Igen Dirt

Characters Arva, Neyuni
Synopsis Likes and dislikes and sandstorms, oh my!
Out-of-Character Date November 1, 2015

IGW - Hydroponics

The sandstorm continues to rage outside Igen. Given the circumstances, all of the candidates have been given indoor chores. That includes Arva, who has been tending to the herbs and vegetables in the indoor garden. She looks less than happy about it. She's sweaty and generally grumpy, wearing gloves stained with green from working with plants all day.

Neyuni enters from the kitchen, a hand brushing absently on one shoulder dislodging a bit of the sandy-dust which has become so typical with the storm outside. At least the deeper one goes in the weyr the less it is noticable and here is an oasis in green. She notes a larger than average number of folks within the chamber and smiles softly. Unlike her however, most are finger deep in working on the beds and she meanders to one growingly familiar candidate "Hello Arva. Enjoying our hydroponics?"

Arva seems a touch surprised by the familiar voice of the weyrwoman, though she works up a weary smile soon enough. "Weyrwoman. I'm… doing my best." She says, with a little laugh. "I've never had much of a green thumb. Plus without the lake, I haven't had a bath in most of a sevenday. I'm looking forward to the weather returning to normal. What about yourself? You coming through it okay?"

Neyuni lets out a gusty sigh. "It's difficult. I didn't want to be stuck in the hatching grounds the entire storm but then i have to brave a bit of the bowl to get there and back. Thankfully it's been done before at least the storm loses some of its fury before it reaches the Weyr" although it may not sound or feel like it "I'm thinking to commission a new tunnel inside to the sands." but perhaps patience with tradition is short lived? "You look great!" for someone who hasn't bathed in that long at least! "I enjoy mucking in the tubs here. Looks like this one'll be ready for harvest soon too." she takes a few sniffs to catch the earthy scents and herbs mixed in.

Arva blinks. "You went outside through the storm?" She sounds equal parts surprised and impressed. "I've glimpsed enough of it to know that I wouldn't dare risk it. Quite brave of you. I like this tunnel notion you have, though… so long as you don't make us candidates dig it." She laughs nervously after that, as if worried saying it will make it come true. The compliment to her looks earns a laugh. "Thanks, but I'm sure I'm a sweaty mess. I just really need a long soak." She pours a little extra water into one of the herbs. "Makes me jealous of the plants. They get to soak in water."

Neyuni mock pouts "Oh, don't feel like taking up a new craft? All working in the dark tiny places, and pickaxes and… well then I can hurry things up with explosives too!" there's a moment of glimmered delight in her gaze and you might think it the Weyr that toss such notions as new tunnels from the weyrwoman's thoughts for /other/ reasons. "Of course then that might make a peeptunnel to guard when tehre are clutches. That was such a problem in one of the other Weyrs. Not that few are likely to mean harm to a dragons egg but the more opportunities for mischief who knows what might happen. "But I am glad the storm didn't hit when the eggs were due to hatch. Of course I think i'd make you all sit in there with me. We could do a campfire or something." with broody dragon queen, doesn't that sound delightful? "Don't worry, I know how to bundle up against it, and I cna walk the weyr with my eyes closed anyhow. "and really, I would hardly notice." ok, so she might be being a bit generous. "but the satelites tell us it should end in another day or so. It's funny it'll end as quick as it hits. Strange to see a wall of sand, I can only imagine it's as close to seeing what a thread cloud might have looked like. Sorry there isn't enough of the water here to give baths." the plants are perhaps lucky to that effect and to precious to share such a resource.

"Setting off explosions underneath the weyr. Can't see any way that could possibly go wrong." Arva jokes with another tired smile, glancing up from her work. She seems to be trying to finish as swiftly as she can manage. This is clearly not her favorite chore. "Campfire sounds lovely, but I've never heard of one on the hatching sands. That'd probably make me even more of a sweaty mess than I am right now." The last comment earns a strained smile with just a glimmer of dim hope. "Don't suppose you could requisition enough water to put a tub in the barracks? Would be good for morale." Her morale, anyways.

Neyuni misses the joke entirely, nodding slightly to herself with the thoughts that get filed away for discussion another time. As to fire on teh sands "Well true, it is hot already, maybe in the galleries then," where it's marginally cooler" another idea filed away soemwhere as she blinks and considers teh more serious request. "Well, i suppose I could manage that but it won't be heated water. well maybe unles syou put a fire under the tub and warm it yourselves first" she trails off in thought, mmm, candidate soup?

