A Night of Trade

Characters Janja, C'vryn, Emelene, Lucrezia, Kiena, C'rus, Abigail, Ha'ze, Kera, Ka'ro
Synopsis Pern comes to Igen Weyr for the Lucao Trader Caravan.
Out-of-Character Date October 28, 2014

Igen Weyr - South Bowl
The orange hued sandstone layers comprising the bowl walls curve gently, but ever presently in your view. Fine sand shifts underfoot, a slightly paler version of what is found upon the walls. It gives way along the eastern edge to a section of contrasting green grass where a series of cleverly engineered pipes provide water to the fenced off area of the feeding grounds, and keeps the shimmer of the shallow lake beyond from dissapearing during the dryest periods of the turn. A distinctly squared entrance farther south is the tunnel leading out to the lands beyond. Traders and tithes arrive here at regular intervals and it is not uncommon for part of the bowl to be set up with a series of tents and wagons as wares are displayed and sold. To the west, the bowl wall has been eroded by the desert winds into strange shapes. At their base are found the weyrling barracks and training fields.

The caravan consists of several wagons - most are covered, some are not, and all of them can convert into a salesbooth at any given moment. Bright colors are splashed throughout, from the paint on the wagons to the banners and curtains and flags that artfully litter the space. Wares are on sale, hawked by those who made them, while the aroma of spicy and fried foods floods the air. Bright laughter marks the liquor booth, while whistles and whoops indicate the location of the dancing stage. Cries of excitement and aggravation bubble from the belly of the caravan, where the rumored games are to be found.
And, overhead, a swirl of firelizards can be spotted, dancing their little, 'lizardly hearts out.

The day's passed as so many others have, with the Traders selling what wares they can in the morning and suffering through the heat of the afternoon until the evening finally comes with the promise of tolerability. Rukbat bleeds on the horizon and, overhead, the firelizards gather to do their nightly ritual of lighting the torches. The stage has been moved slightly, shifted further from the caravan - and perhaps for good reason. Maimai's up there, dancing her heart out and dressed in lurid reds, while there's no immediate sign of Lucrezia. Music throbs, slow and steady, below the calls of Traders and the sound of deals being negotiated. The smells of food grow more intense as the evening wears on - and the drinks flow much more readily, though the free samples of days past have run dry.

C'rus has decided to return for a second night to the festival being put on by the traders here in Igen. The dancing, food, drinks, and shopping of the previous evening have done nothing to dull his energy for night two of the festival. He makes his way through the crowd, presumably Kera is also somewhere nearby since the pair of them had come together. He glances to the stage and watches the dancing for a moment. By the end of the festival these poor dancers are going to be so tired out they'll need to sleep for days.

Kera is once again visiting Igen, and this time a couple of passengers are strapped in. Hopping down and assisting the travelers, she loosens Moncerath's cinch strap and the green waddles off after an affectionate pat, and wings up to perch on upper ledges. Kera's attention turns towards the gathering, spotting C'rus quickly. She waves and signals she'll catch up in a sec and glances back towards her passengers, "If you need a ride back to Xanadu just let me know." A quick smile flashes "And don't spend all your marks at one booth." Gotta stretch them out to all the booths.

While not being quite old enough for betweening, the weyrling dragons of Xanadu are now old enough to where the weyrlings are allowed brief periods without their lifemates. And having been cleared to have a bit of fun away from the confines of the weyr, it is not surprising that a dragon can be seen winging in from the sky above. It makes a brief landing to allow its passanger to slide to the ground before taking off yet again. Ka'ro brushes himself off, lifting up his goggles and glancing at those around him. "Shards, it's going to be nice to travel around with Wens instead of getting rides with others." Ka'ro mutters, taking off his jacket. And there's fun to be had, and marks to spend.

And there -are- a tremendous lot of booths! If it exists, the Lucao are selling it - or so it seems. Cloth and Weaver-related goods seem to be a favorite, but that's not all by any means. Some people have clearly arrived to pick up previous orders, but there are still a few healthy lines of folk filtering among the wagons in search of this or that or the other.

Up on the stage, Maimai continues through her undulations and contortions, the dance taking on slightly more acrobatic tones - plenty of flips and hand stands to match with the hip drops and shimmies. Lucrezia pops up somewhere near the stage, clad in iridescent blue. The blond seems to vanish again, only to manifest on the other side of the stage, dashing about on bare feet despite the heat of the sands. Familiar faces earn a flashed smile and a vigorous wave from the anomalous Trader girl - and that includes the by-now-familiar shapes of Kera and C'rus's lifemates and the riders themselves. The latest dragon to arrive earns her attention and she flails an arm in Ka'ro's direction by way of greeting. "Greetings and welcome!"

C'rus spots Kera wave and grins back to her, he'll stay put for the moment as she organizes her travelers and gets Mon all set up. There is more than enough to pay attention too with the dancing. There is not a chance that he'd ever be able to pull any of that stuff off without throwing his back out for good. Then he'd end up a patient in his own infirmary and that would be no fun at all. Jaicoureth will likely wander off to follow after Moncerath so that he can get a good perch to watch, and most importantly hear the music that they play. It will likely influnce the blue's own music that he composes. C'rus also notes the arrival of Ka'ro and offers him a wave, oh boy, the weyrlings seem to have been set free. Just in time it seems too.

The dancer in blue prances her way along, casually bending herself into cartwheels from time to time - purely for the pleasure of it. Lucrezia makes her way along merrily enough, calling out greetings to this person or that, or offering directions to the clearly confused. A drink is acquired from a nearby stand - some manner of fruity tea, from the looks of it - while she continues on her meandering path through the caravan. She cocks her head to a side at the sound of some musical shift or another, but it doesn't seem to be a cue for her so much as one for someone else.

Maimai's dance starts to wind down, with the lady in red dipping into a series of elaborate bows - much to the appreciative applause of the audience. A handful of firelizards flutter down to land at the edges of the stage, each carrying a small pot of something or another. They all take their places with a chirp and chitter - only to wait patiently, jeweled eyes spinning with excitement. Evening continues to take claim over the sky, but the area is well-lit, courtesy of blazing torches and lanterns hung at various intervals.

There's the sight of Emelene once more, dressed in teals and purples skirts this evening, moving to look at a stall with an array of jewelry and looking wide-eyed at the assortment of shining baubles. She selects an assortment of bangles stamped with styled sun designs in coppery and brassy shades and passes over the marks. Once purchased, they're quick to go on her arm to join those on her opposing in similar, though longer tarnished, colors.

