Dancing and Drinking and Trading, Oh My!

Characters Al'dru, C''rus, Emelene, Kera, Lucrezia, Maimai (NPC), Th'ero
Synopsis The Lucao arrive in style - and there is much dancing, drinking, and rejoicing.
Out-of-Character Date October 27, 2014

Igen Weyr - South Bowl
The orange hued sandstone layers comprising the bowl walls curve gently, but ever presently in your view. Fine sand shifts underfoot, a slightly paler version of what is found upon the walls. It gives way along the eastern edge to a section of contrasting green grass where a series of cleverly engineered pipes provide water to the fenced off area of the feeding grounds, and keeps the shimmer of the shallow lake beyond from dissapearing during the dryest periods of the turn. A distinctly squared entrance farther south is the tunnel leading out to the lands beyond. Traders and tithes arrive here at regular intervals and it is not uncommon for part of the bowl to be set up with a series of tents and wagons as wares are displayed and sold. To the west, the bowl wall has been eroded by the desert winds into strange shapes. At their base are found the weyrling barracks and training fields.

It's later in the afternoon, but not yet knocking on the door of evening; the desert heat is dying down, but not quickly enough for most. Fortunately for visitors, the bowl has been partially converted into an oasis of sorts. Free-standing canopies and awnings attached to the wagons do plenty to provide shade, while Traders selling fans - both fancy and not-so-much - offer blessed, breezy relief. The entire place is coming alive, with visitors trickling in to join the hive of activity that is the caravan itself. Aromatic foods are already being brought out for sampling, as are a myriad of drinks - both familiar and strange. A stage is currently being inspected by one of the Traders, who thumps against this leg or stomps on that stair to make sure the whole affair is sturdy enough. And, off to one side of that stage, two young women are chatting; Lucrezia in her bright yellow and a darker young woman in a matching outfit of deep, deep purple.

Kera stuffs her riding gear into one of Moncerath's large packs and then quickly fingercombs her hair back into submission from the helmet-head she had. Making sure her dragonmate's cinch strap is comfortably loosened, she grins and watches some of the dizzying aerial displays of the gathered firelizards. Her own dart off to join in the festivities themselves. "Polgara, you keep Mini out of trouble….and out of people's plates.." that last bit gets muttered mostly to herself. Kera gives Moncerath an affectionate cheekrub, then steps away to let the green mingle with familar and new dragons. Checking her shoulder satchel once more her gaze drags over the vivid wagons, hints and glimpses at items beckoning from rows of displays. "Hmm, I should have brought more marks." Nods dips her head and she waves with a cheery smile to riders and non riders alike.

Th'ero has learned quickly that a visit to Igen often means bringing lighter clothing to wear even if the desert region is in a "cooler" part of the season. Fort is nearing the end of winter, so the sun and warmth here is almost welcomed by the visiting Fortian Weyrleader. It's a mix of pleasure and business that brings him this far from home and having just been cleared to back to full active duty he's making the most of it. So when word reached his ear that a trader caravan was in the area and providing entertainment and goods, his curiosity draws him down towards the south bowl. Down through the crowds he strolls at a leisurely pace, murmuring polite greetings to any who offer the same but for the most part Th'ero is doing his best to blend in. Rather difficult, given that the cut of cloth he wears (even if lighter spun) still marks him as Fortian and the knot he wears pinned to his shoulder is certainly not one to be missed. Velokraeth is likely on a ledge somewhere, enjoying the warmth of Igen's climate and probably the company of a few females if he's lucky enough to woo a few Igen greens to his side.

C'rus is standing next to his blue and giving him a gentle pat as he stuffs his flight jacket, and other various accessories into one of the packs along the dragon's side. It certainly is warmer here than at Fort and the change of pace is certainly a welcome shift from the middle of winter. Flight stuff safely stowed he moves away from Jaicoureth and stands at Kera's side, "I'm sure that we'll have enough marks to pick up a few things if we find some things we like." he says with a grin. The pair doesn't have a good track record of keeping marks in their pockets when it comes to festivals like this, "They certainly have quite the setup here. Must have taken ages and ages to get everything just right."

