Sunburns and Mystique

Characters Arva, Kyzen, Gallus (NPC)
Synopsis Kyzen learns a few things!
Out-of-Character Date October 29, 2015

Igen Weyr - Candidate Quarters
While the barracks are little different from the dorms in layout and appearance, a little time makes it apparent that they house younger people, for the most part. There's also more order; the cots are lined with precision - almost as if laid out on a sleeping chart. The room is kept tidy, and the presses are closed and not leaking belongings. Though not segregated by sex, one side of the room appears to belong primarily to the female candidates, the other to the males, though there does happen to be some over-lapping. In general, the barracks are open, perhaps as an introduction to the more public, collective life of a rider. To one side of the door, a large chore board lists the duties of each Candidate for the day.

It's been another long day of candidate chores. Longer than usual, really. With the storm spotted on the horizon, everyone has been pressed into service battening down everything that can be battened down, candidates included. After doing much more manual labor than she is accustomed to, Arva is left looking like a sweaty, tired, uncomfortable mess, scowling at life in general as she slumps into the barracks.

Kyzen isn't accustomed to this much work either mostly because weyrbrats really weren't expected to do that much, even for storm preparations. Ever since he was Searched by Ch'y, he's been fascinated by these so called 'sand storms' but right now he could care less. He's sore, tired and still recovering from a bad sunburn. Poor kid has a lot to learn! As he stomps in after a few other Candidates, he'll catch sight of Arva and waves to her despite her possible scowling. "Do you think they'd let us eat in here?" he mutters out loud.

Arva continues scowling when she sees Kyzen, but at least the scowl takes on a more sympathetic quality. Especially once she sees how burnt he is. "Y'know, they make oil that'll stop you from getting burns. And other oil that makes them better. You ebtter put some on that." She flops onto her bed, sighing. "They'd better. M'not crawling up to the caverns after that."

Kyzen wrinkles his nose at Arva's advice in a sort of childish way. Yeah, he knows, mother! "I keep forgetting to put the first salve on. I was always outside before in Fort but never burned like this. The other stuff… I've some of it already." As if to prove it, he'll rummage around his not-so tidy cot and produce the jar before flopping down and going to the task. At least he's not crying about it? "Won't you have to crawl there to get food first?" he teases.

"The sun's different here than in Fort." Arva says, staring at the ceiling. "I mean, it's the same sun, it's just… worse. Can't mess around with that. Your skin will get all leathery if you get burnt too many time." The obvious observation about the problem with her plan gets a grumble. "Eh… I'll get one of the boys to do it." She says with a lazy wave of her hand.

Kyzen is just about to interrupt Arva about the sun being different but she ends up providing him with enough of an answer that he's not immediately skeptical. Though she'll still get a look like he's not quite believing her. A sun is a sun! He's just finishing with the last bit of caring for his sunburnt skin when her claim has his brows lifting. "… really? The Healers never said anything about that!" And you bet he'll be checking himself now when his skin isn't so tender! He snorts, "I'm not gonna do it." For her. He's no errand boy! "I'd try using my firelizards but Tweak will probably just make a mess and Dunno doesn't always behave…"

"'Tweak' and 'Dunno' are not exactly firelizard names that inspire great confidence in their ability to fetch food without making a mess." Arva says, still gazing at the ceiling. She sighs, rolls her eyes, then flops onto her stomach so she can lazily peer in Kyzen's direction. "Of course not you. You're too young. The older boys are the easier ones to get to do stuff."

She does have a point, but Kyzen is feeling a bit defensive towards his choice of names. "Dunno is actually a very good blue!" When he wants to be. Which is never. "I didn't know what to name him and when someone asked and I said 'Dunno', I thought it was funny at the time…" Boy logic. "And Tweak can't help it. He's still young but he doesn't fly well 'cause of his wings being too big and such. What would you name your firelizards?" Despite having claimed he'd not run errands for Arva, he puffs up a bit regardless. "I'm not too young! I just don't wanna do it." Such… not gentlemanly behaviour.

Arva smiles lazily, still trying to move as little as possible. "Not sure. I'd have to see what kind of lizard they were, get some sense for their personality and appearance before I decided on a name. I'd probably take a couple days to decide." The defensive remark has her laughing a little. "If you were old enough, you'dve offered before I even suggested. All the boys love me." Modesty is not her strong suit.

"Isn't it bad to wait days to name something? I mean, dragons know their names right away! Seems odd to have a firelizard and not have a name for it…" Kyzen rambles on as he tries to keep his hands from scratching at his half-healed burns which are no doubt itching him something terrible now that he's not focused on chores and storm preparation. He's also too young to know better for other things, but he'll laugh out loud for her comment on the older boys. "Why'd you want all them to love you?" Eww… or is that curiosity? "And even if I was older, I'm still too tired to go." So there.

