M'hya >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Sere tinged green, this smaller hatchling is elegantly sinuous from the fine boning of her head and back to a long neck and lithe body. Dusty flecks speckle her body from the sharp edges of her neckridges and then coalescing thicker as they deepen along her belly and finally end with a flourish at her tail spade. Dusty, dark green are her wings, looking vastly oversized for her frame and she gets rather tangled in them as she hatches. As she is sorting out her mistake, Mashya, one of the healer apprentices is nearby and his efforts to help her are rewarded by the newly renamed M'hya announcing. "Her name is Zoroath." It takes a rather few minutes and a wrenched claw tip, but Zoroath is sorted and they both head off with one of the assistant weyrlingmasters.

The warmth of the sands has roasted this large eg until the exploring the cosmos can not quite take it anymore. There is a distinct twitch before it is still once more. The rivulet of sand that dribbles down the side of its shallow nest testifying that yes, indeed it did move. That was not completely your imagination just now. It is ever so hot out here, not comfortable at all, and to prove it the egg twitches again.

"Look at that, Derek! Good for him." Here, Lucas manages a real congratulations, though only a brief one before his attention's torn away again. There's a bronze on the sands, of course. Could anyone fault him a wistful look? Not, of course, that he has feelings about this whole Hatching thing, or nerves, or any of those things that lesser men might have to deal with.

Wobbling still, cracks start to form on the Devouring Mother Egg, and begin to wrap around the darkly ruddy shell, delineating along the forms of wiggling snakes as the egg weakens.

Doktah blinks, belatedly realizing that someone she actually knows just impressed. She joins the others in applauding Derek and his new lifemate. "Wow. This all happens so fast…" So many impressions!

Made for the Goddess Bronze Hatchling somehow finds himself on one end of the line though that is not the direction he was headed. But looking up there's a body in white and so he approaches Doktah eagerly. He gets right close to her and even sniffs a time or two. But the mistake is found and so he gives the young lady an angry creel. This is all her fault of course! A few steps are taken crabwise to the side and it's…Maisy! The bronze protests these girls on his sands. Where are the boys?

Al'dru is happy enough, clapping and applauding as each new pair is announced and even occasionally remembering to congratulate the new riders. Otherwise, he just seems to be enjoying himself as the eggs continue to move.

With little warning the touch of color egg simply shatters. Thin pieces of shell splatter to the sands in a million tiny thuds to announce the presence of the vibrant hatchling once held within. Brilliant as a spotlight, the birthdamp hide is momentarily intesified by its first exposure to true light in a shockingly bright hue.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< Ultimate Creator Blue Ulukuth and D'antra >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
This small blue will in no way be mistaken for any other. Hide bright electric blue echoes the harsh vibrancy of his personality. It radiates shockingly bright over a thin wiry frame that sends him towards the group of candidates with eager anticipation. The painful ruby of his whirling eyes in that desperate need of impression glow softly against the deep eyeridges as head lifts to let out a staccato cry. Mine, mine they must be found! Steely talons push aside gobs of sand as he comes to the nearest knot of candidates. There's a pause as he looks up Maisy but no, moving on thin wingsails shake out. Within the membranes flashes of golden lightening streak in no discernable pattern, shifting as he balances making his way rapidly along the line of white clad candidates. Surely there is one here who can help turn these energies inside him into something. Something… creative? Something… destructive? With a surprised shout Diantra locks eyes with the little blue. "Ulukuth?" it rolls smoothly off her tongue as if she'd known it long before. "Let's start with making a simple meal first." D'antra continues with little pause as she guides the blue unerringly towards the side of the sands.

There's a brief look in Derek's direction, taking in the blue that seems to have found him, but the bronze that gets near her draws her attention back in quick order. Maisy steps back, just one foot, and shakes her head. She agrees with his protest, evidently.

Ls'a and D'ru are both very busy at this point. There are pairs to escort, meat to fetch and there's always that one little green that insists on eating too much or too fast. Finally someone comes to Iikith and his rider to the side. "Here's your bucket. Remember, one at a time, slowly. Make him finish the first before giving another."

The exploring the cosmos egg continues to twitch with ever increasing frequency. The one within perhaps getting a bit irritated as the focal point of the shell most resting on the sand grows ever hotter ever quicker and it is ever SO uncomfortable! A distinct crack snaps across the sands and the egg falls still in as much surprise to the sound as to the crooked shard which has slipped off allowing true light into the inner world of the shell. What, what is this now?

Derek chuckles at the bronze that seems to take umbrage with Maisy, then he flicks his gaze between it and Lucas, almost hopefully, before he coughs, then moves to the side while he begins to feed Iikith, taking it slow. He claps as other people get theirs, but he seems intent on his new lifemate, happiness on his face like no one has seen before with him.