Bright laughter bubbles up from the girls by the stage and, after a quick hug shared by the girls, it's Lucrezia who spins away on bare feet to dance her way toward the latest obvious arrivals of Kera and C'rus. It's not hard to spot them, after all! Dragons are tremendously grand announcements on their own! "Hello and welcome!" That's the greeting called in the lilting tones of the dancer as she approaches. "I hope the weather finds you well - especially since the sand will find you whether or not you care for it." The sneaky Fortian Weyrleader isn't immediately spotted of course, but give her time and that flighty manner of hers will send her wheeling in a different direction. "Please! Come closer! They're just now getting the drinks and the food set up over at that pavilion," which, actually, is just another large canopied section with a plethora of mismatched - if brightly colored - chairs arranged along the far side of the stage.

Kera flicks her glance up to C'rus, chuckling at his optomism over having enough marks for ALLLLL the things that could be purchased. "And if not, arrangements can be made to order something later." Before she knows it the pair are greeted by one of the traders, and Kera's gaze goes to the woman's color assortment of bracelet and bangles of all sorts. "Hello, Xanadu's greetings." A quick gesture around displays and wild out outfits. Flashing a grin over the mention of sand "Then I'll try not to displace tooo much Igen sand when we return." The greeny nods quickly, still smiling and looks to C'rus "I could use something cool to drink." Even if the sun is fading, it's still on the warm side still. Not having spotted the Weyrleader yet, her steps start toward where unfamiliar drinks are being prepared.

Th'ero's cover is blown and he's been spotted! By a vaguely familiar Lucrezia, having met her prior once before for a short while when he and Nyalle last visited and met with R'en. He seems to hesitate at her offer and then with an exhale that borders on a chuckle, begins to turn his path towards the pavilion. "Don't see why not? Couldn't hurt," he murmurs. Famous last words? Truthfully the promise of drinks and food is might tempting and he figures a few more moment lingering in Igen and Trader hospitality will not be frowned upon. "Any recommendations on what to try first?" he drawls to Lucrezia, while also politely dipping his head in greeting to the woman. It won't take him long to spot C'rus and Kera shortly after that and somewhat surprised (and yet not) to see them together. "Evening you two. Fort's duties to Xanadu, Wingrider." That, of course, is directed to Kera.

Maybe not allllll the things, but certainly a good many things! "And Fort's greetings as well." C'rus adds for the sake of completeness. He offers a smile to Lucrezia, "Thank you. I'm sure that the evening will be wonderful. It looks like you all have gone to a tremendous amount of work to make it lovely." he says. His head turns back to his weyrmate, "I'm sure they'd be happy to ship something later if we have need." At her mention of getting something to drink he nods, "Alrighty then. Let's make our way over and see just what sort of things that we can find." he says stepping along with Kera toward where the drinks were indicated to be. He spots Th'ero readily enough. It's hard not to spot your boss. He salutes, "Evening Weyrleader." he says.

The girl laughs merrily and claps her hands, bracelets chiming cheerfully. "Just another reason to come back, yeah? To return the sand!" Another bright clap follows and Rezia's quick to twist away in a swirl of shimmering yellow fabric. "This way, this way! Do you drink? I mean, do you drink-drink? If you don't, we have these lovely flowering teas and some fruity things that aren't too sweet and- oh! Oh, oh, oh, I -think- Toalo got her hands on enough ice to do something, well, iced." And she must have, too; there are a range of non-alcoholic drinks set out on one table, while bottles and small glasses of other things are set up on the other table for passersby to take a sample of - supervised, of course, by Unca Lo, who is cradling a cloth-wrapped bundle to his chest. Lucrezia grins lopsidedly at Th'ero and skips -behind- him, but only to try to snare his arm and gently tug him along. "Here! Oh, you'll certainly want, um- here. Rukbat over Igen. I think they can do a Rukbat over Fort, too, but I don't know…" she trails off, an imploring look given to the old fellow cradling his drink. One of the other Traders sets into motion, pouring a light, crisp ale and preparing a shot of citrus liquor to go with it.

Somewhere behind C'rus and Kera, the dark-haired young woman in deep purple practically manifests, cheerfully offering in Rezia's stead, "Thank you! It is our pleasure to do this. Ah! And, of course we can ship. We can get you anything on Pern, if it's anything to have, you see? If you want a different thing, we can get it - and get it to you. I'm Maimai, by the bye. Pleasure to see you both here!" There's a wink, a grin, and the girl's just as quickly moving away, while a band is starting up with the steady thump-thump-thump of drums.

The afternoon is steadily flowing into evening and Rukbat looms on the horizon to bleed out along the Weyr's rim. The firelizards overhead are soon dispatched to do their work; the little creatures scatter to start flaming torches into flickering life. It's a grand game for the little creatures and when the torches are all dealt with, they take the rest of their flames into the sky like tremendous fireflies.

