Have We Met?

Characters Arva, Kyzen
Synopsis Two Candidates chatting over food.
Out-of-Character Date October 23, 2015

Igen Weyr - Living Caverns
Second only to the Hatching Sands in size -- although its walls are not so nearly circular -- the living cavern is filled with numerous rectangular tables, almost too many to count. The Weyrleaders have the table farthest from the kitchen and hearths at one end of the cavern. The hearths are kept as low-burning as possible during the day when folk come inside to escape the heat outside. They burn brighter at night to keep away the deserts chill. No matter hte level of flame, there is always a stew pot that hangs for nibblers at a good temperature. Favored drinks, particularly iced klah and juice, are kept on ice and interspersed at various food tables scattered about, along with baskets of rolls and fruit. There are, of course, scheduled mealtimes, and at certain points of the day the available fare slides into the menu for the nearest meal, be it breakfast, lunch, dinner, or late-night snackings, but the staff has long since acknowledged that people will sit to talk and nibble here at all hours. In the cooler parts of the evening in particular, the cavern hosts games of chess, checkers, dragonpoker, and others. Several degrees are knocked off thanks to the Technician Craft's cooling system.

Evening is settling on the Weyr and the air outside is still considerably warm though gradually cooling off as the sun sets lower on the horizon. Done with the chores given to him for the day, Kyzen wanders back into the living caverns. Igen is still very new to him and he'd likely get lost if he hadn't been paired with others on this day. At least he can figure his way back to the living caverns! And he wastes little time getting to one of the emptier tables after helping himself to some of the iced juice and grabbing a plate of food. Normally quite social, he's a little subdued today, content to stay where it is quieter rather than seek out others.

Arva has been an Igenite for a long while, but the life of a candidate is still new to her. So little time for her own projects! At least chores for the day are done, giving her an opportunity to pile a tray full of goodies for dinner. When it comes time to find a place to sit, she scans the tables for signs of white knots. Spotting Kyzen, she helps herself to a seat across from him without bothering to ask permission first. "Hey there. Don't think we've met, have we? I'm Arva." She offers her hand.

Kyzen looks up in surprise at first when Arva sits across from him, his mouth half-full with food. He relaxes when he spots her white knot and thankfully has enough manners to finish swallowing before answering her. "No, don't think so… but I've not been here long." Stretching forwards, he reaches for her hand and grips it firmly but briefly before settling back. "I'm Kyzenviro, but most just call me Kyzen 'cause it's easier." Picking at his plate, he's quiet for a moment, maybe a hint of shyness there before he speaks up again. "You from here? Seems a lot of the Candidates are from Igen or around close."

"Kyzen it is." Arva agrees, giving a firm handshake and a wide smile before she reaches for her juice, taking a sip. "Yep, I was born here. 'Course, I spent a few turns away from the weyr, back before I made Senior Apprentice. I'm a weavercrafter." She speaks rather quickly, just spouting information rapid fire. "Were you in a craft before you came here? You have that look about you." Whatever that means.

Kyzen returns to his meal but while he takes a few more bites, he's still listening to Arva. Her rapid fire way of delivering all that information doesn't appear to bother him, though he likely has a few questions. "What made you choose Weaver?" he asks first, only to blink and then snort in amusement. "No Craft for me. I was too young and I guess I never thought of it… guess I could technically choose now or, well, not…" He points to his knot. Kind of stuck there, isn't he? He smirks, "I'd plans to maybe be a Guard, like my da was before he Impressed but you have to be older to even be considered. Fifteen, I think."

Arva smirks at the question, gesturing to the rather impractical dress she has on. "How could I not take the opportunity to make things like this? It's a chance to express my creative side. Besides, this way I can always wear /exactly/ what I want to wear." She pops a meatroll into her mouth. "Guard, huh? Had an uncle who did that. And I knew this rider who worked with them. Seems like tough work. Rewarding, but tough."

"So you always make your own stuff, as well as other things?" Kyzen ventures on to ask after washing down another mouthful of food with some of his drink. He seems curious when she mentions having an uncle for a Guard and nods his head, "That's what my da says. I dunno if he's really happy with the idea of me going for the Guards but…" The boy shrugs. "What about your parents? They Weavers too?"

"Well, sure." Arva answers the first question. "I mean, if I didn't make my own clothing, I'd basically be saying I don't have any confidence in my designs. Y'know?" The latter question has her shaking her head as she takes another bite of her meal. "Nah. My parents are both riders here. I was a flight baby." She explains, matter-of-factly.

Kyzen has to mull that over for a moment, brows knitting together before he hesitantly agrees. "I guess. Never thought of it like that before… Did you have to go to the Hall to study?" He does perk up a bit when she mentions her parents being riders. "Yeah? Mine too. Riders, I mean. They're weyrmated though."

"Uh-huh." Arva answers to the first question, once again between bites of her dinner. "I was there for a few turns, then I rotated between a few other weyrs for a little while. Now I'm supposed to be at Igen until I walk the tables… though that plan is on hold for now." She shrugs, then smiles. "Weyrmated, huh? That probably makes things easier."

"Oh wow. I didn't think… How come there was so much travel? There were posted Crafters back in Fort too but they always seemed to stick around." Kyzen admits. Could be the boy just never really paid that close attention. "You can still be Journeyman!" he points out, as if meaning to be supportive. He is confused, however, by her last statement. "… does it?"

"Well, y'know, apprentices are at the bottom of the ladder." Arva begins her explanation. "So when they just need an extra pair of hands, the people with rank and seniority aren't the ones who get shuffled around. It's the apprentices. Seniors get it a little better, but it's all still sort of uncertain." Arva smiles a little more. "I'll be a Journeyman no matter what. It's just a matter of how long it'll take, y'know?" She raises an eyebrow at the last question. "Sure. I mean, if your parents are weyrmated, they must at least get along, right? Sort of?"