Now that it is still moving, it does not take long for the Devouring Mother Egg to hatch. Just a couple of quick jerks and it shatters, leaving all exposed to everyone the damp hatchling that was inside.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< Life is Painful Green Atliqueth and Toci >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Brilliantly bright chartreuse, this green hatchling's hide seems to almost glow from within. She is on the large size for her color, her features almost coarse with a broadened head and then a thick, stocky body. Broad talons cap her wide feet and she is almost immediately on her toes, using her tail to balance her quickly and then being able to shake out damp, even brighter colored wings. It takes her almost no time to find who she is looking for, glancing up at Toci, a weyrbred girl famous for her ability to trap tunnelsnakes and the one she keeps for a pet. "Yes, Atliqueth, you're so much better than tunnelsnakes. So much better."

Doktah watches the little interaction between Maisy and the bronze with interest and no small amount of confusion. "Curious." She sighs a little bit. "… I should have asked if I could bring my notebook out here." Another impression, another round of applause.
Lucas offers up, helpfully: "Look, at least if someone finds you interesting, maybe that's a good sign?" Even if the someone is a bronze. He keeps his distance, though, from either of the girls or the bronze in question—there's a green to give some notice to, too, a momentary distraction.

The jagged piece of shell which has broken off the exploring the cosmos egg lays passively on the sand. Where it once kept unbroken a surface so bizarre there is now a shadowy jagged hole. A weakness which appears to be utilized in surprising efficiency. That, that spot out of which slips titanium hued talons, damp and yet ever so sharp and ready. They push and test at this hole, snapping off other pieces of shell and widening the point of origin until it will suffice as exit. When eager talons can do no more the foot behind it kicks out, dangling in mid-air a moment before kicking again, rocking the shell over until it crumbles wider and out slides the newest member of Igen with a surprised squeal.

Made for the Goddess Bronze Hatchling takes one more step, then another and what's this? Big, dark, but wearing white. Hmmm. The bronze eyes and sniffs. Each moment is more interesting, more exciting, until he's nearly bouncing in place. Yes. This is more like it. This is the one. He steps forward and lifts his head to butt his chosen in the stomach. Hey! Bro, down here!

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Made for the Goddess Bronze Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< Touch of the Cosmos Gold Hatchling >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Sun lit gold shines bright over the soft smooth hide of this dragon. It gleams with an eternal newness along the delicate taper of her muzzle ending in a slightly blunted point. The light flows around the loving blue-green swirl of her large eyes and onto fine wrought eyeridges that help to frame her delicate face. A short length of neck is well, but not overly muscled, which describes most of her frame in general. Her sturdy build is well proportioned but neither bulky nor overly light, she is just as much as she needs to be to move with purpose and as much grace as any dragon can muster. Front is equally balanced by the perfect length of her tapered tail. The agile extension is studded by softer ridges of half-molten nuggets. Thicker spars support the broad and lengthy swath of delicate wingsail membranes. The translucent sails appear much as streaks of light which emanate from her body and dissipate outwards into the cosmos beyond her physical boundary. It is as if she can invisibly touch those beyond her physical being as surely as the sharp golden curve of her talons can ensnare her prey.

Derek seems to be entranced with his dragon, and he spends so much time with it, that he doesn't realize right after he fed it again, he trips over a small talon, and faceplants right into the hot sands. That has to hurt.

Lucas is staring. It's rude to stare, of course, but what kind of self-respecting man cares anything about manners? "Uh, yeah. She's… cute is… that's one word for it." But he's staring, at least, at the bronzehis bronzeand not at the new-hatched gold, no matter how remarkable that occasion. "Ophioth. Yeah. Food's over—somewhere around here. I got you." And he does, or he will in a moment, anyway.

Once she realizes that the bronze has chosen Lucas, of all people, Maisy seems, well, a little confused. Enough that she doesn't really remember to do anything that might be considered congratulatory. The redhead looks, instead, between Doktah and the last remaining hatchling, fingers curling uncertainly into the sides of her robe.

Touch of the Cosmos Gold Hatchling shakes her wings out as she scrambles for footing. Around and before her a battleground stretches, shards of all size and shape stick this way and that and it doesn't seem to phase her at all. In fact she draws in a breath and lets out a more proper bugle catching sight of the remaining candidates beyond. Eyes scan quickly and she moves without much thought, barreling forward on instinct towards a grouping of girls. Hey, stop looking at that foolish pointless bronze. She has arrived! A less elegant squawk slips out as she plows to as sudden a stop between Maisy and Doktah.

D'ru heads to scoop up Lucas and Ophioth, while Ls'a is checking that Derek and his blue are both ok. The two voices begin to meld together until only he boy each is speaking to can tell what's being said. Once bronze and rider are settled and blue and rider are checked, the Ls'a returns to await this new development while D'ru circles between the impressees to keep any more accidents from occuring.