Kera mingles through the festive crowd, feet slowing for a few seconds when her gaze spots some trinket or curiosity that she will be sure to swing back around to look more closely at later. Music starts and soon her head bounces gently along with the beat and a grin is flashed to the Fortian Weyrleader after C'rus greets the bronzer. "G'evening Weyrleader Th'ero." And then another woman is suddenly there. Nodding to the quick suggestions. "We'll be sure to do just that with what we can't carry off with us this evening." C'rus gets a shoulder nudge and Kera chuckles as she breathes in the citrusy drink being prepared for the Fortian Weyrleader. "Oh why not, it is a party afterall." Music means part right? "I'll try one of those before attacking one of those tasty looking kebobs."

Even as evening begins to descent, the sun is still out and so Emelene, in addition to yellow and orange layered skirts and tunic, has drapes a shawl over her head to ward off the rays. The native Igenite healer is seen headed towards the caravan, a pleasantly surprised look on her face. She's quick enough to pick up her pace, moving as quick as dignity allows to join the throngs of folks checking out the goods.

Th'ero finds his arm snared as he wasn't expecting Lucrezia to skip behind him and he's not about to push her way though he's not exactly relaxed at having her so close. He's a reserved man (to put it lightly) but he will at least smile faintly to the woman. "Oh, I drink-drink. I'm not partial to anything flowery. The ale I drink back home in Fort is notorious for its strength. Not many can handle the taste," Though it has such a cheeky name! "Rukbat over Igen sounds fitting." And promising! Especially if the base is an ale! Already a 'win' in Th'ero's books. "Any others I should try, if I find this one lacking?" he doesn't mean to phrase it like a challenge, but it could be taken that way and before he can correct himself, his attention is drifting back to C'rus and Kera. "You're both well?" he asks, while keeping one eye on the drink being prepared and readied to accept the glass. Now. What about payment?

It's the music that gets Lucrezia's feet tapping and she apologetically dips her head to the collected trio of familiar - and not so familiar! - visitors. "Here. I'll leave you with Unca Lo - he won't steer you wrong, honest and for true! And if you feel bold, dear Weyrleader, ask about the Dragon's Milk… or snake wine!" Kisses are blown to the lot of them and then she's off like a shot, while the steady drumming starts to increase in tempo. Maimai's already up on the stage, on her knees and folded over into a rough ball shape. Lucrezia's quick to join her, taking her place alongside the girl in purple. The drumming continues, slow and steady, like the heartbeat of some tremendous beast. That pulsing sound intensifies and is soon joined by the jingling of tamborines and bells. A stringed instrument threads its melody in there somewhere, emerging between frantic beats, only to vanish beneath them again.

It's as the drumming reaches a peak that the two young women undulate to their feet, arms upraised and waving slightly. The sway of hips, the subtle weaving of their arms, all of it seems to hold the musicians in thrall as the music slows to match their movements. Or is it the other way around? Impossible to say, even while the women begin to stride in fluid figure eights across the surface of the stage.

The rest of the caravan keeps busy, though; for those not interested in the show, there's plenty to see and do and - most importantly! - purchase. Some of the Traders are a bit more vocal than the others about beckoning people closer to examine their eclectic assortment of wares, but they're a well-behaved lot, at least!

At the drinks table, Th'ero's confusion is met with a throaty chuckle from Unca Lo and a grin that's bright and toothy. "Is no need, no need. Try first. If you want another, we talk."

C'rus wends his way through the crowd keeping close to Kera's side. It would be easy enough to lose someone in a crowd like this. He can't help but grin when she stops to look at something. Yep they are going to be going home with a mix of stuff for the weyrs, presents and who knows what else. When his shoulder is nudged he nudges her back gently and chuckles, "It is a party, but let's be sure to not drink so much that we can't fly home." C'rus doesn't have an overly high tolerace for alcohol and he'd imagine that Kera doesn't have much of one either since the pair doesn't really drink all that much. The firelizards lighting the torches take his attention for a moment and he smiles. Certainly well trained little creatures. Th'ero speaking to them brings him back to the conversation, "Oh…yes. Certainly. Doing quite well." he says looking over to Kera to see if she has anything to add on that front. He picks up one of those citrus drinks and passes it to his weyrmate, before taking one for himself.