Kera chuckles when she overhears Ka'ro's comment riding with his dragonmate. "It shouldn't be too much longer. They've don't have much more growing left to do." She meaders with the others, the pessengers spreading out to enjoy their own time as Kera steps over to C'rus., sending another comment to the weyrlingg "Be careful of the drinks being served. Very tasty, but better not try too many." Giving an amused wink to Ka'ro, she waves to Lucrezia when she spots the woman's face darting about the area. Leaning against C'rus a little, Kera chuckles while pointing out the hip dipping and popping on stage. "I bet a few people hurt themselves trying those moves. Probably after a few of those new drinks that are flowing around." Patting her satchel, a grin is flashed. Uh oh, time to decend onto the booths and spend more marks.

Right, there's food to be had, wares to scour, and perhaps maybe finding someone to dance with. Ka'ro slowly winds his way through the crowds, stopping at one booth or another to sample the goods that they have to offer. He pauses, glancing over towards Kera with an arched brow, shrugging his shoulders. "Not gonna have any, no worries." he says, turning his gaze upon the booths and chatting a few people up.

Kiena has been quietly exploring most of Igen as it's one Weyr she has yet to thoroughly visit. Of late her time has been busy, torn between duty to her Craft, tending to Ujinath and building her new home and life in Ierne Weyrhold with her weyrmate. That new home is primarily why she is here and likely sniffing out a few deals if she's lucky enough. Could be too the bluerider is simply looking to treat herself. Why not? She'll pause by the jewelry with an appreciative look over the wares, a Smithcrafters critizing following shortly thereafter (not that she says anything out loud). No jewelry for her today, but she will flash a quick smile to Emelene before passing through. "Good choice, those bangles."

The stage is soon populated with a trio of Traders, each dressed in bright clothing; the three young men are quick to take their places on the stage and, when the music begins to build, they set into a very energetic routine. Flipping and twisting, they take turns playing an increasingly more elaborate game of leapfrog - and, all the while, the firelizards flame at the pots in front of them, sending up bright flames and smoke in a variety of brilliant colors.

"Glad to see you again!" That's from Lucrezia, angled keenly toward Kera and C'rus once they're within range. A bright smile is flashed to Ka'ro, as well, and the dancer dips into a bit of a bow before twirling away to enjoy her fruity drink off to one side. Her gaze drifts with all the focus of a firelizard; flighty creature that she is, it's no wonder that she's distracted by the glittery baubles in some of the other booths. Pay no mind to the girl in blue as she drifts; she has all of the attention span of certain avians (or most fish; take your pick!)

C'rus wraps an arm around Kera as she leans and smiles, "Hi you." he says softly with a wide smile, "It wouldn't surprise me at all. I'm sure that Igen's infirmary has been on the busy side the last day or so. Any time you get this many people in one spot something is bound to happen. You mix a bit of alcohol in and you have all kinds of potential good times…" At least for the healers. He takes a glance down to her bag and shakes his head slightly, "Empty bag?" he asks. It seems his weyrmate has come prepared to do a great deal of shopping this evening, "We'll have to see what we can find." As Ka'ro wanders away to take a peek he calls after him, "Good idea." Staying away from the booze is a weyrlings number one task…ok not number one but somewhere in there. He nods to Lucrezia as she passes by, "We wouldn't miss it. We had fun yesterday."

Emelene returns the smile of Kiena, giving her head a tip and pulling back the scarf over his head to better see her. "I'm a sucker for sparkling things. Just a little to liven up the outfit and I do admit to enjoy a bit of noise as I walk. I usually have my medicine bag, so to be walking without and not hear something jangling is just odd. Noise livens things up. Little music while I walk."

Kera smiles towards the bubbly Lucrezia who has tooo much energy for one person. Maybe it's a symptom of all the belly dancing. Or the spicey food. "Glad to catch your wagons still here." Meandering along, she frequently looks towards the stage, acrobatics and firelizards cavorting about. Canting her gaze to C'rus, Kera gives an unrependant shrug and nods "And I cleared out one of Mon's packs for even more room to carry stuff." The Xanadu greeny gives the bluerider a pointedly amused look. Many people get a wave and a smile from the greeny and her gaze spots Kiena near a booth "G'evening Kiena." Anod given to her friend and others standing by her "Hello there."

Ka'ro waves a indifferent hand in the air as C'rus calls to him, "I wasn't going to. Don't worry, I know the sharding rules. Not gonna have any fun whatsoever other than trying the different foods and maybe dancing by myself." Ka'ro says as he leans forward, giving a sniff to one of the foods that catch his interest. Confusion flickers across his face as the woman smiles at him but gives a dismissive shrug to himself when she is quickly walking away.

"Good, good!" Lucre does catch C'rus's and Kera's words in passing and bounces back her happiness in spades. The dancer continues her greeting-slash-guidance circuit through the area, directing newcomers that might need it, while enjoying her fruity tea. She doesn't venture -terribly- far away, of course; other girls in bright clothing seem to be doing the same duty at other points around the caravan. The music inspires her to start dancing a little on her own, little more than casual undulations and shimmies that are far from the exotic moves she'd performed the night previous.

The full cloak of evening is in place, pierced as it is by the torches and lanterns that blaze brilliantly to keep the Trader area well lit. It's a comfortable temperature at least, perfect for walking about, enjoying a drink and, of course, spending a few marks. Up on the stage, the acrobatics continue, with firelizards flaming at the colored pots to highlight particularly elaborate moves made by the trio of acrobats up there. The three young men are now taking turns, springing onto one another's shoulders and leaping off with increasingly more intricate contortions and twists of their bodies.

"If it's noise you like, you ought to try tiny bells," Kiena suggests wisely to Emelene and not without a mischievous little smile. "Though truthfully… yours has to be the most cleverest reason for liking shiny baubles. I ought to try that myself." she admits with a light laugh and begins to eye the jewelry again. Hmm. To be good or bad? She'll resist temptation for now, casting her gaze out among the crowds and catching sight of Ka'ro by the food. Only she has to double take and be sure it's him. "Shards, can't be. Already?" Where does time go? "Ka'ro!" Kiena calls and doesn't care how loud she has to pitch her voice or how silly she looks waving her hand to get his attention.

"Oh I had a skirt with bells as a child." Emelene says to Kiena with a wide, warm smile. "It was my favorite. My mother could barely get me to take it off long enough to wash. I've been thinking of getting anklets, just of a good quality and so many tiny bells they're quite expensive to have made. One day. For now, bangles will do. I hear shells work nicely too. Maybe if I ever come across a beach."

C'rus can't help but chuckle a bit as he hear's Ka'ro's response. Ahhh the life of a weyrling. It does seem that the young man has the right idea, "Hopefully he can have some fun. No rule against haven't fun." he says to Kera before looking outward once more. He offers a polite nod to both Kiena and Emelene, "Good evening." he says to the pair of them. It's too hard to keep your gaze on any one thing for too long, he turns his attention once more to the acrobats on the stage. It seems dancing isn't the only thing on the menu.