"Dragons don't know their names right away." Arva claims. "They just figure it out while they're still in their eggs. It's different." Though she doesn't bother to elaborate any further than that. The question put to her has her smirking a bit. "Because then they do things like get me dinner." She explains. Not a great model of selflessness, either.

Kyzen frowns, puzzled both by her not-so elaborated answer on the dragons but also her answer concerning wanting all the love from the older boys. He huffs, giving her a perplexed look. "You girls are so strange…!" He doesn't get it.

Arva laughs a little bit at that, some of her good humor returning now. "You won't think that in another turn or two." She ponders. "Well, you might. But you'll think we're strange in a different way."

Well that certainly confuses him even more! Kyzen blinks and his head tilts with his features scrunching up in a look of amused disbelief. "Strange how? How can you girls get even stranger?" he scoffs.

"We have the feminine mystique." Arva explains vaguely, waving her hand in the air. "A beautiful woman like myself can enchant almost any man into doing her bidding." She certainly doesn't lack for confidence.

Kyzen just stares blankly. Mystique-what now? "You ALL have that?" He's still rolling the word around in his head, there's no way he's going to stumble over it out loud! Her lack of confidence has him all the more curious but he smirks all the same. "Oh yeah?" Prove it! He doesn't say it, but there is the hint of a challenge there.

"Well, we /can/. There are tricks to it. That's part of what I do, y'know. Weavercraft and all that." Arva continues to smirk. When challenged, she grins a little wickedly. "Watch this." She takes a look around the barracks for a target, her gaze settling on a beefy smithcrafter boy around her age. "… Gallus!" She calls out in a singsong voice, prompting a confused look. She sits up, mustering up her best puppydog eye look. "I'm hungry and tired… can you get me something from the caverns?" She asks, fluttering her lashes excessively.

"How does your Craft get into this?" Kyzen begins to exclaim, only to go completely silent as she takes the bait and goes to prove just what she can do. Curious, he shifts on his cot, craning his head to watch but not seem so obvious in his outright staring. He has to stifle a snicker when she picks her target. Maybe because he knows Gallus and doesn't think fondly of him or because it's amusing seeing how confused he is. So he waits to see if his fellow Candidate falls for Arva's tactics…

Arva leaves the explanation until after she is done with her little display. The smith just seems confused at first. "Uh, I was just going to-" "Pleeeeeease?" Arva interrupts, pouting at the older boy. "… I guess I need to get myself something anyways… uhm… okay, I guess I can do that." Arva immediately brightens. "Great! Get something for the kid, too." Presumably meaning Kyzen. The smith gives Arva a sort of skeptical look before heading off. Arva just grins, pleased with herself, waiting for the smith to exit earshot before gloating. "See?"

Kyzen scowls at being called 'kid'… despite it being entirely RIGHT. He is a kid, all protests aside! Still, he's taking notes of just how Arva played Gallus, making sure to be mindful of such sneaky tactics should any girl try the same on him. "So that's all you do? Make those eyes and plead?" He may sound unimpressed but fails at keeping it entirely from his expression. Yeah, he saw!

"It usually works." Arva says, still with that gloating smile. "And when it doesn't, you just try it again with your shirt off." Is she joking? Hard to say. She does giggle, though. "Which goes back to what I was saying about my craft. Wearing… or not wearing… the right thing has a lot to do with the feminine mystique."

Kyzen tries to stifle the snickered-laughter, but doesn't quite manage it and it sneaks around his hand. "No way!" Joking or not, he's believing her now! He quirks a brow, laughter subsiding and turning again to idle curiosity as they wait on gallant-Gallus to return with their respective dinners. "Why is that?" he queries. "Seems like an awful lot of work and fussing just to get one little request."

Arva continues to look amused by the curious boy. Amused, and with a lingering sort of triumph at the success of her ploy to avoid the relatively simple task of getting dinner. "Why is what? Why is it worth it?" She asks, grinning. "It can be so much more than one favor. A nice boy can do all sorts of things for a girl."

Kyzen's brows knit together. "So you make the older boys like your own drudge, kind of?" he asks. Poor, innocent lad. Not that he's entirely clueless but so far his mind is just putting those two dots together.

Arva ponders that for a moment before she responds. "Not… exactly. I mean, it's all in good fun. And it's not like the boys don't get something out of it too, y'know." She kicks her legs absently. "You'll understand when you're older."

Kyzen pouts. He knows THAT answer all too well! "Everyone keeps saying that." he grumbles but he won't pry Arva for more. Maybe because Gallus returns with food or he can't stand the itching of his healing burns and figures a bath might cure things (or maybe he's just bored?). Regardless, the boy will let the subject drop in favour of others and eventually he'll go about his evening before their curfew kicks in.

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