Kera forgets about tasty treats when the firelizards rise up, setting torches ablaze, then continuing on their pryo displays. Grinning at the well timed motions, her attention slips around to the now better lit booths. Anything to bring in more customers. Accepting the drink C'rus passes her, a quick sniff of the fruity aroma and she nods agreeably after the bluerider's words. "No serious injuries or other mishaps at Xanadu recently, thankfully." A little smile offered to Th'ero before she sips her drink cautiously, nodding with a smile and turns her attention to the stage when the beat of the music changes. Watching the women a moment or two, her head cants slightly as she follows along with their steps.

Emelene is all too happy to watch the show. The young midwife finds herself a place among the throng gathered around the stage, weaving in and out to get closer. "Pardon me. Oh, excuse me… why thank you!" She an be heard to mutter before finding herself a suitable place, even if she has to rise up faintly on sandaled tiptoes in order to see over those taller than she is. There's a delighted look on her face as she watches the dance and hears the music, swaying a bit in place to the beat.

Al'dru is quiet, wandering in from the north and then taking a slight step back after the display from the firelizards. He's quiet as he looks over the crowd, obviously searching for someone and then starting to weave in and out as just overlooking isn't helping him in finding. He stops for a long moment or so to watch the dancing, content to watch that instead.

On stage, Maimai and Lucrezia continue to roughly circle one another, their arms waving in serpentine patterns. They twist and turn in unison, facing each other for mere moments, only to face the gathering crowd. The music remains steady, with the chiming of bells and tamborines serving to spur the young women to get closer in their strange orbits. A story is unfolding on the stage, but it's hard to tell just what it is until Maimai 'strikes' at Lucrezia with an upper body shimmy that forces the blond to step back with a series of hasty hip drops. The yellow-clad woman twists away and spins around, twirling like a dervish around her darkly-clad companion-turned-enemy, as if seeking somewhere to strike in turn. The glint of metal on her fingers might be caught at some point or another - just before she lashes out with ringing finger-chimes. The battle, it seems, has begun!

The firelizards do their part in all of this, too; small pots have been set up on the stage and, from time to time, the little creatures flame at those pots, sending up plumes of brightly colored fire and smoke. It's all a grand and extravagant thing - and likely the reason they were a relatively popular Trader family among the Holds they touched. Drink and food samples continue to be offered, with Unca Lo and Toalo offering suggestions if they're requested.

"I'm glad to hear that," Th'ero murmurs to both C'rus and Kera before he takes his drink in hand and tries not to look too sheepish for his mixup concerning the payment. Unca Lo is given a faint and wry smile and a slight nod of his head, "Good to know." he says before knocking back a hearty sip of that ale and citrus combination. The Fortian Weyrleader makes an appreciative noise but almost chokes on the last swallow when the dancing begins and he doesn't even try to keep from staring. That's the whole point, right? "Don't think I've ever seen anything quite like this before…" he can be heard muttering distractedly.

C'rus takes a sip of the new drink, it is pleasant and certainly different from anything he has ever had previously. Probably because they don't serve them at Fort, but all the more likely because he is not a particularly adventurous man. He too turns his head toward the dancing. He raises his eyebrows and blinks. Thats not a style of dance that he has ever seen before either. It seems Igen is full of surprises. He nods his head in agreement with The'ro. Quiet and peaceful is a nice change of pace from all the chaos of late. He looks over to the woman at his side and chuckles, "Do you think you could dance like that?" Because he is certain that he could not. Very certain.

Al'dru has settled in for watching, keeping most of his attention on the dancing on stage and only turning slightly now and then to look out over the crowd, scanning the faces. A somewhat defeated look crosses his face, a frown forming as whatever he's looking for does not seem to be appearing. Then with a shrug he turns back to watch the dancing again.

The fight, such as it is, continues; Maimai slithers just out of reach with elaborate footwork that's made dazzling by the light dancing off of her anklets. The music slowly builds on itself and the ululating cry of a woman adds a haunting note to the increasingly more frantic sound of drums and chimes. Lucrezia undulates just out of reach of the purple-clad woman, while her finger-chimes clang and jingle defensively against the onslaught of shimmies and hip drops. She's forced to her knees after a certain point, her body bending back in an arch while her chime-riddled fingers are lifted as a waving defense against the other woman. It seems to work; Maimai's forced to take a step back and rethink her approach, which leaves Lu free to bend all the way back and plant her hands on the stage - and force herself up into a full handstand with a ripple of her body. It won't hold for long, surely, not with the music building ever-so-maddeningly!