Now with the cool of the evening on, Janja is willing to brave the normally scorching bowl to enjoy the continued entertainment of the trade caravan. She bobs her head in slow measured greeting to those Igenites she passes along the way towards the busy booths and stage. "OOO..acrobats!" the rider squeels, coming to a stop next to the stage. Lucrezia herself is what distracts her from one shiny thing to another and as the trader is passing by, Janja signals her. "Lucrezia? Lucrezia, I need some advice." The Igenite waits expectantly as though of course the Trader would drop everything to see to her.

Ka'ro turns his head as he hears his name, standing on the tips of his toes to find out who it is, and when he spots Kiena, his expression brightens some. He lifts his hand in an enthusiastic wave, making his way through the crowd towards the other bluerider with a wide grin. "Hey, Kiena, how're you?"

The acrobats continue cavorting across the stage, though the display is getting wilder and wilder by the minute. Soon, they're edging too close to one side of the stage, which sends the firelizards there into *between*. Then it's off to the other side they go in their tumbling and cartwheeling! More firelizards go flying, while the music takes on an absolutely chaotic air. Everything spills into discord - and then the area goes dark, the torches put out by the flapping wings of firelizards. Silence descends on the area and, for a time, there's nothing at all to see or hear.

Of course, there's still the general noisiness of the caravans themselves - hawking wares, making deals, all those good things - and perhaps a few boisterous drunks in their midst, though they're handled appropriately. Fortunately, evening brings cooler air and calmer moods - in addition to the faint aroma of exotic incense mingling with that of spicy food being prepared.

Lucrezia isn't too hard to snag, especially when she hears her name. She whirls around and flashes Janja a brilliant smile that's all teeth and good cheer. "Of course, of course!" There's that lilting voice, twisted with the Lucao accent; she claps once, twice, thrice - having gotten rid of her drink at some point! - and dances closer to the goldrider. "How may I help? What do you need?"

Kera is quickly distracted with a pretty display and spends a moment deciding between a couple of differant bracelets. She's in no hurry and observes her friend nearby, maybe even watching what the other woman seems to like for a present idea. Turning to C'rus, she holds up two differant bracelets, "Which one do you think Nat would like?"

"Hello!" Emelene remarks to the other riders as they all converge, eyes dropping faintly as she gives a bit of a curtsey-like bow. "Good evening, riders." She offers to Kiena, C'rus, and Kera. Then there's a subtle shifting of her eyes before she's leaning over the jewelry stall to chat with the trader. Probably getting a price quite on belled anklets, no doubt. No harm in just /asking/.

C'rus couldn't be said to have a good deal of sense when it comes to fashion issues. Though his taste in jewelery has always been at least on the good side, which is probably lucky for Kera since she is the recipent of most of his choices. He takes his eyes away from the acrobats on stage for a moment to look at the two bracelets she is holding up. "Hmmmmmmmm." he murrs softly as he ponders, "Both look nice, but I like this one…" he points to the one in her right hand, "I think it works a bit better."

Kiena blinks for a moment and then her expression brightens as though Emelene has just shared the greatest piece of knowledge ever. "Bells actually sewn to a skirt? How clever!" And now she wants one. Why? Because. The bluerider has always been fond of the unique and more eclectic styles of clothing. Bonus if said clothing is practical in some way! "Mhm, yes, you would be better off with shells or even carved bone and horn if you can get your hands on it. Metal is too precious and getting it to cooperate in such delicate ways is… quite difficult." She would know an her expression says as much. As Ka'ro approaches, Kiena's expression becomes a broad grin and she'll attempt to reach out and clasp the weyrling on the shoulder. "I'm doing well enough! So very busy of late. How're you? Are you and Wensith flying already? Good to see you out and enjoying yourself, regardless. We were just discussing the merits of bells." She, of course, means Emelene… to whom she hasn't even properly greeted!

Abigail hasn't left Fort that much recently, though she has good reason for such things. Though tonight there was the talk of the goings on over at Igen has brought her on over even if it is for a short bit. Niumdreoth is off with the other dragons while Abbey waits for Ha'ze to catch up it would seem. A curious look is sent towards the acrobats that are caught moving across the stage while she lets her hands rest loosely within her flightjacket, which she leaves sipped up for now. The wingleader is a bit on the cool side, even when not surrounded with snow. Her jacket keeps her form a bit hidden though the rider is for certainly expecting from the looks of it.

The stage erupts with light. In the center is the red-clad Maimai, with a blazing torch in one hand and a gout of fire rising from her mouth. The flame cuts off abruptly, only for a scattering of firelizards to answer her flaming 'greeting' with one of their own. Another rush of fire emerges from her mouth - fed by the torch, of course! - and the firelizards, one again, offer up little fireballs of their own. Sort of. It's almost as if they're all trying to communicate with tongues of fire; the music hints at a story, but the tale is one that the Traders themselves are familiar with.

The Trader at the stall Emelene's found -seems- to be amenable. The elderly woman titters a bit and proceeds to show her a few different sets of anklets in various metals - brass and silver and bronze - with some in shell and bone and, all the while hedging just a little around just how much she wants. Of course the price is pitched high with a twinkle in her eye - that's just how business here is done!

Janja jumps a bit as the lights around her vanish. She gives a nervous twitter, moving away from the dark and dangerous stage and into the light towards Lucrezia. Then the stage lights return and the rider shoots a quick look back. "Oh." She answers a bit on the breathy side. "I need some really fine silky thread for my fancy work. The last lot I got just wasn't up to snuff." The goldrider gives a sulky, little girl pout. "Really bold colors too! Scarlet, gold, sapphire. You know what I mean. Do you have a particular recommendation?"

Party? PEople? Fun? Movement? This is so not Ha'ze's scene, but Abigail had asked and so… he's here. He steps carefully and eyes the people around as he approaches Abigail. "Abbey." It's at least a greeting before the bronzerider goes silent again.

Ka'ro nods his head enthusiastically in responce to Kiena's question, his eyes flickering to the hand as it's placed upon his shoulder, but he doesn't move to push it off. "Yeah, we've been flying together for a while now. We haven't had betweening yet, so he couldn't come here with me. But we were at least given leave to come here and do this." A hand waves to the area, "It's nice to get out of the weyr for a bit and away from all the weyrlingmasters. But it seems I can't even come here without getting reminded of all the rules I'm supposed to follow. As if people think I'll forget the moment I step out of the weyr. I just wanted to come here and enjoy myself for once…"

C'vryn arrives, somewhat late it appears before he hones in on where Janja might be. He's quickly moving to her side, then at the displays being offered. "Are you looking to buy, darling?" His attention mostly on Jan, "Or do I just need to carry items for you?" He glances from the trader to the goldrider, then tilts his head. "And you're looking well tonight, also Lu."

