Characters Al'dru, Arva, Neyuni
Synopsis Hello Candidate!
Out-of-Character Date October 22, 2015

IGW - Candidate Barracks

Arva has just been recruited into candidacy. So exciting! So much to do. The first task is to get herself moved into the barracks. Right now she's dragging a heavy trunk in, trying to get it to the same cot where two similarly sized trunks already sit. Clearly, she has a lot to bring with her.

Neyuni is in the barracks, speaking with the headwoman and pointing at a few things. The two mutually nod their heads and seem in agreement to whatever and then split to their individual tasks. The headwoman dissapears back into the caverns beyond but Neyuni lingers checking in with some of the candidates as she slowly works towards the exit. She doesn't look in any particular hurry to return to the scorching sands and smiles "Don't worry, perhaps this time." to an older igenite who looks fretful and then moves to one of the cots in the back of the barracks with a practiced ease. Others seem to be still arriving and settling, one in particular hauling a rather heavy looking trunk. "Hello."

Arva smiles at one of the other new candidates, trying to charm them into helping her move the trunk. The effort is entirely unnoticed, leaving her to grumble a little as she slides the heavy trunk into place. When Neyuni greets her, she looks up and fires off a quick salute. "Hello." She replies.

Al'dru was lagging behind terribly, and seems to still be so. But he does arrive at the barracks to at least cheerfully wave at Arva. "See. You found your way here all without me. And they're getting you all settled in it looks like?"

Neyuni looks pleased to be finding a new face in the barracks, all the more selection for the little babies dragons soon to come. If eyes widen a bit as she realizes that doesn't seem to be the first trunk such a question doesn't make it to lips when she notes the Weyrleader following. She doesn't get long with him, exchanging a few brief words before he's slipping back out and she returns thoughts to the present. "That's… that's quite a bit of… stuff?" hopefully not all clothes given this climate.

Neyuni is going to be disappointed. "It's my wardrobe!" Arva declares with a note of pride, grinning and leaning against her newly claimed cot. "I'm a weavercrafter. Senior apprentice." She adds, making it just a little bit more sensible. She returns the wave from the weyrleader, then looks back to Neyuni. "Some of them are projects I want to keep working on, others are just for me."

The explanation does help to make some sense of the situation although the barracks are not entirely known for their roominess. "Well I suppose. Not sure you'll have much time in the next couple sevendays," but one never knows exactly. "Well, welcome to Igen. I'm Neyuni and if you need things just… ask the headwoman, or one of the weyrlingmasters. If you need a lock for the trunks they could help too. You know there tends to be a bit more mischief in this period than any other in the weyr."

Arva frowns just a touch. "The Weyrleader said I should still have at least a little time to work on them. I'm hoping I'll be able walk the tables soon if I don't impress…" She shakes off the frown quickly, smiling again. "But I understand my candidacy duties come first. I won't let you down. My name's Arva. It's a pleasure to be here."

Neyuni chuckles "Well you'll have to see how it goes. You do have some free time" she admits "but I've usualyl seen that ends up for an extra nap or games wtih teh other candidates. It's a brief period so if you don't get to such formal things it shouldn't hurt you in the long run. Of course if you do impress it'll be a few turns before you get back to things." but how Igen does like it's crafters so getting back into ones old routine isn't so far fetched a thought. "I'm a smith myself." at heart at least if she doesn't likely have much time to exactly work out her craft.

Arva takes a break before grabbing her next big trunk, sitting on the edge of her cot while she converses with the Weyrwoman. "I expect it will be quite an adjustment. Still, I'd like to keep working on my projects with what time I can find. Besides…" Her smile turns a little devious. "I'll suddenly have a much larger group of young people to use as potential models, right? I have to take advantage."

Neyuni nods slowly, she must admit that would be true "Indeed, you're likely to have a large number of folks who might like the chance to try on something new." already this looks to be a good grouping, bright ideas and creative juices "Just try not to go to crazy with things." implying a little crazy might just be ok, or even normal.

Arva grins and claps her hands at the prospect, giggling a while. "This is going to be so much fun… I mean, I understand that it's serious, too. Besides, it can't all be clothes all the time." The mischief returns to her smile. "In this climate, one can hardly be dressed all the time."

Neyuni's eyes roll abit. "As long as you're wearing /something/. I won't have another group streaking the bowl again." there's a few muffled snickers from the back of the barracks which quickly hush as she glances their way. "Or the caverns, or…" well any number of places. The threat hangs enough as she moves along in conversation such things clearly not aimed at you so much "well don't let them give you to many ideas anyways."

Arva smirks wickedly. "Got it. Streak in the lower caverns only." Hopefully she's kidding. It's hard to be certain. "I suppose I'll have to start wearing /something/ to bed. Woe is me." She shoots a teasing grin at another nearby candidate, clearly having intended that remark as teasing.

Neyuni frowns a little, well the weyrlingmasters can deal with things and lets it go at that "At least you'll have the rest of today. They're pretty good at getting new folks' names on the choreboard come morning though. It seems you'll settle in well." and it might not be so good for Neyuni to hang around and mess up the getting settled in part of things and she seems ready to move along and yet hesitant at the same time as she gets a chance to know you a little more.

Arva looks a touch uncertain, her smile faltering for a moment before returning. Perhaps she's worried that Neyuni didn't know she was kidding. "Well, I'll make sure I'm all settled in before the morning. Looking forward to the rest of this. I'm just glad the Weyrleader said latrine duty is only for punishments now."

Neyuni seems more worried that you'll be negatively influenced by the numerous weyrbrats that suddenly find other things to occupy their attention, or that somehow she'll rub off the wrong way. Hanging out with the 'weyrwoman' is not always seen as such a good thing afterall, despite Yuni's less formal way of running the weyr. "That's true. Well we do have a number of weavers here as well you should get introduced too. I hope you will enjoy the time, although they fit in soem lectures we've tried to lighten things up in recent turns. Last term the sunset dragonride was a nice break."

Arva grins. "Well, I'm looking forward to everything in store." Arva doesn't seem too worried about hanging out with the weyrwoman. Perhaps she just has so much confidence in her own charm that she thinks it won't be an issue, despire her failure to charm the others into carrying her things earlier. "And meeting the others. This place still seems so empty. I hope we see a lot more people."

Neyuni's expression falteres a little "Well, we are one of the smaller weyrs. I think it makes us a bit tighter of a family but you won't find our folk tripping over each other." which is probably not a bad trade off "and we get caravans in regularly. Have you met many traders?"

"Of course." Arva replies. "They're pretty essential to any proper crafter working here. But don't worry, weyrwoman." Her expression brightens further. "I was born here, I know what Igen was like. Granted I was away for a while, but I haven't forgotten."

Neyuni looks pleased at that "Well, glad to have you back then." and as much as she might linger longer she gets that glazed look of dragonic summons followed by a sigh. "Well I'll just let you settle in then." a small wave and she moves along the line of cots before slipping back out into the weyr proper.

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