Still Awkward - Raaneth's Second Flight

Characters Alexa, J'en
Synopsis In the aftermath of Raaneth's flight, Alexa realizes that second time is NOT the charm.
Out-of-Character Date October 20, 2019

Igen Weyr - Alexa's Weyr
It's a rather large cave with not a lot of stuff in it yet. (it also really needs a desc.)

Warning: There's probably language and stuff.

Raaneth's second flight came as unexpectedly as the first. This time, however, Alexa managed to make it back to her weyr rather than running into the lower caverns. A blistering hot day in the desert, the soot-dappled queen led her suitors on a fast and acrobatic chase through the clear skies of Igen, until one by one they fell away. In the end, it was the foreign Leketh that caught the youngest Igen queen. And now, hours later in the cool of the evening, Alexa rolls over with a sleepy sound of protest and flings an arm across her supposed-to-be-empty bed. Only it's not so empty tonight.

The plan had been to visit Jaspyr and S'van had come along of course, but he'd been called back to Fort for something wing related and had left J'en to following him back afterwards. Raaneth and Leketh had other plans though and even as he lays on a bed he knows isn't familiar surrounded by scents just as foreign, the bronzerider clung to sleep as if to put off the inevitable. Well, that is until an arm is tossed and flops across his stomach, causing golden eyes to fly open with a soft 'oof' sound as he startles into wakefulness. It takes him a couple of seconds to piece everything together and when he does the response is an instant frown and a bit of green settling in around the gills. The urge to get up, dress, leave, and scour his body raw the moment he could find a place to bathe had not dwindled over the turns and even now his skin was starting to crawl. It doesn't help that Leketh was preening and proud, practically gloating in the back of his mind as he radiated with pride over his conquest. No it did not.

This is only Alexa's second rodeo, and it doesn't seem to be going any better than the first. While she might not have heard the 'oof' that her arm inspired, she definitely felt that foreign body beneath it. Wide awake and only a little disoriented, she jerks her arm back into her body and freezes, belly-down on the mattress, like a startled starfish. Green eyes find J'en in an instant and, while there might be something in her brain going 'abort, abort!' she can't not look at the stranger in her bed. Her bed. A dart of her eyes around the room, though it's the only part of her that moves, and then back to J'en. One could practically see the wheels turning, as though searching for the proper response. And while there are probably many more eloquent ways of waking up with a stranger, Alexa apparently knows none of them and settles on, "Who're you?" as the least offensive. To make matters worse, her voice decides to do that raspy, crackling, croaking thing it does when one has not had enough to drink and then passed out sleeping.

It's the suddenness of the arm being yanked back quickly that brings about another startled jerk of Jae's body, one that he tenses after and clenches his teeth for, inhaling sharply through his nose and then exhaling very slowly indeed through the small gap between his pierced lips. That's right Alexa. Piercings, A LOT of tattoos, and a less than sunny disposition awaits. Golden eyes hood and ever so slowly they slide to meet the widened green of the belly down goldrider and on her they stay despite her attempts to reorient and ground herself, perhaps to remember time and place and reason as to why this man a near decade her senior was laying very naked beside her. The answer is fairly obvious, but the bronzerider gives her a moment before snorting softly initially to her question, biting his tongue in his old age from answering 'Does it matter?', "J'en, bronze Leketh's. Fort." he rasps back instead, the state of his throat in much the same condition as hers.

Oh yes, the wheels were turning. And while Alexa knew how it was they came to be in such a state, it's getting out of it that she's not as sure about. Particularly when her bed partner is a rather more intimidating sort than the last one. And so she stays where she is, belly down and staring at the not-as-mystery man on the other side of her bed, rolling his name around and connecting it with… frankly nothing. Fort. So very far away. "Alexa," she croaks after a moment, clearing her throat a second later to try and rid it of the frog. "Raaneth's rider and… Igen…" but the words taper off because DUH he probably knows that already, nose wrinkled in annoyance for herself before she sighs and lets it go. "You um. You don't… you know. Don't feel like you have to stay or anything…" she adds, as casually as she can. But it's about as smooth as sandpaper, and she can't really pretend otherwise. "Unless you want… to…" Wince. Definitely not getting any smoother.

There was something to be said about mutual nakedness at a time such as this that makes even J'en feel a little on the awkward side, as he knew deep down that he shouldn't be thinking of saying or doing any of the things currently occupying his mind at present, but the desire to do so was rapidly increasing. The whole being stared at thing wasn't helping much with that either, if he was honest, the crease along his brow forming a harder line that had started to lower. What the fuck was she looking at? There's a nod for the return offer of a name, one that he was likely to forget quickly if he had any choice in the matter, his singular thought in that moment on returning to Fort and S'van as soon as possible. However, there's a blink as she mentions their location, something about her nose wrinkle and sigh keeps him from speaking the first thing to pop into his head. She was so young, in fact she couldn't be much older than twenty. This is when J'en groans internally, because the last thing he wanted to be was nice right now. Nice? What even was that? A brow arches as Alexa fumbles over her words, dark lashes lowering, and for a moment he lingers before grumbling something under his breath and shoving himself to sitting. Soon after, he turns and swings his legs over the side of the bed, his back to her. Those were some serious scars back there, like he'd been mauled by a wild feline and her cubs, "I got a weyrmate," he exhales roughly, discontented by the dryness of his throat and mouth as well as the soreness of his body. After a pause, "Not that yer ugly or nothin'…" Now it was Jae's turn to wince, pushing himself up to standing as to make for the clothing scattered across the room. Did he have 'SEVRAN' tattooed on his backside? Yes. Yes he did.