Arva ponders that. "I suppose there's nothing terribly flammable in the galleries… but where would you build it? On the seats? Wouldn't that scorch them?" Another impractical project for another time. The other impractical project suggestion has more of her attention at the moment. "Have you seen how hot and stuffy the barracks are during this storm? I'd certainly take a cool bath under the circumstances. Unless we could work a way to heat it…"

Neyuni wrinkles her nose and brow briefly in deeper thought. "Nah, you'd probably have to carry buckets of hot water in fromteh kitchen adn the rate you'd lose heat to the air and then bringing the tub to matching temerature and," a few more mental calcuclations "Well a cool bath sounds more refreshing anyhow." otherwise yes, it probably woudlinvolve setting the barracks on fire nad even if it /was/ the weyrwoman's idea the weyrlingmasters and such aren't likely to like that. "though you'd have to figure out the system for who goes in first" and last?

"Cool water would be fine enough." Says Arva, clearly desperate enough for any opportunity to get anything resembling clean. It seems she has more than a little touch of vanity. She fills up another reservoir, then smiles at the last issue raised. "Oh, that's easy enough. Girls go first, then boys." Sounds fair to her! "I can find a way to explain it where they won't complain."

Neyuni mmmms non-committaly. If Arva can do that then she has many interesting talents! "Well I'll see what I can arrange. Maybe even two tubs. One for girls and one for boys?" if that might ease things. Afterall while there might not be any new candidates in the last few days the barracks aren't exactly empty.

Arva certainly doesn't seem to lack for confidence, at least not in her persuasive abilities. Hey, they seem to be getting her a free tub right now, right? That's some reason for confidence. "Even better." She says, grinning in anticipation. "Big ones, if we have them."

Neyuni snorts, seems the candidate might be pushing her luck just a bit. "Well, we'll see. Big enough" but probably not luxurious exactly. Still clean will be clean? "Have you all found the chest of old robes in the barracks?"

Arva seems to realize she's hit the limit of what she's going to get here. Best to quit while she's ahead. "Well, thank you. I'm sure whatever we can find will be fine." The following question earns a cocky smile. "The others did, but I'm making my own. What kind of weaver would I be if I didn't? It's nearly done."

Neyuni is reminded of the candidates talents, rightright. She nods a little "Then I'm sure it'll be a great fit! I always feel bad for the one or two who leave it to lose and have a harder time on the sands." not a time to be thinking about one's appearance so much. "Are the others tapping your skills for alterations too?"

For Arva, it's /always/ a time to be thinking about her appearance. Though that will probably change for at least a little while once she's actually out on the sands. "Nobody's asked me yet. Though if enough people did, I'd be happy to take a day and tailor all the old robes. I'd certainly take that over another shift here." She smiles. "Not that I'm not giving it my all, of course."

Neyuni awwws "But it looks like you're really diggin into it." she smirks "hey, at least its not the period where they get fertilized. That all natural manure isn't the most plasant" if you're so concerned about smells, but there is a glimmer of light in all this "but I do like to see good talents not wasted either."

Arva sticks her tongue out, practically gagging at even the thought of having to handle manure. "Thank goodness for small favors, I suppose… at least I'm almost done here." She says, filling up one more reservoir. "Well, as I said, I'm more than happy to spend some time tailoring. I like my craft." She grins a little wickedly. "I promise not to sabotage the robes on the candidates I don't like." She jokes. Hopefully.

Neyuni hasn't gotten more than a few fingertips dirty as she's idled in what to her is quite a pleasant place. As to your own efforts a small nod and she looks over the bin and reservoir as you top it off "Indeed, sure you don't like this. Seems like you do quite a fine job." and there's a few buckets along the wall where one could rinses ones hands at least of the worst of the muck while Neyuni's features harden jsut a little. Not quite a laughing matter "Well I do hope you wouldn't do such a thing. The standards are already pretty minilam, white, robe-y and it needs to not fall off," and after a half breath "nor be a baloon either." minimal at best, but standards none-the-less.

Arva gives the weyrwoman another tired smile. "Just because I don't like doing a chore doesn't mean I give less than my best efforts. If I'm going to do something, I do it right." She looks over the row of plants, smiling. "Looks just about done, right?" She asks, dusting off her stained gloves. "Mmm. Those are all the requirements?" She grins. "Maybe I'll make the skirt on mine a little shorter, then. The weaver should stand out."

Neyuni chuckles "well and it has to pass muster with the weyrlingmaster. They've been doing this a lot longer" and have that crtical eye. "Check with them before you go tooo short, besides a bit of leg doesn't tend to catch the dragonets eye, only leaves more to be easily scratched."
…and add a nod on the yup, you look done kind of way

Arva laughs. "The leg wouldn't be to attract the hatchlings. It would be to look /fashionable/. When else am I going to have such a large audience looking at me?" She grins. "Besides, I've seen quite a few hatchings, I've never seen a robe actually save someone from an injury. They're not exactly armor, after all." With the sign off on her work, she smiles with relief and pulls off her gloves. "Great! I really want to be… well, someplace else." She tilts her head. "Got any plans, Weyrwoman?"