Kera looks distractedly to Emelene, the healer trying to get a better spot in the crowd, and sidles closer to C'rus. "G'evening Journeywoman." Lifting her glass with a grin, she takes another quick sip and peers back to the dancers. Still watching the women closely, eyes narrow slightly at C'rus's question, but only cause she's giving it serious thought. "Maybe with some practice." And another drink or two. "It looks like it could be good excercise." She chuckles at Th'ero's comment "Do you think they'll teach a few classes?" The scene is watched before Kera snorts and shakes her head to recant part of her previous statement "Okay, don't think I'll be doing a handstand like that." Expecially after a drink or two.

Th'ero might be having similar thoughts along the lines of C'rus' question to Kera and wondering if Kimmila would be capable of such moves. While the dance (and fight!) continue, the Fortian Weyrleader will watch with an observant eye. Appreciative too and not so much for the moves but for the skill required to execute them! He'll take another sip of his ale, while offering polite but quick nods to Al'dru and Emelene both as he spots them joining in to admire the dancing (or so he assumes). "Not sure but it's quite impressive, isn't it? The strength needed…" Case in point, the handstand! He chuckles dryly.

C'rus nods in agreement with Kera's assessment of the situation in regards to its value as exercise, "Might even be better than all that running." Since he knows thats her exercise of choice, though when they go in for the more advance moves he blinks, "Yeah. I don't think I could do that…even if they did teach classes. I'd be willing to take one if they offered." Might be sort of fun even if he isn't the most coordinated person on Pern. When Kera greets another journeyhealer, "Hello." he offers to her with a smile. There are few healers that he hasn't met at least in passing and she seems to be one of them, "It's nice to meet you."

The end comes too quickly. A series of backflips finds Lucrezia at the edge of the stage, ostensibly safe from Maimai's next attack - but the purple-clad figure is not where she's supposed to be. She's made her way around the side and, when Lu seems to least expect it, she's accosted with another assault of upper body shimmies and snake arms that practically herd her to the center of the stage. It's there that the girl in yellow twists and turns, spinning in place with increasing rapidity until, at long last, she drops into a split and folds forward bonelessly. Maimai's triumph is marked with another ululation from the woman off-stage and a heightening of the string instrument's warble. She dances around her conquest with a flurry of footwork, arms upraised and hands moving with exotic motions. Strange and serpentine at times; sharply posturing at others.

The music dies down, the firelizards leave their posts at the stage, and Lu rises - but only to cartwheel to the edge of the stage and spring off of it to land some distance from where the drinks and food are being served. Mai moves to the center to take up position for the next dance - but the girl in yellow, it seems, is standing this one out!

Al'dru nods back to Fort's weyrleader, before his attention goes once more back to the stage. An arched eyebrow is all that is made of the handstand, although he's certainly not turning his attention away from what is going on. Then, when he goes to move again, he accidently brushes against someone in the crowd, bumping them slightly.

Al'dru had turned so quickly, because he caught sight of his quarry. And there she is again. So Al's off again looking for a wayward daughter.

Kera has a hard time following many of the moves, sipping the citrusy drink while Lucrezia and Maimai continue flipping and cartwheeling through their dance. Nodding to both Th'ero and C'rus. "But strength training is part of weyrling training, so that would help in learning…what ever those steps are called." Kera shrugs and watches the stage a bit more before. She smirks at C'rus. "Nothing wrong with a morning run."

"I'm sure the style of dance has a name," Th'ero muses to Kera and will finish the last of his ale now that the dance has completed. There's some applause from the Weyrleader (so long as others are doing the same!) and another dry chuckle for Kera, "True, weyrlings undergo strength training and being a rider does keep you fit. Doesn't mean you could dance like that! That'd be like saying just because I was a Guard, I could perform all fighting styles. I can't. I've my weaknesses." Dipping his head to both C'rus and Kera, Th'ero will step to the side a bit to flag Lucrezia down if she's not already preoccupied (or recovering!). "Wonderful performance!" he says by way of compliments.

Th'ero has partially disconnected.

C'rus is fairly certain that if he had a million turns that he could never learn anything so complicated as that, "I think I lack a certain flexibility to pull anything remotely similar off, even if I had the strength to do so." Certainly he isn't weak, but there are limits as Th'ero so graciously throws out there, "I agree with you Sir. I'd land myself in the infirmary if I tried. I'll keep it simple." he says as he claps for the dancers, they have certainly earned it. He gently rubs his shoulder against Kera's, "Nothing wrong with a morning run at all." He's even joined her for a few!

