Firelizard Fireworks

Characters C''rus, C'vryn, Janja, Lucrezia
Synopsis It's the last night - and firelizards with fireworks festoon the festivities!
Out-of-Character Date October 29, 2014

Igen Weyr - South Bowl
The orange hued sandstone layers comprising the bowl walls curve gently, but ever presently in your view. Fine sand shifts underfoot, a slightly paler version of what is found upon the walls. It gives way along the eastern edge to a section of contrasting green grass where a series of cleverly engineered pipes provide water to the fenced off area of the feeding grounds, and keeps the shimmer of the shallow lake beyond from dissapearing during the dryest periods of the turn. A distinctly squared entrance farther south is the tunnel leading out to the lands beyond. Traders and tithes arrive here at regular intervals and it is not uncommon for part of the bowl to be set up with a series of tents and wagons as wares are displayed and sold. To the west, the bowl wall has been eroded by the desert winds into strange shapes. At their base are found the weyrling barracks and training fields.

It's yet another fine evening after an equally fine day of trading for the Lucao. Most of their stock has been offloaded for its share in marks and that's plenty pleasing to the family - and, one hopes, to the people who traded in those marks to begin with.

Rukbat sinks lower on the horizon, light giving way to the creeping darkness of the evening, and the firelizards start to gather thicker and thicker overhead. The torches have been lit to light the way - but that lighting is very specific: it shapes out a path to a large area filled with tables and chairs, where a veritable feast has been set up for visitors and residents alike. The stage that was in the middle of the caravan has been dismantled to make that room, it would seem; there are no shows scheduled, save for one that's most peculiar indeed. Interested arrivals are escorted to the tables by a bevy of young women, each dressed in iridescent or otherwise shimmering attire in a range of bright colors - and augmented with jewelry covered in glows. Lucrezia is one of the escorts, so to speak, dressed in shimmering yellow and clapping cheerfully at each person she meets. "Come! Hurry! The food's going to get terribly cold and the drinks are going to get terribly hot - and, oh, I don't know -how- that works but, by Rukbat, that's how it -always- goes, you know?"

C'vryn has arrived, wandering into the South Bowl with the air of a main resigned, but willing to face his future. "Firelizards Jan, really?" But he starts looking for a place for the two of them to sit and get a good view, making sure that she has a comfortable seat and the better line of sight. "What are we expecting to see honestly?"

Janja is happily trotting along at C'vryn's side, grinning and preening to each person they pass. "I have no idea but I'm sure it will be just lovely!" She lightly pats C'vryn on the upper arm. "I'm looking forward to fireworks too. Neyuni always does fabulous shows but it's nice to see something a bit different too." She brushes at her skirts as they arrive at a table to have a seat.

"If you look up," Lucrezia offers brightly to C'vryn as she passes, "you won't be able to miss it. Zalolo does -wonders- with firelizards. They love him, he loves them - and he can get them to do the most -amazing- things ever." And once people start to settle in, food is served - notably by the same ladies who have served as escorts thus far.

And, speaking of looking up, the first few bursts of fire can be spotted in the sky for those who are looking that way. A few well-placed Traders hold their positions at several tables, waiting with the utmost patience for some cue or another. That cue comes soon enough, with a ululating cry from a singer that's followed up by a crashing of drums and cymbals. Overhead, the sky lights up with a dozen different colors, as firelizards appear to be dropping balls of something or another while others set them on fire. The balls erupt harmlessly, spilling sparks that never reach the tables below. It's a simple enough display to start with, periodic flashes and sparks as the creatures obey the steady pulse-beat of the music.

C'vryn obligingly nods before settling in at the table, glancing across to his partner first. "Did you want something to nibble on? I'd be happy to go get you something." Then he has his head tilted up to watch what appears to be the start of the show, "Well, that was fast. And quite a start too." He's also looking around to try and see where the little ones go after their part in carrying is done.

Janja nods, clearly expecting that of course soeone else will serve her. "And a sweet white if you can find it as well?" She pulls her chair out and settles gently into her place before looking up to watch the show as well. "OOOOO..C'vryn. I want one!" One what is not exactly obvious as the olored lights begin to rain down from above. "Did you see that? How do they make them all those colors?"