The display on the stage doesn't seem to trouble the girl, but that's no surprise; Lucre's lived with the Lucao her entire life and the shows are practically boring to the likes of her. Well. Maybe not -boring-, but so familiar that they don't register as unsettling or unusual to her. Her attention tilts to Janja at her question and her lower lip pouts out thoughtfully, one finger lifted to tap on her chin. "You -know-. Auntie Lo might have some of her really good stuff tucked away," she considers. When C'vryn shows up, he's flashed a smile that's every bit as bright as her earlier one. "Oh! Thank you. I'm glad to see you could make it! It's been so busy-busy," she laughs. "-So- busy. But it's been lovely. Here, come. Follow me. I'll get you some of the best silk thread you'll find this side of Pern - and much better than what you'll find on the -other- side, you know?" She twirls in place and skips off, barefoot on the sands as she leads the way to a few booths that are off the beaten path, as it were. There are goods for sale - and then there are the -real- goods.

Kera looks between the two choices she holds and nods agreeably with Crus after a couple of seconds. "Then this one is for Nat." Grinning, the bracelet is set to the side as she lazily fumbles through a couple of necklaces, while C'rus probably goes back to watching the stage. Emelene gets a grin and polite dip of her head "Hello again. Ohh, those are pretty." Kera edges a bit towards the belled anklets the others are looking over.

Abigail glances over at the voice and smiles to Ha'ze, a tired one but a smile none the less. "Hello Ha'ze." She knows how he is around people, but this was a chance for him to get out a bit, and her as well. "Want to go explore?" She questions to him while she starts to move forward, slow pace there. "I thinks C'rus is around.." Niumdreoth let her in on that at least.

Emelene hardly has a poker face and she's got a scrunched up, wrinkle nosed, pursed lipped expression of consideration as prices are brought up. "Hmm. If I get two, how about a bit of a discount? I did just buy the bangles too." Never hurts to ask, of course, and too polite to ask for a great deal off despite raised prices. She gets it. Traders gotta make a profit. "Those brass ones are pretty, the ones with the little shells."

It just so happens that C'rus does not go back to looking at the stage, he's sufficently interested in what Kera is looking at to keep his focus in that general direction, though there is always something to draw his attention here and there, "We have to get you some bells to wear!" he annouces to Kera and anyone else around. Because…well….bells! "I'd always know where you were!" A wide grin grace's C'rus's face. For some reason he just finds this terribly funny, and he hasn't even been drinking.

"Wensith's back in Xanadu? Guess that means I'll just have to visit now, huh?" Kiena muses while lightly teasing Ka'ro and she'll give his shoulder a faint squeeze before letting her hand drop back to her side. She snorts, "Ahh, don't let it drag you down, Ka'ro! They're just looking out for you. Everyone does with Weyrlings. Try the food yet? Any inspirations?" she muses, glancing back towards the jewelry for a moment until the sight of fire catches her eye and she's quick to dart a look in the direction of the performers. "Oh, shards… wow!" Fascinated is she? "Ever see THAT before, Ka'ro?"

Janja beams happily at both the arrival of her 'mate and the granting of her desires. "Lovely!" She says. The goldrider links her arm with C'vryn, expectantly, and sets off after the dancing Trader at a quick clip. Platium hair bounces behind at the rapid pace. "She doesn't really seem to walk so much as bound, does she?" She asks of C'vryn. But with the promise of quality goods, Janja retains a happy mood, especially upon reaching her destination. "Oooo" she sighs thoughtfully over first offerings. "Ryn, I might just need your money as well." No asking here either.

"You lead, I'll be followin'." It's not so much that Ha'ze doesn't like people, as he's just not comfortable. Find him a corner and some ale and he'll be good all night. His gaze flicks at the sight as he follows Abigail.

Ka'ro nods his head, "Yeah, Wensith's back at Xanadu, he's sad he couldn't come." Ka'ro turns his head absently, his eyes going distant. "I felt bad leaving him. But I wanted to get out of the weyr, if we could between, we'd come together. It won't be long now and we'll be graduating and Wens and I can do what we want and we won't have to worry about rules anymore. We'll be able to have fun." He shakes his head, turning towards the performers curiously, "It is quite a show. I haven't tried the food yet, but all of it looks really good. I'm having a hard time deciding what I want to try first. It's giving me lots of good ideas to try when I can cook again."

The stage show continues, with firelizards starting to light some of the torches ranged around the stage. It illuminates Maimai better and the dancer-turned-fire-breather begins to step into slow, swaying dance moves that are accentuated by the periodic exhalation of the fire. The music takes on a melancholy quality, while firelizards scatter and vanish to leave her more and more alone up there. Her flaming breaths begin to slow in their frequency and her mood becomes increasingly more despondent.

The tittering old woman with too-bright eyes seems to keep up easily enough with the influx of potential customers. More pieces are put on display for Kera's benefit, while she settles into the haggling dance with Emelene. "Ta-ta, ya," is nonsense, but is swiftly followed with, "Small. Small discount." She clucks her tongue a little, pitching her revised price to Emelene just under her breath in conspiratorial tones.

C'vryn is as always, content now that he's returned to Jan's side and he offers a smile. "Well, what do you expect but that from one of my relatives. We're all cheerful sorts, I'll have you know." He's eager to please, and happy to hold previous purchases made by the goldrider. "So, you're only buying thread now? Nothing else, no new pretties for you?"

Abigail nods a touch while she walks along, she doesn't have a problem getting Ha'ze some ale if he likes, though she doesn't get to have any darnit. "It's not that bad.. Sorta nice out here." A glance is sent over to Ha'ze. "What ye think?" There is a pause and she soon hears C'rus voice and smiles a bit. "There's C'rus, want to go say hi?"

Auntie Lo's wagon is as brightly colored as the rest, but it's not lit up like the others are. The old woman is currently working at stitching some loudly-colored garment together while humming to herself. The goods for sale are more than merely a handful of baskets full of thread on spools and strings of beads; there are a few dresses, shirts and skirts hanging nearby, with only distant light to illuminate the shimmering material. She looks up with bright, lively eyes as Lucrezia approaches, riders in tow. "Aulolo," is sing-song-spoken by the girl, the sound practically a croon. "Treat her good, yeah-yeah? She's family of family." A backwards look is angled to Janja and C'vryn before she motions them forward to get a better look. Auntie Lo chuffs and sits up a little, chair creaking as she goes. She reaches to turn on one of the lanterns, which spills healthy light over the collection of brilliantly colored threads. The woman croaks out a cheerful enough: "Touch. Feel. If you like, you buy, yeah?"