Rezia's quick to catch her breath while on her way to get a drink of something - fruit tea, as it turns out. No booze for her. Not yet. She draws closer to the contingent of riders and a dazzling smile is presented to them - only to be turned most acutely onto Th'ero for his praise. "Oh! Thank you! It was a pleasure to perform for you," she calls back, only to dip into a graceful bow - miraculously without spilling a drop of her drink. "Did you enjoy the drink? I do hope you did!" Her free hand lifts to wiggle fingers at Kera and C'rus. "I hope you're enjoying everything, too! Have you had a chance to try anything here? Or there? Or, oh!" Another swig of tea follows, which slows her tongue a bit. "If you want to dance, Mai'll be done soon and they'll open the stage for everyone."

Kera grins to Th'ero and thumbs towards the dancers rearragning themselves around the stage. "Oh, I wouldn't be able to do most of the moves. And pretty sure I would look as graceful as a just hatched dragonette even trying. But it could still be good excercise and fun." she takes another drink of the citrusy mixture and nods in agreement with the Weyrleader to Lucrezia's dancing "Yea, a very interesting display. You both certainly had most everyone's undivided attention." Kera grins around to the men in the crowd, chuckling at the dumbfounded look many of them still have on their faces. "I'm enjoying myself very much so, thanks. Hopefully they will have some very basic steps to show when they open up the stage." Winking to C'rus. "I hope people are smart enough to 'warm up' first." Laughing, she smiles around the grouping. "I wanna go roam among the wagons before sampling the food." Otherwise, she's just getting greasy sauce all over everything.

Th'ero chuckles and concedes to Kera's logic for now. "I suppose you've a point… it would be exercise in the least." Or disastrous. Speaking of disastrous… "Your suggestion of Rukbat over Igen was a good one! I enjoyed it. What were the names of the others…?" he asks of Lucrezia, thawing enough in his usual reserved manner to give the woman a warm smile. Could be too that that ale is kicking in and if she's so kind as to point him out to the other drinks for sampling, well… the Weyrleader won't say no and he'll certainly have a few that'll even put his taste of alcohol to the test (and leave him with stories to share when he gets back to Fort!). Food will come after (and sorely needed) and while he'll partake in no dancing himself, he'll pass the time by watching while he samples more of the hospitality being shared on this night. Should he not get too addled by drink, he'll even do a bit of shopping… presents, no doubt, for his weyrmate and three children.

C'rus has his attention on his weyrmate as she glances around and eventually speaks up. He can't help but chuckle at how right she is, "I'd certainly be willing to try some very…very…very basic moves with you." he says to her and the others by default. He'd hate to get up on stage and embarass himself and by extension Fort. They did learn how to dance during weyrlinghood, but nothing remotely similar to that, "I don't think Weyrwoman Nyalle will be teaching anything like that to any of the upcoming classes anytime soon." Although it would be exceedingly funny to watch her try. He nods to her, "I'll come with you. There is less chance of us spending all our marks if we shop together." Not that either is very good at saying no, "It's been a lovely time." he says to Lucrezia and he offers a nod to his weyrleader as well, "I'm sure we'll be seeing you around Sir."

Drink directions are offered, of course, but Lucrezia's busy enough; Maimai's still on the stage, but it won't be long at all before she's expected to go back up there. She's plainly listening for some sort of musical cue and, thus, the Fortian Weyrleader is well able to escape any further attempts by the Trader to -truly- intoxicate him (with the drink offerings, that is!) Kera and C'rus get a wave as it seems they're about to depart to go shopping, but she's canny enough to catch onto some of their conversation. "We do teach lessons," is tossed after them with a wave. "If you want any, just look for me!" No mention of rate, nor any need; that'll happen if they take her up on it! Eventually, she'll return to the stage to join her fellow dancer - and the rest of the night's events will unfold with the same level of festivity and excitement, with the promise of continuing well into the night and, perhaps, even further 'til the early morning.

Kera grins and loops her arm around one of C'rus's, waving to Th'ero and Lucrezia. "Enjoy the evening Weyrleader Th'ero." Brow arches to the dancing trader and she flashes a grin "I'll find my way back over here when I go through some marks." And maybe some arrangements for more dancing lessons will be made. Waving once more the Xanadu greeny turns her attention to finding a few trinkets for herself and others. Peering to C'rus "I need to find something for Nikita." Preferably something non breakable. Then she begins to wander among the festive booths with her weyrmate, spending a good portion of marks and placing a few orders to be picked up later.

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