It's like a trainwreck. Alexa just cannot look away. No disrespect, but those are a lot of tattoos. So while she might be making 'nice' (or at least trying to), those eyes are more like deer-in-headlight staring than anything else. Predator. Prey. And Alexa knew which side of the line she was on. When he's finally twisting around and making moves to get up, she blinks once, twice, and then quickly turns away, cheeks flaming red as she clears her throat again. "Right. 'Course. Weyrmate." Eyeroll. "Doesn't everybody," she mutters with a grump. At least she's not so bold as to make mention of that tattoo — though she certainly caught sight of it — finding the wall super interesting just then. Yes. All lovely and… blank. "Yeah, I know," she adds, for her appearance. A little peek checks to see if he's suitably dressed, though Alexa is going nowhere fast. Belly-down on the bed is perfectly fine with her! "S'fine," she adds, reaching down to grope for her missing sheet and coming up empty. Sigh. "I'm not really… you know. Like that." Like what exactly? Words. They fail her. "This is weird," she decides, giving voice to the thought likely bouncing around both of their heads.

Yep, it sure was a lot of tattooed flesh there wasn't it? The staring was kind of freaking J'en out though and it was making him feel weirdly self conscious, which goes without saying of the compounding nature of her invitation to remain. That was a first. He can hear her twisting around on the bed back there behind him and he's not curious enough to brave a peek, instead sorting through the discarded garments until he comes up with pants at the very least, wriggling himself into them, "Not everyone," he comments dryly, unable to stop himself from side-eying all that grumpy. Totally his job. But Alexa was staring at walls and groping around for sheets that elude her, inspiring the bronzerider to pick up a couple of things that were definitely not his and tossing them into the spot he'd once occupied beside Alexa on the bed, "…'ere…" Yeah woman, put something on already. A snort follows for her confirmation on the value of her appearance, and strangely it adds a tick under the pro's column for the goldrider. "Like what?" he asks before he can stop himself, yanking on his tanktop and then plopping down again onto the edge of the bed to do the same with his boots, pausing midlace, "Yeah, and it dun get less weird. Ya just get better at 'idin' it." Some people get better at shrugging it off, but all J'en wanted right now was a long hot shower, a brillo pad, and S'van.

The plop of clothes beside her gets a jump from the goldrider, but at least she doesn't embarrass herself by squeaking or anything. Still. She was not expecting that, even if she somewhat appreciates it. Somewhat. This was her bed afterall! If she wanted to lounge around naked… But right now? Yeah no. That top is snagged and wiggled into, and only once it's over the front half does she risk any more movement. Boobies concealed — time to find pants. Or at least her sheet. Or that pillow there… "Like…" hand-twirl to indicate whatever the hell she's trying to indicate. At least a second later and she's got words again. "Like, into sex and stuff. Not my thing." FIVE MINUTES AGO SAYS OTHERWISE LADY. It's the last that gets a snort, and this time it's Alexa who can't stop her mouth from running away with her, a quick, "Like you?" offered for all that hiding business. "Not doing a great job, just so ya know." Two can play the grumping game, it seems. A sigh, and she tries a half-hearted apology with a quick "Sorry," that doesn't sound as sincere as she meant it to. "Second time. S'all," she adds by way of explanation, though she's not paying much attention to whether HE is paying attention anymore.

It hadn't been Jae's intention to scare Alexa, but rather help her out, stilling briefly and muttering something to himself that's lost to the rustling and creak of leather stretching over limbs. He keeps his back to her too, so that she can dress in as much privacy as he can offer at present, relief washing over him as he hears the telltale sounds of her moving. It was still awkward as all get out, but at least there wasn't naked on top of that. A glance is only spared back Alexa's direction as she speaks, having spotted the motion of her hand waving through the air out of the corner of his eye, a brow once again lifting as she seeks her words, "It's better with someone ya 'ave feelin's for." he hears himself say, and instantly he regrets it, especially when the goldrider goes on to point out how awful he apparently was at hiding. A moment of silence and J'en tugs on the lacing of his boots a bit harder than he'd intended, "Leketh dun catch often." is murmured softer, and might come across purely in tone as apologetic. A shrug then following her half-hearted one, "Dun worry about it." Boots laced, standing, J'en claims his jacket from where it'd fallen in the frenzy a few hours prior, trying very hard to not remember what came after that. "…'ave a bath and somethin' to eat if ya can. It 'elps sometimes…" That said, he awkwardly pulls on his jacket and does it up, dropping some lame farewell and takes a running leap or something off Raaneth's ledge. Fortunately, Leketh is there to catch him, and off they go back to Fort.

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