Kera pauses with a shelled necklace dangling from her fingers and arches a brow at C'rus "Bells huh? What? Need warning before I walk into a room?" A little snicker slips out as she flicks her attention to others looking at jewelry and snorts in amusement. "Why not hire a harper to run ahead of me playing some pipes instead." She's amused by the idea and looks back to see how Emelene's negotiations are going for what she wants. "Oh, didn't see these a moment ago." Referring to the items that were snuck out right under her nose seconds ago.

Emelene places a hand against her coin pouch, feeling out the weight and judging what's left. With an inward groan of defeat, she gives the old woman a nod and withdraws most of the remainder of her marks and offers them over. "Oh, it's a festival! Right?" She says over to Kera and C'rus with a laugh, "Treat myself. Marks were made for spending."

Ha'ze looks upwards and gives a rather reserved shrug of his shoulder at the comment about the weather. "Gettin' warmer. Kainaesyth'll be wakin' up for real soon." His gaze turns back and drifts across the assorted wares. "Aye, we can be sayin' hi if you want to be." If anyone was confused about who was in charge of this outing, it's Abigail.

With a playful slap at C'vryn's side, Janja twitters again. "Silly boy. Work first, then play. Of course we'll look at the pretties." She bats her eyes at the bronzer. "You know how I love shiny things. But I really do need new thread. My new gather collection is simply bare in appearance without a bit of embroidery and I need it ready for my next order. If I haven't anything to show, how am I to earn my keep?" With Auntie's Lo's permission given, the goldrider begins to examine the wares closely and the brainless behavior fades into real expertise. Digging through the basket, she swiftly sorts her interests. "These and these. No, not that green, it's too garish." A glance up to the Trader is sharp and thoughtfully. "Have you any bolts of the metallic pearl? Like that skirt?" Where did Igen's bubblehead go?

"Don't blame you. Weyrlinghood isn't easy for some. I know I chafed quite a bit. It'll get better though," Kiena promises to Ka'ro and offers a reassuring grin. "And I'd not be against giving you a ride home when the time comes, if you want? Mr. Fussypants won't mind." There's a snicker as the weyrling will know who she means (Ujinath's never going to live that nickname down). "Oh? Want to go try some of the food then? I wanna check out that performer too… though, huh… is she finished?" Already? Kiena wanted to study how she did that! Not that she's looking to try. Regardless, next the bluerider is bending her head low to Ka'ro and whispering something to him.

C'rus standing right next to Kera and has yet to become aware of Abby and Ha'ze's presence. He just grins to his weyrmate, "Now that is a great idea. We'll have to see if any harpers are available. We could have them play a different melody every day. Jai would get a huge kick out of it, and I'm sure that Mon would love to hear you coming too." He's sure the dragons would get a huge kick out of it, "But I'd settle for bells at first. I think it would be a great fashion statement." Of course taking his advice on fashion is never a good idea. He'd not have anything nice to wear if it wasn't for Kera helping him decide on it.

And the firelizards return, as if summoned by the triumphant swell of music! Or, more likely, by the gentleman in bright orange that's practically manifested on the stage. He, too, has the gift of fire breath and, with the 'lizards swirling around, Maimai and the man in orange belt out a final gout of fire. Applause ripples up from the crowd while the pair take their appropriate bows. The stage is soon left empty - though not for long. Calls go out for people to dance freely while the music continues to flow in steady, throbbing beats.

The Trader seeing to Emelene's anklets clucks her tongue appreciatively and carefully packages up the anklets in question. Of course, whenever the young woman opens the box, she'll find a surprise - a matching bracelet with similar bells - tucked inside. A bit generous, perhaps - or, maybe, just another incentive to return some time soon! With that done, her attention returns keenly to Kera - and a few more bell-accented bits of jewelry are slid closer.

C'vryn settles into the time honored pattern of males everywhere, eyes glazed over as Janja shops for the times he needs. He makes vaguely approving noises if his opinion is actually consulted, but doesn't seem to be really paying attention. He's quick to fork over marks though, as Jan decides on the bits and bobs that she needs, pulling out a purse he was keeping at his waist.

Abigail nods to Ha'ze as they wander on over to where C'rus and Kera just happen to be. A smile offered to the pair. "C'rus, nice to see you." There is a pause as she catches the talk of bells.. Why bells? Though she doesn't comment on that! How are ye doing?" She glances to the items that Kera just so happens to be looking at, jewelry isn't high on her list of things but she does look at it at times. "They're cute." She murmurs to Kera at a pair of dark green and blue bracelet set.

"Well, the way I figure it, if I stand here and just look around, no one can accuse me of doing something I'm not allowed to do." Ka'ro says quietly to the bluerider standing next to him, "I certainly would enjoy riding Mr. Fussypants again. Y'know, you and I should fly together sometime, I bet he'd love flying with Wensith, it's as if they were brothers. Wens likes to fly like he does." Ka'ro laughs quietly, and as she leans forward to whisper in his ear, he quickly shakes his head slowly. "No, it's alright. I'm going to stay away from that sort of stuff. Don't want to get into trouble."

Auntie Lo pushes to her feet and sets her work aside for the moment. She doesn't exactly loom - she's barely five feet in height if she's an inch - but her presence is a palpable one. Ink-stained finger flit from this to that to the other, assisting in sorting out this color or that with barely a word truly needed. It's at the question of the fabric that she chuffs again and squints, as if that might focus her thoughts. "Some." She pauses and motions to the wagon itself and it's there that Lucrezia goes. "G'wan. Get-get." "All of them" "Nah. Sky and smoke and foam, yeah?" Which translates to pale blue, paler gray, and the pearl color that Janja indicated. All three bolts are hauled out with care and laid out for the goldrider's examination, while Lu takes a moment to offer a smile to C'vryn and his absolute patience in the face of the madness.

C'vryn mmmhmms along whenever he's supposed to make a noise, just standing there holding the parcels he's expected to and he shrugs, grinning at Lu. "If it makes Jan happy, how can I not let her?" There's also a nod to a couple of the other riders he knows, as he remains content to just stand and people watch, the crowd moving along and around.

Kera groans with an amused eyeroll when C'rus seems to be making plans to hire a harper. "Gah, I should be more careful what I say, will have only myself to blame when a harper starts piping or strumming 'entrance' music. Or would it be warning?" Kera pretends to consider which would be more accurate. The firey display by the lizards, and the man who rises from the fires is watched enthusiastically. Clapping for the display, her attention goes back to Emelene who gets an agreeable nod "Gotta splurge on yourself sometimes." This time Kera spots the subtle reshifting of the displays, already seeing at least two more items that she likes. The Fortian's greeting to C'rus draws her attention "Hello!" and Kera flashes a grin to Abigail suggestion. "It would go nice with several sweaters I have."