Overhead, the creatures circle higher and higher, dropping larger payloads of fireworks. Each great crash of cymbals is met with an eruption of colored light; one over here, one there, one right overhead. The keen-eyed will spot the flamers quickly blipping *between* to get a ball or two from the Traders, only to take their place in the wildly wheeling constellation of sparks and light overhead again. The roles cycle steadily for nearly a minute - until the Traders start to juggle!

The shift in lighting is swift; from overhead to the sides it goes, with the 'lizards tagging the highest ball with just enough fire to make them *pop* It's a sizzling, if firestone- and chemically-scented display - not terribly pleasant until the food is brought about. One can only hope the scents of spicy and fried food will suffice to drown out the other aromas!

Lu scoots along to deliver a plate of various odds and ends to Janja and C'vryn, just in time to catch the question. "There are, um. I guess ores and minerals and stuff that do it. I don't know the particulars, to be honest, but we used to have to make those balls a lot as kids! Very messy work, you know? D'you want anything special? Either of you?"

C'vryn is walking slowly, dividing his time from looking at the show and stopping to stare and remembering his errand to find something for Jan. Eventually, he finds his way to the food tables, taking his time to pick and choose. Then quietly requesting something, drowned out by the noise of the exploding fireworks overhead. As he waits on the order, there are a few blinks when the lights explode and he has to blink quickly.

Janja turns to glance at Lu for just a moment but the show quickly draws her attention back. The goldrider absently pats the chair next to her. "Just a bit of everything. And he's getting wine too. You can share if you like." Nevermind that the trader is clearly working, Janja seems to be oblivious to such activities. "So tell me about making the messy balls? I don't really like to get dirty. It ruins my clothes and makes my hands all rough!" The rider clearly sounds distressed by that thought. "Will you be staying loner this time?"

"It's mostly just -awful- smelling," Lucrezia admits. The offered chair is considered, only for the girl to cast a look off into the relative gloom lurking at the fringes of the feast tables. Something appears to transpire in her favor and she takes a seat, only to proceed to bounce in place. "It cleans up quickly, but it smells something terrible for -sevendays-. It's fine for kids to do, you know? But all of us were much happier to find something -else- to do when we were older." The question gives her pause and she worries her lower lip for a bit. "Not sure. We're packing up in the early morning, you know? I'll have to see if I can stay here a little longer but… the last time I talked with them, it, um. It didn't go well."

C'vryn will find himself (un?)fortunately burdened with a bit more than he was probably planning for, foodwise. Extra hands are offered to assist, should he need it, but there's clearly plenty there to spare!

Overhead, the fireworks start again, intermittently interrupted by bursts from the sides as before. There's some sort of pattern at work, but it's hard to pick up on; something to do with the music more than any called commands or gestures made. The fire and light does seem to be trickling off, though; the show is clearly not a long one - either because firelizards have little endurance or they're more apt to get bored!

C'vryn is wobbling slowly back to the table, overburdened even with helpers so it seems and then the long trek begins past the dangerous, shifting crowd. But with tiny steps he's making his way back. Eventually, he arrives with no mishaps to the table with enough food and drink to supply far more than just three people. "Didn't go well? Well, just stay here at Igen with us then. If you need place. No need for you to wander, since you're family."

Janja cheers gleefully as C'vryn arrives. "What a great find, Ryn! I want some of that." She points to a fruit offering. "And some of that.." The listing continues until she's got a plate full of nibbles. "And the wine too? Isn't he marvolous Lucenzia?" She nods, but continues speaking without allowing the Trader to answer. "Of course he is. And you too. You must stay with us. I can talk to your family." And again she clearly believes if she wants something everyone will be happy to make it so.

While the show winds down, torches are lit once more to bring illumination to the area. The music continues, understated though it may be, and a floor show of sorts starts up with scattered dancers weaving among the tables or taking places at the edges of the feast area.

Lu's nose wrinkles just a little. "It's not that easy," she replies to Ryn and shifts uncomfortably in her chair. Janja's assertions and insinuations just make her expression sour a little further. She looks away, hands knotting in her lap for a moment. "He -is- marvelous," she'll agree on that, certainly! But the rest? It just makes her fidget. "It's- it'll just take me a little more time, that's all. Family business and all, you know?" Even if, by now, it's clear that's she's not of Lucao blood in the slightest. "Not much longer, I promise. I -swear-. And then I'll be here for good, yeah-yeah?" She angles a look sidelong to the pair. "But talking, that's not what really works with them."