Neyuni considers with another of those wierd inspiration moments "Fashion show on the sands." mmmm, file that for later, unless did she say actually that out loud? "True, not armour but it is good not to be distracted. So, no leaving them to long eiher if anyone's shy about their legs I don't want them tripping." seems there might be more requirements in that fudgy gray area sort of way than she first mentioned. As to where to go "Well, I was actually heading into the conservatory to take stock on the citrus trees. The headwoamn mentioned she thought the crop might be ready to pick soon, but it's especially hard to tell with teh green fruit. when is green fruit which is normally green 'ripe' y'know?"

"Hey, I won't be distracted." Arva says with a smile. "And even as proud as I am of my legs, I have to admit that I very much doubt they'll be so distracting as to put my fellow candidates in danger. There'll be, y'know, dragons. Seems like they might get just a little more attention than my legs." She glances towards the conservatory. More hot, humid places full of plants? Still, it's not as if she had other plans. "Need any help?" The sooner Neyuni is done, the sooner she can requisition that tub for the candidates.

Neyuni doesn't seem to mind the asisstance, if there's any self interest in it she seems oblivious. Merely a large to-do list nad this be the next item. "Sure. It's only checking three trees, shouldn't take too long."

Igen Weyr - Conservatory

Thick doors control access to this large arcing chamber within the bowl wall. There is no direct access to the bowl itself and it is hard to tell just how deep or shallow one is within the interior. A series of ducts in the ceiling and reflective mirrors bring in, and distribute the nartual daylight to fill the cavern as if one is standing out doors. At night dimmer lights inset into the ceiling cast a full moon level of illuminescence. The cavern is carved in a series of five stepped terraces which are interlinked by a switchback sandstone pathway. Soil for the trees planted within here has been clearly imported, and the fruit trees are tended with extreme care. The room is always fairly wam and rather humid which suits the growing things just fine. Vtols and trundlebugs can be found amid the trunks and canopies, buzzing wth activity in lifespans likely spent entirely within this one cavern.

Quicker bath and possible brownie points with the Weyrwoman. This is a win-win for Arva. Plus, how long could three trees take? She follows along, the most chipper smile she can manage on her face. "I'm surprised you handle this yourself. Most Weyrwomen seem to do a lot of delegating."

Neyuni moves along the rows, climbing the switchback trail up into the middle of the large cavern. The rail continues up and back but she's reached the threes she's looking for. Each tree has it's own clipboard and she checks the first, clicking her tongue. "Well, i didn't use to do much of anything but my own crafting when i was weyrwoman at Fort. In the end though the Weyr showed for teh neglect and I guess I also came to terms with my role" after decades it seems. "Not that I expected to be Weyrwoman again, but here I am" she gives a small shrug "I dunno. I guess there's a lot of freedom. The greenfruits make some of my favorite pies and marmalades so it's a bit self interested in checking on these, though the farmcrafters do most of the work. I see so many reports but I get to pick and choose what I want to follow up on." so she seems to dabble in a bit of this and that more so than any other. Fingers feel several fruits on the first tree and she makes a note on the clipboard. "These are still to hard." before moving to the second one.

"I suppose that's a nice sort of freedom. Being able to follow up on the subjects that interest you the most. Probably best for everyone that way, right?" Arva ponders, following along to give the greenfruits her own cursory eyeing. "I mean, the topics you're most interested in are probably the ones you're best suited to handle personally. Seems to be how these things usually work."

Neyuni pauses as she looks over the second group of fruits hanging low on the tree. "You put things so well into words. See, being a weyrwoman isn't all bad!" changing your mind yet? These fruits seem to have tiny spots of yellow just near the stem "these are ready. Wait to much longer and the yellow spreads. It doesn't change the fruit but it loses any resale value. Folks do expect greenfruit to be, well, green."

"Mmm. Does sound like it has some upsides. Still, I… well." Her smile turns a touch sheepish. "I… think I lack one of the usual qualities expected in a Weyrwoman. I'll be perfectly happy to impress a dragon of any color. Or not! I can always walk the tables like I planned if it doesn't work out for me. I'm just trying to go in with the mindset that I'll be alright either way." She eyes the fruit and nods a little. "They certainly look tasty enough to me."

Neyuni inspects on the third. It really doesn't take long, longer to follow the trail up to the trees really. The third gets another note on the board "That's the best attitude to have really. Dragon eggs are still generally few and far between. This one's close but not quite" and then she's on to the next task. it's not like you have to follow her around "You must be tired. I think I'll see about those tubs. Why don't you go have the cots pushed around a bit to make some rooms just inside the door for a double bath?"
ooc do you want to wrap up? I have to go get dinner going.

Arva beams ear to ear when Neyuni says the baths will be coming shortly. Part of her was clearly worried the weyrwoman would conveniently 'forget'. She claps her hands together excitedly. "Right away, Weyrwoman! Thank you!" She darts off before there is time for Neyuni to change her mind.

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