Doktah blinks. Another friend impressed! She quickly and enthusiastically applauds for Lucas. "Congratulations, Lu…" She is quickly distracted by a massive gold hatchling looming over her. Her eyes widen and she leans back a little. "Oh…"

"L'cas!" A shift in the emphasis more than anything, but L'cas is clearly tickled enough by the change to make note of it to even a distracted Doktah. He heads off to follow D'ru and attend to the care and feeding of his dragon. The one he totally didn't bet against himself Impressing—or at least, he's probably never going to be bragging about that again.

Derek looks at the Gold while his gaze flits between Doktah and Maisy. That's from after his head looks up, and he tries to mask something. Either way, he smiles to the one checking on him and his blue, and he nods a bit. Then he continues to feed his newly born lifemate, tending to it, and if allowed, brushing fingers across the scales, just briefly.

Neyuni is barely keeping track of all the action and the last hatchlign to arrive is certainly a surprise. She turns to look briefly at Zuhth, "Really? Two in a row?" before her head gives a little shake and she looks to see who among those remainign will catch the young queens attention while pondering out loud to Al'dru "Y'know Iwa's gonna be sooo jelous."

Al'dru shakes his head. "Now that she's not going to be the only junior around here? Well, I think it's a good thing too, can never have too many I don't believe." He hmms glancing back at the newest members of the weyr. "They all seem very well developed, though."

Maisy glances briefly back toward the galleries, but maybe it's only so she's not staring at the baby gold on the sands between her and Doktah. She offers a brief, weak smile to the other girl whether she looks at her or not. Nervous smiling, maybe, or encouragement.

Touch of the Cosmos Gold Hatchling wrears up on her hindlegs, displaying her amazing self to the two close candidates. Yes, see me, fear me, be with me! At least she seems to know who she's looking for, maybe. A long ponderous affair she does not seem to be the type for and it's actually a bit unclear if she does a mental coinflip or actually chooses. Wobbly hindlegs give out and perhaps she simply falls onto one without much forethought and that's enough for her. Eyes lock and impression is made as she warbles joyfully. Hi!

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Touch of the Cosmos Gold Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

Neyuni chuckles. "I dunno, the Weyr was so nice an quite. Now I'll probably have squabbling juniors." her head looks like it's already starting to hurt but the choice is made and perhaps that will work out well afterall.

For maybe the only time in his life so far, L'cas is completely uninterested in what's going on with some young women in his general vicinity. No, he's just after the most efficient way to get a large quantity of meat down the gullet of his epically shiny dragon.

Ls'a smiles slightly at the Weyrwoman's quip. "Did she chose or just fall into love?" He asks playfully while keeping most of his attention on the gold and girls. A snort comes for the galleries where Kitty is just about hanging over the rail at this point.

Al'dru offers a slight shrug. "I'm sure they will learn to get along. Or Zuhth will sit on them and that will be the end of the squabble. And honestly, go with oldest first if you want."

Derek continues on with his blue for now, feeding it, while he has a small conversation with the beautiful creature. He seems a bit exhausted after the whole ordeal however, and contents to tend to Iikith as instructed and directed.

Maisy staggers back a step when the hatchling looks at her, but she takes a deep breath when she does it. Eyes wide, she glances at Doktah, almost panicked, but then her hazel eyes are back on the gold and everything is, well, it's okay as she's going to get. Her tremble is less fearful than it is simply dealing with the adrenaline of the moment. "Zeraeth?" she tests it out, stepping toward hatchling now.

Doktah makes another one of those relieved sort of sighs, a smile spreading over her face as she applauds, trying to reassure Maisy at least a little. "Knew it." She says to herself, softly.

Ls'a gathers in the last pairing of Maisy and Zeraeth. The feeding instructions are repeated one more time even as D'ru begins the process of helping full pairs clean up and get ready for the big move to the barracks. Empty buckets disappear faster than they are created and the first hatched brown is set to walking around to keep him from falling asleep just yet.

Derek claps when Maisy impresses, then smiles. He looks over those that didn't impress, including Doktah so far, and seems thoughtful, before he turns his attention back to Iikith, and tells him a children's story while he feeds him, for some reason.

Neyuni smirks a bit, clearly amused. Zuhth falls quiet as the last emerge and impress and then without fanfare takes off, freed from her duties here for the time being.
Neyuni sighs and steps towards hte remaining candidates, offering comfort and hope as much as she can. It's clear a few standing have heard this line before but you truly never know if you don't try in this quest "So, thank you all. It seems your partner was not on these sands today. We welcome you to join us in the hatching feast and take a few days to relax and gather your thoughts. Igen is happy to offer you a permanent home if you like, or transportation to wherever else on Pern you'd rather go if not."

Doktah takes a moment to let that sink in. Looks like it wasn't to be today. She gave one last polite bow to the gold and a last look at those who impressed before hurrying back off the sands.

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