Lake Shore Musings

Characters Arva, Neyuni
Synopsis A simple evening by the lake.
Out-of-Character Date October 28, 2015

IGW - Lake Shore

It's a pleasant evening, only slightly chilled as the sun warmed rocks release back the day's energy. The light has almost all but faded and stars are coming out in the sky above. The moonshine gardens are well lit farther down the shoreline, in the calm of the bowl the rowdy laughter and mingled noise of a crowd carries if one listens for it. Otherwise it fades into the background and the gentle lap of the lake waters, disturbed by bathing dragons farther out. Evening and night seem a time of energy and life for the Weyr as opposed to many others, and Neyuni is among those enjoying the evening refreshment. She comes out of the lake, splashing a last bit at her legs to dab at the colors which still stain there and only slowly fade. Water drips down as she makes her way up and wraps herself in a towel before stretching out on another blanket and staring upwards at the encroaching night and rising moons.

It appears the Weyrwoman wasn't the only one who had an evening swim in mind. Arva, just finished with her day's chores, saunters onto the lakeshore sands with a towel slung over her shoulder, looking for a place to set down her things. As she scans the shore she spots the towel-clad Neyuni, smiling and making her way over to give a little wave. "Weyrwoman. Good evening." She calls out, her tone friendly.

Neyuni isn't sure if she'll ever quite get as used to the title and grunts after a moment, as if 'oh yeah, that's me!'. Head turns towrads the voice and the candidate is recognised. "Evening Candidate Arva." Mmmm "it is such a nice evening! Here for a swim?" she guesses by the towel and look of the matter. "Waters nice, slightly chilly which was very refreshing."

Arva smirks at Neyuni, nodding at her guess. "Slightly chilly is the best time for it." She claims, laying out her towel on the sand not far from Neyuni. "It's a pleasant break from the day's heat. I'd invite you to join me, though it looks like you're taking a break?" She asks, already working her way out of her dress.

Neyuni waves a hand leisurely. "Sorry I just got out. Needed to clean the sweat off from being in the hatching grounds. I'm glad the dragons like it, but sometimes I think the heat is worse in there than anywhere." even for somewhere known for its heat "The eggs are hardening well at least. I think Zuhth'll let you all in soon to visit." and it would give her more company as well, for this exact moment however "Was relaxing mostly I heard there might be a few shooting stars tonight, though the typical showers not for a couple sevendays yet. Did the weyrlingmasters wear you out today with chores and all?"

"Oh, it wasn't so bad." Arva replies, chipperly enough. "I mean… well, if I'm being /totally/ honest, I do miss having more time for my craft duties… but I understand that candidate chores are important, and I'm taking them seriously." Arva's motormouth tendencies continue as she gets her clothing off and folded up, set carefully aside. "I think we're all looking forward to seeing the clutch up close. I know I certainly am." She looks up to the sky for a moment. "Really? I'll have to keep an eye out." With the last of her clothing shucked, she gives Neyuni another smile. "No more dips for you tonight, then?"

Neyuni props herself up on one arm and seems to debate and then shakes her head, "Nah, you go ahead" she lift the other arm to wave at a pair of residents as they saunder past and then refocuses. "I guess it is a bit different up close. I forget since it's been so long, although i never actually touched Zuhth's egg. So it doesn't hurt you if you don't get to visit them all see." yes, she's proof enough of that. "It's only another month anyhow. You'll be back to crafting either then, or a turn hence either way just depending. Have you thought much of impressing?"

Arva gives a wave to the passing residents, smiling just a touch sheepishly given her undressed state. Still, she's comfy enough to continue chatting with the weyrwoman a little longer. "Well, obviously the clutch mother's preferences come first. I know better than to try to touch any egg she's feeling protective of… and sure, I've thought about impressing. My parents are riders, you know. It would be an honor. I'm just trying my best not to get my expectations too set on either outcome. Does that make sense?"

Neyuni listens and thinks "That seems reasonable. I never quite can keep track of everyone anymore. Some desire it from when they are very little and others just seem to stumble into it. But you're right in there's no gurantee. It's always hard to talk with those who have to high of hopes and come off unpartnered." she falls silent leaning back and gaze going towards the distant unreachable stars. Not to fall off on such a somber note she picks back up " I think ZUhth'll let you touch any. She doesn't seem quite as broody on this clutch as she has been before."

Arva grins a little bit more at that reassurance. "Good to hear. Probably means there's no gold, yeah? No offense, weyrwoman, but I personally find that a sort of relief." She glances up at the sky. "Well, I should get in the water before it gets too dark. Back in a little while." The candidate wades into the lake, enjoying a few minutes skinny dipping under the evening sky. Once she's had enough, she returns to the shore with water dripping off her. "I think I saw one of the shooting stars." She declares, gleeful.

Neyuni has apparently closed her eyes that moment to long nad lets out an awwwww when she hears hse missed one. "Well, shards. that figures." and as to your earlier comments "Probably not. She hasn't laid a gold in awhile, although I had hoped there would be one in this clutch. Not that I mind her being matriach so much but it would be nice to have another junior, eventually." Still one can always be surprised but the possibilities don't look so good. A yawn catches her and she sighs in futile resistance.

"I'm not sure I could handle being a goldrider." Arva says with a smile. "Not sure I have the… temperment, either." Letting herself dry in the desert air, she takes a seat on her towel. "But I suppose unexpected things always happen on the sands. Whatever happens, I'll only do my best."

Neyuni laughs "Well sometimes it isn't exactly a choice. I certainly never thought I would be. I'd actually hoped for a green." she winks over, a little known secret. "but if you're out there any hatchling could choose you. OK, well maybe not a bronze but, you know." oooo, was that a streak? her attention was distracted again so now she's not sure.

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