Kiena wrinkles her nose a bit, "I guess but where's the fun and enjoyment in just standing around? You could walk at least. Browse. Eat yourself to bursting?" she drawls and waves a hand towards the various displays of goods. Her grin returns, "And I'll vouch for your good behaviour." As for her offer being refused, the bluerider simply shrugs and chuckles. "Figured I'd see. Another time! And Ujinath would enjoy that, having someone to fly with him and likely be able to match him wingstroke to wingstroke! Consider it done." Once she gets the time to visit!

For a moment Janja's assurance fades and she bites down on her lip, at such a bounty of offerings. "Oh oh oh!" After dithering for a moment, she drags poor C'vryn over to have all the fabics measured against his skin tone. And then against her skin tone. And finally, the goldrider just starts snagging at passing bodies without so much as a by your leave and holding the colors against whatever body appears in her arms. "Oh Drat!" she fusses. "I'm just going to have to get the lot." She sighs and rolls her shoulders, her face sharpens again, and the goldrider gets down to a proper dickering with Auntie Lo. But for all the barter is rapid, it seems to be in good fun also. "And I'll be sure to add your name as a supplier when I'm displaying my designs." She adds, hoping to sweeten the deal.

Emelene collects up her purchases and carefully pockets them. There's a nod of her head given to those she's near. "Well, that's all my marks. Should head back in before I have to take all of the overtime shifts to make up for it. Have a good evening!" She wishes and then she's stepping away from the caravans, maybe bouncing on her feet just a bit to hear the promising jingle of shells in her pocket.

"It would be entrance music." C'rus replies, "Don't need any sort of warning." Definitely an interesting idea there. He salutes Abby when he notices her there and smiles, "Nice to see you here." he turns his gaze downward slightly to take in the baby bump, "Everything going well I trust?" He doubts that anything would be wrong if she was betweening already. When he hears Kera clapping he turns to look at what has her clapping and offers a round of applause himself. So very much to see everywhere, it seems impossible to catch everything.

Ka'ro nods his head and motions to the crowd, "Well, I don't want to keep you from your fun, Kiena. I think that's the most of what I'm going to be doing. Then no one can say that I'm doing something I'm not supposed to." The weyrling glances about the stalls, wrinkling his nose slightly in thought. "I do at least want to sample some of the food around here, maybe give me some ideas for some receipes when I get to cook again. I can't wait till we get our own weyrs. I want to deck mine with a kitchen so I can bake lots of stuff. It might be a bit expensive though…" he trails off with a quiet thought, "One can dream, though." He glances over towards Kiena again, "Great! Wensith and I are looking forward to having everything at our sails with no one to moniter how we fly."

Ha'ze drifts behind Abigail, his gaze shifting from thing to thing. C'rus and his person get a slight nod, yes, he's here. The bells get an extra glance, and then Ha'ze actually jumps at the sudden starting of clapping that seems to come without warning. So he's a little jumpy. At lease he left the knives at home?

And, naturally, Auntie Lo settles into the haggling with gusto, with periodic clicks of her tongue or low whistles marking points where she's not inclined to budge. All the same, things seem to come to a fine conclusion for all involved and she settles back with a contented bob of her head. "Good, good. You speak to Lulu," that being Lucrezia, from the way she briefly perks up, "if you need anything." Lucrezia pipes in with a stage-whispered, "She dyes most of this herself. She's -really- good." And then her attention goes to C'vryn with a grin. "You deserve a drink. Or maybe, um- oh! Oh, I know. I'll be back!" And she's off like a shot, sprinting with the jingling of bells trailing after her. Auntie Lo, for her part, just clucks her tongue again and shakes her head. To Janja, she states. "You need another set of arms? I will send a boy to help, yeah-yeah?"

C'vryn is moved, backwards and forth like a play doll, used to that treatment. "Well, I'm not so sure I like the lighter colors darling. Not really my style, I have to say." But if it's actually heard is another thing and he just gets used to holding more items. He taps a finger on Jan's nose. "Are we going to have any marks left at all, dearheart?"

Abigail smiles to Kera and nods a touch. "They look to be well made too." So perhaps she does have an eye for such things? A glance is offered back to Ha'ze and there is a slight pause before she offers him her hand if he wishes to perhaps holdit. May help with him being so jumpy?

"Who says you're keeping me from having fun?" Kiena chuckles and shakes her head, grinning to Ka'ro. "I'm enjoying myself! It's been good to catch up with you. Too long, really. I've been meaning to visit…" Soon. Now she's determined to stop by Xanadu sometime. "Let's go then? I'm starting to get hungry and maybe you'll find some new dishes to create! And, well… Mur'dah and I have learned a few tricks when it comes to building homes… or weyrs with additions. Had to start from scratch in Ierne. Might be able to get you a deal if you're serious about having a huge kitchen." she muses and grins. "Soon, Ka'ro! You'll see. You'll be a rider soon enough. Come on, let's go see what's to offer." And off the bluerider goes and while she'll stay close to the weyrling there will come a time when she is pulled away but she'll stay true to her promise and take him home when he's ready.

Janja seems just as pleased as Auntie Lo at the outcome and reaches for her own belt as well. "Yes, Ryn. I just got paid for that last lot to the Lady Holder and all her daughters." The goldrider wrinkles her nose in distain for the family. "Took them long enough though." She grumbles before handing over a far chunk of change for the goods. "Would you?" she adds to the offer of another pair of arms. "He can just run them straight to my weyr and leave them in the entrance. Feyruth will keep an eye on them." She turns back to C'vryn. "And now you can spend your marks on my pretties!" she bubbles at him, the vain brainless rider back, now that the craft goods are bought. "What do you want to get me?" As if he really wanted to buy her something else.

C'vryn opens his arms expansively, which almost causes a tumbling collapse of all that he's still carrying. "Well, what do you have your eye on. Some of the jewelry with the bells, or were you more interested in some of the finer metal work?" He nods over to that part of the caravan. "I've enough you can pick out something to remember their trip by."

"Lucae! Lucai!" The twins seem to appear out of the ether once summoned; the better bet is that the games aren't so busy right now and the boys are on runner duty. Auntie Lo loads them up with the things in question and clucks directions at them and leaves them to their own devices. "Thank'ee," the elderly woman intones to Janja and, no sooner than the rider pair are preparing to leave than she's sitting to start up her sewing again, as if she'd never left it.

Lucrezia, on the other hand, has either forgotten her mission or become distracted by something or another. It really doesn't matter that much, in the end; she's probably off doing Important Business. Or dancing. Something.