C'vryn merely frowns, glancing from Lucrezia to the traders and then back. "Well, if you need anything of any sort, just let us know." As he's dutifully making sure Jan has enough and then popping a bit now and then into his own mouth. "Not like, we don't make enough here, and Jan's designs have been selling really well lately. She's starting to get known, I think."

Janja gives C'vryn a puzzled look but for once keeps her mouth closed on the subject. "Try some of this, do." She says instead, handing around a dish of a spiced meat stew. "It's delicious." She takes a sip of the wine on offer. "Have you seen any of my desgins, Lu? I'd love to design something for you, if you'll let me." C'vryn receives a nervous look as the goldrider is uncrtain she's done the right thing.

Lucrezia worries at her lower lip and, ultimately, shakes her head. "It's- I'll take care of it." Her somber mood is quick to brighten and she pops up to offer Janja and C'vryn both a bow. "Don't worry, you know? I'm a big girl, uncle! Don't fret about me, yeah?" She flashes both of them a smile and eases her chair under the table, only to lean on it. "I'm glad you're doing well, Janja! You seemed to really know your stuff with Auntie Lo; she told me she has a feeling about you - and when she has a feeling, she's -always- right." The question, though, earns a slight shake of her head. "I don't think I've seen anything you've done, though, which is a pity! You have such lovely taste in everything, yeah? But, oh! Oh, I -couldn't-. You shouldn't! If you do, I don't know how I'd pay you back!"

Though the fireworks and firelizard show seem to have ended, that's not the end of the pyrotechnics. The music begins to build again and the dancers at the periphery begin to step up their game, with a few having mastered the firebreathing that Maimai had showed the previous night. Others are juggling balls of fire that flicker and glow, but appear to be harmless enough.

C'vryn is quick to shut his mouth after that, but retains something of a frown, until Jan's discussed again. "Well, I always knew Jan was special. I'm just glad that everyone else is starting to see it now as well." His attention half caught on the show, and trying to keep up with talking at the table. "Amost too much to see, I think."

Janja nods her agreement to C'vryn's comment. Her eyes widen as the flaming antics escalate. At one particularly large burst, she cringes. "How are they not burning themselves? Why would anyone do that to begin with." She shudders and begins looking about for the firelizards again. "Do you think we could get one of those? It could help me unwind tngled threads." How this is supposed to occur isn't quite obvious to anyone else but Jan.

C'vryn pauses to turn and look at the goldrider. "I Err, if you really want a firelizard, we can see about getting you one. But I don't think they're good for embroidery threads." He has the presence of mind to look slightly baffled at spinning firelizards. "I would think they would make more tangles than they solved, honestly."

"Damp hands - and only a few seconds of contact with it," Lucrezia explains, apparently relieved at the slight shift in conversation. "I used to do it for a while but, um. Well. You can only drop so many on grass before you cause a problem, you know?" She grins lopsidedly and looks to C'vryn at his words. "Holders like it a lot - though, to be honest, we don't usually do -this- much out there. It's a rare thing for us to be at Weyr and Daddy Lu just wanted to make it memorable." She looks away for a moment or two, then cants a look to Janja. "Oh! How silly of me. I know how I could pay you back! If you want to make something for me, I'll get you something special and blue. But, um, not one of those," she adds, with a look to one of the many resting firelizards. "Zalolo can't really let -go- of them, but maybe he could loan one to you?" She's not sure how that whole thing would work!

Janja seems surprised at Lu's admission. "Really? You did that?" She cranes her neck to try to peak at the other woman's hands and not with any kind of subtlty. "First firewords and now fire. Weren't you scared?" Amazement colors the rider's voice, making her sound even more bubbleheaded then normal. "C'vryn did you know she was so brave? I can't believe she plays with fire." Finally the firelizard comment actually registers and she giggles. "But I don't need anything for making you something. You wear it and tell people where you got it. It's a gift. Besides, I need my own firelizard to unwind thread." The last is punctuated with a nod, as if that cleared the whole idea up.