Kyzen is about to protest and boast that he understands how the Craft ranks work but clearly his earlier questions show some naivety in his understanding. So he holds his tongue and listens — maybe even learns a bit. "Oh. That makes sense… I forgot Apprentices follow Journeymen." Her smile is returned at least, half crooked. "Yeah, nothing says you gotta stick to one thing. I may be a Candidate now but who knows what'll happen. I can still be a Guard if I don't Impress and if I do, then I guess there's always something like it… I think. Does Igen have a policing Wing?" Blinking again, he ducks his head a bit as if sheepish. "Yeah, they do. Sometimes they argue. I guess yours don't…?" Realizing that's probably a rude thing to ask, Kyzen tacks on a quick muttered: "…sorry."

"Mmm? Oh, no." Arva answers the question about the policing wing, shaking her head. "I mean, I suppose search and rescue does some of that, though I think that's pretty incidental. It's not like Ierne. That's where that guard-rider I mentioned before was from. She… was something." Arva finishes the last of her juice, then smiles at the apology. "Don't worry about it. It's not that difficult. It's just a thing that happens, y'know?"

"Really? Fort has one, though I guess it's kind of half of the search and rescue…" Kyzen tries to explain, but he's genuinely curious about this Ierne rider. "So she's independent then?" He struggles a bit with that word but manages not to make an outright fool of himself. Even though he hadn't upset her with his prying, he still has somewhat of an apologetic air about him. "I guess. Still wasn't right of me." Cue a moment of awkward silence as the boy looks down at his plate, fiddling with the last of the food. What more to say? Then it dawns on him. "You manage to get one of the dunecat kittens?"

"She's wild." Arva answers the question about the rider, a grin on her face. "Goes all over the place. A real adventurer." There's a certain wistfulness in her tone. Someone has a crush, perhaps? Or maybe she's just that enthusiatic all the time. "You didn't do anything you have to apologize for." Though her expression still seems to brighten at the mention of the kittens. "I'm not sure they're the type to be 'owned', but I like them all the same. I feed them whenever I get the chance. You?"

Either way, Kyzen is rather enraptured by the tail of this 'wild' rider. "That'd be so… I dunno! Could you imagine? Being a rider, but going anywhere. Anytime?" Of course, for a boy his age it's all adventure and wild tales and nothing BAD would ever happen, would it? "They said they'd been paid for already. That we just have to watch them… but yeah, I fed them too and helped a bit with their care. I'd never seen a dunecat before! I've a feline back home… Not the scary types that you find in the south. Much smaller. Her name is Boo." Who's turn is it now to speak rapidly?

Arva at least seems able to keep up with the rapid talk. She must drink a lot of klah. "Mmm. I think she just travels around hunting Pern's most dangerous renegades. Very cool, right? I'll introduce you to her if she ever visits. I don't know if she has much call to come to Igen. I guess you never know, though." She picks at the last bits of her dinner. "Boo, huh? That's a cute name. Suits one of the dunecats, I think."

Kyzen's brows lift even further to Arva admitting to her 'friend's' occupation. Okay, now he's really sold! "How'd you ever meet a rider like that?" he exclaims in wide eyed wonder, the rest of his meal forgotten as he leans forwards in his seat. Do tell more! "I named her Boo because she'd like to pounce a lot after hiding as a kitten. And does it? Which one…? Guess it doesn't matter if one of the dunecats are named Boo too."

"Just got lucky, I suppose." Arva answers, smile on her face again. "I was posted at Ista for a short time, and I just sort of happened along her. I think she liked the outfit I was wearing." Everything comes back to clothes with her. Probably a pride thing. "I just meant Boo suits any of them. They all seem likely to pop up and scare you, right? It's a good name!"

Regardless, it makes sense in Kyzen's head and he doesn't pry her further except to wistfully mutter, "Well, I think you're lucky you got to meet her! If she ever does visit…" It's obvious enough what his wish is. He'd probably bore the poor woman to tears with all his questions. He grins then, chuckling. "Yeah, they do do that! Though it'd get confusing if they were ALL named Boo."

"I'll definitely introduce her around. If she ever does." It's clear enough that Arva holds similar wishes, though perhaps for different reasons. "That would actually be pretty funny, wouldn't it?" She asks, looking rather amused. "A whole group of kittens named Boo. At least it would be easy to remember!"

"Until they all come running when you call just one!" Kyzen says in a fit of snickered laughter. He'll reach for his drink and once he finishes draining it, he'll give a sudden yawn. "…Guess I should get back to the barracks. I'm still getting used to Igen." Including the time difference.
"I've never known a dunecat to come when called, but I suppose it's a danger if we do too well at training them." Arva says with a little bit of a laugh. She looks a little disappointed when her fellow candidate makes ready to leave, but nods understandingly. "I've definitely had that problem when moving around. Get some rest. It was nice meeting you, Kyzen."

And that just goes to show how little Kyzen knows of the critters. "They don't?. Why do people keep them then?" What's the fun in a domestic pet if they won't even respond to their names? "I hope it doesn't last. It feels like I'm always a bit foggy in the head." he admits with a grimace. Not to mention it looks like he's getting the tale-tell signs of the beginning of a sunburn along his nose and cheeks. "Nice meeting you too, Arva. I'll see you around!" Which is true. He may be "leaving" for now but it's not like he'll be far. Slipping from his seat, he'll offer a quick wave before gathering his dishes and heading off to deposit them on his way out of the caverns.

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