Kera nods at Abigails further observations about the necklace and decides to purchase it. "I'll have to save the bells for another time." So much for entrance music when she walks into a room. Her choices made, Kera turns her attention to bargaining the best price she can for the pretty items. Looking back to C'rus and the other Fortians as her purchases are wrapped, she smiles at the other couple, even the jumpy half of it. "Did you see the booth with the rugs?"

As Kiena gets distracted with other things, Ka'ro devotes himself fully towards investigating foodstuffs. The weyrling winds his way through the crowds, nodding once to Kiena, "Sure, that'd be great. I don't want a big kitchen, just something big enough where I can cook all sorts of food. Y'know, something homey. It'd be nice if I had a big area for having friends over. Food is much better when you can enjoy it with friends."

A look of surprise crosses C'rus's face as he sees Ha'ze standing there too. Wow. Ha'ze at a party. He never thought he'd live to see the day, "Nice to see you Ha'ze." he says with a grin before looking back to Abby, "You are a good influence on him." He thought that already, but this is actual living proof, "I never thought I'd see him so sociable." At least not without Nyalle telling him he /had/ to come to something. He takes a gander further down the line, "I'm sure one of the booth's that way would have something. Where do you want to put a rug?" he asks her.

With a thoughtful purse of her lips, Janja debates the choices. "Bells do seem popular but I think something a little mroe understated this time?" She watches the twins carry goods off towards the northern bowl and with a light bounce heads towards jewlry. "Something really blue to go with the new colors I think? I'm going to make myself a dress if there's enough spare." As she lead/shoves C'vryn through the crowd they pass many of the visiting riders who all get a cheerful, slightly smug smile of welcome. "Welcome to Igen." is muttered over and over. "Do you know any of them, Ryn?"

Ha'ze reaches forward and takes Abigail's hand for a moment. It's slightly hot and clammy- a sense of how uneasy Ha'ze is among all of the strangers. C'rus' words are just a touch too soon because the bronzerider lets go. "I'm gonna go find something to drink." He doesn't add 'and a corner to drink it in,' but it's implied. "Have Nuim bespeak Kainaesyth when you're ready to be headin' out." And with that the anti-social bronzerider slips away in the crowd to find that drink abandoning quasi-girlfirend and mother of his child alone. (Yes, he does, infact, suck at this.)

C'vryn is off somewhere, just following along and thus it takes him a moment or two to answer back to Janja. "What? Oh, a few of them. Most I've met at the Healer Hall a few times, I think." There is a slight pause. "Other than that, no. But no reason not to meet new people tonight is there?" He answers back as well. "Honestly, I was hoping you wouldn't pick bells. Just a little bit too noisy, I would think after a point."

Abigail smiles as she gives Ha'ze's hand a squeeze and then she hears C'rus, she is about to say something before Ha'ze is off. There is a slight pause as she watche shim go and she soon lets her hand settle back into her jacket while she looks to C'rus. "Perhaps I am.. He does rather well on his own honestly." Well, to some degree. There is a touch of sadness seen before she glances to Kyra. "Nice choices there." She peeks at a bracelt set herself but makes no move to touch it, she so doesn't wear that stuff.. Nope.

Making his way through the crowd, and having no one to talk to, Ka'ro sniffs at a couple of things that catch his interest. He eventually slides some coins to some merchants and picks himself up some food, heading towards a bench to sit down to enjoy his little treat. The weyrling glances around, people watching for the most part.

At some point or another, Lucrezia manifests again, this time with a couple of shish kebabs in one hand and something that might be Dragon's Milk in the other. The smell alone is telling, but goodness only knows if it's been diluted or not. She watches Janja and C'vryn as they pass by, then turns her attention to some of the other visiting riders. Of course, when there's a lone person on a bench, that will not do! Not for the Trader-girl, not in the slightest. She prances her way along to where Ka'ro sits and plunks herself down right next to him with a bright, "Hi, hi! What brings you here, eh? The music? The dancing?" Of course, he has food, so that's the last thing she latches onto with, "Oh! Or the food. Silly me!" Her grin goes all kinds of lopsided and the breathless rush of questions continues, perhaps to his chagrin. "Is it good? Do you want a drink?"

Janja nods to Lucrezia in passing but both have their own agendas at this point. She arrives eventually at the stall near where the others found their own bell accessorized items. "I'd like to see something with a deep blue stone, please. Maybe a silver link?" Abigail and C'rus get a vague smile of greeting. "See something special?" She asks of the visiting riders in a polite if distracted tone. It's hard to tell if she's just talking to her herself talk or if she's honestly attempting conversation with the strangers. "Ryn, what do you think of these?"

Kera waves to Ha'ze as he slips into the crowd and shrugs to C'rus's questions with a little grin, as if he's messin with her or something. "Whereever." Is a simple reply to C'rus, but she does expand "Jai's stone floored weyr could make use of a couple layers of rugs." Any excuse to keep her feet warm." Peering between the Fortian's she offers a little smile "I'm gonna go look through the choices, maybe find a couple of gifts. No peeking you!" She holds up a mock scolding finger to C'rus before chuckling and giving her weyrmate a hug. She waves to Abigail before slipping off into the crowd to spend marks. Ka'ro gets a nod as she steps by his bench. "OH, where did ya get that." His plate is studied a moment before she's off in search of…

C'vryn turns around, as Jan starts talking to a couple of people before he gives a bright smile and then turns back to the traders. "Has to be something that matches her eyes you know. Although I doubt you have anything as pretty." There's another nod to an acquantence from the Healer hall, and he briefly tries to catch the woman's attention but she drifts off. "Ah well. You'll get to meet her later."

C'rus returns the hug and smiles, "Alright. I'll behave…and I won't peek. I promise." he says to her with a chuckle, "I suppose a few rugs couldn't hurt." He'd gotten used to the stone floor of the barracks, "Suppose it would be good for all of us." After all it is just as much her place now as it is his. He gives her a wave as she wanders away and turns his full attention back to Abby who seems to have been abandoned, "Oh I know…" he replies. He then offers a greeting to Janja and C'vryn, "Good evening to both of you. There is indeed so much to see…"

Ka'ro blinks as someone suddenly flops near his bench, right when he was about to take a bite of his food. He clears his throat in embarassment, coughing into his hand. "Oh, well, mostly the food, since I'm not exactly allowed to have any fun. Sharding rules and all." A hand waves to his plate. "Oh, no, I'm too afraid everything here has alcohol. I'll get something when I get home." As Kera stops by, he lifts a hand in greeting towards her and then points at the stall where he got his meal.