C'vryn is very carefully following what is being said, trying to pick up the thread of the conversation once more. "You were part of this display before? But you're not doing it now?" He's slightly confused, but with a shrug he goes back to listening to Jan. "Well, perhaps they have special tricks for working with it, or something? I should hope so or it would be completely dangerous." He moves to rub at the back of his neck. "Well, if you must have a firelizard, we'll have to find someone with a clutch and get you one."

C'rus has been here somewhere milling around. After all there are so many really cool things to see and games to play. Though now he makes his way back to the main area to take at all the activity that seems to be going on. He takes a peek in the crowd to see if he can spot Kera but it doesn't seem that she is in this section of the gathering. No worries though he plunks himself down in one of the chairs with a kebob in hand and takes a few bites while he waits to see what may happen next.

Fortunately, Lucrezia's a fairly daft creature on her own most of the time, so the firelizards and fashion discussion meld together seamlessly in her mind. "Oh. Oh! Oh, well! I suppose if one of those go up and there's a clutch, I can snag an egg or three, if you'd like? They're terribly cunning if you train them right!" She beams at Janja, then tilts a look to C'vryn, only to giggle at his seeming state of bafflement. "See! They -can- be good for it," she supposes. After all, she's seen them do crazier things, ostensibly. She wrinkles her nose a bit at the rest, only to clarify, "Yeah-yeah. I did the fire juggling and breathing for a little while, you know? But Maimai's so much better at it, like the rest of those girls. I just… didn't have a hand or stomach for it. It wasn't -scary-, though. Fire's not so bad. Anyway. I, um. I did a lot better as a dancer and seller of things, so… I guess I'd do really good for you, Janja! I'll bet people will want to buy everything you make if they see me dancing in it!" There. Problem solved.

Speaking of fire, some of the firelizards seem to have recovered from their earlier bout in the skies and, now, they take to the air again, this time to play pretend at being dragons; higher 'lizards start to drop long strands, while the others take position in various wing formations to flame the threads from the sky. It's a strange and sparkling display, but surely a recent addition to the show!

Squee! Or some noise similar sounds from Janja as the 'lizards return to aerial fire dancing. "Did you hear that Ryn? She dances. Just like you like to dance." Her eyes trace the movements of the falling ribbions of light. "We love to go dancing." But since she's busy looking up, it's unlikely she would notice if others doubted the likelihood that /both/ of them like to dance. "It's a great excuse to wear new clothes too. I have a really lovely gather ress just for dancing."

"Well, dancing is rather fun when I have a pretty partner to show off. But I wouldn't be doing it all by myself, or just for the sake of dancing." 'Ryn notices a different rider milling around and offers. "There's a seat here if you want it, we've also got more food than we could eat. I think I bought far too much." He glances back at Jan. "Is this a new dress? One I've not seen before?"

The mock-flight continues for a little while, with the 'lizards triumphantly doing battle with the shimmering fall of false-Thread as it continues to spill from the higher flying creatures. Each strand of Thread erupts in a brief but brilliant conflagration, leaving no trace behind. Thus far, not a single sparkly burrow is formed, nor do any of the wee creatures seem struck by their not-so-horrible menace!

Lucrezia, for her part, is only half-watching the show. "Oh! Oh, I suppose you'd have to see me dance to understand," she notes for Janja's benefit. "It's not like Holder dancing, you know? But, um. I guess we can talk about that later, yeah-yeah? It's the kind of dancing best done alone or, well, sometimes with a partner, I guess, but it's not- um. Well, it's not Holder-style," and that's all she can say about that. Her lips purse a little with thought, only for her expression to brighten as C'rus is motioned over. She helps by lifting her arms and waving them vigorously to get his attention as well, just to help the offer along!

C'rus glances over to C'rvyn as he speaks up and offers him a smile and a nod. He gets up and moves from his spot to the spot indicated, "Good evening. Fort's duties to Igen and her queens." he says with a smile, "It's quite the party that they have going on here." he adds. He'd not imgined that Igen would be a Pern party spot, but he's certainly enjoyed himeslf over the days of the festival, "I'm C'rus. Pleasure to meet you both." He offers a smile to Lucrezia as well and returns the wave, "Evening."

