Chance Crossings

Characters Ch'y, Kyzen
Synopsis A chance meeting at a frozen lake shore results in something completely different!
Out-of-Character Date October 22, 2015

Fort Weyr - Lake Shore
This lake shares many features common to mountain lakes — a brilliant blue jewel nestled amongst the rocks. The waters are crystal clear, and the north shore slopes gently before abruptly falling away into the depths. This lake does have one significant differentiating feature, however. The south shore of the lake is a tumbled mass of rubble, rock and earth of an ancient rockslide smoothed only by the elements in the intervening years. This rubble, as well as the rather sheer east and west faces, makes for the north shore to be the only one easily accessible.

Late afternoon sees much of Fort under the usual amount of activity. At least things have "calmed" to a reasonable level with Kayeth's eggs Hatched and the issue of Mr'az being Weyrleader seeing Th'ero taking his place as interim Weyrleader for now. Winter has descended on the region but this day the winds are down and it's reasonably warm — kind of. For some it might be freezing and there are a few folk who hurry through their tasks to head back inside. Some, like Kyzen, aren't too troubled by it. The young boy has made his way out to the lake shore, coming back from the Weyr tunnel. Where he's been is anyone's guess, but he's a decent sized stick in hand, which he uses to poke idly at some of the piled snow and then experimentally at the water's edge.

Etoth circles down from his perch on the bowl rim to meet up with his rider below. Said rider is heavily bundled against the winters chill and stumbles a bit as if his thoughts aren't entirely focused. A yawn and he finds himself at the lake shore. Handy to have a dragon to come rescue one from to aimless a wandering. The blue backwings, landing neatly in a crunch of snow sending a few flurries about his rider and towards another who seems more at ease in the conditions. "It's your fault I got delayed here anyways," comes a good natured grumble from the bundled one and Etoth warbles unabashed «But she was such a pretty green.»

Kyzen turns his head when he feels some flurries and a change in the wind headed his way. He's not surprised by the arrival of Etoth, being weyrbred. What does keep his gaze lingering is that he may not wholly recognize the blue's rider. Not that he has every rider in Fort memorized, but he's not dim either. The words 'delayed here' reach his ears, even if partially muffled by the scarf wrapped around his neck. Poking at the frozen lake is abandoned and curiosity has the boy edging a little closer. "Hello!" He greets after using a gloved hand to push the scarf down so his words aren't entirely garbled. "Welcome to Fort." Belated and going on a whim, but at least he has manners?

Ch'y seems more irritated by the flurries, trying to brush off a flake or two with thick gloved hands. It really doesn't do much and speaks to him clearly not being acclimated to such conditions. Though he may be a stranger he is not without manners and catches the greeting inthe cold air and sacrifices pulling down at the scarf to not mumble behind the fabric and speak more clearly. "Hello and thank you. Fort's been quite hospitable indeed." the blues prances a bit and snorts as if amused leaning to whuffle at his rider before stretching his head towards Kyzen in his own deeper rumbled greeting. "But goodness it's cold and I seemed to have gotten turned around. Is that the lake?" maybe it's a good thing he's gotten interrupted or he might just have gone into icy waters.

"We've got good folk here!" Kyzen pipes up happily enough and maybe with a hint of boasting in there. He's happy with his home and is too young to have picked up on the subtler nuances that have plagued the Weyr over the latest Turn. Etoth's prancing draws his attention away but the blue receives a grin for the rumbled greeting and a slight nod of his head. Hello to you too! "One of them, yeah!" he answers to Ch'y, focusing back on the rider. He hefts that stick he'd been poking at the ice and snow earlier and uses it to point towards the Weyr's exit. "There's more out there, in the forests and up by the mountains but they're all frozen by now. This one never stays frozen for long." As for it being cold, Kyzen just shrugs. "You missed the worst days." It gets worse!? He tilts his head a bit, "Where are you from? Does it get cold there too?"

Etoth clearly feels much more frisky than his rider and as Ch'y grumbles and tries not to move all that much while conversing the dragon shifts restlessly. He seems pleased to be acknolwedged by Kyzen and then tail swishes into a smaller drift and flicks more snow into the air just so that he can watch it catch the sun on the way down. Playful, but at least he sends it away from the pair of humans. Entertained for a few seconds then attention is shifting back to his perfect partner and the rather interesting young one with him. Ch'y is luckily one that's never had to deal much with politics and tries his best not to paleat the thought of even colder weather, numbly echoing a moment "worse…" oh dear "I've settled in Igen, though I lived in Monaco most of my life." neither place particularly know for cold. "It does get chilly at night really more than one would think, but the weyr rock holds the heat well enough so I don't notice so much. I like the clear skies from there and was just going to head back. I came by to congratulate one of the new weyrlings." Etoth gets more nosy, not entirely as anxious to return to his heated home as his rider, at least just yet without getting to know this other it seems, circling around his rider and behind Kyzen to sniff at the younger one from behind. Boo! "Etoth!" Ch'y chides "I'm sorry he's," and gaze goes distant conversations blurring "He's a bit young I think."