"Oh." A beat. Two. Then: "Oh! Oh, gosh. We have fruit teas, you know? Those are -really- good," Lucrezia chirps. "Do you want one?" She's already poised to get up, lean body tensed just a bit in preparation. If Ka'ro so much as makes a sound of assent, she'll probably rush off to get it, though goodness only knows how she'll manage one more thing with both of her hands full. Of course, until that moment comes, she remains there, head cocked curiously to a side. "What else can't you do? Dance? Sing? Look at clothes?" The notion of not having fun -clearly- isn't registering for her in the slightest!

Abigail is quiet for a few moments before glancing back to C'rus and chuckles a touch. "Rugs are nice to have on them cold floors for sure." A soft breath escapes her. "I think I'm going to follow after Ha'ze for a bit and then head on back to Fort." The Wingleader is a bit on the tired side honestly, more so then she'll ever admit. A polite nod is sent to Janja and C'vryn befoer she is slipping off.

Janja glows at the praise of her weyrmate. "Oh yes, something like my eyes would be lovely, don't you think?" She bestows a bright beam on C'vryn before turning back to the trader. "Surely you have something early as blue, yes?" And without even waiting for an answer she begins digging through the displays of goods looking for just the right piece. "No, no, much too chunky. This needs to be refined, subtle." The golderider gives a sulky frown.

C'vryn continues to let Janja search, amused as she looks through the assortment. "I'm sure you'll find something, as it's my marks." But he's in a genial mood tonight and turns to watch his niece take on the task of coaxing out a different rider. "Are you recommending all that we should try, or just certain things Lu? Because I should probably let Jan eat at some point tonight."

Ka'ro shakes his head and stands to his feet, "Oh, no really, it's fine. I should be going anyway. Next thing you know the weyrlingmaster'll show up and say I'm exceeding the amount of fun I'm having for one day and then I'll never graduate." the weyrling shakes his head, moving to find Kiena in the crowd and hitching a ride home.

The aforementioned Lu tips her head in C'vryn's direction when he speaks and she hums a little to herself. "Oh! You should try -everything-. If you like spicy, I mean. Or fried. But that's not all they have! Like these!" The kebabs in her hand and lifted and twirled a little. It's as she's turning her head to speak to the rider next to her that her mood momentarily crumbles. "Oh. Well!" And there it goes, brightening almost immediately. "We hope to see you again soon! Take care of yourself!" Ka'ro's departure is, thus, a moment of sadness - but also quickly glossed over as the Trader turns her attention to both C'vryn and the jewelry-hunting Janja. "Anyway! Um. Is there anything you like? I can tell you other things to try if I know that, you know?"

As for the old woman at the booth, she's pretty busy shuffling things around and doing her best to find something - anything - that the goldrider might approve of. The selection is vast - dazzling, in fact - but tends more toward the gaudy or showy than anything especially refined or elegant.

It seems that most of the people that he had been talking too had moved off or headed home. No matter, there is still food to be had and booths to be looked through. C'rus continues to mingle and peek at the booths, steering clear of his weyrmate lest he get into trouble for peeking at what sort of presents she is coming up with, even if he is very curious. Kera presents are the best after all.

Janja sighs as she comes away empty handed. "No, nothing here will do." Great dejection mars the pretty face as she turns back to her weyrmate and his family. "Ryn," She says in a whiny little voice. "There just wasn't anything right this time. I simply must have a drink to make it better. Would you be a dear, please?" She flaps a hand vaguely towards the food and drink booths and drops melodramatically on the bench next to Lucrezia. "Don't you just hate it when you know what you want but it isn't there?" And clearly the world is falling for Janja who was just not too long ago in the clouds over thread and fabric.

C'vryn is happily agreeable, heading off to pick out something for drinking and he has to speak over the crowd to be heard. Whatever he's getting, he looks a little unsure but then he's spending the marks on it, coming back with two containers of something slightly fizzy. "Here. They said you would like this. Or at least, I think that's what they said."

Lucre contents herself by munching on a kebab and watching the passage of people - familiar and otherwise. She can't exactly sit still, though, and the whole time, she's either wiggling in place or bouncing a foot. When Janja joins her, she flashes her an understanding smile and offers up one of her still-warm kebabs. "Oh, I -know-," she replies breathlessly. "It happens all the time, you know? But! Oh! You know, if you can draw it out maybe? Maybe…" A glance is angled to the jewelry Trader, then back to Janja. "Give me a sevenday, yeah-yeah? Less if you can draw it, but…" she trails off, accepting a challenge that she basically made for herself - and feeling pretty pleased about it, too! Anything to lift those awful clouds! When her uncle returns, she's all smiles, even as she peers at the containers. "Oooh. Oh, yes! You'll -love- that," she declares with satisfaction. Never mind that she's nursing a drink that smells strongly of black licorice and looks milky if one were to look inside her glass.

Janja takes the offered kabob and drink as if they were her due. "Yes, I suppose I could." She shrugs and takes a dainty bite and sip. "OOOO, lovely." is said after the sip, before continuing in the previous frame. "Designers do have to learn to draw so I'm sure I could get you want you need. Might be a bit though?" She glances questioningly over to C'vryn. "What do you think, Ryn? Should I design my own piece?"

C'vryn nods his head, blinking slightly. "Design what darling? Did you have something in mind? I'm sure you'll be wonderful at it though." He's contentedly sleepy, sipping on his drink and then trying to wake up.

"If there's one thing she enjoys," the 'she' clearly being the elderly woman over yonder, "it's a challenge. Better if she gets a sale out of it! She's a little loopy." But, then, aren't they all? Lucrezia finishes off her other kebab and skips away a short distance to pitch the sticks in a trash bin that's been set up. "Anyway," she says when she returns, "If you design it, I'll find a way to make it happen. You're family of family, you know? That's just what we do." And poor, sleepy C'vryn! She slides over to offer him a hug. Unfortunately for her, the motioning of another Trader draws her attention and she's forced to start moving again. "Anyway. You know where to find me. If you do that, I'll be happy to pass it along - and you'll have it in a sevenday, yeah-yeah?"

Janja glances at her 'mate and gives an exasperated but loving smile. "Nearly asleep on me again." It's clear that the nitwit really does love her bronzer, least as much as she's capable. She stands, drink and food still in hand. "Thank you for a lovely evening Lucrezia" she calls after the Trader. Then it's to C'ryn. "Come to bed, Ryn." She calls somewhat slyly as she heads off towards the north bowl.

"Thank you, too! Rest well, yeah? And take care!" A vigorous wave is given to the pair and Lucrezia's soon back at work, well-braced to continue her duties well into the wee hours. A Trader's life is always busy - and doubly so at times like these! The wagons will remain open until naught a mark can be found - but goodness only knows when -that- will be!

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