Janja smiles a welcome to the new arrival but she's much too busy watching the display to really get involved in coversation. "Janja." is about all she has to offer, and even that done without eye contact. The goldrider settles back into her seat, sipping wine and nibbling goodies with all her attention taken up by what's going on around and above them, the pyrotechnic display reflecting in the pale blue eyes.

C'vryn offers a wide smile to the new rider. "Well, welcome there. I'm C'vryn and as you can tell, that's Jan." He grins slightly. "It's been a pleasure getting to meet everyone here. All the folks that have arrived for the caravans and such. Were you going to meet someone here?" He offers a nod to Lu, "Her family has been a delight with all they brought to sell and entertain us with."

The show falls apart rather unpredictably as some night avian interrupts the flying festivities. The firelizards shriek their protest and give chase, leaving a few silvery Threads to land on tables below. Zalolo tries to rein the creatures in with a series of chirps and whistles, but it seems the new show and the distraction have finally tested the last of the creatures's collective patience. To cover for it, some of the fire dancers move to the fore and take over entertaining, but it's probably a bit too late to properly salvage it.

Lucrezia winces a little at the whole affair, but says nothing of it; the less said, the better! Instead, she settles on lookin from rider to rider, leaned against her chair as she is. "I've seen you around a fair bit! I'd say that's worthy of a prize, you know? You and uncle here, too," she decides. So! While they converse, she breaks away from the group and vanishes… somewhere into the caravan.

C'rus offers a smile as the goldrider introduces herself before she has to take her leave, "Pleasure to have met you." he says before turning his attention back to the man, There is something about you that is familiar." he says as lifts a hand to his chin, "I think I might have seen you around the hall…healer right?" he asks. When C'vryn speaks up about all the work Lucrezia and her family have done he nods his head, "Oh yes, they certainly have put on a wonderful event. Hopefully they will get a chance to rest well when it's over.." It's then that Lu speaks up and mentions a prize. This certainly interests the bluerider and he watches her go, "I wonder what she's talking about…" he says.

C'vryn shrugs his shoulders. "There's something wrong there, but no one will tell me what it is," is offered to the crowd in general before he shakes his head at Jan. "See, now see how they poor things got all distracted? Are you sure you want a helper that is that willing to go off and do their own thing? It wouldn't be like having me around, when you need me."

The girl returns in short order, bearing a large sack filled with… stuff. Lucre plops it on the ground near her chair and immediately goes fishing in the bag with various sounds of thoughtfulness and aggravation at not finding what she was looking for. In the end, though, she emerges triumphant! Not just once, either; four times in total. A pair of bejeweled fake firelizards in a rainbow of hues are slid toward Janja and C'vryn with a bright: "They're not alive, but I think they'll be just as helpful!" And C'rus is not forgotten, oh no! She drags the bag over to his chair and hands over one large stuffed ovine - and an equally large, equally stuffed dolphin. "There! For you and yours, you know? Do you like?" Her eyes are wide and hopeful, lower lip primed for a pout if she's proven wrong!

C'rus can't help but grin as Lu makes her return with a bag. Anticipation sits on his face as he watches what she produces for Ryn and Janja, "Very nice." he says of the firelizards that the pair recieved. When it comes to his turn he keeps the wide smile on his face, "Thank you very much. I do indeed like very much." After all his weyrmate seems to have a propensity for stuffies and he is certain that Kera will like them very much.

C'vryn is momentarily stunned, before he takes the present offered. "Well, we'll just have to make sure we have a room for you if you ever need it. That's all I'm going to say about it Lu." Then he's standing up, then waiting for Jan to let her take his arm as they move on off toward where their living quarters are.

Prizes distributed and mood lightened, Lucrezia bounces on the balls of her feet and gathers up the bag. "Eat! Enjoy! I really need to help them get a few things packed up, you know? And, no worries, uncle. I'll be back soon enough, yeah?" She waves as he and Janja depart, only to offer a bow to C'rus. "Take care of yourself!" And, with that, she retreats. The feast will continue for some time - and, come morning, the caravan will be gone, as if it was nothing more than a feverish mirage.

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