"Oh, wow. I've never been to Igen or Monaco but I hear they're warm. Warmer here even for our summers! I did go to Ista once but… I was real young then." Which means Kyzen's doesn't remember enough to really have an opinion. He's far more curious about Ch'y claiming the stone holds warmth and the skies. "Are the skies always clear?" He hadn't seen Etoth's playfulness. Being raised around dragons since he was a babe has him almost "blind" to their antics. When the blue sneaks up behind him though, the boy laughs brightly and instinctively goes out to touch him with a gloved hand, only to hesitate and dart an apologetic look to Ch'y. He knows better than to just touch before asking, so the gesture goes incomplete. "S'fine," Kyzen says with an easygoing shrug. "My mother rides blue too and he can be the same, kind of. What's your name?" The question is for both Ch'y and Etoth alike, as the boy looks between rider and dragon.

Ch'y thinks "Well not always. We get sandstorms coming up from the desert now and then, and there is rain in the winter sometimes despite the weyrs reputation. Mostly though its good and clear" and then there's a blush though it might be hard to tell with his nose and cheeks already pinked from teh chill "Ch'y," I mean I'm Ch'y and this is," «Etoth.» the dragon's doesn't seem to mind speaking for himself, mindvoice a little deeper but much like his riders. He also moves his nose intot he outstretched hand not minding at all. "It's much less humid than Monaco, and the air smells different." that's hard to describe and he stops himself before he goes to far off on tangent. "He likes your touch. If you don't mind, how old are you?"

Kyzen's eyes widen a bit at the mention of a sandstorm. "How's that even happen? I know of storms here, of rain and snow but I didn't think there could be one made of sand!" Ch'y's not the only one with rose-tinted skin from the cold and the boy doesn't seem to catch on to the rider's blushing. "Well met," His head cocks as Etoth speaks for himself and there is surprise there. THAT he did not expect. "To both of you. I'm Kyzenviro, but most just call me Kyzen. Easier." There's a slight smirk for it. Truthfully he doesn't mind and probably answers better to the shortened version. He'll oblige to Etoth reaching for his hand and promptly give the once withheld rub. "Are smells different? That's actually true?" So many questions. "Oh, good! My father said to always ask. I just get used to it, being around Varmiroth and Velokraeth so often. And I'm twelve!" Something of which he says with a tinge of pride.

Ch'y wraps gloved hands about his sides and shifts his feet, feeling the cold even through the layers "Well I notice anyways. different places smells. I thin kit's a lot on the different plants and geography and things." but that is just his opinion "and sandstorms are no small matter. at least you only get wet in rain, but the sand it can wear to the bone." or maybe not that bad but he makes it sounds kinda scary. "Want to come visit for awhile? We've got eggs on the sands and Etoth is quite taken in thinking you should join us for the return. Can't gurantee things of what hatchlings think but you've surly seen how it went," or maybe even stood? "and you'd get a good scope of Igen for a few sevendays at least.

Some of that goes over Kyzen's head but not all of it. His mind has focused on Ch'y's telling of the sandstorms notoriety. "Really? So does everyone have to get to cover?" How goes one even manage! It does sound scary or at the very least intimidating. His hand has long since ceased in resting against Etoth and he takes a half step back when the offer from the rider hits home. Not so much from fear but more of the staggering shock. He's being Searched!? For Igen! "I… yeah, I've seen lots of Hatchings but — really?" Kyzen's never stood as a Candidate before, having just reached the bare minimum age for boys. Never would he have dreamed that a non-Fortian dragon and rider would scoop him up either! He figured he'd have to wait for one of the queens here to rise and even then… Filled with the wonder and amazement, Kyzen's expression brightens and eagerly, he gives his answer: "Of course I'll go!" Later, it'll hit him like running into a wall of what he's done but he's young and impulsive and all he can think of is being a Candidate AND getting to see Igen and these so-called sand storms — or the desert, at least.

Ch'y is relieved and Etoth leans back and lets out a joyous bugle which echoes a bit through the wintry bowl "Well then prepare for a change in scenery I'm afraid I am heading back now. If you could go grab your things, and do you have a jacket for between?" the lad seems familiar enough with dragons but he tries not to presume and if he didn't quite connect the dragons names mentioned with their riders exactly it'll probably sink in a bit later. For now he's cold and while pleased with the search, clearly just wants to get home.

Kyzen won't delay much longer! Luckily for Ch'y, neither of the boys parents are about either or the bluerider might find himself awkwardly having a brief discussion. "Yeah, I've my own riding jacket!" Some might say he's spoiled. How many weyrbred boys have their own jackets and not even a rider at that? Kyzen doesn't consider himself spoiled in any way but his thoughts right now are only on gathering his few belongings and telling the Headwoman or whoever is in charge of "watching" him of the turn of events before he rejoins Ch'y and follows whatever instructions the bluerider has for him. He'll deal with the repercussions later of his impulsiveness and lack of thought but for now he's bursting with excitement! At some point, he'll remember to thank Etoth too and Ch'y as well.

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